Wonderful Conference Day 1

Day 1

I was at a conference in myrtle beach and to my surprise so was FA, a married 32 yr old blond from work about 5`1” about 100 lbs..She always walked around with tight tops with perky little tits and tight slacks. Occasionally you could make out her nipples. Shoulder length blond hair,blue eyes,glasses and beautiful lips. Often got the feeling she was flirting but nothing overt. She was married and I was pretty sure had a young kid. I was 42 never married 6`2” about 210lbs.

Well there she is looking at an exhibit with tight white sweater and black pants. I walked up and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned and gave me a huge smile. We talked awhile and discovered she was here by herself for 3 days and coincidentally was staying at the same hotel as me. We talked awhile and I asked if she wanted to have dinner and drinks. My imagination went wild but I had no idea what I was I for. She was the smart nerdy type but because of her nice body was a fantasy of mine during many masturbation scenes.

I met her in the lobby for drinks. Neither of us knew anybody else at the meeting. She had on a tight purple v neck shirt and tight black yoga type pants. We seemed to forget about dinner and had a few drinks and she seemed to be getting a little tipsy. She then surprised me more than I had ever been surprised before. She said “ I have a confession to make. I came to this conference hoping to hook up with you”. “What” I gulped. She explained she was friends of CM, one of many prior married acquaintances of mine.

CM was a crazy 40 yr old that was a wild fuck who was happily married but husband was uninterested in anything except 5 minutes missionary twice a month. She once blew me in a closet at a party she was there with him. I`m guessing FA is in a similar situation and that is why CM told her, because there is no way CM would tell someone who wasn`t safe. I had nothing to hide but fucked a lot of attached women.

I said “Well what did she tell you?” FA looked at me and said “she told me you have a huge package and know how to use it .She said it was her best sex ever and to be honest I really need it bad”. I said “OK,,,,,well what’s next?” She said “ I want to get a bottle of wine and meet you upstairs”. I almost swallowed my tongue. I could not believe what was happening but it got even better than I ever dreamed.

She said she wanted to freshen up so I went to my room for a quick shower. I got to her room and she came to door with a t shirt and gym shorts, I poured some wine. I could make out her nipples through her shirt. I was already getting hard. I didn`t need any more wine so I pulled her close to me and put down her wine. We were standing between the bed and a large wall mirror. I turned her so her back was facing the mirror and reached around and cupped her ass. We tongued each other and her hand drifted down to my crotch. I had on loose sweatpants and my cock was rock hard. When her hand reached it she gasped “Oh my God , She wasn`t kidding”. She whispered “you tell me how you like it”.

I slid my hand beneath her pants and squeezed her tight little ass. I couldn`t wait any longer. I reached down and with one motion stepped out of my pants springing my cock free. I then slid down her shorts. She had on a purple thong. In the mirror I saw her ass and it was perfection. I couldn`t wait to go down on her. She had the same idea and before I could put the move on she dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock. I looked down as her little mouth stretched to take in my cock head. My cock was about 7 inches but thick with a fat head like a door knob. She paused and looked up and said “Your dick is even bigger than I imagined, it barely fits in my mouth”. I put my hand gently on her head and guided it back to my cock. As she bobbed her head on it I watched her in the full length mirror enjoying her ass as it wiggled. I had masturbated to this exact scene many times but in reality her mouth was tighter, she sucked it better and her ass was more perfect.

She looked up and said” How am I doing , you really have a beautiful cock”. I told her she felt great. I couldn`t wait any longer to taste her pussy and ass.

I said “Lets move to the bed”.

I pulled her shirt over her head and was surprised she had on a very shear see through purple bra. I took off my shirt and picked her up and laid her down on the bed. She put her arms up and said ” I don`t want to fuck yet, I want to suck your cock and have you go down on me, I`m dying for some oral sex, I want to suck you dry ”. I couldn`t believe she wasn`t getting oral at home. How a guy could turn down this pussy I couldn`t imagine. But, this is a complaint several women I have hooked up with have said. I couldn`t figure what was wrong with some of these guys as I was plenty happy to eat pussy for hours . I`m sure her friend told her that I can cum several times before I`m done. I produced a freakish amount of cum and could go for hours and multiple times.

