Goblin’s Rise Ch3

I grab the cat woman’s grey tail. Kneeling on her bed, balls deep in her noble cunt. Divya’s pleasured purrs turn to yowls of pain and lust as I squeeze and yank her tail.

“Yes! Harder!” She orders throwing her head back. Her black hair tosses around wildly.

I slap her velvet ass hard with my free hand. Thrusting deep in her warm, wet hole.

Across the room my wife kneels before the Count. Her blonde head in his lap, bobbing up and down. A look of bliss on Ritvik’s feline face.

The Countess’s pussy throbs around my dick as she comes to a screaming orgasm. I try to hold back but the sensation is too much. I groan as I fill her with my hot jizz.

We collapse into each other’s arms. Watching her husband lift my wife and place her beautiful body on his lap. Rebecca moans loudly as he impales her with his thick cat penis.

“”Do you really have to go so soon?” Divya pouts. She runs the tips of her fingers up and down my sweaty chest.

I smile at the lusty Biladi woman. “I’m afraid so. Our supplies are packed and ready. My people reasonably healed and prepared for travel. Besides we are leaving a small contingent to guard you.” I tell her reasonably.

I glance back at my wife. Her beautiful, huge tits bouncing up and down as she rides the nobleman.

The Countess strikes my limp cock. “But they aren’t you.” She insists.

“I will be back in time.” I pet her cheek. “We still have tonight.”

I lean in and give her a long kiss. Comforted by the sounds of my wife’s pleasured moans from across the bedroom.

“Ready to go?” I ask in the morning.

“Lookin good boss.” Gort assures me. Our large band ready to head out.

There are twenty goblin men. Nine goblin women. The three big Chokwa lizard men, and their taller sister. Two Nathair men, four armed reptiles. The two bunny girls. Priyala, a Biladi spellcaster. Gertrude and her twin daughters. My lovely wife.

And, of course Karagoth of the Broken Wing Clan. My beautiful Orc partner. She gives me a toothy grin, her little tusks glinting in the early light.

With a last wave to the Countess and her husband I lead my troupe into the streets. We definitely get a lot of stares from the mostly Biladi townsfolk. Though we get a few friendly waves as well.

Soon we are out of the town and headed west along a smallish trail.

If the Count’s maps were correct there were human kingdoms in that direction. Past some mountain ranges.

We traveled for two days before the trail entered a thick forest. It seemed to be called Brass Leaf Woods. At least that’s what Aki had written in her notebook. Her letters seemed to be getting better by the day.

There were regular spots along the trail cut out so travelers had room to camp. A few even had tiny cabins for a weary traveler to get out of harsh weather.

We were positioned around one of these our first evening in the woods when there was a bright flash near one of the fires and a sound like WHOOSH!

Everyone came running over to find Hanatal and a handful of goblins. Strange sparkles seemed to fill the air around them.

“Aw, dang! Sorry boss!” Hanatal gave me a rueful grin. She is the goblin princess who had lost her eye in the rat man raid. Now she wore a black eyepatch that someone had sewn a copper coin to. Her other eye is a dull grey, like a building storm.

She is stockier than her curvy cousins. With light green skin. She had smaller C-cup tits. They were perky with a scattering of dark green freckles across them. Her hair was short, a dark green.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Sparkle dust.” As if that answered everything. Seeing the lack of comprehension on my face she goes on, “Hedge Wizards make it for bards and other entertainers. Itit sparkles.” She looks around for a moment, embarrassed. “It makes a lot of smoke when set to fire. I thought maybe like your gum powder.”

“Gun powder.” I correct her. She repeats the word a few times. As do others in the crowd. “Did it work?”

“II think so?”

“Well, maybe do experiments further away from camp. Especially ones involving fire and explosions.” I smile at her.

Hanatal grins back and gives me a nod. “You’re teaching them about guns?” My wife asks. Snuggling up next to me as the goblins rush off with a flaming stick.

“Well, I tell them stories from our world.” I answer, taking her hand in mine.

“Dangerous stories it sounds like.” She gives me a grin. Then a peck on the cheek.

Later in the evening I smiled as my beautiful wife dropped to her hands and knees. She was already topless, her big tits hanging down.

This would be her first time with the boys, and she was excited. The goblin men still looked nervous as they approached her. Glancing at me to make sure everything was ok. I had spent some time explaining to them that I was perfectly fine with them treating my wife like a whore.

I give Gort a little nod. He grabs her tight linen shorts and yanks them down. His little green hand slaps her round pale ass. Then he spreads her pussylips apart and shoved his bumpy green dick deep inside my loving Rebecca.

She throws her head back gasping. Golden curls flying. My dick gets hard as the little goblin rides my wife.

“I think the sparkle dust might work boss.” A voice says.

“Huh?” I offer, distracted by a goblin grabbing my wife’s face.

Hanatal sits next to me. “Like the gun powder.”

Becca lowers her head to the goblin’s crotch. Taking his big dick in her mouth.

The other women have started moaning now too. As their partners happily fuck them.

“Well that’s great.” I turn to the goblin princess. Loathe to take my eyes away from my beautiful wife as she is fucked by monsters. Two of the boys are slapping and groping at her giant tits.

“We just need a blacksmith’s shoppe, or something.” The green haired girl says. She was wearing a sheer crop-top I can clearly see her perky, freckled, tits and dark nipples. She also had on red lace panties with matching stockings.

She grins at me when she sees I’ve finally noticed she came to play.

I pull the green girl onto my lap. Her hand reaching down and rubbing the tip of my dick through my shorts.

“You like watching your wife being fucked?” She whispers.

“Very much.” She squeals in excitement when I nibble her pointy ear.

“Mmm, I knew you didn’t mind sharing your lovers, but I thought your wife would be different.” My hand slides under her top and brushes across the freckles on her breasts.

“I love to watch my wife having sex. There is an excitement in sharing something that is supposed to be sacred. In defiling it, only to find that it has no effect on the way you love one another.” Her hand is in my shorts. Stroking my iron erection.

Rebecca pulls her head away from the goblin in front of her. Moaning loudly through her first orgasm of the night.

Hanatal pulls off her panties and straddled my lap. Riding my dick with a gasp. I kiss the beautiful green girl, as goblins fuck my wife in the background.


Mitzi is a fairy. Barely a young adult. No small feat growing up in these woods. The last few years had been hard on her clan. A flock of Black Eagles had moved in, and their favorite food seemed to be the small people.

There were fewer and fewer of her kind every season.

She had been picking berries at the edge of a clearing when she saw the group of goblins. As she looked up her silver skin sparkling softly in the sun.

At just a foot tall the little blue fruits were big in her hands. They would be good eating for her clan. She dropped them though. Fascinated by the strange troupe. They seemed to be led by a human. A man.

She had followed the marching group all day. Fascinated by the strange mix of tall races.

That night she sat on a tree branch. Her mercurial skin blending in with her surroundings. Her green top and skirt (leaves sewn together with grass) simply adding to the effect.

She is fascinated as the group splits into small groups and partners. Then they blatantly start rutting. Right there in public.

Even the human leader, with a little green girl in his lap. Bouncing her up and down. She definitely seems to be enjoying herself.

Mitzi was old enough for sex, but she had yet to find a suitable partner. Other than seeing animals breeding she had almost no experience.

The closest she had come was when a pair of cruel gnomes had caught her napping a few months back.

She had awoke to find their grey wrinkly hands caressing her young body. As they held her down, the grinning men slid their hands under her top. Grabbing at her budding breasts.

She wanted to scramble away, but their touch made her feel so funny. Sort of good. But naughty.

When a hand slid up her skirt between her thighs the young Fairy moaned. The wrinkly old men grinning at her.

She whined when stubby fingers rubbed at her soft, virgin peach. Sending strange urgent tingles through her silver body.

Her world flashed white with sensation when her sensitive clit got brushed. That’s when she panicked. Kicking the ugly little men away and flying off. Disoriented and confused.

She had touched her most private spot nearly every night since then. Just brushing and petting. Causing her own tingles, but always stopping when she started to feel that strange white hot pleasure.

Now she found her hand sliding up her skirt again as she watched the people fuck. Her gaze mostly drawn to the human man and his little green companion.

‘If he likes a little green girlmaybe he would like a little silver one?’ She thought to herself. The thought sending strange thrills through her body.

Her fingers brush her soft netherlips slowly. Giving her a pleasant buzz as she watches.

Eventually the party breaks up. The people retire to their tents. Mitzi flys off confused and unsatisfied.

She finds herself landing near where she had taken that ill fated nap.

She doesn’t wait long, though she hadn’t realized what she was looking for.

“Back for more, pretty?” An oily voice asks from a hole under a nearby rotted tree stump. The two gnomes must live under the dead tree.

