The Degradation of Terry

Terry's tits are a little saggy. I don't understand how you can be that skinny, have tits that small, and have tits that sag a little. Whatever. I didn't hire her because she's real pornstar material. I hired her because she's a skinny 95lbs waif, and she's naive and unexperienced. She doesn't know what questions to ask, what signs to look for, or how much a scene is worth. Basically she's just a regular slut looking to become a porn whore.

I signal Terrence to start filming. Terry's sitting on the bed in front of the camera. Her hair’s up in a bun. She's nude. She has one of those skinny bodies that makes you want to fuck her until she splits. Pale skin with dark brown hair. She's naturally skinny, not because she works out or pays attention to what she eats. Her face possesses a sexy, youthful glow that a lot of porn whores lack. They quickly lose it after being in the business for too long.

"What's your name?"


I go through the same interview questions for each whore I film. Same camerawork too.

"How old are you?"


"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes." Typical. Terry is just another worthless piece of shit slut. By the time we're done filming she's going to know it. What we do here today will define her for the rest of her life.

"Does he know you're doing this?"


"What do you think he'd do if he found out?"

She gives a half laugh, while looking uncomfortable and says "Probably beat the shit out of me."

She doesn't like these questions. I don't care.

"So you think if he walked in right now he'd beat the shit out of you?"

"Yeah, probably," she responds with a smile. What a stupid bitch. I ask these questions to find out what kind of slut I'm dealing with. Terry is the kind of slut I hate.

"What gets you off in your personal life?"

She looks stupidly at me, then repeats the question. I wait a second and ask again, "yeah, what do you like in your personal life?"

She thinks about it for a second, and responds "Drinking beer.”

This is important. It's important because I have been given the insight that Terry doesn't like sex. To her, sex is just a means to get what she wants.

"What do you think of blowjobs?"

"Well, it's in the name, it's a job."

Good. She doesn't like what we're about to do. The next couple of hours are going to be even worse for her than I had planned.

I walk up to her while dropping my shorts, revealing my nine-inch cock. Her eyes bulge.

"Your boyfriend's cock bigger or smaller than this?"


"Have you ever fucked a cock this big?"

She shakes her head no. I smile, this is good.

While she remains seated I start to fondle her tits. Not sexy or erotically. I grab one tit, squeeze it a little, play with the nipple and give it a little slap and move on to the other tit. I do it with the same attitude and air that you might use when judging whether or not an avocado is ripe enough. I do this on purpose. To make her feel like meat, like property. A non-entity.

The camera captures all of this.

I push her back onto the bed. She gives out a little indignant "Hey!" and shoots me a nasty look.

I tell her "Spread your legs and hold them back."

She does what she's told. Terrence repositions to get a close up shot of her pussy. Her pussy is nothing special. It's clean shaven with average sized labia. I spread it open for the camera with my hands. After a few seconds of captured footage, I insert two fingers into her pussy. I do it without lube or foreplay. She’s dry, and my finger goes in about an inch before it reaches anything moist. I fingerfuck her a couple of times and then pull my fingers out and use my hands to spread her pussy lips and rub her clit with my thumb. Everything is dry so it can’t feel good. She confirms my thought by making an annoyed face, but she doesn't say anything.

"Alright bitch get on your knees, time to suck some cock."

We get in position: I’m standing; she’s on her knees in front of me. She starts to suck my cock. She has a hard time because her mouth is small. Her attempt is half-assed and she takes a lot of breaks accompanied by exasperated sighs. After 30 seconds of that I grow bored so I grab her face and start to pump my hips. She pushes with her hands against my hips, so I start to pump harder. Gagging noises start to come out of her throat. She pushes harder and gets away from my cock, and starts to spit phlegm and saliva on the floor. I spit on her face.

She looks up annoyed at me and says, “not in my hair.” Great, the diva attitude is starting. This whore is not famous or hot enough to be copping an attitude. And her hair is not worth worrying over.

I tell her not to flatter herself, producing an angry, almost hurt, face before I force my cock back in her mouth. She keeps giving a half-hearted fight by pushing her hands against my hips, but for the most part she's compliant. Her mouth is amazing. After a few minutes I start to shove my cock deeper into her throat, bringing up louder and more violent gags. Every now and then she pushes hard enough to get my cock out of her face and we take a break.

Once I feel we have enough footage of this I start to pump hard. She doesn't like it. She tries to pull away with her whole body, to turn her head away but I get a good grab on her head and start to fuck her face hard. She starts to violently gag and her eyes start to water and turn red. I get a strong grip on her head & let her pull away for a second, making her think she's free. Then, with all my strength I pull her face into my crotch while pumping my cock into her mouth.

The result is porn film gold. I get all nine inches into her mouth asphyxiating her.

