Cool Dip

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Exiting the car, you turn and look around. “No one here today. Good, got the place all to myself”
Pulling the snug fitting T-shirt up and over your head you toss it behind the seat. Brushing your hair away from your face, you stretch, lazily, and run your hands across that tight stomach, then up and cup those luscious breasts, still trapped under your skimpy bra
“Oh, that water is going to feel SO good.” With that thought foremost in your mind you unbuckle the black leather belt in your Levis and they too join the T in the car.
The sand is warm under your feet as you jog across the flat beach leading to the old rock quarry, long ago deserted once it flooded. Looking around again, you see no one. Assured that you are alone, and unobserved; you twist the bra around and unclip it. You hook that over a handy bush and slip the light blue, flowered panties down and off. Those you hang there, like a little flag, your claim on this section of the world.
Dipping one foot into the water brings a quick chill, “forgot how cold this cool water is. It might be best if I just take it all at once.” With that you dive in and resurface a few feet further from the shore.
Swishing your hair back, you notice that the cool water has make those little nipples stand up like tin soldiers. Just a little tweak each from your thumb sends a shiver of excitement racing up your skin.
“Funny how something so cold and uncomfortable can stimulate me so much” you ponder on the strange tricks Mother Nature can play.
Becoming accustomed to the temperature of the lake, you start swimming towards the bluff guarding the far side. Circling around the right side you spy the flat rock that can be used to climb from the water. You pull yourself up and begin the short hike up the back side of the bluff, the one you remember from childhood trips here.

“Damn it’s good to get out of the office. Hate working on such a beautiful fishing day.“ I reach into the trunk and remove my tackle box and bass rig. “No one around today, those beauties should be biting like crazy”.
I notice the car parked over on the far side, but seeing no one, I assume it to be another abandoned one. Lots of that happening way out here, far from the Sheriff‘s patrol route. Have to remember to give him a call when I get home, I sure ain’t going to have that tow truck idiot ruining a perfectly wonderful day.
Reaching the waters edge, I settle on my favorite stump and open the “box of fishing wonders”.
“The light is bright, the water clear, no wind, going to be a hot one.” These observations lead me to choose one of my most productive lures, the chartreuse colored plastic bait fish with the large silver spinner. Tying it on the line of the bass rig, I rear back and send the colorful offering out across the water.
“One, two, three, four,” I count and begin the rapid retrieve that drives them critters into a feeding frenzy. Not having any luck on my first or any of my 10 next casts, I start to think my luck is jinxed today. I decide to move along the shore line to my right, hoping I can find where they are hiding.
Watching the water for any small ripple, the telltale sign of the “big one”, I notice movement in the reflection of the bluff. Focusing my gaze on the top of the rock face, I once again see a small movement.

“A lot further than I remember”, you realize as you finally reach the rocky summit. “And a lot further down too,” you begin to wonder if this was such a good idea as you look down at the water, 50 feet below.
“Oh well, I was scared as a kid too, and that didn’t stop me then and it won’t now.” With that exclamation, you gather all your courage and run to and over the edge of the bluff. Launching yourself into the air to rocket downwards towards, hopefully, a soft landing.
Oh the feel of falling, reaching for that elusion of flying, your eyes closed, relishing in all the raw sensations assaulting your senses. The abrupt impact of the waters surface comes much sooner than you had expected, not quite ready for that yet, you feel the intense pain signing that something has gone wrong. As you swim back to the surface the pain felt in your foot raises the fear that maybe you won’t be able to swim back to the safe shallow depths. The first kick of the pain filled foot, causes you to give out a short yell.

“Wouldn’t you know it, the whole sane world is working and some fool decides to come and ruin my fishin”, I feel outraged that someone would have the gull to fuckup my day.
I watch as the fool is falling from that nice safe rock towards the deepest water this side of the Atlantic Ocean. The hair blown straight up identifies the jumper as a woman. No one around here of the male sex would be caught dead with that long hair.