Mitzi lowers her head and submissively walks to the hole. Ashamed at what she was doing, but powerless to stop herself.

The gnome leads her down into a twisty tunnel. His hand reaches down and squeezes her round ass through her leaf skirt. His message clear.

There was nowhere to fly away to down here.

They enter a hollowed out room. Musty and lined with roots covered in pale mushrooms and beetles. Another four gnomes sit at rough tables eating gruel.

Mitzi shivers in the cool air and their hungry gazes. Regretting her decision.

“Look what we got tonight boys!” Her guide grins a wrinkly, ugly grin.

The husky men stand up and surround the thin fairy. She clasps her hands together across her breasts as the men begin tugging at her clothes.

The leafy top easily tearing away as the men cheer.

Hands tug her skirt down as others pull her hands away from her budding breasts. She gasps as they grope and maul her tender nubs. Her young body tingling at the the sensation.

“Put her on the table.” Her cruel guide orders. The men pull her on her back on the rough table. Her soft wings crumpling underneath her young body. They pin her down, pulling her arms out. They spread legs obscenely wide. Leaving her virgin pussy vulnerable to the guide’s wicked touch.

“As I recall this really got you going last time, pretty.” The guide says, reaching between her thighs. Her body already writhing as the other old men’s hands grope and caress her.

The guide’s fingers poke and prod her sensitive pussy. The wrinkled man grins as he watches the effect it has on her.

Mitzi groans as she feels a stumpy finger press inside her to its first knuckle. Not far, but it’s the first thing to ever penetrate her virgin netherlips. Not even her own fingers have dared.

“Please” The girl begs. Though she is unsure what she is asking for.

The gnome moves his finger up and down slowly, watching as the poor slut shudders. One of his brothers clamps his lips over the girl’s small right tit. Sucking hard on the little bud. Drawing an excited gasp from the fairy.

The guide flicks Mitzi’s clit with his thumb. The silver girl lets out a sharp squeal. Her whole body shakes.

“Nno! Pleaseplease stop!” She begs. She looks past the gnome slobbering on her breast, into the eyes of her tormentor and knows he won’t. Her world turns to white hot pleasure as he flicks that most delicate part of her body. Over and over.

The gnomes laugh as Mitzi’s first orgasm overwhelms her. The little silver girl lost in clouds of forced sexual bliss.

She comes back down to something thick rubbing against her wet cunt. “Back with us, pretty? Good. Now we can begin.” Her cruel guide laughs as he shoved his dick fully into her virgin peach.

There’s a moment of pain as her innocence is ripped away. The gnomes cheer as she throws her head back. Then that white bliss washes over her again. The gnome’s cock thrusting in and out of her tight fuck hole.

Mitzi moans and gasps in shameful pleasure as the gnome uses her for his own gratification. Soon shecfills cunny inside as he fills her with his seed. His slime drizzling out as his dick pulls away.

“Who’s next, lads?” He laughs.

The evil, wrinkled men use her young body through the rest of the long night. Over and over their thick dicks violate her pussy, her ass, and her throat.

Mitzi wakes with a start. Cum dried all over her body. On her thighs, her face, and in her long black hair. She hurt everywhere. Especially down below.

She looks around the room. The five gnomes were all snoring loudly.

Desperately she scrambled up grabbing her skirt. Her top had been shredded beyond use. Then she was running out of the hole in the ground. Into the afternoon sun. Into the air her wings a multicolored blur.

There had been talk of tying her up. Keeping her as their sex slave. But they had all fallen asleep before doing anything.

Mitzi stops at a pond and washes her naked body. A strange thrill running through her as she rubs her sore tits.

What the gnomes did had been frightening and horrible. Yet part of her wanted to go back, even now. Her sore pussy tingling at the thought of being their sex slave.

Instead, now clean, she pulls on her skirt and flutters off. Searching the goblins’ camp.

They were already gone.

Mitzi was sure she could catch up. A strange vision of the human man in her mind. Causing her tummy to flutter in excitement.

Her tummy, and something lower.


We had stopped at a Biladi logging village for the evening. We were told it was about halfway through the forest.

We purchased a few rooms at the inn. Though a lot of the men would have to bed down in the attic.

We enjoy a good meal. The innkeeper and his wife happy to serve so many. Visions of golds in their eyes.

I sit at the head of one of the long tables. Kara on my left downing her third ale. Rebecca on my right picking at some spiced potatoes, and paying close attention to the conversations around us. Her left hand slowly caressed my thigh.

Misoko was explaining the strange politics of the valley. I had heard most of it before, but Becca hadn’t.

Moonshadow Valley was the name of the various kingdoms we had been passing through. Though technically it was more a grouping of areas than a strict valley, if the Count’s map was correct.

Legend told of an ancient Sorcerer who had transformed the creatures of the valley to walk as men. They were to be his soldiers, his workers, his slaves, and his mistresses.

I suspect that last bit explained why the lizard women had breasts.

Eventually they overthrew their master. They tried to create their own society, but that quickly crumbled apart to infighting. Especially between the mammals and the lizard folk.

The white bunny girl gave a sideways glance to Harper and her brothers at this point.

The races split up. A few of the major ones carving out kingdoms for themselves.

The Biladi-cat people. Whose lands we were still in.

The Usagi-Bunny people. Whose lands we had mostly skirted. They tended to be the most xenophobic.

The Nathair-snake people who lived in the snowy north.

The Koiran-dog people far to the east. Right on the edge of a great desert.

The Biladi controlled the largest part of the valley. All of the west and central part. And the south down to the sea. Though they were not a unified block. They were actually split between three separate kingdoms.

The rest of the races eked out a living in the shadows of their more successful cousins.

“The Orcs and goblins?” Rebecca asks. Her hand was now rubbing my stiffening cock through my pants.

“The same as the other lesser races.” Miso tells her. “Living in the cracks.”

“In other lands Orcs build big cities.” Karagoth explains to my wife. “Here we are but simple wild clans.”

Becca nods her pretty head. I have no doubt she takes in more than our companions’ word. From Misoko’s unconscious racism. To Kara’s pride in her freedom. To Priyala’s close scrutiny. My wife is a smart, perceptive woman.

“Off to bed, I think.” I say standing up and stretching.

Rebecca stands quick to join me. She gives Kara bedroom eyes as we pass. Running her fingers across the Orc’s shoulders.

Soon the three of us are in my room. The girls seem to be in a race to see who can strip the other woman the fastest. I’m a little concerned the Orc will simply tear my wife’s clothes off.

We have a nice sized war chest for now, but I don’t want to blow it on frivolous stuff. Even if the sight of that would be damn hot.

The girls kiss. Their giant tits pressed together. Kara’s light green skin a beautiful contrast to Becca’s pale white. Their hands caress and explore each other’s bodies.

I move up behind the Orc. Stripping off my own clothes. I press my hard dick against her round ass. Wrapping my arms around both girls. I nip hard at her green neck. Kara growls in her lust.

Soon the green woman lies on the bed. My wife between her green thighs tonguing the Orc’s wet cunt.

I pound into Rebecca from behind. My dick plunging deep. My balls slapping her pussy.

After I cum the girls play together. I rest watching them wrestle. The Strong Orc always coming out on top. Spanking the blonde woman or finger fucking her while she holds my wife’s face down against the mattress.

Eventually I’m ready for round two.

I pin Kara down. She lets me anyway. I fuck her while I suck on her beautiful green tits.

Rebecca moans as she rides the Orc’s face. Kara’s tongue licking my wife to an orgasm.

Late in the evening we drift to sleep. The girls snuggled on either side of me. Their fingers entwined on my chest.

We should leave the woods in the afternoon. Three days of marching should have taken us to the edge.

“I bought a kettle.” Amanatia tells me with a wide grin on her face.

“Gonna start drinking tea?” I ask.

She smiles warmly at me as we walk. “No, silly. I spent some time in the Countess’s kitchen. Watching them cook.

I heard a strange whistling sound. The cook showed me her tea kettle. I noticed there was steam shooting out of it, and I remembered what you told us about steam power.”

“So you bought your own kettle?

“Yes. I thought we could experiment with it.” She gives me a sly glance. “Away from the camp of course.

I smile at the cute goblin girl, but I can’t stop the strange shiver creeping up my spine.


The strange group was marching out of the woods. Into the fields beyond. Mitzi watched them from a high branch, just at the edge.

The forest had been the only home she had known. But now she finds herself yearning for something more.

She looks back a last time into the shadow filled trees. Then leaps into the air. Following the goblins, and their human leader.


“Minotaurs?” I ask.

“No.” Priyala answers, sounding a little uncomfortable. “They are called Vacca. Theythey are cow people.”

