My new submissive family

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Sub-Family: Part 1

I am sitting here in a restaurant drinking coffee thinking about the events that are about to transcribe. This is not a random choice but several years work. I have been using some of my vacation working on this project. I had earned lots of vacation and was able to take a full month off.
I chose this northern city because it is away from my home, so no one knows me here. I am several blocks away from the family whose lives are about to be redirected. They were chosen, watched, tracked, monitored, and dissected. I have learned as much as I need to learn their patterns, their movements, weaknesses, and strengths. They would be the ideal poster American family. They have no idea that tonight their lives will be under my complete control.

Let me introduce you to them:
First there is Tom: age 42, 5’8”, average build, short brown hair and very conservative. He is an accountant. Although he has a computer and cell phone, he doesn’t like them and uses them for work only. Personality is dominant and controlling.

Mary: Age 40, 5’5”, petite, long black hair, Medium breasts (about B cup). She looks like she is part Asian. She takes good care of her body. She jogs several times a week. She doesn’t have a job since Tom thinks keeping up with their daughters is enough. Personality is submissive and emotional. Tom and Mary have been married for about 19 years. Mary is also having a secret affair.

Stacey: Age 16, 5’4, slender and athletic. Short black hair and built a little bit more than Mary, loves track and runs constantly. Although she has a boyfriend, she is very focused on her studies and track. Her personality is dominant. She is headstrong and bossy (just ask Anna).

Anna: Age 14, 5’, slender, long black hair and has small breasts. She loves to dance. She has been taking gymnastics and ballet for few years. Although she looks up to Stacey, Stacey’s dominance has made Anna timid.

Lisa: Age 8, 4’4”, average build, long dark brown hair. Loves to have Mary put her hair in Pony-tails. She is fun loving and very inquisitive, your typical child.

It is Friday afternoon and school is about to break. Tom and Mary have been planning a family vacation. They are planning on driving their RV south for 3 weeks. Mary has been packing for several days. They are looking to leave early in the morning to beat the traffic and the snow front.
I head back to my hotel and finish my last minute preparations and grab a nap. I woke up around 7:00 PM. Time to get moving. I grab my bag of essentials (a couple taizers, a pistol, a knife, a white sheet, some duct tape, and rope), check out and head into the cold. It is snowing quite hard so it is hard for people to see me. As I get close to the house, there are a couple bushes out-front. As I approach the bushes, I take out the white sheet; cover myself, as I appear to disappear into them. I kneel down to watch for the right time to proceed.

Not long after I arrive, Tom and Mary start walking back and forth loading items into the RV. They are using the front door and leaving just the storm door shut. I heard Tom telling Anna that she needs to get ready for bed since tomorrow is going to be an early morning. Stacey shouted at Anna not to hog all the hot water.
I waited about another 30 minutes and then the moment arrived. Mary had just brought out a bag and was heading back in while Tom was bringing out a box. He commented that there was another bag in the bedroom and asked her if she would bring it down while he finishes organizing a few things. As soon as Tom entered the RV and Mary entered the house I leapt from the bushes and headed to the RV.

Tom was in the back and didn’t even look to see who it was when I entered. I walked right up to him, placed the taizer on his shoulder, pressed the trigger and zapped him. I laid him on the sofa, tied and taped his mouth shut, and moved behind the passenger chair to wait for Mary. I didn’t have to wait long. As Mary entered the RV, placing a bag onto the table, I came out from behind the passenger seat. Mary saw Tom and gasped just before she was zapped. I tied Mary up and taped her mouth shut. I have a few minutes before Tom and Mary would awaken from their unconscious state. Now I needed to secure the rest of the family.

As I walk into the front door, I listened and heard the shower running. That should be Stacey. I came up the stairs and to the right at the end of the hall are the rooms of Anna and Lisa. To the left is the bathroom and Stacey’s room. I have my taizer ready and enter Anna’s room. I quickly walk over to her bed, hit her with the taizer and tie her up. Then I head into Lisa’s room. She is sleeping soundly so I am able to just place the tape over her mouth and tie her up.

As I head down the hall, I hear Stacey cut off the water. I head into Stacey’s room to wait for her. As soon as Stacey entered her room I hit her with the taser. Her head and her body were wrapped in a towel. When she slumped to the floor her towel opened up and I got my first look at the body that is now in my control. Her beautiful pert tits, sparsely haired pussy, her soft skin and firm body beckoned me to ravage. As she will soon find out, I am in control and I have an agenda. I quickly dressed her in a set of sweats, tie her up and gag her.

I move everyone into the living room. I place Tom in the center and tie the girls to him in various positions so that if he moves wrong, he would hurt the girls. I place pillow sacks over the girls’ heads so that they can’t see me. I sit Mary next to a chair at my feet and wait for everyone to awaken. After everyone awakens, I tell them that I am there to rob them and as long as everyone does as I say, I will leave the house. I go thru the house looking for cash. I then tell Mary that she is going to take me to the bank for her to use the ATM to pull out some more cash.

