A ticket to a real fantasy - or to a fantasy becoming real

I can’t help but remember how our first meeting was like.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your seat belts fasten… “
Something went through my body, like a lightning.
There I was, even though I couldn’t really believe it.
As I looked through the small window the airport building appeared.

Almost all people went out before I could make myself stand up and get my stuff from the plane.
I was following everybody to the checkout and to the luggage claim line. But my mind was somewhere else.

This would be the first time to meet Danny after a year.
My heart was more then frozen as I realized that again. It almost stopped beating.
I was so afraid!
He is the one who makes me smile and who makes me so happy. And I knew what he feels about me. I was just not sure if he will like me once I stand in front of him.

I took my suitcase and I was all in sweat, almost in panic when I turned toward the exit.

I knew that he will be a little late and that he has to go soon. So I went through the door and had to find my way through the crowd.
Seats were on the other side of the hall so I decided to go there.
It was so warm that I took off my jacket and stayed in armless shirt. But it was still too warm and I needed some fresh air.
Danny will be here in about fifteen minutes.
Oh God, what will he say?

I couldn’t rest. I was standing near the airport chairs and looking through the window at the lights outside. The air had such a nice smell of summer in it.

Suddenly I heard a silent whisper behind me: “Hello baby!”
My whole body became numb.
I turned around slowly and saw Danny’s face. Another lightning went through my body and heart as I looked at his eyes.
He was smiling and looking at me.
There I was finally, and all I could do was check if my heart is still beating.

“Hi Danny… “, was all I could say before I almost fell over the chair. It was so hard to control the outburst of feelings.
I tried to read the signs on his handsome face. No bad signals for now.
That made me breathe a bit easier.
I was terrified that he might not like me.

In the next moment I stepped forward and put my arms around his neck while he put his hands on my waist. It was something I wanted to do since I first talked to him.
It felt so good to be so close to him.
“Oh Danny, I missed you so much!”
He suddenly pulled me closer and looked into my eyes. I wanted to kiss him, but I almost fainted, so all I could do is lean on him and wait for my heart to calm down.

Danny was holding me really close. I looked up and kissed slowly his cheek, just a hint near his lips. I wasn’t strong enough to give him a real kiss. I could feel the beat of his heart on my chest, it was getting faster.
He stroked with one hand over my hair, and then he stopped at my neck and pulled me just a bit till I was close enough to his lips.
He looked once again into my eyes and touched my lips tenderly.
I couldn’t breathe.
I left a couple of small kisses on his lips before we remembered that we had to go.
My knees were all soft and I could hardly stand.
It was hard to go apart from his lips again, but he had to go and he’d bring me to the taxi first.

I was holding his hand tight all the way to the taxi station.
We didn’t say anything. As I entered the taxi, he smiled and said “Good night baby, I’ll be there early in the morning.”
Then he came closer and kissed me again.
As I arrived at the hotel, the feeling was still there, on my lips.

We met each other a year ago on a trip. Didn’t do much except exchange some words and jokes, and that was about it. The trouble started after we exchanged the pictures from the trip, and started chatting almost every night. I spent more time with him then in my real life, and we both naturally wanted to make our chats become real.

All I wanted to do is take a shower and go to bed.
This night seemed so long.
As soon as I entered the bath I got a phone call. I liked the touch of hot water on my skin. And I loved the voice on the other end of the line.
I leaned backwards and relaxed.
“Just a couple more hours, baby, and I’ll be there.
See you in your dreams, my darling. “
He called just to hear me and I needed to hear his voice so badly.

After the bath I put on the bath robe and went into the bed. Not enough strength to do anything else except lye down and dream.
That was not so easy to do though, since I couldn’t really sleep. I was awake for long time and was thinking about Danny’s beautiful eyes, his hands, and the way he was holding me…
Around the midnight I ordered some tea, since I was too excited before and I skipped the dinner.

The tea calmed me down a bit and somewhere in the middle of the night I finally fell asleep.