I was hard as a rock as she jerked me off with both her hands. There was a moment of silence and I looked down at her little hands around my cock. She gripped it tight and a drop of clear precum came out the slit. She said “Is that for me?” and flicked her tongue over the slit of my cock and licked it off. She said “I love to suck your cock”. I laid down on my back and I reached under her waist and pulled her over me in a 69 position guiding her pussy to my mouth. She still had on her purple thong and I slid it off revealing a beautiful pussy that looked like a flower. She had perfect pink pussy lips with a thin landing strip of pubic hair. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down to my mouth. I gently slipped my tongue between her pussy lips tasting her juices. I softly circled her clit with my tongue. I heard her moan with her mouth full of my cock. She rubbed my balls as she went wild on my cock. She stifled a gag as it hit the back of her throat. I licked and sucked her clit a little more aggressively and she managed to get past her gag reflex and throated my cock. It was absolutely perfection. She surprised me with her oral skills. She clearly had some oral experience in the past. Her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft and my cock head sliding into her hot tight throat was making a sexy squishy sound. She was a tremendous cock sucker. As I sensed she was getting close to orgasm I slowed down on her clit causing her to push her pussy against my mouth. This heavenly 69 went on for about 10 minutes. I said “You are so fucking hot.“

“Do you want me to make you cum ?” I asked….”

Oh,,,,Please,,, yes “ she moaned. I rolled her over off me and said ” Lay back and spread your legs for me”. She did and I added “now let me see you spread your lips for me”. I think this was a surprise to her and her eyes rolled back and she moaned as her fingers spread her lips revealing that perfect little clit.

I slid a finger into her tight pussy and pushed on the front rubbing her G spot. She immediately started bucking and within 10 seconds of licking her clit and fingering her she convulsed in a screaming orgasm. She didn`t squirt but became very wet and tasted great.

I put a second finger in her pushing on her G spot and put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it. She wiggled and arched her back. She still had her hand on her pussy spreading herself for me and joining my thumb in rubbing her clit. She moaned ”Oh my God I`m cumming again”. Her whole body shook as she came again. I could see her hard nipples through her shear bra.

I kissed her pussy and she quivered and said ” No more right now it tickles too much ” She added “That was unbelievable, you could do that for a living”.

I said “Thanks, but I`m far from done with you”.

She said “Now how can I make you cum?” I asked “what do you want to do?” She replied “ I think I want to suck it”.

I laid back and spread my legs. I said “Kneel between my legs and suck it slow and deep. No hands and use your tongue and push on the underside of my cock”. She had a glazed look on her face as she got into position. I believe she was getting off on being told what to do.

She started sucking on just the head and swirled her tongue underneath. She turned a little pushing my cock inside her cheek. I could make out the ridge of the head as it pushed out her cheek. I held her blond hair aside so I could watch. I said “OK now try and go deep”. She straightened her head and paused a second before plunging down on my rigid cock. She was only able to get about half in. She went up and down and had a determined look as I slid between her tonsils. She stopped and giggled and said ”your dick is so hard I can`t get it any deeper in this position”.

I said ‘Alright just keep doing what you`re doing , your mouth feels great”. I asked if she could tie her hair back so I could watch her working on my cock. She stood up and pulled it back in a ponytail and held it with a rubber band.

I said “Take off that bra and show me those tits”.

She reached back and slid her bra off revealing perfect little tits the size of tea cups. I said “Wow you have beautiful tits.” I kissed her and guided her back down to her knees. . She moaned as she engulfed my cock again. With her hair back I could see her face and it was so hot watching my cock slide between those beautiful lips.

