Daughter's Drop

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It was that time of the year again; his daughter Amaura was coming back home. Julius, being a simple carpenter, had saved and saved for years to allow his daughter an education, and one at the best magical academy of the city, at that! After her motherfs death, Amaura had turned quiet and studious, and Julius only thought it the best to allow her the education he nor Lauree could ever purchase.

And now she was coming back! Amaura was coming back, after spending yet more eleven months amidst strange powers and studying until the wee hours in the morning. Julius was so proud of her: Amaura was a treasure of a daughter, and she always behaved so well, so proper. She always kept her long brown hair tied in twin tresses, wore a pair of glasses that made her look even sharper than she even was, and covered her lithe body with sensible clothes.

All this was the reason why Julius had a hard time believing his eyes when his daughter, smiling and crying, ran towards him.

“Daddy!” she cried out as she jumped to hug him.

Julius’ perceptions were confused. Was this truly his daughter? This lovely creature, with large warm breasts pressed against his chest, her slender long legs dancing in the air, her puckered lips and wavy eyelashes, giving her youthful face an alluring quality he would have never associated with Amaura?

“Daddy! I’m so happy to see you again!”

Yes, turned out she was his daughter indeed.

His dick, compelled by some sorcery to rise from his forced slumber, didn’t seem particularly impressed by the fact those large creamy tits belonged to his daughter.

But they were. He could feel them pressed against his chest. It might have also been due to him wearing only his work clothes, which amounted to a leather apron and nothing much, but

No. There was something wrong here. He could never

“Daddy? Something bothering you?”

Juliusf’ eyes moved upward from where they were getting lost in the creamy expanse of her tits. Amaura’s eyes were a deep blue. A lovely shade of blue that she inherited from Lauree. And given her sudden growth spurt, it seemed she inherited some other things from her mother.

“Oh, hi plum, no I was just overjoyed.”

Amaura giggled and danced in front of him, showing off her fit legs and the curve of her cute little bum. Now that he thought about it did girls went to the academia dressed like that? With that short blue skirt, the large witch hat and the thin top covering her tits, his daughter looked more like a dancer impersonating a mage than a real student.

Julius blinked to chase away those thoughts. There seemed to be a thrum in his head, a noise he could not find the source of

“Are we going home, daddy? Together?”

“Sure, plum, just let me get your stuff.”

“No need to,” Amaura said, pointing at her large hat. “It’s all here.” She puckered her lips, leaned forward. “Wanna see?”

Julius’ mind halted for a couple moments, unsure how to interpret her words, and her movement, putting even more of that wonderful cleavage on display. Those large soft orbs they must

No. No.

Julius steeled his will and looked at his daughter’s hat. It had turned transparent, showing her stuff miniaturized inside.

“Oh. Must come in handy!”

She nodded and giggled, making her tits wobble. Damn. She really had a growth spurt of some sort during last year.

“So daddy are we going?”


Amaura walked with Julius for a couple minutes, her hands clasped behind her back, making little cute hops as she followed her father on their way home. It might have been his imagination but he thought she might in fact press her arms together to make her tits sprout up in the open but it must have been his imagination. His daughter would never do such a thing. His daughter was sure.

His daughter and her long legs and her puckered her lips and her cute ass and her large tits how would they feel under his fingers how would it feel to pull on those rosy nipples, see her face contort in shame and pleasure as she yelled daddy daddy and he would not let not let go until she came from his rough play and suck his dick until

“Daddy? You seem spacey today.”

“Oh? Uhm? Oh, sorry plum.” Julius was really having a hard time thinking, and it was not just a figure of speech. Julius Jr. was making his presence known, tenting his pants. He bit his lips and tried to hide it, luckily his daughter’s eyes were fixed upon his. He still was feeling a little bit under the weather. Maybe it was because after Laureefs death he had never been with another woman? He could, there was no shortage of cute little things hanging around his woodcutting shop asking for all sort of repairs he had even fixed the very same chair leg four times before the girl even made an advance on him.

But that was all in the past. Maybe it was the sight of his daughter, all grown-up, and all filled-out in the right places, between her chest and her cute little butt it was made for squeezing that butt he already knew she would love it when he’d tease her with his thumb, tracing circles around it before plunging in and making her squeal like the little piggie she was

“Uhhc I think I think is better is you leave your daddy here for a moment,” Julius tried to instruct his daughter, who scoffed.

“Nonsense! If you need help I can help you! I’m a big girl!”

That was true, Julius thought. Amaura pushed him against her, trying to carry him with her arms. Maybe it was magic at work, but he felt immediately better. The headache splitting his thoughts apart almost completely left him. And this way he would get a better look at those large round tits, wobbling with each step.