It made some sense I figured, as we walk into the farming village. I would have thought Minotaurs to be taller. Bigger, more imposing. These ‘Vacca’ seemedcow like. Passive. Submissive.

“I haven’t thought about it till now. We don’t see many farm animals. Do we?” I ask.

The cat girl shakes her head. “Itit’s the duty of the lessuhmore submissive races toserve?” Yala looks at me embarrassed. “It’s supposed to be considered an honor.”

I looked around Oxfront village. In addition to the cow people there were sheep people and what I guess are mice. Very different from those rat men. These were cute. More human like.

There also seemed to be a small number of bear people. They seemed to be the ones in charge.

“Everyone seems a littlemorose.” I suggest. Priyala just shrugs her shoulders.

We get a couple rooms at the small thatched roof inn. As we enjoy a nice meal in the common room I realize most of the meat I’ve been served since I got here has been chicken. Or some type of bird. A fair amount of fish as well.

I guess that ancient Sorcerer didn’t go in for that.

I stop the cute little serving girl. A grey mouse maid. About it he same size as my goblins, but with huge round ears and a tail. “Pardon me, Miss. Why does everyone seem so glum?”

“It’s the culling.” She answers. As if that explained everything.

“The culling?” Rebecca asks kindly.

“We must give the wizards five villagers per year for their foul experiments. In return they guarantee rain for the crops.” The girl then scurries off with an armload of empty plates.

“That’sdisturbing.” My wife says.

“This far from a city there is little protection from their lord. It leaves them vulnerable to those with power.” Priyala tells us.

After the lunch I tour the village with some of my crew. Natia and Gort as well as a few other goblins.

Now that I was looking I could see numerous villagers with deformities and scars. At least a dozen with missing or mangled arms.

“Their fields are pretty close to this stream.” I frown. “Why don’t they have any irrigation?”

My followers just look at me in confusion.

“I’m no engineer, but I bet I could rig something up.”

An hour later I am in the mayor’s office. A big, bear man named Otto. He had thick brown fur and scars in the left side of his face.

Mayor Otto was a dour man. He definitely didn’t seem glad to see me.

“How do you think you can help?” He asks in a deep voice.

“Your stream. Does it flow all season long?” I ask. He nods. “Why don’t you just take the water from the stream to help your crops grow. Instead of working with the wizards?”

He touches the scarred side of his face at the mention of wizards. “It is the role of the rains to make crops grow.”

“What if I could offer you another way. One that didn’t rely on the rains or the wizards?” I inquire.

“What mages build, only gods may rend asunder.” Was his strange answer.

“Uhsure, but I am a mage. Of sorts. I build enchantments. I can deliver the water from your stream to your crops. For times when the rain is unreliable.” I tell the big man.

He thinks for a time. I half expected him to toss me out. Maybe through a window.

“The wizards would not allow it.” He finally says with a frown. Sounding disappointed.

“My men can take care of the wizards once and for all.” I tell him confidently.

“And what would be your price for diverting a river and killing wizards?” He asks suspiciously.

“Room and board for my men as we enchant your stream. Some coin to help us on our way, and eight willing young women to enter into Daruun for five years.”

“The wizards only ask for one year.” He bargains.

“True, but this would be the last culling. I will not return demanding more.” I assure him.

He smiles at me. “We have a deal.”

I gather the leaders of my band together and explain what the plan is.

“Do you think we can take half a dozen wizards?” Rebecca asks. Kara shakes her head.

“Not if they are full wizards. Not without losing most of our forces.” The Orc woman answers.

“What about diverting the stream?” Priyala asks. “That is well beyond my power.”

“We won’t actually divert it. We will build an irrigation system.” I go on to explain what that would be.

We would use hollowed out logs as tubes with holes every few feet to sprinkle the water. Someone at the stream could simply dump buckets into it and water an entire field in a short amount of time.

We could possibly even make wooden gears and rig a crank system to raise the water. That would require even less effort.

The goblins seemed excited by the whole idea.

“And The wizards?” Karagoth pouring a bucket of cold water on our excitement.

“That I’m not as sure of.” I admit.

The villagers were happy to help. Especially after Mayor Otto explained what they were helping with.

I am definitely not an engineer. My idea had a lot of issues, but the goblins were tenacious in their work. A lot of trial and error at first.

After a couple days working on it I left Amanatia in charge. She seemed to have a real grasp of the basic mechanics involved.

I also never saw Aklatan far from her side. Always with her notebook ready as the goblins worked on their first engineering project.

“Captain!” Harper smiles widely at me as she steps into the common room of the rustic inn. “I may have the answer to our wizard problem.”

“Great. I’d love to hear it.” I tell her.

“Let’s go upstairs. Somewhere more private.” She suggests.

I lead her to my room and close the door. “What do you got?”

She gives me a big smile and a wink. “Quite a lot. You should ask those Nathair boys. They think they have something, but are a little intimidated by you.”

“Me?” I raise one incredulous eyebrow. “Then why did you need to talk in private?”

“I never said talk, Captain. I just said we should go upstairs.” She places one big palm on the door next to me. Leaning in close. Her seven foot stature places her giant blue cleavage at face height to me.

“I suspect you are a boob man. Am I right?” She asks. Her free hand brushes her robe open a bit more. Revealing more cleavage and a simple linen bra.

I grin up at her. “How did you guess?” I slide one hand into her robe, onto her hip. Her skin feels warm and smooth. Similar to Kara’s like a supple leather.

My other hand caresses her cheek. Pulling her in for a kiss. Her tongue is tough and thick. A little sticky. She tastes like sweet grains. Her robe slides off and crumples to the floor.

Harper’s bra and shorts quickly follow as we move to the bed. I strip my own clothes too.

“Oh, Captain!” She gasps as she pulls my hard dick from my shorts.

I grin at her as I squeeze the light blue flesh of her massive tits. I kiss and suck at her darker blue nipples.

My hand reaches between us as she moans. My fingers find her pussy hairless and soft. I press a couple fingers inside her warm lizard cunt.

Harper spreads her thick thighs, holding my head to her big chest. “Mmm, bite them Captain. I like it rough.” She orders me. I start to nip at her little blue buds as I slide my cock into her waiting love hole.

We both moan in pleasure as I thrust into her. The lizard woman’s blue legs wrap around me. Her hand grabbing painfully at my hair.

We fuck like that for a few minutes. Then I bite her nipple extra hard and flip her big body over as she squeals in excitement.

I shove her face into the bed and, with her big ass in the air, slap her blue bottom a few times. Her big tail thrashes back and forth in her excitement. I have to grab it and hold tight to stop it from hitting me. Then I shove my hard cock deep in her wet twat.

I grab her wide hips as I thrust. Harper grabs the sheets and moans. Her tail slaps against my side. I can feel her pussy shudder as she has an orgasm.

My body tingles as I cum myself. Shooting my hot jizz deep in her lizard cunt.

We rest for a bit afterwards. Harper makes soft cooing noises as she settles down.

I find the Nathair men outside. They are sharpening their knives in the sun.

“Harper says you may have some ideas about our mage problem?” They look startled. Like I snuck up on them, though I doubt anything could.

“Hah. Yes sir. Yes.” Starts the more talkative one. Ertao, I think. “Our clan leader is very knowledgeable. She may be able to help in this.”

His speech was heavy on the esses, but understandable. “How far would we have to travel?”

The two men share a glance. I’d almost say they were embarrassed or nervous. “Not far.” Erato replies. “I can lead you there this afternoon.”

I nod. “I am willing to hear what she has to say.”

Kara wasn’t happy that I was wandering off when I told her. I agreed to take half a dozen goblins with me. Then our little group headed off with Erato leading the way.

The snake clan wasn’t far at all. Suspiciously just a couple hours on our back trail.

“They’ve been following us?” I ask the Nathair man.

He nods. “My clan leader. She wanted to size you up. She may have a job for you.”

There are nine Nathair who stand as we approach. Nearly half are women. The tallest of the snakes steps toward me. “Captain Nicholas. It is truly good to meet you. I am Miashasha.” She leans in to take my hand. Licking the back. Then she is surprised when I do the same to her. She gives me what seems to be a smile.

She is skinny. With four arms and dark green skin. Her face, like all the Nathair, is a bit too bestial for me to find attractive. She has a pair of little bumps for tits. Maybe B-cups. All the snake women are small chested and skinny.

“I understand you may have a job for us?” I offer. We sit near their fire as she sizes me up.

“I do. Though we can discuss that in time. You have an offer for me?” Her esses are much less pronounced than her brother. Where he seemed like a smooth killing machine, she feels like a refined leader.

“Yes. I need to be able to kill mages without losing most of my men.”

