Mommy's Boy

Mommy’s Boy

It was bound to happen, 100% inevitable, and now that it did I am much more free mentally welcoming what ever happens next.

This story started not too long ago, but the background did as for my formative years revolved mostly around just my Mother and I. Never knew my real dad, my aunt told me that my mother got pregnant on homecoming night her sophomore year in college when she was twenty years old. My aunt thinks that the football team captain is the donor, but thought that my mother probably had multiple injections from other team members that night. Not that my Mother was a slut at the time, but had lost a bet to her older sister, the consequences of which were to get laid by at least five different guys that night.

I was born the following June and my Mother did manage to finish college albeit at the local commuter college instead of at state where she was going. As I was growing up, my Mother dated occasionally, but did not have any steady relationships until I was almost twelve. There were suitors though, as I heard messages on the answering machine from men begging my Mother to call them back.

It is not that my Mother was not attractive, on the contrary, she was a taller woman at 5’9” and very athletic as she played competitive tennis along with running marathons. Even though she does not have an overly large chest, she is way too large for the “B” cup bras she wears when she does her athletic stuff. Think she was trying to hold them down. Her personality though, was one of a straight forward, take no prisoners, look you directly in the eye and order you about type.

Around the house, since I was old enough to remember, my Mother was not shy about nudity and of course I too grew up with that lack of humility. She very rarely bothered with more than a towel around her waist going to and from the bathroom to shower. But at around ten or eleven years old, I started to notice and my little pecker began to harden at the sight of here to. This was kind of enlightening to me as I thought my “woodies” were caused by having to pee when I woke up in the morning. Now I knew it could be activated by something visual.

My Mother noticed to. One time as she was standing in front of the mirror in the front room drying her hair as she was half nude, her tits bouncing just so and me staring from the couch rubbing my member through loose gym shorts.

She turned around with a slight smirk on her face and asked: “Robby, what do you have there?”

Since I was doing it subconsciously it took me a second to respond with: “Mom, it is my penis, it seems to get hard and needs to rubbed whenever I see you dressed like this.”

Mom said, “Let me see it”.

I pulled my gym shorts down and showed Mom my erect eleven-year-old pecker. She told me to keep rubbing it and that she would be back in a second. She ran to her bedroom and came back holding a silver metallic pointed tubular item that somewhat resembled a penis.

She walked over to me and said: “This is a dildo, or a facsimile of a penis, just like yours”.

With this she reached down and replaced my hand with hers on my pecker while placing the dildo along side my pecker. Her hand felt so good, a very strange feeling ran through my body.

She then said: “This is a six inch dildo and your penis is about an inch and a half shorter, but at your age you hopefully will grow. I want you to keep this dildo and when your penis is about the same size, I want you to tell me. By the way, your penis or pecker could also be called a cock, dick, or another nickname.”

As she was talking to me, she gently stroked my cock, an uncontrollable feeling started in the base of my body and began to move towards my dick. My Mother noticed and said: “Robby, let the feeling go through, let it surge through your cock.”

In less than three more strokes, a surge went from my balls, up my dick, and out the end. Squirting a milky white liquid over the palm of my mother’s hand and up her forearm, with one squirt hitting her bare left breast dripping off her hard nipple. I had no control and no idea what was happening. Blurting out: “I am sorry, don’t know what happened”.

My Mother said: “Do not be sorry, this is what is supposed to happen, it is not bad. It is actually a good thing and you should be trying to do this on your own. This is called cum and is filled with sperm with lots of protein, very edible.”

With that she licked the puddle off her palm and then wiped the stream off her forearm with two fingers and place the goo into my gaping mouth.

Not knowing what to do, I swallowed it. The taste was a bit bitter, but my mother smiled and shook her head with approval.

She said: “That is a good boy and you will get used to it, actually coming to want more. Now do me a favor, lick your mother’s tit and nipple clean.”

She offered me her tit and without hesitation licked the cum off of her tit and sucked her nipple clean. She held me head while tilting hers back and then rolled her eyes back into her head breathing heavily. My cock, with a mind of it’s own, began to get hard again.

My Mother pushed herself away, looked down at my now hard dick and said: “go to your bedroom and stroke yourself until you relieve yourself again. I have to go do the same…now go.”
I went to my room and lay down in my bed. In no time, with the thoughts of what had just happened and the smells still lingering in my senses, my cock again exploded with that white gooey stuff. This time erupting over my belly, chest, and up across my face. Thinking about what my Mother said, I scooped it all up with my fingers and dutifully placed it in my mouth holding it in my mouth to getting the most from the flavor. My mother was right, I could get used to this.

