The House A Slave Training and Auction Chapter 9 & 10

Chapter 9
Jessie and Penny and Master T

Jessie- Master wants to talk to me. I hope I am not going to be punished I didn’t do anything I don’t think. Master why were you homeless? Jessie- I was kicked out for being gay. I worked odd jobs and sleep on friend’s couches or in the park where that guy got me. I sometimes went home with guys for money but I couldn’t do that because a pimp wanted me to work for him. I met some of the guys that worked for him and they told me that he beat them and got them hooked on heroin so I ran. I went to Ohio with a boy I met and his family let us stay but they didn’t like us being gay so we moved out and got jobs we were lovers for 2 years until his family found us and took him away. I lost my job and became homeless. I always knew I wanted to please people I just didn’t know what it was called. Master- You are submissive do you get off on pain you came hard when I forced the bitch to suck your dick. Yes, and I liked it but I didn’t like how she felt. Have you come to understand what’s happening to you? I want someone to love and take care of me I will cook and clean. Some of our clients like that all our clients are rich powerful men and some have wives or more than one slave. How would you feel about having a Master who has female slaves? T looks up and sees that he is crying. Why are you crying? I want a Master all to myself! Ok I can’t promise that. We are having an auction in 4 weeks and you will be in the one for gay’s.
Penny- Master wants to talk to me I hope I will not be punished again my ass is still sore from earlier. Master I know that you are looking for a way out! There is only two ways and the last one is dead! We can make this easy or we can do this the hard way! I can show you the way to be sexual fulfilled and you can go to a Master or Mistress and you will never want for anything. Did you see the blonde bitch with the black eye right now she is somewhere over the Middle East on a plane with a Master who likes to kill his slaves while he is fucking them one message to him or his brother and I can have you shipped off to them. Penny Master no I don’t want that I will listen to you and the other’s. Good, see that you do. When was the last time you had an orgasm? I have never had one!
T took the girl and the boy into his dungeon where he showed them around to the different equipment and told them what each piece is used for. He had the girl lay back on the table with her hands tied over her head her legs tied in stir ups with her knees spread apart. T begin running his finger up and down her smooth lips when he got to her clit it was sticking out of the hood it was large. He looked over at the boy he was looking between her legs, but nothing was happening with his cock.
He called Kyle in to help him work with the boy. He went to the cabinet and got a vibrator and a plug. He went back over to the girl and he could see that she was turned on he also had a small whip he lubed up the small plug and inserted into her little rosebud. Penny- oh my that feels good as he runs his fingers over my lips. He tells me that it is a slave’s job to please their Master. I will not move unless my Master tells me too. I will not cum unless my Master tells me too and if my Master says don’t cum I will not. Master tells me that he is going to make me cum and after that must be earned. I start to move my hips and he slaps my thigh and tells me to be still so I lay there. Master T- I begin running the vibrator around her wet pussy and she begins to moan I reach down and adjust my cock it has been a while since I have had any pussy I plan to have some starting with this girl. I unzip my leather’s and take my dick out her eyes go wide. I step between her legs and I tell her to be still don’t move as I part her lips and stick my dick into her she is tight at first so I go slow to let her adjust to my size then I pull back and slam into her and she begins to scream as I thrust into her over and over I also tell her that it is her job to please me so I turn the vibrator on and hold it on her clit, she goes wild I can feel that she about to cum so I tell her to hold it she begins begging me to let her cum so I remove the vib and slap her clit as I tell her to cum. I grab her by the hips and continue slamming into her as I feel my balls draw up I pull out and point to the floor as both boys get down on their knees and I cum all over both their faces and I order them to lick it off.
After the boys clean each other off I order them to clean up. I let them talk among themselves and I have Kyle tell him how he came here. Kyle came here two years ago he was sold to us by his father who owed money because he had gambling debts. The father knew he was gay and he hated him for it he tried to beat it out of him. Kyle is one of our in-house slaves he also works in our whorehouse he is good at it, Kyle also liked being pissed on and in.

