A Hidden Room at Motel SextyNiner

Rose arrives at Motel SextyNiner to meet up with her life long rendezvous as scheduled. She pulled her key out of her bra, inserted it slowly into the key hole licking her lips as she unlocked and turned the knob with anticipation of what was awaiting her on the other side of the door. She quietly closes the door then turns and glides across the floor letting her long wavy dark brown hair fall down below her shoulders and pulls off her shirt revealing her milky skin glowing in the light escaping into the room from between the closed blinds. Rose runs her hands down along her plump firm ass releasing a faint moan as she reaches the bed standing over her lover.

Rose kneels down to kiss her sleeping lover on the forehead and to her surprise she saw it was someone else! Oh dear … she thinks … looks around the room finds a pair of pants tossed in the chair in the corner. Her curiosity got the best of her she rummages the pockets looking for an ID. There she found only a membership card for XnXX with a name imprinted on it, Andy. Huh, she thinks, I know this place I must teach Andy a lesson for sneaking into my secret room then she returns back to the bed and kneels down.

Rose reaches under the bed pulls up the strap from her special bed and secures Andy’s wrist then she proceeds to the foot of the bed and secures Andy’s ankle. She makes her way around to the other side of the bed securing the opposite ankle and wrist with Andy now laying flat on his back. Rose strips down to her red hot lacey bra and matching panties. She reaches up above Andy’s sleeping head stretching her torso so easily as if to have done this in the past and captures the bull whip proudly displayed above the bed as decoration.

The whip suddenly cracks sending close snaps across the face so that the winds from the whip are felt without a scratch. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Andy wakes and is now startled at seeing the whip blows so close to his face he softly murmurs ‘What the fuck!’ He pulls his arms right then left then right again and again he murmurs ‘What the fuck!’ Rose sees that Andy is still in a groggy state and snaps the whip again to gain his undivided attention. Andy looks up in startled bewilderment.

“Shut up! Who are you and why are you in my room?” she demanded an answer. All he could do is stutter out his words “I’mmm uuu mmmm AAAAAAnnnnndddddiiiieeeee.” He could not answer in full out of his sleepy groggy state of mind.

“No words or I’ll have to gag you!” Rose harshly spouts out as she snaps the whip above him again over his body. Andy feels the cool breeze swish across his body and begins to quiver. “Are you going to behave?” Rose asks. Andy responds with a nod of his head as if to say yes.

No words are spoken … Rose climbs up on the bed straddles Andy’s face pushes her red lacey covered pussy against Andy’s mouth. He knows what to do he does not need to be told. He slowly opens his mouth pushing out his tongue meeting her panty lined pussy. Her wetness cannot be mistaken. The pooling of fluids gave Andy a slight taste of what was to come. She pushes her pussy forward running its length across Andy nose expecting to hear faint moans at the minimum.

Rose gets up realizing that she wanted a pop. She puts on a pair of black pleather bootie shorts grabs the ice bucket ignoring Andy as if he were not there. She glances back at the bed admiring the look of Andy in his helpless state with his semi-hard cock dancing for her. Rose opens the door leaving a crack in it and walks down the hall for ice and pop.

Andy is stunned with the door being left open. He worried that someone may see him in such a bind. He closes his eyes pretending that this is only a dream.

Upon Roses return to the room she finds two gorgeous women peeking into the room through the cracked door. The women were not of the house but tramping around looking for easy picks and their conversation appeared to be a plot of steeling Andy away from his binds for their own thrashing. Andy hears their plotting rants and curses Rose for leaving him alone in such a vulnerable position. Rose protective over her captive, she shoos the women quickly away with threats to have the usher push them away from the SextyNiner. Satisfied that the women have long gone Rose closes the door and locks it.

Now embarrassed, Andy lays on the bed shivering slightly wondering what might be happening to him next and when will he be able to break free from his restraints. Rose stands and takes in the appearance of Andy’s body. His spread arms reaching across to opposite ends at the head of the bed. His spread legs reaching to opposite ends at the foot of the bed. His soft cock lies softly at his hip and his balls pull down toward the cool sheets underneath him. Still holding the bucket of ice and soda, Rose displays a coy faint smile peaking at the corners of her lips and her pale blue eyes sparkle with excitement as she glances over at Andy.

Rose walks over to the side of the bed and places the bucket of ice and bottles of soda in Andy’s reach; however, Andy is reminded of his confinement when trying to reach for a bottle of soda. Rose takes one ice cube places it on her lips slides her hand over her chin then down her throat while she sucks the ice into her mouth. She pushes the ice in and out from between her lips watching Andy watching the ice enter and exit her mouth. Her blood begins to flow more rapidly as she sees Andy’s cock beginning to twitch. Rose pulls the dripping ice cube from her mouth holds it above Andy’s naked helpless body. Cold drops of water fall from the ice between Roses black painted finger tips down into the folds of Andy’s neck on downward towards his barely furry chest and belly. Rose follows the trail of cold wet water on Andy’s body with his fingers digging in her nails making Andy’s body tense to her touch.

