Martha - chapter 1

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Martha was fast asleep on her bedroom floor when Zeus, her neighbor's dog bite her on the shoulder. Martha gasped in pain, then cooed the dog until it let go. She then positioned herself and lined the dog's cock with her cunt, then helped it fuck her. Zeus fucked Martha until he came in her old cunt, wondered off. Zeus had bit her a few times, but since Martha was just garbage whore, she had no choice in how she was used. She went the fridge and got out a bowl of cold oatmeal, put it on the floor and ate. After breakfast, she had a cold shower and then she went to her owner's house . Martha lived in the guest house on her owner's property. She was naked as required as she entered the house and went up stairs to wake up her owner. She admired the him as much as he despised her. Martha had known she was nothing but trash since her teens. She was regularly bullied and abused by her peers, used by friends for their own benefit, punished her when she disappointed them. She let them because deep inside she knew it was her purpose. She attracted sadists. Martha slid undercovers and began sucking his cock. This is how her owner prefers to wake up. Her owner stirred and graduately awoke. "Fuck your throat pig, no mercy" Martha's owner Jake commanded. Martha savagely forces Jake's cock down her own throat. It chokes her and is so deep it hurts, but Martha knows that her suffering is required. Jake wants her to suffer, so she will. Over and over she gags but she goes on mercilessly. Jake grips her head, plunges down her throat and holds her head as he cums. After cumming he looks down at her face as she chokes. How pathetic Martha looked to him, he snarled at her. For her part, Martha saw his look of disdain and empathized with him. She knew she was a disgusting piece of shit. She believed she only deserved cruel slavery. Jake decided to torture her some more, so he didn't pull out of her throat. Martha's brain told her body to force the cock out of her throat, while her mind countermanded the order. Martha willed herself to resist trying to breath, it was her owner's right to deprive her of air. Her face turned bright red and her lungs burned from lack of air. Then Martha pulled the cock from her throat and breathed. She realized her brain had betrayed her by putting her needs before her owner's wishes. She immediately tried to apologize for her error. " I'm so sorry sir. I'm sorry for my selfish actions. Please torture me for this unforgivable act" Martha begged. Jake was angry that this piece of garbage tried to save itself from the suffering he had every right to inflict on her. He grabbed her face and viciously slapped her hard over and over. Martha did not resist, but made sure to remain in position to receive the blows. Jake stopped suddenly " I'll punish you properly later, go get my breakfast ready, pig whore.". "Yes my lord. Thank you". She scurried out and began her owner's breakfast. Unlike her, he deserved a delicious breakfast. She was still upset that she resisted her owner's torture. Martha saw herself in the mirror over the sink. A big nosed, big bellied old whore was the reflection she saw. Why her owner kept her around was a mystery to her. She believed he should have thrown her in the dumpster and got a better slave. She hated being naked because of her body, but her owner always wanted her to be reminded of it. Many of her owner's guests rudely and cruelly commented on her appearance, which she had to acknowledge, be polite and further as a topic. She once spent 30 mins speaking on how unattractive she was with her owner's previous girlfriend, it was painfully embarrassing. By the time her owner came down for breakfast, she was done. He was dashing in his suit. Young, fit and ambitious. He sat down to pancakes, eggs, bacon and freshly squeezed juice. Martha stood beside him, ready for his slightest whim. After he completed breakfast, he told her to go to get dressed and go to the Andrews house,then he left. She cleaned her owner's house, then dressed to visit Mrs. Andrews and left. She was dressed in a tight french maid's outfit. On a slender, more attractive body it would make for a wet dream, on Martha the uniform highlighted her worst physical traits. She completed her look with whore style make up. She looked absolutely ridiculous, very humiliating making the 20 minute drive to the Andrews home like that, while fellow motorists and pedestrians gawked at her. It was hard for her to go that place that was once her home. She was once Martha Andrews until her husband throw her out like garbage and married his mistress. It still hurts to return to that house.

She remembers when she was married happily to her first love, John andrews. She remembers his abuse of her, but then again everyone abuses her. But he also showed her affection unlike the others. She knew she didn't deserve his kindness, so his cheating and abuse where easily accepted. Then he grew more abusive and harsher. He started fucking other women at home, punishing her unfairly, forbidding her orgasm during sex. She worked harder to please, but he abused her more. Then one day he made Martha watch as he made love to Victoria, his future wife. He proceeded to order Martha to get naked and climb in to the dumpster behind their house. Once she was in the dumpster, John told he found her ugly and thought of her as only trash. He said he was divorcing her and throwing her out like the trash. He said he deserved better then a pig, then closed the lid. It's was a few hours before John and victoria came to fetch her. They first had her fill her holes with garbage. Banana peels in her ass, spaghetti in her twat and chocolate wrappers in her mouth. John said though he didn't want her anymore,but he didn't want her living like a free woman. He ordered Martha to find a cruel master to own her, until then she lived in his basement.

