Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake21-24

Long Weekend at the Lake

This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’ If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.

This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It will be posted in multiple segments.

Lastly, ‘A Special Bond’ is a Trilogy. ‘Long Weekend at the Lake’ is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don’t have an editor! Just read and enjoy.

Kathy Evans – Age 31
Rob Evans – Age 36
RJ Evans – Age 16
Kayla Evans – Age 15
Aunt Karla Peters – Age 36
Uncle Tom Peters – Age 37
Ken Peters – Age 17
Candace Peters – Age 14

Chapter 21

RJ had throttled back the boat to a slow walk as he was having trouble concentrating on navigating and making out with his sister at the same time. Kayla had gotten supper heated in her lust and had taken control, as was often the case.

The two teens in front were lost in their private world and not paying any attention to what was going on 15 feet behind them. Kenny still stood behind Candy with his arms around her and the two appeared to be gazing out the front of the boat. Candy had leaned back into Kenny’s chest and had her head resting on his shoulder.

Kayla was not so far gone in her lust for her brother that she didn’t notice something peculiar with her cousins up front. Kenny stood still with his arms seemingly around Candy, but Kayla noticed his right arm was flexing and moving slightly. More curiously, Candy had her left leg out almost at 90 degrees and her foot was propped up on the Lounge cushion. Kenny seened to be rubbing her tummy . . . or perhaps somewhat lower.

“Hey you two, what are you doing up there” Kayla called. From their position, Candy and Kenny couldn’t really turn their heads back to see Kayla and RJ clearly.

Candy replied “Right now Kenny is finger fucking me through my bikini and playing with my tits!”

“Turn around . . . we wanna see” Kayla said.

“No way” Candy replied, we’re not gonna put on a show for you guys.”

“If you turn around, you can watch RJ and me while we watch you” Kayla said.

“Why, what are you guys doing back there” Candy asked, now curious.

“Right now I’m sitting on RJ’s hard cock” was the response from her cousin. “You guys turn around so we can see you” Kayla again said to the pair up forward.

Candy and Kenny disengaged briefly and turned around. This meant that Kenny had to stop what he was doing and remove his finger from his sister’s now soaking wet hole. Candy turned around 180 degrees. In order to facilitate the fingering she was getting from her brother, she put her right foot up on the Lounge seat and held her leg at 90 degrees to her body. Kenny again stood behind her and ran his left hand up her torso and under the biking top, slowly massaging her breasts. His right hand snaked under the elastic of the bikini leg hole, found its target in the swampy confines and plunged back into her vagina.

”Hey not fair” Candy called to her cousins. “We can’t really see what you guys are doing when you are hidden behind the control station!”

Kayla stood up and had Candy and Kenny been closer to the other couple they would have heard the audible ‘plop’ as the head of RJ’s cock pulled out of his sister’s tight pussy ring, allowing the air he had compressed within her womb to suddenly escape.

Kayla’s bikini bottoms were around her ankles and she had to kick them off to move. RJ placed the boat in neutral, and then killed the engine, allowing the Party Hut to drift on the lake. RJ’s engorged penis stood out through the fly in his shorts to its almost 9” length. RJ unbuckled his shorts and allowed them to drop, after having his erection briefly tangled up in his shorts.

Kayla and RJ moved over to the port-side rear lounger, so now they were directly facing their cousins on the forward lounge. With RJ seated now devoid of clothing, and his erection pointing straight up, Kayla straddled his legs, with her back to RJ, gripped his rigid cock, placed it at the entrance of her womanhood and slowly sat down forcing RJ’s entire length into her soaking wet love channel. Kayla moaned as RJ’s hard cock again invaded her tight pussy. She never got tired of the sublime feeling of RJs penis invading her depths.

Candy and Kenny watched Kayla and RJ again start their coupling. Candy was taken aback at how erotic it was to watch RJ’s member slowly disappear into her girl-cousin’s cunny. Candy didn’t consciously realize how much watching was turning her on. Or, was it that she herself was being watched in such an intimate act that5 was driving her to sexual frenzy. It seemed almost impossible to fathom that such a short while ago she had never know the intimacy of a man, but now sex was all consuming. It was all just . . . so naughty!

Kenny was now running his finger in circles around Candy’s clit, and occasionally dipping his finger into her well lubricated love box. This action was driving Candy up the wall as she needed to cum so badly.

Although Kayla could see the motion of Kenny’s hand moving under the material of his sister’s bikini bottoms, and his other hand rubbing both of her tits, she asked “how are you guys doing up there” as she slowly lifted and then descended again, using her leg muscles to piston RJ’s cock in and out of her hole.

“Kenny’s playing with my clit and driving me crazy with wanting to cum” Candy responded, somewhat breathlessly.

“Where is his cock” Kayla wanted to know.

“Right now his hard-on is wedged between my butt-crack and his tummy” Candy replied. “But in about a minute I’m going to sit on him like you guys and get his cock in my little pussy.”

True to her word, a couple of minutes later Candy reached up and pulled on both the side-ties of her bikini bottom, allowing the garment to drop to the floor between her legs. As she became fully exposed, RJ and Kayla could see the copious amount of pussy lube smeared about her outer lips and on Kenny’s fingers. Candy’s eyes were locked on RJ’s and his were on her. It was as if her eyes were asking ‘do you like what you see?’ Then Candy smiled openly at RJ.