Fortunately, over the next few months anyways, my Mother continued to be her normal self seeing her half naked body whenever both her and I were home at the same time when she took a shower or stripped when she came back from a run. Of course, I would now sit on the couch with my dick in my hand and jerk off, sometimes right in front of her. Occasionally she would stand in front of me and play with her tits, squeezing them and fondling her nipples. When I came, she would tell me to make sure I cleaned up every drop.

Unfortunately, it all came to a stop when my Mother started dating Ralph. She told me that the rules around the house were changing. At first she said that it would only be when Ralph was around, but to be on the safe side to confine all masturbation to the bedrooms.

Apparently Ralph and my mother hit it off, even though he was a good fifteen years older than her (she was about 31 or 32 at the time), as he became a permanent fixture within a month or so. Within a year, they got married and our house was up for sale.

Ralph must have had money, cause he built a large home in the suburbs with multiple bedrooms each of which had their own bathrooms, a tennis court in the back, along side a built in swimming pool. From my observation, Ralph adored my Mother, always watching her with a burning desire. My Mother on the other hand, seemed to order him around quite a bit. To the point it appeared that he was subservient to what ever her wishes were. We also started to have parties that once and in a while I was able to observe from my room. It definitely was obvious that my mother not only ruled the roost, but also ruled the parties. She physically flaunted herself not only in front of Ralph, but also in front of both the other male and female guests. One time she walked right up to a guy, kissing him fully on the mouth while grabbing his cock out of his swim shorts, stroking it to full erection with Ralph standing right next to her.

Another year passed by and I still diligently checked the size of my dick against the silver dildo my mother gave me almost three years ago. My dick had started to gain thickness almost right away and over the years I began to worry that I might not reach the yardstick set by my Mom. Then in the last couple of months, my dick started to grow longer finally reaching the imaginary plateau and along with it a small forest of pubic hair. But, things had changed, my Mom was now married she now had contingent of friends she interacted with almost daily. So I decided to keep to myself, still horny as ever I continued to masturbate whenever the need came up with my Mother almost always the subject of my fantasies.

In August, a couple of months after my fifteenth birthday, early on a hot sunny day, Ralph and I were sitting on lounge chairs watching my mother and my Aunt Bev playing round of tennis. We had an exceptionally fine view as the bright rising sun was behind them silhouetting them. My Mother had a very short light cotton tennis dress on that with the sun behind her offered a x-ray type view of her body lines. Her flat stomach, high riding firm ass, and her pert tits were perfectly outlined by the sun. At 36 years old, she still had it. I had to focus elsewhere as my dick was starting to respond so I looked to my aunt. That did not help much as for the first time I looked at my outspoken, caustic 40-year-old Aunt with a different eye.

My Aunt, while approximately the same height as my Mother and you could tell from their facial features that they were related, was built very different. She does not have the lithe athletic body of my Mother, maybe five to ten pounds heavier. Her very large breasts that rode lower than Mom’s high perky tits, but they did not sag as her large nipples were pointing straight out from her silky spandex tennis jersey. Her body is the epitome of the wasp body as she had the large chest, a relatively thin waist, and hips in the 36 or 38-inch range. Whereas Mom has shoulder length light brown hair, Aunt Bev has black with gray streaks and her hair is cut almost in a pixie style. What really caught my eye though was when the light hit just right, I could make out her entire camel toe with what looked like a button pushing through the fabric right at the top of the slit.

Unconsciously I began rubbing my cock through my sweat shorts, man I was getting horny. I looked back at my Mom and viewed the outline of her body against the sun, without thinking I pulled my cock free of my shorts through the large leg opening. Then Ralph brought me back to reality, he leaned over and said: “Robby, unless you want your Mother to be your first fuck, I’d stick that thing back in your shorts”.

This shocked me back from never, never land and I shoved my cock back under my gray cotton shorts.

The Ralph said that it was obvious that both my Mother and Aunt were very hot women and from my penal reaction I was extremely turned on by them. He then said he knew about the silver dildo rule and that I was supposed to give it back to Mom. He then looked me straight in the eye and said: “You do understand that it is not considered socially acceptable to fuck your Mother. You should also know that once you do fuck your Mother there is no turning back, you can not unfuck her. She will be able to hold this over you for the rest of your life. If you accept this, you have my blessings, would you accept?”