I could feel the sun on my face in the morning. And somehow I could feel someone’s presence near me. What a nice dream! It’s unbelievable how real it is every time and how I could feel Danny hours after I woke up. I smiled…

And then I heard a whisper: “Someone had some sweet dreams I guess…”
I opened my eyes and saw Danny on my bed. He was lying near me on his belly and looking at me all the time.
“You’ve forgotten to lock your door, baby!”
- “Danny! But how…?!” I wasn’t even able to finish what I wanted to say.
He smiled so nice!
“Don’t worry, I was here early enough. I was watching your face while you were sleeping… ” …. Another smile…
Oh God, my senses didn’t let me breathe!

I wanted him so much!
He could probably see the desire in my eyes, since his face changed a bit and he got another smile.
Without a word he came closer and touched my lips with his…
They were so soft and sweet! I never had such a good feeling on my lips and I was so thirsty for his kisses…
He knew the perfect timing for everything he did or said!

I touched his lips very slowly, because I wanted to enjoy every second.
It felt so good!
His breath was sweet as honey and his lips were so yummy.
I licked his lower lip slowly and let my tongue glide into his mouth.
I could feel the excitement on his skin and on mine too
As I met his tongue, he looked into my eyes and pressed his lips more against mine. He started kissing me very passionately so I almost couldn’t breathe.

His upper body was over mine and I could feel his heart beating. I put my arms around him and pulled him closer. Danny let his hand glide over my skin, from my hip to my knee. I took it and pressed it on my tummy just a bit under my breast.
He stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes in disbelief.

I smiled and pressed his hand on my skin again: “I am all yours Danny. You’re free to do whatever you want to do to me. “
I knew that maybe he wasn’t ready and I thought that it was too fast.
But I just closed my eyes and waited for his touches.

I could feel a very passionate kiss on my neck and toward my chest. Danny stood up and took my hands and pulled me up too.
I was kneeling on the bed and he was behind me. He moved my bath robe a bit and freed my shoulders. I pulled up my hair and fixed it. Danny came closer and kissed my right shoulder and then he pulled the robe all the way down to my waist while he covered with small kisses every part of my skin all the way down from my shoulder to my wrist.

He stopped there and went back again. He stroked with his fingers down my spine while he kissed my neck and my shoulders again and then he put his hands around my waist and went in front of me without letting me go.

I could see how excited he was. He looked at me like at a dream and as he would expect me to disappear every second.
I wanted to hold his hand but he told me: “Please baby, don’t move. I want to look at you for another minute.”
I could feel the path his eyes took on my skin. It felt like he was touching me.

Then he put a hand on my neck and let it glide over my left breast and to my waist again. He said “You are a dream. I still can’t believe that you’re here.”
He took the words right out of my heart. I also couldn’t believe that he is finally in front of me.

I came closer and slowly took his t-shirt off.
Oh my God! His skin… his arms and hands… his body was so exciting.
He did a heavy workout since I know him and his every muscle was tense now. He wasn’t in control at all.
I put my hands around him and hugged him close. I wanted to feel his skin on mine and hold him very tight. It was wonderful!

I kissed his chest slowly and went over to his neck. He shivered.
Danny closed his eyes and closed his arms around me even stronger. I could feel the desire in his every movement, in his breath and his heartbeat.

Then he looked at me again and slowly came closer and kissed the spot between my breasts. He took my breath away. I closed my eyes and sighed.

He turned a bit and pushed me to the bed tenderly. “You want me, don’t you?”
“What did you think?” I smiled. I knew what he will ask and how he will ask me that. And he knew how it worked on me, since he smiled again and just looked deeper into my eyes.

I saw him coming closer and I almost couldn’t move. He kissed my lips again very passionately and he put his hand on my breast and pressed it.
I wanted him so badly!
The other hand was holding my waist and he pulled me closer to him until he came over me and I could feel his body on mine.

Danny let his hand glide to my knee again, then he pulled my leg strong until it was around his waist. He was holding it there in place while he slowly went over my skin and while he kissed me all the way down from my lips, over my nipples to my tummy.

He stroked with the hand over my tummy and went to my panties. He looked at me and said: “Mind if I take it off? “
-“Not at all baby” … I closed my eyes.

