Inhibition Inhibitor

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Inhibition Inhibitor

I heard a dull thud accompanied by a grunt from the dark ally adjacent to the bar I frequented every Friday night. Somewhat anxiously, I shrugged off the immediate effects of a pitcher of Bud and stumbled through a mountain of refuse to a huddled form leaning against the brick wall with her naked legs open obscenely. She was snot-slinging drunk, the apparent victim of amorous exploitation. Her dark shiny hair was a tangled mass shrouding her make-up smeared face and her mini skirt lay lifelessly around one of her ankles. Any trace of underwear had vanished.

Wrapping my arm around her I asked if she was alright. After a vain attempt to stand she gazed at me with half-open big brown eyes and nodded and groaned before dropping her head forward in a drunken stupor. Repositioning her to a more presentable position, I staggered back into the bar and sauntered up to to Arnie, the bartender, to disclose my findings. He stopped wiping the counter top deep in thought. Then, as if hit by a bolt of lightning, he revealed her name as Cheryl, a hippie type first timer that offered her charms to all the males until a a slime ball dragged her out after several shots of Southern Comfort. I thanked him, and rather than call in the local authorities, decided to get her home to sleep it off.

I asked her if she lived nearby or if she knew of someone who could come get her. Again struggling to regain her grip on reality, she queried if my bed was big enough for two. Although not drawn towards a inebriated bed mate, the close proximity of my apartment and my throbbing headache prompted me to take her home. I gently eased her to her feet as she wrapped her arm around my shoulder, and we staggered down the now quiet street beneath the harsh glow of the street lights. Somehow we made it into my disorganized flat and stumbled into the bedroom.

She collapsed onto my unmade bed, and I staggered into the adjoining bath to splash water on my face and unload my beer bladder. Killing the lights, I half stumbled across her prone form to an open area of the bed and dosed off immediately with the room spinning around my head. Before the euphoria of sleep bathed me in its warmth, I felt my body pulled onto my back, my jeans ripped unmercifully from my body and the vaguely familiar sensation of a naked pair of thighs bearing down on my own. A thick bristle of matted pubic hair pressed firmly against my unresponsive cock and pressed the lifeless flesh along the length of her moist slit. The smell of bourbon and sex filled the air as her passion fueled sighs filled the silence. Her soon to follow explosive orgasm arrived as the blood began to fill my cock, bathing my package with a spray of her feminine essence. She collapsed on my torso and within moments was lost in her dreams. I fell asleep to the sound of her gently snoring in my ear.

Morning arrived with brilliant glare on the shades, a killer headache and a soft warm hand on my exposed cock. Barely awake, she gently tugged on on my sensitive flesh while her breath caressed the head with a warm breeze. The blood surged through my groin as my nerve endings awakened to her sensual massage. The stench of booze and disorganized mayhem about me faded as I eased her up to gaze into her deep brown doe eyes. She positioned itself almost automatically on top of me as my cock slipped between her fleshy folds and into the moist warmth of her core. She was tight and driven, quickly climbing to her mindless orgasm as I savored the delicious cock caress.

She was a wisp of a girl, her breasts were small mounds of firm flesh capped with large puffy brown nipples. With a small frame clearly revealing the underlying bone structure and a face crowned with delicate features that emphasized the beauty of her eyes. She came quickly; her muscles tightening visibly as her manicured nails dug into my shoulders. “Oh Gawd,” she whispered as her vaginal walls gripped my cock, inducing several weeks of my essence to erupt deep into her core. I clung to her hips tightly as she rode her long and intense orgasmic wave to its resolution. Slowly she eased herself from my expended organ and disappeared into the bath as I lay in my spent euphoric world.

She emerged from the shower with beads of water still dripping from her long hair and studied the pile of remnants of her clothes with disdain. I eased myself past her into the shower and let the hot steaming water sooth my aching head and wash the remnants of sex from my body.

“You OK,” I queried as I toweled myself off?

