Your rape part 1

I am writing this story for a friend at her request. She had a fantasy and wanted me to write it out for her. The content of this story is violent and harsh at her request. I do not condone any forms of rape or non-consentual sex. This is my first attempt at writing any erotica. My friend insisted that I share this and that it was much better than I thought it was.

Please give me some feedback.

The day has come, I have been watching you for a while. I have plotted your movement, your schedule. I know when you are home, when you are school, when you work, I know what you had for lunch today. Your roommate just left for the weekend, right on time. You are alone for the weekend, just like last weekend, and the one before.

Sitting in my car I check my equipment one more time, while I rehearse everything in my mind. The coil of rope around my waist, two 18 inch pieces of duct tape stuck to my shirt, and a small flat blade pocket knife. I am ready, I hope you are.

As I walk toward your building I wonder idly if there is a way to take both you and your roommate, but it is you I want, and that would be to complicated. To many risks and to many variables.

I am almost to your door now, drifting through the dark corridors of your building like a shadow, casually taking in the graffiti on the walls. There is your door. My heart pics up a bit as get closer and I force myself to calm down and more importantly look normal. I need you to open the door or use a back up plan, none of those I liked.

I knock firmly, but not loudly, projecting confidence, normalcy even with that knock. I stand casually and relaxed in front of the door. You crack your door and I glance toward the top of the doorno chain. That is my cue. Before you can register that the fake smile has slid off my face, the palm of my hand slams into the door driving the edge of it into your forehead. You stagger back, blood trickling down your face. It turns me on. I step close before you can cry out and drive my fist into your stomach to knock the wind out of you. As you double over I grab a handful of your hair in my left hand and turn and close the door with my right. The movement brings you across in front of me and you start to pull away your mouth opens to scream and my knee drives back up into your stomach knocking the wind from your lungs before anything comes out. As you collapse onto all fours on the ground I step behind you, place my knee in your back right on your kidney and drive you flat to your stomach. The pain shoots up your back and your cry out. I grab your left hand wrenching it up behind your back then your right hand, I lay them across the small of your back, with your forearms parallel, your right hand touching your left elbow and vice a versa. I peel a piece of duct tape off my shirt and wind it tightly about your wrists. As I am close to finishing you begin to struggle and cry out, I reach up with up my left hand grab a handful of hair and slam your face into the floor, then I punch your other kidney. I speak for the first time. "Shut up bitch, your cries annoy me, you don't want to do that". Cinching up the rest of the tape I then stand behind you looking down at your body. That went better than I thought, on an impulse my right foot pulls back and kicks you between the legs, the toe of my shoe catches you right on the clit. I roll you over and you see me for the first time, just a glance before my backhand crashes into the side of your face. I pull the other strip of tape off my shirt and slap it over your mouth.

Inwardly I smile, I have control of you now. I grasp your hair and yank you to your feet. The knife comes out and I savor the fear in your eyes. I speak for the second time, "I am going to cut your shirt and bra off, this knife is very sharp, I advise you not to move". I move up close in front of you grasp the front of your collar yanking your shirt away from your body and in a quick sure move slice your shirt from the collar to the bottom. Then I move to each arm and slice the top of the sleeves allowing me to remove your shirt. I drink in your cleavage for just a moment before slicing the straps of your bra. I slice the back strap and toss your bra to the floor. Is I am stepping along side of you my hand casually reaches up grasps your hair and I yank you off your feet. You crash to the ground unable to catch yourself. The knife has disappeared. I unzip your pants grasp the waist band and pull them off your hips. Then I grab the cuffs of your pants, stand, and yank your pants off. "You won't need these for a while". I then straddle your legs gazing across your body, my hands slide up your legs grab your panties and yank and pull until they tear off. I grab your hair again, pull you to your feet and and start walking around your body. Studying you, drinking in every curve, you are naked and powerless standing in front of me. You try once to lift your leg and cover your slit, my hand whips out, crashing across your face and knocking you to the ground. I yank you back to your feet and continue studying you. I as I walk around you savoring what it to come, the questions roll through your mind, "What is he going to do to me"? "OMG, he is going to rape me, isn't he"? "Who is he"? "Is he going to kill me"?

I have left you standing as I studied you for a few moments. My mind drifts through the atrocities I will commit on your body. I am so hard. I take off my jacket and my shirt and lay them across a chair. I turn back to you and you and study your face. As you look back at me you read my eyes and understand. You are nothing to me, an object that I will use to meet my needs. I lay it out for you, "You are mine, for as long as I choose it, I will use you in any way I see fit, I will hurt you, violate you, scare you. I control all of you from this point in time you will not move, speak, or cry out without my permission. I control all of you, I will tell you when to piss, when to shit, when to sleep, when to orgasm, I control every aspect of your life. Any disobedience will be be punished severely and immediately. You will not be warned again. If you attempt to fight me, resist, or escape it will cost your life. That is not your escape, I will still rape and torture you until I am done, Only I when I am done I will choke you to death while I fuck your little ass, or maybe I will fuck you with a kitchen knife, or whatever else strikes me. You can live through this, but whatever you decide you will suffer through this. Do you understand"?