I could feel as he took the panties off and as he stroked with his hand from my knee to the inner part of my thigh… almost too close
I pressed my legs together and was holding his hand there. The feeling was too good to let it go.

Danny looked at me and smiled again

I loved that smile.

It showed me what Danny had on his mind and I felt like a very first time someone touched me.
He came down, opened my legs slowly with his hands and started kissing my left thigh. He stroked with his other hand over my tummy, my hips and pushed it under my back so he could pull me closer easily. He was holding me in such a way, that I felt like he could do whatever he wants with my body. It obeyed to his hands and belonged to him since he first touched me.

He moved up with his kisses and I could feel his breath on my lower tummy. He stopped for a moment and then took my hand. He was holding it while he moved down.
I sighed as I felt his lips on that sensitive spot. My clit was too sensitive.
He kissed it only once but long enough to provoke me to do all I wanted to do to him.
I pulled him up and he smiled again as he saw how I enjoyed the weight of his body on mine. I put my legs around him and pulled him around and he ended on his back and I was on top.
Danny had such beautiful hands! I wanted them on my skin, but I just pressed them on the bed as I started kissing his neck and then his chest. As I pressed my body against his again I started licking around his nipples and sucking on them.
I liked how they felt in my mouth, and Danny got very excited. He tried to grab me but I managed it to press his hands on the bed again.
He smiled and told me: "You're strong. I like it what your muscles do when you do that." He was looking at my breasts and I understood what he wanted to say. We both started laughing.

I hugged him close and then I just stood up and started undoing his belt and his zipper.
Danny was breathless. So was I!
I pulled his pants down. Before I took of his boxers I wanted to ask once more: "Do you mind Danny?"
-"Ah, shut up and take them off!" He burst out into laughter. It was so funny and exciting at the same time. So I just pulled them down very fast.
"Damn. " escaped my throat.
Danny started laughing again: "I guess you like it?"
-"Yeah!" was all I could say while nodding.

I was sitting on his legs.
-"Don't you wanna come up baby?" He smiled so sexy!
I could hardly breathe in. But I decided to tease him: "I think I want to. Do you want me to do it slow or faster?"
He grabbed my wrists and rolled with me on the bed and in the next moment he was on me again, my legs around his waist, and he pressed my hands to the bed as he said: "Very fast actually!" He smiled so ah! Shameless! And that made me even more excited.
He was so much stronger then I and he used it to have me where he wanted me in just one move.

He looked carefully at my face as he pressed his hips against me. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and tried to relax my body. I could feel him deep inside me and it felt so delicious. But he was way too big and it took me a while to get back to reality. I lifted my hips to get even more of him. He saw it and in the next moment he was holding my both hands with one hand, and pushed the other under my waist. He got deeper in and as he saw my desire and that my lips got a deeper red nuance, he said: "God, you're so beautiful! How does it feel, baby?"
My senses didn't let me move or breathe or feel anything else except that pleasure deep inside me.
"Ohhh, please don't stop!" was all I could whisper, all breathless.

Danny got very hard down there. He whispered into my ear:" Oh I won't stop, not before I hear you scream"
I wanted him with every bit of my body! I felt such fire inside me.
He pulled his hips back a bit and then pressed very hard again.
I lost my breath! And again and again Every time was better then before.
He smiled and winked "By the way, still didn't get all the way in"
-"Come on, do it! I want you all!"
"Ah, that's my girl" and in the next moment he pressed his hips even harder and all I could do is bite his arm since I had the urge to scream really loud.

It felt so delightful!

Danny must have liked what he saw in my face since he started kissing me wildly.
And then he started moving faster and getting in harder with every move.
I couldn't catch my breath!
I thought that it would be different, that my desire would melt once we are near the highest point, but with every move he made my body want him even more!
I moaned and could only whisper: "Oh Danny Danny. Danny!"
He pinched my nipples and smiled.
-"I love it when you scream my name. Makes me wanna fuck you even more!"

That was it!
I bit his lip and dig my nails into his back. I looked straight into his eyes with a provocative smile.
-"Damn, you're so naughty!”, he said. We both started laughing

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