Fun at The Sex Cub

Tom is with his long time friend Liz who is about 10 years older than him. She took a shine to Tom when he was a cheeky young lad and they became good friends.

Occasionally Liz, who lives in London, likes to go to go to a members only, live sex club across town but she needs a ‘partner’ and tonight Tom is it. As required, she has booked in advance and they a due to arrive around 9pm, which is usually the busiest time.

On arrival at the club they show their ID as required and go to the changing room. It is the same room for both sexes, a way of starting the ‘familiarisation’ process!

Every visitor is provided with a locker, a ‘paper’ onesie and a pair of paper slippers to save everyone needing to look after clothes as they start to enjoy each other. The onesies are not that flattering but serve a purpose! The zips go from the neck, right down the front and round the back a little to provide easy aces to most areas of interest.

As Lizzie strips off across the way from him, Tom is reminded of how good she looks. She may be an older woman but she is certainly MILF material! She’s about 5 6 tall, long legs, narrow waist and short blond hair. Her tits might be small but they are still pert and her nipples are about an inch long when hard and they are hard with anticipation now.

Tom feels his cock starting to twitch so he gets into his onesie as quickly as possible, puts his slippers on, sets the code on his locker and he his ready to go. He watches as Lizzie finishes getting dressed and checks her makeup, and then they head of to the main room, which is on the ground floor.

There are many separate rooms upstairs, for those who like a little more privacy, but the main room is a big open plan affair. As they enter in one corner of the room there is bar along the wall to the right and stage on the opposite wall. There are tables and chairs in front of the bar and around 12 ‘large bean bag’ type cushions, big enough for 2 in front of the stage, spaced about six foot apart. Down both sides of the room is a number of cubicles for those who like a bit of privacy with curtains for those who are really shy.

Tom and Liz head over to one of the cushions toward the middle of the stage and organise it so it slopes upwards away from the stage so they can lay back and watch the show that is about to start.

To their right is an interesting couple, the woman looks to be in her late thirties but her partner is only around twenty; possibly it’s her son who has come to chaperone his mum, Tom and Liz hypothesise! They didn’t know it at the time, but their hypothesis is correct.

Instead of a white onesie, the woman is dressed in black stretch satin ‘jumpsuit’ and black stilettos. The jumpsuit hides nothing. She is in perfect shape with a slim waist, long legs and short brown hair.

The show starts with the curtain closed. A dominatrix, Karla, enters stage left dressed in all black leather gear. She must be nearly six foot tall. She is wearing thigh length boots, a thong and a push up bra that accentuates her 38c tits. She has a choker with silver studs around her neck and a Skipper hat that has silver studs around the rim. She has very long blonde hair that trails like a main. In one hand she has a riding crop and in the other two black leather leads.

The leads are attached to black leather collars on two slim, naked girls who crawl on all fours behind her. In that position their tits hang down beneath them and swing as they crawl. Both girls are cute with their long, lithesome legs, slim waists, tight round asses and short blonde hair. One girl is rather petite and the other is somewhat bigger.

This sight alone is enough to get the blood surging into Tom’s cock and Liz soon notices the bulge as his overalls start to tent.

The curtain opens to show a black guy, Ben, in just a loincloth. His hands are tied behind his back around a tall pole so he can’t move other than in a circle around the pole. He has a black bag over his head. He is a good six-foot tall with sculptured muscles.

Karla hands a black strap-on dildo to the smaller girl, which she starts to fix around her waist obediently. As she does Karla goes over and pulls the bag from the black guys head so he can see all before him.

‘Quite a good looking guy.’ Liz thinks.

As the girl is kneeling up and fastening the strap-on in place they notice that the black dildo must be at least 10 inched long.

At this point, Liz who is laying to Tom’s left, can see that the front of his onesie is really straining so she turns on to her right side and with her left hand she pulls down the long zip on the front of his onesie until his big erect cock is released so that it springs back to lie flat on his torso. It so big it reaches up nearly to his belly button,

Although the pair are no longer an item there are no inhibitions between them. Liz just can’t resist grabbing his throbbing member. She lifts it up so it is vertical and slowly starts to tug it.

She notices the woman with spikey blonde hair, in the black jumpsuit has suddenly taken an interest and is looking over. Liz smiles at her and the woman smiles back. As Liz continues to stroke the cock the woman, who is on the nearest side of their beanbag, roles on to her left side so she watch what Liz is doing to Tom.

