Young Studs for Carol

When Carol awakened, after a long, restorative sleep, it was 2 p.m.
The long night of sex with the four younger studs, in front of her son, had been a terrific and exhausting experience: she had been drained of all her energies like never before in her life.
The woman raised herself from the bed and took few steps in the room to the mirror; bags around her eyes and some love bites on her breast sides proved the heavy treatment from her captors, but her appearance, on the whole, still looked great; and this was certainly due to her resilient and well exercised body: her regular gym sessions had been a big help in that circumstance.
She was totally naked; after the filthy performance, in the bathroom, with Scott and John, the giant had cradled the nude, unconscious housewife in his arms and had carried her, like daddy and child, to her room, where he had laid her in bed, together with himself and her son.
Now, neither of them was in the room and no sound was coming from the house.
Carol felt weak and starving. As a matter of facts, from almost twenty hours her stomach was empty; and the great, unending sex acts with her younger, strong captors had increased her hunger.
She opened a drawer, picked up a pair of lacy red panties and wore them. Nothing more. It was a hot day and appearently she was alone. But after all, what was the matter? Her whole body had been already exposed to those guys and they had thoroughly inspected and checked any square inch of it for so long time and in so many ways as it seemed a nonsense, now, to show much modesty and to cover her breasts.
The woman walked to the kitchen. She didn’t care the mess still remaining, there, from the savage fucking of the last night.
“Somebody will clean up everything, later on,” she thought; now, what she needed, first, was just a good, rich breakfast.
She whipped the eggs in a bowl, to fix the omelet, adding plentiful ham and cheese and she prepared coffee and toasts for herself; juice, butter, jam and cakes completed her meal. During her movements, the massive, heavy boobs were flopping all over her chest, slapping noisily one against the other.
Finally she sat down and ate.

She was bent at the sink, to wash cups and glasses after her breakfast, when two large black hands, from behind, slid around her upper body and seized her tits. At the same time, a voice boomed in her ears: “Hi, baby! Doing well?”
“Toooooom!” she gasped, turning and looking up, to the towering figure of the stud. A captivating smile was widening on his face, putting in evidence a crown of white teeth. He was naked, except for a green towel, wrapped around his hips.
“You scared me!” Carol yelled, trying to free herself from the tightening grasp.
“Come here, sweetie, let me wish you a good day,” said Tom, who put his hands around her tiny waist, lifting the woman up and cradling her in his arms. His lips touched hers, then his probing tongue french-kissed her, laving and bathing the oral cavity.
She accepted it, because she well knew that her body, now, had just to serve the craving desire of those men and she had to please them, till when they would decide to leave the house.
When the long kiss ended, Tom rested the petite lady on the crook of his elbow, then opened the fridge and picked up a couple of cans of beer.
He walked to the dining room, carrying the small Carol like an infant; her butt on his left arm, her tiny hands over his broad shoulders. He took a seat, put the cans over a table in front of him and accomodated Carol, sidewise, on his lap, between his hairy chest and the edge of the table.
Her legs dangled in the air; Tom’s hand solidly cupped one of her fleshy, huge breasts, caressing with his meaty fingers the rosy, wrinkled areola and the protruding hardness of the stiff nipple.

He was playing with her lithe body and in the meantime he was drinking and telling Carol what happened in the last two hours, while she was still sleeping in her bed.
He said that Craig had ordered to her husband to drive him to another town, near the frontier, where he had to meet some friends. The two of them had already left the house on the family car.
Craig was expected to come back in a couple of days, bringing with him all the necessary documents for all the team. After that, finally, the four of them would be free to move anywhere in the Country and to leave without problems.
Besides, Scott had accompanied John downtown, on Carol’s car, to the nearest shopping center, to buy some clothes for all of them, in replacement of their convict uniforms.
In the house, at present, there were only Tom and Nick, who had decided to rest at the big swimming pool. When Tom went to the kitchen, to take some cool drinks, he had met Carol; Nick was still sunbathing in the backyard.

Tom’s continuous workout over her sensitive breast was driving Carol close to her arousal: her hormones were racing with desire, while her right nipple hardened under the stimulation of the rubbing fingers. His sculpted body, his strong neck, his smooth and heavily ample chest, his black large hand moving over her tender white skin, his rippled muscles: everything was showing off his powerful masculinity. She loosened any restraint and her tiny hand started caressing his back, while her mouth engulfed one of his big nipples, tonguing and sucking it, like a newborn.
“Yes, little one, do it; you like it, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear.
“Mmmmmmmmm. . . “ was the only reply from Carol: she was, now, too much engaged in her mouthing action.
Her body was trembling with lust and her breath was turning into short gasps. Carol thrust more of her tit into his palms; she was no more a mature married woman, a mother of two grown childrens; she was acting, in the arms of that much younger stud, like a schoolgirl who was experiencing her first date.
From his part, Tom was not less aroused. The diminutive, half naked body of the beautiful housewife, totally and defencelessly embraced to him, gave the man an immense sense of power: he could handle her like she was just a toy for his sexual desire.
His big cock was bulging in the tightening of the towel: the pressure was becoming unbearable. In a quick motion, Tom lifted the woman from his lap by one arm and with the free hand tore off the cloth from around his hips. The male member sprang out powerfully, like a steel bar.
Tom lowered again Carol onto his lap and turned her: now she was facing away and the long shaft was sliding over her vee.
“Ohhhhhhhh. . . goooooooddd. . . your cock. . . is soooo big!” she moaned.
One of his hands was fondling again her tits, cupping alternately both of them; the second one was stretched over her panties-covered pussy, where he could feel, through the wet lacy garment, the crack of her cuntlips.
“You like to play, don’t you, little one?” and without caring for her answer, Tom slid two fingers inside her panties, stroking and pinching her labia. Then he released his grip and brought the hand to his mouth, licking and savouring her sweet nectar.
“Ohhhhhhhh. . . Tom, you are teasing me!” she said in a meek voice. She was helpless and the black guy was like a flooding river; nothing could stop his fury.
His teeth went deep into the tender flesh of her neck and upper arm, causing two crowns of red love bites over the white skin and making the trapped woman struggle and jiggle in his tightening embrace.
He raised her left arm and nuzzled in the tender recess of her armpit; the smell of her perspiration was intoxicating. His darting tongue licked her delicate skin: it was smooth, clean and soft like it belonged to a little baby. His right hand was firmly placed over her right tit, playing with the swollen globe of her white flesh. He caressed the rosy areola; he pinched and rolled the protruding nub, pulling it to an incredible length; he squeezed in his large palm the whole breast, enjoying the way he could mould it to his liking. His mouth went down from her armpit and reached the side of her left tit, where his lips and tongue played with her little mole, lapping feverishly, like her body was an ice-cream.
His left hand was moving back and forth over her inner thighs, stroking and rubbing her sensitive skin. She sighed when he inserted again his hand inside her soaked panties and explored her pussy lips, touching with talented fingers her moist crotch; she jumped in his lap, while her juices continued to flow from her opening. His hand spread her cuntal folds and his whole middlefinger easily disappeared in her love channel, caressing her insides.
The small body of the woman was totally owned by the younger man, who could move and manipulate her, like she was nothing more than a living doll, a plaything for his amusement. Husband, lovers, friends: nobody of them had taken her with the same total possession of that guy and his buddies. The sexual instincts of those strangers, who had occupied her house, were surging up violently, in the presence of her middle-aged, small frame; they didn’t miss, in any occasion, to show their strength and power, by handling and carrying her in their sinewy arms, easily like she was a child.