“Well, I guess God made foolish women right after He got done with foolish men”. This little bit of wisdom I just found makes me smile as I watch her impact the water.
”Now that didn’t look right, as I remember, the toes should be pointed down. Hers were straight out, flatfooted like, that is going to hurt.” It is funny how one can make observations like that in the blinking of the eye.
As your head breaks the surface, I am relieved. At least now, I won’t have to get all wet swimming out there to find your crushed body.
Your yell signals me that maybe you aren’t alright after all. I see which direction you are trying to swim and judge where you will come ashore. Knowing that you will need help at least to get out and into your car.
As I trace your progress I reach the same spot you entered the water. My attention is trained on you as your labored stroke brings you closer. Finally, you feel the bottom and know that you are safe. Turning over you float on your back, flexing the injured foot, wondering what you had broken.
”Oh my God, that is a woman, or else the best developed boy I ever saw,” those firm breasts standing high above the water as you float there.
I wade out towards you, wondering why you had yelled with pain and were now just floating there. She may be exhausted and passed out right here within 5 feet of the shore. Reaching down to you, I take hold under your arms and lift you up.
You are indeed surprised, since you are there, “by yourself”. Who might this be, taking liberties with your naked body?
“Whoa, young lady, I got you. It must have been quite the fall from that bluff. Are you alright?” I ask as I gather your body against mine. Finding that my hands have found those firm titties is a wonderful surprise.
”Yes, I think so. Just a little pain in my right foot” you answer. Funny how my warm body feels so wonderful pressing all the way down your back, and my hot hands squeezing your chilled breasts brings your pulse up a few notches.
“I generally require at least a kiss before I allow someone to play with my tits” you warn me with a slight “wink” in your voice.
“That I can do quickly enough, sweetie” I forget about my concern for her well being, obviously she is feeling better. I lower my head and kiss your neck, right at the bottom where it meets your shoulder, run my tongue up towards your ear, tracing the path of your coursing blood. Reaching your ear, I explore its inner design, and give a little nip. I am surprised by your reaction; you don’t jump, but lunge back against me.
“Better get you out of this water” I whisper in your ear. Turning towards me, you let out a little yelp as you attempt to place your weight on your right foot.
“Think I broke something, it sure does hurt” you remark as you reach out and place your arm around my shoulders, letting me know that you need some assistance. Taking your weight on my shoulders I scoop you up with the other arm and hold you in front of me as I wade to the dry sands. Setting you down on the ground I let my hand run up your leg and give your pussy a little feel. I wink at your surprised face and give you a reassuring smile. Settling yourself on the warm sand you inspect the painfull foot.
“What do you think? Is it broken?” you ask.
“Let’s have a look” I reply. A look was just the beginning of what I had in mind. I had seen plenty of toe jams like this one during my football days and knew that a little massage would cure that pain in nothing flat. I start working on your toes, moving them to and fro, rubbing the ball of your foot and work my way down to your arch. There I work on the nerves that I know will do more than make your foot feel better. Watching your face I can see that your attention is now focused on the pressure of my fingers on your foot.
“If you can make my foot feel that good, what can you do with this?” you ask and spread you legs wide. Dumbfounded by your invitation, I am a bit slow to respond and a worried look passes across your face. Feeling that anything I might say right then would kill the mood, I just run my hands up your thighs. I apply heavy pressure to the muscles so you know that I am coming to visit. Your wide eyes tell me that this is just what you are looking for.
“Yes, my hero, come get your reward”
When my hands reach your wide spread pussy, I don’t slow down but continue up to your tits. There I give them a very hard squeeze and trap your body under mine. Now you are spread eagle under me, face to face.
“Hi, my name is Eric. What’s your name?” I ask.
“Shannon” you answer. “Glad you meet you.” You laugh and kiss me hard on the lips. “What other little talents do you have that will thrill me?”
I spy my tackle box laying right there above your head, easily within reach. Dragging it over to me, I open the lid and survey its contents.
“I think you might like this,” I tell you, “I know I will”. Taking out two of my fish stringers I loop one end around your wrist and after a few more turns secure it tightly with a square knot. The metal end, designed for holding firm when pushed into the sand holds your hand out and high above you. You find your other hand treated the same way, secured up and away from you.
Turning my attention from your hands, I turn my body around and slip down within reach of your ankles. My cock is sitting there right above your face, your eyes fixed on its big, smooth head. Just a drop of cum sitting there, proof of the excitement I am feeling as I go about my tasks. Using the nylon line on the bass rig, I tie each ankle to opposite ends of the pole, ensuring that you remain open and accessible. The string is narrow and it bites into your skin, its sharp sting so much different than the heavy pain felt so short a time ago.
“You trying to cut my feet off?” you accuse me. “That hurts”
I reply to your protests with my hard cock, jamming it through your open lips and half way down your throat. Your gagging serves to massage my cock head, and the feeling makes me swell even more. You can feel the blood flowing hotly through my cock, each pulse felt from the tip of your tongue through the length of your throat. Pushing down hard with my ass, my cock fully enters you and the musky odor from my balls dominates your senses.
