Trixie - Chapter 1: Waiting

“Finally! So close to being with her! All alone for as long as we please. I can imagine how this will turn out and I REALLY like it.” I thought to myself and giggled somewhat naughtily. Laying back my head I said to myself and scratching behind my ears I thought, “Ooooh, it’s driving me crazy just thinking about it!” as I closed my shockingly ice-like blue eyes and my petite paw-hands wondered to my high, perky, firm, round tits around a C1/2-cup, fondling them, playing with the fur, and pinching my nipples gently. My hands then betrayed me and started slowly roaming down my smooth stomach fur, then ever so gently along each hip bone making me shiver in pleasure. Slowly, my hands pushed my blanket down exposing my petite, thin, but healthy, hour glass figure. My fur glistened in the light. My right paw continued it’s path while my left returned higher to my right breast, massaging it while tweaking the nipple and gently tugging the fur. Meanwhile, my other paw slid further down to start making gyrations on my clit. As a small moan snuck out from between my lips I thought, “Oh God! I can’t wait till she gets here!” Then my paws betrayed me further as my middle finger slid in and out of my tight, wet little pussy. Then my finger slowly glided in and out, gradually increasing in intensity, as my other paw grew rougher with my breast and I dug my claws in some. Now my body was starting to tingle and tense with pure pleasure and anticipation for what could only mean one thing
“NO!” I blurted aloud, accidentally, as I sat straight up and jerked my hands away from myself, planting them on the bed to either side of me. "Can't cum until she gets here. She would not be pleased." I mumbled as my eyes wandered to my closet. "But teasing wouldn't be all bad. Be good and wet for her. That would please her very well." I thought as I headed over to the closet, tail high up just as she liked it, careful not to trip on my chain, and glanced at the clock and sighed, "Just 1 hour" then opened the door. There sat a large wooden chest. I had designed it with leather and wood working just for this. It was covered with intricate designs carved into the wood of the chest with leather strips wrapping over the top and linking to intricately designed buckles on the front that held it closed. "The greatest idea ever, that's what will be used. Just can't get on it yet, but it can be prepared." A grin spread across my face as I chose the pieces I wanted.
Walking over to it, I adjusted the mount for the harness down to a comfortable place to where I could set it up and get in place when he got here. I put the best chastity type belt in place and locked it in then slid the dildos in, screwing them into place. Then I tugged on the bars for her to hold, if she wished, to make sure they were firmly installed and wouldn't pull out when she got rough. Didn't budge a bit. So, I applied the lube to the back one and put a little on the tip of the front one. I slid the bullet in place, switch exposed through the opening in the leather. Then put all the remotes in their places by her chair where she would like them. The remotes were labeled: Bullet, Pussy, Ass, and then just a cute but kind of naughty smiley on the other. This was the second remote for the height adjustments and also had an unknown button on it. Mounting all the shackles in place, I opened them then placed the keys over by his chair as well. Then, I got the cock gag out and put it in place on the wall so that it just needed lifted and fastened into place. Next, the chair was turned to be facing the contraption I installed while she was gone. "OH! In case she wants these!" I put the nipple/clit clamps, their remote, the playtime-whip, and the blind fold by her chair as well. Then I stepped back and looked at my masterpiece. As I stared, I got so wet that it started soaking my thighs just from looking at it. "Well I suppose I could go ahead and put the clips on it's only" I looked at the clock, "like ten minutes till she gets here. I must hurry when she gets hereOr, I could get started now."
"Hmm, how to do this without help?" After some contemplating I decided I should start with the simple things. I picked up the clamps by the meeting of the three chains and held it there while attaching it with my other hand to the right places, moaning a little as each attached. Next came the hard part. I walked over and turned to face the room and attached the shackles to my feet then slowly slid onto the dildos, careful not to go to fast no matter how difficult it was. My eyes rolled back as I felt the two cocks fill both of my holes and moaned a little. By this point I was already soaking the leather of the belt with my juices. I fastened it around me, feeling the bullet that was turned off press against my clit and labia. Then I grabbed the switch that dangled from the wall and held the cord in my teeth as I wrapped the gag around my neck so it just needed moved into place. This gag was special made as well. It too had a dildo in it but just snapped in, easy to take out of the gag, but, this gag would hold my mouth open after it was removed so she could do whatever she pleased. Thinking about this only made me even wetter. I shackled my tail to the wall then reached up and put my right hand in place, locking the shackle
The sound of the back door closing echoed in my head as I nearly came from knowing she was close. I quickly raised the contraption to be lifting me off the ground, pulling the chains of my leg shackles taught as my usual ankle chain dangled intertwining with it. Then I pulled the chains for my wrist shackles so that they would be taught as well and locked them in place. Next, I slid the gag in my mouth and down my throat and hooked it on the proper wall adjustment to hold my head in place. I quickly got my left hand up and semi-closed the shackle as the door swung open and Mistress walked into the room. She looked at her favorite chair immediately confused, then the labeled remotes, then she saw me little me all strung up, naked, full, and waiting.

To be continued in
Chapter 2: The Fun Begins

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