Carol’s crotch was flooding in her flowing juices, making Tom’s hand completely wet. It was too much, for the black stud: he loosened his hold over her upper torso and put his thumbs and forefingers around the sides of the elastic band of her lacy panties. He gave two simultaneous tugs and the nice garment became a shredded useless piece of cloth. He picked up in his fist the destroyed panties, made them sliding along the crack of her beautiful asscheeks and brought them to her mouth.
“Lick it, bitch, lick your own juices. Does it smell good?” he said, rubbing the ruined garment over her face and forcing it between her lips and teeth.
He was debasing his victim, he was submitting her to any kind of dirty treatment and she enjoyed it.
The touch of his hands over her now totally naked body was sending waves of warmth and pleasure: she closed her eyes and let out low moans.
Finally Tom decided to end his action: he removed the piece of cloth from her face and threw it across the room.
“Ready for a ride, baby?” said Tom, standing up and holding Carol in his arms.
“Where are you carrying me, big boy?” she asked coyly.
“To your room, sweetie. I want intimity: you and me on your marital bed; your small body totally mine!” and Tom reinforced his words with a gentle kiss over her lips, followed by another one over her left nipple: the boob prettily wobbled under the darting tongue.
Carol was giggling in his strong embrace; she had definitely lost any reluctance; she was, now, an obliging woman who wanted just to please the irresistible longing of her passionate lover: a woman who was proud of the physical attraction she was still able to raise in that younger man.
"My friends, sometimes, used carry me around, during my parties,” she said.
“Your friends?” Tom was surprised. “And your husband? What about your husband?”
“My husband? He liked it; he can only watch, now, because he is too old to carry me in his arms, like he was doing in the first years of our marriage.”
Carol smiled and let her naked legs flying about in the air, while Tom was walking and rocking, at the same time, her nice body, like she was a Barbie doll.
“What a slut, baby! What a whore you are, little one!” he murmured.

They had just arrived at her room’s door, when the sound of a familiar voice stopped them.
“Hey!. . . Where are you going? Are you okay, mom?” It was Scott.
Evidently, he had just come back. When he left the house, a couple of hours ago, his mother was still in bed and now he was looking for her.
“Scoooott!” called out Carol. “I love you, dear!” and her expression didn’t show any kind of embarassment, in front of her son, as if it was the most natural thing to be caught naked in the arms of a naked stranger who was holding her in his embrace, like a baby.
Scott, too, didn’t show too much surprise. It had become a rule, for those lecherous tall men, to carry his beautiful small mother all around the house, showing their strength.
She was, for them, just a little doll to be played, handled and fucked at any time. And her son got accustomed to this new habit in his family.
“Kid, your mom is in good hands, as you can see,” Tom said in a suasively tone, bouncing Carol up and down, a couple of times, before raising her. Her chest was at level of his ravenous mouth; his tongue glided along the valley between her big boobs, leaving a salivating trail on its way.
“Ahhhhhhhhh. . .” she giggled, like a little girl, clearly enjoying what Tom was doing.
“Do you see, boy? Mommy loves it,” the black guy said, as he continued to play with her beautiful jugs. His lips slid along the smooth surface of her tits and his teeth delicately pinched her turgid nipples and rosy areolae.
“Ohhhhh, gawwwwd. . . you nasty guy! You like my tits, don’t you?” she said provocatively, quite ignoring the presence of her son.
“Yes, honey,” he said, sonorously smacking with his wet lips the two fleshy hills. “What a little nasty mom you are, bitch!”
“Mmmmmmm. . . I like when you call me mom. Do you want to have fun with my boobs, big boy?”
“I want to have fun with all of your body, mommy,” and, in a quick motion, he wrapped his hands around her waist and, without effort, he lifted her up. She was standing up in the air, in vertical position, facing him.
“Are you ready, honey?” he told her. “Watch carefully, boy!”
Scott was looking at the couple of lovers; from his gaze, he seemed very interested to the game Tom was starting to play with Carol.
“Put your hands around my neck, little one, and spread your legs!”
The woman obeyed: her crotch was just above his huge cock.
Tom approached his mouth to hers, kissing Carol with passion; then, with a resolute movement, he lowered her, till his long shaft was fully inserted in her pulsating vagina.
“Oooooohhhhhhh!. . . you big son of a. . . “ Carol couldn’t finish her words: her insides had been filled up, past her crevix, by the male member. She was moaning and panting, with excruciating pleasure.
“Mom is getting another fucking session,” Scott thought in his mind.
How many times those sadistic rapists had screwed his mother, last night? He had lost the count.

Tom had placed his callous hands under Carol’s delicate buttocks and now he was bouncing the small woman up and down his meaty piston; she cooed like a little girl; her hands were wrapped up around his neck and her legs clung to his hips.
“You are made for this, baby,” he shouted, like crazy. “You are made for my cock. Watch, boy, watch your mom: she is my cock ornament!”
What a sight was, for Scott, to see his tiny white mom impaled on this huge black man, like she was his own property. Her large tits were pressed, due to the difference of height, to his hairy belly and her lips licked his ample chest, sucking one of his dark nipples like a newborn.
“Cock ornament”, was thinking the aroused son. Better to say that it was a monkey position: a big ape carrying a cub.
Carol enjoyed the treatment Tom was giving her.
“I can carry you like this, on my cock, till tomorrow, you little old lady. You weight nothing; I can lift you up with just one hand!” He was making fun of her and his sadistic laugh echoed in the house.
“And I like to be carried by you, Tom,” she squealed, gazing up to his eyes. “I’m a shrimp, I’m a baby! Play with your baby, big boy; play with me!”
“Sure, honey,” he said. And to Scott: “Boy, do you see? The bimbo, here, wants fun and I’m going to give her all the fun she needs. She is mine, all mine! I’ll return her back to you later on.”
And, without hesitation, Tom carried the giggling woman, still sat on his long shaft, inside her bedroom.
Before the door was closed in front of Scott, Carol had just the time to blow him a kiss.

