Vampire: Stories of days past 1

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A heavy feeling of pain flowed from the back of his head to the eyes, throbbing with every heartbeat. A soft moan escaped as the weight of the pain set in as he gained more of his consciousness. "Aahh I see you have lived the fall." The voice came from the direction his feet where laying. Someone toke a few steps closer and a wet cloth was placed covering his forehead and eyes. The cool feeling eased the pain a bit, but as it flowed out of his head he felt it building in other parts of his body. "your not much the talking kind are you?" the voice gave a short chuckle then followed "Well I can't blame you after that tumble you made." The voice and footsteps moved thought the echoing room. "Though I can imagine you're not feeling like it, please do say something if you are back with the living" After a short thought the voice chuckled again as if he said something funny. He tried to open mouth and speak, but his throat was to dry to produce anything more then another soft moan. He opted to raise his arm, but a sharp pain made him think otherwise. "Aaahh well yes your arm is broken I'm afraid, but at least I know you are awake" The voice sounded caring and kind, as the footsteps traveled though the room. With every stop they made a sound of glass, metal, wood and other materials followed, then the steps returned to a spot to the right. "It toke me some time to set your bones erm.. by the way, don't try to move your left leg, it's broken as well." The words weren't even spoken or he tried to move his leg a little, followed by a groan from his mouth. "But as I was about to say" the voice continued a bit annoyed at the disregarded warning "even though you broke some bones, you will live." The footsteps came closer again and he felt an arm raising his body a bit. "Here have something to drink, I guess you could use some" A cup with cold water was placed carefully at his lips and slowly tipped. With the same care he was raised, the arm lay him back on the soft bed. He tried to take another try at finding his voice, this time with more success. "What happened? And where am I?" a short pause as he made some thought "and who are you?" The voice sighed deeply and annoyed. “I’m Mari and you are in my home… much as it is. As for what happened, I told just told you, you fell. People really should learn how to use their ears." a short thought interrupted the voice "Then again. You just woke up, so I guess you can't be blamed. But yes, you fell from a balcony." Then a memory filled Jake’s mind.

Jake ran outside throwing his bag in to the air “FINALLY! ITS OVER!” Missing his bag coming down he heard a soft thud as it hit the ground, spilling some of the books, pens and papers. “You really should be careful when you do that” Michael opened was standing in the door looking at Jake as he tried to pick up his stuff before the wind got hold of it. “We are done with our finals for now, but you might still need it if you fail one of them.” Annoyed Jake chase some notes from history across the path. “Well if you plan to fail your class, that’s your business. But I intend not to return here, it’s university for me after holiday.” Michael shook his head with a smile on his face “you really are optimistic aren’t you? Let’s hope that old crow of a English teacher shares it.” Jake gave up on catching the remaining notes and turned too Michael “Mike, miss Feltch is hard but fair. And I have no doubt she will give me no hard time, even if I did tp her house … and car … and fence” Both he and Michael looked at each other for a moment, then started laughing. When they were done, Jake picked up his bag and started walking to the parking spot. “By the way, did you give thought about joining me at my cousin Barry’s party this weekend?” Jake scratched his head uneasy “Mike, you know how feel about big crowds. They give me the creeps… a big time.” Michael punched his friend in the shoulder “Yeah I do know, but I also know Lisa will be there.” Jake flinched at hearing the name of his former girlfriend. “And I know she still has a weak spot for you…“ Michael continued “… as do you for her.” Jake was lost in thoughts and memories. It has been close to a year since her family moved out of town. Many of his friends left after the lumber company had to close its doors, but only Lisa he still missed. “You sure she will be there?” Michael nodded. “Well, I maybe I grew over my partycreeps” Michael smiled, giving a Jake another punch at the shoulder.
