Trust can be broken again

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As I entered the gym, I heard a door slam shut. I figured it was coach leaving, so I figured I was in the clear. As I reached the locker room, I grabbed the handle and open the door. I heard some voices coming from inside the locker room. I closed the door slowly and quietly. As I entered the coach’s office, I seen my keys on his desk. I picked up the keys, I seen a light on in the weight room. I went close to the door, as I peered in, I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I looked in, I seen my friend Dan, standing sideways looking at the TV screen. As I looked up at the TV, there I was standing in the exact same room completely naked. When I looked back to where Dan was standing, I noticed the coach was on his knees, giving Dan head. Dan was standing with his shorts under his balls, and the coach was working his cock like a lollipop.
As I seen this, I grabbed my phone to take a picture, when I took it my phone made a noise. Dan looked it my direction. He grabbed his shorts, and tucked in his cock, as I took off running. I ran across the gym faster than I have ever had in my entire school life. As I got to the gym doors, they came out of the locker room, calling my name. I pushed open the door, and I ran to the front of the school. As I got into my truck, and drove off. My phone started to ring, it was Dan calling me. I wasn’t going to answer, I just kept driving. I got to my house, as I entered the house I locked the door behind me. I went upstairs to my room. I laid down on my bed, I must have doze off.
Next day, I was awakened by the door bell ringing. I got up, and open my bedroom door, I heard my mother say she was coming. As I stood there listening, I heard my mother unlock the door and open it. She said, “Hello, please come in.” I figured it was a neighbor. As I heard the voice, I knew it was Dan. My parents had a stupid rule, that I couldn’t have guests in my room or the second floor of the house they didn’t care if it was guys or girls. I shut my bedroom door and locked it. I climbed back into my bed to pretend I was still sleeping. I heard my mother coming upstairs, as she reached my door, she tried the handle. She started knocking, and telling me that Dan was here to see me. I didn’t answer. I heard her go back downstairs.
I got out of bed, and I went to my dresser and I pulled out a pair of boxers, some pants and a shirt. I open my bedroom door, as I was walking in the hall way I heard some voices downstairs talking. As I entered the bathroom, I removed my shirt, as I dropped my pants. I started the shower, I took off my boxers, as I stood there with my 9-inch flaccid dick swinging. As I entered the shower, I felt the hot water hit my body, as the water ran down the front of my chest and down to the cock. I took some soap and started to clean my body. As I was washing myself, I heard the bathroom door open and close.
Dan said, “What’s up?”
I said, “What the fuck are you doing?”
He said, “We need to talk.”
I said, “Get the fuck out of here.”
He said, “No.”
I said, “Where the fuck is my mother, this is so weird.”
He said, “She was busy in the kitchen, so he came upstairs to find me.”
I said, “Talk.”
He Said, “He seen me in the coach’s office yesterday, he wanted me to keep my mouth shut and to delete the picture I took.”
I said, “I already did delete the picture”
He asked, “Can I see your dick?”
I asked, “Why?”
He said, “He wanted to know if the coach was lying about my size.”
I said, “You already watched it on the video in the gym.”
He said, “I want to see it in person.” He didn’t wait for a response, as he pulled back the shower curtain. He seen me standing there, completely wet and nude. I cock back my fist, and punched him in the face, he fell to the floor bleeding. I heard my mother yell and come running upstairs.
As she entered the bathroom, she seen Dan laying on the floor bleeding and me standing there drying myself off. I wrapped a towel around my waist. She asked, why Dan was in the bathroom and why was he bleeding. He looked up at her and said, “He was talking to me, and he slipped on the wet floor.” As I stepped out of the shower, I seen him look up my towel. She reached down to help him up. He got up, and I walked passed them.
I went to my room, and locked the door behind me. I finished drying myself. As I stood there completely naked, I heard my mom and Dan going downstairs talking. As I got dressed, I looked outside to see Dan walking from the front porch looking up at my window.
I went out to my truck, as I got into my truck. I got a call from Dan’s sister. She wanted to meet up with me. She told me to meet her behind the old supermarket. I told her I had to meet her after work. She said ok.
After work, I went to the old supermarket. I met her in the parking lot. As I got into her car, which was a Chevy Camaro that I always bugged her to let me drive. She started to drive toward the school, she was asking questions about her brother and what was his problem been with me for the last couple of days. I told her, I think he was stressed out about the baseball season and being a captain. She wanted to know why I punched him, I told her it was an accident. She stopped her car near the ball field, we got out. We started to walk out to the dugout. She kept talking about her brother, and I was really listening since I was really pissed at him at this point and time.
As we entered the dugout, she said she would make a bet with me. If I could hit a ball out of the ballfield, she would let me drive her car. I grabbed a bat and two balls, I walked out to Homeplate, I tossed the ball up and knocked it out of the park. She said I win. I hit the second park out in right field. As we finished up playing around, we were walking back to her car when she toss me the keys. We started to drive back to the supermarket, at this one red light. She reached over and unbutton my pants. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my 9-inch cock, as she leaned over she took my cock into her mouth. She was deep throating my cock, she kept bobbing up and down on my cock, until I got a feeling in my balls. I had to pull over before, she could finish. I got a feeling going up my shaft, as I felt it erupt in the back of her throat. She sat up, as she wiped the cum from her lips.

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