Keichi Tales- Forgotten Bet (2)

The school week went by in a flash, focusing on homework and baseball practice helped dull the pain of not being in Yoichi's arms when I was lying alone in bed trying to sleep. Thankfully, it was Friday and within an hour Scoutmaster Yoshi was going to pick me up and take me to Camp Buddy for the weekend! My big sister had to leave for a work conference so she was happy to see me go, she even left $20 for some pizza, I cannot wait to see Yoichi's face! Hehe. I changed out of my black school uniform and put on some a comfortable t shirt and shorts. I was ready to have fun this weekend!

DING-DONG! Oh! The pizza must be here! I ran downstairs and was greeted by an older teenager with black and white hair, he had a handsome smile and held out the pizza box. "I heard you ordered a meat supreme with extra sausage." I could not help but giggle at how he worded that and will be saying that to Yoichi when I see him later. I paid the delivery man and sat down, tummy growling at the smell, but I knew I needed to hold off. I went back upstairs to finish packing when- DING-DONG.

I tilted my head and glanced at the clock. Huh, that was strange, Scoutmaster Yoshi is usually very punctual, so he must be early or its someone else! Grabbing at the duffle bag I went down the stairs two at a time, almost managing to faceplant at the very end heh. I opened the door to see it was indeed Scoutmaster Yoshi!

"Hey Keitaro! Sorry I am so early but there was hardly any traffic and I figured you'd like to surprise Yoichi by being early!" His mischievous grin made me excited and I rubbed my hands together like an evil villain which made him laugh. I grabbed at the pizza box and joined him in his car to head back to Camp Buddy! It usually takes 20 minutes to get there but like what Scoutmaster Yoshi said, there was hardly any traffic and we were there in half the time! Usually at this point I would see Yoichi kicking at the camp post or throwing some rocks in boredom, but I did not see my purple haired boyfriend anywhere, he still must be at the cabin heh!

Scoutmaster Yoshi parked the car and as we got out a flash of fur pounced on me and the pizza box went flying, thankfully landing on top of the car and not the ground. A flurry of tongues licked all over my face as I was slowly dragged down by the combined weight of 4 hyperactive puppies. "Hehe! Hi everyone! Stop and I'll give you all rubs!" They soon settled down and I finally got a look at the 4 of them.

Keichi, named after me and Yoichi, was the typical black and white husky with emerald green eyes. Mr. Perfect, named after Natsumi, was a slate blue and white husky with icy blue eyes. Twinkerbell, named after Hunter, was a beige and white husky with dark blue eyes. Torch-head, named after my best friend Hiro, was an orange and white husky with green eyes. They were all fluffballs about 2 1/2 months old. I each gave them a rub on the head and some kisses, Scoutmaster Yoshi rounded the front of the car and they dashed towards him looking for affection. I rubbed the dust off my shorts and got my duffle bag and the pizza, ready for an amazing weekend!

As we walked our way into the camp, with the pups nipping at out heels, we came across Yoichi who was making his way to the entrance. I was so happy to see him! “Yoichi!” He did a double take and sniffed the air before his gaze focused on me, even from a few hundred feet away I could see his great big smile glinting from the sunlight. It was cute seeing how he started faltering from his breakneck run when he noticed a few of the new Scoutmasters staring in my direction, he sure is shy sometimes for being such a big meanie Alpha hehe! Finally, as he got closer, I could not help but notice a few things… such as the fact he chest and abdomen were absolutely glistening, which led to his exercise shorts being drenched and practically see-through, and finally how with every stride his bulge was bouncing side to side obscenely which meant he was… free-balling…

I could feel the familiar blush tinging my cheeks as he finally stopped in front of us, smirking widely at me knowing he was having an effect. “Dang Keitaro! My eyes are up here!” I just glared at him as Scoutmaster Yoshi patted my back before telling us he was going to let us have some alone time. Yoichi looked behind us for a moment before deciding the coast was clear, “Thanks… Dad…” He refused to look at Scoutmaster Yoshi who thankfully just smiled and said he would see us at the Mess Hall later for dinner.