“Tell me again why I came to this party?” Jake was sitting on the kitchencounter rolling his empty glass over his upperleg. “Lisa…” Michael came up for air just long enough answer before the girl pulled him back on her lips. “Yeah, Lisa… but where is she?” Michael came up once more just long enough to answer “Don’t know…” Jake sighed, jumped of the counter, filled his glass with another coke and walked to the door leading into livingroom. “I’m going to leave you two alone.” This time the girl pushed off “thanks!”
As Jake stood in next to the livingroom looked at the couples kissing though out the space, a feeling creeped up from his stomach. “well, guess I’m still not over the creeps.” Slightly chuckling over his own joke, he walked towards the front door. Jake knew he was stuck here till Michael was ready to go, so he planned on waiting things out on the porch. A shiver ran down his spine from the cooling night’s air that greeted him. As he settled on the wooden bench he noticed someone sitting on the railing just outside lights reach. “Erm… hi?” Jake wasn’t know for his great communication skills, especially at awkward social events. “Didn’t expect someone else out here, also got to sit the creeps out?” The person seemed to turn his head towards Jake “… wait the creeps out? What a strange thing to say.” Jake let out a small sigh, lifting his glass in a mocking toast. “Social awkward person here. Don’t mind me.” The person chuckled “Well for a social awkward person, you are entertaining.” The slender outline of his nameless companion stepped in to the light. More details seem to flood in, even though he didn’t step closer. Jake noticed the stylish clothes he was wearing, but they looked outdated. Thick red hair covered half his face, reaching down his shoulders. Though partially covered, from what Jake did see he was rather handsome. Then Jake noticed his eye, hellish green with a blue corona. For some reason he wondered if the covered eye would match this one: mesmerizing and soulpiercing. “So mister awkward, do you have a name or shall I keep calling you by this pet name while you ogle me some more?” Jake who wasn’t done looking at this stranger, reluctantly fixed his gaze away in to the dark. He felt his cheeks glowing as he started to blush. “J… Jake. I’m Jake.” he finally said. “Pleased to meet you J Jake” The stranger responded in a friendly mocking way. “So tell me about the creeps you’re trying to wait out?” Jake shifted uneasily on the bench, having to attend the party felt less creepy then having this stranger questioning and peering at him. But somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling of also liking the attention. “Lets just say for me safety isn’t in numbers, I hate being social.” Jake toke a deep breath “I wouldn’t even be here if not for the promise Lisa would be here” The stranger nodded knowingly “Ahh… love? … yes love makes us do strange things. Lust does so even more.” The stranger slowly came closer, a slight smile on his face as he gave him some time to look. The stranger looked like he could be 20, 25 at most, but the way he carried himself he seemed older. He continued “So which of the two made you come here?” Jake thought for a moment, was it love or lust? A startled sensation came over him, why was he actually thinking about answering this guy he just met? Still the question made him ponder, he did love the memory of Lisa. But if Jake was honest when he heard she would be here the first thing in his mind wasn’t loving Lisa, rather making love. Or as much he could imagine from seeing erotic films. He turned to answer the stranger to have another startle, noticing him sitting right next to him. “Did I scare you?” the stranger smiled, giving a slight glimpse of fanglike teeth. “Erm n.. n no?” the answer wasn’t confident as Jake wanted. “If it was love you brought you here, it’s ok. But if it’s lust, you sought I can help you with that.” Jake thought for a moment he heard it wrong, but then the words settled in. “no.. NO! I mean I’m not gay or something Thanks for the offer though?” The stranger gave a short chuckle “People and their labels, Two guys feel attracted to each other. Calling it a friendship, brotherly love, even a bromance. Yet when a … even if I say so myself, handsome guy gives in to the same attraction they think it's gay.” Jake felt the strong grip of a hand on his shoulder. “Lust doesn’t know gender, lust only knows relieve.” The whispers stroke Jake’s cheek, bringing a cool flow across his blushing skin. “I know you are full of lust right now, I can sense your excitement. Your heart is racing, you want this.” A hand softly stroke Jake’s leg. “Your. Lust. Wants. This.” Jake felt his skin warming up with every touch and word. He did want this. He did not know why, but he did want it to happen. Jake turned to the stranger, trying to force out an answer. “Y yes I I do want this.“