The gesture did not go unnoticed by Kayla who whispered to RJ, “God she is hot . . . no wonder you’d like to fuck her!”

“Yes she is hot . . . . but I never said I’d like to fuck her Kayla!”

“It’s OK RJ. . . I can understand why you would want to . . . hell anyone would she is so beautiful. I’ll bet her pussy would be tighter on your cock than mine . . . I mean she is younger . . . and smaller . . . and hasn’t been fucked but a couple of times” Kayla pointed out.

When Kayla started talking about how Candy’s cunt would feel to RJ, that was it. The mental picture did him in and he suddenly started slamming into Kayla’s cunt. Kayla caught his urgency and started slamming down as hard on him as he was driving upwards. Both knew is would be but a moment before that fell into sexual bliss.

RJ had gotten totally out of control and Kayla knew it. Sensing he was close she said, “I’ll bet if you suck on her pointy little nipples while you fuck her tight cunt, you could really get her off RJ!”

RJ felt the contractions and saw white stars in his eyes. He could not dislodge the thought of what it would be like to put his cock into his cousin. She was so beautiful and just so hot! “GOD DAMN IT Kayla” RJ said as his cock flowed large amounts of cum into his sister, “Why did you do that, I didn’t want to cum yet, and I haven’t given you your orgasm yet!”

“It’s OK RJ. It was fun fantasizing about you fucking Candy and I enjoyed making you feel good this time. I know you’ll please me later” Kayla said.

Kayla sat down on RJ, his cock still lodged in her, his semen oozing out around the seal between his cock and her hole, and his cock starting to become much softer. The two looked forward at their cousins and found that Kenny had taken his shorts off, sat down and rolled a condom onto his 9” monster. Candy emulated what she had seen Kayla do and grabbing Kenny’s erection, placed it at the entrance of her vagina and slowly started to push.

Regardless of the large amount of lube she had disgorged, Kenny’s large cock-head had much difficulty pushing its way back past the elastic ring of his sister’s recently deflowered entrance. Slowly RJ and Kayla watched Kenny’s penis start to ascend into his sister’s recently invaded womanhood. As Candy pushed more and more downward onto his cock, the other two noted that lots of lube was being displaced around the rubber Kenny wore.

“God she’s wet” Kayla said.

“She certainly is” RJ answered, “maybe wetter than you get K”

“I think that means she really likes to fuck” Kayla said with a huge smile. RJ was thinking about Candy constantly . . . in sexual terms, now that Kayla had planted the seed in his mind, but he said nothing more.

Candy and Kenny had only been at it for about 5 minutes. However, Candy was already hyper-excited and she was very rapidly humping up and down on her brother’s large cock. She only could take about two-thirds of the monster into her womb in this sitting position, but she was riding that 6” for all se was worth.

Kenny too was getting way too excited. Each time his sister would rapidly slide down his pole, giving off a satisfied grunt each time she became too full to take any more penis in her, he would fight the urge to let go and ejaculate. At about this instant Candy started over the abyss however, her hips became a blur riding her brother’s boy tool and she was chanting ‘Yes . . . yes .. oh fuck ….YES’ as she rode in a frenzy.

This frenetic action was more than Kenny had the strength to hold-off on any longer. As Candy cried out and humped for all she was worth, Kenny suddenly reached around, rubbed her clit and thrust upwards with all his might, impaling the 14 year old girl on his entire 9” rod. Candy thought she was already in orgasm, but having her brother drive three more inches into her channel while stimulating her clit, caused her to see stars and scream out in ecstasy! Rope after rope of semen filled the condom and stretched it to its limit.

Candy had collapsed and was sitting on Kenny’s manhood. It was probably for the best that his penis began to soften immediately as that prevented the rubber from breaking and eased some of the immense pressure Candy felt in her cunt.

After regaining her breathing pattern, Candy stood up on wobbly legs, walked back to Kayla, grabbed her hand pulling her up and said “Shower.”

As Kayla followed Candy she looked over her shoulder and said “you guys . . . in the lake . . . and wash off those sticky penises real good.”

Chapter 22

After the girls showered, and clean up in the lake for the boys, the four teens made a light lunch and headed back towards the marina at Sand Point.

“Kayla, it will be about 3 o’clock when we get to the Marina and I really need a nap” RJ said. “Can you take the boat for a while?”

Kayla slid behind the control console as RJ stood up and went to the aft sun lounge to nap. “I didn’t know that you knew how to run the boat” Candy said to her cousin.

“Yep both RJ and I got the same USPS boat operations certification.” As Kayla advanced the throttle from the setting RJ had them at, she added “We’ll be fine as long as we don’t hit any of those submerged rocks!” She said this just to screw with Candy who was standing beside her watching.

“OH dear” Candy said, having never thought about what would happen if they hit a rock under the water.

“Relax” Kayla chuckled and tapped the Depth Finder on the dash. “This little baby here says were in a 100 feet of water . . . I was just messing with you!”

Kenny went forward to lay down also and the girls chatted about how much fun they had so far on the trip, including all the sex.

At 2:30 Kayla rounded the final bend and saw the opulent Marina complex laid out in front of her high on a hill. “Candy, please go back and wake RJ for me. I don’t know where I am supposed to dock this beast.”

Candy went back and saw RJ lying on his back with his arm folded over his eyes to fend off the sun. He was lightly snoring. She shook his shoulder softly and said “RJ, wake up.”