Leaning in, I gave Yoichi a big smooch on the cheek, catching a whiff of his sweat. “Heh, proud of you Yoichi…” He just huffed and took a few moments to regain his composure before sure enough that cocky attitude was back, gripping his bulge and shaking it at me. I giggled and rolled my eyes as I held out the pizza box and the look of utter ravenousness filled his eyes, I pulled it back teasingly. “Ah-uh! Not yet hehe, let’s go to the cabin so I can put my stuff away!”

“Tch, ‘mma put my stuff away in you later…” If I had a free hand to facepalm, I would have. Soon enough I did, protesting when Yoichi snatched the box from me but quieting down when instead of tearing it open and devouring everything, he just took my small hand in his and silently led us to our cabin. My heart skipped a beat and butterflies flew around in my tummy at the sweet gesture, deciding not to say anything, instead I just leaned against him and bumped shoulders a few times during out walk. When we arrived, he set the pizza down and watched me start to put away my clothes in the small dresser next to each bunkbed. “I missed you, you know…”

Turning my head to smile at him, I saw him leaning against one with his arms crossed. If anything, I think he looked more handsome than ever, especially when he expresses his inner emotions knowing he could trust me with them. I walked up to him, pressing against him, and getting on my tiptoes to kiss at his lips. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer, I could feel how slick his torso was as I snaked mine around his neck. He bit my lip, growling, “How bout I add a BIG sausage on the pizza, free of charge~” I snorted hard and ended up in a giggling fit.

“Hey! I was gonna use that line meanie!” He just grinned and peppered my face in kisses to soothe my wounded pride, happy noises escaping me which only made him pull me tighter to him. Soon enough I could feel something pressing against my belly, glancing up at him with wide innocent eyes, I batted my lashes. “My grandma what a big bulge you have…~” I held back my giggles as his eye twitched at how corny it was but also tempted to go along with it.

In the end he decided that actions speak louder than words, taking a squeeze of my plush rear in each large hand.

Squirming some, I looked up at him through my lashes with large innocent eyes, pushing out my bottom lip to make a pout. He just smirked and pecked my lip which made me smile, he lifted me up and walked towards the showers. Setting me down as he waited and stared at me expectantly. Blinking some confused, I tilted my head as to why he was not turning on the heater. "You'll get your shower later Keitaro, but my good girl bet against her Alpha and lost. She's gonna own up to it now~" At first I was clueless as to what he was saying and then it clicked.

"WH-WHA! N-NO! Y-YOICHI! I AM NOT DOING THAT!" He just continued to smirk and stare, bringing his hands to run them over his slick chest down his muscled abdomen to slide underneath his shorts. With a flick of his wrists they fell to the tiled floor and his Alphahood was revealed in all its glory. The damp purple bush concealed the base of his long and thick cock lying dormant for the moment, resting on a low hanging pair of smooth balls the size of chicken eggs.

He reached down with his right hand and scratched at his nuts, keeping eye contact with me as I could not help but steal glances at how his cock swayed or ball jostled around in their loose sac until finally I was unabashedly staring. His movement broke my trance as he stepped up to me, his fingertips smearing my upper lip and the bottom of my nose. His pungent musk took my breath away and had me falling back against the cool wall, coughing as every breath I took in I could only smell him. "Now be a good bitch and groom Alphas wolfnuts~" Head tilted with his signature cocky lopsided smirk branded across his face made me flustered, knowing I was weak to both his cheeky handsomeness and his dominant sexiness.

I could not stop myself from stiffen up down there, looking into his eyes for a few moments before sinking down to my knees. A gentle caress of my hair made me glance back up at him, seeing his toothy smile filled me with warmth as I leaned in to press my nose against the side of his cock. Taking a slow and measured breath I fought the urge to cough as the potent scent filled my lungs, it did not smell bad at all, but it was just too MUCH. In all my years in baseball I have only had smelling salts used on me twice, but Yoichi's musk was BETTER. W-Wait wh-wha I meant to say more powerful, not better! For the moment Yoichi was letting me take my time but I knew soon enough his inner wolf would take over and my face would be smeared around.

