Claire's Year - Epilouge

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“I’m not down with you, yet,” he said. He buttoned his pants back up. And took her hand. “We’re going home for the grand finale.”


The Master opened her door back up for her. She smiled and got in. When he got in the driver’s side, he undid his pants again. He started to drive, and Claire knew what to do without him saying a word.

She took his dick in her hand started beating him off furiously. Precum was coming out of the tip of the head again.

“I want you so bad,” she said, her hand moving up and down faster as it could go as he drove them home. “Pull over, you can take me right now.” Her other hand was trying it’s damnedest to get her off. But the Master’s needs were her first priority, and it seemed that she couldn’t satisfy both of them at once. “Please, Master,” she begged, leaning down and kissing the head of his dick. “I’m so wet, I’m so horny. I want you in me.”

His dick twitched in her hand, but he didn’t reply. Rather, he sped up, and needle was moving up to eighty.

He pushed the car down the long drive at ninety miles. When it screeched to a stop, he flew out of the car and she did the same. They met at the hood, and she was sitting on it, legs spread. His pants were still undid, as he took her waist and slammed into her their lips met. Their tongue immediately found each other and began to tango.

They thrust their hips together at the same time and pulled apart in unison. He was pounding in and out of her and she couldn’t have wanted him more.

He grabbed around the waist with his strong arms and carried her inside, still kissing. The door was open.

His lips moved down to her neck, she moaned and tangled her fingers through his hair.

“I’ve got one more surprise,” he said, kissing up and down her collar bone, laying her on the couch and slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“You’ve made my life better,” she said, her mouth was dry, like all the fluid in her body was leaking out of her pussy. “What else could you have for me?” She didn’t let him answer, instead her lips found his again for a few minutes. He broke away, kissing her neck again.

“Claire?” two voices said together. Claire’s eyes widened, she pulled completely away from the Master’s lips, though he was still inside her.

She would’ve known those voices out of thousands. After all, how could calire not recognize the voices of two people she’d been living with for a year today.

“Susanna?” Claire said, dumbstruck. “Stella? . . . What’re you doing here?”

“Finishing up your year celebration,” Stella answered.

Susanna hesitated. “Unless . . . You’d rather be alone with the master. We’d understand.”

Claire smiled devilishly. “Come on, you can join us.” They took a few steps forward. “But he can only cum in or on me.” She glanced at the Master. “Unless, that’s not what you want to do.”

“I want whatever you want, Claire,” he whispered in her ear, grazing on it. Her lips parted and she sighed. “This is your day.”

Claire smiled again.

“Let the games begin,” Stella muttered, smiling.

The Master went on pumping Claire again, but both pairs of lips were busy with something else. Claire’s mouth and Susanna’s were locked together, and the Master’s mouth was busy with Susanna’s pussy lips. They were in almost a triangle. Meanwhile, Stella had disappeared.

Claire forgot all about Stella until she felt something ram up her asshole. It was hard and stick and obviously coated with lube. Claire broke away from Susanna to see what that sensation was.

Stella was behind Claire, her hands were traveling up Claire’s body, moving for her tits and rock hard nipples. She started pulling and play with Claire’s breasts immediately.

“What’re you- oh God, Stella!” Claire moaned in pure ecstasy. Stella started pumping the strap on in and out of her ass, the Master- who’d stopped his pumping to make sure Claire was okay with this new addition- started again.

Both were so big! Claire thought she might burst. Stella was fucking her ass like a piston, and the master was twice as fast. Susanna had taken over massaging Claire’s chest and nipples, and Stella’s hands moved to Claire’s ass and thighs. Stella obviously knew what she was doing, Claire’s pussy was getting so tense it almost hurt.

“Oh, fuck me harder!” she screamed. “Tear me apart! Fuck me!”

The Master and Susanna pushed back inside of her at the same time. Stella’s fingers brushed her clit.
Claire’s pussy and ass contracted. The Master started ramming Claire with all his strength. “I’m CUMMING!” Claire moaned. Her hips were thrusting in in unison with the Master’s, and it wasn’t a second later that Claire heard his loud moans over her own and she felt his hot sperm coating her insides.


Susanna and Stella moved away from the other two as they were caught in the hardest orgasm they’d ever had.

A few minutes later, when they’d stopped cumming and both were just panting, Stella and Susanna moved in on Claire. The Master’s dick had fallen a little, but still up farther and most men’s were fully erect.

“Did you like that?” Susanna asked, kissing Claire’s love hole. “Did it feel good?”