Chapter 10 Mistress Ann Begins working with Andre

Mistress Ann- Andre I need to talk to you? How did you feel when you fucked the guy? It felt good and I want to do it again! Do you ever think about hurting girls when you fuck them? Sometimes I want to slap their face and pull their hair. Ok this is a place that you can live out your wildest dreams and fantasies. The first thing about being a Dominant is that you are in control. You will be observing me while I am in a session this is the beginning of your training.
Mistress Ann- Jack and Leslie will be joining Natalia today for training. Today we will be going over the equipment as well as different scenes so let’s look around you may ask questions but be respectful or you will be punished. Jack- I can’t believe that this is happening to me I was at the bus stop with Leslie and the next thing we know we are tied up on a plane. Mistress slaps my leg to get my attention and that hurt. Mistress pay attention or you will get hurt if I must repeat myself. Natalia get into the slave pose when your Master or Mistress points to the floor this is what you do.
Leslie- I can’t believe that this bitch is doing this to us I don’t want to be hurt. I get down on my knees and I put my hands behind my back like the other girl and I feel myself open my naked pussy is on display. Jack, have you ever had sex with a boy or a girl? No Mistress What about you Leslie? No Mistress! Ok Jack have your ever seen a naked girl or boy? I have never seen a girl but I have seen a boy! Are you gay? Do you like boys? I don’t know! Let’s find out. Andre- Pull your dick out? Andre my dick is hard as a rock and looking at all this pussy I am ready to fuck. Jack looks at Andre’s dick and says what am I going to do with it as he hisses from the slap on his thigh for speaking out of turn. I tell Jack to get on the table as I bond his hands over his head with his feet in the stir ups he is shackled to the table I get out some lube and gloves and hand them to Andre to insert his finger into him. I give the girls dildos to practice giving blowjobs on and tell them that they must learn to deep throat them. I tell Andre not to make him cum.
I look and find that Natalia is slowing working the dildo in and out of her mouth while Leslie is looking at it so I know that I will have to be hard on her. I go over to her and take the dildo from her and stand in front of her and as she opens her mouth I ram it all the way in and tell her when I give an order I expect her to comply and because she didn’t we will do it this way I look on as she is crying and say she is sorry. I look up when I hear moaning from the bed to find that Jack’s hips are moving up and down on Andre’s finger’s. Jack is begging to cum so I tell Andre that it is up to him to let Jack cum I tell him to treat him like his slave only he can’t fuck him. So, Andre tells him that he can’t cum because he hasn’t pleased his Master and I am proud of him. I turn back to my girl and see that she is still sucking on the dildo as I rub her hair I grab her head and force her head back and tell her to go wait in the hall. I take the dildo out of Leslie’s and I strap her to the cross as I am instructing Andre on how to do it I get a small whip and I begin to instruct Andre how to whip a slave on the cross. I tap her with the whip on her ass and thighs I tell him to stay away from the kidney’s unless he is trying to kill the slave. I get a longer whip and snap it in the air and then I strike hitting her on the ass as she screams I tell her that I didn’t hit her that hard I also tell her that she will get a reward for being so brave as I continue to strike her up and down her thighs and ass and up her back. I tell Andre that if you want to draw blood that you need to strike harder.
After I get her down I have Andre lay her down on the table where I get a vibrator and some lube. I begin to rub her lips and I flick her clit. I open her up and look at her hymen I insert the tip of my finger against it and whole her open to show Andre I tell him to lick it and although he looks at me I tell him that I want to teach him how to eat pussy.
Andre- I have never seen a virgin up close my dick is so hard. I stick my tongue out and lick it and I run my tongue around her whole I listen to Mistress as she tells me how to lick and suck pussy. I slap her thigh and tell her to be still as I am doing this my cock is so hard I tell the boy to get on his knees and suck my cock as I slap the girl’s pussy while ordering her to cum. Leslie- oh god I can’t believe this is happening to me and I can’t believe that this feels good. Andre- the girl cums and it taste good. I grab the boy by the back of the head and cum into his mouth and he suck up every drop of it. Jack- Master has me stand up and order’s the girl to suck my dick and I want to ram it in her mouth I am so hard he stands behind me and hit’s me as he tells me that I have 3 seconds to cum and I do loudly.
Mistress Ann- Jack and Leslie you will be taken to your room’s where you will meet other slaves in training there will be no sex between you if we see that you are doing anything wrong you will punished. As they leave I tell Andre that I want to talk to him. I ask if he has any questions he wants to know when he will start making money? I tell him not for a while! I also tell him that he needs for training and he needs to learn how to fuck better.
D- Comes in and we go over a few things with him. Like what type of clients do he want to service he tells us that he is open to men and women. He also tells us that he very interested in beating them also and wants to train to be a Master. That since we did kidnap him that we will be paying him 2 grand and week while training and once he starts seeing clients it will go up to 5 we also tell him that at the end of 4 weeks he will be given a test and that he must submit to one of the trainer’s. Although he doesn’t like it he agrees. We also ask him about his crimes and he tells us that he was a thief and that he stole to eat and sold drugs. D hands him a contract to sign and he does. He will have his own private room we also tell him that the girls and boys with white bands on he will not fuck they are virgins. We also tell him that once he has completed training he will get his choice of apartments but he will have to buy his own car and food. I tell him that we believe in taking care of our people, but if you betray us we will not bat an eye at killing him.
