Spiderman part 3 Ultimate hero's part1

Spider man part 3
Ultimate h?s part 1

Gwen Stacy took Spiderman's dick like a pro. She was back against the alley wall as Spiderman pummeled her with his huge cock. Gwen Stacy's big tits swung freely as her legs wrapped around Spiderman's back. Her hips gyrated up and down as spiderman thrust into her receiving pelvis. Stacy's hips ground into Spiderman's dick. Her pussy wrapped around his cock milky it as the hot rod pulled in and out sucking her pussy lips with it as it moved. Gwen's black high heel rubbed against the back of Spiderman's head as she purred. His dick thrust hard and repeatedly making Gwen gasp. She wanted this dick she needed this dick. Gwen had come out in the alley precisely for that reason she wanted to be fucked like the dirty slut she was by some big black gang members, but this was much better. Her pussy burned like it hand't burned since back in the 8th grade giving flash johnson head. Gwen thrust as hard into Spiderman's dick as she could she met each of his heroic packed punches with one of her own hot pussy kisses. If there was a heroic power of being a ho Gwen Stacy had it. ( Probably followed or to be competed with by Mrs. Mary jane) Gwen eyed the criminals lying in the alley many of them were stroking there hard on in the dark corner watching as Spiderman fucked the blonde beauty. Gwen would fuck everyone of them after Spiderman left. They would beat the shit out of her pussy with their dicks as punishment for what Spiderman did to their self esteem. She would be thrown on a dirty mat and chain fucked in the alley for hours.Women would stop by and piss on her face like the dirty slut she was. The crocked cops would stick their batons up her pussy while the fucked her milky white as spanking it hard, and pulling on her swollen pick nipples. Gwen orgasmed hard against Spiderman's cock as she fantasied about what would soon happen to her small pink pussy and anus.


Spiderman's spider sense began to tingle as Gwen stacy began to orgasm around his cock. Something was wrong Mary Jane was in trouble. Spiderman wanted to stop fucking Gwen stacy, but knew his dick stood no chance running away from her hot pink pussy. Spiderman began to repeatedly ram Gwen stacy as hard as he could. Her body shook against his as his dick flew into her at high speeds. She moaned loudly as Spiderman's super hero dick assaulted her school girl pussy. Her pussy was defenseless as Spiderman ravaged her deepest pink depths. His loins smacking against her thighs as his balls smacked hard against her anus. Spiderman spun Gwen around hard and jammed a finger into her ass. It plunged in to the knuckle. "Ugh" Gwen Stacy moaned as Spiderman pulled his knuckle and pumped in and out of her tight spinchter. Spiderman pulled out his finger and rubbed his wet dick against her slightly gaping anus. He pushed Gwen stacy against the wall and re-hicked her skirt up as he pushed his dick far into her anus. Spiderman wasted no time coming up to super human speed as he slammed into Gwen's back door hard and repeatedly. "Fuck this bitches back door is tight," he thought as he slammed into her shitter. Spiderman pulled out and spit on his dick. He then spit on her anus and rubbed the spit in. "ooh" cooed Gwen stacy as spiderman pushed his wet member back into her swollen puffy anus. The ring around her anus was turning red from the good dicking Spiderman was giving to her. Spiderman thrust harder and harder into Gwen stacy's butt as he smacked it as hard as he could. Gwen stacy' crunched her face and groaned for dear life as her anus was destroyed. Spiderman sent a fire through her shit hole that made Gwen's hole body vibrate with a passion so strong her pussy gushed turrents as she came in multiple burst organisms. "ugh Fuck" she screamed as hot white fuck juice flew in waves down her tan white leg. Her pussy gushed like it have never gushed before. Her hot pink lips spilled wave after wave of white fluid all over the wall and running down her legs crusting in her slutty fuck boots. Spiderman blasted his hot cum into her awaiting anus. It sucked in load after load of cum tills it could hold no more and cum drizzled down out of her anus and dripped into her pussy,. Spiderman held deep as his orgasm began to subside as the last spirt shot deep into her dark red hole. Spiderman pulled out and let Gwen Stacy fall to the grimy ground . He swung away as he black skirt flapped over covering her dripping pussy and ass.

Gwen looked over her shoulder at all the criminals laying on the ground. She flipped her skirt back up and smiled back " Saying lets try this again boys."


Spiderman rushed home. He swung fast and hard across the city. racing against time Mary Jane was in trouble. When Spiderman reached home he knew he was too late. Mary jane laid sprawled across the bed the black ooze dripping from her pussy and her ass. Spiderman knew he didn't have much time as he rushed to call Doctor kurt conners. Spiderman left a message on Kurt's phone he needed the doctor's help now or Mary Jane was doomed to give birth to his arch- nemesis's seed. Spiderman kissed his wife goodbye he knew there was nothing he could do till Kurt Conners arrived. He ran too the window." It was time to go see a friend" Spiderman thought as he jumped out the window. He was going to need all the help he could get on this one.