“MMmmmm . . . leave me sleep some more Kayla he said in a slur.”

Candy didn’t know exactly what made her do it, but after looking over her shoulder to make sure she could not be observed, she bent down and kissed RJ deeply, sticking her tongue into his mouth while mashing his lisps.

RJ instinctively put his arm around her neck, pulled her closer and kissed her back, still trying to rouse from slumber.

Candy pulled back slightly and said “I’m not Kayla, but you need to get up as we are at the marina.”

RJ awoke with a start hearing Candy’s voice and realizing it was her he had been kissing. RJ had been having an erotic dream about his 14 year old cousin, and could not seem to get her out of his minds, since Kayla had made the earlier comment about him wanting to get in Candy’s pants!

RJ sat up quickly, said simply “Thanks” and went forward to assist Kayla.

RJ didn’t know where to dock either so he picked up the microphone and turned on the VHF radio. “Sand Point Marina, Sand Point Marina, this is 30 foot Party Hut over.”

A minute went bay with nothing but silence. “Party Hut, this is Sand Point Marina. Go ahead over.”

“Sand Point this is 30 ft Party Hut. We are inbound at the break water. Can you give us directions to your fuel dock and advise how to get to your Courtesy dock, over.”

The marina operator advised RJ where to get fuel and advised that the long straight dock on his Port side was the courtesy dock. The operator signed off with “Welcome to Sand Point Skipper. Sand Point out.”

“RJ, I’d prefer that you dock the boat and Candy and I will put out the bumpers and prepare the dock lines.”

In short order RJ found the fuel dock and fueled the boat. He was quite surprised at how much fuel they had burned and decided that he needed to carry an extra 5 gallons in a jerry-can on the way back, as they would be motoring much more briskly on the way back down the lake tomorrow.

When they approached the Courtesy Dock they found that it was extremely long, but had very few boats tied up. It was surprising that it wasn’t busier. They found a spot quite near the head of the dock, tied off and prepared to explore the Marina.

First however, RJ sent text messages to his Father and Mother’s cell phones telling them they had been out of cell range the previous day, were now at San Point Marina, and all was OK. He ended by saying ‘having a blast – LOL – Love ya’

5 minutes later Kayla’s cell phone rang and it was her mother. Kathy started out by saying that she was so worried when the kids hadn’t reported in on Saturday. “Mom, we went to that old inlet where the tire swing and water fall was. Remember from when we used to come up here as kids? Anyway, there was no cell service until we got here.”

Kathy just said she was relieved and asked again if they were having fun. Kayla mentioned that they had met another teen couple who were really cool while at their anchorage. After chatting for a few more minutes Kayla heard her father in the background say “for God’s sake Kathy, let the kids have their fun and come back to the pool.”

Kathy said goodbye saying “Got to go. Have fun and drive safely tomorrow.”

The four spent the next couple of hours exploring the Marina and buying some things at the store. They all purchased Sand Point Marina tee shirts as a memento of their trip. They also had a passer-by take their picture in front of the Marina sign. Candy said that this trip would always remain in her mind as it had brought so many firsts and fond things. Kayla just laughed thinking ‘well most girls always remember where they were when they lost their virginity!’

Getting back to the courtesy dock, RJ instructed Kenny how to put up the privacy curtains all around the forward and aft sections of the boat. The girls pitched-in holding sections and snapping snaps in place. “Why are you doing this RJ” Kayla asked.

“I just thought it would be good to have some additional privacy as there could be a lot of people walking past us on the Courtesy Dock” was his reply.

The four decided that they would all go to dinner at the Marina Restaurant at about 7 PM and decided that they all needed to take a nap first. Three days in the sun and water . . . plus all the extracurricular activities had taken its toll on them.

At 6 PM the alarm went off and Kayla and Candy jumped up. By the time RJ and Kenny regained consciousness, they saw the two girls getting ready to depart the boat. Each had a makeup bag and was carrying a dress over their shoulder on a hanger.

“Where the heck are you two going” Kenny said, echoing what RJ was thinking. “And where did you get the dresses” RJ added on.

Kayla turned to the fellows; “We’re going to the Ladies Room at the Marina. They have showers with plenty of hot water, electricity for our blow driers and lockers for our stuff. You two will find dress-slacks and sport shirts in the very bottom of your clothes bins wrapped in the dry cleaning plastic. Unfortunately we forgot to bring Sport Coats for you guys. Get cleaned up and meet us at 7 PM in the lobby of the restaurant. Don’t be late!”

As the girls left RJ muttered “it won’t be us that’s late – Kayla has never been on time in her life!”

Chapter 23
The girls loved taking a shower without fear of running out of hot water. The Ladies Room in the Marina was beautiful, complete not only with Showers and lockers, but dressing tables with makeup mirrors, proper lighting and was exceedingly clean.
The girls could have stayed under the hot water for hours, but they only had an hour until they were to meet their men for dinner. After they showered, both girls, still wrapped in large towels started drying and taking care of each other’s long hair. Kayla’s dried fairly quickly under the blow dryer, but Candy’s blond mane took much more work as it was so long, and so thick.

While they were primping and doing each other’s hair Kayla decided to broach a subject that was on her mind. “Candy, what do you think of RJ” she asked casually.

“I think he’s very sweet . . . . and a real gentlemen . . . and very cute . . and I think you are very lucky to have him” Candy replied and then asked Kayla why she asked the question.
“Well because my brother has a major crush on you . . . in case you hadn’t noticed. Also, I’ve noticed that you often are trading glances with him or smiling at him.”

