Titcage (Chapter 27)

Chapter 27

Claire couldn’t believe how different her life had become since she started working at Titcage. Everything she did was different now, and yet she was used to it. Two weeks had passed since her parents had broken up, and she had now completed all the requirements for S grade, and was waiting on confirmation that she had achieved the new, higher status.

Her new requirements were:

S Grade
- Tits are at least a D cup.
- Once a week has a seven-hour stretch while awake during which either her nipples or pussy are never concealed by clothing.
- Spends at least three hours a week outdoors or in public with her tits and/or twat exposed.
- Exposes either tits or twat to each other person who lives in her house once a week.
Attitude & Obedience:
- Asks father or other male relative to physically discipline her whenever she acts like a slut.
- Keeps diary of her sexual activity and sexual thoughts which is publicly accessible (website, or unlocked book kept in public place).
- Spends two hours a week crawling on all fours.
- Once a day when carrying an item from place to place, carries it in her cunt.
- Has drunk a full cup of her own piss.
- Once a fortnight pours a half-cup of piss over her hair, into her panties, or over her shirt before meeting company.
- Masturbates to verge of orgasm (naked) each weekday after leaving house and before arriving at work. During this masturbation she uses her slut juices to completely oil her tits with fuck nectar.
- Masturbates while another girl watches at least twice a week.
Treatment of Sluts:
- Tongue kisses a slut at least six days a week.
- Has had her fingers inside another slut’s twat.
- Watches a slut piss twice a week.
Treatment of Men:
- Encourages sexual partners to fuck her without her consent.
- Is fucked in the pussy once a week.
- Sucks cock twice a week.
- Greets close male friends by tongue-kissing them.

Each morning Claire woke up nude next to her equally naked sister, her legs intertwined with Steph’s and their cunts pressed together. Her earbuds would already be going, telling her she was a lezbo slut who liked to be raped, and her clit ring would be buzzing happily, making her pussy wet. She would tongue kiss her sister to wake her up, and then put on her Titcage dog collar and sit down at the computer, still nude.

At the computer she would log the slutty dreams she had had during the night on the Titcage computer, along with the kisses she had given her sister. Then she would go to the bathroom and shower; while she showered she pissed and rubbed her pussy to the verge of orgasm, being sure to taste both her urine and her cunt juices during the process. She would go downstairs and eat breakfast nude while her father watched, then sit on his lap and spread her pussy for his inspection. If it was wet - as it usually was - he would beat her twat with his hands before sending her back upstairs to dress for work.

In her bedroom she’d quickly log her pissing and masturbation on the Titcage system, plus her interactions with her father, and then dress in one of the slutty outfits in her wardrobe. Always short skirts, always tit-emphasing boob-huggers or cleavage-exposers, no panties or bras. She would then set off for work.

Steph worked at Titcage now too, but the girls chose to walk different routes as Claire, at a higher grade, had additional obligations to fulfill. Claire would stop at a park on the way to work, find a quiet secluded corner, and strip naked. Once naked, she would get out one of her pictures of a slut being abused - she carried several now, for variety - and stare at it while masturbating herself to the verge of orgasm. When her pussy was begging to cum and dripping with slut-slime, Claire would start scooping up her pussy juices - bringing the first handful to her lips to taste - and then smearing the sticky cunt nectar over her naked boobs. She would continue until her breasts were shining with whore-honey, then piss (if she felt like she needed to) before re-dressing and continuing on her way

Three times now she had been seen by passers-by while going through this routine. Each time Claire had gone bright crimson and wanted to die, but nevertheless kept masturbating as they watched. Once she had had to beg a small boy not to take pictures of her on his phone, even while continuing to rub her twat.

By the time Claire reached work each day she was usually not thinking clearly. Her pussy was aching and dripping, her face was flushed, and all she could think about was how much she needed to cum. She would report to Michael and moan sluttily as he made her stick some kind of object up her cunt, or clip something to her labia, to be her “panties”. He didn’t tase her; she’d got her grades up from her sexual partners to an acceptable level, for which she was grateful. Then she’d kneel in front of him and suck his cock until he came in her mouth, before heading to her desk.

She didn’t get much work done these days. Most of her day was spent sucking on the cocks of her co-workers, or being dragged into the toilets by Sluthole to drink her piss and lick her twat. Claire would just sit there, shackled to her seat by her clitoris, her ring buzzing against her pussy, while men stuck their dicks in her mouth, grabbed her hair, and jerked her face up and down on their cock until they came. Some would then piss in her mouth; others wouldn’t.