In the room, the black guy walked to the mirror. He stood sideways in front of it, making Carol have a good look of her naked impaled body: her double D globes crushed against him, while his meaty fingers cupped her fleshy buns.
The small frame of the middle-aged woman was dwarfed by the big young boy, who had put his cock inside her vagina, while holding her in his hands, without effort.
The woman was clearly excited.
“How much does it turn you on to be fucked by someone who could be your son?” Tom provocatively asked.
“And how much does it turn you on to fuck someone who could be the age of your mother”? she replied.
“It really turns me on to have a woman your age in my hands and to put my cock into her pussy!”
“It’s like you are raping your own mom, you nasty boy!”
“It’s like to dominate a small older woman whose muscles are just able to tickle me, you little mommy!”
To be called mommy turned her on, even more; and Tom knew very well how to please the lecherous lady. Carol’s ninety-five pounds were a child’s play, for his massive arms. He had no trouble to raise and lower her, sliding his lubricated shaft, back and forth with alternate motion, along her cunt walls. He was using the woman’s twat to masturbate himself: it was like his fist had been replaced by her body. Up, till only his cock-head was inserted in her love channel and then, abruptly, down till her crotch hit the base of his prick.
“Watch in the mirror, mommy! Watch the fucking cock, you little whore!”
His words, added to his savage action, produced a devastating effect on the poor housewife.
“Ohhhhh. . . yeeeeeessss. . . you make me . . . cuuuummm . . . ohhhhh. . . fuck meeeee. . . . Scooott. . . ohhhhhhhh!”
She was screaming, her cunt hole was creaming uninterruptibly and her mind was in turmoil. To be fucked by a young boy who could be her son and to be called “mommy” by him had reversed her reality. In her fantasy, now, she was fucked by Scott: her incestuous desire had been finally satisfied and the big boy who was reaming her pussy was her lovable son.
Tom understood what was happening in her mind and immediately took advantage, to increase the lust.
“Yes, mommy, yes, cum on my cock! Fuck your son, spray your juices, take my big cock in your little pussy!”
The black man had his hands around her waist, while the woman, who had lost any control, was cumming harder and harder, making her pussy to clamp down on his prick like a vice. Her heavy tits swayed back and forth on her chest, like inflated balloons.
Finally, she collapsed in his arms, totally spent by the violent fucking.

Tom had mercy; the small older woman had been fully dominated by the power of his young age and now she was hanging from his massive arms and big cock, like a sack of potatoes. He dislodged Carol from the prick, enjoying the plopping sound coming from her cunt; then carried her to the bed, where he sat, with his back leant against the bed-head. He laid the unconscious housewife over him: her body crossed his at ninety degrees; her back rested over his lap and her legs and arms were well spread over the sheets. In that position, she was totally displayed to her black lover.
And then Tom noticed him. Somebody was peeking from the window, through a crack. It was just a vague shape in the shadow, but Tom well understood that it was belonging to Scott: the boy was spying on them.
Tom knew that Scott got the hots for his mother and that Carol, too, was anxious to join her son in bed. What a fun, now, to tease both of them! what a lucky occasion!
Pretending he had not seen the boy, he moved his hands over the still passed out woman, caressing her body and murmuring, in a voice that Scott could easily hear, the sweet words of an incestuous love.
“You want to fuck your son, don’t you, beautiful mom? You want him fondling your tits, don’t you, mommy? You want him kissing your pussy, don’t you?” and his hands and lips were running along her small frame, covering all her erogenous zones.
Little by little, under his continuous stimulation, the faint woman regained consciousness.
“Oooohhhhh. . . what did you do? Please, boy, please, no more sex! You are so big, so strong! You are killing me!”
Carol loved sex, of course; many times she cuckolded her husband with other men, many times she dated her young suitors, but none of them had the sexual unending fury of those strangers, who had captured her and had abused of her in a thousand of ways, practically without resting, in the last twenty hours, like they were made of steel.
“Mom, you made love with your son, do you remember? He fucked you and you came; do you remember the big cock in your pussy?” Tom was recalling to her mind the fiction they had just played.
Tom gripped her wrists in one of his large hands and stretched them over her head; he went into raptures at the sight of her totally exposed armpits: her white-ivory skin and her smooth delicate flesh aroused his senses.
His free hand went down, to cover her crotch.
"Wow, mommy, what a sexy cunt you have! And what a sexy armpits! No hair on them! These are the sweetest pussy and armpits I have ever seen in my life!" he shouted, staring intently at her body.
He kissed, licked and flicked her smooth, tender armpits and underarms, while his thumb and index finger, after having found her clit, were rolling the little tidbit between them.
“You like it, don’t you mommy? You like your armpits sucked and your clit played! Say that you like it, baby!” he told her, smelling her underarms; he was fascinated by her childlike softness and whiteness.
Carol didn’t reply and he increased his action. He pinched and pulled the tiny nub on her twat and put his tongue into the hollows of her armpits, playfully slurping.
Despite her will, Carol couldn’t resist: again her pussy was tickling.

Tom was teasing her with his words.
“Think to your son, mommy! You like your son licking and sucking your armpits, don’t you? You love him, don’t you? Say yes, mommy, say that you like his tongue!”
“Yes, yes, yeeeeessss. . . you bastard. You know how to tease me! Suck, suck my armpits. You like them, don’t you? My body is yours, big boy! You like to lick my . . . ooooohhhhh. . . my tit. . . gaaaawwwwwddd!” she moaned.
Tom’s left hand had covered her right boob and his callous, strong fingers mauled and milked it, like she was his cow.
“Hey, mommy! What a nice boob, here; your lucky son can play with mom’s titflesh and you like it, don’t you, little one?” he mocked her, while the other hand was still manhandling her pussy, tweaking her clit and exploring the depths of her love tunnel.
“You want to make me cum again, you want to see mommy cumming, you big bastard!” she yelled.
“Yes, mommy! Now let me eat this big fat boob of yours!” and in an instant, without releasing his hands from her body, Tom engulfed half of Carol’s succulent left breast in his avid mouth, trying to suck as much of her titflesh as he could.
“Ahhhhhhhh. . . don’t. . . Tom, please, please, don’t. . . “ she begged, while her big boob was delighting his greedy mouth.
When her jug came out, it was all glistening and purplish red.

During all that time Scott was leaning against the window to spy, through the crack, upon the fucking couple.
Tom was manipulating the woman like she was his toy; her body was totally exposed to him: it was endlessly handled, mouthed and fucked by the young black.
He watched the big stud amusing himself over his petite, white mom.
He watched him caressing and tonguing her delicate armpits and underarms.
He watched him playing with the mole that maliciously adorned her luxuriant tit. He watched him slobbering her boob with his tongue and devouring it in his ravenous mouth, like a delicious apple.
He watched him rolling in his fingers her erect clit.
He watched them pretending to fuck like mom and son.
All of it drove Scott’s carnal appetites for Carol to an unbelievable level.
He was seized with the irresistible desire to join the couple, to pick his mom up, to carry her to his room, to lay her on the bed and to fuck her for all his worth.
But he knew it was impossible, at the moment, because he had to obey John’s orders; and John, who was the new master in the house, had told Scott and Carol, many times, that they could fuck only in a threesome with himself.
On the other hand, Scott was turned on by the thought of his gorgeous mother in bed, strictly embraced to John, the dominating stud who was calling Carol “child” and who was called “daddy” by her, due to their differences of frame and height, despite the difference of age.
The boy started to beat himself.