I loved her tongue pushing along the bottom. She bobbed on my cock but I had to change position so she could go deeper. I said “slide over to the side so I can feel your ass”. She never took her mouth off my cock as she slid along side of me. She actually got up and was standing to the side of my leg bending over and sucked me from the side. She never took her mouth off my cock during this change in position. In this position I had the added benefit of being able to watch her in the mirror getting a side view of her. I reached around and cupped her ass with one hand. Her ass was so tiny I was easily able to grab her cheek and run a finger along her tight ass hole. She was now moaning as she sucked it and was able to get it into her throat. “That’s it ,,suck it, suck it deep”.I moaned. She had good control of her gag reflex but occasionally I could see her stomach tighten in the mirror as she suppressed a wretch.I alternated between looking down at her mouth around my cock and watching it slide in from the side view of the mirror. I wished I had a video because it was so fucking hot.

I was getting close and felt a huge load getting ready. We hadn`t discussed if she wanted me to cum in her mouth but figured she would probably swallow. Most of these married women would swallow even if they said they didn`t. There was something about the cheating that made them lose inhibitions and let loose. I think they wanted to feel dirty but not with their husbands.

I got a sudden urge to spin her around and bury it in her ass. I ran my finger around the rim of her ass and she wiggled and sucked me a little harder so I figured what the fuck. I said” I would love to stick it in your ass”. As I said that I pushed the tip of my index finger against her ass hole.

She moaned and I thought she might go for it and she said “ I have never done that and besides I don`t think you would fit”.

Just hearing this sweet nerdy little soccer mom talk about putting it in her ass was a tremendous turn on. “That’s OK” I said as I used my other hand to guide her head down deeper. She continued to deep throat me bringing me to the brink.

I said “ That’s OK I`m getting close…Suck it like you want me to cum”. She proceeded to give the hottest deepest blow job I can remember. She had been sucking for about 20-25 minutes and I`m sure her jaw was starting to get tired but she managed to sucked it harder and deeper. Her eyes watered a bit and some drool ran down the shaft onto my balls.

I wanted to make it last a little longer but it was too late. I leaked a little cum but relaxed my cock muscle and was able to control it. She obviously could taste the trickle of cum as she said. “oh that’s it cum ,,cum in my mouth”.

I didn`t know if her friend told her about the volume of my cum shot. I warned her “that’s it I`m going to cum” I told her “Just suck on the head and look at me”. I put my hands on the sides of her face and move her around front of me .I could feel my cock in her mouth with my hands. I said “That`s it “and shot my load.

I could her her mouth filling up with my load. She frowned as I shot 5 or 6 strong blasts into her mouth, but she kept her mouth wrapped tightly in place. She sucked it into her mouth but I didn`t see her swallow yet. She slid off my cock losing a little cum and then in a classic porn star move shocked me by opening her mouth showing me the load before swallowing. I never had somebody do that before.

“Wow that was a huge load” She said and then milked one last drop and licked it off." I never swallowed a load like that before ".

I pulled her up and kissed her deep. I was strangely turned on tasting my salty cum on her tongue.

I couldn`t believe she did that move and seemed to really enjoy swallowing my cum. There were times I wished I didn`t cum so much because it often cause even experienced cock suckers to choke. I would often where a condom if they blew me again.

I hadn`t lost my hard on and pulled her on top of me so my cock was against her pussy. I was hoping she would let me slide it into her and ride me or better still put it in her ass. I squeezed her ass and inched my cock against her closer to her pussy and ass.

We continued to deep French kiss. She had a great tongue. Even though I had just shot a load I was even hornier now and was bordering on attacking her. I wondered what she would do if I flipped her over and fucked her.

She didn`t say I couldn`t fuck her but many of these married women just want oral. Some didn`t think of it as cheating,

I pulled her up so she was sitting on my abdomen. My cock was lying along her ass crack leaking clear pre cum on her back. I produce an endless flow of clear precum. Her friend CM tells me she loves the taste of it and would milk my cock over and over licking up the sweet precum forever before letting me cum.

I said “ You have me so fucking hot right now I want to fuck you so bad. “

I reached up and grabbed her tits. Her tits were absolutely perfect size and shape with tiny pink areolas and thimble sized nipples..”Oh my god ,you are fucking perfect” I said. I told her “ Come on sit on my face” I pulled her up and she straddled my face. I parted her pussy lips and stuck my tongue deep into her. I reached up and cupped her tiny breasts and pinched the nipples. I pushed her up a little and stuck my tongue along her little ass hole. She squirmed away but I persisted.

