A guy and his...? 56 Final Safety

Jake Freemon - Main character Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters
Gen - Jakes first JinnTina - Rita's daughter
Jinn - What the genies are called Trully - second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister
Tommy Sinclair - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn
Mary - Boss's daughterNuha - Leader of Deadly Trio
Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio
Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio
Yasmen - Gen's mother Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents
Doctor - the Jinn doctor Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes
Rasmir - Gen's father Aalee - other twin Jinn prince
Rosalinda - Jake's second Jinn – Once called Dreama Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins
Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns
Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader
Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn Marie - Juno's ex - wife
Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister Kasha - Marie's powerful Jinn
Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie

Jake could hear voices trying to break through the damnable darkness. Moving his hand near his head it was against something so soft! Now this was the type of pillow that he loved! A sudden giggling sigh filled his mind.

<"Oh Master!"> Jake heard Gen's thoughts. <"Oh Master please don't stop it feels so good!">

Shocked a moment Jake thought <"Gen"?>

<"Yes Master Jake. You saved everyone including the boy. Master you have to stop pushing so much. It is far more enjoyable when you are awake!"> Gen said with a sigh.

Struggling as hard as he could Jake finally got his eyes open. His head on Gen's lap he slowly looked around startled to see hundreds of people looking at him. Then suddenly a huge cheer went up as many realized that not only was Jake alive, he was now conscious.

"It's about time you recovered Master Jake!" The Doctor told him. "I was afraid that I would have to start sending energy into you."

"Yeah I know doc, I think I am so weak because I am apart from the rest of my Jinns." Looking back at Gen Jake asked. "Can you hear them? Talk to them? If we aren't reunited soon I am afraid we will all pass."

Gen's green eyes got large as she was shaking her head vigorously. Looking ahead a moment her eyes went large again, then she closed her eyes to concentrate harder.

"Master! I hear them! They are worried about us." Gen told Jake.

Jake nodded a moment as he was thinking, how had he gotten them all out last time? If getting his Jinns out
weakened the barrier that much coming back would probably destroy it. At least he hoped that was what he needed to do. Turning toward Gen Jake told her.

"I'm going to try and get them all back here. I feel that coming back again is what we need to finally destroy that barrier. I just hope that there is enough power in the wish." Jake said.

"I will do all that I can Master Jake." Gen told him her face as serious as Jake had seen it.

Taking a deep breath Jake said, "I am tired of being without my Jinns. I wish that all of them were here with me!"

Suddenly the ground began to shake as several of the outcast Jinns started to yell. The sky grew darker as a nasty storm started to form. Lighting started to streak towards the ground growing closer and closer to Jake and Gen. Come on Jake thought this has to be the answer!

For almost twenty minutes this continued 'til the lightning was almost on top of the both of them. Suddenly everything grew quiet Jake started to look around this had to be a good sign he thought. A good sign 'til the ground started to shake again. Then with a crack the ground opened on either side of Jake and Gen. Several flashes of light struck the ground in front of Jake and Gen.

A deep voice echoed from the sky, "Jake Freemon, it was indeed a wondrous day when you discovered her lamp."

There were more than a few gasps as most of those there bowed whispering the Great Jinn! Jake's eyes were wide with astonishment, THE GREAT JINN?

"Yes, it is I. Not only have you completely freed the Jinn dimension you have released me also. Know that you will be well cared for no matter where you are." The voice told Jake.

Jake was feeling foolish with his mouth hanging open, plus out of the thousands there he was the only one NOT bowing! "I thank you great Jinn sir, I only am doing what feels right."

"Yes I know, be well Jake Freemon." Then with that the voice was gone as were the dark clouds.

Jake walked to where he and Gen could cross. Standing in front of the council Jake was surprised when he was grabbed from behind by his other three Jinns! Holding all of them along with Akeesha and Amira, Jake finally felt that things were going to be alright.

Rasmir arose but wouldn't look at Jake. "Master Jake, I can't---"

"You can look at me Rasmir I am the same man as before." Jake told the slightly shaking male.

"I cannot Master Jake. The Great Jinn spoke directly to you! He rarely speaks to the council. It is unheard of him talking to a human! Please Master Jake what do you want of us?" Rasmir said a quiver to his voice.

