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This happened a few years ago and l will never forget it, because it happened on more than one occasion. I had been out for a Friday night drink with mates and bumped into my elder sister Tina with her friends when the evening came to an end, l jumped in a cab with Tina to share the fare, she had moved back home after splitting with her husband. All the lights were out when we got home so crept inside, when l went to bed l passed Tina’s room and heard a thud then ‘oh shit’ without thinking l walked straight into her room and due to her only having on a short nightie l got a great view of her bare bum and sandwiched between her inner thighs her squashed pussy lips, Tina was trying to pick up a bottle she had knocked off her dresser, l remarked how it was a lovely view, but a shame it was my sister exposing herself, she stood up telling me not to be cheeky then asked what was wrong with her figure, l joked that apart from her bum being a bit big and her thighs a bit chunky, l teased. Tina was slightly plump which was ok in my books as l liked a girl to have some meat on their bones, she glanced at herself in the mirror then told me to ‘piss off’, l said l was joking and went to my room. Laying in bed listening to the radio l notice my door open and Tina came in, l pretended to be asleep as it was late and l really was tired she sat on the edge of my bed and began poking me asking if l was awake, opening my eyes, l replied ‘l was’, Tina began asking if l really thought she had a big bum, l couldn’t believe she woke me to ask about her arse, so told her she had a lovely figure with a cute bum and any guy would love to have sex with her then l got the reason why she was asking about her bun, it seemed a guy had commented on her bum as she walked passed him. Tina leant over to kiss me for saying she had a cute bum, put one hand beside my head and her other hand right on my cock, she realised where her hand was and froze, it became one of those moments when your eye to eye it wasn’t my sister looking down at me it was a half-naked girl, l can’t remember if she kissed me or l kissed her, l through back my quilt and pulled her on top of me our lips still locked together.

I began lifting her nightie trying to get it over her head we broke from our kiss she slipped the flimsy gown over her head, l rolled Tina onto her back and kissed my way down to her tits, she had marvellous nipples, while sucking one nipple l squeezed and moulded her other tit, she pulled my head against her and gasped, my fingers were between her pussy lips gently massaging her clitoris, Tina started to sigh and forced herself onto my fingers. She had a firm grip of my now erect cock and started rolling her finger around and around the head of my cock which sent a mind-blowing tingling sensation down my shaft, ‘oh, that’s good’ l whispered, she told me to ‘shut up’ then kissed me. My Sister’s pussy was getting very wet and my pre-cum was dribbling onto her fingers as she wanked me, l didn’t ask but just turned Tina onto her belly gripped her hips to lift her so she was on all fours, moved right in behind her and slowly slid my cock into my sister’s pussy. I didn’t want to rush getting my cock inside her, l wanted to savour the sensation her warm silky pussy was giving me and feel her inner pussy muscles gripping my shaft as l slid deeper into her wet hole so we were joined as one before l began fucking my sister.

My cock was buried all the way inside her, l had a firm grip on her hips and eased my shaft a little way out of her moist hole then slid back inside her, she impaled herself onto my cock to meet my slow inwards thrust. Gradually my thrusts became faster and harder her whimpers became louder, she rammed her face into the pillow to muffle her cries my breathing got deeper, she reached between her legs and worked a finger on my scrotum to increase the sensation l was already getting from having my cock wedged deep inside my sister Tina. Then l went for it and fucked her like there was no tomorrow the bed creaked the headboard smashed against the wall, l had to stop fucking my sister Tina to lodge a pillow between the wall and headboard, we did it without me having to take my cock from her silky shaven pussy. We soon got back into a fast rhythm, l don’t know why l was getting so excited from this fuck, maybe it was because l was fucking my sister’s pussy, l didn’t stop to ponder the thought but just kept fucking sis getting as much cock inside her. I could feel a tingling starting to stir in my balls which began to build, l was about to flood my sister’s inside with spunk, my head was full of questions, should l keep my cock deep in her pussy, was she on the pill, then ‘oh fuck’, a gush of my spunk shot into her pussy but l managed to pull my cock out and shoot the rest of my spunk over her lower back and bum cheeks, Tina belly flopped forward panting and in an almost whisper asked why l pulled out of her declaring as it wouldn’t have mattered because she was on the pill. I lowered myself sandwiching my cock between us, kissed her neck and shoulders, slid a hand under her to gently squeeze her tit, l let out a low moan, Tina asked if l thought she had a big bum, l answered that from the position we were just in she had a fucking lovely arse. She turned onto her side and we kissed, next Tina sat up said she had better go back to her own bed, picked up her nightie, neither one wanted to question what just happened but l knew we would have to at some time.