I said ”Don`t move, I want to lick your ass” She said “ I really haven’t had that done before and I`m not sure if I like it”. I went back to her clit and she arched her back and started moaning. She reached back and grabbed my still hard cock. I flicked my tongue on her clit and said “I want to fuck you so bad. “ She grinded against my mouth . I was able to briefly rim her little ass hole before she pulled away. I went back and sucked her clit with parted lips and flicked my tongue gently. With that she started bucking on my face and said “I`m cumming so hard………..ahhhhhhhhhh” and collapsed off me.

She flopped on her back with her arms and legs spread with a faraway look on her face. She turned to me and smiled .She said “ OK ..Take me but promise to be easy and don`t cum inside me”.

Happy birthday I thought. “OK I`ll be easy. Suck me a little and get it nice and wet”. I moved up straddling her face grabbing my cock by the base. I moved it to her mouth and she opened up as I slid it in. I pumped her mouth and saw her cheeks puff out as I put it in a little too far. She was moaning and now sucking me noisily. I noticed she was rubbing her clit and put her other hand on my ass pulling me into her mouth. The harder I fucked her mouth the more she groaned. I was really torn and almost asked if I could cum this way fucking her mouth.

Just before losing control I thought I had to feel that pussy. I pulled out and grabbed my cock at the base and rubbed some clear pre cum on her lips. She spit on my cock and rubbed it over the head.

I said “OK roll over and stick up your ass “

She turned over on her knees with head down and ass up. That was perfect. I knelt behind her and aimed my cock head between her pussy lips. I pushed in slowly. She was so tight I wasn’t sure I was going to fit. She arched her back and pushed against me tilting her pelvis and sliding my cock in deeper. Her pussy was like a little wet oven and squeezed my cock.

I grabbed her hair gently pulling her up so I could feel her tits. I nibbled her ear lobe and started to slowly pump about half of my cock into her. I looked down and almost came at the site of my fat cock siding into that little pussy. I could see her tiny pink ass hole a few inches away. I pretty sure I could make it fit I thought. I was in my own world pumping her pussy and squeezing her tits. I put a hand up by her mouth and she sucked my finger. I snapped out of my fog as she slid my finger all the way in her mouth passed the base of her tongue. She then started moaning” your cock feels so fucking good” over and over

I pulled out and flipped her over and spread her legs and grabbed them behind her knee and lifted them up over her head. I slid into her tight wet pussy in missionary position.

She gasped “oh God ,,,,,,,,fuck me” I figured she was stretched out a little now and was ready for some real fucking. I started slow and gradually went faster and deeper. My balls were now slapping against her ass as I pounded her pussy. She arched her back and screamed” Oh just like that ,,you,are gonna ,,,,make ,,,,,,,,me ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cummmmmmmmmmmmm.”

She then violently convulsed and soaked the bed with pussy juice. Her climaxing pussy squeezed my cock. I looked down and she looked like she was just raped. Her mascara had run, her chest was all red and blotchy . My cock was still rock hard and deep in her pussy.

“ Are you OK” I asked. “Oh my god I`m great”. I slid my cock in all the way into her and held it there. Her quivering pussy muscles contracted around me. I stayed deep in her pussy without moving. She moaned in my ear “I have never felt anything so deep”. That was so sexy.

She said “you can Fuck me but I don`t think I can move”. I thought that’s OK because her pussy felt great and could make me cum. I rolled her over on her side and slid it in her from behind spooning her from the side.I loved seeing her ass. I started pumping in long deep thrusts. When it buried into her and my pelvis banged against her ass it sent a ripple from her ass to her tits.

All I could hear was her moaning and my balls slapping on her ass. I pumped harder and could feel my cock against her cervix as I was able to bury my cock in her little pussy. It didn`t seem possible a few minutes ago and I leaned back and marveled as my cock slid out then plunged to the hilt. I pounded away for about 10 more minutes.

