Risedale secrets 3

this carries on from risedale secrets two so read that before this one

Kim smiled her knowing smile as we walked out of the workshops, the last hour played over my mind as I walked with her. The kids around me seemed lost in a haze, all my attention was focused of Kim as her lush hips swayed as she walked. Her sweet taste still lingered in my mouth as she took my hand and led me towards an empty class room, opening the door she pulled me inside, pushing my back against the wall she kissed me deeply on the mouth, her tongue seeking out mine in passion. Running her hands down my chest she slowly undid my belt and let my trousers drop to the floor. Still kissing each other I ran my hands up her legs tracing a line up her thigh towards her pussy.
A soft moan escaped her lips as we explored each others body and mouths, my now fully erect dick poking her in the stomach as we kissed. Finally we broke off are kiss as she slide down my body, seductively looking up at me as she grasped my raging cock in her hands, softly blowing and teasing the head. She placed her tongue on the very tip and lick it, sending little shocks up my shaft making it throb as she teased it. Looking up at me with her brown eyes almost made me shoot my load right there.
She was beautiful, and she was teasing my cock, I smiled as I ran my fingers through her hair, urging her to take my cock in her loving mouth. Kim opened her mouth and took half my cock in her, her tongue swirling around the head and shaft as she fizzed saliva on my shaft. The warmth of her mouth and her caressing tongue became to much as I rammed my cock into her mouth, shooting my third load of the day into her awaiting mouth. She hungrily drank my cum as I shoot load after load into her, finally spent my cock twitched and began to shrink.
I lent forward and picked her up off her knees and carried her over to a desk, lifting her skirt up to expose her panties. Her sweet smelling pussy made my mouth water as I placed her legs over my shoulders positioning my head above her pussy, licking up her covered slit I caught a gasp come from her as her body shuddered, her panties were already soaked, her pussy seeping her sweet juices. Using one hand I pulled her panties to the side and let my tongue touch her swollen lips, our previous session still visible. Pushing my tongue past her outer lips I could taste myself, my tongue flicking and sucking the sides of her walls, her own juices mixing with mine as she squirmed around it. Pushing my tongue deeper into her depths I nuzzled her clit with my nose, brushing her sensitive nub with it each pass I made on her opening.
Her juices flowed quickly as her breathing quickened and she arched her back on the desk, moaning loudly as neared her orgasm. She screamed as waves of pleasure ripped thought her body, every muscle shuddered as my tongue lapped up her sweet juice. Standing up I let her legs fall down beside me, leaning forward I take hold of her hips and slide her towards me, kissing her deeply. We sucked and teased each others mouths as I tasted my self again. Releasing your locked mouths she looked up at me and smiled “look at you. You got it all over your face” she giggled licking my cheeks and chin clean of her honey.
She pushed me away and stood up, putting her panties back on properly to cover her self, I walked over too the wall and put my trousers back on, standing with my still wet dick out she walked over to me and kissed the head lightly and said “ill be seeing you both tomorrow”. Smiling at her double meaning I hissed her and held the door open for her.
The rest of the day seemed to go as slowly as possible, at lunch I ran back to the workshop to catch up on the work id missed but couldn’t concentrate as the image of me fucking Kim over the bench next to me flashed in my head. In the end I left the work and went to lunch. Kim was nowhere to be seen so I wondered round until the bell. After school I got home and crashed on my bed, both my parents were out so id have the house to my self the whole weekend. Smiling I drifted off to sleep.