By the time l got up my sister Tina had left for work, l didn’t feel embarrassed at what happened the night before, half of me knew it was unlikely to happen again although the other half was praying for a repeat the next night.

Saturday was just like any other then Tina came home and we thought a quiet drink to discuss what happened would be a good idea, so nipped to our local for a chat, l was expecting to hear, well it was fun but its best we forget the fuck we had, so before l heard how what we did was wrong, l confessed the sex was great and would love to do it again and to my surprise my sister Tina agreed saying how she enjoyed it to, but we must have rules, if she or l meet someone then we had to finish and most important was we have to be careful if any of the family got suspicious then we stop. We both decided that going into each other’s bedrooms did increase the risk of being found out so Tina suggested that we could spend the odd night or weekend in a hotel, we finished our drinks and went home.

I was in torture with my sister no more than 6ft away from me as we sat in the lounge watching telly with the rest of the family, l could see right up her skirt and she knew l was looking because she would give me a grin and re-cross her legs to show me a little more of her stocking tops my mother remarked had she ants in her knickers, l couldn’t help think how l wished it was my hand and in the end l couldn’t take no more and went for a bath to give myself stress relief. Laying in the bath l closed my eyes and could see my sister’s shaven pussy as l wanked my cock the sounds of her moans and sighs echoed in my head from our fucked, a knock on the bathroom door ruined my recollections of the previous night’s fuck then l heard Tina whispering through the door ‘l’m really wet’, l wanked my cock faster Tina began teasing by pleading to join me in the bath as she has always wanted to be fucked in the bath, then my sis demanded never pull out of her again and that was it my spunk shot from my urethral over my hand and into the bathwater, Tina guessed what had just happened by the muffled ‘ahh’ l let out, before it went quiet she seductively asked if l had saved her any. I closed my eyes to picture us on the bed in different positions or her eagerly sucking my cock and the noise she would be making till l shot my load straight down her throat the more l pictured us together my cock began to react but this time l wasn’t going to waste my load wanking it was for my sister Tina later.

When l got out the bathroom l got a wink from Tina and told not to go into her room as she had a surprise for me then she went off to her room, it was horrible waiting for the rest of our family to turn in. It felt like the clock had stopped or was going slow then of all nights my parents were going to stay up to watch a late-night film, but then luckily it was one they had already seen and after complaining about all that was on telly were repeats, they went to bed. I left it about 45 minutes before going to my room, stripped turned off the light climbed into bed to eagerly anticipate the arrival of my sister Tina the bedroom door slowly opened and she sneaked in, l could see she was wearing black stockings with an uplifting bra that made her tits look twice there size and created a mouth-watering cleavage, l through back my quilt to show her my surprise for her, a very hard stiff cock, she climbed into bed and before we kissed my sister said she had seen me looking up her skirt and it really got her wet. Her lips pressed against mine, she reached down took hold of my cock letting out ‘mmmm’ and Tina began kissing my chin then my neck, moving lower to my chest bit my nipples hard causing me to take a deep breath, she ran her tongue over my right nipple then my left and carried on her journey down to my cock. I don’t know what she did but l could feel her hot breath on the head of my cock and lifted my hips for her to take me into her mouth but she tutted and told me ‘oh no not yet’, her warm mouth sucked upon my balls while sliding my foreskin down my shaft, Tina’s tongue flicked over the head of my cock l couldn’t help it but raised my hips once more she forced the tip of her tongue into my urethral, l told her not to stop and she didn’t, my sister Tina was a fucking expert with her mouth. Licking her way up to my mouth our lips locked and we sucked each other’s tongues then sis positioned herself over my cock and lowered herself so the tip of my cock parted her pussy lips, she gasped then impaled herself her pussy swallowed my cock. First, she started sliding herself back and forth, her inner pussy muscles clenched my cock then released its hold, next Tina raised herself so my cock was on the brink of slipping from her hole and held that position to then thrust herself downwards and let out a little shriek before repeating the move all over again. I kept telling her l can’t hold on much longer she was going to get my full load which only made her ride my cock hard and fast, taking hold of her hips l rammed her down on my cock and began flooding her womb with each gush l shot inside her l gave a forceful thrust upward, my sister Tina flung her head back and gulped in air letting out short cries of ‘ah yeah, ah yeah’, she stay impaled on my cock long after l had emptied all the spunk in my balls up inside her.