“Kayla, I think you are imagining things. RJ is YOUR boyfriend . . . and I told you before, I would never . . .EVER . . . do anything to hurt you. I’m certainly not trying to steal your boyfriend. Besides, are you forgetting that I have a relationship with MY brother now . . my own boyfriend?”
“Jesus, don’t go all defensive on me. I’m not accusing you of anything. I was talking to RJ and told him that I thought he’d really like to get in your panties! Well he denied it, but only half-heatedly. When he does that I know that he is just trying to be careful not to hurt me . . but he doesn’t always tell me the truth . . . sometimes he says what he thinks I WANT to hear” Kayla explained.
“Candy let me ask you a different question” Kayla said cautiously. “If the situation was right . . . and NO ONE was going to get hurt . . . would you make love with RJ?”

“Geeze Kayla, I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it” Candy lied to her cousin. Since she had watched RJ making love to his sister earlier, she kept wondering what it would feel like to have his magnificent manhood buried within her. “Besides” Candy continued, “that’s a silly question as I can’t imagine that if I did that with RJ, neither you or Kenny wouldn’t feel hurt” Candy finished.

“I was just wondering” Kayla said and let the conversation die.
By 6:40 the girls were in their dresses with hair brushed, styled and in place. Kayla wore a wrap-around skirt that was above the knee and a white frilly blouse with high collar and pearl buttons down the front. Candy wore a ‘little black dress’ that came half way up her thigh and had spaghetti straps. The silky dress fit her tightly across the bodice, but flared at the hips, coming only half way down her thigh. Under the dress she had on a sexy black lace camisole. She wore her padded bra and it rounded out her boobs and made them look every bit of a ‘B’ cup. Both the bra and panties were a demure white and the panties were a sort of low-rise Boy Cut with layered ruffles.
Kayla had finished her makeup and Candy said she looked like a million dollars. Candy had only put on some lipstick and was not planning on anything else, as her mother really didn’t like her wearing a lot of makeup at 14.
Kayla looked at her younger cousin and said “We need to do a little more with your makeup.”
“I don’t know – what did you have in mind” Candy said.
“Just leave it to me” Kayla said as she spun her younger counterpart around to face her.
Kayla started with eyeliner and the eyebrows, then very light eye shadow. She chose a pale shade with green in it to accentuate Candy’s eyes. Then she added a little Blush to accentuate her high cheek bones, different lipstick, lip liner and a light lip-gloss.

“All done” Kayla said as she spun her cousin back toward the mirror. “What do you think?”
Candy could not believe the girl staring back at her was herself. “I don’t know” She replied. Is it too much? What do you think?”

“I think you look about 24” Kayla said with a huge grin.
At 6:55 the two young women walked into the Restaurant lobby. The receptionist asked if they were “2 for dinner?”
“No we’re waiting for two more” Candy said. “For our ‘Dates’” Kayla corrected. The two girls waited on the sofa in the lobby for the boys to arrive.

Just then two twenty-something guys walked in and immediately smiled at the girls and said “hello.” The two guys were definitely hunks and both had collar length blond hair with deep tans. It appeared that they could have just walked off of a Southern California beach.
“Would you ladies like to join us for a drink at the bar” one of the guys asked as he introduced himself and his partner.

“NO thank you” Kayla responded, “our dates will be here any moment. But thanks for the offer.”

“It is our loss” the hunk said to them. He handed Kayla a business card and told them that if they ever got up this way again, to be sure and call him. He said he’d be happy to show them around. The two departed and walked into the bar.

At 7:00 o’clock the front door opened and Kenny came in followed by RJ. Both boys let their mouths drop open when they saw the beautiful girls. Kenny in particular could not believe that his 14 ½ year old sister could be transformed into Cinderella. She took his breath away.
RJ was also bowled over by the girls. Kayla looked magnificent with her strawberry hair down her back and the beautiful wave back in it after a day on the water. He noticed the frilly white blouse immediately as her breasts strained the front of it. The pearl buttons looked so delicate that he half expected her ample breasts to overtax the buttons and spring free at any second. Perhaps the best thing about the blouse was that it allowed just enough see-through that he could make out the outline of her Victoria’s Secret push up bra.

RJs eyes turned to Candy and he had to fight the thoughts that were forming inside his head. She was drop dead gorgeous and her green eyes absolutely sparkled. He’d never seen her with makeup and the drastic change floored him. He felt a wave of lust for his cousin.

The girls stood up to greet them. Each girl had a shoulder wrap draped over her arm and held a clutch-bag. The girls approached the boys and gave them each a peck on the cheek. “Right on time” Kayla said, “we’ll have to give you a prize,” and as she said this she had a knowing grin on her face. Now the boys wished that they had thought to bring dinner jackets on the trip as, while neatly dressed, the boys did not measure up to the beautiful women they escorted.

Kayla reached in her clutch-bag and produced the card that Gina and Carlo had given them before they had gone their separate ways. Approaching the Hostess, a tall woman in her thirties, Kayla said “excuse me.”