She nods in thought. “There is a weapon. One crafted to kill a spell caster. A sword that would slice right through their spell shield.” One of the other women offers me a cup of hot tea. “Mages don’t like these weapons. They are far too dangerous to keep around. But far too powerful to destroy.”

I sip the tea. Bitter with a hint of cinnamon. “That sounds like what I need.”

“One weapon will not win the day if you have more than one mage to kill.” She adds. I nod. She probably knows better than me. “You will aid my sister Arizaza.” The clan leader motions to one of the other women. “She is a young shaman and needs help binding powerful spirits. With those she would be of great benefit to you.” She leans in close. “We all would.”

“Youwant to join me?” I raise an eyebrow at the hairless Nathair woman.

“You are not yet strong enough to help in my quest. With us in your group, perhaps someday you will be.”

In under an hour they were packed and we were heading back to the village. Back to my people.


Mitzi watched the orgy from a nearby bush. The human’s troupe made sex every night. A respectable distance from the village. Though occasionally a villager would venture close.

The little fairy was drawn each time like a moth to the flame. Stripping and caressing herself in the shadows. Her little fingers rubbing and squeezing her breasts and petting her cunny. Flicking her sensitive clit.

Tonight she couldn’t take her eyes off the human Captain. His name was Nicholas. He didn’t usually fuck during the orgies, preferring his room in the wooden building.

Now she watched as he plowed the pink bunny girl. He had her on all fours. Her long pink ears clutched in his hand as he fucked her from behind.

Mitzi was on all fours too. One hand grasping a branch for balance. The other rubbing desperately between her thighs. She had two wet fingers deep in her twat. Thrusting as she imagined herself in the bunny woman’s place.

Past the Captain there were other couples and groups fucking. Including the blonde woman that Mitzi had come to understand was the Captain’s mate.

The human woman was bouncing up and down on one of the big, blue, men’s laps. Her big tits jiggling. Her arms were around his thick neck as she fucked the happy lizard.

One of the lizard’s brothers steps up behind the blonde woman, stroking his big blue dick. He nods to the first, who leans back.

The second big man spits on his hand, slathering it on his cock. Then he kneels down and rubs the tip against the woman’s tight derrière.

Rebecca groans in pain and pleasure as the Chokwa man’s dick pushes slowly up her tight ass. Her eyes clench and her toes curl from the sensation.

When he is fully inside her he reaches around and squeezes her big tits roughly. The two lizard men fuck the human. Pinned helplessly between them. Her wonderful breasts groped and slapped and pinched.

Instead of screaming or begging, the blonde seems to love every second of it. Even the pain.

Mitzi tentatively pinches her own nipple. Then harder and harder. The silver fairy gasps as a strong orgasm shakes her there in the bushes.

The sounds of sex filling the night nearby.


We are escorting Arizaza to a burnt forest a couple days travel away. There was only myself, the snake woman, one of the big Chokwa, Natia and Aki, as well as four goblin soldiers.

The rest of the snake people would stay behind with the rest of the troupe. I suspect this is a test of sorts, both for myself and the young snake woman. Who I had discovered was not that young.

“Of course.” She explained to me. Her sibilants just a little worse than her taller sister. “We were all born within days of each other. Nathair are born in clutches of eggs and only recognize those as family ties. We care little for the concept of mother or father.”

“Huh. Hard to imagine.” I offer.

She just shrugged. Which did interesting things to her cleavage. Arizaza was shorter than her sister, but more endowed. At least C-cups. Still skinny though. Her skin was a light green with red crescents making interesting patterns.

“So you need to trap a spirit?” I ask.

“Coax a spirit. First I need a fetish, to bind it to. Some powerful object that connects to one of the elements.”

“That’s why the burnt forest?” I nod.

“Correct. There should be something powerful there. But it is likely to be guarded. My sister didn’t want to waste any of our clutch fighting to get it.” Her face looks intent, serious. If I am any judge.

That evening the snake woman tried to ignore us as we began our heavy petting after dinner. The boys with Aklatan. Me with Amanatia. I stroke her long red hair as she strokes my crotch.

We grin at each other as we crawl into my tent. Shedding our clothes as we go. I grab her long hair and push her mint-green face to my crotch. I moan as she sucks on my hard cock. Her tongue lovingly caresses my fuck stick.

I lean forward and give her cute derrière a few slaps. I grin, listening to the cute whines from the goblin princess.

Gasping, Natia crawls away from me. She stops to look back. Wiggling her ass and grinning. In seconds I am on top of her. Thrusting into the moaning goblin girl so small beneath me. I reach around to grab her big dangling breasts.

When we finish we lie together, naked. Grinning as we listen to the boys still fucking Aki.

The burnt forest was about what I expected. Blackened stumps, fallen trees, and ash.

Here and there we could see little plumes of smoke or tiny smoldering fires.

“How long ago was the fire?” I ask.

“A few years.” Arizaza answers, shrugging. “The little fires are from elementals. They do not wish to relinquish their hold on this place.”

“Great.” I smirk. “Do you know where we need to go?”

She points to what I assume is the center of the smoky woods.

There is a low rumbling as we approach. Some big beast rises. Like half a dozen blackened trees bundled together and moving. It stands ten feet tall with burning coals for eyes. Smoke rising from glowing cracks in its bark.

“We must defeat it. I need it’s heart.” The Nathair woman orders.

I draw my sword and advance. Crossbow bolts already thunking into the monster’s wooden flesh.

With a roar like a furnace it punches the ground as I leap away, slashing wildly. Two of the boys poke it with spears, trying to draw its attention. The big Chokwa man beating at it with his club.

When the thing turns to them I slash at the backs of its legs. Opening big wounds, smoldering coals spilling out.

The elemental bellows in anger. Swinging around. It’s fist hits me like a runaway train. I land on my stomach seeing stars. I can faintly hear, ‘Boss! Boss! Move!”

I roll in time to avoid being stomped. Right into the thing’s leg. Burning coals spilling onto my chest.

I panic. Rolling around and trying to brush the coals off. The beast continues to kick and punch at me. The boys doing their best to ruin its aim. The big lizard man takes a punch to his head and stumbles away in a daze.

I see my sword. Grabbing it, I roll to my feet. With a wild swing I cleave open the front of the monsters legs as well.

Now it moves more erratic as it comes after me. Clumsy. Even as I dodge, it screams. Natia putting one of its eyes out with her crossbow.

“Did you see that!” She cries excitedly. I grin and nod at her.

The Nathair girl is throwing stones at the monster’s head. She looks disappointed when they seem to have no effect.

I run my sword through its belly. Wrenching side to side. Cracking open the beast’s chest. I jump away from the spill of coals and burning ash. My sword is bent, weakened by the elemental’s unnatural heat.

It’s not an issue now though. The creature desperately tries to shove its spilling coals back in its belly as it slumps to the ground. Then with a final moan it’s single eye goes out.

The snake woman reaches into the beast’s chest. Unfazed by the heat apparently. With a grin she pulls out a coal the size of a baseball. “This isss it!” Her hissing more pronounced in her excitement.

We retreat from the burnt woods and make camp. Arizaza sitting cross legged and meditating over the coal.

She stays that way for hours. Long after dinner. I wave off Natia who moves on to the big Chokwa man, rubbing her chin with an intrigued look.

The goblin princess clenches her eyes shut as she lowers herself on the big man’s cock. Arizaza finally stands up.

I hand her a plate of food that she acceptes gratefully. She sits next to me chewing and watching the goblin princesses get fucked.

“You are a randy bunch.” She comments.

“It helps keep the goblins happy.” I offer. “Get what you needed?”

“Oh yes!” She grins at me. “A powerful fire spirit.”

“Great, What’s next?”

“A water spirit.” She tells me. “I can only control two. Fire and water are good for combat.” She assures me.

“Two?” I ask.

“As a shaman grows in power they can control more. Plus some minor spirits. Sprites. For now I will only be able to control the two.”

She finishes the simple meal. “My sister told me I should try to bed you. She said it would help strengthen the bond with our people and yours. Or at least make it easier to control you.” She says this while looking at the ground between her feet.

“Do you even want to ‘bed me?” I ask.

“You are very brave. And probably handsome for a warm blood.” She looks nervously up at me. I give her a comforting smile. Then I lead her to my tent.

Her body trembles as I slowly pull off her shirt. All four of her arms in the air. Then she helps with her tight linen shift underneath. Her breath catches when I squeeze her full breasts. Surprisingly soft for skin that looks like it’s covered in scales.

“Have you neverbeen with a man?” I ask. She shakes her head no. Then yanks down her pants with her lower set of hands. Draping her upper hands around my neck.

“I am happy to have you as my first.” She hisses. Her speech getting harder to understand.