Tina lay in my arms kissing each other, my cock still wedged inside her spunk filled pussy, my cock slipped from her hole followed by a dribble of my spunk which dripped onto my balls then trickle between my legs.

Lying in bed kissing and playing with each other got me horny but was in need of my sister’s hand and mouth so asked if she could show me again just how she uses her magic mouth on my cock. Tina kissed me on the lips before sliding herself down to lay between my legs and covered my cock with her warm moist mouth, her lips tightened around my shaft, l watched my cock disappear and the swollen head hit the back of her throat, l gasped and held the back of my sister’s head which began bobbing up and down at a very fast rate, closing my eyes l relaxed to enjoy the shear pleasure she was giving me, Tina started to work her finger again on my scrotum, l didn’t have time to tell her l was about to shoot my creamy spunk but just thrust my cock into her throat further and almost choked her as the hot velvety protein full salty tasting load gushed down her throat like a tidal flood into her stomach, my sister struggled to gulped down all my spunk without any dribbling from the side of her mouth, she was pleased with herself and eagerly licked and sucked the last of my spunk that dripped from my urethral orifice. We were both well and truly fucked and both in need of sleep so Tina went back to her bedroom.

I didn’t get the chance to fuck my sister for another 7 nights because a cousin was staying and was put in my room to sleep, the next time l fucked Tina l tried to slide my cock into her arse but she wasn’t having any of it, but l was very happy to use her mouth and pussy which were both warm and wet. We arrange the following weekend to spend away so she booked a hotel in Brighton, we told family it was one of her friend’s wedding and she was taking me as l drove. It felt strange signing in as Mr and Mrs with my sister the room was nice it over looked the sea not that l was interested in what l looked at when opening the window, all we wanted was a room and not worry about family walking in as we fucked. Since neither of us had ever fucked while having a bath that was where we had our first fuck in the room the floor was flooded but we could tick it off our bucket list, l even fucked my sister while she was leant on the balcony railing, all was going well till mid afternoon the next day because Tina started her period, but that didn’t stop us both from getting very horny and before going to dinner she used her mouth on me but l wanted to fuck her pussy even though she was on her period, it was warm and inviting but our fuck was very messy.

After evening dinner, we went to the bar and knocked back a few drinks before going to our room, we undressed each other and flopped onto the bed l sucked her tits hard Tina lay on her back letting out shallow whimpers l turned her over then kissed the back of her neck then all the way down to the crack of her bum to give each of her bum cheeks a nip with my teeth, and kissed my way up her back, she turned onto her belly, l sat a stride her breast to place my cock between her tits, she sandwiched my cock and l began fucking my sister’s smooth soft mounds, the tip of my cock nudged her chin. We staid in that position for sometime my pre-cum dribbled down her neck, Tina told me to stop and went to the bathroom leaving me kneeling on the bed, l assumed she had gone to remove her sanitary towel but my sister came back holding a tube of what l thought was toothpaste, Tina gave me the tube and declared that she brought it from the chemist before we left home because she knew that we had to try it one day then climbed onto the bed, got on all fours and spread her bum cheeks. The tube was KY-gel, l squirted a little onto her arse hole and some onto the head of my cock, next got up behind her, my sister asked me to be gentle as she had never had anal sex before, l held the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed downwards, slowly as her tight arse hole opened to accept my cock Tina winced, l asked if she was alright, ‘keep going’ she replied and my cock began to disappear into her dark tight hole.