“Yeah,” she sighed, “Got any clothes?” I pulled some t-shirts from the dresser and started to get dressed. “You got anything to eat?” I gestured towards the kitchen and advised her to help herself. Soon eggs were frying and toast was being buttered. She ate hurriedly and set out a second plate for me. I offered to take her anywhere that she needed but she said her Mom was on her way. Apparently she had used the phone while I was soaking in the warm. As I stepped to the table and offered my appreciation, she suddenly dropped the skillet into the sink and hurried over to me, yanking my swats down and dove face first into my groin. Her tongue and lips were skilled and I soon found myself humping her face, deriving extra pleasure from watching her cheeks inflate with each thrust. I came quickly pumping a few short spurts down her throat as a dull ache engulfed my gonads. I was drained.

She rose with a satisfied smirk and wolfed down the rest of her food noisily.

“May I call you Cheryl?” I queried.

“Yup,” she offered between mouthfuls.

“Thanks for a wonderful night – maybe we. . .”

“Yeah, thanks for putting up with me. ” She paused from eating and stared me in the eye; “Look, you're a nice guy, but I really don't want to get involved with anyone, OK?”

“I see,” I paused and swallowed, “You have a Sister by any chance.”

“No; no sex starved friends either.” She paused and stared into empty space before speaking again. “I was happily married until after the birth of my Jenny when my sex drive headed south. Jeffrey, my husband, convinced me to go to the fertility clinic on 6th and after their treatment I became a nymphomaniac, scaring him away and almost losing Jenny. To avoid further commitments and complications, I go out several nights a week and scratch my itch.”

“You might want to reconsider your methodology,” I offered briefly recounting the spent heap I'd encountered the night before.

“That wasn't the first time,” she muttered after downing the last morsel of food on her plate. A car horn sounded outside and she leaped from her chair and with a quick peck on my cheek she was gone. I sat in stunned silence and tried to wrap my head around the last twelve hours. Finally I rose to set about my normal weekend routine. The dull ache in my groin lingered menacingly.

By Monday, the constant gnawing ache in my gonads had intensified and the thought of contracted VD sent me to the clinic on 6th that Cheryl had mentioned during my lunchtime. The shapely platinum blond receptionist gave me a short questionnaire and arranged for an immediate conference with a Dr. Celeste. I barely finished the paperwork before the receptionist led me to an unremarkable exam room and asked me to undress. I was down to my t-shirt and boxers when a flawless young nymph entered the room and flashed a reassuring smile as she introduced herself. I gave her the paperwork and stared at awe at her timeless features as she scanned my responses.

She smiled briefly and walked around her desk before gently lowering my boxers and examining my package intently. She then withdrew something from her pocket reminiscent of the tricorder of Star Trek fame. Gently scanning the thickening flesh, she pulled a small sound from her side pocket and expertly slid in down my urethra that sent throbbing pulses throughout my groin. My cock immediately became engorged and she scanned the erect appendage thoroughly once again. Gently withdrawing the sound, she wiped it on a small sterile cloth and placed the cloth into a small machine on the counter. Pushing a couple of buttons, the machine hummed briefly and a small screen displayed a few non-descriptive images. Finally she spoke with a soft sensual voice.

“It appears as if your body has a slight reaction to our inhibition serum – a non-harmful discomfort which will diminish within a few cycles. You can expedite its' migration through sexual activity, but if you choose to remain celibate, I recommend plenty of clear liquids and acetaminophen as needed for the pain.”

“You mean the pain will diminish with sex,” I queried skeptically as I grabbed the only seat and plopped my butt down into it.

“Yes; I'll demonstrate,” she replied as she rose and shed her white coat revealing her nakedness beneath. Grasping my rigid member, she guided it into her hairless vulva and gently sat on my lap giving me a front row seat to the two most perfect breasts ever created. Easing down my length slowly with her moist silky orifice, she sighed contentedly as our surroundings dissolved and a new world took form. Off in the distance were several tall spires reaching into a crystal blue sky and circled by birds adorned in a myriad of colors. She straddled me in a flower speckled field of tall thick grass where several other couples were gleefully locked in sexual embraces. The warm breeze bathed our naked bodies as my companion began her slow sensual dance of love. She threw her head back and shook it from side to side as she murmured her joy in a foreign tongue.