Jake shook his head grasping Rasmir's chin Jake lifted it to stare into the males eyes. "I am the same man Rasmir look at me! See? You didn't cease to exist! I didn't fade. This is just silly all of you! Look at me!" Jake demanded.

Slowly but surely they all started to look at Jake, then the smiles started. "We are lucky to have you as a friend of the Jinn kind!"

Jake could only stare at him then whispered into the man's ear. A sly smile crossed the male's face as he nodded. Bidding all farewell Jake promised that he'd restore the outcasts when he felt they were ready and not before. Looking at Gen and the others Jake nodded then they vanished. Rasmir walked to the rest of the council then he told them what Jake had whispered in his ear. All of them were wide eyed but smiled as they also informed the king and the princess.

Appearing back in his house Jake knew that there was still a little to do before they were safe. Nodding to all of his Jinns Jake felt the enormous shield go around his home. There he thought that ought to give us a little time. A moment later Mary appeared a shocked look on her face.

"Not to sound ungrateful, but a little warning next time? What if I were naked?" Mary said with seeming seriousness.

Jake could only roll his eyes, "As if that ever mattered? I have seen you a lot more than naked!"

"Yeah so you have!" Mary said as she grasp Jake's hard on while she licked her lips. "I am pregnant, therefore I am three times as horny!" With that she almost ripped Jake's pants off then swallowed Jake's cock to his scrotum.

Jake could only watch in amazement as she took all of him groaning as it slid down her throat. "Damn Mary!" He barely got out.

Stopping a moment eliciting a groan from Jake Mary said, "What? You expected me to be this good little girl? Especially now? No I think that this big boy is about to get a serious work out. That is after I drain the first bit. Mommas hungry! Feed her, daddy!" Then Mary licked her lips again taking all of Jake down her throat once again!

With another groan Jake couldn't move as Mary's mouth felt so good! That's when he heard giggling behind him. "She isn't the only hungry mother!" Gen said with a sly smile when Jake looked back. "There are three other's that also are going to need your attention!"

Issuing another groan Jake nodded affirmative as he watched all his Jinns disrobe. Finally able to speak Jake told them, "I have a feeling that all of you are going to need extra attention. God I have missed all of you!"

"As we have you Master Jake, we never wish to be apart from you again!" Rosalinda said as she started panting.

OH my god! Jake thought we have so much to do, yet it's almost impossible to resist any of them!

A panting Amira walked up to Jake, "I am sure that you would never want to resist us Master Jake! Just as I think that all of us are glad that we can't resist you!" Waving her hand Amira smiled, "There I think that we have plenty of time. You might even manage to get Rosalinda with child!"

Rosalinda arose walking to Jake a strange look on her face, "I also hope that you haven't forgotten me!" Came
the voice of Dreama. "As I said before I hate the fact that I cannot bear your child though," here Dreama paused.

"Though what?" Rosalinda's voice now came from her lips.

"Though I can help you get over the fear you have. I know that very deep down you desire his child more than I do. THAT startles me more than anything." Dreama told Rosalinda.

"A child? Me? I have no desire.." Rosalinda started.

"Please you forget who you are talking to! I know everything and this," A wide smile crossed Rosalinda's face. "Is something that we both actually agree upon!"

Jake could only stare at Rosalinda then roared out as he was blasting down Mary's throat. Smacking her lips when he'd finished she withdrew. "Um now that is the best treat of all!"

Dreama laid both her hands on Jake and almost drug him to the bed. "Since I am more in control, I think it's about time that Rosalinda finally got her deepest desire, your child!"

"No wait I never said.." Rosalinda started.

"Be quiet and just enjoy it!" Dreama said as she felt Jake's hard member. "Master Jake and I have a child to make!" With that she climbed up and impaled herself all the way down Jake's cock in one thrust. With a huge gasp she started to thrust as hard and fast as she could. She could feel Rosalinda fighting to regain control. Not this time! She was going to see this to the end!

Jake couldn't believe that Dreama had taken control trying to get her and Rosalinda with child! Especially as hard and fast as Dreama was going almost as if she was desperate to finish. Finally almost fifteen minutes later Jake roared as he felt his seed erupt filling Dreama or Rosalinda.