I didn’t start fucking my sister straight away but kept my cock wedged deep inside her, ‘it’s a bit uncomfortable’ she said, l held her sides and withdrew my cock halfway out of her arse hole and re-entered her then did it again a little faster and again faster, Tina started to cry-out ‘oh ah, yes yes ah, ah’ the faster my cock slid in and out of her arse hole. Her arse gripped my cock so tightly my balls began to tingle and l pulled her onto my cock and shot my warm load right up inside her which caught Tina by surprise, she let out ‘owww yes’ the pair of us fell forward l said softly ‘that was fantastic’ my sister didn’t answer as she was coming down from her orgasm, Tina composed herself and remarked how anal wasn’t at all like she had imagined l kidded did she want to go for another round, she turned to kiss me saying when she had recovered.

The weekend ended with her having a full arse hole of spunk as well as what she swallowed, things were going well between us fucking when we had the chance. About a month after getting back from our weekend away, we were in bed one night and Tina was quiet so l asked what was wrong, she had met a guy at work and he asked her out, as hard it was we both know that one of us would meet someone so both agreed that was our last night together. Tina and the guy Neil’s relationship developed and they got married, l did get a blow job at the reception from my sister Tina then her and Neil moved away, about 6 months later l met a girl named Fran and we married a year later. Over the next 5 years l didn’t have much contact with my sister apart from the odd meeting at family weddings and birthdays then my marriage broke down and out the blue l got a phone call from my sister Tina to ask if l wanted to come and stay with her and Neil for a break, the break lasted 2 years.

Their house was big enough for me to have my own room and en-suit they now had a son; l had been living with them for about 5 weeks, Neil had gone to pool or darts and Tina was in the kitchen taking clothes out of the machine she looked a bit down so l asked if everything was alright, Tina slammed the machine door shut and burst into tears l hugged her, she began telling me how she was fed up with everything, when my sister looked at me we kissed and it all happened so quickly l tore open her top, lifted her bra to start sucking her tits, Tina was unbuckling my jeans and slid a hand into my boxers for my cock, we kissed again, l bent her over the table raised her skirt ripped down her knickers took hold of my cock and rammed it into her waiting pussy, my sister gripped the edges of the table tight as l began pounding her hole with my cock, she sighed and let out ‘god l’ve miss you’, l gave a hard shove of my cock into her now very moist pussy my creamy spunk exploded inside her, my sister wriggle and squirmed under me gasping for breath as my spunk flooded her womb. I eased my cock from her warm dripping hole she stay laid over the table, l helped her up and we kissed she whispered ‘its running down my legs’, l grabbed some paper towel and wiped my spunk from her legs then suggested she changed as her clothes were no longer fit to wear.

Me and my sister Tina began where we left off except instead of our family that might catch us it was her husband Neil; he was an active pool and snooker man so there weren’t many nights he was in and those nights he was then Neil would be watching sport on telly, Tina would often come to my room once their son was in bed.

We would take showers together and there wasn’t a room we didn’t fuck in, if she was in a teasing mood l would feel her hand under the table as we ate or she would open her legs to show me she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I had been filling my sister Tina with spunk for nearly 7 months when we were laying in bed she asked if l thought about us having a baby, well l wasn’t in favour of such an idea and declared that wouldn’t happen as she was on the pill, Tina gave me a cuddle and informed me she hadn’t been on the pill since l arrived then excitedly announced she was having my baby, l really wasn’t happy and asked how did she know it was mine and not Neil’s, my sister proudly declared she didn’t have sex with Neil until she knew that she was pregnant. Tina rested her head on my chest, we stay in bed just before Neil was due home then Tina went back to their bedroom, she kissed me before going and asked if l was happy, l gave a false smile and nodded.