The whole of my being focused on the head of my cock as I grasped her delicious breasts and pinched the small erect nipples gently. My impending release built far more rapidly than ever before as her vaginal muscles rhythmically drew my glans closer to her throbbing womb. Despite my best efforts towards restraint, her sensual stimulation was far to intense to bear, and I lip locked her long sinewy neck as I released a long powerful stream into her her warm velvet depths with a groan. The orgasm continued for some time as her own shrill squeal signaled her own climax. I held her tight as we ground our hips together in mutual bliss.

Suddenly we were back in the office firmly embracing each others sweat coated bodies as our orgasmic euphoria swept over us like a tsunami. After a few warm moments, she regained her composure and slid from my over stimulated organ with a compassionate kiss to my forehead. As my heart stilled when she stroked the hair from my eyes and smiled.

“I shan’t forget our bonding either, my young friend,” she offered as she slid from my lap and donned her lab coat. Somehow she had read my mind! “Even now, your atmosphere is being saturated with my inhibition inhibiting serum that shall significantly reduce the crippling sexual repression so dominant in your females. Within a short time, your species will thrive unhindered by the restraints of generations past to pursue the lives you were intended to live. We shall return sometime in your future to monitor your social maturation and perhaps establish diplomatic contact.”

“You may find our world in chaos with millions of unplanned kids, rampant VD, and spiritual bankruptcy,” I retorted somberly.

“As opposed to certain annihilation by power and greed;” she retorted. “Growth evokes change – a most welcomed evolution when considering your alternative.. I must tend to others now; although continuing our conversation would be most pleasing. Go in peace and love.” She smiled an illusive smile and disappeared into the hallway. I dressed slowly and left through the front, my mind adrift with unanswerable questions and my genitals satiated unlike ever before. Taking a seat at the bus stop, I wondered if the world could accept such a dramatic change to standard operating procedure, or if we would be plunged into widespread chaos. A soft touch on my shoulder brought me back to reality. It was Cheryl.

“Wanna give it a go,” she murmured seductively. After her earlier oratory proclaiming her 'loose cannon' lifestyle I was skeptical, but quickly dismissed my doubts when I saw the need in her eyes.


She looked around quickly and spotted an overgrown lot nearby. Grabbing my hand, she weaved her way through traffic and bounded into the thigh high weeds gleefully until we were hidden from the surrounding structures. Within moments, she had me pinned and made short work of removing my pants and diving onto my lifeless flesh. She worked tirelessly with mouth and tongue, eventually evoking an erection. Almost in desperation, she mounted me, her pussy already moist with anticipation. Her sweet sucking pussy quickly stirred my libido into overdrive, and I pounded her from beneath like a schoolboy. We quickly ascended to our mutual peak, and surprisingly, I planted several weak streams of semen deep into her quivering womb. I held her tight as she shuddered with her orgasmic ecstasy, relieved I still had my mojo. As we recovered, I quietly asked if Jenny had asked a sister. For the first time I heard her giggle,

“Celeste said my ovulation cycle has been reduced significantly, and I will only be fertile once a year. Your virility should increase to provide for the increasing demand.”

“I noticed.”

“You know. . .I've been thinkin'. . .I'd kind of like to include you in my life if you could. . .ummm. . .live with someone that needs other partners from time to time to. . .ahhhhhh. . . satisfy her appetite. . .”

I stared at a wind driven wisp of clouds as they raced overhead. This was both unexpected and perplexing. Finally, I cleared my throat and started to put my pants on. “Don't really know you but reckon we could give it a try with a few rules – we'd have to spend our nights together with Jenny; steer clear of potentially diseased partners, and put each other first. Don't think my one bedroom flat will accommodate a family comfortably, either.”

“Sounds reasonable, she responded thoughtfully. I think my Mom would welcome a man around the house – she'd probably want to do you occasionally. My Jenny needs an adult role model too.”

“Tell you what, I'm going back to work. I'll meet you and Jenny at my place around 1900 and discuss the possibilities.”

Cheryl straightened her skirt and gently grabbed my package through my jeans. “See you then.”