He was also informed that he may be trained for other things in the future. Mistress Ann- I tell Eric to meet me in my office Natalia is also waiting on me. I tell her to have a sit on the floor while we wait for Eric. Natalia-I don’t know what Mistress wants with me but I am scared I hope she is not sending me away I really like her. Eric- After Mistress punished me we talked she really likes the girl and that’s fine with me I’ve come to learn what she likes although she has never had sex with me she makes sure that I cum and she lets me have sex with the girls that she is with. When I get to the office I kneel and kiss her boot. Mistress- Eric this is Natalia she will be moving in with us. Natalia this is Eric he is my slave. They look at each other Eric will train you and teach you some of the things that I like should you accept to be my slave. If you do not you will be trained and sold like the other slaves here. She looks at me and she says that she wants to stay with me.
I tell her that trust is everything to me and that I will protect it at all cost I also ask her if she remember what I told her that happened to my last slave I also tell her that if she has questions or if she is unhappy that she can talk to me and if she wants to work we will find her a job, but I also tell her I want her to continue with school I ask her about her grades and she tells me that they were not so good she got C’s because of poor attendance. I tell her that she will be not only be having sex with me but also with Eric. I tell Eric that he will began training with Natalia and that he will be taking her virginity. I tell Eric to stand up and I have Natalia get on the table with her legs open.
When D knocks on the door I tell him to come in and he is with Sonya she is looking at Natalia so I tell her that Natalia has agreed to be mine. I tell Natalia who I have decided to call Nat that Sonya is Master D’s and that I want them to become friends because Sonya will be helping her. I grab Nat by the neck and I tell her that there will be no jealousy and no going behind anyone’s back or she will be punished and she won’t like it as she shakes her head and says ok. I grab my flogger and I tell her that I am going to flog her and if she is a good girl she will get a happy ending. I start by running the tails up one leg and down the other. I slap her sex with it and drag it through her folds she’s wet her little clit peaks out of its hood I touch it with my finger I run my hand over her lips and feel the wetness. I see Sonya looking at her with lust in her eyes as I run my hands over her thighs. I run the flogger over her stomach and up to her breast as her nipples get hard as diamonds I look over at D and he is adjusting himself. I tell Eric to lick her, but don’t make her cum.
Eric- Mistress is going to let me lick her new pet I wanted that bitch to suck my dick. This girl is pretty and I hope that she is with us for a longtime. Ann is not only my Mistress but she is my wife she married me to protect me. I run my tongue around her lips and I flick her clit she gasps and I do it again I look up to see Sonya has her hand between her legs as Master D looks at her he points to the floor and she is on her knees reaching for his fly. Master D has a big dick and I want him to fuck me with it. Nat- My body is tingling from the flogger and when Eric puts his mouth on me I began to shake his tongue feels so good I look over to see Master D and Sonya is on her knees sucking his dick it is big and I hope he is not going to stick it in me. Mistress hits me with the flogger and tells me to cum and I do very loudly flooding Eric’s mouth.
Mistress Ann- Damn this girl has my pussy dripping wet I need a tongue in me soon. I grab Eric and kiss him tasting our girl and she taste good I lift my skirt and tell Nat and Eric to eat my pussy as I lay down I grab them both by the head and guide them where I need them Eric tells her what to do although she doesn’t need it I bury her face in my pussy as she licks and sucks I tell Eric to suck my breast as I pull her hair roughly I want to punish this girl for making me want her so much so slap her face and call her names as I cum hard. I look up to see D is also cumming I tell Nat to lick Sonya’s ass, when she looks like she wants to say no I slap her and tell her bitch you will do what I say or I will have Master D stick is cock in her ass and she jumps to it.
Sonya is moaning and groaning she wants Nat to lick her pussy so I tell her to go ahead. D and I sit down and talk while the girls are busy. D-How is Andre doing I tell him that I think he will be a good Dominant once he learns a few things. D- I talked to him and he wants to learn to really hurt people I tell him that I know I didn’t think he was ready for the hard stuff. We also discuss the auction and I tell him that the invites went out and the location to be determined I also tell him that I have a slight problem with Nat’s parents and that I want to handle it myself then I tell him what I plan to do with them first I want to get both in a dungeon and show them what it feels like to be beaten and tortured. I hear moaning and look over to see our girls 69 I think they are going to be good friends I also tell him that Eric and I will be taking Nat with us. I ask if he plans to have a party for Sonya and he says yes one here than a private one. I ask him what is up with Liz she is going through something and doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells me that he will be talking to her before she starts her next training session.

Chapter 11 Coming soon

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