The ice, now completely melted from between Roses fingers, she reaches for a new piece of ice holding it closer to Andy’s body. Over his semi-hard twitching cock, his shaven balls flinch with each drop pulling up closer and tighter to his body. Andy rolls his eyes back and allows moans to release from his throat as Rose tends to his aching body. The dark purple head of his cock grows becoming more distinct. Rose licks her lips hungrily. Her fingers trace each groove of Andy’s throbbing cock sliding her fingers along the length, along the melted cold ice. She places the ice directly on Andy’s balls making them shrivel and tighten even more. Rose loves the squeezing tightness under her hands.

Suddenly Rose stops, she backs away from the bed. She reaches and opens a Coke, twisting the lid. The pop crackles as the air enters the bottle tickling Andy’s ear grabbing his attention. Rose slides the pops bottle neck into her mouth pulling slowing out past her cherry red painted lips before sipping on the Coke. Rose pauses for a second with the bottle resting on her lips; she looks at Andy lying below her on the bed. Her eyes sparkle catching Andy looking at her with a deep desperate desire. She pushes the bottle up takes a sip of Coke, the bubbles tickle her throat and she releases a soft firm aaaahhhh with a deep penetrated breath giving Andy a glimpse of what to soon expect. Andy can no longer take it, his thirst becoming overwhelming and in his helpless state he is enticed to beg of Rose to give him a drink. Rose compelled by Andy’s soft words agrees to allow him to have a sip. She takes another swig with Andy watching and licking his lips. Rose fills her mouth with Coke for Andy then she bends over the bed leaning towards Andy’s parted lips. She slowly lets the warm Coke spill past her lips dribbling on Andy’s hard lips allowing the sticky liquid to flow past his lips into Andy’s mouth and down his neck.

Andy feels the sticky bubbly Coke running into his mouth, down his skin, and over his five o’clock shadow dripping onto the sheets from his neck. The tickling sensations sends chills through his body making his balls cringe between his legs. He swallows what is in his mouth. Rose again examines Andy’s body with her soft bluish-grey almond shaped eyes as they sparkle with lust. A coy small slight grin covers her mouth and her glances returns to Andy’s begging young face glaring into his small beady hazel eyes. She leans in as if to kiss him but instead misses his puckered slightly parted lips landing on his sticky neck. She slides her watering tongue along the trail of drying Coke. She feels Andy’s quiet moans on her tongue and against her cheek.

Exploring further she stands bent at her waist leaning over the bed above Andy sucking hard on his neck running her fingers along the fur of his chest. Rose’s lips brush over Andy’s shoulders her hair falls over her shoulder and into Andy’s face. Her hair tickles his nose and lips. He tries to pull his hands up to brush her hair aside and again is reminded of his bindings. He grunts and she feels the evil pleasures building deeper inside her. She continues to explore his body her bare breasts brush against his hairy armpits she grins as his soft fur tickles her sensitive nipples. Rose pushes her hands downward towards Andy’s belly, she sucks on his nipples one at a time making them become hard in her mouth, and pulls her other hand down along the length of his tied arm. Again he pulls at his aching arms to push his big manly fingers through her long curly brown hair. Her firm breasts press firmly into his side and she moans beneath her breath. Her mouth continues exploring sliding down Andy’s body. Rose’s tongue glides across Andy’s smooth tanned body. Her tongue glides along finding Andy’s hips. Rose follows the trace of the side of his ass from the bed up over around to the top where he is now pushing his hips rhythmically responding to Rose’s wet firm tongue pushing into his normally untouched skin. His cock dances beside her face as his muscles contract inside his groin begging for attention. Rose grins sheepishly as Andy moans in pleasure.

Rose stands, towering over the side of the bed next to Andy. She reaches into the drawer of the night stand just beyond Andy’s reach. He wants to so badly see what Rose is grabbing but between the glowing darkness of the room and his restraints he can hardly stand the thoughts of the mysteries in store for him. Rose grabs a soft furry red blind fold knowing that Andy could not remove it once in place. He has no idea what she has in her hands except that its touch to the underside of his arm is soft and sensual. She leans over him, bends over, he looks towards her wondering what is in store for him as the corners of his mouth perk up and he sees that her legs are slightly parted. His cock jumps with excitement and is disappointed that he cannot reach between her legs for her bare glistening pussy lips. She reaches for his hair runs her fingers through the thick smooth darkness. As she reaches up with both hands she raises one leg onto the bed beside Andy’s body close enough for him to feel the heat of her passion escaping from her pours. Her bare breasts brush against his lips. He managed to steal a nipple into his watering mouth as she slides the blind fold over his eyes. She slightly moans at the roughness of his beard then leans into his ear whispering to him that he needs to be a good little boy or she will pull out the whips sparing no pain. Rose feels Andy’s hips rock at her words trying to get at her.