I kissed her gently and rushed back to the bus stop awash with the potential life changing possibilities. Once seated, a mature cougar sat beside me and flashed a scary smile. Her hand drifted nonchalantly onto my thigh. “Wanna give me a ride?”

I looked at the longing in her face and felt a dull stirring in my groin. “Rain check sweetheart; my boss awaits.”


I fell silent and looked out the window as she moved to a seat next to a young college kid with a bright yellow sweater. They got off the bus together at the next stop hand-in-hand. Upon arrival at the factory, I swung past the bosses office on the way in and found the door locked with suspicious noises emanating from within. Maybe the sexy secretary who had the hots for him forever finally uncovered a previously unknown soft spot in his alligator hide. Extracting his head from his ass would be her greatest challenge. I clocked in and headed into the production floor stopping to talk with Ray, a fellow conspirator, about the mystery within the bosses locked office. As I climbed aboard the forklift, Daisy, the cleaning lady, jumped aboard from the other side and flashed her blinding pearly whites at me.

Daisy was a mocha colored butterball; an elementary school drop-out with barely enough literacy to sign her own name. Where academic achievement had failed, common sense had prevailed, and she often worked along side of the crew when she completed her cleaning tasks. Well liked, quick witted, ever positive and highly professional, Daisy had become a part of the team as soon as she signed on. Although she had married at a young age to a drug dealing loser who had promptly been carted off to county jail for trafficking, she remained loyal but was not above making the women blush and men cringe at her spontaneous sexual innuendos. She often jumped on the lift beside me when I was moving the pallets around to feel “the power between her legs.”

“So what da Doc tell ya?”

“He told me to stay away from the schoolyard during cheerleader practice,” I quipped as I eased the forks under the first pallet.

“Bullshit, he probably done told ya to get some pussy an' drain those two melons danglin' between your legs.” She reached over and squeezed my package firmly.

“Watch it now,” I warned, “You might wind up with a handful of white boy spunk!”

“Rather you shoot it in here;” she lifted the front of her dress and patted her pussy. Stray cropped thick black curls escaped from the edges of her white cotton panties that did little to conceal her moist camel toe.. Never had I seen Daisy overtly expose her sexuality nor murmur with such unmistakeable lust in her voice. I eased the forklift into a secluded corner and shut it down. She pulled my head down and locked lips passionately as her hands pulled my shirt free and desperately fumbled at my pants. I groped her massive mammaries and she responded like a virgin schoolgirl; her eyes drifted shut and her breath quickened to that of a racehorse on the final stretch. Gently pushing her away, I slid my pants down and helped her to disrobe.

As she plopped back into the adjacent seat, I beheld her neatly trimmed pussy with a large jutting clitoris trembling with anticipation. I knelt down and dove into her thick thatch; sucking on the engorged clit while savoring her musky scent as she squealed her approval. With a few moments, she groaned and grimaced as a shower of sweet tasting ejaculate erupted and bathed my face with her desire. I remained locked on to her clit and expanded my tongues' exploration to include her labia and the petal pink entrance to her core. Her hips thrust into my face violently as another splash of her essence erupted amidst breathy obscenities that would of embarrassed a sailor. I was in heaven and wrapped my arms around her bulbous buns while continuing my tongue lashing unabated. Her body shuddered and rippled as a series of orgasms rolled through her extremities. Then, with one final violent upthrust, she collapsed into a senseless heap of jello.

Wiping my face on her shirt, I eased away from the quivering flesh expecting a clean getaway until I felt her fingers lock a death grip on my semi rigid pole. With a few firm strokes, the blood surged into my already overworked organ, eliminating any threads of performance anxiety that were lingering from my two previous encounters that day. I plopped into my seat and groaned as her other hand cradled my gonads. Suddenly she stopped and repositioned herself to get a good look at my package.

“Damn, honey, you be missin' some skin on the end of yo pole,” she murmured sadly.

I stared at her wide eyed expression before it dawned on me what she was referring to. “Your husband isn't circumcised,” I asked skeptically.

“Whatever you said, he ain't,” she retorted while carefully studying my glans in awe. “Why they do dat?”

