Becoming My Best Friend's Crush Ch. 03

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I had to open my mouth very wide to fit my lips all the way around the swollen head. I wondered how I’d ever fit the immense girth of it into my mouth, but by the time I’d even thought about it, I found his cock had already slid halfway down my throat! Again, it was muscle memory - Natalia knew how to suck a dick alright - I was a pro.

“Oh my god!” Jake said as I swallowed another inch, my chin now resting against his kiwi-sized balls, nose nestled in his patch of curly pubic hair. I was holding onto his hips trying to force even more of it in, and then finally came up for air, stroking his spit slicked member and looking up into his eyes.

“You like that Jake?” I asked, seeing a look of stunned amazement on his face.

“I-I’ve never felt anything like it.” He responded.

I smiled, proud of my newly discovered skill, took a deep breath, and lowered my face back into his lap. This time I licked the slab of meat all over, from the base of the shaft to the tip as though it were an ice-cream cone, play gently kissing the spot right below the head and letting my tongue flick against it. He shuddered and groaned delightedly, putting his strong hands on the back of my head. I knew what that meant, and I obeyed - opening my mouth and taking him in again, bobbing up and down, swirling my tongue around the spongy head before taking him in deeper, and deeper still, savoring the salty taste of his ever-flowing pre-cum.

I felt his hips move involuntarily, pushing further in, and I could tell it tookeffort and restraint for him not to start thrusting wildly into my mouth. It was nice of him to hold back, but by this point I knew I could take it, and, not only that, I was craving it. I wanted to please Jake as much as possible. I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me, then pushed him back, then pulled him into me deeper, showing him that I didn’t mind, and even enjoyed it.

He got the picture and started to thrust gently at first. I moaned, my voice muffled by the fat piece of fuck meat sliding past my lips. Again he grabbed the back of my head and let his hips push into me instinctively, exploring the back of my throat. Somehow I was able to take it, and tried to fit more, more, more!

After I couldn’t take any more I came up for air, again stroking my fist rapidly over his cock.

“I’ve wanted this dick for so long.” I said up to him. A funny look came over his face. I realized Natalia hadn’t known him for as long as Nathan had.

“Or it feels like such a long time to have to wait - I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you.”

His suspicion quickly faded. “Me too girl” he said “it’s better than I’d imagined - it’s weird, I feel such a strong connection to you…I—”

I stood up and started kissing him uncontrollably, feeling that connection as well. He was still sitting on the bench and I had to lean down slightly to kiss him. I had to do something to stop myself from telling him how happy I, Nathan, was to finally be able to enjoy him fully - to show him how I truly felt. He wrapped his big arms around me as we kissed, an embrace full of passion. Then he put his fingers in the waistband of my soaking shorts and drew them down to the floor. I kicked them aside and stood before him, fully naked. I stood there and let him admire me, and then I felt him lifting me up, his hands gripping my ass, still kissing me. I kissed him back as he lowered me now, and, slowly at first, tantalizingly (and mercifully, since it took time to stretch me out) the tip of his cock began to slide into me.

It was like nothing I’d ever felt. Of course I mean that literally - I had this amazing new part of my body and to feel it penetrated and stretched to the apparent max was more pleasure than I could even stand. I placed my feet down on either side of the bench to steady myself and control how his dick slid into me. I looked down, amazed to see it there, veins standing out. The head was now completely hidden past the folds of my lips. I felt short of breath. Then he rested his hands on my ass and urged me onward. “Come on girl, that’s it.”

I moaned as I lowered myself down more, then pulled back, then just a bit more - until I could feel that he was all the way in.

For a moment we remained still like that - he was completely inside me, and I was completely enveloping him. Just for a moment, our eyes met and it was like everything I, Nathan, had been storing up for so long, all my frustrated lust and maddening desire, was released - Jake was mine, at least for this moment.

“I feel like I’ve known you for so long,” he said, our eyes locked on one another. I smiled, knowing that despite the fact that I was in Natalia’s body, it was Nathan making this connection - Nathan whose being was connecting with Jake’s.

He smiled back. Without dropping his gaze, I began to grind on him, sliding my cunt up and down his thick shaft. I began slowly, lifting up until he nearly slid out of me, then bringing my hips back down, and rising again. I began to speed up, eyes still locked on his. “Fuck me Jake,” I said softly to him, and he responded in kind, bucking his hips gently, responding to each bounce of my slick pussy on his impressive fuck rod.

I pulled his hands up to my tits. As he squeezed and kneaded my pleasurably aching breasts, I started to feel cock-crazy, losing control as he began to thrust into me in earnest.

He wrapped his arms around my back and stood up, lifting me into the air. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms around his shoulders, and hung on for the ride as he tossed me up and down on his insanely hard member. I kissed him on the mouth as I began to feel pleasure welling up inside me. My voice had taken on a rhythmic moaning that I couldn’t control.

Jake, maybe sensing I was close, placed me on my back onto the bench, my hips just coming to the edge. He bent his knees and found just the right angle to drive his pleasure wand up into me, deep, hitting a spot that made me nearly black out with ecstasy. He held nothing back now, fucking me as hard as he could. And I, for my part, was possessed - nails dug into the muscular flesh of his back, shoulders, ass, thighs. Hips worked endlessly, mesmerizingly up and down accepting more, ever more of his cock (one day I could fit it all inside, for now it stopped an inch short, and I felt his big balls thwap tinglingly against my puckered asshole with every thrust).