In response to the tingling between her legs, the woman slides her right hand into her crotch and starts to rub her pussy through the satin. Soon this isn’t enough and so she pulls down the zip on her suit so she can slide her hand in to get direct contact with her swollen clit

“Hi there, Kate is really impressed with your cock mister. She’d like to come over here and get to know you better,” said the lad. “If you would like to come and spend some time with me lady?” He asked Liz.

“Sure.” she replied, never able to resist a young man.

So Liz gets up to follow the young guy and his mum comes over to Tom.

Nice cock mister. Can I touch it?

“I’ll do you a deal.” Tom replies. “If you unzip your jumpsuit and show me yours you can play with my cock.”

“Deal!” She replies, pulling down the zip, which firstly reveals a great pair of tits and goes does down far enough to show just the top of a blonde curly bush.

Tom had expected Kate to lie down beside him on the beanbag but instead she pushes his legs apart and moves up to kneel between them.

Whilst Kate gives him a BJ, Tom notices to his right that Kate’s son has pulled Liz’s onesie zip down far enough to give him access to her blonde bush covered pussy and he is sucking her out. She is writhing with pleasure.

To his left he notices a big bull of an older guy giving a standing fuck to a skinny, young slip of a girl, whilst her husband wanks himself off whilst he watches. She has her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He is holding her with his huge forearms under her skinny thighs, bouncing her up and down on what looks to be a very long and thick tool. She is loving it. Her head is thrown back, swinging from side to side as she curses and swears each time he drops her down onto his cock.

An on stage the fun is really underway. The tall blonde girl, with the curved shape back and great ass, is fuckin the smaller girl’s pussy with the big dildo, doggy style. Having worked the long shaft into her, the blonde is now slapping it home with force causing the smaller girls tits to swing back and forth beneath her, as she kneels on all fours. As the dildo increasingly stimulates her G-Spot, she takes a hand to her clit and rubs it frantically. She will be coming soon.

Aroused by what he is seeing both on stage and on the floor in front of it, the cock of the black guy tied to the pole has lifted the front of his skimpy loincloth and the big head of his cock is clearly visible.

Back with Tom, having played with his cock for a while, Kate is now really horny and she is keen to have it in her dripping pussy. She rises up, kicks off her heels and quickly unzips her jumpsuit, easing off her shoulders so it slides to the floor.

“Wow!” Tom Thinks. “What a great body for an older woman.” Long legs, great tits, nice ass, a very bushy blonde minge, and a alluring smile. “I am going to enjoy fuckin that!”

Kate moves forward to stand over Tom straddling his hips, right above his cock. Tom takes hold of his cock by the base and holds it upright so she can drop on to it, but Kate has other ideas. She kicks his hand away form his cock so it falls back against his torso and she kneels down so it lies between her wet pussy lips and she starts to slide back and forth along its length. With each slide forward, she ensures her clit rides over the rim of the big bulbous cockhead, which sends tingles through her quim. Back and forth she goes, over the rim time and again until………she is cummin and with her head thrown back, thrusting forward those great tits, her whole body shakes on top him.

As she slowly comes round Tom reaches up to grab a tit in each hand, squeezing them and then pinching the nipples.

“That was a good start.” Says Kate. And with that she rises up onto her knees, reaches down and lifts up his cock and places it between her now swollen labia lips. Holding it in place, she lowers herself slightly on to it, and they both watch as the big purple head slowly slides form sight, into her eager hole.

“Shit.” She cries, as it parts her pussy. “”It is so wide. Never had one so big.”

“Are you complaining?” Asks Tom.

“Not likely. I’m sure I will soon get used to it!” She replies, in hope.

Millimeter by millimeter it slides from sight until the head is gone. Now, with the cock safely located in her hole, she releases her hold on his shaft and places her hands on his strong chest, so she can control her descent on to his monstrous pole.

Slowly she descends, trying to cope with the wide shaft stretching her wet but tight chute. Inch by slow inch it slides from view until there is just two or three inches left to see and then she just drops on to it right up to the hilt.

“Fuck!” she groans as it bottoms out. “That is some cock, mister!”

“Glad you like it!” Tom replies, tensing his buttocks, which causes his cock to swell just a little bit more.

“Stop that. It is fucking big enough already!” She curses.