“Yes? All ready for dinner?” The hostess was attractive with dark hair. For the first time Kayla noted that she also had a slight Italian accent and wondered what her connection was with the new friends they had met yesterday.
“We were given this card by some new friends and told to present it to you when we arrived. However, I’m not sure what it means” Kayla smiled at the Hostess.
The Hostess took one look at the card and gushed; “Signor Evans . . . Signorina Evans, I’m so sorry I did not recognize you. Signor Carlo called in earlier today and told us you might be in for dinner . . . but he did not tell me you were movie stars” The woman said with a smile and a little laugh, glancing at the girls as she said this in her delightful Italian accent.

“Right this way, your table is waiting” the Hostess said and picked up four menus and started to walk through the bar area.

As the four followed the Hostess through the bar, Kayla and Candy saw the two blond hunks sitting at the bar holding drinks and made eye contact with them. Each of the hunks raised a finger while holding the glass and smiled, saying in essence a discrete ‘hello again.’

The Hostess took the four to the far rear of the restaurant where there was a single well cushioned booth complete with high back. Across the opening of the booth there was a velvet curtain on a high brass rod that could be closed to afford the occupants of the booth privacy, if they so wished. Opposite the booth was a large plate glass window that had shaded one-way protective film on it so that you could see out from inside, but those outside could not intrude on the diners. The window overlooked a gorgeous pool and deck where a dozen or so girls in very small Bikinis lounged with drinks . . . some with the obligatory hunk beside them, and some solo.
The large booth was separated by some distance from the rest of the booths in the area with a large ornate desk, complete with a vase containing fresh Red roses and a large oil painting of an Italian village.
As the two girls prepared to slide into the middle of the booth, Kayla noticed the sign on the stand in the middle of the table that said in Gold guilt letters, “Reserved.”
“Oh dear, this table seems to be reserved” Kayla said without thinking it through.
“Si Signorina” The hostess said smiling at the couples, “this table is reserved only for you.”

The girls blushed slightly, and slid into the middle of the booth followed by their respective guys. The Hostess excused herself and said she’d be right back.
“What in the world is going on” Kenny was the first to voice the question on everyone’s mind.
“I don’t know” Kayla responded, “but apparently Gina and Carlo hooked us up!”
“What I want to know” RJ said, “is who were those two guys in the bar giving you the eye and waiving at you two?”
Kayla handed RJ the business card the two hunks had presented, RJ read it and promptly passed it to Kenny to read.
“Those were just a couple of guys that tried to pick Candy and I up while we were waiting for you guys” Kayla explained with a mischievous smile.
Kenny read the business card aloud; “Edwin A Foxworthy, Attorney at Law” he read. “Geese you’d think an attorney would be a little more concerned about statutory rape” he chuckled.

“Are you kidding” RJ interrupted, “just look at these two . . . “ as RJ said this he caught Candy’s eye and smile, “those two guys probably took them for mid 20’s . . . no way they look their actual ages!”
That comment elicited a smile and slight blush from each girl, both of whom gave their respective brothers a slight squeeze on his thigh for the compliment. At that moment the Hostess reappeared with a waiter in tow.
“John will be your server tonight. John this is Signor and Signorina Evans and this is . . . “ the Hostess suddenly realized she didn’t know the name of the other couple.
“Just call me Kenny and this is Candace” he said. Somehow calling the mature looking exotic beauty at his side ‘Candy’ just did not seem fitting.

Signor and Signorina’s – very pleased to meet you all. Welcome to Sand Point Restaurant. We are very pleased to have you as our guests” the waiter said as the hostess drifted away.

While a busboy filled their water glasses John asked if they would like wine with dinner.
“Oh, but we’re . . . “ Candy started to say they weren’t old enough to drink at a restaurant. However, Kenny placed a hand on top of hers, interrupting her.
“What this beautiful young lady was about to say was that we don’t know too much about the wines from this area. But, if you could recommend your favorite local wine, we’d certainly like to try it” Kenny smiled at the waiter.
“But of course Signor . . “ The waiter suggested a light local wine that he felt would go with whatever the four wanted to eat. In a flash he returned with the selection and did the ‘wine tasting ritual’ with Kenny.
“That’s wonderful John” Kenny said after breathing in the wine and taking a slight taste. “Thank you, this is a very good recommendation.” The waiter poured four glasses of wine and prepared to make his leave saying that he would return shortly. As he turned he said, almost as an afterthought, “Signor Evans, would you like me to close the curtain?”

“No thank you John, the scenery is too beautiful to close it off just now” RJ replied.

Candy’s eyes were the size of saucers at what had just transpired. “Kenny, are you sure we should be drinking in public” she asked in genuine concern.

“Relax” Kenny said, I think there is more to our new friends Gina and Carlo then we realized. “I am pretty sure, boys and girls, that we have been seated at the Owners Table! I just can’t imagine what you two girls said to Gina to make such an impression to warrant all of this” Kenny concluded spreading out his hands in the direction of the restaurant and scenery.

‘If only they knew what we discussed with Gina . . and the common secret they shared with Carlo and Gina, the boys would die’ Kayla thought to herself. Thinking back on the questions her cousin had asked Gina, Kayla looked at Candy and the younger girl just raised her eyes in a shrug, as if to say ‘hey – I just asked Gina a question!’

RJ proposed a toast. As the four clinked glasses and sipped their wine Kenny said to Candy; “Enjoy the wine, but take it easy. We don’t want to have any loud discussions in here about being ‘Multi-Sexual’.” Kenny, RJ and Kayla could not help but laugh and probably would never let the youngest amongst them live down the gaff she made on Friday night. Candy just flashed a mock pout and said she would be good.

