Family Reunion_(2)

Angel had always been excited about going to family reunions. They gave him the chance to see his whole family, even the ones he barely knew. The reunion was being held at one of his distant cousins house. The only thing that Angel knew about this cousin was that his name was Jason.

Angel, his mother Sheryl, aunt Lucy, and cousins John and Oliver. woke up early so that they could get to the reunion on time. Their cousin Jason lived too far to drive so they took the train and caught a cab after. They arrived to their cousins house pretty fast and saw a few people standing outside. One of the men started walking over when he saw them getting out of the cab. Angels mother and aunt were the only ones who knew who anyone was so he let them do the talking.

"Hey, Jason its so good to see you", said my mother.

"Really, how long has it been, about 8 years?" replied Jason.

"Yeah, way to long" said Aunt Lucy "where's everyone else at?"

"Well, you're actually the first few people to get here, but you guys could enjoy yourselves in the pool until everyone else gets here if you want"

"Yeah, that would be awesome!" Angel said.

"Okay lets go" replied Jason

Jason then led the group through the garage and out the back door to the pool area. Angel and his two cousins immediately changed into their bathing suits and jumped into the pool. Since no one else was in the pool Angel was the oldest at 21 years old, while both of his cousins were 15 since they were twins.

After being in the pool for about 20 minutes Angel saw that more people were starting to come through the back door. His cousin Jason came through with 5 girls that looked to be around the same age as Angel. He guessed that they were all related to him, but still couldn't help checking them out as they all stripped into their bikinis and jumped into the pool.

Jason started to walk over to tell us who all the girls were. "Those 2 over there are my daughters, and the other 3 are Margaret's" Jason said, pointing at the 3 girls with blonde hair.

Over the next 30 minutes Angel couldn't help staring at the girls as they were all beautiful. He noticed that he was starting to get hard and hoped no one else saw. After distracting himself angel looked back at the girls and saw that one was missing. wondering where she was he looked again and saw that she was under the water swimming right next to him. She then popped up and looked right at him, laughed and swam away.

She had to see my hard on, what else could she have been laughing at angel thought to himself. Feeling embarrassed, he stopped looking at the girls in hopes that his dick would go down. When it finally did Angel went back into the house and went straight to the bathroom.

When he came out he two of Jason's daughters standing there waiting for him.

"What's your name?" the slightly taller one said.

"W-what"? replied Angel as he was caught off guard"

"Whats your name?" She repeated"

"A-Angel, it's Angel"

"Well I'm Emily and that's Susie"

"Did you have a hard on for us" asked the other girl, Susie.

"W-what, NO!" Said Angel, trying to hide his embarrassment.

"It's okay, we don't mind" Said Emily

Susie then grabbed Angels hand and said "come with us"

They led Angel up another flight of stairs, into the attic.

"This is my room, do you like it?" Susie said

"Yes its a nice room, but why did you bring me up here"

"You'll see" Replied Susie, as Emily then started grabbing at his waistband. Angel was confused at what was happening at first, but then Susie started to grab his waistband as well. The two girls then pulled his shorts down.

"Wow, its big" Emily said, before grabbing it. Susie then got up and started to grab Angel's face. Understand that she was about to kiss him, Angel kissed back. Completely understanding what was now happening, Angel began to take Susie's bikini top off. Emily now had her mouth on Angel's dick. Angel bent down and started sucking on one of Susie's breast while sticking his hand in her bikini bottom. He stuck one hand in her clit, which made her start moaning. Emily was doing a real good job on his dick that angel had to stop what he was doing, because he was about to come.

"Oh god, I'm almost there" Angel said, but Emily didn't care and swallowed his whole load. The two girls then grabbed Angel and threw him onto the bed. Laying on his back, Susie began to climb on angel and lowered herself onto his dick.

"Holy shit, that feels good" Susie said. While she continued to ride him, Emily came over and sat on Angel's face. Angel grabbed her hips while she began to ride his face. Angel stuck his tongue in her clit and began to eat her out.

"Oh my god, i'm about to cum" Said Emily as she continued to ride his face.

"Me too, uhhh" moaned Susie. Angel started to moan as he felt himself ready to cum too. Emily then collapsed onto Angel as she squirted her orgasm all over his face. Angel and Susie both moaned as they came at the same time and emily collapsed on her sister.

"Oh my god that was amazing" Susie said as she started to again kiss Angel. He then stopped kissing Susie, got up, and grabbed Emily.

"You're able to go again? But you just came twice!" Said a surprised Emily

"Oh yeah, I'm good to go" Replied Angel. He then got behind Emily and slowly stuck his dick into her wet pussy.

"Uhhhhh" Emily moaned. "You're right, that does feel great sis." Susie then put her legs over Emily and stuck her ass in the air facing Angel. While fucking Emily doggy style, Angel stuck two fingers in Susie's pussy and began to finger her.

"Faster!" Said Susie, so angel stuck a third finger in her pussy and began to speed up. "OH MY GOD" Susie screamed. Noticing that she was about to cum Angel took his fingers out. "Why did you stop" a surprised Susie asked. Angel then began to rub her asshole and stuck a finger in. "Ohhh I see, that feels great. uhhh" susie moaned.

Not forgetting about Emily Angel began to speed up and fuck her faster. "oh my god. I'm cumming" Emily said,as her pussy tightened around Angel's dick, which made him cum as well. She then collapsed onto the bed, leaving Angel's dick behind. Still finger fucking Susie's asshole, Angel took his fingers out and pushed her flat on her stomach onto the bed. He then spread her cheeks and began to lick all over her asshole. Emily then got under Angel and began to suck his dick, again.

"Holllly shit, don't stop" Susie said, moaning. Angel started to finger her pussy while still eating her ass. He then sped up his fingers as Susie's legs began to shake in orgasm. Angel then took his fingers out of her pussy and started to lick them clean. A excited Susie turned around and started to kiss him, and suck the rest of her juices off of his fingers. Angel, who was still being sucked off by Emily, felt himself about to cum and pulled himself away from Susie. He moaned as he came and Emily once again swallowed it all.

"That was the best sex I've ever had" Angel said, kissing Susie one last time.

"I can't believe how amazing that was" Replied Emily

"Yeah that was great" Said Susie. "We should get cleaned up and go back downstairs before anyone notices we're still missing,"

The three then cleaned up, got dressed, and headed back downstairs

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