Neighbor Suzy: Halley

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It was nearly a week since Tanya came over when she returned with Halley. She called me and told me she would have to have Halley come over and stay for a few days or more. Tanya told me she would tell me why when she arrived.
“My dad got arrested for raping a neighbor girl,” said Tanya with a smile.
“I don’t see how that is good,” I said.
“I’m going to talk to the prosecutor,” said Tanya. I realized she was going to make sure her father went to jail for something.
“I understand,” I told her. I hade many thoughts of Halley.
“Its too bad about me and my dad. I might enjoy sex more if he hadn’t,” said Tanya. I could tell she was thinking. “Suzy can I talk to you in another room.” Suzy left Halley alone in her room. I watched the young girl as the two talked. Tanya returned and took me into the bedroom.
“I am willing to let you fuck her, if you promise to make it enjoyable like you did with Suzy,” said Tanya.
“Maybe if you gave me some idea how to lead off I’ll take special care,” I suggested.
“Halley has a test due back soon and a couple of reports,” said Tanya. She pulled a hairbrush out of her purse.
The next day while the girls were at school I went to the local sexshop and bought a few things.

“Suzy I have something for you,” I told her. I pulled out the small remote controlled anal vibrator. She smiled excited.
“Do you have one for her?” asked Suzy.
“Do you like getting in trouble?” I asked Halley.
“No, its just that I’ve been distracted,” she replied. I finished spanking her bare bottom.
“I have something else for you,” I told her. She turned around to put on her clothes.
“No, stay like that,” I said. She turned around to face the wall. I pulled out the lube. Since she was new to this I decided to go easy on her.
“What are you doing?” she asked. I rubbed a lubed finger between her as cheeks before sliding up to her asshole. She gasped as I slid it in. I worked it in and out before I added more lube. I slid my hand up underneath and felt her pussy. It was becoming wet.
I took the small vibrator from Suzy and eased it into Halley’s small asshole. I wanted to fuck her hard, but I knew I should wait. I could tell Suzy wanted to fuck as well and I decided we would get off first so I can take my time with Halley.
Halley had one more test to show me, but I decided to hold off on seeing it until we returned from shopping. I kept the vibrator on her kept to a minimum so she could control herself. Suzy really enjoyed hers. We made it into the house about two hours later. I let them girls put their stuff up. I let Halley call her mother and I went into the living room. It wasn’t long before Suzy came in. She looked over to the back of the house and pulled down her pants and panties. I slid my jeans and underwear down.
My dick sprang up. Suzy eased herself down on it and started riding me. I turned up the remote and she orgasmed. It wasn’t long before she had another. I closed my eyes as I approached my orgasm and Suzy stopped. I opened my eyes and looked. Halley was watching us.
“Do you want to join us?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” she said.
“I know how bad you did on your last paper so we can do something else and I won’t spank you,” I said. Suzy got up off me satisfied with her orgasm.
“Take off your clothes,” she suggested. Halley looked at me. I nodded and smiled.
“Can I take this out of my butt?” she asked. I forgot she still had it there. I handed Suzy the remote. Halley was just down to her panties. Suzy turned the remote all the way up.
Halley gasped, bent over and put her hands on my knees. I reached over and felt her panties. They were soaked. I started rubbing her pussy through them. My dick twitched wanting attention. I grabbed Halley’s head and lowered it to my dick.
“What do you want me to do?” she asked.
“Just open your mouth and put in it,” I said.
“Wasn’t just in Suzy?” asked Halley.
“Its okay. I’ll show you how,” said Suzy. She reached over and gave me few strokes with her mouth. Now I was really worked up. Halley tried it the same way Suzy did.
It didn’t take long for me to be about to cum. I didn’t know whether I should hold her head down and force my dick to stay in her mouth or let her see it as it happened.
“I’m going to cum,” I told her. Halley looked at me with my dick still in her mouth. She tried to talk and I lost it. Cum shot out of my dick and into the back of her throat. She sat up but not before several more shots hit her in the face. “You did very good.”
She smiled at me.
"Tanya said I could show you something if we can go back into the bedroom," I told her.
"Is it what our dad showed her?" she asked.
"What did he show her?" I asked.
"How to have sex and that's where I came from," she said. She looked ashamed.
"When did he tell you that?" I asked.
"The day I was leaving. I was afraid my mom would leave me with him if I let her know I knew," she said.
"We all know and you shouldn't be afraid, because its not your fault. Your mom and Suzy enjoy sex alot and I can help you enjoy it. I won't be like your father," I told her. She smiled at me.

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