My hands were pulling his hips into me, then pressing against the muscles of his abs and his chest. He grinned at me, sweating. “You like that?” he asked.

“Yeah I fucking like that,” I said back, a retort.

“You want to come?” he said.

“Yeah, I want to come for you Jake.” I said, as though it were an incantation. “Make me fucking come with your big cock, make me come all over that cock,” I said “you’re so hot Jake - make me come, make me come, make me come,” my words deteriorated, my thoughts became nothingness as I descended into pure, gooey pleasure. He didn’t let up - I couldn’t understand where his energy came from. I realized I was screaming. My eyes were now tightly closed, fingers squeezing his muscled ass for dear life, pure pleasure coursing through me in waves. I was still matching him thrust for thrust, our athletic bodies challenging one another to stay in the game even as I heard him begin to moan too. As my orgasm crested I saw the look of pained pleasure contract his face and I felt a sudden need for him. “Let me swallow your come, baby,” I found myself saying. “Quick, pull out and bring me your cock, Jake. I want it.” He looked at me, eyes wide, conflicted. “Come in my mouth!” I found myself yelling, somewhat forcefully.

In nearly one movement he pulled his cock out of my pussy, and walked to my side. I turned my head and accepted his cock into my mouth. He thrust once, twice, and on the third time froze, his voice turning to a guttural grunt. With my left hand I grabbed his ass, pulling him into me, and tickling his asshole with my ring finger. With my right hand I stroked his cock quickly, coaxing out more of that thick white fluid he’d spilled just a little while before.

And then it began to come, even more geyser-like than his first orgasm. I held on as he fucked my mouth involuntarily, bucking and shooting out spurt after spurt which I dutifully swallowed. After several thick gouts of jizz, he began to slow. The thrusts became more spaced out. And then he stopped. I sucked the head and squeezed my hand up the entire length of the shaft, gathering every last drop of his tasty sperm. He opened his eyes and looked down at me, laughing amiably.

I looked up at him. “Mmm, that was good,” I said smiling.

“Yeah,” he said, “This was the best training session I’ve ever had!”


Afterward we lay there in a sweaty stupor, limbs entwined. My phone began to ring. I picked up the phone and looked at the screen. It said “Malik” and a handsome black man’s face smiled at me from the screen. I let it go to voicemail.

Almost immediately, a text came in, also from Malik. “Hey babe - can’t wait to see you. Be there in 15.”

I took a breath. What had I been thinking - of course Natalia had a life filled with other people and obligations, and of course such a gorgeous woman had a boyfriend. And now he was on his way. What would he do if he found me with Jake? I wanted to stay like this forever, but I also recognized that I didn’t want to find myself in a bad situation. I shook Jake awake.

“Listen, I’m really sorry, but we went a little…long, and I have people coming over who can’t see us like this".

Jake looked at me, disappointed for a moment, but then understood. “Okay - cool, no problem.” He stood up and began to get dressed.

I lay there watching him put on underwear, sweatpants, t-shirt, socks, and sneakers. He kissed me, “Natalia - I would love to do this again,” he said to me.

“Me too Jake” I said, looking into his eyes. He held my gaze as though trying to figure out the strange effect we’d had on one another. He began to speak, but I kissed him again, stopping him. Then smiled and said, “Bye Jake.”

Then he closed his eyes as though willing himself to separate from me and answered, “Bye” and began to walk away. I was sad to see him go, but consumed with the joy of having finally savored him completely, in the way I’d always wanted.

As the door closed behind Jake, I took a deep breath, sighed and went to the shower to clean up, my head still swimming.

I wanted to luxuriate in the hot jet of water, but knew I had to hurry and get clean before Malik came. Then I, got out, and began to towel off, reveling in the overall atmosphere of sensuality. And then I heard the door open. I put on my terry cloth robe and walked out, full of trepidation.

As I stepped out of the bathroom I saw, walking towards me, an incredible specimen of a man - tall, black, handsome and ripped in shorts and a small tank top that barely concealed an insanely muscled torso. I breathed in sharply - was this my boyfriend?

It’s hard to describe just how impressive his body was - Jake was incredible, but Malik was like a professional athlete (maybe he was a professional athlete?) who had done nothing but nourish and train his body his whole life.

But I didn’t have much time to admire him as he strode up to me, and immediately began to kiss me on the mouth, pressing me hard against the wall. I was shocked, but understood that Natalia and Malik must know one another intimately. It felt odd at first to kiss a stranger, and to do it so soon after Jake had left, but as I succumbed to his kiss and felt his dick start to harden against me, I let my curiosity get the better of me. I looked up at him “That’s some greeting!” I said with a smile. I also felt Natalia’s body responding in a new and exciting way to Malik’s touch - though I didn’t know him, there was an instant familiarity.

“I haven’t even begun,” he said, slipping his hand into my robe, caressing my breasts and kissing me again. I again felt the pleasure begin to pulse in my clit. Well, he wasn’t Jake but what other choice did I have? If I had to succumb to this man I should at least enjoy it. And Natalia’s body was responding in a way that was undeniable. I reached up to grab the back of his shaven head and pulled it into my chest. I threw back my head in ecstasy as he began to tongue my left nipple. As his fingers began to explore the outer folds of my pussy, I realized that this could be a very fun way to wind up the day. I moaned “oh Malik” as his finger slid into my already primed pussy, and I began to think that maybe, just maybe, the best was yet to come.

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