“Nice food, baby! Your boobs are fabulous!” shouted Tom.
Carol didn’t reply: she was still astonished from the devastating tit-mouthing.
Before meeting John and his companions, she had never imagined to get this kind of treatment during her sexual intercourses, but now she was almost disappointed that her boobs weren’t full of sweet milk, to nourish that eager stud and get more fun.
She was all buried in her fantasies, when Tom’s action returned her to the reality. He picked her up and positioned her on all fours, over the sheets. Her face was nestled in his hairy crotch and her legs were spread on each side of his body; he was sitting on the bed and her white, uplifted ass was a couple of inches far from his mouth. “Another succulent bait,” the black guy thought.
“Suck, bitch, show me how you can work on my cock!” Tom shouted, placing one hand on the back of her neck and roughly pushing on, till her lips touched the helmet of his prick.
“Use your mouth and your fingers, little mommy! Give me a good job!”
She had to use both her tiny hands around his large prick and her open mouth was hardly able to gulp down the apple-sized cock-head.
“Go ahead, baby, eat me, suck. . . suck me, little one!” he ordered.
And Carol complied. The long and wild sex-sessions with those hunks of men, during the last night, had released any previous restraint from her: now, facing again a big cock, she knew very well how to handle it.
And she loved it. The woman fully opened her mouth and started sucking on Tom’s big dick, back and forth. Half of the long shaft disappeared into her cavity, whith a slurping sound, then it went out and her small tongue licked and flicked the skin of the cock-head. In and out, in and out, alternately, with increasing rapture: she played with the cock like she was possessed. She loved the taste of that thick member, and she made it all wet and slippery with her saliva.
“Here is your meat, mommy; a nice hard piece of meat for your hungry mouth!” the black guy shouted. “Go ahead, take it all, suck it all in your fucking mouth, little one!”

From the window, Scott was watching in astonishment. His mom was taking in her lovely mouth the whole foot-long ebony shaft; now it bulged in her throat, while her fingers were cradling and squeezing the large nuts.
What a whore was his mother! Scott’s cock stiffened in his fist: again, the sight of his hot mom had made him incredibly horny.

The woman was still in a prone position; her legs were spread and her kneels rested on the sheets; her face was bent over the fully engulfed cock and her tiny hands were grasping the big thighs of her lover; her ass was totally displayed to the young stud’s eyes.
Tom enjoyed the fascinating sight of her glorious round buns, the crack between her buttocks and the opening of her pussy: everything at his easy reach.
“The old woman wants a lesson,” Tom said to himself.
His large hand cupped one cheek and squeezed hardly: her flesh was firm and elastic, her skin was tender and smooth.
Also the second cheek disappeared in the other hand.
With his fingers securely tightened around the two emispheres, he moved them back and forth, looking with rapture at his prey; he was fascinated by the ass-crack and the wrinkled rose bud of her anus that he could easily widen and clench, with alternate motion, while Carol continued to suck his large member.
“Does it taste good, mommy?” he asked her. “Suck, mommy, suck it all in your fucking mouth! Does it make you wet, little bitch? I’m young enough to be your son and you suck me; it’s like you are sucking your own son; isn’t it, you depraved mommy?”
The crude language increased her excitement. Her lips were running up and down the long meaty pole, pushing the big cock-head in the back of her cavity, down her gullet.
Tom’s strong hands continued to work over Carol’s tender ass; her butt-hole opened and closed with squishing sounds. It was too much, for the aroused stud, who bent his head and plunged his tongue into her secret recess, probing the wet walls of her anal channel.
On one end Carol was sucking the large cock; at the other end Tom was licking the insides of her anus.
Again the woman was on the verge of another orgasm, while her ravisher had not yet cum.
“This guy and his buddies are made of iron,” she was thinking. “They can make me cum a lot of times, without spurting. They are not human, they are monsters. And when they come, it’s like a torrent of sperm.”
The long night of sex, in the kitchen, with all these men, was flashing back to her mind, like in a movie: her triple penetration, her unending orgams and finally the cum-bath she got from their cocks.
And now, again, she was horny.
“Cum, boy, cum in my mouth! Give me your spunk, let me swallow all of it,” she thought, while her lips and tongue increased their action over the fully engulfed shaft and her nostrils inhaled, rytmically and resoundingly.
Tom’s darting tongue was firmly inserted in her sphyncter; after the savage fucking of the last night, her former virginal ass was an easy land, now, and he had no difficulties to go deep in her insides, savouring her intimate wetness.
When, finally, his tongue came out, the smell of two little farts spread over the room.
“Ooooooohhhhhh. . . poor little child! You have to shit, don’t you?” Tom mocked, sarcastically grinning.
The flow of stinking air from her bowels had embarassed the woman. Without releasing her hold around the big cock, she moved her head, many times, as sign of refusal at the dirty words of the black stud.

Tom loved to fuck, cruelly and thoroughly, those white, married, mature, rich and haughty females of the society; he loved to umiliate and degrade those arrogant women and to make them asking for mercy; he loved to crush them in his strong arms, especially if they had a gorgeous body like this hot piece of Carol, whose son was certainly masturbating, at the sight of his well-used mom.
Carol’s butt-hole was still gaping in front of Tom and he wanted nothing more than to be again inside it.
He used his hands, now. His left thumb and forefinger caressed and pinched the pink protuberance of her clit: the love button hardened and her pussy pulsed, while the back of his right middle-finger started running along the crack of her buns, before being stuck, all the way, into her.
“Soft and tender like butter,” thought Tom, whose finger explored the warm cavern of her asshole, up and down.
Carol’s lips were slurping on his cock, her clit was rolling between his tips and her anus was totally exposed to him: the woman was at his mercy.
He dipped another finger into her ass, making it slip till the second knuckle; his left hand checked the increasing wetness of her vagina; the horny housewife was close to cum.
“Do you like it, little bitch?” he said, and abruptly he pulled his fingers out of her hole. A wet plop, together with a couple of farts, a little louder than before, echoed in the room.
Carol let his cock slipping out of her mouth and turned her head back to him.
“Ooooooohhhh. . . Tom, forgive me, you. . were sooooooo. . .“, but he didn’t let her to finish. With his left hand still wrapped around her pussy and clit, he buried three fingers of his right hand, all together, inside her ass.
“Gaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd. . . what. . . are you doing to me? Don’t. . please. . . don’t. . “ she was frightened at his strength. His powerful young body was all dominant and she was helpless in his hands.
“What are you blathering, mommy? Do you know what you are? Just a shrimp; a little, small thing. And I’m your master. Call me sir and tell me who’s your master! Go ahead, little mommy, I want to hear from you!”
And while his meaty fingers continued to ravish her inner parts, the poor lady obeyed and whimpered, in her childlike voice: “Yes, sir, yes, you are my master . . . my strong, big master!”
“Am I good enough for you, mommy?” he insisted and pulled out his fingers.
Carol was humiliated. “Ooooooohhhhh. . . master, please. . .” she moaned.
Her ass, on fire, was an invitation for him.
He inhaled her stinking odor, then he raised his black hand and playfully slapped the flawless, ivory white skin.
WHACK! The impact of meat against meat resounded in the room.
"Ohhhhsir," she cried. “Please, stooop, don’t hurt me. . . please. . . please. . . for pity’s sake!”
WHACK! WHACK! The young stud was spanking the mature woman like she was a bad schoolgirl; her ass was turning red.
“Pleeeeease. . . Tom, please, sir, stooop. . .“ Carol begged; but he didn’t care.
Her clit was bursting between his fingers; her nipples were hardening against his hairy belly.
Her wanton desire increased, in spite of the pain she was getting from his hands.
Again the black guy inserted three fingers in her puckered hole, moving and twisting them, like a spiral.
“Does it make you cum, little lady? Do you like my fingers up you ass? and around your clit? Check this, now!” and he pushed the whole middle and ring fingers of his left hand inside her cunt channel, till they reached her cervix.