The four looked at the menu and were taken aback at the prices. “Man if we were paying for this I think all we could afford was the BLT sandwich” Kenny said. The four could tell that virtually everything on the menu was al-a-cart.
The waiter returned and the four said that they had not yet decided on a main course, but they did order salads which the waiter produced in record time along with bread. He took a moment and topped up each of their wine glasses.
“John, if I may ask” Kayla started, “what is the significance of the oil painting over the desk there” she said pointing.

“Ah, that is the village of our owners, Signor and Signora Gianinni. It was painted by Signor Gianinni’s father, Giuseppe.”

“Is that where Gina and Carlo were born then” Candy asked with interest.

“Oh yes, but they came to Los Angeles when they were very young, after the family came to this country and eventually they moved here.” The waiter said he would give them some additional time to decide on their order and left once more.

The four ate their salads and shared the bread, occasionally taking a sip of their wine. Eventually the four decided on what each of them wanted for a main course and ordered.
While they waited, an older Italian couple approached their table. The four teens immediately recognized them as Gina and Carlo’s parents, the resemblance was so striking. “Signor Evans” the older gentleman stuck out his hand and spoke with a thick Italian accent. He introduced himself and his wife, Signora Gianinni.
“We are so pleased that you came by our humble establishment” Signor Gianinni told the four. “Our daughter Gina called and told us about you” his wife said.
“The Marina is beautiful” Kayla told the couple. “It’s even more beautiful than we remember it as children.”
“Signor, I understand your father painted the village painting over there” Candy said pointing, “Please tell us a little about your homeland.”
The older couple briefly told the four the name of the village and its location in Italy, pointing out that they still had ‘much family living there’. The elder gentlemen explained that John would be bringing their dinner monetarily. “Signor Evans, we’d like you four to be our guests at the hotel this evening . . .it would be our honor” Gina and Carlo’s father told them.
RJ looked at the Italian elder and said “Signor Gianinni, you are much too gracious. I am afraid we cannot accept your offer however. You see our parents would not approve of us taking advantage . . . particularly when we are supposed to be camping out on the boat. I want to thank you for the offer. Perhaps we’ll be able to come and visit you again some time . . .we’d really like that sir” RJ said with sincerity.
The four teens shook hands with the elder Gianinni’s as they took their leave. As the two adults left, the remaining teens just blinked at each other. They had never encountered such a nice, and gracious, family before.
As the four sat chatting Kenny casually placed his hand on Candy’s thigh, just above her skirt hem which had now ridden up her leg higher than normal. A hard item pressed back through the fabric into the palm of his hand. The feel of the object confused him as he could not figure out what was causing the hard lump he was feeling. He fingered the object and asked his sister “What is that thingy under your dress that I am feeling.”
Candy smiled coyly and replied “It’s one of the snaps on the garter belt I am wearing. See . . . “ As she said this, she rode the hem up displaying the top of her nylons and the clasp holding them up. Kenny could see the white strap descending from above that was part of the garment.
“I didn’t know you wore a garter-belt” Kenny said, fighting the mental picture of his sister in nylons held up by such a device and starting to get aroused in the process.
“I never have worn one before, but Kayla and I coordinated and she convinced me to get one. She is wearing one also” Candy volunteered.
“You are?” RJ asked incredulously of his sister. “I’ve never seen you wear one of those either”.
“Sure” Kayla said grinning at RJ. She slightly unfolded the overlap on her wrap-around skirt displaying a lot of thigh, the long white strap on her garter and the snap affixed to the nylon that had a pretty pink bow attached.
“GOD! That is hot looking” RJ said, getting aroused himself. “Maybe I should close the curtain on the booth” he joked. Just about that time the waiter and a busboy appeared with their meals, so the four teens had to cool their jets.
The four ate the scrumptious meal and complained that if they ate another bite they might explode. As the busboy cleared the dishes, the teens sat and carefully sipped their wine.
Before the waiter could appear and ask if they would like desert, the band struck up and the girls wanted to dance.
“Kayla, you know I don’t know how to dance” RJ whined.
“Of course you do. Come on, it’ll be fun” Kayla chided the lad.
“Kenny doesn’t like to dance very much either” Candy said, but she was pushing him out of the booth to follow Kayla and RJ.
The boys did their best and tried not to look too geeky. The band did two fast and modern pop songs, and then switched to an old ballad. Kenny was going to make a run for the table when the second fast song stopped, but as soon as Candy heard the slow song start she grabbed his hand and said “come on – I know you can slow dance.”
Kayla did the same thing and both girls had their brother’s trapped to dance at least one more song with them. As they danced, RJ put both arms around his sister’s waist and she had both arms around his neck. They looked into each other’s eyes and RJ smiled at her.
Candy and Kenny were doing much the same thing and Kenny was doing his best imitation of the Box-Step. “Having fun” Kenny asked his sister. Her response was a simple “Of course.”
After the song ended the four sat and rested, again chatting amongst themselves. John the waiter reappeared and insisted that the four simply must try the Tiramisu which he said was ‘Chef’s specialty and was to die for.’
The four declined the waiter’s offer of another bottle of wine explaining that they had to be up at 5 AM to leave. None of them wanted to wind up blotto on their last night together!

They ate the Tiramisu which was every bit as good as the waiter had said, and sipped on the remaining wine. The girls told their respective guys that they didn’t know why the guys were so reluctant to dance, when both of them ‘did very well.’