As I continue to fuck your mouth, I lower my body to press heavily on you. I begin rubbing my face around your pussy, kissing your soft inner thigh, biting the outer pussy lips. Taking your clit between my lips I suck you in rhythm to the movement of my large cock that is stretching your mouth. Juices are flowing out from your wet cunt, now open and inviting me in. Your cunt welcomes my four fingers as they slide in, my thumb now working your enlarged clit. Twisting my hand and flexing my fingers inside you excites that pussy even more and I can feel the guardian muscles relaxing. With another shove my whole hand enters and your pussy clamps down around my wrist, holding me captive. I continue my twisting, flexing actions, finding that special spot with my fingers, I rub it firmly. Your body starts to quiver as the climax builds, and I feel you trying to swallow my whole cock. Suddenly the pussy cum squirts out around my arm and it runs down between the cheeks of your ass.
I yank my hand forcefully from your spasm controlled pussy and watch your convulsing body beating itself into the packed sand beneath you. I return to my tackle box and rummage through its contents finding a couple of sharp hooks and some long lengths of nylon string. I tie the hooks to the string and pull one branch of the nearby bush close enough to tie the other end. Similarly I tie the other line to another bush.
Breaking off a sturdy branch with five smaller outgrowths, I strip it of all its leaves. What remains looks quite like a wooden hand. Walking back to your now slowly quivering body, I stop, raise my improvised whip and bring it down hard across both your tits.
“AAAAAAAAAAAA” you scream from the blow. “You can’t do that, it will shred my nipples to ribbons” you plead.
“You can be sure that isn’t going to happen” I brag. Taking aim I again bring my whip down, missing your tits, striking instead the soft flesh stretched between your hips. “Better?” I ask, as the scream once again escapes you.
Letting you lie there, thinking about the pain radiating from those reddening welts, I pick your bra off the branch and lay it across your face. Your eyes are now covered, the bra tied behind your head, all vision removed. Taking the panties from the ground where they had fallen, I push them into your abused mouth. Now not a chance of someone hearing those screams of “joy”.
The tension caused from the stinging blows has left your body and you settle back into the sand wondering what I might have in store for you next. You are thinking “he won’t use that evil stick on me again, that was just to show who the boss is”. But you shiver as I drag the five wooden fingers up across your thighs, and then give your pussy a little pat. You can hear the whistle of the branch as it whips through the air, blinded; you wonder what its target might be.
“Whap” it lands hard again across your nipples and faster than you can believe, “Whap” it strikes once more your tender hips. Again and again, I rain blows upon your flesh, working from the skin of your thighs, to the softer tissue of your breasts. I can see the red welts swelling from each consecutive blow, and I aim for the paler colored areas, intent on turning everything a bright red.
Soon my arm wearies of giving this abuse and my attention returns to the little treats I earlier tied up for you. Now pulling the branch closer with the string, I take one nipple between my fingers and lightly roll it. This goes nearly unnoticed, a little nuance behind the intense pain flooding your mind. I patently wait until I sense that you are regaining control, then place the sharp tip of the hook behind my fingers, I pierce your nipple at the base; thread it through and out the other side. This is nearly unbearable for you and I fear that you are close to collapse. Smacking the side of your face brings you back to life and you feel the other hook inserted through the sister nipple. Without any mercy, I release the bush limps and watch as the hooks pull your nipples outwards. Your whimpers excite me as I sit and watch the wind blown limbs pulling first hard and then residing to calm little tension. Little tracks of blood run from the holes made from the hooks coloring your tits with its brownish red tones.
“Well, enough of this” I tell you, even though I believe you are pass the ability of hearing me. “You have had your fun, now its time for me to have mine.”
Reaching into my pocket, I retrieve my knife, open its blade and cut the straps of the blinding bra. You blink as the sun burns into your eyes, but soon fear fills them; you see the sharp blade held there just inches from your face.
“No, no please don’t kill me”, you plead.
“What?” I ask you, not believing that you could think of such a thing.
Taking the hook strings in my hand, I cut them cleanly, then cut the thin ropes holding your hands, turning to your feet they too are freed.
Grabbing your wrists in my hands I pull you up from the ground and spin you around, then push you forward to trip over the log laying there. You fall, and I hold you there with my foot as I loosen my belt, drop my pants and shorts, to kneel behind you.
”This won’t hurt at all” I tell you as I push the head of my cock against your tight little asshole. Your legs I hold down by wrapping my ankles over yours. Some spit to lube up and with a giant lunge; I drive my hard cock through that puckered hole. The intense pain of my savage entry falls upon your numb mind, and there is barely any resistance to overcome. It has been a long day and I am pass caring for you well being, so I stroke into you like a pile driver. Seeing the cheeks of your ass shaking each time my cock lands home, soon has me at the peak of release. As hard as I am able, I smack your ass and feel the muscles contract away from the force, squeezing around my cock. I explode deep inside you, my hot cum shooting out to flood your bowels. I hold your hips tightly, crushing them with my grip as I pull you back towards my impaling cock.
Finally exhausted, I collapse and roll off you, where I sit on the sand leaning back on the log you are draped across.
As I get up and pull on my pants, I notice that you have made no attempt to leave your position on the log. Placing my foot on your hip, I give you a shove to roll you off the log. You lay there on the sand, staring at the sky through glazed eyes, gasping for air. I turn and pick up my gear and turn to leave.
“Lucky for you I practice ‘catch and release’” I shoot the remark over my shoulder and think about how I am going to tell the boys at the lodge about this one that got away.

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