Scott looked at the two lovers. It was a terrific sight: Tom was repeatedly slapping mom’s ass and she accepted, in her prone position, his rough treatment.
The boy couldn’t help to stroke his cock, while the black stud’s palms cracked the white, round asscheeks of his beautiful mom.

“You are mine, bitch!” Tom yelled. His blood-filled cylinder of meat was growing up, long and thick.
The big cock swung in front of her face; his fingers explored her erogenous zones; the powerful body of this black Adonis was dwarfing hers, like she was an infant.
Carol was overwhelmed by all these sensations, all together; she was, again, on the verge of an orgasm.
Without mercy, Tom sped up his action: his brutal and hard hand came out of the recess of her sphyncter and, immediately after, it whacked, with roaring impact, her round butt. Then, again, three fingers disappeared inside her anal hole: in and out, many times, with regular rythm.
When he stopped to finger-fuck her beaten ass, his lips planted a wet kiss over the ravished buns, licking and nibbling at the smooth skin; again, her bowels gave out and she let out another loud fart that delighted the sadisic side of his mind.

“Nice to see you again, pal!” a sudden voice boomed. “I’ve caught you, at last, you maniac! What are you doing to the little baby?”
It was Nick. He waited the return of Tom, in the backyard, for a couple of hours, then he started looking for him. When he turned around the corner of the house, he saw the boy peeping through the window of Carol’s bedroom. Without hesitation, he entered the building and reached the room.
He was naked. His huge cock was dangling between his thighs.
Carol and Tom were in bed. The woman was straddling the man, facing away; her butt was raised, her face was bent into his pelvis. He was caressing and tonguing her glistening asscheeks.
“I’m playing, Nick; the little baby is good, sweet and tender like a kitten. We got a nice piece of mommy, buddy!” Tom said.
“What is this smell? Who’s shitting, here?” Nick asked, sniffing at the stink air in the room.
“It’s the little baby, my friend. I played with her ass and she let out. No shit, just farts.”
“May be the child needs some help, Tom! Lemme check!” and with that Nick held out his hands and scooped the woman up in his well muscled arms.
Carol was unable to speak: she had been surprised by the unexpected, impetuous intrusion of the second stud.
Nick was cradling her, high in the air, and his darting tongue was exploring her inner parts. She was uttering plaintive, muffled moans.
“Go ahead, buddy, don’t stop! We got the mommy! She’s ours! She loves the big cocks!” Tom yelled, inciting his friend.
The woman was frightened. Four strangers had fucked her all together, ravaging her in every way, without rest, last night; now she was trembling at the thought that she had to accept, again, more than one man at once.
And, like in other occasions, when she was scared, her bladder was bursting. The black stud was nuzzling her cunt, but she had to relieve herself.
“Sir. . . sir, let me go, please! I have to pee, let me go to the bathroom!” her voice was pleading.
“Peeing??!” Nick exclaimed, quite incredulous to his ears, anticipating both the new torment he was starting to give her and the new pleasure he was starting to get from it.
“Don’t worry, mommy, I’ll serve you just now!”
And in few seconds, easily like she was a doll, he turned Carol around in his embrace and lifted her up, by her waist, facing away. She was standing up and his strong hands held her suspended in the air.
“Tom, open the window!” he ordered. “The child, here, has to piss, but we don’t want to let her watering the floor, do we?”
“Not, of course, Nick! You’re right!” and he jumped from the bed, reaching the window.
Both the guys had had the same idea; they knew that Scott was still watching and they wanted to tease him with the sight of his mother performing another dirty act in front of him.
“What. . . what are you doing. . . ohhhhhh. . . let me go. . . put me down. . . please, sir. . . don’t do this,“ the woman was begging, trapped in the strong grip of Nick’s huge hands.
But she was helpless; he lowered her effortlessly and he passed her body through the open window; then he lifted her up again, till her entire body was jutting out of the building, hold at the waist by his stretched arms.

The quick action of the two black studs catched Scott by surprise. He had just the time to take a few steps backwards, with his pants down to the ankles and his stiff cock still clutched in his fist.
“Oooooohhhhhhh. . . nasty boy!” shouted Nick. “Do you like the show? Okay, enjoy it! Enjoy your mommy!”
“And you, baby,” he continued, “look at your son; look how turned-on he is; from his face I bet he would like to sneak in your pussy and to taste mommy’s sweet juices. Am I right, boy? But now mommy is busy; she can’t help your cock; she has to pee; and you are a lucky son, because you can see mommy pissing like a little girl.”
Carol’s small body was waving back and forth and her naked boobs, capped by the hard, elongated nipples, were bouncing on her chest.
After the first, momentary confusion, Scott continued to jerk off, giving his dick long, low strokes. He was thinking how much fun would be to see mom’s face and tits all covered by his warm spunk.
“Piss, baby,” Tom mocked. “You are a little baby and you have to piss. We love the sight of your golden stream squirting from the piss-hole. Here’s your son! Watch his hard-on! Watch how much he’s eager to see mommy’s pee! Stretch your legs and let out your juices, baby!”
“Noooo. . . pleeeeeease. . . noooooo!” Carol was struggling in the firm grip of the black guy, but she was no match for him. Those young studs were strong and well determined: if she wanted to be safe, she had just to obey them and to submit to their will.

Therefore, it didn’t take long to see a trickle of golden fluid dripping out of her pussy-lips and dropping to ground, between her stretched legs, followed by a thicker, warm stream.
The debased, mature woman was freely pissing, like an infant.
“Mmmmmmmm. . . . “ she was moaning, in humiliation.
“Ohhhhh. . . our baby’s pissing. Watch. . . watch, boy, watch mommy’s pee!” Nick and Tom shouted with enthusiasm and satisfaction; they had succeeded in making their prey to release her bladder and to piss in front of them.
“Okay, baby, you are a good girl! Give more force, now! Let your shower flowing through the air! Piss like a boy!” they yelled to her.
The poor Carol had lost any resistance. Like a hypnotized victim, who obeys the instructions of her master, she made what they had ordered and a long stream of her urine shot outwards from her cunt, as if it was jutting out of a male cock.
At the sight of his beautiful, naked mom, whose white, small body was hoisted up in the air by the huge, black hands of her young captor, while she was fountaining squirts after squirts of piss, Scott’s prick exploded in his own fist. And a sudden stream of hot cum, boiling up from his nuts and getting out of the aroused cock-head, arched in the air, to end in the liquid pool, that Carol was producing, on the ground, under her suspended feet.
Mom’s piss and son’s jizz were mixing together.
What a fun for the two incredulous guys! Much more than what they were expecting to get.
When Catol stopped pissing, quite contemporaneously Scott stopped cumming.