Her first orgasm would usually come mid-morning when the buzzing of the ring against her twat would finally set her off; she’d moan sluttily around some guy’s dick and start to shudder as the pleasure ran through her. She’d normally have a second orgasm mid afternoon; sometimes it would be fingering her fuckhole in the bathroom while she pissed, but more often she’d grab one of the lower-rank girls and rape her, sometimes even out in the public corridors if there didn’t seem to be too many people around, grabbing the girl, forcing her to her knees, and using her. Claire would rub her twat against the crying slut’s face, using her like an object, until she reached orgasm.

Claire’s relationship with the men in the office had advanced somewhat; a week ago she’d had to stand up in front of everyone and explain that, for those she had a sexual relationship with, she would feel really grateful if people wouldn’t worry about her consent when they wanted to use her. Since then most of the men would just grab her whenever they wanted to fuck her mouth.

Jim fucked more than her mouth now; during a passionate session of cocksucking in the break room one afternoon, Jim had pulled out of her mouth, helped her to her feet, raised her skirt, and pushed his cock into her vagina. It was the first time Claire had had a cock in her pussy, and she started to object, but then Jim kissed her on the lips and all she could do was moan sluttily into his mouth. It felt so good having the warm, hard dick inside her, and she enthusiastically bucked her hips against it until he came.

Afterward she felt terrible. He left her with cum dribbling out of her pussy, and she had to run to the bathroom to clean herself up, hoping nobody noticed. And she was freaked out about the risk of pregnancy. What if he knocked her up? She was on birth control but she knew it wasn’t 100% effective. She had to cry for a little while before she could go back out to work.

But then every day after that Jim had repeated the event, finding her somewhere, pushing her against a wall, and sliding his cock into her slut-tunnel. And every time it felt great. Claire couldn’t help herself. She loved being fucked by Jim, even though it was happening in places where people might see her, even though he was cumming in her unprotected snatch. The second time it happened, she remembered things her tapes and told her, and when he pulled out after cumming she knelt in front of him and licked his cock clean. It tasted of a pleasant mixture of his semen and her cunt juices.

She had had to have a talk with Jim, per her Titcage rules. She told him that she liked fucking him and he was good at pleasing her slutty twat. She told him that if she didn’t please him sexually he should slap or spank her. And she reminded him that he didn’t need her consent to use her and that she fantasised about being raped.

‘You’re the best slut I’ve ever used, Fucktwat,’ Jim replied, and patted her on the head. It was the best feeling Claire had ever experienced, and she felt warm all over.

Steph was settling in nicely to the office now too. She was an X grade, aiming for W grade. She dressed sexily for work, with a short skirt and no panties, and she’d been given the Titcage name of Cuntcandy. She had taken to the toileting much better than Claire had, and seemed to have no problem urinating standing up in front of other girls. She was more worried about the men; she had seen Claire spending her day sucking cocks and was worried that she’d be made to service males as well. ‘But I’m a lesbian, Claire,’ she had explained urgently. Claire only shrugged; she’d thought that she herself was straight, but here she was licking Sluthole’s pussy every day. She was too confused by her own situation to worry about her sister having to swing both ways. Like Claire, Steph had earbuds, and when Claire was close to Steph she could hear them telling Steph how much Steph liked sucking cocks and drinking cum.

After work, Claire would now hang out with Kitten every day, to meet the rest of her obligations. Kitten would drive the two girls to Kitten’s house - both of them naked in the car of course - and then they would hang out nude in Kitten’s backyard. The nudity outdoors helped Claire fulfill her obligations in that regard, and she would usually piss while out there, standing up, rubbing her cunt and sampling the taste of her urine as it trickled down her legs while Kitten watched. Then Kitten would piss and masturbate, and Claire would be the one to watch.

A week ago Kitten had had her piss into a cup and then drink it, to meet her new requirements. Kitten was keen to tell Claire not to do it again though; drinking too much of your own piss would concentrate it inside you and would be dangerous. Claire initially couldn’t drink her own piss - it made her cough and choke - but Kitten pointed out it was just psychological, as she was already drinking urine from sluts and men, and suggested that she rub her pussy while she sipped. It helped - fingering her pussy took her mind off what she was doing, and she had been able to gulp down the whole cup of urine.

When necessary the two girls would use this time to shave each other’s cunts. More often they would just kiss and finger each other’s twats, often to orgasm. Claire loved this time; it felt warm and loving in a way that sucking cocks at work did not. She felt safe with Kitten, and more importantly she felt that her slutty, humiliating lifestyle was somehow normal or special - something she shared with the other girl.

Sometimes after they both came Kitten would playfully pinch Claire’s clitoris and say that she was disciplining Claire for not satisfying her, as Claire had asked her to do. These occasions made Claire feel good in a confusing way; but she wished Kitten would do more, and actually spank her cunt or hit her. Claire would sometimes respond by lightly smacking Kitten’s bottom while they both giggled.