Waking up too a soft finger touching my cheek I thought my parents had come home. The alarm rising as I tried to pry open my sleep covered eyes. A girly giggle stopped me as I realized Kim was sitting on the bed next to me, my racing heart fluttered slightly as I calmed down, and the soft touch of Kim’s hands sending those all to familiar feeling to my loins. Reaching up I pulled her close, and kissed her again, her soft lush lips fitting perfectly to mine as we shared each others tongues. Pulling her onto the bed to straddle me I wrapped my arms round her waist and hugged her while we kissed. Her pert breast pressed tightly to my chest as I hugged her (people say sleeping naked is dirty…they were right). The thin sheet covering me did little to hide my growing bulge as Kim sat on me, the long pole grazing her leg every few seconds. Rolling her over so I was on top I started kissing down her neck towards her breasts, her low cut top showing a perfect cleavage.
She ran her hands up my back as I explored her neck and upper chest, placing kisses all over her, her soft hands found the top of the sheet and pulled it off me to reveal my broad shoulders and toned chest. Sitting up I went to remove her top and jeans as she lifted her ass to help me. Her smooth shapely legs came into my view again as I pulled the fabric off her. Too my surprise I found her lying in my bed with the sexiest black thong I had ever seen. Placing her finger in her mouth she posed seductively and said “you like?” the excitement in my voice was so clear she giggled again; “hell yer” was my swift reply. Lying on top of her we laughed and began kissing again, her cold hands rubbing my back and ass as I held myself above her, kissing her neck and breasts. Teasing her nipples with my tongue and teeth, nibbling and flicking her stiff buds. Her moans again filled my senses as I sucked her soft breasts and placed kisses around her sensitive nipples. Arching her back she moaned loudly as my tongue again flicked her erect buds, making her body shiver with each touch.
Moving down her body slowly kissing her smooth flat belly I hooked my fingers around her thong and pulled it down over her shapely thighs and off her feet. Exposing her pussy again, the sight never failed to cause me to gasp the pink lips parted slightly due to her spread legs. Kissing her thighs I moved up her legs and stopped just above her shaved mound. Kissing just above her erect clit, sending small shudders up her spine as I licked her clit lightly with my tongue. She gasped as my tongue teased her again and again, the juices flowing over my sheets as she came slightly. My fully erect dick was painfully poking the mattress as I teased Kim until I couldn’t bare it no more and shifted up the bed so I was positioned between her legs. Holding my dick just in front of her lips I looked at her for the go ahead. The pleading look on her face was all I needed to ram my full 8inches into her waiting hole. Her moan turned into a scream as my shaft pushed her walls to the limit. Her nails raked across my back sending small stings of pain to up my back. The pain didn’t bother me in the slightest as I pushed my cock into her. The warm velvety feeling of her pussy enveloping my cock was the best feeling I had ever had; even after 2 fucks Kim was amazing. Ass my balls slapped against her ass I held my self in her so she could get used to my dick. Her breathing had become hard and frantic as I pulled out all the way almost, before ramming it back in, her muscles clenched around my shaft as she came again. Pulling out again I began to build a steady rhythm making her cum two more times. My rock hard shaft pumping into her she moaned and screamed. “OH JAMIE….OHH YERR! OH GOD! IM CUMMING YERRRRRR” her body arched and her pussy contracted around my shaft sending shocks up the tip. Slowing down as she came down from her orgasm I picked her up and set her in a kneeling position with her hands on the bars of my bed. Her big firm breasts hung down as she swayed slightly.
Settling in behind her I pushed my cock back into her in one swift motion making her scream again, grabbing her hips I pulling her as tight to my as possible, filling her to the max. Pulling out again I thrust back into her causing her to buck against my hip, her breasts swaying with each thrust. Quickening the pace as I sought to realize the burning in my loins. Grabbing her tits and rolling her large nipple between my thumbs and fingers caused her to gasp as her sensitive nipples sent shocks to her pussy. The slap of are bodies colliding echoed around my room, her moans barely masking the sound. Suddenly her body shook as she came again, the intense fucking I was giving Kim became too much for my as I bottomed out in her pussy one last time, and shot spurt after spurt of cum into her awaiting womb. She collapsed as I emptied myself into her, breathing hard I leaned over and kissed her neck and shoulders, we both smile as my bedroom door opened………

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