I thought about this for a couple of seconds and started to nod my head when Ralph said: “too late, you’ve been spotted, you will not have a choice”.

Looking up, there was my Aunt Bev staring at my crotch. I had my feet up on the chaise lounge and my knees splayed against the armrest. This allowed my entire package to be lying uncovered through the side of my leg opening in my loose shorts.

Aunt Bev had this shitting eating grin and said: “ Damn Robby, good thing your cousin Katy has not discovered that cock and balls package of yours. That slut daughter of mine would have fucked that right off of you. Damn that’s a nice package, I wonder if your Mother will let me rent it, I could use it in here”. She had her legs spread and was rubbing her camel toe with one hand.

Aunt Bev turned around and yelled at Mom across the court: “Hey sis! Why didn’t you tell me that Robby has a regular man size cock in a kid’s body? Have you been holding out and keeping it all to your self? You told me when he was a toddler that I could help raise him…well, he’s ready!”

Aunt Bev reached down grabbing my nuts and cock by the base and pulled so hard I thought she was going to rip it off. She made an animalistic grunt just as my mom approached.

Mom looked at Aunt Bev, then my dick and said: “Bev let go of that, it belongs to me first of all. Second, Robby, you definitely have been naughty as you were supposed to have brought your cock to me when it was the size of the dildo. It is at least half again as thick and for sure it has the length.”

She then asked Aunt Bev: “Seems this has gotten you all worked up, take Ralph into the pool house and he will service you. Ralph, take care of Bev and make sure you thank her for any nourishment she gives you.”

Aunt Bev then told Mom that this would only hold her for awhile and pointed at my crotch and said: “Someday I want that”.

Aunt Bev headed for the pool house with Ralph. Mom turned towards me and pulled her dress off, then her thong panties.

This is the first time I had the occasion to see her entire pussy as throughout my life she at least kept a towel covering it. Her pussy was smooth looking with a wisp of light hair in a straight line going up from the top of the slit. She pulled my head forward towards her slit and said: “Savor the smell of my pussy from where you came and keep it in your thoughts for ever, lick it.”

She took one of her hands and spread her lips allowing her labia to extend out, which exposed her clit and the vagina below it. With her other hand she pushed my face right into it. The smell of her cunt combined with the sweat of her tennis work out made it so I could not help my self; I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go then pulled it back to lick every millimeter of her cunt.

Mom rubbed her pussy across my face as I could hear her breathing get faster and faster. The she grabbed my head with both hands, smashing my face hard against her pelvic bone with my mouth wide open covering her entire pussy. She bucked and let loose a stream of liquid which I had no choice but to swallow.
Mom patted me on the head and told me to go into the second door of the pool house. I was to watch Aunt Bev be serviced by Ralph through the two-way mirror then go up to my room. She said she was going for a swim and then come up to my room. With that she winked and I got an instant hard on.

I went into the second pool house room (first time I was allowed in there as it normally was locked) and looked at the window into the room that had Ralph and Aunt Bev in it.

Both of them were stark assed naked with Ralph pounding his dick into Aunt Bev. She was sitting on a high chair with her head back and using both her hands to massage her huge tits and pull on her nipples. Through each of her nipples were two small rings, which she tugged at as she massaged her tits. Ralph was hammering as hard as possible, then all of a sudden went straight as a board. His balls were visible hanging below his ass and they started to pulse…I knew the feeling well, he was letting loose his load.

Aunt Bev then put her hands on Ralph’s head and pushed him down to her open legs. I saw three things immediately, one, there was a ring through her clit (the button?), two, she had a pie shaped clump of hair above her cunt, and three, there was rivulets of what looked like cum beginning to flow out of her gaping cunt.

Ralph dove in, sucking and swallowing with vigor. This went on for a while and you could see that Aunt Bev was beginning to breath hard and fast. She stood up, leaned forward with her hands on both sides of the mirror. Ralph never missed a beat, continuing to slurp for all it was worth. Then Aunt Bev looked directly in to the mirror as if she were looking into my eyes and said: “This is for you Robby!” let out a scream and damn near sat on Ralph’s face.

It took a few seconds for Aunt Bev to gather herself, then told Ralph to sit on his knees with his mouth open and head back. She then looked at me and said: “Robby this is how I treat a person for a job well done. Ralph don’t miss a drop.”