Since I had already came I felt I could go for a long time. I decided I wanted to see her on top. I said “ I want you to ride me”. I rolled onto my back. She slowly got on all fours and instead of mounting my cock got into a 69 position.

She sucked me slow and deep and I buried my face in her pussy. We went at it orally, slowly but very passionately.I forgot about her going cowgirl. I grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her to me and slid a finger along her ass crack. This perked her up and she started moaning and going more aggressive on my cock. It was so hot and I didn`t want it to end but she was getting me close. I`m pretty sure I leaked a little cum because she stopped and said “Do you want to cum in my mouth”? I was torn but still wanted her to ride me. I said “I would love to cum in your mouth but I want to see you ride me first

“She deep throated me and held it for a few seconds. She then pulled it out of her mouth and she spun around and straddled my cock. She grabbed my dick by the base and slid it in. She said “ Your cock is so fucking big, I`ve never felt anything like it”. “All right now fuck me” I said. She started riding me and growling and moaning. Her little tits bobbed and I reached up and squeezed them. I was getting close and I did my favorite thing. I fingered her ass hole as I fucked her deep.

Her head was back, her back arched and her eyes were glazed rolling back into her head. I was getting close to blowing another load. I said “You are so fucking hot you are gonna make me cum”. I wanted to bury my load in her pussy but wasn`t sure if she wanted me to cum in her. Again that psychological line may be crossed. She snapped her head back and swiftly slid off me and knelt over and started sucking and jerking me hard with both hands.That was fine too.

I said “Oh that’s it,,,,,,,,,open your mouth and jerk me off , I want to see it shoot in your mouth”. She tilted her head back and jerked me fast with her open mouth and tongue along the underside of my cock head. “ All right just suck it deep one more time “ she gulped as she pushed my cock head passed her tonsils. With my cock wedged in her throat she swallowed a few times incredibly squeezing my cock. It was so fucking hot,, never had that done before. One more swallow and I groaned “ I`m cumming”.

I felt a huge load buiding up,,more than I could have imagined. She pulled back just in time and opened her mouth so I could see 5 thick ropes of cum shoot out with so much force she choked as some hit the back of her throat. She then softly sucked and swallowed but a lot of the cum dribbled down her chin onto her tits. She was breathing heavy and left her tongue out of her mouth cupping the slit of my cock. I milked another white drop on her tongue. It was so sexy I will never forget it.

I got up and got her a towel and gave her the glass of wine. After a few sips she said “That was absolutely the best sex I have ever had, your cock should be bronzed”. I said “well I have to tell you I had fantasized about you many times but this is way better than I could have dreamed. I told her I never would have thought she was so wild. I told her I thought she was kinda a nerdy type but that I had a thing for the librarian role. Her body was tight, her tits perky. That deep throat was intense. She was close to the best I had ever had.

I got up to get some more wine and my cock was soft for the first time since we got to the room. I stood in front of her looking at those perfect tits. We drank a little and I noticed a little cum on her stomach. I scooped it up with my index finger and offered it to her, never thinking she would suck it off, which is exactly what she did. She sucked me finger and I immediately felt a little blood flow returning to my dick. I was pretty sure she couldn`t handle much more and I wanted to see her again before the conference ended and she went back home.. She noticed that I was springing back to life.

She said “ It looks like you are still ready for more, you are unbelievable. I`m gonna call your cock the Terminator” I asked ”Are you up for more because I think you can get me hard one more time.” She laughed and said “with that cock and your stamina you should be in porn”.

“I`m ready for whatever you want ” I said. “

She said “Ok well why don`t you feed me your cock, I really liked it when you fucked my mouth . I want you to fuck my mouth”.

“Really, are you sure?” I asked .

She said “Yeah didn`t I tell you I wanted to suck you dry. I think you got some more in there for me” as she gently cupped my balls.

“OK” I said “sit on the floor with your back against the couch”. She definitely liked the submissive role which played great for me. She sat down on the floor with her knees up and her legs spread a little.

She said “come over here and stick it in my mouth”. I have had some other soccer mom types fuck my brains out before but she was like a high priced porn star, I would have paid big to live this session I was having for free. I stood in front of her and I rubbed my cock a little getting it hard and stuck it in her waiting mouth.