His musk was an interesting combination of things: most prevalently an earthiness that reminded me of our camping trips this summer which makes sense since he's always out in the woods, mixed with the sweaty smell of a hard and good workout, not exactly smelly but anyone who plays sports knows what I am talking about. Lastly, the ever present, if now overpowered, subtle hint of boy. I've smelled it on myself a few times or when I got back to my room after staying at Camp Buddy for a month. Another exhale, another inhale, on and on before I became almost lightheaded, his scent turning from something overpoweringly strong to overpoweringly addictive.

Nestling my nose in further, just a bit behind his sac he snickered at me, but I did not catch it being so overdosed. Pushing further and further the scent got stronger and stronger until his sac was resting on my face and his cock was atop my head, finally I stopped and just basked. Heat radiating from his balls warmed my nose, cheeks, and lips, feeling them move ever so slightly knowing they were churning cum that would soon enough be in my belly. If I could have seen Yoichi's face, I would have been both alarmed and curious. His pupils were blown with desire, mouth agape with the starting of drool, jaw dropped in disbelief at my transformation. I ended up knowing what he felt though when his hand that had been resting on my head slowly started petting me.Pride.

Soon enough he shifted a bit impatient and I knew my time had come. My tongue lapping at the backside of his magnificent ball sac, shuddering at the raw taste of his salty sweat infused with his Alpha musk. He growled in approval as I started to 'groom' him. I am still not sure why, but I repeated the process three times before moving onto a new spot slightly to the right. Eventually covering the underside completely until it was completely clean and glossy. I felt his calloused thumb run over my cheek lovingly before he gripped my chin and opened my jaw, letting one of his fat nuts plop inside.

A quick tap on my cheek let me know what I needed to do so I opened my jaw as wide as it could go and ever so slowly his other one joined in. My cheeks were flush with heat in shyness as here I was chipmunking my boyfriend’s sweaty balls because I forfeited a stupid bet for some shortsighted selfish rimming. I will admit, none of this was bad, in fact it was great. I love when he gets so dominant and orders me around, I get my revenge by being cute and bratty. I swallowed around the large cum factories, giggling as I felt them shift and move on my tongue making Yoichi moan at the feel and vibrations. All the while his wolfmeat started jackhammering its way up with each beat of his heart until eventually it stood in a high and mighty salute to my work. Smiling, I swirled my tongue around his pupmakers, dutifully 'grooming' them too while receiving gentle pets.

After a while he delicately pulled out his balls from my mouth and drug me over to the wall, hissing at how cold they were against my bare back as he traced his warm leaking hooded tip over my lips. "Get some throat action before I bust all over your slices~" He snickered as I glared up at him so I gently nipped at his foreskin making him growl and grip my hair almost painfully as he pushed past my lips and into my warm wet mouth.

He was quick to rut my mouth, his head already pushing against my throat as he groaned above. Yoichi always fucked my throat when we meet up for the weekends; after getting something to eat he fucked my ass, then throat again, before he finally was calm enough that we could snuggle and cuddle for the rest of the night. I really missed Yoichi

It was always made me feel warm when I looked up at him to see his eyes screwed shut and tongue lolling out in pleasure, plus he really looked like a wolf when he did that heh. His grunts became deeper and more rapid as he slammed into my throat, my toes curling in delight as his weighty balls graced me with their presence with their gentle plaps on my chin. Gripping his thighs tight, digging in my nails just as he liked it. He pushed hard and stayed there as he caught his breath with a glance down at me, "Heh, I gotta give your slices some extra sauce don't I~?"

He gripped my hair and started walking back towards the cabin, I scrambled as fast as I could, so I was not dragged completely. When we finally arrived next to his bed, he flipped open the pizza box and unsheathed his wolfmeat from its warm sleeve. He slapped my face with that heavy cock, and without a word my face went to his nuts as I jacked him off. I could feel those pupmakers rise and clench as his cock starts rapidly spurting his hot thick wolfcream all over the pizza, or more accurately, all over my half of the pizza thanks to his aiming.

