Motel love - not the sleazy kind! (based on a true story)

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It is Friday night in the small sleeping village of Beatty. Simon is laying awake in the bed at exchange motel and browsing the net to see where to go after death valley when he hears yelling in the room next to his. It ends with a door slamming and soon after he hears a car pullin away in high speed.

It doesn't take long until a silent cry is heard through the window. He gets up and puts on the worn out clothes he has used for two days straight. As he leaves the room he sees a young girl sitting outside the door next to his. He walks up to her and she looks at him with shame in her eyes. He sits down next to her as he asks if it is okay if he joins her. She gives a short smile and says that it would be her pleasure. The girl has a cute round face with a few freckles, a small perky mouth and long golden hair. Her body is slimmed and she has a decently big butt and quite normally sized boobs.

Simon asks if she had a rough night while she wipes her tears and tries to stop crying. "yeah, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and he got upset for me snooping around, but all I did was accidentally read a text from his lover" she answered. "I'm so sorry to hear that, I heard some yelling but most of it was his voice, he has no reason to upset, only you do" he said, "the worst part is that he just ran away, leaving me here. I don't even have a card to the room, I am only 17 so I don't have a drivers license, I have no money and no extra clothes" she said. By now she was laying with her head towards his shoulder while he held her tight trying to comfort her. "that won't be a problem I will help you with that tomorrow, for tonight you can stay with me" he said, making her face shine up for a moment. He saw her true beauty right there, those big blue eyes glittering as she looked him into the eyes, the smile which blinded him and filled him with warmth. "unless you rather stay up and talk that is" he added. "that sounds nice" she said, wiping off the last tear and letting the smile stay.

"I want something to drink and a snack, how about getting something?" he asked, knowing the gas station having 24/7 service. "i still don't have money, but I will follow you there" she said. "but first, I want to know your name" "I am simon" he said with a big smile on his face, he was a fit guy and it showed even though he had a loose fitted shirt, he had dark hair and brown eyes, a quite muscular body without going extreme to body building state. "I'm Alyssa" she said.

As they walked to the gas station Alyssa was getting really cold even though it was in the middle of the desert, Simon held her tight to give her warmth. In the gas station he got some energy drinks and candy while Alyssa went to the restroom, it was only a few hundred feet to the motel but it took a long time to walk it since they walked so slow, looking at everything and talking about it. The small village was really old, the saloon looked as if it were from a western movie.

When they came into the motel room they layed down in the bed and talked, Simon is one year older than Alyssa and is traveling the US, funding his tour by selling the photos he take around the world. He is quite lonely and really appreciate the company, Alyssa was quite sceptical at first but she had no choice, now she is starting to really like him. As the clock got late and they were starting to fall asleep she took a longshot and moved her and down his chest, over his abs and reaching his private parts. He immediately got an erection and turned his head towards her, looking into her eyes before giving her a long passionated kiss. It led to a serious case of making out. As he lays on top of her naked body eyeballing her she is checking out every little part of him she can get a glimpse of. Their eyes meet and his erected penis is touching the lips of her vagina, not a word is spoken but their eyes say more than enough, without loosing eye contact he slowly lowers his upper body until his lips touches hers. He slowly penetrate her, reaching deeper into her vagina than anyone has ever done before, she tilts her head back and opens her mouth, producing a short moan. He slowly moves in and out of her increasing the speed more and more. Alyssa who only have had sex with one person before got overwhelmed by the size of Simons package and what he did with it. It didn'take long before she got her first orgasm, she hadn't had one ever before in her 17 year long life. She had always wondered why the girls in pornos sometimes shivered in pleasure, she enjoyed sex before but not like this!

After the orgasm she thought it was over, it was way longer than her boyfriend had lasted, so she started moving. Simon thought she wanted a different position so he turned around and put her on top of him and kept on pounding her in a very lovingly matter, Alyssa enjoyed it and understood the position even though she had only used the missionary before. She had seen it once in a porno and she enjoyed it. The cowgirl suited her and she couldn't help but looking at his bare upper body as she held her hands on his chest. Simon was now getting ridden, he was just laying there, looking at Alyssa's cute body, he had his hands on her hips and as she leant forward he slid them around and let them land on her butt as he gave her a kiss just as she reached another orgasm. She stopped and layed on him breathing heavily with the sweat dripping down her forehead.he is still inside her and puts his arms around her as she give her another kiss.

Alyssa had only given head a single time, and it wasn't even because she wanted too. but there is something about simon that give her the courage to do all those things she had been thinking about, he felt so solid and supportive. She pulled up until he was out of her and slid down his naked body with her hands feeling every bump and part of his body until her head were right at his erected penis. She started with kissing it and seeing his reaction. He didn't seem to mind and she put her moth around the tip of his large stem and slowly put it further into her mouth. She was unsure where her reflexes were since she only had given oral once before and it was more of getting skullfucked than giving a blowjob. Simon quickly notices this and with his deep warming voice he says "you don't need to, you didn't have to do anything" Alyssa removes his penis from her mouth and says that she really want to, but that he shouldn't expect too much. she starts to go down on him again and as she found her reflex, which is surprisingly far down for an untrained throat, she speeds it up a little. After a minute or two Alyssa notices that Simon is starting to stiffen up a bit and understands that it is close to go for him. She decided to take his load in her mouth. as she feels his penis starting to tension up a bit extra she put his penis as far down her throat as it reaches and felt the liquid being forced down into her stomach before she pulled it out due to the gagging and got the last bit over her neck and breasts.

Simon looked down at her with a look on his face that said I am sorry, Alyssa just smiled and looked up at him with glittering eyes. She is really happy for what they did. She layed down next to him and he gave her a long and passionated kiss with a lot of love before grabbing her hand and taking her into the shower. They soaped each other up and stood in the shower making out. Simon stepped out of the shower and got the drinks he had bought on the gas station. when he came back he put the plug into the bath tub and sat down. He leant at the wall behind him and Alyssa sat in front of him and leant on him, he opened a monster nitrous and they started to talk as if they just had stopped doing so, it was as if they never had sex even though they were sitting in a bath tub cuddling. Alyssa were in a good mood and wasn't sad over what happened with her old boyfriend, her ex was actually never good in any way but she never saw that and she had now fallen in love with Simon. They decided that she was gonna follow him on his tour of the states, as his girlfriend.

This is based on a true story, I am Alyssa but I wrote it in a different perspective than i saw It in. I am now 18 and i simon is 19. It is all real except for conversation left out. I am now sitting in a mustang convertible writing this story on my iPhone, with the help of Simon that is. We kinda redid the tour =)I hope you enjoyed it even though the writing isn't that good. (btw, having sex in a convertible in death valley is HOT! Both in temperature and sex-wise ;D )

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