Her eyes bulge while I scream "Yeah, you fucking cunt take my cock!"

She desperately pushes away, but I hold her head down for a few more seconds. I feel hot liquid on my cock; it feels amazing. I want to cum but I concentrate and hold back – too soon. I let Terry go and she flies backward against the edge of the bed. Vomit starts to fall out of her mouth onto her chin, tits, stomach, down her pussy and onto the floor. I look down and see slime and half digested chunks on my cock.

The camera captures all of this.

"Oh my fucking God! I just puked on myself. You made me puke on myself!" She's looking at her vomit covered tits and stomach incredulously. She looks up and her eyes are turning red and teary.

"Shut the fuck up cunt. Clean my cock with your mouth." I step closer to her and push my cock towards her face.

"No. That's fucking disgusting. This sucks and it's gross. You're an asshole!"

I slap her face and push my cock against her mouth. For a second her face is just a perfect picture of absolute shock. Then she starts crying. She covers her face with her hands and sobs. I let that go on for a few seconds and ask "What's wrong baby?"

Through wracking sobs, she whines about vomiting on herself and how I'm an asshole and how this is disgusting and fucked up and she didn't think porn was going to be like this. While she sobs and goes into hysterics I start to fondle her puke covered tits and rub her pussy.

I offer consoling words; and use my nice voice. It takes ten minutes but she calms down. But now I have ten minutes of a small town whore covered in her own puke, sobbing while I fondle her. Fucking gold.

I tell her to go take a quick shower and we'll do the fuck scene. She nods without saying anything and takes a shower. The camera keeps rolling. Her shower is mechanical, with no joy or relaxation to be gained from it. I'm sure as she cleans herself all she can think about is what she just went through and her anxieties about what's coming.

When she gets out her hair is wet and she has droplets hanging from her body. I admire her body, and my cock becomes so hard it hurts.

"Bend over the bed. I'm going to fuck you doggiestyle."

She looks at the bed apprehensively. But after a moment's hesitation she goes over to the corner of the bed and bends over. I walk up to her, spread her ass cheeks and spank her right cheek, hard.

"Owwww, not so fucking hard douchebag."

"What the fuck did you call me?"

"I called you a douchebag, you fucker."

I spread her ass cheeks again and plunge my dick into her pussy. A startled cry escapes her throat.

“That’s right bitch, take the cock.”

She makes little moaning sounds as I fuck her pussy. I'm not getting the whole thing in at first, but once her pussy juices start flowing it gets easier to slide in. Eventually I'm plunging all nine inches in. I start to pick up the pace and start fucking her as hard as I can. Every few strokes I can feel the tip of my cock hit her cervix, something most women find painful. I start trying to hit her cervix on purpose, getting it almost every stroke.

"Ouch, it hurts," she complains.

I fishhook her mouth with my index finger and pull so her face is turned towards me. I spit on her face and into her open mouth and say, "feels good to me." I pull my finger out of her mouth and keep fucking her. Her face is disgusted and turning a deep red. She wipes at her face to get my spittle off.

As I keep fucking her pussy, I decide to start spanking her ass. Every time I do it she makes a little cry of pain. So I keep increasing the force behind the slap and eventually I'm leaving hand prints on her ass. She can't take it anymore and on my last slap she tries to pull away as she jumps forward and lets my dick fall out of her pussy. She looks angry. "That really fucking hurts! No more slapping."

I say "fine", grab her hips and pull her ass towards me. With one hand I grab my dick and guide it back into her pussy and start pumping into her again.

I look down and spread her ass cheeks so I can see her little puckered asshole. I start rubbing it with my thumb.

"Have you ever done anal?"

She looks back and responds "no, and I don't like being touched there."

I don't really give a fuck what she does or doesn't like. I keep fucking her and spit down on her asshole and keep rubbing. Her pussy feels great and I start to feel ready to cum. This is my favorite part of my films. Everything up to this point is setting the scene, starting the build up to the crescendo. I start to pump furiously and my grunts get louder.

"You fucking little cum bucket, you want my fucking cum!?" She doesn't answer.

"I'm going to pump you full of cum you stupid piece of shit."

I start cumming, so with one hand I grab her hair and violently pull her head back towards me.

"Hey!" is all she’s able to yell out.

With my other hand I make a fist and punch the back of her head with it. Her whole body tenses and I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I start spraying cum deep inside her. One thick rope of cum after another. I punch her again causing her to yell again and scream "what the fuck! let go of me!"

I hit her again. I’m still spraying cum inside her and yelling "fuck you, you fucking cunt! This is all you're good for!"