It was night time when Spiderman arrived on the dark roof top. He tracked her here it had taken him all afternoon. He knew she was still up her and that he had best be ready for a confrontation. A black form streaked out of the night and knocked Spiderman onto his back and dark boot with white fur running up it kicked him in the face before the figure did a double back flip off his body and landed in a low cat like position. Spiderman spit a little blood from his mouth as he flipped up. "Black cat im in no mood to play. It's about Mary Jane i need your help." The black cat replied," Oh so that is that bimbo your always talking about Mary Jane this Mary Jane that yet who always comes to fuck the black cat?" Spiderman retorted, " You and i both no that's not the truth you just can't get enough of my big cock and are always jealous that it wasn't me and you that worked out." "Maybe so," The Black cat sniffled mockingly. " But who is still out on a dark night looking for a shady encounter rather than be at home warm with your wife protecting her little defenseless pussy." " Black cat i need your help i need a big favor you owe me one. Venom raped my wife i have a plan but i need your help i need you to distract Venom for awhile so i can teach him a lesson he will never forget. This time it's going to be personnal." The Black cat said " I like the darkness Spidey but im afraid not even i can distract Venom that long you know his mind is only on one thing, and i don't know i can handle him i heard he had such a massive thing." She snickered. "Shut the fuck up!" Spiderman yelled as he flew across the building punching Black cat hard knocking her sprawling across the building roof. " the Black cat winced " I' ll make you a deal Spiderman here are my conditions.." "No I'm tired of playing around" Spiderman said as he lept across the building landing and pinning the Black cat beneath him. the Black cat wore a black body sticker that cover her from head to toe. It was more like paint it was so thin and tight to the body. The sticker covered all her body, but cut out her mouth eyes ass tits and inner thighs. She wore white fur that draped over her huge tits and her pussy. Her ass was shown freely as she pranced around town.

The black cat struggled below Spiderman trying to get free. Spider man held her down by cupping her massive tits and smacking them hard if she began to push to hard. Spiderman leaned in his body to hold her down as he freed his cock from his pants. The Black Cat struggled harder as she felt Spiderman's penis slap against her. Spiderman used his hands to pry open the black cats thighs. Her white inner thighs shown in the darkness as spiderman lifted his hips onto hers as he positioned his dick at the bottom of her pussy. The Black cat's pussy lips were lined with thick fluffy white hair like the hair from a silky cat. Her lips were still a luscious pink under the silky white hair. Spiderman shoved forward into her hot fuck hole. The black cat grimaced as her pussy was speared apart by Spiderman's large dick. Spiderman held her hips apart and down as he repeatedly thrust into her juicy fuck box. Her pussy muscle's grabbed Spiderman's dick stretching to the max as his big rode pushed deep into her darkest deeps. The black cat tried to scoot away, but Spiderman grabbed her scooting body and slammed it back onto his dick harder than before. He then pushed her off and away again and pulled her back hard using his fuck stick to pulverize her pussy cat. " who's the scared pussy cat now ," Spiderman yelled as he fucked The black cat. He used to mercy as he slammed into her using his dick to punch her pussy harder than he had ever hit a criminal. The Black cat's pussy was being driven into a coma. She began to pass out in series of orgasmic pleasure as her pussy let loose all over Spiderman's huge dick. her body shook and she moaned unintentionally. Her hips thrusting back and moving in a circular motion with every thrust of Spiderman's cock. Spiderman began to cum on the black cat's pussy. He smacked her tits and watch them bounce sky ward in the dark night. The Black cat began to come back to consciousness as the waves of orgasms began to leave her. Spiderman's jizz dripped out of her soaking pussy. His jizz was mixed with rivers of her hot pussy juice. She put her hand down wiped up a handful of juice and sucked it down moaning. "Mhmmmm Spiderman thanks for raping me that's just what i wanted after the way you treated me i ll do anything for you, but first lets start with this ." she said as she rolled over and put her ass up in the air. "Goddamit !"Spiderman thought as he got up on his knees positioning himself behind her ass. "She used me again." He thought.


