Queen Yavara: Chapter 32

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Day Seven


There were times in my life where I stopped, considered the situation I was in, and whispered to myself, “What the fuck happened?” I was having one of those moments when I woke up that morning. The first thing I noticed, was that the gnawing in my nethers had subsided substantially. It wasn’t gone, but it was manageable. The second thing I noticed, was that I needed to take a huge shit.

“Don’t.” Came a voice beside me, “I know what you’re feeling, but it will pass. You just need to relax.”

I rotated to see Soraya behind me, holding me like a lover in slumber. She crinkled her nose. “Domina makes me get enemas every night so that I’m clean the next day. I’m jealous of you, to be honest. A cum enema sounds absolutely therapeutic.”

I peeled myself off the floor, and assessed my predicament. I was nestled between Soraya and Furia. There was a plug in my ass, and it was holding god-only-knew how many loads. My belly was slightly distended with it, and there was a warmth within me that was quite pleasant. I unclenched around the plug, and the urge to defecate was alleviated.

“See?” Soraya giggled, “A little trick of the trade.”

“You’re a scribe.”

“And everyone always called me such a tight-ass.” She tittered.

I chuckled with her, and my eyes fell easily to lush lips. They beckoned me, and I kissed them without shame or restraint. Furia groaned, then roused herself. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as I shared Soraya’s lips and tongue, and she watched me with amusement and erotic interest. No jealousy, not anymore. I gave her a wink, and she returned the ocular smile. Yes, we would love the others, but what Furia and I had was special.

“Come on,” I said, breaking from the kiss, “Everyone up! We have a busy day!”


Dad and I had nearly attacked Zander when he made his suggestion. After all the work we’d put into securing the allegiance of the Ten, after all the blood we’d shed, and the sacrifices we’d made to make Dad the first Froktora in a thousand years, the old wizard wanted to throw it all away by killing the chieftains?! Titus naturally sided with Zander, the cold pragmatist that he was. It had been Zander after all, who had laid the plans for assassinating the Maple tribe leaders, and it had been Titus’s children who had carried it out. Killing orc chieftains meant very little to them, so what were the Ten? Orcs were all the same. Never mind that such a move would dismantle millennia of tradition and history. But of course, that was the idea. Centralize power to the crown, destroy political opponents before they could even gain footing, and secure the Yavara Alkandi dynasty for an epoch. The time of tribes was done.

To her credit, Yavara had listened carefully to all sides, but in the end, she was not dissuaded. She wasn’t born in the Great Forest, and deep down, she didn’t care about orc tradition or culture. Ironically enough, if Elena had been there, I doubted Yavara would’ve agreed to it. Elena was all about loyalty and compassion, and look where that got her. Tortured to death, and the man who had ensured that death, the man who had killed my mother, was now the governess of my beloved new nation. How in the ever-living-fuck had that happened? Dad had been satisfied with the vengeance dealt, claiming that this Adrianna was suffering a far worse fate than death by being forced to betray her nation and live as a species she detested. I didn’t believe it for a second. High-elves and orcs were actually more alike than we wanted to admit, but dark-elves were a different thing entirely. They didn’t think like the rest of us. Thomas Adarian would’ve slit his wrists to know he’d succumb to such a fate, but Adrianna Alkandra was undoubtedly very happy to be alive.

“Trenok!” Nerok Kraklari yelled from her warg, “How much further to Alkandra? My ass is killing me!”

“Perhaps you should try walking then!” I suggested with a smile that was more a death grimace. Dad hated Gorlok, but I thought his wife was even worse. She was a short fat bitch with a temper to match, and she rode her lumbering warg like a queen before the procession.

“Are you sure you know the way?” Fletariak Dartiki sneered. She was an old bitch, her green skin shriveled and hard, and she didn’t get any softer beneath.

“Of course he knows the way, Fletariak,” Uniok Silktari tittered, “a good dog always knows the way home.”