I pull my own clothes off and she seems fascinated with my erect dick.

“Have you ever seen one?”

“II understand the concept.” She looks at me boldly. “Lovemaking is a very private thing among my people. Anything below the waist is considered private.”

I guide her hands to my cock. “You can play with it if you like.”

She smiles as she lightly caresses and touches my hard dick with one pair of hands. The other rubbing the back of my neck. “You’re so soft.” She whispers.

“What did you think I would be?” I ask thumbs tweaking her hard nipples.

“Aren’t warm bloods usually bristly with all that hair?” She caresses my arm with one of her many hands. Amazed at how soft I was.

I lay her down on her back. Her hands seem to be everywhere as I rub my dick against her green pussy. Hairless just like Harper’s.

She groans as I slowly drive my cock into her tight snake hole. Her hands scratching at my back. My lips finding her stiff nipples.

Our bodies move together as we fuck. The green woman bites down hard on my shoulder with her wide mouth as her orgasm hits her. It hurts, but she doesn’t seem to have any teeth.

She snuggles next to me after I finish inside her. We lay together in the dark. The crackle of the fire and sound of goblins making love outside.

I’ve fucked two lizard women. I don’t think either one was cold blooded.

I can’t help wondering who my wife is sleeping with tonight. Thoughts of her and a gang of rough goblins on my mind as I drift off.

Our next stop was a small gorge probably forty feet down where three streams converged into a waterfall.

What we wanted was at the bottom. With ropes we scaled down. Arizaza having an easier time with her four arms.

We stand on the edge of the stream at the bottom. I held a spear in my hands. My sword was ruined. Hopefully i could get it repaired back in the village.

We advanced on the waterfall. Wary, but not sure what to expect.

One of my soldiers screams as he is pulled into the water by a tentacle. Then a mass of them rise up. Just a few feet from where the falls splash into the gorge.

“From hells heart I stab at thee!” Feeling a bit like Ahab I leap into the water. Plunging my spear at what seems to be the central mass.

The Chokwa grabs a few tendrils. Squeezing them to pulp in his meaty fists. As the girls fire their crossbows into the water.

From behind me there is a loud WHOOSH! A thick bolt of fire shooting past me. The tentacles struck by the flame flop in panic. A thick cloud of steam rising from the water.

So thick I can’t see.

“Watch where you’re shooting!” I shout as a crossbow bolt flys past me.

“I can’t!” Aki shouts back.

I stab again hitting something solid this time. Up to my waist in the water. It’s getting hard to stand. Something lurches out of the water, bellowing. A large dark shape in the steam. Definitely not an octopus. Or even a white whale.

I stab at the creature again and again.

Someone. I assume the Nathair Shaman throws red hot stones. Which seem to have more effect than my spear.

Then a round toothy mouth snaps at me from out of the shadow. I raise my spear to ward it off. Another burst of flame striking the creature. Right down it’s gullet. Burning away half my spear. I pat at my face to make sure I still have eyebrows.

The monster makes loud choking sounds as it slumps beneath the water.

Eventually the steam clears. The Nathair woman steps past me looking embarrassed. She steps under the waterfall. Not looking for the monster this time. She comes out with what seems to be a solid globe of water. Her clothes plastered to her shapely body.

“The heart of the fall.” She says. As if that answers everything.

We climb back out. Minus one goblin soldier. We never saw him after he was pulled into the water.

Quietly we make camp. The snake woman meditating over her water globe.

Arizaza looks pleased with herself when she finishes and sits next to me. Silently, we watch the two goblin princesses getting fucked for a bit.

Aki was naked, laying back on a log. Natia inverted on top of her. They were moaning and gasping as they licked each other’s pussy.

Two goblin boys were thrusting between the girls’ spread legs. Fucking them as they pleasured each other. Another soldier waiter patiently for his turn. Squeezing Amanatia’s cute rear. Pushing a finger in and out of her tight ass.

Arizaza suddenly pulls her shirt off. Then shimmies out of her pants and underclothes. There in front of the whole group. She smiles as she straddles my lap. “Thank you for all your help.” She hisses at me, fumbling at my pants.

Soon she is bouncing on my lap. Hissing in pleasure as we fuck. My hands squeezing her jiggly snake tits.

We had been gone just over a week when we return to Oxfront village. Everyone seems happy to see us. The irrigation system was nearly done.

The blacksmith was happy to repair my sword. Though he explained he was no weapon smith. I found his shop crowded with goblins who were off duty. Apparently he had been giving lessons.

I couldn’t help grinning when I found my wife.

Rebecca was being led around the village at the end of a leash. Held by Karagoth, as she did her rounds.

The blonde wore only black stockings with pink bows. A pink silk thong. A pink sheer top, cropped and doing nothing to hide her big jiggling tits. A pink bow in her hair, and finally a pink dog collar. I would later learn that it had ‘Orc’s Whore’ engraved on it.

Apparently my wife and my partner have been playing some naughty games.

While Rebecca got quite a few lusty looks from villagers, they didn’t seem surprised to see her like this.

In the evening we sit around a campfire outside the village. My wife on her knees at Kara’s feet. Cali wiggling naked on my lap, while her twin snuggled up next to me. Occasionally leaning in and kissing each other.

There were a handful of visitors from the village as well. Three sets of what I assume are married couples. Excited to watch the erotic show.

I pinch one of Trisha’s nipples. Grinning at her excited squeal. Her mother is led out to one of the blankets. Three goblins surrounding her plump body as she lays down.

Soon the older woman is moaning as she takes goblin dick between her meaty thighs.

Also in the orgy tonight were both of the bunny girls, three of the goblin princesses, and one of the new snake women. I didn’t know her name, but was surprised to see her, given what Arizaza had told me about their society.

Another attempt from their leader to integrate our two groups?

Speaking of which, Miashasha and the shaman are both here. Sitting close together to watch the show. As were a couple of the Nathair men.

Rebecca has her face buried between Kara’s thighs. The beautiful Orc warrior growling her pleasure. One hand on my wife’s head, her other squeezing her own exposed breast.

Calli pulls out my dick. Before she can slide it into her ready love hole I grab her wrists. She gives me a cute, petulant look. “I need it daddy.” She moans. Rubbing her teen pussy against my hard shaft. She bites her lower lip. “I need your big cock in me.”

I grab her ass, lifting her up. Then drop her, impaling the teen on my dick. The excited girl rides my lap as her sister leans in to kiss me.

Karagoth grins at me, then motions a goblin soldier over. He is naked except for the leather belt in his hand. His dick bobbing up and down in excitement as he stands behind my kneeling wife.

“Ass up, slave.” Kara orders in her gruff voice.

Rebecca obediently gets to all fours. Her face still pressed against the Orc’s wet twat. Her hands grabbing green thighs.

My wife wiggles her nearly bare round ass. Then the goblin whips it. Becca groans into Karagoth’s cunt at each of a dozen strikes turning her ass red.

Then the goblin pulls my wife’s thong down. Positioning the dark green tip of his dick against her soft peach.

Rebecca pushes back against him as she moans in pleasure. Taking his inhuman dick deep in her whore’s pussy.

Later in the night the twin teens snuggle me. Naked and spent in my bed. While my wife is down the quiet inn’s hallway sleeping with her mistress.

“I like being Kara’s slave.” Rebecca tells me. We are sitting in the common room of the inn, having lunch. She looks wonderfully slutty in a tight fitting halter top and linen shorts. She was obviously loving her new sex kitten role. Able to be as publicly slutty as she wants. “You have so much on your plate, even in the sex department.”

“You know I’d drop all that for you.” I insist.

She smiles warmly. “I know, and I love you for it. Here we can be who we were truly meant to be. You get to be a harem master, and I get to be your loving slave.” She pulls her top up, letting her big tits flop out. “Plus I get to be as perverted and filthy as I have always dreamed.”

“I love you.” We lean in and kiss for a long while.

After we break apart, smiling at each other, a young sheep girl walks up to us. Actually her people are called Caora, I have been told.

She is cute with milky white fuzz all over. I noticed the Caora tend to be a bit fuzzier than the other anthropomorphic races. Instead of hair she had a sort of mane. Like an afro of snowy wool around her head. She had big tits under her plain shirt. Probably double-D’s. Plus a fluffy white tail.

“Sir.” She started nervously. Her hands clasped behind her back. “Mmy name’s Bailey. II offered to be one of your slaves. Forum, for five years. Right?”

“That’s correct. You are a very lovely young woman.” Her sheep ears twitch at the compliment. “You do understand what is being asked though. Not just cooking and cleaning.”

“Ssex. Right?” She looks so timid, so vulnerable. “Like you do at your campfire?”