I pick Mary up and grab her keys and ATM card and we head to bank. After we withdrew as much as we could we headed back to the house. When we park in the garage and the garage door has closed, I opened the car door, pulled her out and lean her over the trunk the car. I grabbed her hands and held them behind her back and placed my hand over her mouth. Things had gone so smoothly that I was ahead of schedule so I figured I would have a little something special.

I whispered into Mary’s ear “We have a little extra time for us to have some fun!”

Mary starts to shake and says “Please don’t hurt me”

“Do what I want, and I won’t tell Tom about your little rendezvous with Jack twice a week”

Mary’s eyes open wide in shock “Bbbbut, How?”

“I have been watching. Tom doesn’t know you interrupt your morning runs to get your brains fucked out by a young stud. Hehe.”

“Wwwhat do you wwwant?” Mary stuttered.

“You’re going to suck my cock and then spread those legs of yours and I am going to fuck you. You’re going to make it enjoyable for me because if I don’t enjoy myself, I might just have to indulge myself on, oh I don’t know, maybe Stacey?”

“Please don’t hurt my girls. I will do what ever you want.”

I pulled my semi-hard cock from my pants. I grabbed Mary’s hair, pulled her towards my crotch, and placed the tip at her parted lips. She started to crudely suck on the head, as if that was sufficient.

I said, “You had better start working that cock a lot better or Stacey’s ass is going to get a workout. And use your other hand to start working up your pussy because I don’t want to fuck a dry pussy!”

Mary started to suck my cock a little more enthusiastically. She was licking and sucking up and down my cock. Despite her start, she turned out to be an expert cock sucker. Several times she would pull my cock deep into her throat where her lips were touching the base. Her other hand went under her dress towards her pussy.

I lifted her dress to watch. Her hand was feverishly digging into her hairy bush. It is amazing what people will do when properly motivated. As for that bush, when I get them home, that hair will have to be removed.
When my cock had gotten hard enough and I noticed that her hands were starting to glisten with pussy juice, I stood Mary up, lifted up her dress and told her give me her panties. When she gave them to me, I put them in my pocket. I leaned her over the trunk, lifted her dress, and placed the tip of my cock on her pussy. I started to rub my cock in her crack rubbing between her pussy and anus.

“Let’s see, which hole should I fuck? Ass, pussy, ass, pussy”

Every time my cock rubbed her butt hole, Mary would hold her breath. Her ass would be better used at another time. When my cock was lined up with her pussy, after several passes back and forth, I shoved my cock in about half way. Mary jumped in surprised but relief when I entered her. I pulled my cock out to the head and rammed it in all the way. For someone who has given birth three times, her pussy was pretty tight.

I started to fuck her slowly at first. As I picked up the tempo, Mary started to push pack with me. Soon I was pumping away furiously at her pussy. I could feel myself starting to come. I could also feel Mary’s breathing picking up. As soon as I shot my load, I pulled out. Mary froze when I abruptly removed myself. I could tell Mary was on the verge of an orgasm but I didn’t want her to orgasm yet.

Mary started to reach down between her legs, but I grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back. I reached down between her legs and scooped some of cum from her cunt and had her lick it off of my hand.
‘That was good enough for now” I whispered in her ear as I placed tape over her mouth. Her eyes looking at me with questions yet unanswered.

I looked at my watch and decided I had best get back to work. I had people to pack and places to go. I brought Mary back into the living room and placed her on the floor behind Tom. I tied her legs up and went to collect any last items we needed. Mary and Stacey had some great sexy clothes and a couple hidden toys that will come in handy. After collecting the items; I packed them into their RV.

I walked into the living room and started to get them ready to move.

“I have decided to take you all with me for a little insurance. You do as I say and keep the covers over the girls heads, everyone will survive. You understand?”

Tom and Mary both looked up at me and shook their heads yes.

Starting with the kids, one at a time I would untie them, move them to the back of the RV and then tie them back up. I hung a sheet between the back of the RV and the front. Then I grabbed Tom, loosened his legs, walked him to the RV and tied him to the table. Then brought Mary out to the RV and tied her to the other side of the table. I locked up the house. It was 3:00 am and it was time to hit the road before they start closing the roads out of town.

We headed south, stopping for gas a couple times. It was about midnight that night we got to an abandon farm. I had a van hidden there. Inside the van I had five wooden boxes, one for everyone, each just large enough for them to lie down in. I was tired and hungry, so I thought we would eat then grab a little shuteye. I untied Mary and had her make up some sandwiches for everyone to eat. While she was making the sandwiches, she tried to hide a knife.

“And what are you planning on doing with that knife?” I said.

As she tried to grab for the knife, I quickly grabbed her wrist. With the other hand I reach in to the hiding place and pulled the knife out and moved it up to her neck.

“You weren’t thinking of hurting me or trying to escape were you? Guess I will have to remove your ability to hide things. Remove all your clothes NOW!”

As she was striping, I pulled out her panties from my pocket. “At least you won’t have to remove these!” as I tossed them towards Tom. “She was great in the garage.”