Slowly he raised to his feet, being lead by the stranger. “Where shall we take this Jake?” In a haze of lust Jake slowly looked around, finally settling his gaze on the frontdoor. “Ahh, a good call. Come we shall find us a spot among the other hormone filled teens.” Both walked inside, stopping in the hall. In the kitchen Jake could hear heavy breathing from Michael and the girl. From the livingroom came more sounds of lust, seeming to be filling the whole house. “It looks like we are not the only ones who seek lust’s relieve.” The stranger pointed at the stairs leading up. “Shall we see if there is some room for us?” Jake just nodded and walked on in his lustfull haze. Three doors were closed, hiding more teens giving in to their emotions. A forth door was slightly ajar, giving view to an empty bed. Now it was Jake who took lead, grasping the stranger’s hand and pulling him towards his goal. He felt a mouth closing in to his ear whispering softly “Are you sure you want this?” Jake nodded and sat down. “Just take it slowly, not sure on how this works.” The stranger chuckled again “Never wondered?” he slowly sat down next to Jake “… not even once?” A quick flash of Michael in the gymshower at school came to mind, the soapy water flowing down his toned body. “Maybe…” The stranger leaned in closer “well then lets see if we can make those thoughts reality.” Jake felt cold lips touching him behind the ear, then sliding down to his neck. A shiver went down his spine as he waited for what came next. “Relax, enjoy it.” The door which still was slightly ajar, opened fully as two teens walked in giggling. Shocked by the sudden spectators Jake looked at the open door. “Jake? Is that you?” The voice sounded familiar, but it took him a moment to place. “Lisa?” Behind Lisa a tall guy looked at both Jake and the stranger, he knew it was Michael’s cousin. “Who’s that on my bed! Piss off!” Jake stumbled to get on his feet. “Yo pretty tits, unless you want to join in with me, you better follow your boyfriend and piss off.” The stranger turned to face them, with a fake smile. “Sorry to say, but I don’t like sharing.” “Wait… what? You are a BOTH guys?” Barry started laughing mockingly “Jake, I always knew you were a sissy. But for you to actually being a fag” Jake stood for a moment “it’s… it’s … not what it… it…”, he pushed past both Lisa and Barry. “I need some air.” Aimlessly Jake opened random doors, trying to find a way outside. Every room he entered had either two or three teens indulging their desires, most not even noticing Jake. Finally he found a door leading to a balcony and the cool fresh air he needed so much.
Trying to wrap his mind on what just happened, looking out in to the night. “I am not gay.” Jake spoke to no one “BUT… if I’m not, then why… “ For a second time that evening Jake got startled by a door swinging open. Michael walked onto the balcony followed by Barry and a few others. “Is it true?” he pointed in disbelieve at Jake “… did Barry caught you with a guy in his room?” Jake felt his heart racing, words got stuck in his throat. Although Michael never flat out told anyone, he knew him to be homophobic. An insulting slang here and their, a disgusted look whenever he see two guys holding hands. “IS IT TRUE!?” Michael came in close, trying to swing at his best friend. Anger and fear for the unknown getting the best of him. More luck than anything else, Jake dodged the fist. “Tell me, are you one of those filthy fags.” Jake tried to dodge another swing, but stumbled over his own feet. Hitting the rail with his back, he felt the fist scrape his cheek. The next few punches did fully find their target, hitting him in the chest and face. Michael went in to nothing short of a rage, all the while repeating his questions “TELL ME! ARE YOU!” Jake felt the railing cracking under the force which was on it. With a loud noise it finally gave way, releasing it’s support on Jake. As in slow-motion he saw Michael jumping back, the look of rage making way for that of shock. Weightlessness for a few seconds, then a loud thud and breaking bones. Before Jake gave in to the darkness, he saw the face of the stranger. “Well “ a short sigh paused him for a moment “… I guess your release from lust will have to wait.”

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