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One of Keri’s girlfriends runs an agency and in the past had arranged a new man for us to share in order to pay down some of her debt.

Her girlfriend still owed a tidy sum of money.

“Let’s make a date for two-thirty Saturday afternoon,” Keri replied.

At the appointed time we were both eagerly awaiting and anticipating our latest ‘pleasure person’ and were both naked under our short black silk dressing gowns.

Part of Keri’s excitement was that she had no idea what the new ‘pleasure person’ would look like. She expects and enjoys a second man in our sex life at least once a month. Her girlfriend had assured her that the latest ‘pleasure person’ was very gifted ‘both ways’ and would not be possessive or too curious about her or her man.

By two-forty five we were wondering if there had been a mix up in times or dates and we started teasing each other with some foreplay.

Just then the door bell rang and we were both surprised to see a tall, very sun tanned woman, in a large hat, knee length coat, black stockings and high heels. She could have been Italian, French or even middle-eastern.

The voice did not match the female look, “I am Sam, short for Samantha, from the agency and you must be Keri. I am here to brighten your day and pleasure you both. I expect neither of you have had what I have on offer before.”

Somewhat startled and taken aback, when we were expecting a toy boy type hunk, Sam took control of the situation.

“Can I take my hat and coat off?” Sam said as he held our gaze and removed the hat then slowly opened the coat revealing that he was almost naked underneath.

We were both very surprised that Sam had a very attractive pair of taut tits.

As our gaze fell lower we noticed that Sam was wearing a garter belt to hold his stockings in place.

“Wow, look at that cock,” we both said as one as we took in the large and very attractive cock hanging between the stockings and garter belt, no knickers, surrounded by short, trimmed pubic hair.

I have always liked females in garter belts and stockings and not much else, what male doesn’t, but a male in that attire with a very good size cock on display was really something.

“That really is something special, must be six inches, and not even erect yet,” Keri said taking in this new experience, the ‘yet’ word implying that with her help it soon would be erect.

“Glad you like it. I have always had a big cock. I am here because I want you both to share it experience it and pleasure it. I have heard lots of good things about you two. Would you like that?

“My name really is Samuel, I was always known as Sam, then when I became openly bisexual a few years ago I chose to become Samantha. I love males and females lusting after my body, especially my tits and cock.

“Love your short silk dressing gowns. Take them off and show me what you have on offer.

“Before we do, let me explain our rules. Outer sex only, no kissing and no intercourse. Anything else is fine at my discretion, though we might let you watch us fuck later,” Keri explained. “I think I am going to really enjoy you Sam.”

By now the sexual tension was electric as we realised we were going to experience a shemale for the first time.

“Love your thick cock, that really is thick. And love your body Keri, tits to die for and terrific legs and arse as well. And your Brazillian is a turn on. Just looking at you two two has given me a roaring erection. I can usually keep it up for at least an hour, so no rush,” Sam said.

I could sense that Keri was very eager to touch and feel Sam’s cock.

“Never had a shemale before. I think we have been missing something,” Keri said as she took his cock in her hand to feel the weight of it.

“That must be seven and a half inches?”

“Eight the last time I had it measured. A very horny divorcee took her tape measure to it just before she gave me a fantastic blow job while her girlfriend watched.”

“Stand behind Sam and tease his nipples while I play with his cock, Keri instructed.

For the first time in my life I have physical contact with a shemale, and it feels exciting

“I can see and feel he likes that. His nipples are like bullets. Now tease his arse with your fingernails.”
As I did Sam put his hand on my erection and began teasing it. “I love having my arse stimulated, and I want your cock later,” he whispered. As I reacted to his touch he moaned, “I really do want it. Can I suck you while Keri watches? That would really turn me on.”

“That would really turn me on as well, but you need to pleasure me first,” Keri smiled.

“I want you to lick my cunt to orgasm, more than once, several times in fact. I am going to sit in that chair and you can kneel in front of me. While you are licking I will tease my man’s cock.

“Make it really special for me.I have never had a man with tits and a cock before. And your cock with a garter belt and stockings really is a huge visual turn on. Are you up to eight inches yet?

“Stand behind me baby and tease my nipples while Sam watches. 
“Now stand alongside me baby so I can play with your cock while Sam licks me.”

Sam is licking Keri like there is no tomorrow and she is reacting in kind.

“This is a first for me a man with tits and a cock. Really good tits as well. And I love your tongue in my cunt.

“I am really wet for you Sam. And my man’s cock is rock hard in my hand from watching you.

“Would you like me to dress like Sam one day Keri?” I ask. “Wearing stockings and a suspender belt with an erection is something I have often fantasised about.”
“Why not?” Keri purred as she tensed and had an orgasm. “That was magic Sam, keep going, don’t stop. Give me two more and you can sit in the chair while we pleasure you.”
He does in quick succession and Keri moves out of the chair and Sam seats himself, with his erection pushing to the ceiling.

“Would you like me to suck your cock Sam?” Keri teases. “I am very good at it. My man likes to watch me with another man’s cock in my mouth.”
Sam appears to be distracted and barely listening to Keri. Instead he is staring very intently at my cock.

“Would you like me to suck your cock Sam?” Keri repeats.

“Stand behind him and tease his nipples, pinch them so it hurts,” she instructs me.

I do and Sam almost screams, “Fuck that is good. You have my full attention now. Suck me and show me how good you are.”

Keri obliges very willingly, determined to demonstrate her sexual prowess.

“You like that baby,” she asks directing her rhetorical question to two men with raging erections.

“You are awesome,” Sam murmurs.

And I concur as I watch my lover pleasuring another man’s cock with her mouth while I tease his very erect nipples.

“Love your garter belt and stockings Sam. And so does my cock. They make your cock look very impressive.

“Tease him Keri baby. He boasted he can keep it up for an hour. So stop sucking him.

“Let’s fuck while he watches and tease him.”
“I would like that very much,” Sam says. “But before you do I want to tease your man while you watch Keri.

“Can you get me some ice cubes?”

We provide some and Sam puts a few in his mouth and motions for me stand in front of him.

“Watch this Keri,” he says as he kneels in front of me and takes and slides my rock hard erection into his mouth.

The sensation of hot skin and ice cubes on my cock is electric and my erection gets even harder.

Keri is watching fascinated as a man with a raging erection, tits and dressed in only stockings and a suspender belt slides my rock hard cock in and out of his mouth.

“I have learnt a very good new sex trick today,” she says.

“Why don’t you try it right now Keri. Try it on me. I will sit in the chair. Put some ice in your mouth and kneel in front of me like before and suck my rock hard cock with a mouthful of ice. And your man can stand so I can suck his cock with a mouthful of ice.”

Having your cock sucked by a well hung shemale while your partner sucks his cock, bulging out of his stockings and suspender belt was a mind blowing experience as we orgasmed simultaneously.

After a shower together and a short rest Sam reminded us that we promised to fuck while he watched.

He even offered to let me wear his stockings and suspender belt and coat.

The feel of them on my naked body was an absolute turn on.

I dressed in another room and emerged in front of Keri and Sam both naked and fondling and teasing each other.

I very much enjoyed opening the coat to show them both how I looked dressed in stockings and a suspender belt. And I had put my cock ring on to heighten the effect for all three of us.

“Like that,” I smirked to both of them.

“Wow,” Keri said, “that suits you. And I swear your erection is the best ever.

Sam was much more direct. “Fuck her brains out with your hard cock and with my suspenders on while I watch.”
And I did while he raked his nails across my arse cheeks and then masturbated with some very sexy urging from Keri. “Love your eight inches and your tits Sam. Cum with us. Beat it harder, harder, harder.”

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