Without a word Rose gets up, Andy hears shuffling beside him in the drawer and begins to sweat with the fear of excitement and terror of the unknown. Andy takes a deep breath smelling the musky sex aroma filling the air around him. He deeply enjoys the new unusual sensations that are taking over his body. He hears Rose’s steps around the bed. He feels items bounce between his parted legs as she tosses various bottles of lotions and oils just below his balls. She then picks up a bottle of Coke, twists it open allowing the sizzling bubbles to fill the air. Andy’s mouth waters more at the familiar but unidentifiable sounds crackling around him. Rose slowly pours the whole can of Coke over Andy nakedness starting over his balls. The bottle is close to his skin, he feels the coolness. Rose raises the can higher above his manhood allowing the Coke to flow more freely. Andy’s body quivers from the bubbling sensations covering his cock and balls. He lets out moans begging for more. Rose crawls onto the bed between Andy barely hairy legs inching up slowly until she is at his knees. She sits on her feet running her hands along the length of the inside of his legs. Her hands push along the inside of his thighs, she leans in to his aching crotch and runs her tongue along his tight balls and half hard cock seductively licking off all the coke until there is not a drop left.

Still leaning in Rose reaches under her belly pulling out the banana flavored warming oil and generously drizzles over Andy’s balls. He feels to coolness of the wetness slithering over his balls. Rose gently slides her fingers around his balls smearing the oil all around reaching into the folds between his balls and legs, down the path to his ass, and along the length where his cock meets his balls. Rose blows her warm breath gently over Andy’s balls in a slow steadied measured pace until Andy begins to grind his hips and moans in pleasure. Rose stops blowing her breath onto Andy’s balls allowing the cold air to consume his clenched sack absorbing in the new tingling sensations and she sits watching his body now quivering with chills. Satisfied with his response she licks off the drying warming oils.

Again Andy feels Rose reach under her belly between her legs. He hears the snap of the lid, smells of coconut fills the air and he hears Roses moans of approval with a deep breath. She generously drizzles the slick oil over his attentive twitching cock. The coolness makes his muscles clench and his dick dance for her. She leans back in takes a deep breath; he hears her inhale and sigh with moans of approval. Her tongue slips past her lips slides along the length of Andy’s pole and quickly replaces with her hand wrapping around the width of his cock. She slides her hand easily up and down spreading the aromas of the coconut in the air. Andy’s cock grows even harder at the slipper slickness sliding between the bulging skin of his cock and the soft gentleness of her hand stroking firmly. She releases her grip letting his cock bounce on his belly. Her fingers stroll along the length of his cock over his smooth slippery wet head. Her mouth abruptly devours his cock consuming his head as her hand slides in the slick oils down his cock over and under his balls reaching his ass. She slips her fingers into his aching ass as her mouth slides further down his shaft moaning, swallowing, and massaging his cock with her tongue.

Unable to control his imprisoned fiery urge to release Andy begins pulsing his hips with stronger more direct pushes into Roses mouth. Deeper into her throat making Rose gag with each clear hard thrust. Her gagging is deep and rough; she can not control her clenching teeth bearing down around Andy’s swollen hard throbbing cock buried deep in her mouth. He pushes faster and harder as he gets closer to erupting under her spell. His cock swells thicker in her mouth and he pumps harder as she continues milking his cock. The cum slowly pushes its way through the length of his shaft searching for Roses tongue. Pre-cum still seeping out into her throat until finally he pushes hard, deep, and a jet stream of cum squirts out of his cock sliding down her throat with ease. He moans. His cock throbs even harder. Another pulse pushing back deeper with more force throbbing more aggressively in her mouth and another squirt of his slimy milky white cum slides out past his cock head into her warm soft watering mouth. He moans even louder and she expels moans of her own approval onto his throbbing dick. His body arches pushing his cock even deeper into her mouth as he is still bound by his restraints and unable to move about. She pulls up releasing his cock to let it bounce on his belly dancing for her in mid air once again. She roughly grabs hold and strokes forcefully, forcing the last bit of cum to spew out over her fingers and onto his belly. Andy releases the most heartfelt ear piercing moan of ecstasy to Roses approval. She grins, her evil grin of seduction unknown to Andy as he still cannot see her acceptance. Finally Andy left in a speechless wonder his body collapses in total exhaustion.

Surprisingly Andy’s enthusiasm drained Roses mind and she collapses between Andy legs her head dropping next to his now shriveling semi-hard cock still dancing about. She brings her hand up cupping his softness and quietly whispers as she catches her breath “what a treat you have been”.

Rose regains her composure, quietly gets up as Andy is still asleep snoring in a totally relaxed state. She unties his ankles one at a time softly rubbing them and kissing the red marks that the ties left around each ankle. Then she unties each wrist repeating the same motions, softly rubbing his overworked skin then softly running her damp lips over the redness left behind from the ties. Andy still half asleep and to exhausted to move, he lies still on the bed. Rose quietly seeks the soft blanket laid out on the chair from across the room and covers Andy’s slick oiled nakedness. As soon as she knew Andy was totally out, Rose pulls out one of her calling cards lays it on the pillow next to Andy, gently brushes her lips across his forehead then slips out the door quietly not to be heard from again.

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