“Lick her clean!” Nick ordered, with commanding voice, to the astonished boy. “We want to fuck your mother, now, but we don’t want all this stuff on her twat. Lick and clean the bimbo for us. Right now, dude!” His tone didn’t allow objections.
Quite automatically, Scott approached Carol, whose lower body was hanging from the huge, strong hands of the black guy. Nick’s tensed arms were able to raise the small woman up in the air, over his shoulders: in that position, her pussy was at the same level of her son’s head.
The boy was astonished; his mind was confused. How many times had he fantasized about his mother’s body? How many times had he dreamed to fuck her in all the possible positions? Lots and lots! But never he had imagined to be asked to lick her piss-wet pussy. It was a dirty thing, yes! But so enticing, so exciting!
For few seconds, Scott looked at his mom: she had become a nice, living doll, in the hands of these two hunks, whose only desire was to manipulate and degrade her, like she was an obedient sex slave.
Without a word, the boy grasped the dangling Carol’s buttocks, roughly pressing his fingers against the tender, bare skin of her buns; then he put his mouth over her pussy, smelling the odor of her piss-wet labia.
A little whimper escaped from her lips.
Her legs were slightly parted; the boy rubbed his tongue over the flesh of her inner thighs and carefully scooped and swallowed the remaining drops of her secretion.
He sucked and tickled, till she let out a second low moan.
Again Scott’s mouth was over her displayed, bald cunt, lapping and probing at her wetness. He opened her lips, he tongued her love hole, he pushed its oral member into her cavity, he caressed her internal walls.
Little by little, the stinking aroma of her pee was replaced by the unmistakable
scent of her increasing arousal.
Trapped in the strong hands of the black guy and teased by the exploring mouth of her son, Carol was starting another climax.
Scott was concentrated, now, over her clit; he flicked and swirled the tiny nub,
working it with his lips and teeth, till it became hard and erect like a miniature nipple.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh. . . again. . . again. . . ahhhhhhhh!” She was screaming, now; and trembling like a leafe in the breeze.

“Time for next step,” thought Nick, whose hands, now, found it difficult to hold back the wriggling woman. And in a quick motion, without caring of Scott, he led her, through the window, back inside the room, where he walked to the bed and sat down, on the edge.
Carol sat on his lap, sideways; compared to his big frame, the woman looked like a child.
“What . . . what. . . are you. . .” she was stammering.
“Just fucking, sweetie; fucking and ravaging you, till you can’t stand up,” exclaimed the black stud. “But first lemme have a taste of these big boobs of yours!”
At age of fifty-two and after two pregnancies, Carol’s breasts were the most superb ornament that could be imagined for a woman’s cleavage. Big, white, firm, round and heavy, they gracefully wobbled on her chest, like asking to be fondled and milked by greedy hands and mouths; they delighted all the men of her life and recently they had become an irresistible obsession also for her son, who took advantage of any opportunities, to enjoy a nice handful or mouthful of her exposed tits.
When the four strangers burst into the Blum’s property, last night, they had immediately lusted for the small, well stacked housewife and without hesitation John had totally denuded her in the living room, in front of her husband and son.
From that moment, Carol’s breasts had been always displayed, in all their glory, to the lechery of those men, who had feasted on them, again and again.
Now, delighted by the warmth of this mature, but still appetizing female body, cradled in his arms like a child and convulsed by a new, growing orgasm, Nick directed his attention to her tits, well determined to give a “full treatment” to those sensitive orbs.
“Whose are these babies, mommy?” he asked provocatively, palming her melons with his large hands; the “double D” cups disappeared entirely in his grasp, like she was wearing a black bra.
“Yours. . . yours,” she moaned. He was calling her “mommy” and her son was hearing, but she didn’t care. Her climax and Nick’s vigorous action were dominating her body and her mind: she was in his power.
Nick put his palms under her breasts and cradled them from below, as if he wanted to check their weight; then, he bounced them up and down. It was an erotic, loud action: his fingers, alternately, caressed the marvellous roundness of the shapely boobs and kneeded their supple flesh, like his hands were working on two balls of fresh dough.
“Ohhhhhh. . . yeeeeeessss. . . I love it. . . ohhhhh!” Carol was becoming more and more excited.
The touch of those shapely boobs; the softness of her skin, mixed to the hardness of her pointed nipples; her little hands tenderly stretched over his; her nice face pressed over his hairy chest, as she was asking for protection; her small, white, trembling, naked body that he was ready to fuck for all his worth, sticking his huge cock in her holes.
That mature woman was able to give him some sensations he had never felt in his life.
“What a pair of boobs you have, baby! What a big-titted little mommy you are, Carol!” Nick said, calling her, for the first time, by her name.
Then he released his grasp and gave a look of admiration to her tits. The two circular areolae around the hard tips were an intoxicating vision. In a sudden impulse of excitement, he bent down and darted his tongue over the rosy surfaces, accurately avoiding to touch her nipples. After a couple of laps, the teased skin wrinkled and formed a small, conical, fleshy mass, topped by two long buds.
The woman was in extasy.
When his lips and teeth took possession of her aroused nipples, one at a time, her body tensed and she quivered wildly.
But Nick was not yet satiated; he wanted to bring the mature housewife to the ultimate pleasure, just playing with her sensitive breasts.
Now his mouth was nibbling at her left jug, teasing the swollen orb with little bites, while the back of his index finger caressed delicately the rigid nipple of the second tit.
“Do you like it, little one? Say yes, mommy!” he exclaimed.
“Ohhhhhh. . . my god. . . yeeeeees. . . yeeeeees. . . please, boy, fuck me. . . fuck my pussy. . . give me your cock. . . pleeeeease, boy!” she begged, now.
He was rolling and twisting her big tit in his bigger hand and when his thumb encountered the gentle prominence of her little mole, he felt a nice spot over her flawless, smooth skin.
“Ohhhhh. . . what a pretty surprise! Lemme give a lick!” And his wet lips placed some soft kisses over the erotic speck. Long moans of pleasure came out of her throat: “Uhhhhhhhh. . . uhhhhhhh. . . you make me cum. . . ohhhhhh. . . I’m cumming!”
Her breasts were all glistening from his saliva, her pink nipples stood out like thimbles, her tit-flesh was firm and warm, under his continuous stimulation.
He was working on her mammaries like crazy; he slapped, licked, sucked and squeezed her globes without mercy; he grabbed her boobs with his hard hands and pushed them, one against the other, till the two nipples joined and he could engulf both of them at the same time, like they were an only one thing.