The Band was back to playing slow songs again, and Candy looked at Kayla saying “Can I borrow your boyfriend to dance with me?”

“Sure, if I can borrow yours, to dance with me.”

The four got up and joined the other diners on the dance floor. Kenny held Kayla at a respectful distance, but she pulled in closer and actually lay her head on Kenny’s chest, mashing her ample breasts against his chest. After a few minutes, Kenny seemed to relax his posture and held his cousin close to him as they traveled around the floor.

On the other side of the dance floor Candy had placed her arms around RJ’s neck and his arms were around her waist as the danced and chatted. Each had said how much fun they had with the other couple. Candy expressed her regret that it was almost over, saying how fast things had gone.

As the second slow song started RJ allowed his hands to drift south over Candy’s rounded ass. Candy said not as word as she was enjoying the touch and secretly hoped RJ would be bold enough to go further. While they danced Candy laid her head on his shoulder during a lull in their conversation.

RJ was enjoying the feel of his youngest cousin pressed tightly up against him as they danced. Absentmindedly his fingers sensed the lace texture of the garter belt that rode low on Candy’s hips and traversed across her butt. His fingers slowly traced the delicate outline of the garment below her dress and felt the roundness of her ass.
Without raising her head off his shoulder Candy said lightly “RJ . . . and you playing with my garter belt?”

RJ jerked his hand back up to his cousin’s waist, like a child being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
Candy looked up and into RJs eyes. “I never said I didn’t like you playing with my garter belt, I just wanted you to tell me you were.”

“OK . . . yes I guess I was” RJ said sheepishly. “It feels very sexy” he said.

“That’s good. It feels very sexy to me too” the teen girl said as she laid her head back on his shoulder. “So, why don’t you do it some more?”

RJ overcame his embarrassment and allowed his hands to drift south again, this time slightly further and actually cupped the roundness of Candy rounded cheeks. As he did so he discovered the attachment point for the straps that connected to the belt and descended down to her nylons. The whole concept, coupled with the mental picture of his very sexy cousin wearing a garter belt, was seriously getting to him. RJ wanted to stop but he could not prevent himself from fingering the garter strap and moaned slightly.

Candy could feel his labored breathing on her neck. He was so close to her, she felt each breath. “Why don’t you do it . . . . you know you want to” she said to him.

“Do what, Candy?”

“Kiss my neck. I know you want to . . . and you know you want to . . . “

RJ bridged that last millimeter and allowed his lips to softly kiss Candy on her neck. The kiss and each subsequent one, was so tender it caused Candy to shudder. RJ was emboldened and now openly played with the garter strap secreted under her dress. He allowed his finger to trace its path that formed a bridge from the top of the garment on her rounded butt, down to her thigh.

They were on the third slow song and Candy was becoming aroused from the touches and light kisses on her neck. As they danced she felt the rise in his trousers. Candy carefully and unobtrusively pressed her vulva forward to make stronger contact with RJ. Candy swore she felt his penis jump.
Looking up into RJ’s eyes she said. “RJ?”


“Is that erection for me?” As she said the word she thrust her crotch even harder into the boy.

“Oh Jesus . . . Candy . . . I am SO sorry” RJ stammered as he pulled back from her.

“God you are jumpy RJ” Candy said. “All I wanted to know was if I was the cause of you becoming aroused . . . or if you were thinking of someone else . . . maybe you were thinking about the Playboy Model in last month’s issue for all I know.”

“NO . . I mean YES . . . of course it was you who gave me . . . . er, caused me to . . . well, you know what I mean” the very embarrassed RJ stammered.

“RJ, you are just the sweetest . . . nicest . . . most gentlemanly guy I have ever known. For the record, I want you to know that you playing with my ass, and kissing my neck . . . got me all excited too!”

Just then the music ended and the four teens found their way back to their both from opposite sides of the dance floor. As they all sat Kayla noted that RJ was flushed.

“Candy, why don’t we go and power our noses” Kayla asked, repeating the ritual that no woman ever goes to the Ladies Room alone.

Chapter 24
Kayla and Candy got to the Ladies Room and they did both have to pee. When they emerged from their stalls, and were standing washing their hands, Kayla caught Candy’s eyes in the mirror.

“Candy, I have something to tell you . . “ and after a lengthy pause, “I kissed your brother . . . I’m sorry” Kayla said softly.

Candy turned to look directly at her. “Kayla, it’s OK. Did you kiss him on the lips or what?”

“Yes . . . more than once I’m afraid.”

“That’s OK, Kayla, you brother kissed me . . . on the neck several times . . . but I encouraged him to do it! I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it first Kayla.”

“Well, let’s make a deal then. Candy, you can kiss my brother all you want without getting my permission first, if I can kiss Kenny all I want to.”

Candy stuck out her hand to shake on it and as the two teen girls shook hands they said “Deal.”

The two applied lipstick and freshened their makeup. Suddenly Kayla turned to look at Candy. “I think I need to become more like you Candy . . .and say what is on my mind – straight out.”

“Why what’s on your mind, Kayla?”

“It’s not just kissing Candy . . . . “ Kayla scrunched up her face as though it was really hard so say what she wanted to. “What I’m trying to tell you . . . is that I want to sleep with Kenny. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Candy looked at Kayla for a long minute and smiled. “This is absolutely crazy.”