“That’s right. We can go upstairs right now if you are really interested in joining.” I offer. The Caora girl nods and let’s me take her hand. I lead her to my room.

Her slim body trembles as I help pull off her shirt. Her fuzz covered skin like a knit cap under my fingers. Soft and pleasant. She gasps when I gently grasp her big breasts. Also covered with fuzz, except for her pink areola and nipples.

“Have you ever been touched by a man?” I ask.

She nods tentatively. “At sheering time.”

“Oh? Tell me about that.” I order. Something in her voice excites me. She seems so timid. So vulnerable. She presses the button on a man that makes him want to both protect and defile a young woman.

That feeling is often especially strong in me.

“Sheering is supposed to be intimate. Something shared with a loved one. Someone you trust.” I nibble at her neck and slide my hands into the back of her pants. Squeezing her soft ass.

“Something sexual?”

“It can be.” Her breathing comes faster. “If done with a mate.” I pull her pants down. Kissing her fuzzy tummy as I kneel.

“That’smmmthat’s how it normally is in Caora villages.” She was definitely responding to my attentions. “But in other places, here, it’s a public event. It’s humiliating andand degrading.” My face presses into her crotch. Also fuzzy. My tongue lightly licks her pussy lips. Her hands in my hair to steady herself.

“They strip you in front of everyone. Grabbing you and forcing you into whatever positions they want so their sheers can do their work. Stripping you even further before the crowd.”

She doesn’t sound frightened or angry about it. Now she sounds excited.

“My father said they do it to make sure we know our place. Just like the Vacca.” She meant the cow people. I had heard the women were milked nearly every day, but hadn’t gone out to see it yet. I will remember to do so. “They make sure all the docile races know their place.”

Bailey’s thighs tremble as she has a small orgasm. I let her ride that out, licking up her sweet juices. Then I stand. She looks up at me as I place my fingers on her cheek.

“I wouldn’t want you to do anything you weren’t willing to do. But I am a deviant. I’d love to see that done to you.” I tell her.

She nods placing her fingers on mine. “You are my master and I am your docile sheep.”

I practically tear my pants off. My erection is as hard as it’s ever been.

I push Bailey down on the bed and climb on top of her. Spreading her legs apart and just shoving my dick into her wet hairy cunt.

The sheep girl cries out in ecstasy as I fuck her. I grab her wrists and pin them above her head. Leaning in to bite her nipples.

I feel her pussy throb around my cock. Milking it as she cums. Harder and longer than before.

When she comes down she looks at me with her big ewe eyes. “II’m just obedient livestock. Yyour tame sheep to use and abuse?” Her bosom heaves along with her words.

She whines a little when I pull out. Then I flip her over. Forcing her to her hands and knees. Grinning as I slap her cute ass a few times.

“Baa for me, sheep.” I order. Grabbing a bunch of her hair and painfully forcing her head up.”

“Baaa! Baaa!” She bleats as I thrust back into her. I grab her fluffy tail as I pound her twat.

My dick explodes deep inside the girl. Filling her with my human seed. I pump hard, making sure she takes every last drop.

Then I collapse on the young Caora girl. Her soft panting body beneath me. My limp cock slowly slipping out of her sloppy twat.

“Ththat was amazing.” She moans.

“It was pretty great for me too.” I tell her. Soon I roll over and pull her close for a snuggle. Her heavenly, soft body pressed against mine.

“I thought most races don’t like to be called by theuh animal they come from?” I ask.

“What? Sheep? Oh yes. It’s a nasty insult. And humiliating. And I loved it. II never imagined it could be like that.” She answers excitedly.

“Well, I like dominating my partners. Humiliating and abusing them. If they are willing.”

“She sits up on her elbow. “I think I will be very willing.”

I smile at that.

We were on the road. Most of my soldiers, including Miashasha, Arizaza, and four of the snake men.

The Nathair clan leader assured me that our destination was only three days away. Which is good. The mayor thinks the wizards would come soon for their tribute.

“What are you looking for.” I ask Karagoth. The Orc woman kept looking over her shoulder with a scowl.

“I fear someone may have tagged a sending on us.” She answers. I just shrug. “A spirit that will report our actions to its master. I keep seeing something small and silver flit through the trees.”

“That’snot great. I had hoped one of our advantages would be surprise.”

I mull over what losing that would mean for our future plans. We had been setting up an ambush in the village. Our crossbows would play a major role. Now I had to rethink that.

That evening I brooded. Worried about our mission and my people.

Even the evening orgy did little to rouse my interest.


Mitzi was sad, yet horny. The human, Nicholas seemed down. She wished she could comfort him. Yet the sexual antics of his followers uncontrollably drove her lust, as it always did.

The little silver fairy moaned softly as she fingered herself. She had become quite adept at self pleasure.

As the goblin and the lizard men fucked the various girls down below Mitzi pulled out her pebble.

It was a smooth stone she had found in a stream, about the size of her head. She slathered it with berry juice, then held it between her thighs.

Feeling quite naughty, she rubbed her silver puss against the smooth stone. Feeling that delicious tingle.

She had learned a lot from watching the mercenaries.

After she has an orgasm she naps on the tree branch. Watching as the Captain’s wife leads him into his tent.


Naked and beautiful, Rebecca sucked my cock as I lay back. She had promised to fuck my cares away.

And it was working.

My wife’s expert mouth and tongue did wonders for my attitude.

Finally she crawls up my body. Kissing and nipping as she goes. When she straddles my hips she rubs her soft pussy against my hard cock. Sitting up and running her hands through her curly, golden hair. Her giant breasts jiggling.

I reach up and grab her amazing orbs. Squeezing her ample flesh.

“Oh god, Nick! I need your cock!” She gasps. Leaning forward and inserting my fuck rod in her cunt. Gasping as she sits down.

She rides me slowly. Drawing out our lovemaking. My fingertips glide up and down her flanks making her shiver. From her hips up to her breasts and back down.

We fuck gently for a time. Then I can see the change as Rebecca’s lust takes her. She leans down and shivers as she whispers, “Ruin me.” in my ear.

I grab her by her blonde hair and slap the side of her face. Not hard, she just gasps in excitement anyway. Then I push her off me.

I grab my wife’s hips and force her to her hands and knees. Slapping her ass a few times as she wiggles it in the air.

She grunts as I plunge my dick back into her wet cunt. Pounding her hard and grabbing her hair again. I yank her head up, and she moans.

Reaching beneath her with my free hand I slap at her big dangling tits. I can tell by her breathing that her orgasm is close.

“You dirty whore.” I growl at her. “Just a goblin cum rag. You’re the village slut. Opening your legs for everyone.” Becca’s whole body shudders and she squeals as she cums.

Before her orgasm is finished I pull out and push her to her knees. When I press my dick to her lips, my wife sucks on my slimy cock. Her eyes are closed and her body still trembles.

As my own orgasm rises I pull away. I shoot stream after stream onto her beautiful face and tits. My lovely wife licking jizz from her lips.

“Mmm, That was amazing.” She says looking up at me.

After we clean up we lay together. My wife cooing as her body continues to shiver from time to time.

“I love you.” I whisper in her ear as she smiles sleepily.

There was a white door. In a small clearing in a small woods. The morning light hit it at an angle that nearly made it glow.

It wasn’t attached to anything beyond its stone doorstep.

“Is it trapped?” I asked Miashasha.

“Truly, I don’t know.” She answers.

I nod at Priyala. She is the only traditionally trained spell caster in our group.

The cat girl slowly approaches the door. Her big book of spell notes open. She stops twenty feet away. Mumbling to herself. Her fingertips glowing.

We wait nearly half an hour by my guess. Then my little kitten turns back to me with a smile on her lips. “Done. It’s safe to open.”

“Good girl.” I tell her as I we approach. “Any idea what to expect?”

“Traps and magical guardians.” She shrugs. Grinning at me when I pull her in for a kiss.

With a shrug I pull my repaired sword. “Let’s go.”

I open the door.

Instead of more woods on the other side there isa room? Through the now open door. I step onto what turns out to be a landing.

The room was bright. Filled with landings and stairs of various sizes. Going this way and that. All made of white or grey stone. Marble I think.

It looks like that Escher painting. At first anyway. Then I realize that everything has a definite up and down orientation. We seem to be at the bottom.

“There.” Miashasha points up. “I think that would be it.” There was something glowing on a landing some seven or eight stories up.

“Let’s go!” I lead the charge up one of the staircases. When we get to the landing we find that somehow we have been split up. My troops are scattered across half a dozen stairs and landings on this level.

“Didn’t think it would be easy. Did’ja Boss?” Gort grins up at me. Loaded crossbow in one hand, short sword in his other.

I shake my head and charge up the next staircase.