“Easier to keep clean, I guess,” I responded gently rolling one of her huge nipples in the palm of my hand.

With a few more strokes, she quickly moved forward and guided my tool into her hot silky quim. We both groaned appreciatively as she began to rock back and forth on my lap. I grabbed her swinging boobs and massaged them gently as she bounced higher and higher, grinding against my pubic bone with each downward thrust. As I began the delicious journey towards release, her pubic muscle squeezed tightly around the base of my cock and another stream of her ejaculate bathed my groin. Daisy grunted as her body broke into a spasmodic muscle contractions. She collapsed onto my body while her vagina continued to constrict as it milked my cock. As she began to relax, I took on the onslaught, and viciously pumped my manhood into her sopping pussy hellbent on a soon to be realized release. She groaned and unsuccessfully tried to match my thrusts until I gushed a hot rope of seed deep into her birth canal. Her muscles tightened forcefully and she bathed my pelvis with another warm stream of her essence. She fell against me with her chest heaving and trembling with the force of a 8.2 on the revised Richter scale. I fell back against the seat back and tried to catch my breath.

“Lordy,” she whispered as I gingerly wrestled her from my loins. “Dat's what I done needed white boy,” she murmured as her eyes lowered to my shriveled organ and gently fingered my glans, “Even tho it's nekkid.”

I laughed as we got dressed and set about our tasks. Somehow, despite the four odd hours of lost time, I was able to stow and deliver the needed items for our next days production, and clocked out just ahead of Daisy as she patted me firmly on the ass. As I rounded the corner for the door, my disheveled boss emerged from his office quickly followed by his partially disrobed secretary. I smirked as I waved on my way out and began to focus on my two dinner guests. It would be a life changing evolution to include them in my life and I wasn't really certain I was ready to settle into a ready made family; but the perks grossly outweighed the lonely nights as long as my sexual freedom was assured. Traffic was slower than molasses in a freezer, and I barely got to my flat by seven. Cheryl was sitting on the steps cradling a bundle of baby blankets.

I crawled out and strolled over to her. “Been waiting long?”

She shook her head no and gestured to a late model Lincoln parked across the street; “My Mom brought me over.”

“Reckon it would be appropriate to invite her in, don't you?”

Cheryl gestured to her Mom and she emerged attired in a low cut formal evening gown far more appropriate for opera than a casual encounter. She was quite attractive with a whisper of applied make-up and hair immaculately stacked on her head. One could easily discern her well toned musculature with the only saggy flesh cradled in her bra. I smiled and waved then turned to unlock the metal screen. Once inside, Cheryl seated herself in the lounger as her Mom wandered about with an unspoken critical eye. I popped some wine and poured some crackers into a bowl. Placing them carefully on the coffee table, I wandered over to the bundled baby cradled in Cheryl's arms for a close-up. It was a cutie, with just enough thin blond hair to cover her scalp. After her Mother poked her head in the bedroom and bath, she returned to the sofa and grabbed her drink.

“So you met Cheryl behind a bar, she infected you with an alien virus and now she wants you to move in,” her Mother queried with cultured skepticism.

“We're considering it,” I offered cautiously.


“To retain a sense of stability in a world of chaos, I reckon.”

She sipped the wine and nodded silently. After a few moments, she set down her glass and said: “Let's see what your packin', romeo.”

I glanced at Cheryl's shocked expression and somewhat hesitantly dropped my jeans. My genitals nearly brushed her mom's face and she quickly reached up to inspect the dangling flesh, carefully studying the colors and textures with a gentle yet experienced caress. “Don't get many calls from the porn industry, do you?”

“Mother,” Cheryl exclaimed abruptly.

“Uh, No,” I replied as she squeezed my cock firmly, “But I once got a call from Ripley's.”

They both burst out laughing. “It's a nice appendage though - well worth my evaluation.” She stood and raised the hem of her dress to her waist and sat down again on the edge of the sofa cushion as she pulled her lace underwear aside from her gray haired gash. “Let's give it a go.”