Dreama's eyes went wide when she felt Jake's seed pouring out of him into them. By the great Jinn! It was hotter and better than she had thought it would be! Why in the hell was her other self so afraid? It was a glorious feeling!

Suddenly screaming out Dreama was in heaven! It was far better than she remembered it being especially with Master Jake! A resurgence of Rosalinda had Dreama withdrawing with a smile. Already she could feel his seed racing to make a baby.

"You had no right!" Dreama heard Rosalinda say.

"I had all the right! It was my body long before it was yours! This baby will be ours for the both of us to love! I am not about to let you stop his seed. Already it is where I wish it to be, in only a moment we will be with his child. You cannot, nor should you try to stop it. Ah! It is done! Now I can rest again. Watch our child well Rosalinda as I will be watching you!" Rosalinda said as she felt herself recede further.

Rosalinda felt inside then her mouth dropped open as yes she could feel the tiny beginning of a child within her. Whispering she said, "I will watch her well Dreama, for both of us."

Jake was in shock this made twelve babies! Four were Juno's nieces, well five if you counted Mary. All four of his Jinns well five if you counted Amira. Then there was Akeesha, Sheeka's sister, last there was Nyrae Juno's Jinn. Shaking his head Jake began to think that he was a baby producing factory! God just how many was he going to father?

A soft giggling behind him drew his attention to Gen. "Well master I don't know about Rosalinda but I know four of us will want another child after this one." Turning to the others Gen asked, "Am I right?"

Sheeka, Rashala and Amira all blushed nodding yes vigorously. "Yes master, we all wish at least another child with you." Sheeka stated.

"I find you to be far more than satisfying Master Jake," Rashala said. "You are the first I have ever felt these feelings for. I am not about to give them up easily, nor you. I will fight every day of my life to stay with you!"

Amira had walked closer to Jake then she bowed. "It had always been my destiny to be with and love you Master Jake. I consider myself to be yours forever, nothing I can do for you is too large." Smiling a sly smile she continued, "I love you Master Jake as we all do."

Nyrae stepped forward then also bowed to Jake, "I cannot confess that I love only you. I do have feelings though I have them for another also. Please forgive me Master Jake."

Jake nodded to her as he said, "There is nothing to forgive Nyrae. It is understandable, as I have found at times we can't always control who we love." Looking at all of them Jake stated, "Though I have tried to recognize when I am in love. Also like most guys I also have a hard time, not always seeing it."

Akeesha was talking to Inger and Mary both of their eyes large at whatever was being discussed. Then she arose and came to Jake. "I am not sure if I want another child master Jake. I love the feeling of this life growing in me, another time though I will have to think about."

Jake nodded when she finished, "it is good Akeesha I will never force any of you. I am glad that I could help you and Inger." Leaning close he whispered, "I am sorry that the act hurt as bad as it did."

Akeesha smiled as Inger walked up and held her hand. "It only did at first Master Jake. After that it was pleasurable, I am grateful that you took your time, not rushing to finish."

Inger surprised the both of them reaching over and hugging Jake. Whispering in his ear she said, "I also want to thank you Master Jake. Though I don't think I could ever stand to have that thing in me. I thank you for the gift of the child and for not hurting her."

Jake nodded then gathered all of them around him. "We are almost safe now. There are only a few things that we need to do to ensure that we are safe from now on." Jake then launched into the plan he had to finish this up.

In a city thousands of miles away Maria was pacing. How had all of this have gone so badly so quickly? She had that asshole right there in front of her! She had him dead to rights he was hers, how had he gotten away?

"Zahra!" She yelled making her evil Jinn appear. "There has to be a way that we can gain control of this situation!"

"As I told you mistress he has too much magic around him. When we had him alone was about the only time he was vulnerable. I'm not all that sure if he will be again. It took a hell of a lot of dark magic to achieve this last time. More than I posses, though if we can locate the trio and Tankena we just might." A now very frustrated Zahra told her.

A wicked smile crossed Maria's face as a plan started to take shape. "Alright call them make sure we have control. You will use all your power to protect me or I wish that you suffer ten times as bad as me!"

Zahra cursed inside she had to admit her mistress was as evil as they came. Plus she was far smarter than she let on. Sighing Zahra knew she had to watch herself that last wish could end her if she wasn't careful.

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