Tom looked over at her, but Mary kept her eyes away. Tom looked back at me in anger.

When she had stripped, I had her finish making dinner and several sandwiches each for the next day.
“Go in the back and feed the kids and take them to the bathroom. You will remove the hoods, feed them and when they are done, you will place the hood back over their heads. You are not to say a word. When you are done, tie them back up. Don’t try anything stupid since I will be watching.”

After the kids were fed, I had her feed Tom and let her eat. Time to get everyone prepared for the night.
After I tied Mary back up and taped both of their mouths shut I said “I will be putting each of you inside a box. The boxes are ventilated so you won’t suffocate. I am also placing a couple sandwiches and some water in the box with you. You can scream, shout, cry or what ever you want to do, but you will not be able to escape. You will remain in the box for about a day or two until we reach our final destination.”

I first moved Tom out of the RV to his box first, then the girls. After they were safely locked into their boxes, I untied Mary and had her make up the RVs bed.

“Aren’t you going to put me in a box?” Mary asked.

I chuckled when I said “Nope, I am going to be inside your box! You’re staying here with me tonight. I need you to keep me warm. You will get into your box in the morning.”

“No please don’t”

“Should I just grab Stacey or Anna or I bet little Lisa wouldn’t put up much of a fight if I fuck her for the night?”
Mary’s eyes got large from shock of my statement and then she lowered her head and said “Please don’t hurt my girls, I will do what ever you want.”

“I know you will, so hurry up and get our bed ready.”

I enjoyed watching the naked Mary scurrying around the RV getting the sheets, blankets and pillows. While I was watching her, she tried to keep her privates covered, but damn she has a good looking body. I got myself undressed. My cock is starting to get hard.

Mary walked past me with a couple pillows and I grab her and push her to her knees.

“Start sucking my cock and playing with your pussy! I still don’t like dry pussy.”

She started to suck just like she hadn’t stopped. Her other hand went right down to her cunt and started to finger fuck herself. It didn’t take long for my cock to get rock hard so I stood her up and leaned her over the bed, pointed my cock at her pussy and slammed it home.

At first, Mary just stood there and let me fuck her hard, but soon, she started to push back. She was enjoying the good, hard fucking that I was giving her. I didn’t want her to have too much fun so I decided I needed to have a change of holes.

I pulled my glistening cock out of her pussy and pointed it against her asshole.

“NO, NO, I have never!” as she tried to raise her ass to redirect me back to her pussy.

“Well guess it is time you learn or should I teach one of the kids first? Which is it going to be? Your ass or do I get to pick one of the girls?”

I pulled my cock away from her ass and I sat down. “Tell you what. I will even let you take your own pace. You get over here and slide your ass on my cock or I tie you up and you watch me fuck Anna’s tight little ass.”

Mary looked at my hard wet cock and swallowed hard. “Yes sir”

I pointed at a small bottle of oil for her to use. She poured some on her hand and spread it on my cock and on her ass. I suppose I should have told her to push some of the oil in her ass, but what would the fun be in that. She turned around and bent over to place my cock at her puckered hole. She started putting her weight down trying to force the head past the sphincter, but every time she almost got it, she would let up.

“I can’t, it won’t fit. Your cock is too big.” she said crying

I mockingly said “Come here Anna, Come to daddy and get this big cock shoved up that tight little virgin ass of yours!”

Mary quickly looked at me. “No please. Let me try again”

“You had better hurry, if you let my cock go soft, Anna’s ass is mine!”

Mary moved with determination. She placed my cock at the anus and started to push again. Just when the head just started to spread her sphincter, she whispered to herself. “Not this time” and released all her weight down on my cock. Mary grunted loudly and froze as my cock entered her virgin ass. Mary felt as if she was getting ripped in half. She looked down to see that the cock was only about a quarter way in.

Memories of loosing her virginity raced through her head, but this was much more intense.

Mary started to move up and down very slowly, trying to work this cock farther in. She knew that if she didn’t please her abductor that he would hurt her children. She thought that if she were to wear him out then her children would be safe.

Mary’s ass was so tight. She was gripping my cock like a vice. She slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her ass until she had all of it in. She started to slide the whole length in and out slowly, but I had other ideas.

I pulled my cock out and stood her up, bent her over the bed. “I let you set the pace initially, but now I am back in control!”

I placed the head of my cock at her anal opening and shoved it in all the way. I started to slam my cock back and forth with force. My balls were slapping against her pussy lips. I knew, with an ass this tight, I wasn’t going to last long. After a few minutes of hammering her ass, I unloaded in her anal cavity.

I pulled out and spun her around placing my semi hard cock at her lips. “Clean it off Bitch!”

“But it” was all she got out when I slapped her.

“NOW, wrap your lips around my cock and clean it off!”

She opened her mouth and started to lick cum and shit off of my cock. Several times she started to gag on the taste. When she finished I had her brush her teeth. I tied her to the bed and curled up next to her.

As I drifted off to sleep, I kept thinking one more day of travel then everyone starts their training.

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