Somewhat engorged, I aimed my pole at the moist opening and slowly eased into her experienced depths. Penetration was surprisingly easy, yet the the silky grip of her pussy was quite firm and responsive. After several exploratory thrusts, I shagged her puffy mound quite forcefully as she threw her head back and emitted deep lust-filled grunts. My rhythm was just becoming established when she groaned as her pussy gripped me tightly. Holding my position, she rode through her orgasm. I searched the lines of her face as she grimaced in fulfillment and her ragged breaths slowly returned to normal. I zipped up and sat down next to Cheryl as her Mother straightened her apparel and lit a cigarette. Cheryl handed Jenny over to me who continued to sleep obliviously in my arms. Not a word was spoken as Granny basked in the afterglow and Cheryl put her head on my shoulder and gently rubbed my thigh. Despite the most sexually active day of my life, my virility amazed me as I felt my loins stirring in anticipation.

“You found a keeper, Cheryl,” Her Mother finally murmured somewhat breathlessly. “I'll call one of my friends over at Mayflower and we'll have you moved in by the weekend. There are a few female friends I want to introduce you to if you don't mind. I suppose you will keep your current employment, although you might want to consider opening a full-time shag-a-hag service.”

“Mother,” Cheryl admonished again as her hand tightened on my thigh.

“I'll keep my options open,” I returned thoughtfully. It's difficult to make commitments with the uncertain future we are facing in this uninhibited new world, but a professional gigolo never held any personal appeal. Although grateful for the ideas and opportunities, everything was moving far too rapidly. “Look - a week ago Cheryl and I shunned commitment. Now our lives are poised on the threshold of a permanent live-in situation in a world confounded with role issues. Some may call it karma others divine intervention but this inhibition inhibitor is a part of our reality now. Reckon it's best to experience its benefits fully without pimping myself regardless of how lucrative the market becomes.”

“Cheryl joined in; “With exception of the elimination of our sexual inhibitions, and our ability to produce offspring dramatically curtailed, I don't see our world changing very much. It is important we maintain our basic familial values despite our sexual liberation.” She reached over and caressed Jenny tenderly as her Mother fell silent and lit another smoke.

After exhaling a lungful of pale blue smoke, her Mother nodded. “I now have two siblings and a wonderful granddaughter to enrich my life. A perfect conclusion to this evening, after years of sleeping alone, would be to share my bed with a man.” I glanced at Cheryl who nodded discreetly and we soon disrobed and climbed into the beds comforting embrace. There were gentle touches and loving embraces until sleep finally overwhelmed the three of us.

Morning dawned, with it's exhilarating renewal to gentle pressure on either side of my exposed thighs. I savored the thick scratchy pubic hair as it was drawn along the length of my hardening organ and didn't open my eyes until my glans slowly slipped past the moist vaginal ring into the inviting depths of warm pulsating pussy. As I opened my eyes, I beheld the raven haired beauty that lived across the street stroking hardness into her pert nipples as she humped my throbbing flesh. Cheryl was standing in front of a nearby full-length mirror trying to bring a semblance of organization to her still moist hair while the sounds of someone preparing breakfast and youthful babbling trickled in from the kitchen. Pinned to the mattress by this young MILF, I pried her hands from her full breasts and replaced them with mine as her intensity accelerated to a notch above frantic. Suddenly she squealed an indiscernible exclamation and shuddered violently as her tight quim squeezed the life out of my cock. Barely able to thrust completely into her warm center, I released a large load of life giving essence before collapsing beneath her sweat shrouded figure. She slowly slid off my spent organ and wiped her puffy quim with her fingers and carefully ingested the erotic mixture of spent passions. She leapt from the bed and wrapped a long bathrobe around her shoulders as she muttered how she needed that before she shot from the bedroom and disappeared out the front door.

Cheryl's Mother appeared with a heaping plate of eggs, toast and sausages cradling Jenny in her free hand. “Better get up stud,” she admonished just before disappearing into the bathroom only to quickly reappear with a wet wash rag and towel. As I gratefully wolfed down my breakfast, she gently wiped my loins clean. “My daughter only works half a day at the hospital, and, with your authorization, we will commence moving you both to my estate. My chauffeur will take you to work and utilize your truck, such as it is, to assist with the moving your personal items. He'll be waiting at your place of employment at 1900. I shall immediately terminate your current utility contracts and insure your personal effects are well cared for. . .”