Squatting over Ralph, Aunt Bev let loose her bladder, peeing right down Ralph’s throat. I was mesmerized, did not know if it was good or bad, but there was Ralph gulping it down as if it was a treat.

Aunt Bev completed her movement and Ralph licked her clean. She then turned around and spread her ass cheeks. Ralph moved forward and without hesitation licked the sweat from Aunt Bev’s ass crack then settled at her asshole. Ralph probed around with his tongue for a few minutes, then started to probe inside Aunt Bev’s ass opening with his tongue. From what I could see, it looked as Aunt Bev’s ass was opening up and just as Ralph opened his mouth to cover her entire hole, I could swear I saw a brown mass start to push out. Ralph appeared to be sucking hard and Aunt Bev was grunting. I could see here stomach muscles pushing, then all of sudden it stopped.

Ralph pulled away and stuck in his stretched open mouth was perfectly formed torpedo of shit. Aunt Bev turned around and directed Ralph to hold that position for my observation. She then told him he could eat his lunch now or save it for later.

He picked up a plastic container and bit down where half the turd fell into the container. He chewed, and then swallowed what was in his mouth opening it wide for Aunt Bev’s inspection, and then turning towards the mirror to show me that his mouth was empty except for what looked like chocolate around his mouth.

Ralph then thanked Aunt Bev for her generosity after which she told him to go away.

Ralph left and Aunt Bev motioned me to come into her room.

I know my Mother told me to go to my room, but my Aunt is my Aunt so I went over.

The place smelled like a soiled toilet, but Aunt Bev had just started the shower and the pee smell along with small chunks of shit was heading down the drain.

I was within a foot of my completely naked Aunt Bev and she came directly to me putting both her hands on the sides of my head while she clamped her mouth to mine. Her tongue worked its way to the back of my throat and I gagged. She pulled back and asked: “Never kissed a woman?” I shook my head no.

She reengaged my mouth, only more gentle and getting the hint I returned the movements in like, even starting to probe her mouth with my tongue.

She took my left hand and placed it on her right nipple, I could not help but fondle the nipple with the rings. Then she placed my right hand between her legs, pushing my two middle fingers into her cunt. With me hands occupied, Aunt Bev reached down inside my shorts grabbing a hand full of my balls, then stroking my cock up ward. My cock immediately responded. Breaking our embrace, Aunt Bev went to her knees ripping my shorts completely off, and shoving my cock in to her mouth.

She made two complete strokes of my cock when the door sprang open and Mom came in. Mom ordered me to my room and did not care if the neighbors saw my naked ass, then commenced at scolding my Aunt Bev. I did not stick around to find out what was said either.

An hour later my Mother walked in my room where I was lying on my bed, still stark ass naked. My Mother on the other hand was a wearing a short silk kimono robe. She walked over and sat down on the bed, running her hand up my leg until she cupped my balls. Looking into my eyes while she rolled, squeezed, and kneaded my balls alternately from softly to very firmly causing me to wince.

Then squeezing them so hard I thought she was going to pop them she said: “Thought our agreement was that once your cock reached a certain size you were supposed to come to me? It is apparent that you have gone well beyond the agreed upon point, so I will have to punish you, but when and for how long I have not determined yet. I also see that you are well past the start of puberty, but we can fix that, as you will soon be as hairless as a cue ball from now on. For right now, we will shave this off, but moving forward we will have permanent removal.”

With that, she pulled a razor and some shaving gel from her kimono pocket. After rubbing the gel to a good froth over my entire lower abdomen, around my entire cock, my balls, and the area leading to my bunghole, she shaved every spec of hair.

To be honest it felt kind of good and my dick stayed at full attention, even while my Mom went to the bathroom for a warm, wet wash cloth to wipe me off.

With that done, my Mother again rubbed balls, and then stroked my cock. She took her left hand and placed it on the side of my head telling me: “This is going to be the best day of your life.” While taking my cock into her mouth.

As she moved her moist, warm mouth up and down, swallowing my entire shaft on the down stroke I could feel that building sensation in my balls and began thrusting my cock into my Mothers throat.

Mom broke off sucking with her mouth and grabbed the base of my cock tightly with her hand, saying: “Hold off there big boy, we do not want to waste any of your cream in the wrong place today.”

Mom stood up, discarded her robe, then slid her hands up my body. Taking both my hands and placing them on her breasts, then swung her leg over me positioning her pussy over my hyper extended cock. Reaching between her legs she grasped me cock and moved my cock head up and down her cunt until both were slathered in our mutual lubricant.