Doctor Kurt Connors rushed into the Parkers apartment. Spiderman had called and left an urgent message. He walked back to the back bedroom where Mary Jane laid sprawled on the bed. "Mary Jane wake Up!" Connors said. Mary Jane snapped awake as she realized Doctor Kurt Connors was staring at her naked body. She immediately tried to hide herself. Doctor Kurt Connors had a visible hard on and was sweating and look disheveled. His black hair was matted and he looked extremely pasty. His hands began to quivel. "Mary Jane I'm here to help you we must act fast so you don't give birth to a symbiote child:" "Doctor Connors are you alright?" Mary Jane said as he began to turn colors. "No ugh." Doctor Kurt conners said as he dropped to the floor. "The only way to cure you is lizard cum." " I have to become the lizard to save you." "Won't that be dangerous?" Mary jane quirped. "We don't have a choice right now Spiderman has saved the city before from my lizard army, but it would be nearly impossible to stop an army of symbiotes." Doctor Connors clothes ripped to shreds as he became the lizard. The lizard stood up he was 6'8" with dark red eyes and weighing in at 325 lbs of pure animal muscle. His cock stood out like a pyramid 2 feet long and as thick as a baseball bat. The tip oozed green lizard precut. "There is no way that thing is going into me!" Mary jane said as she rolled over and grabbed her robe trying to cover up her body as quickly as possible. The Lizard hissed , " Don't you remember im a super villain?" as he pounced onto the bed. THe lizard rolled Mary Jane over and ripped off the robe with his sharp claws. His tail smacked her arms down and pinned her legs open. The Lizard used his bulky arms to line his massive dick up with Mary Jane's sloppy anus. He slowly began to thrust in penetrating her anus just barely. Only half an inch slid in and Mary Jane thought she could take no more. The Lizard's dick was just to big for her small anus. The Lizard began thrusting in and out slowly adding the amount of dick that was shoved into Mary Jane's wanton ass. Mary Jane could feel her ass ripe open as blood streamed out of her shit hole. She immediately shit on the lizard dick as all two feet slammed into her back door. The skin between her ass and pussy with so tight that with each thrust Mary jane went through an orgasms. The Lizard fucked her ass hard for a full five minutes while Mary jane consistently orgasmed. She had never cum so hard in her life. The lizard began to shoot his green acid spunk deep into her ass.The spunk burned the ooze in her ass. leaving her ass gaping, but clean. The lizard began to shrink and slowly turn into Kurt Connors. " Your pussy will just have to wait for a bit i've never came so hard off an ass before." "There is no way my pussy is ready for that!" Mary Jane stuttered. "I was a virgin until Peter and i got married." "Please Mary Jane i remember in college hearing you in class screaming as you were gangbanged in the bathroom down the hall. How Peter never noticed how dirty of a slut you were is beyond me." Connors said. "Plus you don't have a choice." he said as he began to stroke his dick. Mary Jane hit Connors as hard as she could outside the head knocking him out cold. " Peter taught me a few things about fighting." She thought as she shook her aching fist. She would just have to give birth to this symbiotic creature and deal with the consequences later.


The Black cat landed on the roof of the poor apartment complex. This was the wrong side of downtown New York. These streets were some of the worst projects. Eddie Brock's daughter lived down her. Most people heard about the stories of Eddie Brock and left his daughter alone. No man was ever dumb enough to approach her for fear of what may happen if Venom was around. Spiderman landed next to the Black cat." Remember the deal distract him." Spiderman said. The black cat flipped off the roof and fell five stories landing on the side walk. She went out to the street and kicked in the window on Lisa Brock's car. Lisa Brock Rushed outside from her apartment guns blazing and firing at Black Cat. The Black Cat spun and dodged all the bullets. She jumped in the air doing a spinning kick knocking the gun out of Lisa's hand and knocking Lisa to the ground. Lisa began to crawl away as the Black Cat walked up and kicked her hard in the gut. Swish a tentacle shot out in the night and grabbed the Black cat around the throat choking her. " Run Lisa daddy has to take car of a little business. " Venom said. Lisa ran off into the night. High above Spiderman followed her.

The Black Cat struggled for air as Venom pulled her into a dark Black alley. His eyes shown like big white orbs in the darkness. "Well well We have ourselves a little prize." Venom chuckled. Her slowly put his hands on the Black cat's breasts. The tentacle around her throat loosened just enough so that she could breathe while Venom mauled her tits with his long tongue and fingers. The Black Cat pulled her legs up and spread them showing off her hot pink pussy. Venom's tongue began to caress The Black cat's clit.


Gwen Stacy began to rotate back and forth as she took a dick in her pussy and her ass. She sat atop a fat greasy mexican while a ripped black thug was behind her pounding her tight shit hole. Gwen stacy was jacking off two thugs and sucking a third's dick while she was being rode. " Ugh ugh ugh ugh gughghu" she slurped as both dick's beat into her pussy and ass non-stop. this was the 5th round of fucking Gwen had received. Her blonde treated hair was dirty and filled with cum. Her mascara ran down her face in streaks of dried cum and piss joined in. the Men got off Gwen and laid her on top of one of the thugs she had been jacking off. the greasy mexican stuck his fat ass in her face and forced her to rim job him. as she was licking his ass he pressed his asshole so tight against her face that when he began to shit she could do nothing, but the long brown snake into her mouth. she began to gag as the long log went down her throat. The thug below her began to pound her sloppy pussy. His was the biggest dick of the whole crew coming in at 17 inches and 4.5 inch diameter. His dick tore apart Gwen's pussy. Bringing her back to the memory of her father fucking her on her first day of high school.