The second landing is where we meet resistance.

Ghostly men in armor simply step out of the air to block our path. Gort fires his crossbow, and much to my surprise kills one of the guardians. I fully expected his shot to just pass through.

Ghostly or not they definitely seem solid to my sword as I start fighting. They don’t bleed, but they can definitely be injured.

We quickly clear our landing of the five defenders. Looking around I see my forces fighting on other landings. I can see more of the ghostly men waiting above.

We charge the next landing. Nearly half of the solders in my group being magically shunted to different places. I am starting to get worried. There are still three levels to go and we were getting stretched thin.

I could see Miashasha fighting alongside a group of goblins. She had a pair of wicked looking daggers in her lower hands and two curved swords in her other’s. They looked reminiscent of scimitars, flaring toward the tips.

I slay a pair of guardians. Then back up as I get pressed by a particularly tenacious opponent. Only to watch him get skewered by two goblin spears.

The next landing was only me and three of my boys. Even Gort was gone. I can’t see him from where I stood. I can see Kara. Cutting a guardian in half with her giant axe and a mighty Orc roar. She is a level below me, and I see no way to get to her.

We are outnumbered here. Two to one. For a moment things seem to be going our way. Then I’m pushed close to the edge. One of the goblins gets run through with a sword, and the other two are forced back the way we came.

I cut the hand off one of my assailants. Then I doge a swing at my face. I feel my breath catch as I stumble backwards into space. The horrible feeling of no step when you expect one.

I’m probably lucky. I only fall ten feet or so. Landing hard on my back. My sword skitters across the grey marble.

Two guardians seem to step out of nowhere. Raising their swords. I get ready to roll.

Suddenly a strange silver bird is flittering between their faces. Distracting them enough for me to kick one away.

As I scramble for my sword my world turns red with pain. The other guard stabs his sword through my leg. Pinning me to the ground.

I turn at the waist to see him draw a dagger.

Also to see two Nathair men leap a good twenty or thirty feet. Landing on my platform. Their swords flashing.

I turn when I feel something bump my hand. It’s my sword. The littlenot bird. It’s a silver woman. With tiny wings. She smiles up at me. She had dragged my sword over.

“Uhthank you?” I offer. Grabbing the hilt.

She settles on my shoulder. Around a foot tall and beautiful. The two snake men help me up. One wrapping my calf to stop the bleeding.

I have to lean on Ertao to walk, my leg is nearly useless.

“We’re winning?” I ask. My soldiers were scattered throughout the big room.

“I don’t think so.” The Nathair man says. Pointing at a guardian as it is slain. “I don’t think we are killing any of them.” He points where three seem to come out of nowhere.

He is right. It’s hard to notice in the thick of things. When one dies another just appears further up.

“This is bad.” I grumble. He just nods. Helping me up a flight of stairs.

The silver girl on my shoulder tugs on my ear. “That way.” She says pointing. Her voice like harp strings.

She was right. My spell casters seemed to have figured something out. Both lead groups that are able to stick together as they advance.

Priyala led nearly a score of followers. Kara and two of the big Chokwa men clearing the way.

Arizaza has nearly a dozen. She has summoned a creature reminiscent of the smoldering tree elemental that makes short work of the guardians.

We hobble after the Biladi woman’s group. Whatever she did seems to linger as we don’t get lost.

Grouped up the ghostly guardians quickly lose ground. Soon Erato helps me onto the last platform. Arizaza hands me the glowing crystal sword with a smile on her face.

“Thank you.” I smile back.

“We need to hurry out. Those things will never stop.” Karagoth growls. Obviously unsettled by all the sorcery.

“Make sure to grab our wounded on the way back down.” I order. The snake shaman kneeling before me.

Cool water flows from her hand to surround my injured calf. Soothing my wound.

Quickly I am able to walk again. My injury gone.

“Thank you.” We smile at each other again.

As a group we head back down. Fighting for every inch.

The crystal sword cost us three goblin lives. And a lot of wounds. Though between my goblin healing powers and Arizaza’s water, we had everyone up and about within a couple hours.

The guardians couldn’t or wouldn’t chase us past the door. Once we closed it we were safe.

We walk back to camp which had been made at the edge of the woods by those left behind.

Everyone seemed interested in the little silver woman.

She stood about a foot tall. Slim and beautiful, with soft shimmery wings. She wore leaves tied together as a skirt and top. She looked to have small breasts, and a round ass. Her hair was black as midnight. Long and straight. Past her knees. Her skin was a shimmery silver. Occasionally taking on the colors around her helping her to blend in.

“You found a fairy!” Priyala gushes. “They’re so rare! She’s so cute!”

“She saved my life.” I announce. “What’s your name, little one?”

“Mitzi.” She says in her musical voice, looking bashful at the attention.

“Well I thank you Mitzi. Is there any way I can repay you?” She nods excitedly at that.

“You can let me join you.” She announces with a smile.

“You want to join my mercenaries?” I ask. Mitzi nods happily. “Uh, you are a welcome member then.” I announce.

That evening Mitzi sat on my shoulder after we ate. She seemed to know what was about to happen and she kept glancing at me as people started to pair off or group up.

“II want to do that.” She told me. Pointing at the fucking couples. “With you.”

“I think your a little small.” I confess. She gives me a little pouty look. “Well, what would you like to do then?”

With a smile she sheds her leaves. Revealing a bald, silver pussy and budding B-cup tits. If anyone made bras in her size.

“Take off your clothes.” She told me, while she caresses her own breasts. Her excitement palpable.

I strip as I head into my tent. Mitzi flutters down to my hard cock as I lay down. She is a lot taller than my seven inches. And feels great planting small fairy kisses and licking my cock. She rubs her little buds against me and grinds her crotch against my cock.

She even tries penetration. Sitting on my tip and steadying herself with her wings. But hops off disappointed.

“Sorry we cant do that.” I tell her. “But you are making me feel good, and I bet I can return the favor.

I cup my hands together so she can sit comfortably. “Spread your legs.” I tell her. When she does I gently lick her crotch.

With our size difference there is no finesse. Just a giant tongue licking her pussy. She seems to enjoy it though. Grabbing my fingers for support and pressing her crotch against my slobbery licker.

Her wings flutter and Mitzi screams musically as she cums in my hands.

Afterward she lays naked on my chest and drifts to sleep. I take a little longer. Listening to my people fucking outside. Not finished myself, but not put out either.

When we return to the village an excited Bailey is waiting for me.

“You’re safe!” She gushes as she hugs me with her soft, furry arms.

“I’m glad to see you too.” I tell her.

“I have something for you.”

“Is it your ass?” I ask with a smile.

The sheep girl giggles. “That too. I have another willing slave. And I think she will be almost as submissive as me. Why don’t we meet in your room?” She suggests.

I nod, intrigued, and head that way.

Soon I answer a knock on the door.

“This is my friend Betsy.” The sheep girl introduces proudly.

Betsy is a cow girl. One of the Vacca. She is tall and brown, husky and curvy. She had a cow-like face and little white horns. She had a full head of dark brown hair with a matching tuft at the end of her tail. Her tits looked huge under her dress. Bigger than my wife’s, they strained the buttons up the front. She gives me a nervous smile.

“Come in. It’s great to meet you Betsy.” I usher the girls in. “So you want to be one of the girls to join my troupe?”

“Yes sir.” Her voice was deep and husky, and nice.

“She wants to be your submissive, livestock, whore. Just like me.” Bailey says proudly. The Vacca girl looks at her friend in shock. Then nods nervously at me.

Bailey swiftly pulls off her blouse. Her own big tits bouncing free. Then she grabs at the big girl’s dress. Opening buttons, starting at the top. “Tell our master how many different hands have milked your delicious tits.” The wooly girl orders.

“A few.” Betsy says, shrugging. Staring at me with her big cow eyes. The big girl’s plain linen bra is slowly revealed.

“I’m not so sure she is as eager touhbe my submissive livestock. Bailey” I place a gentle hand on the sheep’s shoulder. “And that’s ok. As long as she is willing to have sex with the group.”

Bailey turns to me. “She’s just nervous. Tell him.” The last bit was directed a bit desperately at her big friend.

Betsy pulls her bra off freeing her giant tits. Her front had a big white oval patch, that covered around half of her breasts. Then she climbs on the bed wiggling her wide ass at me. “Moooo.” She calls looking back over her shoulder with a grin.

I step forward and lift her long skirt. Her left asscheek has a palm sized white spot. That’s where I spank first. The cow girl hisses and moans as her ass wobbles to a couple dozen strikes.

I push her face down to the mattress. Then yank her head back up by her hair. “Are you a good docile, livestock?” I hiss in her ear.

“Uunh! Yes, master. Sooo good.” She moans back.