“Mother,” Cheryl interrupted, ”Give him a chance to get dressed!” Then turning to me she said: “My Mother helped my Dad organize his businesses from the onset and became a micro-manager in the process. Now you have a good day at work baby, and keep your wicket out of unclean poontang!” She gave me a quick peck on my cheek and disappeared into the open door of the limo.

I slipped into my Dickies as her Mother continued; “I want you to consider a management position in the mercantile warehouse I'm establishing a few miles from here and will substantially increase your current salary if you accept. I have yet to hire a crew and your recommendations are encouraged.”

“Damn, I've made a point of never working for for friends or family much less someone I don't even know the name of!”

“Introductions escape me at times; forgive me, my employees call me Ma'am but I'd prefer Edith. How many potential bosses or Mother-in laws have you slept with, if I may ask?”

“Touche,” I responded. “You have my permission to move my personal effects – as long as you refrain from contributing anything to waste management. I'd have to survey the warehouse facility before making a firm commitment, but you definitely have peaked my interest.” The limo pulled up and I gave Edith a quick peck on the cheek before scurrying out to my ride. The chauffeur was an older man built like the terminator and named Chet. He was the strong silent type commanding immediate respect. Sharing some of his work experiences, he confirmed Edith could be over bearing if not immediately chastised. Although his ED had kept him from her bedroom, it had been one of his strongest assets for employment. The more we shared, the more we bonded until we were in full scale belly laughs by the time I tossed him the keys at my job site.

En-route, Chet and I encountered a myriad of copulating couples that spilled over onto the production floor of my workplace. Everyone was in various stages of undress and various positions of coitus. I turned and stormed into the bosses office to find the secretary riding his tool atop the large oak desk. I grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled 'I Quit” and signed my name. Storming out through the front door I began to seriously question my assumptions of human integrity, proffesionalism and moral character when a young waif blocked my escape. Her large doe eyes and olive toned skin made me skid to a stop. Once she pulled her knit top from her torso to reveal her small, perfectly formed breasts capped with tiny erect nipples, my hormones took control.

Of obvious Latino descent, her thick coarse long black hair and rich full kiss-me lips spurred my loins into action. I quickly unbuttoned her worn jeans and tugged her pink briefs down her long slender legs to reveal a shaved pussy and firm bum. It was too much for my simmering libido – I immediately lip locked the smooth puffy labia and sucked her rich nectar down with deep gulps. Her knees trembled as her hands buried themselves in my hair. As her clitoris emerged from her hairless cleft, I drew it in and lapped the tiny head vigorously as she arched her back and screamed “Papi!” Her tiny frame was wracked with orgasmic spasms that lasted for several minutes. My lust peaked and I quickly dispatched my lower attire positioning myself above her entrance. As I rubbed my glans through her sensitive labia for lubrication, she had another mini orgasm that peaked as I pushed into her entrance into the tight warm velvet depths. More engorged than I could ever remember, I rammed her core unmercifully, lust driven to provide the stimulation my cock so desperately craved. Her hips rose to my thrusts and within moments I was erupting violently deep into her core.

Quickly pulling away, I donned my attire and hustled to the bus stop unaware she was close behind struggling to reposition her clothes. When she grabbed my shirt and asked me to take her home, I knew she was trouble. I shook my head no and locked my lips onto hers, pouring a gallon of compassion into our kiss. When I finally released her to board the bus, she stood breathlessly in stunned silence and waved. I would never grow accustomed to this I though to myself silently as a short butterball MILF rubbed against my crotch and gave me a seductive smile. The remainder of the trip home was spent dodging her advances. I was no longer the hunter, and could easily fall prey to my increased libido with the multitude of eager counterparts wanting only to sample my lovemaking techniques. Our species could unwittingly face extinction from sexual exhaustion if we failed to discover the difference between love and lust!