" Is that the outfit you are really wearing you little slut?" Gwen's father gasped. "Daddy relax all the girls dress like this now a days." Gwen shot back. Mr. Stacy would have no such thing as he strode over and grabbed Gwen by her blonde 14 year old ponytail and dragged her upstairs. "Daddy!" she screamed as he flung her onto his beg her short skirt riding her revealing she was shaven and wearing no underwear. "is everything alright ?" Mrs. Stacy asked walking into the room. "Everythings fine." Mr. stacy said as he kissed his wife and sent her on her way to work. "Be good Gwen." Mrs. stacy said as she left the room. Mr. stacy wasted no time in stripping out of his police uniform. He was 6'5' and 400lbs. he jumped onto his teenage daughter his fat stomach smacking against her 34 b tits. Mr. Stacy pulled Gwen close to him as he rammed into her virgin pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. Blood flew from Gwen' s pussy as Mr. Stacy destroyed her flower. Her pussy muscles wear so tight. Gwen's body started to get wet she couldn't help but moan. "Fuck me harder daddy she yelled as she bounced on his fat dick.

Gwen stopped fantasizing as she came on the criminals cock. As soon as the dick was pulled from her pussy another man crawled under to take its place. Another man crawled on tops of her and pulled her nipples till they bleed. He then shoved his cock deep in her pink dripping anus. Gwen began to rock again as her body began to build up on another orgasm. "ugh ugh ugh ugh fuck yesFUCK YES OH MY GOD FUCK MY ASS AND PUSSY!" She cried as the criminals came deep inside her.

Spider man had Lisa trapped in a dark alley." What do you want Spiderman?" my dad is fighting the Black cat i didn't do shit!" "I know you didn't do anything." Spiderman replied. " I sent the Black cat to distract Venom, so i could get to you." "wha what do you want then?" Lisa stammered . "Oh i think you know."Spiderman said as his plainly visible hard on jiggled in the moon light. "your a super hero you cant do that. " Lisa gasped. " I'm not acting on official business tonight ." Spiderman said as her approached the young teen. Lisa was 16 and had short dyed black hair. She had a rock hard body and a slam slim ass that still seemed to call to all the boys fuck me. Her tits were 32 c and she had dark blue eyes and semi- light skin.

As Spiderman began to rape Lisa Venom was balls deep in Black cat's Ass

Venom was doggystle with Black cat ramming her in the ass. He back up and slammed into her ass again causing the white flesh to jiggle. the Black cat had went through multiple organism on the giant black cock already and was building up on another. Venom began to pound her ass harder and harder. His dick grew bigger and bigger in her ass. It felt like his dick pushed all the way into her stomach with each thrust. Venom Stuck a tentacle into Black Cat's pussy and that began to thrust in time with his dick in her ass."Oh god Oh god ohgod ohgod oh oh oh oh goddamit!" Black cat yelled as she began to orgasm. " I'm your slut your dirty white whore fuck my pussy fuck my ass cum on my tits fuck my like a bad bitch." Venom pulled his dick out of her ass and slammed it into her pussy with his tentacle stretching Black cat's pussy till it bleed. The Black cat Passed out as Venom shot his seed deep into Black Cat's womb instantly impregnating her with his symbiotic child.


Spiderman's dick pushed deeper into Lisa's pussy than any man 's had before. He stretched her like she had never been stretched. Although she had always fantasied about her dad fucking her senseless he never had. She had seen first had the things he could do to women. Spiderman pulled out and gagged lisa on his Dick. Spiderman pumped her head on his 8 inch love stick. "and now for the finale." Spiderman slammed into Lisa deep into her womb cumin and instantly impregnating her as well. Lisa orgasmed with spiderman as she kissed him passionately while he thrust in and out hard a few more times into her. "Fuck me any time you want daddy-o I'm your loyal cum slut from now on." Spiderman said turn around and show me that ass." "yes master." she said crawling to get in position. She couldn't wait for Spiderman to take her ass.

end of ultimate hero's part 1

part 2: spiderman and hero's battle symbiotic children that try to take over the city.
possible other stars may include; wolverine, mystique, the fantastic four, doc ock, green goblin, electra , storm, the punisher and daredevil

any ideas and feedback welcomed thanks

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