You look at me the fight is glimmering in your eyes and you make no sound or movement. My hand whips out grabbing your throat, yanking you to me and choking you. My other hand starts slapping you back and forth across the face. Your lip cracks and blood starts running, your vision blurs, and you feel light headed. I abruptly drop you. You crash to the ground and I began kicking you in the stomach and legs. I roll you onto your back grasp your right nipple and start to twist hard. "I hope we aren't starting off with any misunderstandings. Do you understand the rules?" Tears running down your face you nod, but I can tell I will have to break you further. That will come. I stand and grab one of your ankles and drag you through your house toward a bedroom. Your head bounces of the corner of the door as I drag you into the room. I look at the bed, "this is your bed?" I ask. You nod and I turn unzip my pants and begin pissing on your bed. Once I have finished relieving myself I grab your hair yank you to your feet and throw you onto the sopping wet bedding. The warm wetness quickly starts to cool and the smell of urine is in your nose. I laugh at the obvious discomfort on your face. You separate yourself from the discomfort for a moment and study me. I am about 180 cm tall thin but not skinny. Well muscled, I obviously work out but am not big like a weight lifter, more like a swimmer, with a well toned body. My jeans are still unbuttoned but all you can see of my cock is the bulge in my pants. I slide my jeans off my hips and your eyes involuntarily follow the v shaped lines down off my stomach to my erect cock. It is over 21 cm and 6 cm thick. It is rock hard. I notice where you are looking and laugh.

I kneel on the bed spreading your legs wide and looking at your pussy, I notice it glistening. "You little slut, you are wet". I laugh again and take your clit in my fingers rolling it around roughly. It is not a lovers touch, even a rough one. It is a cruel touch and I roughly jerk and pinch it savoring the expression on your face. I shove two fingers roughly into your pussy. Fucking you with them, then I add another, and another. Four fingers barely fit and I am slamming them in and out of your harshly. You wimper and cry a little at the pain making me laugh again. I climb on top of you and look at your face inches from mine. You try to look away and I backhand you viciously. "Look me in the eyes whore". I hold your gaze then violently shove all of my cock into you. The pain and surprise on your face nearly makes me cum. I am deep inside you, I can feel your cervix with the tip of my cock. It hurt a bit driving into you. Your pussy wasn't that wet, and you are very tight. I wonder if you tore a bit and decide that I hope you did. I reach up with my right hand and start choking you. As I see your face turn red and your eyes roll a bit I start fucking you. My strokes aren't fast but they are hard. Every time I slam into you my balls slap against your ass, my pelvis crashed into yours and you cry out against the tape with each thrust. I know I won't last long this time, I don't care. I fuck harder and choke you harder knowing that you are close to passing out. I feel my balls start to tighten and begin thrusting as hard as I can. The tears running down your face send me over the edge and I explode inside you. I keep fucking hard, face contorted, and groaning as I spill all of my cum inside you. As I finish I pull out. Looking down at my cock I see a mess of cum, pussy cream, with a little bit of blood. I climb over you rip the tape off your face and order you to lick me clean. You hesitate for a second and my hand strikes again across your face. Harder this time, in the back of your mind you think if he hits my face harder something will break. Your mouth opens and your tongue comes out. I make you lick my cock from base to tip, you can taste my cum, your pussy, topped with the coppery taste of your blood from your torn pussy and broken lip.

Once I am clean I slap the tape back on your mouth and stand up. I move to the end of the bed, pull the rope off the waist of my jeans and quickly and efficiently tie your feet to the bed, legs spread, with each foot tied to the foot of the bed. I walk out of your room leaving you alone. You can feel my cum dripping out of your aching pussy. You don't know where I went, but you know its not over. The taste of cum, pussy, and blood mingles in your mouth while you imagine some of the horrible things I might do to you.

I walk back into your room about 20 minutes later. I am still nude and you involuntarily glance down at the cock that just violated you. It is semi-hard hanging down and you think you may have break before I rape you again. Then you noticed the bottle of cooking oil in my hand. I must have found it in your kitchen.

I stand at the foot of the bed for a moment gazing across your body. As I take in the details I am pleased. There is dried blood on your face, and some bruising is showing up on your face and stomach. Dried cum and with a small mixture of blood is cakes the bottom of your vagina and has oozed to your little ass. Your long hair is damp from sweat and urine. Some of it is draped across your face in caked curls. The total picture is very sexy. My cock gives a twitch and hardens a bit causing your stomach to flip and you feel a tingle of nervousness.