Martha arrived at the house and went around to the back door, got on her knees and knocked. Victoria opened the door. "Good morning mrs Andrews, may I please serve you today." Martha said as she bowed head to the ground. Victoria stepped on her face. " The garbage has arrived, get in and get to work." "Yes, thank you mrs Andrews." Martha was ordered to clean. She washed floors with a cloth and brush, dusted the furniture, cleaned the toilet with her tooth brush. All this while serving Victoria's every whim and being insulted. She made a late lunch for Victoria and her mother in law who was coming to visit, Mary. Mary had always despised Martha and had done everything to make her married life miserable. Mary was overjoyed when John kicked Martha out and married Victoria. When Mary arrived, it was Martha who answered the door, surprising Mary. "What are you doing here?". " Hello m
Miss Mary, I'm Mrs.. Mrs Andrews servant today. Please come in, Mrs Andrews is in the den.". Martha took Mary's coat to hang as Mary and Victoria embraced. As Mary sat down, Victoria called Martha to her. When Martha was close enough, Victoria grabbed her and drove her knee in to Martha's stomach. She sank it deep and held it there. Then she kneed her 3 more times viciously and let Martha drop. " You never use her name again you fucking animal! She is Madam Andrews. You insult us when you use our first names. And you are a pathetic slave, not a servant. My maid is a servant. She has rights, I respect her as a human being and would never beat her. As for you, you have no rights, I use you as I want and I can beat you for fun. You are trash, lucky enough be made a slave." Victoria spat on Martha's face. Martha breathing heavily, kissed Victoria's shoes. " Yes Mrs Andrews, I understand. I'm sorry for insulting you and your guest like this. I'm grateful for your reprimand, I deserve much worse." Martha then turned to Mary, bowed and kissed her shoes. " Madam Andrews, I'm so sorry insulting. I'm begging you to please physically reprimand me, I truly deserve the pain." At Victoria's suggestion, Mary kicked Martha in the cunt. Martha thanked her. Martha got on with serving the two women as they spoke and gleefully pinched her body, nipples and twat. Mary commented on how ridiculous Martha looked and took pictures. She said she'd put them on her facebook and make sure all of her friends and relatives would see Martha in her outfit. Martha had to smile, knowing the public embarrassment she'll face soon. Martha stood as the ladies enjoyed their food and talk. " Victoria, I'm so glad to have you as a daughter-in-law. I was so ashamed when he married that pig Martha. I don't care if this hurts her but I hated her then as I do now.! Mary spat with venom. Victoria smiled. " It's ok Mary, I have tortured this piece of shit many times. She exists to be tortured.". Martha spoke to Mary. " Madam Andrews, I'm so sorry I put you thru that shame. You were right to hate me. I was never meant to be a wife. I was born a slave. Your son was too kind. I can only ask that I suffer as way of apology." Martha bowed to Mary. Victoria took the lead and order Martha to lie back against the wall and twat pointing skyward. She passed the kettle with hot water to Mary and told her to pour it in Martha's twat. Victoria told Martha not to move and to take the punishment she deserved. Mary was hesitant, but poured the scolding water in to Martha's hole. The pain was unbelievable, searing her sensitive nerve endings. Martha struggled with all her might to remain in place. A plug was put into her twat to keep the water in. Then she was flipped so she was ass up. Victoria sat on her head and arms, holding Martha's ass cheeks apart. Mary on Martha's legs, still holding the kettle. Martha knew what was coming and was powerless to stop it. Mary gleefully poured the hot water in to Martha's rectum. Martha screamed and struggled, but the women just laughed at Martha's agony. Mary and Victoria resumed lunch as Martha continued to suffer. Victoria used Martha's shock collar to get her up and ordered her to fetch her tool kit. The tool kit was a small case carried around by Martha that contained items of torture. Martha fetched the case and presented it to Victoria. Victoria smiled. " Time for more fun, ugly mutt." . " Yes mrs Andrews, I'm here for your convience.". She looked in Victoria's and saw the sadism reflected in them. She admired and respected Victoria. Victoria represented every thing she was not and everything her ex-husband deserved. Though it hurt her, she was thankful that her husband dumped her and married a better woman. She was grateful she served this superior woman. As Victoria's inferior, she deeply believed that it was Victoria's right to torture her at will. She thought of herself as a piece of dogshit on Victoria's shoe, that needed to be punished for existing. Victoria was her goddess and she was her goddess's honored toy.