“Because now it’s our turn,” Stella said, moving behind Claire and grabbed her tits. Her palms worked Claire’s breasts but her fingers were pinching her nipples.

Claire’s legs wrapped around Susanna’s neck, bringing her closer. Susanna’s tongue was inside her and her thumb was working Claire’s clit. Stella was kissing Claire’s neck and having fun with her tits. Claire was so exhausted.

“I can’t cum again for a while,” she moaned. Stella was giving her the most amazing hickey.

“Then I guess we’ll just have to tease you until you can,” Stella said, her lips moved her Claire’s neck to her ear lobe. Susanna didn’t say anything, she was eating Claire’s pussy like a pro. Claire’s hips were grinding on Susanna’s face, but she didn’t seem to mind.

The Master got up, he stood behind Susanna and starting beating off. His dick was fully erect again within a minute. Claire wanted it back inside her, but Susanna was going such a good job that he couldn’t bear to tell him to start fucking her again.

The Master starting really working. “Just say the word, baby, and you’ll get another shower.”

Claire couldn’t speak, she was lost in lust. She just moaned.

The Master moaned too, and stream after stream of cum shot out of him. It landed on her face, neck and chest. Stella’s hands moved to get the Master’s cum all over her fingers, then she started rubbing it on Claire’s tits.

“Do you like that?” Stella asked, kissing Claire’s neck. “Do you like it when he cums on you? Do you like it when we touch you? Show us how much you like us, Claire.” She pinched Claire’s nipples.

Claire was driven over the edge yet again by Stella’s words. She’d built up stamina over the past year, se was multi-orgasmic and could go for a while. Her hips bucked as Susanna’s tongue lapped away at her flowing juices.

When Claire was worn out again, the Master sent the twins away. Claire lay on the couch with her eyes closed, feeling exhausted and happy. The Master picked her up and laid under her. She smiled. “I love you, Master,” she said.

He stroked her back, a shiver went up her spine. He groped her ass, massaging it. He spread her as cheeks and rubbed his thumb in a circle around it.

“I’ve never really done much with your ass, “ he said, thoughtful. “I’m almost jealous that Stella got to fuck it before me.”

Claire moaned softly as the Master’s thumb made circles on her pucker.

Slowly, his thumb penetrated her. She moans became louder.

“If you want me to, you have to beg,” he said. He thumb started to come out.

“Oh, please Master,” she said, her breath was picking up.

“Please what?”

“Please fuck my tight ass. Tear it up. Oh, please fuck me!” Claire moaned.

“That’s better,” the Master said. His thumb came out of her ass. He flipped her over and guided his dick into her tight ass.

“Holy fuck!” he shouted. “You’re so fucking tight.” Even after being worked by Stella, Claire’s ass was still tight as it would be if it had never been fucked. She started moving her hips up and down slowly, and it got easier with every stroke. His precum was starting to lubricate her insides.

Both of them were moaning and panting. When her ass was lubed and she could move up and down with ease, she started going really fast. Her ass would slam onto his waist then come back up as quickly as it had fallen.

“Oh, fuck! Claire, you’re so fucking good.” The master reached up and started playing with her nipples. “You’re such a good bitch, you’re my tight slut, aren’t you? You’re my dirty whore, I’ll fuck you senseless. You’d fucking like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Claire panted, her hips working up and down as fast as they could. Her clit was on fire. “Can I touch my clit, Master? It’s burning. Holy shit!” Without waiting for a reply, Claire’s hands moved down her stomach to her sopping wet pussy. Her juices were everywhere, they were dripping down and soaking the Master’s balls. Every time she went down, her pussy made a squishy sound.

“I’m touching myself for you, Master,” Claire moaned. “I’m play with my clit, and my pussy is soaked. If you tried to eat my out right now, you’d fucking drown. I’m so wet for you. So fucking wet for you, Master.”

The Master’s hands left Claire’s tits and went to her waist. He was pumping her up and down now, faster than ever. “Oh fuck!” he yelled. “I’m fucking cumming!”

Claire started fingering herself, wanting to cum with her Master. “Oh, oh, oh, oh! Holy shit! I’m fucking CUMMING!” Claire erupted into a massive orgasm. She could feel the master’s load filling her ass. Her juices were dribbling down her inner thighs and dripping onto the Master.

She turned over and kissed her deeply.

“I love you, Master,” she said. “I love you so much.” She kissed his neck, too.

His fingers wound through her hair and he pulled her, gently, back up to his face. He kissed her, his tongue explored her mouth.

“I love you, too,” he said.

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