As I walked into the open front door and spied Jenny intently investigating the carpet nap, I saw Cheryl carefully wrapping my wine glasses in bubble wrap. I hoisted the carpet crawler airborne amidst squeals of glee and attempted to translate her gleeful babble as her Mother rushed to embrace me. One of her hands slid down my trousers and clutch my spent package as she pulled me onto her lips with the other hand.

“You're home early babe,” she observed after sucking the life from my lungs.”

“Decided to accept your Mother's offer and quit my tenure at the factory, although my asshole boss was too buried in pussy to notice,” I replied breathlessly. “Got attacked by a young Latina nymph on the way to the bus and dodged a desperate housewife all the way home! It's a jungle out there!”

“Poor dear, got any left for me?”

“Only if you respect me in the morning,” I retorted as she slipped her t-shirt over her head to reveal her two naked milk mounds. I hurriedly slipped Jenny into her playpen with a kiss and was tugging down my trousers as Cheryl's naked body embraced me from behind. My attire disappeared in a blur and I turned to behold the beautiful apparition with lust burning eyes. Cheryl truly was a vision of perfection – incredibly sensual with nary a blemish nor hint of cellulite. Her firm perfectly formed breasts, small waist and full hips atop endless well toned legs sent my libido into overdrive unlike no other. Her gentle touch, unbridled passion, and intuitive compassion unraveled years of loneliness and rejection. I mounted her gently as she overwhelmed my senses with her passionate sighs and loving touches. Focusing on her responses, I brought her slowly towards her peak and we experienced the most explosive mutual orgasm we had mutually experienced thus far. We slowly resolved with me gently nipping her long sensitive neck as her sweaty body trembled discretely with release, I briefly wondered if others ever experienced the euphoria we had just reached.

My ears perked with the sound of rustling coming from my bedroom. I kissed Cheryl gently and pried myself from her delicious frame to investigate. Edith had her legs spread apart obscenely as a well muscled stud with a huge prong positioned himself at her opening. With one long unforgiving thrust, he entered her with the smile of a Roman conqueror. His thrusts began slowly as her Edith's eyes shot open. Rapidly, he increased his onslaught, grabbing her hips for support. Despite the obvious discomfort, Edith grunted at the end of each thrust and grabbed his massive bullocks as if to encourage his efforts. He squealed and inhuman sound and increased his pace for a few rapid thrusts before unloading a tsunami into her quim. One could easily see his prong pulsating as Edith arched her hips to accommodate his offload and increase her stimulation. He collapsed like a ton of bricks and she struggled to push him off her. He slowly rose and pulled up his trousers as I beat feet for the kitchen to join Cheryl. Several minutes later Edith emerged from the bedroom visibly shaken with a slight limp.

“Hell of a package; to bad it's attached to such a mindless barbarian,” she said as she poured herself a glass of water. “I've had cucumbers with more sensitivity. Do you think I should shave my pubes?”

“I'd have someone else do it with an electric razor,” I quipped.

“Oooooo. . .I'd like that,” she returned with a glint in her eye.

The next several weeks passed quickly as the world gradually adapted to the effects of the serum. Political and religious institutions decried the social and moral degradation it evoked as the medical communities struggled fruitlessly to find an anecdote. Mainstream society gradually accepted their new freedoms while reaffirming their need for familial integrity. Surprisingly, productivity increased, mental disorders plummeted, crime diminished and society became a far more positive place to dwell within although major social and philosophical questions remain unanswered. Cheryl, Jenny, Edith, Chet and I have become an inseparable team, living large and loving free in her Mom's lakeside mansion.

Chet learned of the benefits of Tadalafil, and with a once daily dose, has joined the rest of the household in fulfilling the needy and sharing his daily encounters over a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace most every evening. Often the morning finds us cuddled together on the carpet wrapped in each others' arms. We maintain our employment and combine our incomes into a community resource fund that insures our wants and needs are collectively met. Jenny continues to thrive in our loving environment. As Celeste had predicted in her unearthly office; the world has become a much happier place to live in when deprived of the selfish greed that destroyed the fibers of humanity. I plan to personally thank her upon her return.


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