I was now fondling her tits, alternately squeezing them and then roll pinching the nipples. Mom slowly lowered herself, impaling her warm, wet vagina on to my cock until her full weight was supported by my pubic bone. She slowly moved her body up and down my shaft as I started to match her thrusts.

The feeling was so exquisite, I could not explain it, but it took only a matter of a minute or two before my balls started to contract. Thankfully my Mother had reached down to her clit and was manipulating it enough that her breath was quickening along with her beginning to moan. Just before it seemed she would reach her peak though, my balls exploded coursing through my shaft and squirting hard into my Mother’s womb. The sensations of actually fucking a real pussy though kept the streams ejaculating into her and on the third or fourth pulse, my Mother came squirting her juices down my shaft around my balls and running past my asshole.

Still she rocked on me, grabbing my cock shaft with her cunt muscles, pulling my cock with each stroke. Mom said: “Cum my baby boy, fill that place where you came from with all the seed you can make”. After a few more minutes, she collapsed on me and whispered in my ear to not pull out, as we were not done yet.

Mom rolled us over, managing to keep my cock in her by both clasping my shaft with her cunt and pulling my ass to her as we rolled. She then kissed me, smack on the lips, just like Aunt Bev did, but this time I was immediately receptive. This embrace was one of pure passion as we swallowed each other’s tongues.

As the passion built and also from the sensation of my Mother’s cunt pulsating around the base of my cock, my dick started to respond again. Within a few minutes I was rock hard, slowly stroking my cock in and out of my Mother’s pussy.

Mom wrapped her legs around me and I started to drive further into her, actually feeling something inside her stop my progression. Slowly pushing in further and further, the head of me dick finally gained entry into that last cavity deep within my Mother’s womb. Mom whispered in my ear: “You’re home again honey” and started driving her hips upward. This time it took a good fifteen minutes of hard fucking, both of us sweating profusely before I felt the pressure build to the point of no return. This time, my Mother started coming just before the first stream of seed sprayed out of my cock head and into the deepest part of her womb. She clung on, wrapping both her legs and arms around me as a drove cum spewing thrusts time and time again until my cock started acting like it had the dry heaves.

Both of us were spent, as I rolled off and drifted into sleep.

We fucked four more times that day and into the evening.

When I awoke the next morning, my Mother was lying next to me, tits pointed up and her legs spread wide open. The smell of sex permeated the air, which automatically caused my dick to stiffen. As I kneeled between her legs, I scanned her beautiful body from her gorgeous face, nice firm tits, hard nipples, to her spread pussy with her vagina still open from all the pounding it took over the last twelve hours. There was a good foot diameter wet spot beneath her cunt from all the cum that must leaked out. Somehow this just made me hornier, and without much adieu, I place my cock at her entrance and plowed it to the hilt. Mom woke up, but instead of shock, wrapped her arms around me and responded with her thrusting hips. We fucked for a good half hour in which time my Mother exploded twice before my cock let forth a flood of seed into the back of that luscious cunt.

My Mother said: “That is at least seven good loads of cum in there, I am sure one of them made it to the promised land. So now on order from your Mother go down and clean that mess up with your mouth.”

It definitely was an order, but I still hesitated until my Mother kicked me hard in the balls and pointed down between her legs.

As my face approached the gaping cunt hole, there was my white goop bubbling out of the hole and running down across her asshole. Still I dove in, licking up a huge goblet of cum on my tongue. Raising my head, my Mother looked down to her son above her pubic mound. I showed her cum puddle on my tongue and swallowed it down. She padded my head and then shoved it back down saying: “Don’t forget to clean out my asshole too”.

My Mother and I fucked multiple times every other day for almost two months when she told me that she was pregnant. I asked if it possibly could be Ralph’s, she said no it was not possible as he was sterile and all the other guys she fucks are fixed too. So, she said: “You’re the Daddy, but Ralph will be the father of record as he agreed to that”.

Less than a month later, Ralph got run over by a garbage truck that rolled down a hill while he was getting the mail. He was killed instantly. Mom got a big insurance payout and then sued the garbage company, which settled for enough to make us wealthy for a few generations. But even before the wake, Mom had made changes to our life styles; I actually started to stay in Mom’s room at night. Mom also said that she needed to start “loaning” me out, but only on her ok and I needed to experience other avenues to please partners. She said to consider her not only as my Mother, but as my Master Trainer.

The night before the wake, Aunt Bev came over….

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