She recovers from her initial shock of getting hit and starts twisting her body away from me. I let go of her hair and she tries to hit me with her hands. I roll off of her and she panics and tries to get off the bed in an attempt to increase the distance between us. In her panic she falls off the bed onto the floor. I jump off the bed and meet up with her just as she is standing up off the floor. I'm a big guy, and she's a tiny, skinny waif who doesn't work out. So when I push her she collapses back to the floor.

I straddle her body. Her eyes are wide and scared when she looks up at me. I twist my body away and then twist back bringing my whole body-weight behind my punch. The force whips her head away and the sound of my fist crashing into her face is loud. I keep punching her face, forcing her head from one side to another. She's screaming, feebly trying to block my punches with her arms. She might as well have left them at her sides for all the good they are. Each blow sounds like a mallet whacking into a side of meat.

The camera captures all of this.

After twenty punches I stop. I'm sweating from the strain, but she's much worse for wear. Her face has already started bruising, her nose is smashed and bleeding, and she's missing a couple of teeth. Her sobs are only interrupted by heaves and coughing noises as she chokes on saliva and blood.

I reposition myself lower on her body so I can see her tits. I grab what I can of each of those itty bitty titties and twist as hard as I can. Her face grimaces at the pain and her mouth starts moaning a non-human noise.

I get up and go the dresser where I keep a lot of the tools of my work. I open it up and grab a whip. I walk over to Terry's prone body, and tower over her for a few seconds. I can see her eyes, surrounded by bruised flesh, staring up at me with a pleading, begging light. She coughs, spitting out a little blood and I her a whisper escape her lips.

"Please. Stop."

I look down at her. "No."

And I bring down hell on her tits. The whip is just an extension of my body, each blow a manifestation of my hate. I whip her tits repeatedly; each blow wracking pain through Terry's body. When she uses her hands to cover her tits I send the next blow to her face. Naturally, she exposes her tits to protect her face and then I send the whip crashing onto her tits again. We repeat this for ten minutes. When I stop, her tits are bloated purple sacks. The rest of her body is covered in welts from the lashes that didn’t reach her tits.

The camera captures all of this.

I need a break. I've been exerting myself for awhile now. I pick her up and toss her on the bed again and position her so that her head is hanging over the side of the bed. I slap her face so hard the sound echoes and tell her, "if you bite, I'll kill you."

I stuff my cock into her mouth and start fucking her. It feels amazing. She instinctively tries to push me away with her arms. But she's tired and weak and it doesn't do anything. To her credit she doesn't bite down. I knew that she was really just an obedient, submissive piece of shit. I keep fucking her face and I hear choking and gagging sounds. She blows chunks and I pull my cock out. Her puke falls out of her mouth covering her nose and forehead. She gasps for air. I let her take three quick breaths, but before she can fully recover I plunge my cock back into her mouth and continue facefucking her.

While I facefuck her I grab onto her tits and squeeze. Her hands grab on to mine, trying futilely to pull them off and stop the pain. But I keep squeezing.

I can hear the tell-tale sounds of her puking again and I pull out. More puke spills over her face.

"Oh my god, please stop, please."

My cock goes back into her mouth. I slam it in all the way, cutting off her oxygen. I grab onto her head and pull her towards my cock so she can’t get away. The urge to cum again starts to build. So I start to count in my head. I get to thirty is when Terry really starts to panic. I keep counting. When I get to fifty her desperation for oxygen is overwhelming. Her body is twisting and spasming while she tries to push me off with her arms. I get to seventy and pull out. Puke comes out of her mouth like a geyser. She’s coughing, crying, screaming, “Please, no more, I can’t, I can’t!”

I interrupt her pleas with a hard slap to the face. I say, “yes, you can!”

I grab a rubber paddle from my dresser and run back over to Terry's sprawled form on the bed. She's still coughing and trying to wipe the puke from her face so she can see. When I get on the bed I force her legs apart and swing the paddle from over my head and hit her pussy. She makes a sharp yelling noise. She closes her legs and her hands come down to cover her pussy. She rolls over onto her side and makes a grimace. I smack her on her exposed clavicles with the paddle. This causes her to temporarily forget about her pussy and arch her back. She tries to roll over in order to prevent another hit to her back. This gives me an opening to hit her tits with the paddle.

I play whack-a-mole with her body for a good five minutes. By my count I smacked her pussy 9 times and her tits 17 times. I didn't even bother keeping track of how many times I hit her legs, arms or back.

I throw the paddle to the side. I rush back over to Terry and roll her onto her stomach. She has a rare moment of insight into what I'm about to do and starts to struggle and plead with me. I spread her ass and start trying to stick my dick into her asshole. But between her struggles and her virgin tightness I can't get it in. I start punching her back, around her kidneys. "Fucking cunt! Stop moving."