With a small tap on my head I moved to his cockhead right after it gave its twelfth and final spurt, lapping away at the remaining yummy dribbles. I gently pinched and brought his foreskin back up over the head, it gives me a 'kiss' of its own which made me giggle and him roll his eyes. "You're such a fuckin dork, ya know that?" I just grinned at him and kissed his 'lips' again as he pets my head.

I got up and wiped my mouth clean as my tummy grumbled, he smirked and smacked my ass as we sat down on his bed to start nomming away on the slices. Mine having a tasty tang that made me moan and him huff but I saw those cheeks get a little red hehe! I ate 3 slices and he at all 4 of his, I offered one of mine with a twinkle in my eye and he snorted and promptly rejected it. I leaned back and stretched, yawning a little from all my work at school and then baseball practice, unaware that I just added fuel to Yoichi's furnace as he saw my lithe naked body littered with mostly faded bite marks and oh so vulnerable. My eyes widened and I tried to scramble away when his growling started but it was too late, I was in for a long evening and night!

Later the next morning I woke Yoichi up with an early day bee jay heh! Nice and slow, he even managed to sleep through most of it til the very end! He stretched and yawned while holding me close to him as he listened to the birds sing and chirp outside before I started bouncing next to him. “Tch, what’s got you so worked up pretty girl?” I stuck my tongue out at him for the nickname but immediately shrugged it off as I coyly smiled at him.

“Heh, you’ll see later! Go get dressed, feed the pups, and see if Scoutmaster Aiden needs any help! I need to help Scoutmaster Yoshi with something really quick! No breakfast yet either!”

“Ugh! No breakfast? Really?! Fine!” He grumbled and got up to stretch out his legs before walking towards the door.

“Hey silly! Put your boxers on at least!” I giggled as his boxers hit his sculpted booty. He gave me a glare over his shoulder and gave me the middle finger, pouting my lips out he huffed and put them on before leaving. I sprung out of bed and quickly got myself presentable before running out, eager to add the finishing touches to the surprise! Scoutmaster Yoshi was waiting for me in one of the new cabins and my tummy rumbled at the waft of fresh bread carried by the breeze.

“Good morning Scout! How are you and Yoichi doing today?” Scoutmaster Yoshi smiled widely at my and handed me a large picnic basket, I even made sure the blanket covering all the food was covered in cute frog and wolf heads like out badges! I sewed them on myself! Scoutmaster Aiden must have really thought we were hungry because the basked sure was heavy heh! I could only imagine what sort of delicious freshly made food was in there!

I gave Scoutmaster a warm hug which took him by surprise, “Thank you very much! I couldn’t have bought all that stuff with my allowance, but I promise I will pay you back!”

“Hey now, YOU are the one who saved Camp Buddy and continue to come by every week and help out with chores, even getting Yoichi in on it.” His smile faded and he looked down at me with a serious expression and I could not help but gulp. “Keitaro, I have been wanting to tell you something for a long time, but Yoichi has always been around, or you were dead tired. I don’t mean to spring this on you and no you aren’t in trouble. I just wanted to tell you how much it means to me that you have been loving and caring for Yoichi. I know he can be difficult and that sometimes even you reach your breaking point with him, but Keitaro, I have NEVER seen him this happy. You have such a positive influence on him I can hardly believe it when he comes over to do chores without prompting, without being reminded, without complaining. Keitaro… Thank you, thank you so much for allowing me to bond with my boy…”

I could hardly see the tears rolling down Scoutmaster Yoshi’s face with how clouded mine were, I squeezed him tight and I felt him squeeze back. He held me for a few more moments until he pulled back, wiped his tears away, and handed me the picnic basket I had dropped. He gave me a quick smile as he walked out of the cabin and left me to scrub away at my eyes with my sleeve before taking slow calming breathes. I can not believe that Scoutmaster Yoshi would tell me all of that! I had no idea Yoichi was helping around camp when I was not here. A smile tugged at the edge of my lips; I was proud of my Alpha.

