The Lure: Power of An Werewolf (Part 2)

His tongue licked over my breast. I could tell he was enjoying this. My eyes and voice held fear in them. I felt his teeth clamp down on my nipple. The more I move. The more he bit harder. His teeth were not the same. Though teeth are sharp, his were sharper. As he leaned down closer to me. His free hand traveled down my smooth caramel stomach slowly into my gray short. He moved them back and forth against my laced red panties.

"Mike, stop it now!" I was serious at this point.

It was obvious what he wanted. He was using it to his advantage. I was not going to fall for it. He looked at me with the same grin. The ripping sound, of my shorts ripped off. He laughed looking at my half naked body. My eyes widen as I looked up at him. His hand had slipped into my panties. His immense and hair hand rubbed against my sweet cherry pink clit. He leaned down sucking on my soft, supple breast. I was trembling, from head to toe. Terrified I was. He was violating my body. He still held that gentleman personnel. His hand kept teasing me. My body was as if a wild animal, locked in a cage.

"That's it do not hide it." He whispered in my ear.

A soft gasp left my lips. The center part of my back rising off the bed. Trying to move away, I bit my bottom lip to keep myself silent. I did not want him to get any ideas in his head. In all this, my body was slowly betraying me. I Tilted my head back, against the bed moaning. I was trying to fight it. My body ravaged by the wave of heat. My hips moving back and forth against his fingers. He watched the way my body reacted to his touch. The longer he watched the more hungry and greedy his fingers got.

He inserted two fingers inside my wet vagina. They were too large. I was not wet enough for that. I had not been prepared for any of it. I screamed out in pain. His fingers moved in and out of me slowly.

"Shh., love" He whispered.

He leaned down and placed his lips against mine. His fingers slid from inside me and placed them into my mouth. I Tasted the juices, from his fingers, that he pulled from me. One hand he took off his shirt and undid his pants. My eyes went down between my legs. His cock was thick, veiny, and throbbing with anticipation. He was hard as marble. I did not want it, not like this. His fingers still in my mouth. I shook my head back and forth. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop. I was too late his cock had slammed into me.

"Mike no!" I screamed.

His hips were moving back and forth with force. My thin frame moving up and down under him. He freed my hands from his grasp. Immediately they went to his chest. I arched up off the bed. I never felt someone that powerful inside me. It felt so right but hurt at the same time. My legs wrapped around his waist.

"That is it darling take me inside you." he said. His hips moved faster and more power. He was not showing any mercy to me.

"Ohnnhggg..ow..ow" I whimpered.

My hands clawed at his chest as I bit my bottom lip. He reached down placing my legs over his shoulders. His thrust were getting faster inside me.

"Mi.mikeoh it feels so good."

He flipped me over onto my stomach. His hand scooped under me making me get to my knees. In one swift movement, his cock was back inside me. My fingers gripped the sheets of the bed. My head tilted back as his thrust threw me forward. I felt his fingers run in my hair. He gripped my sandy red lock pulling my head back.

"Let me have you in every way." He commanded.

Both us rocked with passion, lust and the brutality of it all. I did not have words to say. My body tensed up feeling a heat and brain shattering feeling between my ass cheeks. I felt as if I would pass out. In fact, I think I did. His hips did not phase any. He was just as forcefully as he did my pussy. I felt as if I would throw up if he kept up.

He pushed me down on the bed as his cock slipped from my ass. I turned around and pushed him onto the bed. I straddled on top of him taking him within me once again. My hips moving in waves as ocean tide would have on the beach.

His hands grabbing my bouncing breast.

"Call out to me. Call out to me Eva" He groaned.

Ones hips moving at the same pace of the others. Gaining speed as ones climax began to tip closer to the edge. He was breathing harder, deeper than before. I opened my eyes and looked at the wall. I seen the shadow on it matched mine, but the one to Mike's did not match. The shadow matched that hellish beast I had seen in the window minutes before. I screamed out loud. I was so close to cumming my body shivered.

"Cum, my love" he whispered

I held onto him tightly. My hips moved faster and harder. It was here. It drowned my body. I could not help but to scream in pure bliss. I could hear him howl. The warm feeling inside me, I knew he was cumming too.

"I love you." I remember hearing before everything went black?

I woke the next morning looking around. I felt different, but I looked the same. My clothes were on. I felt as something had happened. If not I had one vivid and breathtaking dream. I looked around for Mike. He was not in the room. I was climbing from the bed and yelped from pain between my legs.

"What are you doing?" He said.

"Um Mike did anything happen last night?" I asked.

"No." He replied.

"But I swore..I" I said confusedly

"I do not know, but the mother of my children must eat." He said as he shoved a strawberry in my mouth.

"So we..did" I mumbled.

"I do not know. All I know is that you said "Yes"." he said placing a grape into my mouth.

He kissed my hand softly. That is when I notice the engagement ring on my finger. He looked up at me with that smile I'll never forget. I could not remember that night to save my own life. I loved Mike with all my heart. I had a feeling that my life with him. It was going to be more entertaining than I had thought.

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