Her struggles don't stop, so I look over to Terrence, still holding the camera, and tell him what to do. He throws over a relatively small dildo. I press it against Terry's asshole and start pushing. Her struggles intensify and I drop the dildo once and have to reposition myself twice. Eventually though, I force the dildo in, completely dry. Terry screams, but I keep pushing the dildo until it's entirety is in her ass except for the part I’m holding. I let it rest there for a second before I rip it out as fast as I can. That hurts her. A lot. I force the dildo back into her ass and ram it in and out a few times.

I leave the dildo in for now and start forcing my fingers into her pussy. She's not wet and my hand isn't lubricated at all so I have to be rough to fit my fingers in. Eventually I tire of stretching her hole with my hand and I get up. As I do I pull the dildo out of her ass and throw it on the floor.

Terry is exhausted from the evening's abuse. She's lying on the bed, not even bothering to try to get away or cry anymore. I'm also fatigued, but there is still work to do. I go over to the dresser and open a drawer and pull out four bed ties. I set them up at each leg of the bed and secure them around her wrists and ankles. I tighten them as much as possible in the hopes of minimizing her struggle.

In the most pathetic voice I've ever heard she says, "please, please don't kill me. I'll do whatever you want."

I stop moving over to the dresser and look at her. "You're going to do whatever I want anyway. Why shouldn't I kill you?"

That brings new tears to her eyes. She's almost lost all hope. I can hear it in her breaking voice. "Please. I want to go home."

"You're pathetic, but don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. And you'll probably be home soon."

Her eyes light up, but then I say, "But I'm not finished yet."

I go over to the dresser and pull out a tattoo gun and a ball gag. I plug the tattoo machine into the wall and climb into bed. I straddle her hips and look into Terry's face. Her eyes display an intense fear. She shakes her head desperately, "please just let me go." It’s almost comical to me.

"Not yet." I put the ball gag on her mouth, start up the tattoo gun and get to work.

It takes hours. Throughout the whole process Terry doesn't stop crying. The ball gag cancels out most of her cries, but I can still hear her sobs, and while I work on her face I have to stop several times to wipe away tears, puke and blood.

The camera captured all of it.

Her true nature is now on display for the whole world to see. The facade that every person keeps to prevent others from truly knowing them has been dropped for Terry. Across her forehead reads the word “CUNT” in huge angry letters. Above her lips, swollen now from blows and the rough tattoo job, in a jagged script you can read “CUM WHORE”.

Looking down at her chest, above her tits, where it will be visible every time she wears a low cut t-shirt, reads “SLAVE TO MEN”. I started tattooing her tits, but they were so bruised and swollen I couldn't really get anywhere, so there are only a few unreadable squiggles. Above her pussy I tattooed “WORTHLESS” in huge sprawling letter across her stomach. Her pussy, the part that took the longest and was the most painful, is now a language dictionary, where you can look up how to say the word “BITCH” in ten languages.

My work is done. Terrence puts the camera away. Looking at Terry, I feel a deep satisfaction at her destruction. Now to show the world my work.

With her tied up I fuck Terry again. Not so much to continue the humiliation, but just to get another nut off. She doesn't fight it at all. In a way, this is my favorite part of the night, when they’ve completely given up. I pump her pussy hard and fast. She can’t move or say anything. The most she can do is try to look away. When I cum, my orgasm is intense and leaves my legs feeling weak.

I let Terrence fuck her too. It's part of his payment as the cameraman.

I release the bed ties and I start dragging Terry by her precious hair out the door all the way to the car. This is not a short trip to be dragged. A couple of times she tries to get up to stop the pain. But I just kick out her legs to drop her and give her a kick in the stomach. This gives me another couple of minutes free to drag her down the path. We lose a considerable amount of her hair on the way as it gets pulled out and I have to find a new handhold.

When we get to the car I open the trunk and toss her in. I drive onto the highway and we keep driving for an hour. When we get to an empty stretch we pull over and I pop open the trunk. There she is. A work of art. I took a worthless piece of shit slut and turned her into a walking monument to human degradation. The bruises will eventually go away, the places where her skin split or was scratched will heal. Her hair will grow back. Her pussy and ass will eventually recover from the stretching and tearing. She may even spend all the time and money required to remove the tattoos. But it doesn't matter. She'll never be the same, she'll always remember that she's not a person anymore. She's just a walking sex doll that I used and abused and turned into a tableau of pain and humiliation.

I pick her up out of the trunk and throw her down the side of the highway and she tumbles down the twenty feet decline and comes to a stop right at the border with the woods that are off the side of the highway. I can barely make out her breathing, and she's not moving any of her limbs. Some time tomorrow someone will find her, or she'll gain enough strength and resolve to climb back onto the highway where she'll get picked up and "rescued". But it'll never be over for her.

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