Amaura didn’t seem to mind his attention. In fact, she began to draw him even closer, and when Julius’s arm brushed against her plump backside, she made no show of moving him away.

A lecherous leer appeared on his lips, and didn’t leave them when Julius and Amaura arrived home.

“Ah, I feel much better now, thank you,” Julius said, brushing his hand against Amaura’s cheek again. She blushed and looked away. For some reason the demure expression made him feel even hornier.

“Y-you’re welcome, daddy.” Amaura took a lock of brown hair around her finger and began to twist it. “It’s the less I can do after everything you did for me.”

Julius nodded vigorously. It was right. He gave her so much, he could at least get some attention back.

And attention he got. As they ate, and Amaura bored him with tales of her time as a student and delighted him by showing him her boobs in clear view, he only got hornier and hornier, no longer hiding his dick. Amaura glanced at it a few times but said nothing. What was she supposed to say anyway? She was the daughter, he was the father. She had all sort of duties to fulfil

Julius licked his lips as he saw Amaura helping with dishes. She had turned out to be a fine young woman with that perky ass, peeking out of that ridiculous short skirt it was so close

Yet, there was something he was supposed to do, or not to do? There was something

“Daddy?” His daughter called to him, blue eyes sparkling. “What’s for dessert?”

That did it. The hammering in his head disappeared, and Julius was ready for a completely different kind of hammering. He smirked and got up from his chair, walking up to his daughter. He put both hands on her shoulders. Amaura tried to turn, but he kept her in place. He was used to move heavy logs, his daughter was so light and lithe, so warm and soft.

“Dessert it’s a surprise,” he growled into his ear. She shivered delightfully, her voice turning breathy as she asked:

“W-what do you mean?”

Julius’ left hand slithered down to cup one of Amaura’s tits. She yelped and maybe even tried to get away, but Julius held her firm, just as she was supposed to be. His other hand curled around her skirt. Panties and all.

He pulled.

The shreds of her blue skirt and white slutty panties filled the kitchen.

“Yaaah!” his daughter shrieked. “Daddy! What are you doing?”

“Giving you your dessert,” Julius snickered, pishing two of his fingers inside her cunt. He grunted when he found her wet, just as he expected. His dick, finally freed from its constraints, sprung forth, and he quickly impaled his juicy daughter with it.

“aaaah! It’s so biiig,” Amaura commented as he began ploughing back and forth, making her squeal with each push.

“You like it?”

“I ah ahhh ah, Daddy! Ah, Daddy, please”

“Please what?”

“Please harder, Daddy!”

Julius laughed and fucked her even quicker and stronger, pushing his dick deep down into his daughter as he mauled her massive tits. They were so soft and warm under his fingers why hand’t he done this before anyway? He couldn’t think of a reason. His daughter owed him big time for all that he gave her during those years, and she was about to begin paying him with her warm, slutty pussy.

Julius grunted as he picked up pace. His daughter’s pussy was a red-hot hole and he was falling right in. She squealed and trashed and rolled her eyes back as she was fucked.

“ah! Daddy! Daddy! More! More!”

He took her arms and began to pull her against her dick, so that it would go even deeper. She seemed to like it, as she shook, squealed and thrashed. Clear liquid spilled from her cunt down onto her legs. Her pussy clenched, and Julius was close as well.

He was close to bursting as Amaura shook and cried and begged for more and harder and deeper and please fuck me Daddy.

He obliged, went over the edge and came, bursting hot seed from his balls up through his dick and deep into Amaura’s waiting pussy.

“ahh Daddy is cumming inside me” Amaura said as she smiled, spilling tears of joy.

“Yeah. There’s more where that came from, bitch,” Julius said, satisfied, as he withdrew his still-hard dick from her pussy.


“Liked you dessert?”

“Yeah” Amaura said, panting. She wobbled on uncertain feet down to the table, drying her tears. “I have waited so long for this,” she whispered.

Julius would have wanted to ask her what she meant, but he felt an odd pounding in his head. Meh. Whatever his daughter wanted to tell him it could wait. He needed a nap. Not a long one, at any rate. He would soon be back to put Amaura in her place. This time, he would like to play with her backdoor

Amaura waited for her father to disappear upstairs before she let go of the enchanting wand. The metal stick fell onto the table. It was so tiring to use. But so worth it. Patience. She had barely started as a mage. She still had much to learn. Amaura lifted her tits. Those at least had turned out mighty fine. She could not wait for her father to sleep his last inhibitions off. She’d have him all to herself for a whole month before coming back and, of, all the things they’d enjoy together Amaura smiled. She really owed him. With a flick of her wrist, she took the wand back in her hand and waved it in front of her womb. She was not getting any risk. As for the other effects she couldn’t wait for daddy to find them out

Amaura licked her lips. Soon she’d enjoy the second part of her desserts, right against her tongue

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