Being nude outside was not entirely safe; Claire had almost had a heart attack the first few times Kitten’s father had come across them both nude in the backyard. But he didn’t seem to mind; and he minded less after Kitten led him across to a paralysed, humiliated Claire, extracted his cock from his trousers, and placed it in Claire’s mouth. Claire sucked reflexively, not knowing what to do, until he came in her mouth. She swallowed his cum, and he patted her on the head and called her a good girl.

‘A good slut,’ she found herself saying, not knowing what she was doing. ‘I’m a good slut.’

He smiled, tucking his cock back in his pants. ‘You are, at that. You look after my daughter, hear?’

Now she often sucked the cock of Kitten’s father when she visited. It felt strange but he was nice to her and she felt guilty about being so slutty in his backyard and liked being able to make it up to him.

Several times a week Kitten would invite boys around after work. The purpose of this was entirely to improve their fuck ratings at work. Claire and Kitten would suck the boys’ cocks, and then the boys would log onto the Titcage system and rate the girls as exceptional. They were kinder than the men at work - who still seemed to take pleasure in saying the girls were terrible at being sluts - and they kept Claire from having her pussy tasered, which was what was important. The boys never wanted to socialise; they would turn up, Claire would give them a standing nude hug and a lingering kiss on the mouth (per her requirements) and then would push her to knees, stick their cock in her mouth, fuck her face till they came, and then leave. It made Claire feel bad, and insecure, and she couldn’t believe how many dicks she was sucking every day, but it was all necessary to get by at work, and there was always Kitten to hug her afterwards and tell her how pretty and sexy she was. Kitten said she had been careful to pick boys would take what they were offered and no more - she didn’t want Claire to be raped until she was ready for it - and Claire was grateful for that.

Claire was required once a day to carry an item in her cunt, and she usually did this at Kitten’s, bring Kitten a fresh bottle of cordial snugged inside her twat, or shoving Kitten’s mobile phone into her beaver to carry it to Kitten when Kitten wanted to make a call. It felt strange using her cunt in this way. Strange, but right. Plus she really liked the feel of Kitten pulling the objects out of her pussy. It made her tingle sluttily.

As evening fell, Kitten would drive Claire home. Often when Claire got home she found Ben there waiting for her. Her relationship with Ben had developed as well. He claimed to have fallen in love with her; when he saw her arriving home nude, he would scoop her up and carry her up to her bedroom.

There, he would stick his cock in her mouth, while telling her how pretty she was, and have her suck on it for a while. Then he’d pull out, lie her down on the bed, climb on top, and fuck her pussy till he came. Claire wished he wouldn’t - she was generally all orgasmed-out after Kitten - but she wasn’t allowed to object or suggest she didn’t want it.

He’d fuck her until he came in her pussy, then pull his dick out again, put it back in her mouth, and piss while she licked his cock clean. Once he’d emptied his bladder and she’d drunk all his urine, he’d climb off her and get her to tell him about her day at Titcage. He would move her hand to her pussy so she could masturbate while she described her degradations. When she was done, he’d express concern at what a slut she was becoming, and then ‘help’ her remember to be good by either spanking her cunt for a while, or taking off his belt and whipping her tits with it.

‘This isn’t you, Fucktwat,’ he’d say. ‘You have to remember how to be a nice girl again instead of a degraded slut who likes being raped.’ She would cry from the beating, and then he would hold her and kiss her and tell her again that he loved her. She’s kiss him back, just grateful for the affection. She thought maybe she was falling in love with Ben. He was the only one who cared about helping her not be a slut.

Whether Ben visited or not, though, she would spend the night naked, helping Steph cook dinner while their father watched with an obvious erection. At some point in the evening their father would beat each of their cunts as a punishment for their sluttiness. They would eat nude at the table, then clean up, go upstairs, and shower (and piss and masturbate). Claire would log the rest of her day on the Titcage website, then the girls would climb into bed, and almost inevitably start to kiss and rub their pussies together until they orgasmed and fell asleep.

On the weekends the girls would do the household chores completely nude, the windows open to expose them to passers-by on the street. Claire would generally set aside two hours on a Saturday to crawl around the house on all fours like a dog, per her requirements. Sometimes Ben would come around in the afternoon to fuck Claire; sometimes Kitten would visit in the evenings to have dinner, which always involved licking both girls to orgasm and then fucking their father.