She holds still for a few seconds, getting used to the length and girth and then she starts to ride him Cowgirl style, sometimes bouncing on him others sliding back and forth, grinding her clit against his groin. Tom enjoys watching her sizeable tits bounce and swing as she rides above him.

As she tires she settles for the grinding, going ever faster until………..

Across to his right, Liz is now kneeling between the son’s legs, her pert tits in full view and she has his cock out, giving him a BJ. He is in ecstasy.

To his left, after the petite girl came from bouncing on his huge cock she asked the big guy to fuck her from behind so she is now on all fours and he is reaming her with his equine member. For someone so petite and skinny she has a great pair of tits that swing beneath her as they rut.

On stage, the two girls have just finished playing with each other. The last act was them scissoring until they both came together. Ben, the black guy is still tied up, waiting for action.

“Right girls. Who would like to find out what is beneath this loincloth?” The Dominatrix asks, pointing to Ben tied to the pole. “Come on ladies, don’t be shy, it could be your lucky evening.”

It is quiet for what seems like ages and then this young girl steps forward from a cubicle to the right of the stage, where she has been watching the show with an older man, “A Sugar Daddy?” Tom wonders, and another young couple. She is only 19, about 5 8, with a figure to give you a hard on, even though she still has her onesie on. She climbs up on to the stage and is greeted by the sexy hostess.

“What is your name sweetie?” She asks.

“Kim.” Is her reply, in a low sexy tone.

“Are you sure you are up for this?”

“I am not sure, but I am willing to give it a go!”

“Good for you. Go for it then.”

So the girl walks slowly over to stand in front of the guy. When she is about three feet away she pulls down the zip on her onesie and slips it off her shoulders so it slides to the floor.

“Jeez.” Thinks Tom “What an ass she has. I loved to be looking at that slap against my groin as I pounded her pussy!” And although he his deep inside Kate he can feel his cock twitching at the sight of the gorgeous girl on the stage.

She has long legs, right up to her neck, a round but tight ass, a narrow waist, a long slender back and long dark hair. Apart from the dark hair she looks kind of Swedish.

Kim moves towards the Ben. She walks around the back of him, unfastens the loincloth and whisks it away.

Gasps go up from around the room, followed mutterings as the true size of his cock is revealed. Most have never seen one as big. It is so wide as well as long. And unusually it is really hard and erect for such a big member.

The Kim moves in close behind him and reaches around both sides from behind. She grasps the huge member with both hands, surprised by its size as she starts to pull it. The mutterings in the room continue.

Just as Kate’s first orgasm starts to subside, Tom places his hands under her buttocks. He lifts her up slightly and then starts to fuck her from beneath. Thrusting form the hip, he pounds his long cock deep into her, making her tits jump and prolonging her orgasm.

‘Uhm, uhm, uhm.” She grunts and groans, as each thrust slaps his groin against her clit.

To the right Liz has pulled of Kate’s son, swallowing his load and now they lay together on the beanbag watching Tom and Kate copulate. Liz lies nearest n is nearest, with the son behind her, reaching over her with his right hand to rub and tweak her long stiff nipples.

On Stage, Kim unties the Ben’s hands and he moves away from the pole. As he does so, Tom gets his first full frontal of the girl, who is stunning.

“Great tits and a dark hairy pussy. I would love to get my hands on those.” Tom muses to himself.

A curtain at the back of the stage draws open to reveal a huge plain divan bed covered in a simple white sheet. The two girls who started the show are with it and still totally naked, they push it to the front of the stage so the side of the bed is parallel with the edge of the stage.

Ben, with his erect cock sticking out in front of him, gestures for the girl to get on the bed, which she does, and he climbs on behind her. He urges her to lie down and as she does he positions her so her head is toward the right of the bed. Kneeling, he then takes up position between her legs. Taking hold of a calf in each hand, he pushes her knees up towards her chest. He then moves up closer to his target and spreads his knees apart so he is just at the right height.

He then takes hold of the bottom of his long shaft and slaps the head down on Kim’s clit, which is already stiff and erect in anticipation of what is to cum. She groans with each slap as he repeats it time and again. As he stops slapping and prepares to enter her, she slides her right hand between her legs to rub her aching clit.

Still holding his cock at the bottom with his right hand, he pulls back the foreskin and slides the big fat head up and down, along her labia a few times to check she is wet enough.