I met up with Yoichi who was loudly complaining about wanting to eat some of the food, but Scoutmaster Aiden kept hitting his hands with his wooden spoon. Heh so much for what Scoutmaster Yoshi said about not complaining. He sniffed and looked over at me and was about to say something when his eyes locked onto the picnic basket, he sniffed again before waving his arms at Scoutmaster Aiden. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Whatever! Later Buttcheeks!” Yoichi waltzed over like he owned the place and pulled me close, his hands resting on my plump rump. “Well, glad someone around here thinks about me.” I rolled my eyes and pecked his nose.

“Come on! Let’s go! I picked out a spot and everything!” He snorted when I held out my arm, waiting for him to take mine in his. I just looked up at him and he stared down at me before snatching my arm and tugging me as soon as I started to pout out my bottom lip heh. My Alpha may be a meanie, but he certainly is a softy too! It took about half an hour to reach where I wanted us to have the picnic which meant I had to listen to half an hour of Yoichi’s stomach growling like some sort of monster! He would just smirk and wink at me causing me to blush, a power which be frequently abuses.

Setting up the blanket near the small stream, I looked over at Yoichi who was staring at the designs in silence. I was expecting him to tease me or mock it, but he squatted down, picked up one of the corners, and looked at the stitching before sitting down. “Well, what are you waiting for! ‘M starving here!”

I felt my cheeks heat up a little, but I eagerly placed the basket in the center before sitting down next to him. As I looked inside, I could not help but notice Scoutmaster Aiden had really packed a lot! Almost too much! There were: 12 freshly baked rolls still nice and warm with a dollop of butter and jam, 6 strips of bacon, 6 sausage links, 2 oranges, and a large bowl of egg rice! Oh! Also, two large thermoses of hot tea! I am surprised no one came looking for the mysterious noise emanating from the forest which was both our tummies growling something fierce at the sight of such a bountiful meal! “W-Wooooow…” Was all I could manage before we both tore into the basket for all the goodies.

Within 15 minutes everything was gone except 3 rolls which still sat there tempting us, but our bellies were bursting so we laid down to give them some rest. My head on Yoichi’s chest, I listened to his heartbeat as he slowly rubbed my back which made my eyes loll. I heard all the air rush into his lungs as he yawned which made me yawn too. I nuzzled at his warm muscled torso as the sounds of the forest slowly faded.

Waking with a start, I glanced around then up at Yoichi as he snickered. “You looked so cute sleepin, I figured I would let you nap a little.” A large grin on my face up as I leaned in for a kiss, he pulled me closer as our kiss became harder and needier. I broke it off when he started to knead at my rear.

“H-Hey! You can’t do that every time you get horny Yoichi! Not every kiss has to lead to sex!” I huffed a little, but mostly it was just a tease.

He tilted his head and arched a brow, “I can’t? Why not? That’s what you’re for isn’t it?” I blinked at his words and a small frown formed on my lips. He realized what he said and caught my chin as I was turning away from him, pulling me to look back up at him. “Keitaro, I love you, so damn much it hurts when you are gone. I miss you with every fiber of my being every single day even when you are right here. You are my boyfriend, my mate, my beautiful Luna. Thank you for this picnic, it really meant a lot to me you would plan this out for me. I know I am nothing special bu-“

“Yoichi. You ARE special. You are a good and kind, you care for others, and you have been going above and beyond for Scoutmaster Yoshi. He loves you; I love you. Don’t ever say you aren’t special because you are. My Alpha is special,” I reached up and gently ran my thumb over the padlock on his collar, “because he has a special place in my heart.” He stared at me silently for a few moments before nodding once, squeezing me tight. I relaxed as I knew I got my message across. He was not the young boy abandoned by his mother anymore, he had a family now. We all cared for him and it saddened me deeply that he still thought of himself as worthless.

My fist clenched as I gathered my resolve. I was going to prove to Yoichi he was special, his is special.

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