The long contact with her body and the sexual performances over her gorgeous breasts had turned Nick’s big cock in a raging monster; a long, thick steel bar was hardening against the tender thighs of the small Carol.
The woman couldn’t wait anymore: she needed a cock in her hot pussy; she needed it inside her womb.
She was screaming, creaming and begging: “Please, boy, pleeeeease. . . fuck me. . .don’t tease me; no more, please. . . fuck me with this huge cock. . . ohhhhhh!”
For the first time in her life, the formerly arrogant, rich female, who used her lovers like they existed merely to attend to her sexual whims, was imploring a black boy, who could be easily her son, to screw her with his giant cock.
“Again, little baby, again! Beg me, little one!” shouted Nick. “You are a little baby and you want a young cock in your wifey cunt. Say it, mommy!”
“Yeees. . . yeeees. . . I’m your baby and I want you. . . big boy. . . your big cock. . ohhhh. . . please, bring me off. . . fuck my pussy!”
But Nick yet wanted to play with his little prey.
He stood up and cradled her.
”The bimbo is ready, pal!” he said to Tom. “I have well cooked this little thing and now she’s ready to be eaten!”
And with that he walked to Scott, who hadn’t moved from the window, still astonished and excited, at the same time, by the lustfulness of the black guy and by the violent orgasm of his mother.
The young stallion was holding and carrying the mature lady in his arms, like she was a little doll.
He showed the naked mom to her son: “Here is your mom, boy! Watch, boy! She loves to be cradled like a child by her daddy. Because she’s mine, now, all mine. She’s my little sex-slave!”
Nick continued: ”Do you love your mommy? Do you love these nice puppies? Taste a piece of them, boy!”
And Nick slipped Carol’s stretched out body under Scott’s mouth and nose.
“Lick, boy, lick the sweet flesh! Mom’s fat breasts were full of white milk, when you suckled on them. Taste them, boy, bite them!” he encouraged, while her upper body was sliding back and forth, in the air, in front of the aroused son, who lapped his mom with increasing fervor.
Tom was watching in astonishment. In his wicked mind, he had never figured a such lewd and perverse action: a young man cradling an older woman, like a baby, while helping her son to greedily lick her gorgeous mammaries.

“Did you like mommy’s tits, boy?” Nick exclaimed. “I’m sure you liked them. But now mom wants more; she wants a big black cock; she wants my cock! Watch, boy! Watch the little baby all impaled by the big black cock! Watch and learn!”
And after that the big stud started again to play whith the woman. First he lowered Carol to ground, then his right hand went to her right hip and the left one went to her left hip. When he was sure that his “baby” was in a well stable position, he lifted her up and rotated her upside down, till her pussy was in front of his lips and his dick was in front of her face, in a standing up “sixty-nine”. For a little while the small woman, finally satisfied, mouthed the cock, while the big man licked her labia and clit, making her squirm and moan.
When Nick set her down, Tom, who had been vigorously stroking himself, picked her from the arms of his companion, lifted her up again, set her on his prick, facing him, and started bouncing her up and down, in and out of his cock.
She was screaming, her mouth wide open: "Uhhhhhhh. . . ahhhhhhh. . . fuck, fuck me, my god. . . ohhhhh. . .don’t stop, please. . . fuck. . .!”
Then Nick lifted Carol off Tom and set her on his own shaft, pistoning her and making his monster dick slide in and out of her stretched pussy.
She was lost in her enjoyment; she loved that savage fucking: ”Ahhhhh. . . pump, pump my pussy. . . ohhhhhhh. . . what a cock!”
For twenty long minutes, the two men kept switching the petite housewife and lifting her up and down on their members, like they were toying with a weightless doll.
Carol, who never touched the ground, was cumming and cumming, while the room echoed with the sound of her high-pitched squeals.

From the window, Scott was watching, in mixed amazement and excitement, at the devastating, sadistic treatment his lovely, tiny mom was getting from those huge, horny, sex-craving brutes, who brutalized her with their fully erect pricks, while she was screaming like a possessed woman.

Tom, who had Carol still on his cock, slowly started walking to the bed, screwing her along the way and speaking in her ears: “It's not over yet, babe, you are going to get the shit fucked out of you, today, like never before."
At the bed, he removed the woman from his shaft and laid her over the sheets. He kneeled between her spread legs, opened her cunt with two fingers and started tonguing at her crotch.
“Yeeeesss. . . again. . . again!” she moaned.
Meanwhile, Nick walked to them and climbed on the bed, sideways. He bent down and his lips reached one tit; he sucked and chewed a large bit ot it into his mouth.
"Ohhhhh. . . my god, yeeeessss," she cried out. "Suck. . . suck me, suck my tit, bite it, suck the nipple, lick my pussy. . . ohhhhhhh. . . you big boys!”
Tom’s head was over her slit and his lips engulfed her throbbing clit, while his fingers were still fucking her love channel. Then he slid them out and pushed them inside her anus, opening and enlarging her rear hole with slow, rythmic movements.
Nick lifted his head from her engorged tit and her nipple stood up, like a baby cock.
"And now you are ready for some real fuck, don’t you, little one?” he asked her.
"Yes, yes, fuck me now, please, big boy; fuck me with your prick, I need it, I need it in my pussy!” she panted.
"Come on, Tom!” he said to his friend. “Change place, let me ream her twat, while you can suck on her boobs."
And so they did.
When Nick positioned himself between her legs, Carol gripped his member with both her tiny hands and guided the head to her cunt: she was hungry for his cock. She rubbed it over her clit, then she jerked her hips up and the tip of the long dick disappeared inside her opening.
When he pressed forward, the rigid shaft slid halfway inside, while the woman let out a muffled grunt.
"Uuuuugh. . . you pervert. . . you want to fuck meeee. . . ohhhh. . . come on, daddy, fuck, fuck my pussy!”
The stud continued to press and the woman shoved her hips up, until the cervix opened in front of the intruder, letting it enter. Half of the monster cock was imbedded in her womb.
Carol was crying: “Ohhhhhhh. . . yesssss. . . you are. . . inside. . . my womb!”
The black stranger had taken full possession of the white wife, who was climaxing like crazy.
She looked like she was going to pass out from the strength of her climax. She had every inch of his magnificent cock inside her, captured by the grip of her cervix.
Tom was kneeling on her side, lapping one tit with his tongue and squeezing the other one with his palm.
He enjoyed the squishing sound coming from her sweaty, manipulated fhesh and she was yelling: "Suck my tit, bite my nipple, fuck me. . . fuck me. . . harder. . . you got my tits. . . ohhhh. . . daddy. . . suck me, fuck me, I’m your baby!”

Nick’s hips started jerking, then he slammed them against her body and held her tight. His whole body throbbed, as he pumped his load of cum into her cunt. It dribbled out around his black cock and ran down the crack of her ass.
When he fell over to the side, his black cock was all covered with her juices and strings of his own white jiz.
She murmured: Nooo. . . not yet. . . I’m going to cum again."
"Spread your legs wide, baby," Tom said, as he replaced his buddy, slipping between her thighs. “And grab your ankles!”
Almost dazed, she pulled her legs up and obeyed. His cockhead was rubbed up and down her sopping wet cunt-lips, then his thick cock was pressed inside. In few seconds, all of it was in her body, past her cervix.
"Let go of your legs and squeeze my balls, little one. And do it gently,” he ordered.
"Ohhhh. . . yeeessss. . . fuck me, dear. . . open me . . .fuck me deeper!” The woman was cumming almost continuously.
"Okay, mommy; now let go and grab your ass; spread it wide, baby!” the black stud shouted. “Wet a finger with your juices and then slide it in your asshole!"
Scott couldn’t believe to his eyes: his pretty mom was trapped in another filthy action. She reached down and first got her finger wet with the running juices coming out of her cunt, then she pressed it into her own asshole, finger fucking her own ass while he fucked her cunt.