And she is, so now he pokes the tip between the lips at the entrance to her chute and with a thrust of the hips, he pushes a couple of inches of cock into.

“Slowly please.” She moans in response.

So now, instead of trying to feed more into her, he starts to fuck her tight young pussy with just the couple of inches, holding her left leg up by the ankle, out of his way. Back and forth he rocks, pulling his member completely out every time before plunging it back into her.

Gradually, as he feels her juicing up and her pussy start to loosen, he feeds more into her until eventually he his fucking her with 6 inch or so of equine cock. And he still has another four or five inches in his hand.

Kim is loving it now! Her heard rocks from side to side and she moans her pleasure.

Tom notices that in the booth Kim came from, her older, silver haired boy friend is now coupled from behind with the wife of the other couple they were sharing the booth with. Whilst he still has his onesie on, the woman is completely naked as she stands resting her hands on the edge of the table.

She is quite tall with a more rounded figure and a big pair of 36D tits that bounce, as she gets dicked from behind. Her husband has cock in hand, wanking himself slowly, as he watches his new wife get a good hard fucking from this silver fox. “Maybe he Has been promised a session with Kim once she comes off stage. Mind you, once Ben has finished with her, that pussy is not going to be as tight as it would normally be!” Tom conjectures.

Back with Tom and Kate, he managed to keep her orgasm going a good while longer by holding her up and fucking her from below, now though he is ready or a change of position. He lets her drop down onto his cock, places his right arm around back to support her as he swivels her round to lie on her back. Kneeling between her legs, he slides an arm under each of her legs, lifting them up and placing her ankles on his shoulders. In this position she is completely at his mercy.

He spreads his knees apart so he is low enough to take her. Then, as Ben had done earlier, he takes hold of the base of his cock lowering his erection so the tip of his cock slides down over her swollen clit and along her greasy labia until he senses the entrance to her hole. A quick thrust of the hips is then all that is needed to re-enter her welcoming pussy.

Tom is close to his first cum of the evening too now, so with his cock safely in the entrance to her chute he moves into the press up position over Kate to give her a good roasting.

On stage, Ben has Kim really juiced up, using just 6 inch of his equine shaft so now he wants to go all in, so he pushes her left leg to the right.

“Doggy.” He commands. Kim obeys, rolling over and getting in position on all fours in front of him. Doggy is Tom’s favourite position too so he is keen to see this young, wanton goddess get taken form behind with such a big dick.

Ben wastes no time. He moves in behind her round, gorgeous ass, takes his pole in hand and aims it at her pussy. Easing forward on his knees, he soon senses the gap and pushes the head of his cock into her hot pussy. Taking hold of her hips with both hands, he thrusts forwards and buries over half his cock at the first attempt. A slight withdrawal is followed by another thrust and this time the full length is buried up to the hilt.

“Fuck!” Kim squeals as she feels his full length for the first time.

Ben is in no mood to take it easy now. Having seen the two young vixens fucking earlier and with the chance to ream this young enchantress, he fucks fast and deep. Each length goes in up to the hilt and his big swollen balls slap against her clit.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Kim cries as each stroke goes in. “I am going to cum again!”

“So am I!” shouts Ben as he pistons in and out of her tight chute.

“Cummin!” she squeals as the next orgasm rakes through her body.

“Me too!” Calls Ben. And as she continues to shudder, He pulls his long pole out of her pussy, grabs it with his right hand and pumps it furiously.

“Argh!” He grunts as his hand thrusts forward and he squirts his first shot of his cream, which shoots up in an arch over Kim and lands on her back. Another stroke back and forth squirts the second stream, then a third and a fourth and a finally fifth, until he has shot his load all over her.

Back on the beanbag Tom is still over Kate in the press up position slamming his cock into her ever harder, ever faster. She has now cum three or for times; his sheer girth bringing her off. Then ……

“ Shit!” Tom curses as he feels he is about to squirt. “Here it comes.” He warns as on the next down stroke he shoots his cream deep inside her tight pussy. He holds it there for a second or so then pulls back before thrusting back deep inside her chute to squirt again, and again and again until he has shot his lot.

“Fuck that was good.” He proclaims after a few seconds as recovers. As he pulls his shaft from between her thighs, his cream slowly eases from between her labia lips.

“Hey, you’re still hard after all that?” Kate asks rhetorically, noticing his hug member is still rock hard and erect.” Looks like it is going to be a long night!

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