Her tongue was long and stiff as she was still able to flick it all around the head. She said” Don`t worry about me, use my mouth as your device,,‘. She added “let me know when you are going to cum.”

I said “OK Are you ready for me to do it”.

She nodded without speaking with her lips around my cock head.

I pumped her mouth and she made a ring with her index finger and thumb and squeezed my shaft at the base as it slid back and forth. She looked so hot and I was strangely so turned on that she was like a dishrag and I was using her mouth like she was a passed out whore. I thought there must be something wrong with me as I continued to marvel at watching the outline of my cock bulge in her throat. She was now drooling down her chin and blowing little bubbles around my cock. I grabbed the back of her head by her ponytail and got a little carried away choked her. I paused to let her catch her breath. As she recovered she assured me she was fine and said to put it back in.

I felt like I was getting too rough but she really seemed to be getting off on it. I wanted to finish but didn`t want to abuse her . I hate seeing a guy jerk off instead of letting the woman finish him but she was ready to collapse. I slapped my cock against her tits and stroked myself. She wasn`t big enough to tit fuck but I pumped between them anyway.

She seemed to perk up a little and tried the dirty talk again. “ Come on stick it back in my mouth and give me your cum”. “If you cum in my mouth in the next 2 minutes you can put it in my ass tomorrow”.

Oh my God,that was the magic word. I started pumping deep into her throat and put my hand under her chin. I could feel my cock head sliding in and out.

The thought of my fat cock sliding between this hot soccer mom`s virgin little ass cheeks was too much. I would say within a minute I started oozing a little cum as the mother load was building up.

I tapped her shoulder and said I`m cumming “ but I`m pretty sure she already tasted it. She sucked it off the slit of my cock and swallowed.

She said “cum in my mouth” . She then took it deep in her throat and nodded giving me the OK to blow. I couldn`t believe she wanted me to cum while deepthroating me. I looked at her face and I couldn`t hold back any longer.

“Arghh, fuck “ I groaned. She pushed her fingers up right behind my balls and I exploded. Her cheeks puffed out but she held it deep in her as I spurted down her throat. She swallowed with each spurt which helped squeeze out more cum. To make it even better she was stickin her tongue out and pushing against my balls as I was buried in her throat. I don`t know how she did it but she didn`t choke or miss a drop. It was the mother of all blow jobs and the most intense deep throat ever. It had been a long time since I could remember being so satisfied.

“ Where the fuck did you learn how to do that? That was amazing” I said.

She was gasping and looked up with her eyes watering and mascara running down her face .“ I don`t know I just did it “ she said. She continued to look up at me and kissed the tip of my cock.

She said “ I don`t think I`ll ever be the same, I am totally satisfied.”

“ I was thinking the same thing. I finally met someone to keep up with me, you drained me ” I said.

She said “I hardly kept up with you,,I was like a sex doll at the end”.

I said “Are you kidding,, that last trick was so hot. That was so fucking intense cumming in your throat.”

She said “ Its weird when it was in my throat I think I came when you did”.

I said “Maybe you are like Linda Lovelace and have a clit in your throat”

She laughed and said “well it`s probably because I never had a cock reach that deep before”.

“We are going to hook up tomorrow, right?” she asked and gave me a sly smile. “Yes absolutely “ I leaned down and put my tongue in her mouth. Her tongue still warm and slippery .I said “you tell me how you want it , I will be your slave tomorrow or if you prefer your master”.

She said “This is what I`ve needed for so long. You could definitely do this for a living. I would pay you”.

“That’s ridiculous you have no idea how great you are”. I haven’t had many women deep throat like that, never mind when I`m shooting a load down your throat”.

“Yeah I didn`t know I could do that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe I`ll learn something new tomorrow”. She said seductively… “Me too and be ready for a marathon” I replied.

We finished off the wine and we kissed and grabbed each other a few times but we were both totally satisfied and spent.

As she got up to dress I had her stop so I could take in her body again. I counted this as the best conference ever.

Day 2

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