I pour some of the cooking oil in my hand and rub it around. Setting the bottle on the bed I shove four fingers into your pussy. I move them around just enough to spread the oil around then tuck my thumb in and shove my fist into your pussy. You immediately gasp, there was a shock of pain as I shoved in, but once I was inside you the complete sensation of being so full sent a small wave of ecstasy through you. Your mind races, you can not believe your body is betraying you this way. You are being raped and violated, how can you enjoy it. You involuntarily moan as I begin moving my fist back and forth inside you. I watch impassively as you start to moan and twist under the sensation. I keep moving my fist watching your body and gauging your reaction. Within a short amount of time your back is arched and you moan loudly. I watch the wave of pleasure wash over you as you. I yank my fist out and watch you twitch as the waves continue to wash over you.

You lay helpless as the waves of pleasure from your traitorous body overwhelm you. Between wave you hear me speak, "I did not give you permission to come". A cold wave of fear washes over you like the temperature had just dropped 20 degrees. I shove the cooking oil bottle deep into your pussy. There is a stabbing pain that doesn't subside from the huge bottle stretching your pussy. I leave the bottle shoved deep inside you. The ache is tremendous and and you feel the bottle pressed all the way against the deepest part of you.

I stand and move your head, grasping your dark curly hair harshly. The look on my face frightens you at the deepest level. I yank your head to the edge of the bed. You are turned half sideways, feet still tied to the bottom of the bed, your head is hanging off the side. I rip the tape off of your mouth. I look you in the eyes then punch your right breast hard, before you can even register the shocking pain I punch your left breast. I reach down to ensure the cooking oil bottle is still shoved deep inside you.

I grab both sides off your face forcing skin between your teeth and so forcing your mouth open. "You bite, and I will cut your breasts off and feed them to you, do you understand"? You meekly say yes. I step over face and shove my semi hard cock into your mouth. I push deep into your throat my balls resting on your nose. You start gagging as I hold my self deep in your throat.

I have my dick shoved all the way in your throat. Holding your head in place as you start to gag and retch. A large cooking oil bottle is stretching your pussy. When your face starts to turn dark red I pull my dick out. Ropes of saliva trailing across your face. I look around the room and grab a leather belt I see on the dresser. I walk back over and jam my cock down your throat. "Every time my cock comes out of your mouth you get spanked, understand" You nod and I start pushing my cock deep in your throat again. You gag and retch, feeling like you are going to throw up. When you can't take it anymore you pull of my cock. The belt whips down striking your left breast, and then immediately the right breast. You take my cock back in your mouth and feel the sharp stinging on your breasts. I push my cock in harder, with your head hanging off the bed the angle is perfect for me to push the head of my cock literally into your throat. My balls are on your nose pressed hard against your face closing your airway. One of my hands grasps your throat choking you and adding more pressure to the tip of my dick. You rip away gasping for air, retching saliva and bile onto your face. I rip the cooking oil bottle from your pussy and the belt whistles down with crack right on your clit. You cry out in pain but the belt falls again harder, desperately you grab my cock and shove it down your throat as deep as you can. I shove the oil bottle back in your pussy and savor watching you choke and gag on me. Right when you feel like you can't take it any more I yank out of your mouth. I slap your face gently with my swollen penis. "Good Girl, now like my balls". I lower my balls on your face and savor your tongue licking underneath them. While I harshly play with your sore reddened breasts and nipples. "Lick my ass little whore". I raise up further and feel your tongue tracing around my asshole. "No you useless slut," I say as I twist your nipple harshly, "quit fucking around and lick my ass, tongue fuck my ass". You start licking my and shoving your tongue in my ass. It feels delicious and my swollen cock reaches a rock hard point. When I have gotten so hard it hurts it back off of your face and bury my cock as deep as I can in your throat. I bend over you grasp the oil bottle and fuck your stretched pussy with the giant bottle while you choke on my rock hard cock. I abruptly yank out of you my dick trailing hugs ropes of saliva down your body as I climb over your body and between your legs. I yank the oil bottle out of your pussy, lift your ass and drive my large, swollen, aching cock deep into your asshole as hard as I can. You cry out in pain, the invasion a complete surprise. You thought I was going to rape your pussy.

The aching, the stretched feeling, the stabbing pain. You cry and moan, tears streaking your saliva soaked face. It makes me even harder. I pound all 8 inches into your ass. The saliva is barely enough lube. You twist and writhe from the pain trying to get away, but your feet and hands are tied. I grab your hips, lifting and driving you down on me. I am fucking hard, raping, stretching, and tearing your asshole. I love the feel of your tight little hole. As I am destroying your ass, while your brain is almost overwhelmed from the shocking pain, I speak again. "hey slut, you know when I am done your licking me clean again".

To be continued.

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