Shrunken Batgirl

Barbara Gordon ( Batgirl) awoke from a restless sleep, in a strange room she didn't recognize. She stared at the strange ceiling above her. The cieling appeared to have vents in it , but a bright light was shining in so she couldn't see what was above her. The next thing she noticed was what she was lacking her clothes and her red wig. After coming to grips with her nakedness, she realized she was on a stainless steal table with what appeared to be a giant ruler beside it. She didn't know what to make of it.

Her memory of the past night was still clouded. As her alter-ego Batgirl, she remembered trying to enter a supposedly closed lab building to look for several missing women. One of her sources had told that a group of scientists was doing experiments on live people there. All that she could remember was a bright light..

.Suddenly, she felt the room starting vibrate as what sounded like giant steps approached her "room". In an instant, the "ceiling" opened up, and to her shock, the giant face of a man peered in .

Barbara put one arm over her breasts and one over sex and walked backwards to the corner of her room. "Who are you and what have you done to me ?" The man replied, "all that you need to know is that I'm a scientist, and what we've done to you, well, that should be obvious".
He added, "I guess you can call me "C" if you want too"

Barbara was in shock. The man spoke again, "Ms. Gordon, I mean Batgirl, covering up is not necessary, I'm the one who shrunk you down and brought you here and I've already seen you in your present state of undress." It will make things easier for everyone if just lye back on the table so I can finish my examination."

Realizing that she didn't have much of choice in her present state, Barbara stood up and began to walk back to the table.

..As Barbara walked to towards that table, "C", could not help admiring her perfect athletically built body. Before her sudden reduction in stature, Barbara was 5'4", and had amazing, firm breasts. "C" guessed that they were probably in the 34c range when she was her former self. As she got closer to the table,"C' stared further down her body, at her swaying hips and the small patch of black hair just above her sex.

Barbara paused at the table. "Ms. Gordon, please lye on your back," C stated. Barbara complied. "C' checked her vital signs and again checked her hieght again. "In case you're wondering Ms Gordon, your present hieght is just under 8 inches. You make a fine, and may I say, sexy doll", "C" added.

Barbara sat up on the table annoyed. "I'm not a doll, I'm a living person!" C replied, "oh you are very much alive, but for all intensive purposes, you are a doll or maybe "pet' would be a better word." Barbara became more angered by "C" statements, but before she could speak, he told to get off the table and stand up. Realizing that resistance was futile at this point, she stood up

Once she was standing, Barbara was instructed to stand in the middle her "room" and put her arms by her side. " C' took a finger and gentlly ran it from the top of her head, down the front of her body and stopping at her feet. As he passed over her breasts, Barbara shuddered and her nipples immediately became erect. Barbara could also feel her pussy becoming wet and tingley. As much as she was hating it, she was becoming incredibly arroused.

"C" smiled when he saw Barbara's response to his touch. "C" then took his finger and began to run it up the back of her legs, over her buttocks, and up her back. While doing this, "C" said to Barbara, "you should know that a side effect of the shrinking process is an increased sex drive. You now have the sex drive of a normal adult woman, but in the body of a doll ". "C" added, "I was pleasantly surprised when I realized you were Barbara Gordon after you shrunk out of your Batgirl suit. Our scouts had picked Ms. Gordon to be one of our "civilain guests, so I guess we got a two for one. This is going to be so much fun".

" What are you going to do with me ", Barbara demanded. "You'll know soon enough" said "C". "But first put this on", he added. "C put what looked like a several leather belts with metal loops on the floor of Barbara's room. "The thick one goes around your waist, the two long thin ones go up your back and between your breasts respectfully and connect to the collar. I think you know where the collar goes.

Barbara put the belts on and heard them lock as she attached them. "Now what", Barbara asked. "Now I'm going to take you to see your friends" said "C". "What friends." C cut her off. "Don't worry, it's not Batman or the Boy Wonder, our shrinking process doesn't work on males, we think it's something to do with chromosomes. But trust me, you'll like your friends"

"C' picked Barbara up out of her "room" and began to walk with her, admiring her again as he walked. "I must say Ms. Gordon, I like you much better without that get up on" pointing to her Batgirl suit and wig in the corner of the "giant room". Barbara didn't know what to expect, as they left the "giant room", walked down a hallway and entered a room that looked like a studio apartment. "These are my quarters, and your friends are already here" "C" said. "Oh, I almost forgot" C said as he attached to Barbara's collar what looked like a leash. "What do I need this for I'm not a dog " Barbara said as she grabbed the leash". You'll know in a sec" said "C".

As they walked across the room, Barbara's mouth went wide, both from shock and arousal. On a table across from C's bed was another "room" for Barbara, but this one was different . The top of the room was covered in screening, it had 3 solid wood walls and a glass wall facing C's bed. There also appeared to be smaller rooms off of the main room, but it was what was in the main room that sent Barbara's emotions into overdrive.

Barbara looked down from C's hand and couldn't believe what she saw. Standing in the center of the room was a nine inch tall ( slightly bigger than the others) Catwoman dressed in a slinky leather outfit. Leashed to a pole in the corner of the room were an 8 inch tall Wonderwoman, a slightly smaller Wondergirl ( her teen sidekick), and an equally sized Supergirl. All three were "dressed" the same as Barbara.

As he lowered Barbara into her new home, C announced, "ladies, here is another guest, her name is Ms. Barbara Gordon.. I mean Batgirl. I hope you show her a good time". As Barbara's feet hit the floor, Catwoman, grabbed Barbara by her leash. Noticing the expreesion of shock on Barbara's face. and Barbara's fully erect nipples, Catwoman uttered, "this is going to be peerrrrr-fect !.. As Catwoman was enjoying the moment, C began to disrobe.

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