Victoria selected a large strap on with rigged rubber spikes covering it's surface. "This is perfect, put it on mother dear and tear her apart". Mary was hesitant, feeling abit guilty for burning martha with water. " It's ok Mary, you'll get used to it. You can just watch for now". Victoria stripped her dress than approached Martha. Martha bent over for her mistress, awaiting the pain that will come. Victoria positioned herself behind Martha. She kissed Martha's neck, then shoved hard in to her twat. Martha was caught off guard by the kiss and then by the excruciating penetration, she almost fled, but resisted the urge. But she cried out. Victoria fucked her brutally. She flipped Martha over and fucked her missionary, making it hurt more. Martha looked in to Victoria's eyes and saw a cold stare. "How dare you look at me trash. Keep your eyes open". with that she spat in Martha's eyes. Then bite her tit. Victoria bit hard and yanked the tit with her teeth. This was not sex, it was torture. The spikes rubbed Martha burnt and sensitive twat raw. On the other hand, the vibrator built in to the dildo was bring Victoria close to orgasm. Victoria was approaching heaven as Martha suffered in hell. Victoria brutally fucked Martha with wild abandon. Approaching her own pleasure, oblivious to the Martha's agony. Victoria orgasms than collapses on Martha. Martha lays still with Victoria on top of her. Martha hums as a tune she knows Victoria likes. She wants to caress Victoria, but knows she'd be tortured for it. Martha is in deep pain but smiles happily. She's proud of the pleasure she gave Victoria, how she suffered for her pleasure. Victoria pulled the dilido of Martha's twat as Martha squealed. Victoria threw the dildo at Martha. "Clean this mess up, ugly pig". "Yes mrs andrews". Victoria got dressed and took her mother-in-law to the garden. Victoria was elated at knowing how she could torture Martha again if she felt like it. Martha was totally at her mercy. Victoria also though she ruined Martha's marriage, Martha genuinely admired her. Martha's stomach rumbled, she had not been fed. Martha had to hope to be fed soon. She was not allowed to bother Victoria with her needs, Victoria had more important things to do then to attend to the needs of a piece of shit slave. While Martha was busy, Victoria sat in the garden telling Mary of the tortures and methods of humiliation they've used on Martha. " There is no way she could suffer like this and still be willing." Mary said in disbelief. " It's true. We don't blackmail her and she's rich from her inheritance, which is why she doesn't work. We don't take her money. She could just drive away and live anywhere else if she wanted." Replied Victoria." You'll get used her, she's fun to pick on, total masochist". Smiled Victoria. " You say all 3 of you own her ?" Asked Mary. " Jake owns her, but shares her with us. She is property. As long as we follow his restrictions, he shares her." Answered Victoria. " Property? This is too weird." Said Mary. " Let's torture her some more, Martha come here now." Said Victoria. " Victoria, let her rest, this is too much!". "Nonsense, I'll use her as much as I like." " You called Mrs Andrews." Answered Martha. " I wanted you to join us." Smiled Victoria. Martha knew Victoria intended to torture her further, but as a mere toy, she had to comply and participate. "It would be an honor, mrs Andrews." Martha replied, bowing. " I know it is, it's so beautiful out here, not even your ugly mug would ruin it." Says Victoria. " I hope not Mrs Andrews. If so please punish me." Martha replied kneeling by Victoria's chair. " I told Mary all the disgusting things you've done. She was very disgusted with you, huh Mary?". Mary looked at Martha. " I can't imagine how or why someone can do the things you do.". " Madam Andrews, it's because I'm just a piece of shit. I was born to suffer and be used merciless. My owners are doing what natural. Mercy is something I don't deserve. In time you'll torture me for fun too. Everyone hurts me eventually, I'm magnet for cruelty. I'll always be a slave, Madam Andrews." Martha replied. She smiled, as though proud of her slavery. Mary still couldn't understand this woman who she use to hate. " People have choices, you have enough money to start a new life elsewhere.". Said Mary. Martha answered "Madam, even if I moved elsewhere, I'll attract a sadist who'll enslave me there. Understand I have been a slave in a manner of speaking my whole life. When I was a child, the other kids ostracized me. They only included me when I did things for them, like steal sweets, pull pranks on grown ups etc. If I got caught, I took the fall alone. Anytime the group got in to trouble, I got blamed. The abuse only progressed as I grew up. I have a big, ugly nose, that I'm ashamed of, back then to mock me, the other kids called me sniffles. Cindy started the name and became my bully. She usually only took my lunch money and mocked me. Sometimes she decided to play with me. She had told me once that she considered me one of her toys. she enjoyed humiliating me. In the girls bathroom she made me stick my nose in her bum and smell deeply then kiss her cheeks. The girls present at the time laughed and told everyone in school what I did. I was forced to confirm it to everyone who asked about it. I've been used to complete homework, projects and chores for bullies and friends alike for years. I've been punished for not completing my own work, projects and chore because I was doing the work of other people. When I married your son, he had hit me a few times and was having an affair, but he was the only one to show me compassion. You hated me from the beginning. No matter how hard I tried to make you like me. I never complained but I knew you did everything to make me miserable. You see? Someone will always enslave me, because that's why I exist. I'm absolutely devoted to my owner Lord Jake, I'm still deeply in love with your son Mr Andrews and admire Mrs Andrews. I love these people and I'm honored they use me at all. Understand?" Mary shook her head in the affirmative

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