Bailey lays next to us, fully nude. One hand fingering her own twat. The other squeezing her tits.

When I start to pull off my pants Bailey slips down in front of me. She helps get my clothes off. Then she starts sucking on my hard cock.

“Mmm, spank her big ass some more.” The white Caora girl orders.

I spend a few minutes punishing the moaning cow’s derrière. Giving her a few slaps, then rubbing her wet twat for a moment. Then some more spanks. She licks the back of her hand, her face pressed to the bed.

When Bailey moves away I ram my iron hard fuck rod balls deep in one quick motion. The Vacca girl gasping horsely with pleasure as she cums.

As I fuck her I lean forward and slap the sides of her giant tits. Mashed against the bed in this position.

“Bailey, I want you to crawl around so she can lick your pussy.” An obviously excited look in the sheep’s face as she crawls back on the bed.

Betsy’s long slobbery tongue soon has the smaller girl moaning. Bailey pinches and pulls at her own pink nipples.

I grunt as I shoot my load in the cow’s cunt. I grab her tail and thrust hard to give her every last drop.

Spent I lay down. Watching as Bailey moves to lick her friend’s well pounded twat. Betsy gives me a smile as she pulls her dress the rest of the way off. I help with her tail. Still stuck through its slit in the back.

I’m starting to think there has been something deeper than friendship between these two. Now may be the first time they have had a chance to express it.

I can feel my lust slowly rising.

It was time to kill the mages.

We had finished the irrigation system. It seemed to work adequately. The villagers understood enough that they would be able to make basic repairs.

Then we set up an ambush along the road the wizards would be traveling through. It was among a small group of trees. A peaceful looking area.

It would be our killing field.

All we had left to do was wait.

Karagoth barges into my room. “They are coming.”

“Mmm! I’m cumming!” My wife calls back.

She leans back on the bed. Gripping the sheets. Her thighs starting to tremble. My face is buried in her crotch. My tongue deep in her soft peach.

She grabs my head as I start to pull away. “No! Don’t stop!” The blonde orders.

I can hear Kara chuckle behind me. “I can ask them to come back later. If you are busy.” She jokes.

Rebecca’s orgasm washes over her. I don’t have time to wait it out though. I stand and grab my clothes. As her fingers move to her juicy pussy.

I hop down the hall half naked pulling on my pants.

“Love you!” My wife calls from behind me.

We could see a pair of carriages coming. Two carts behind them. One with a big empty cage. There are a dozen guards. Dressed in black leather. As well as four dejected looking slaves.

When the carriages are between the trees we strike. Three of the guards dropping in the first seconds. Multiple crossbow bolts stuck into their falling bodies.

Suddenly goblins were everywhere. Fighting guards and lassoing horses. We didn’t want the carriages to attempt to flee.

Then the first wizard was stepping out. Fire in the palms of his hands. He looked seventy, and very angry. A Biladi man. A couple arrows bounce off his magic shield.

He hurls both gobs of fire, only to see them fizz out against Arizaza’s spray of water. Then I lose sight as I slip out of my bush behind one of the black carriages.

We had to act quick. We were relying heavily on the power of my new sword, and my skill with it. Kara was close behind me. As was Hanatal, the goblin princess who had lost an eye. She had insisted on coming. She carefully carried something bundled in cloth. Tending to it like a mother would her first newborn. Though much bigger than I would guess a goblin cub to be.

We move between the two carriages. People were screaming in pain. Something roared. We stayed clear of the horses. They had green glowing eyes.

There they are. Two of the wizards. The old man and a chubby cat woman. There should be five in all.

He grins at me as I advance. His whole right arm turning to flame. I can see the snake girl’s tree elemental over his shoulder, crushing a black clad guard.

The wizard lift his flaming arm. Then

.then that’s it. My crystal sword barely slows as it pierces his shield. Then his paper thin flesh. He dies with a surprised look on his face, and a relieved one on mine.

I quickly pull my sword out. The female wizard is mumbling something. Kara’s axe flashes as it glances off her shield.

“Move! Down!” Hanatal orders, pulling the cloth off her contraption. The Orc rolls as the goblin lifts it to her shoulder. It’s a cylinder of iron and wood. It almost looks like


Sparkling smoke fills the air. The goblin princess’s gun fires a hundred tiny pebbles. Probably not hard enough to kill a man.

Strong or not, each one is a separate strike against the caster’s shield.

The wizard woman’s face turns to horror as her magic shield sparks and sputters out. Then Kara’s axe thunks into the woman’s side.

I could hear other guns going off as Hanatal grins at me. Not with bangs but loud whooshes. The sparkle dust wasn’t quite the same as gunpowder, but it served its purpose.

The other wizards didn’t stand a chance. Our ambush had turned to a massacre.

We burn the bodies of the five wizards. As well as their guards. The horses made me nervous so we let them go.

My casters got to pick a few trinkets from the evil wizards belongings, and we gathered anything of value from the carriages.

Then we led the prisoners back to the village.

Everyone was overjoyed to see us. There was a big party and much revelry that night.

Mitzi is naked between my wife and I as we make love. We can still hear villagers celebrating outside the inn. Though it must be past midnight.

The silver fairy holds on tight to one of Becca’s large tits. Jiggling back and forth as I thrust into the moaning blonde. The tiny woman kissed and licks Rebecca’s hard nipple. Her fluttering wings occasionally tickling my chest.

I lift and separate Becca’s creamy legs. Grabbing her ankles I lift her ass about an inch off the bed. She grabs the sheets in her ecstasy. My cock hitting one of her favorite spots.

Mitzi climbs further up my wife. Reaching her lips, she gives Rebecca fairy kisses. Then she turns around and straddles the blonde’s mouth. Becca starts to lick the tiny girl’s pussy. Both women moaning their pleasure. Mitzi squeezes her own budding breasts as she watches me from my wife’s face.

Rebecca gives a whine when I pull out. Then an excited purr as I flip her over. Mitzi taking to the air to see what our next position is.

Becca gets to her hands and knees. She wiggles her round ass as she looks back over her shoulder. Brushing her golden curls out of the way.

“Fuck me daddy.” She begs. “Put this whore in her place.” She groans with pleasure when I slap her ass and stick my cock back into her wet cunt.

Then the silver girl flitters down. She lands on my wife’s sweet rear. Giving me a grin as she turns her own small round derrière toward me, and slides down on my cock. She holds on tight to Becca’s ass.

I have to slow down and be careful not to squish the small girl between us. My dick sliding between Mitzi’s thighs, rubbing her fairy pussy. Then entering Rebecca. I’m almost fucking them both from behind.

Rebecca gets loud as she cums. Her body trembling as my dick slowly thrusts inside her. Mitzi soon follows. Her voice musically calling out her pleasure.

Both girls grin when I finally pull out. Rebecca turns around and sucks on my slimy cock. I’m still erect, but getting real close. Mitzi flys behind her, moving to my wife’s wet twat.

I can tell by the way Rebecca slowly rolls her hips that the fairy must be doing her best to eat my wife out, or something.

I close my eyes and ride the bliss of my love’s lips around my dick. I run my hands through her long hair.

“I’m almost there.” I tell her.

Becca reaches back and grabs the fairy. Then slips to her knees on the floor before me. She sets Mitzi on her breast and leans back.

With a groan I stroke my dick. My balls clench. I spray both women with my jizz. The sticky fuck juice covering my wife’s tits and drenching the silver fairy.

Mitzi laughs her tinkling laugh as my cum rains on her. Delighted to have taken part in something so naughty.

Soon we clean both girls off. Becca with a towel. Mitzi in a warm bowl of water.

I definitely want to do naughty things to the miniature girl. I’m just not entirely sure what.

Then we are snuggling to sleep. My wife at my side. Mitzi laying naked on my chest.

I worry a little that I could crush her in the night, though she seems to be quite tough.

We have our eight village girls. Bailey and Betsy, of course. My sexy submissive whores. There were also three mouse girls, called Roden. Two more sheep girls, a light and dark grey.

There was also the mayor’s daughter. A bear. She was one of the prisoners who we rescued. A big woman, nearly seven feet tall and husky. She has big breasts and thick silky fur.

She was also missing her left arm near the elbow. As well as her right eye. In fact the right side of her face had some nasty scars.

She admitted that she couldn’t imagine staying in the village as she was.

“I would rather serve as a sex slave if it will help my village.” She had told me. Her one eye not quite meeting mine.

So I had accepted her as our eighth, and considered the village’s debt paid in full.

Now we will pack and prepare to set out in the morning. My goblins already refining their new ‘thunder busts.’ The name given to the guns they had crudely invented.

I couldn’t help worry about how they may impact the order of this strange world.

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