Sundays were the worst of all, though, as they were the days Claire had set aside to make a new friend. Her rules required a constant stream of new men to see her nude and touch her body, so on Sundays she would go out to cafes during the day, dressed in her normal slutty way, and try and meet a new boy. Once she got a boy’s attention and had him talking to her, she’d expose one of her tits, trying to make sure no-one at the café could see it except the boy she was talking to, and then ask him if he’d like to touch it. Normally they would; sometimes, though, they’d be disgusted and leave. Claire had so far been successful each time she went out at quickly finding a boy; she figured if she hadn’t found one by night she would have to try in bars, which scared her as she felt much less safe and in control in an environment with alcohol. After the boys touched her tits, she’d usually thank them for touching her, and then find an excuse to leave. Last week, though, she’d fulfilled her requirement to wet herself once a month by gradually relaxing her bladder as the boy played with her boob, pissing under the table while her tits were fondled. It had taken her seemingly forever; her bladder didn’t want to let go. It felt strange and wrong to be pissing sitting down after all these weeks of urinating standing up; it also felt wrong to be wearing clothes, and not touching her pussy. But she managed it, wetting herself enthusiastically while staring into the boy’s eyes and breathing heavily. The boy hadn’t even noticed the puddle under the table or the fact that the back of her skirt was wet as she walked away.

She’d never have believed she would ever be able to deliberately wet herself while a strange boy fondled her exposed tits in public, but now she had. That was the sort of slut she had become.

She had one more task to fulfill for her S-grade, and on the most recent weekend she had achieved it. She had pour a cup of her own piss into her hair, shirt, or panties before meeting company. She had invited over three boys from her school - boys she knew, but didn’t really like that much anyway. She figured her panties would be the least humiliating place to have piss, but she wasn’t allowed to wear any unless told to by a man. She managed to get her father to instruct her to wear knickers for the night, but he beat her cunt again for needing to be told. Then she dressed sluttily, pissed in a cup, and then stood in the bathtub and tipped the warm urine into her underwear.

Her panties were instantly soaked, becoming warm and wet. At almost the same time, her visitors arrived, so she went down to meet them.

They didn’t appear to notice the smell of piss coming from her, or the yellow fluid running down her inner thighs. Their eyes were fixed on her sluttily-presented tits. She gave each of them a hug and a lingering tongue kiss, and then led them into the backyard. There, she told each of them she was glad to be seeing them again, and that she liked them and thought they were handsome. She talked about how she fantasised about being raped. She knew she was teasing the boys and had figured she would give each a blowjob before they left, but she never got that far. No sooner had she told the boys they could use her without her consent, then one (Jeb) stepped forward and pulled off her skirt. She gasped, and gasped again as he ripped off her panties, apparently not noticing they were wet.

‘We always knew you were a slut,’ he said. ‘I’m so glad you’re finally honest about it.’ He pushed her back against a tree, stuck his cock in her pussy, and began to rape her, as the other two boys cheered. After he came, Claire fell to all fours, stunned. The other two boys pulled off her top, leaving her nude, with her tits and cunt exposed, and then one knelt in front of her, jamming his cock in her mouth, while the other knelt between her legs and slid his dick into her pussy. The one fucking her mouth used one hand to grab her hair and control her head, while he used the other to reach under her and pull and pinch her tits. The one behind her spanked her ass rhythmnically as he raped her twat.

When the both came, the stepped away from her, and Claire fell sprawled on the ground, cum leaking from her mouth and pussy. They thanked her, laughing, and then left. Claire just lay there. She had been raped. She had been raped. A good girl would call the police. Claire wasn’t a good girl, though. She was a slut. She was a slut who, her earbuds had been telling her for weeks, liked being raped. Claire didn’t feel like she liked it. She felt like crying. But she knew that she must have liked it, because her earbuds always told her she did, in her own voice. She was a slut. Sluts didn’t call the police. What did sluts do?

She knew. She reached down and started to masturbate while she cried. She scooped the cum out of her pussy and brought it to her lips to eat, and then went back to masturbating, fingering her twat, eating her rapists’ cum, and crying until she orgasmed.

The next day at work Michael told her she’d graduated to S rank. He gave her a new ID.

“Name: Fucktwat. Tits: 34DD, real. Cunt capacity: 1.2 litres. Milk production: - Fertility: - Fuck grade: B Rank S."

“We’ll need to test your fertility soon,” he said. “But this week we’re doing something different. We know you’re very committed to your rank requirements, but we feel that they’re fairly easy to complete here at Titcage. We want to make sure you know what they mean before you advance any further, so we’ve arranged a different job for you for a week.”

“What do you mean?” asked Claire warily.

“You’ll be working at a fast food outlet for a week. We’ve arranged a job for you. They don’t know about how Titcage works. They don’t know what a slut you are. You just need to do that job for a week, while meeting all your requirements. You should consider this week to be an entire month for the purpose of your “once a week, once a fortnight, once a month” requirements. If you can get through the week, we’ll see about moving you on to some more interesting work here at Titcage.”

(To be continued)

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