Then Tom pulled her finger out of her butthole and, with his cock still inserted in her insides, he rolled around, placing her on top and making her to ride himself.
It was an awesome sight: they slammed their bodies together; sweat was running along her back and she was shaking with violent tremors.
Suddenly, his cock gave up and he came with loads and loads of cum.
"Ahhhhhhhhh. . . I can feel you. . .you are shooooting in my womb. . .you are filling meee!” she cried.
When both of them slipped apart, they closed their eyes and deep breathed, as trying to recover from the effort.
Scott was jacking off, rubbing his raw cock.

By now Nick had regained his strength and his cock had gotten hard again. He moved to Carol, still laid on the bed, and made her crouching over himself. He held his cock up and she licked it along its length, placing little kisses on the rigid shaft. Then she sucked and tried to get it into her mouth; in the last twenty hours, after the long training she had got from those strangers, she had become accustomed to their monster pricks and therefore it was quite easy, for the mature woman, to swallow the whole length of the young, pulsating, big penis.
“Good, baby. . . you are a good girl . . . go ahead, take it all!” he encouraged her action, till she was successful.
The black stud was laying on his back and watched his prey, smiling with satifaction, with his hands crossed under his head.
Then he reached out and picked Carol up; an erotic plopping sound came out of her mouth, as the man she was sucking pulled her back. Now she was in his arms, cradled like a child, and Nick was gently kissing and caressing her, like a passionate lover. She opened her mouth and their tongues merged and twisted around.

Her hand reached down and clasped his cock, slowly stroking it. When he put his hand over her crotch, she spread her legs, to ease his access and let him toying with the moistness of her cunt. Then he slipped two fingers inside her and began to move them around, enjoying the warmth of her pink love tunnel.
"Ohhh. . . yeeesss, that's gooood. . . sooo gooodd, you are soooo deep!" she moaned.
"Shit, what a hot chick you are, mommy! You love to be fucked, don’t you? You love the big black cocks, baby! And you have to thank us for all the cocks we gave you. When we met us, you were still a child and we made you a woman. At fifty-two, a mommy like you still didn’t know the true man! Shame on your husband, Carol! And on your boyfriends, too!” Nick told her.
"Ohhh. . . you are right, Nick,” she replied. “But don’t talk like this, please."

Nick was still playing with her pussy, when Tom approached them on the bed and spoke directly to the woman.
“Hey, baby, let’s go for a mommy’s sandwich! You know what is it? A piece of white meat between two slices of black bread. You like it, don’t you, little one?”
And without waiting for her answer, he commanded: “Turn over and put your back on top of me. Then take my cock and place it at your asshole. Go ahead, baby!”
Carol was still aroused and the idea to get two cocks, two big cocks at the same time, from those young blacks, was too much exciting; it was the proper conclusion of her long climaxing.
And she obeyed.
“Yeaaahhh, baby, that’s it!” exclaimed Tom. “Now relax your muscles and I slide into you. . . . oooooookkkkkkay, baby, it’s in there! It’s inside you!”
"Ohhhhhhh, boy, you opened me up!” she yelled.
"Relax, baby, and move a little,” he ordered. “And you’ll get some more inside. How does it feel?"
Ohhhh. . . my goooooood. . . you fill me up, boy! I can feel your cock all the way up, all the way inside me. It's going deeper, deeper, ohhhhhh . . . "
Tom’s hands came up on each side of her boobs and began to fondle her breasts, caressing her areolae and tweaking her nipples.
"That's good, baby,” Nick was speaking, now. “Spread your legs. That's right! And put them outside mine, there. That's right, you are a good girl! Now reach down and take my cock and put it in your hot little pussy!"

Scott, from his point of observation, was going out of his mind. He could clearly see the black thick cock in mom’s ass and the thicker one spreading her cunt open as it slid inside her womb.

Now, fully impaled in both holes, she was following the instructions of her masters, moving her hips up and down, fucking first one cock and then the other one.
"My god, indeed she’s hungry for cock," her son said to himself.
He had never imagined to see something like this, with his mother as the central player of a torrid, unending and savage sex-session.

Carol’s body began to thrash back and forth; she was like a rag doll, as they were fucking her in unison, both pricks driving in and out of her, alternately. She was orgasming and her mouth was letting out high, long screams of pleasure.
She had taken all of their cocks: well over than twenty inches of pulsating meat were in her insides; and she was crying out for them to stuff her, to ream her pussy, to fill her ass.
They continued to fuck her as she cried and moaned for them not to stop.
She began to shudder as she cum and still they were fucking her mercilessly.
Finally, the two men tensed up and they both slammed into her, at the same time, shooting torrents of cum into her ass and her cunt. Carol continued to drive her hips up and down, her body trembling with her cumming.
Nick and Tom held her tight between themselves, till she didn’t move.
Carol had passed out.

Nick and Tom pulled their cocks out of her body and accomodated the unconscious wife on the sheets, between them. They looked satified; they had knocked out the woman by the power of their sexual strength.
Nick was slowly caressing her boobs with his open hand and in the meantime he was talking to Scott, who had jumped into the room.
“Did you see, boy, how we picked up the bitch? She was hungry for sex, but she had no experience of the black cocks. These females, like her, believe that all is due, to them. But they don’t know that we can eat them for breakfast and yet we have room for lunch and dinner!”
And with that he let out a big laugh. Then he continued: “Watch, boy, watch how I can play with these jugs! And look how this cunt is all loosened up and wet!”
He had pinched her pussy-lips and stuck his middle finger, all the way, inside her love channel. When it came out, it was slimy with sperm and her own juices.
“Watch again, boy! Watch what I’m doing to your mom!” Nick removed his hand from her breasts and, using thumb and forefinger, opened the lips of the woman, then inserted in her mouth the finger he had just played in her vagina.
In a kind of conditioned reflex, the faint Carol accepted the intruder and suck it, with slurping sounds.
It was awesome to see the mature woman taking in her mouth the finger from her young rapist. The two studs had gained another step, along the way of a progressive, total degradation of their victim.
The hearty laughs of Nick and Tom filled the room.
“Look, look at the child! She’s sucking from her daddy!” exclaimed Nick.
“But she’s not a child, Nick! Look at these tits! She’s a big-titted bitch, not a little girl!” echoed Tom sarcastically.
“No, pal, that’s wrong! She’s an infant and wants her baby suck! She wants the teat! Watch, now!” And Nick pulled out his finger from her mouth and replaced it with her thumb.
In a status of unconsciousness, the woman was sucking on her own thumb.
“Watch, watch the little baby! She’s sleeping, now!” the two men shouted.
“An infant, an infant with her teat! She got what she wanted. She’s happy, now!”

The sight, for Scott, was absolutely astonishing. Two young black guys were talking like his mother was a newborn and she was laying in the bed, sucking like a newborn. Unbelievable. And exciting, too. The intrusion of these men in the house had changed everything, in the life of mother and son.

“Okay, boy,” Tom said abruptly to Scott. “The bimbo, here, has had enough for today. We gave her a good thrushing and now she’s sleeping like a little angel, toying with her thumb. We have done our duty; now, for us, it’s time to leave”.
With that, they placed a last kiss over her breasts and left the room, closing the door.

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