What’s crazy” Kayla wanted to know, “that I want to sleep with Kenny?”

“NO. That I want to sleep with your brother too! I’m sorry Kayla . . . I just can’t help it.”

The two teen girls talked in rapid fire. Candy said that she didn’t think the boys would go along with it, even if they agreed it was OK amongst the two of them.

“What worries me more is that even if we say it is ok to share each other’s brother . . . later you might change your mind and get mad at me” Candy explained. “And, I just would be real concerned about losing your friendship. Reconnecting with you has been very important to me” Candy stated.

“I can see your point Candy, but I think you and I are mature enough, and close enough, that we would not get mad after the fact once we agreed.”

Candy thought for a minute and felt that her cousin was probably correct. “I still don’t think the boys will go for it. Both of them are real straight-shooters” Candy reiterated.

“Well, I think I have a plan. Let me explain.” Kayla spent a couple of minutes explaining her thoughts to her cousin.

When the girls came back to the table, RJ said “God, we thought your girls fell in or something!”

When the girls were reseated they saw a new bottle of wine on the table and gave a questioning look. “John insisted” Kenny explained. “He said that as we are at the marina dock, and not driving, we can take whatever we don’t drink to the boat with us.”

RJ poured Kayla, Kenny and himself another glass of wine, but Candy held her hand over her glass, explaining that she really did need to keep a clear head tonight.

John came by to make sure the four didn’t want anything more and told them what a pleasure it was to serve them. RJ and Kenny had each placed $35 on the table and handed John the $70 tip, telling him how much they had enjoyed themselves. Kayla asked the waiter if he could bring her a paper lunch-bag before he left, which he did promptly The waiter then took his leave, telling them to feel free and stay as long as they liked.

“Guys” Kayla said, directing her gaze at the two boys, “there is something we need to talk to you two about. It’s a little hard for me, but Candy and I discussed this and I need to be more outspoken like her – so here goes.”

“Tonight is our last night together, and we don’t know when we’ll see each other again. I hope it isn’t another 3 years – but who knows?” Anyway, as I said, Candy and I talked and I had to be honest with her. Kenny, I told your sister that I wanted to sleep with you tonight. And RJ, Candy told me that she really wanted to sleep with you tonight. So we wanted to be straight with you guys and see what you had to say”

There was a long, pregnant pause and finally RJ said “Kayla, you know I’d never cheat on you.” Then Kenny added “and now that I’ve finally gotten together with you Candy, I hope you understand that I’d never cheat on you either!”

“When we talked about it” Candy said, “the thing is, ‘cheating’ on someone is when you go behind their back and as a result hurt them badly. In this case, we’ve been very open in front of both of you guys . . and Kayla and I gave each other permission to have sex with the other’s boy friend. So we don’t consider this cheating. Kayla and I think we’re grown up enough that we won’t have any problem with this afterwards either. However, we agreed that if you two really are not comfortable with this, or if you just say No . . . well that’s the end of it.”

The two teen boys looked shell-shocked. Neither of them knew what to say, although both of them understood they had gotten pretty horny when dancing with the other’s sister! RJ finally spoke and said “man, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be upset with Kayla for being with Kenny, but I damn sure don’t want to take a chance on pissing him off with me!”

“I feel the same Bro” Kenny said. “Candy can have sex with whomever she decides, but I don’t want to alienate you because I had sex with your sister.”

“As everything is in the open, do you think you two would have any second thoughts after the fact” Kayla asked.

Both of the boys mumbled a ‘No’ as Kayla looked at each of them.

“Well as everyone is so concerned about hurting someone else’s feelings, but is ok with the idea for themselves, why don’t we let ‘chance’ make the decision for us?” The boys looked confused. All Kayla said next was “Candy?” then she gestured at the brown lunch bag with her eyes.

In unison both girls raised their butts off the cushion, discretely reached up under their skirts, hooked their thumbs in the side of their panties and lowered them down their legs. Once they had the panties in their hand, they quickly balled them up so the boys could not see details of the panties, and each girl placed her panties in the brown paper bag. Kayla reached out, pinched the bag closed and shook it briskly, turning the bag upside down and rotating it. She sat the bag back down on the table.

The boys looked at the girls like they were crazy. Neither could believe his sister had just removed her underwear in a public restaurant.
“So, here is the deal you guys” Kayla explained. “Chance is going to decide who sleeps with whom tonight. We are going to have you guys place your hands in the paper bag. You will then swish the panties around and after ten seconds you will grab a pair and when we say ‘now’, you will pull a pair out. If both of you have a hold of the same pair, then both you guys will sleep with just that girl. If you both have different pairs of panties, then you will sleep with whoever owns them.”

“But what about the girl who didn’t have her panties chosen, if we both have a hold on the same pair?”

“We talked about it and Kayla and I are Ok with chance. If you guys are both holding one pair, then the other girl simply goes without tonight” Candy answered.

“You guys understand? Ready?” Kayla was smiling.

When the girls said to ‘go’, both boys placed their hands in the paper bag. They thought this was the craziest thing they had ever heard of. It was certainly the craziest thing Kayla had ever had RJ do.

After swishing nylon fabric around, and constantly bumping into each other’s hands in the bags, the boys could not help but laugh at this zany exercise. The girls egged them on saying, just think – whose ever panties you get, she’s yours until we get home tomorrow night!

Suddenly Kayla said “Ready?” and Candy said “OK NOW!”

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