About 3 days later Neil happily announced the news that Tina was pregnant l joyfully replied how that was great news, her bump began to appear, Tina my sister was so looking forward to us having a baby, she would lay next to me talking about baby names. I came home from work one afternoon and Neil was home, he looked very solemn and revealed that Tina had fallen over in the garden and it looks like she had lost the baby, l played the disappoint brother but wondered if it wasn’t for the best. When she came out of hospital Tina began acting strange and demand we fucked at all sorts of time on some occasions she woke me in the early hours of the night saying we had to have sex then get into my bed, l would give her a filling of spunk then she would kiss me and go back to bed with Neil and my spunk dripping from her pussy. About 12 weeks later l found out why, my sister Tina was determined to get pregnant, l don’t know why but this time l felt it was right, when lying in bed together Tina would rest my hand on her developing round belly and say feel what we made. My sister and Neil’s relationship went through a rough patch and he moved out, l felt guilty and asked if he wanted me to find my own place but he wanted me to stay to keep an eye on my sister, little did he know that he had now cleared the pathway for me and my sister Tina to fuck without any fear of being caught, we became like husband and wife sleeping all night in the same bed without worrying.

I wasn’t looking but met a girl named Jackie, when l told my sister she first became very offish; she had ideas of us being husband and wife playing happy families so l explained it wouldn’t work because we were brother and sister. Tina started to go out of her way trying to please me and the strangest thing began to happen, l didn’t realise it then but did later. I began taking my sister for granted for sex, if l came home with a stiff cock l would tell her to suck me off, she obeyed with no question no matter what she was doing, kneel in front of me take my cock out and suck me like a hungry dog with a bone. One weekend when it was just me and Tina at home because Neil had their son, l took my sister for a drink with my girlfriend Jackie and few work mates, Tina made it quite clear she didn’t like Jackie and for that reason at the end of the night l put Jackie into a cab because there was no way l could have taken her home. When me and Tina went home Clive a friend came back for a few drinks, he had been flirting with my sister Tina all night, l don’t know if it was the drink but when me and Tina were in the next room l told her to let Clive kiss her at first she flatly refused so l played a trump card by saying if she doesn’t do as l asked then l’ll move out to live with Jackie, so my sister reluctantly agreed. We went and sat back with Clive, my sister Tina sat next to him and started flirting, it was strange as many guys that night commented on how sexy my sister looked being pregnant, and now she was sat with my baby in her belly about to be used by Clive, putting his hand onto her leg as they chatted l took my leave to give them some space and declared l was going to put the car away and will be a time, Tina gave me an worrying smiled. I left the door ajar so l could spy on them, first they began kissing and Clive’s hand slid up Tina’s maternity dress she uncrossed her leg to give him access to her pussy, he obviously got a finger into her hole as she slid herself downwards. My sister stood up slid her knickers down and got on all fours this was more than l asked her to, my cock was becoming so hard as l watched Clive get behind her and ram his cock straight inside her pussy then began fucking her really hard and fast, Tina didn’t make any signs that she was enjoying the fuck she was getting but my god l was then Clive must have shot his load because of the sounds of share ecstasy he making, he put his cock away then helped my pregnant sister up onto the chair. I came back into the room and Clive said he had better be going so l showed him out then took my sister to bed and fucked her, her pussy was running with Clive and my spunk, after Tina protested about having to let Clive fuck her and only did it for me, it was then l realised what l had asked her to do and decided l had to move out which l did. I married Jackie we have 3 children and l only see my sister at family get togethers, l would still love to bend her over rip her knickers off and fuck her, but l don’t.

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