“And a good bitch always knows her place!” I snapped at her. Her smile only broadened. The other matriarchs weren’t much better. There was Leanok Balktar, Heidiak Waldaki, Vulnar Hektaki, Biatrik Fertorki, Jealtoniki Drundiki and Lopi Huftraki. All of them were varying degrees of awful, and my only solace during the long trek was that they’d soon be Adrianna’s problem. Well, that wasn’t my only solace. All of the matriarchs had daughters, and they’d never in their lives seen a specimen like me in the Tundra. I was forbidden from going into their tents, but nothing prevented them from coming into mine. Now that my father was Froktora, the daughters of the Ten wanted Terdini sons. Needless to say, I pulled out. They were unworthy.

I looked back at the endless river of orcs behind me, caravans laden with goods, great beasts of burden hauling them. From astride my bull, I could make out the divisions that had formed in the column. Getting orcs to march in any kind of order was impossible, unless the orcs were traveling side-by-side with their most hated enemies. No, not the Highlanders; each other. If I hadn’t set such a grueling pace to exhaust them, I didn’t doubt that battle would’ve broken out in the column, and these were just the old men, women and children. But perhaps they’d all hate Adrianna more than each other. Maybe there was a touch of genius to Yavara’s plan.

I crested the hill, and stopped in my tracks. For a moment, I thought I had taken a wrong turn, for before me was a city the likes of which I’d never seen. There was a single wide street with a boulevard, flanked on both sides by tiered stone towers and the foundations of buildings yet to be erected. The land surrounding the narrow urban strip was all agrarian, and the little bodies of nymphs shown through robust greenery ready to harvest. It was only when I looked upon the castle that I realized my sense of direction hadn’t failed me. This was Alkandra.

The matriarchs stepped beside me, and for the first time in four days, they were silent. Some had tears in their eyes, others had their mouths agape. All the bitterness in them washed away when they saw what they thought they never would.

“We’re home.”

Ten minutes later, I was riding along the path through the fields. The nymphs stopped their work to watch us pass. Some of the orcs whistled and called to the dainty forest women and boyish men, but their calls soon died when they saw the imposing figure of Arbor swoop in overhead, her great white wings casting a shadow on the column. The vines on the edge of the path moved like snakes, their thorns honed to a razor’s edge. The message was clear. I nodded to her, and she nodded back.

We rode into the city proper, the entrance flanked by two large marble statues. One was of Yavara, and the other was of an elf I didn’t recognize.

“Alkandi.” Uniok whispered reverently, and touched the statue’s toes.

When we entered the city, a great cheer rose up. The Terdini and Protaki citizens roared and waved their arms from the walkway, and I raised my hand in greeting, nearly moved to tears to see them. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces. I dismounted my bull, and embraced many, making my way down the line until I didn’t recognize the green faces. These were the Ardeni orcs, not a tattoo on their body. I gave them a nod, and they returned it. I was surprised that they didn’t avert their gaze as they did when I was last in Alkandra. It galled me a little; these were the worker ants, the lowest of the low. They were barely more than slaves, yet they looked upon me man-to-man? I would have to break a few necks to remind them what they were. Still, they were useful beasts, weren’t they? For certain, no tribesperson could build a city like this.

There were ten finished stone towers, though there were at least fifty foundations laid. The erected towers were all of the exact same build and height, each tiered back and topping-out at a hundred or so feet. The towers closest to the castle had been ornamented with spires, statues and gargoyles, giving them individuality, but those closest to the entrance were all brutalist and plain, not yet decorated. The boulevard was filled with flowers, fountains and benches, and reminded me of the stories of elven cities. It was almost too nice, but then I got closer to the castle, and I saw that the gargoyles on the far towers were of orc warriors standing proud, orc women in lustful poses, and gruesome scenes of battle and debauchery. There were stockades along the street, weapon racks at every entrance, and cages hanging from the balconies. Each tower had a courtyard, and each courtyard had a firepit with benches surrounding it. And between each tower, I could see the edge of the Great Forest, the wildlands only a few miles away across the fields. Yes, it was perfect.

Certiok was waiting for me before the drawbridge, a vision of orc beauty. It took all my will not to race over to her like an adolescent, but fortunately, she didn’t have such a will. She charged into me, and I was nearly knocked on my back with the force of her kiss. I pulled her hard against me, squeezing her like I could milk the love from her flesh. She parted from the kiss, and beamed radiantly at me.

“How did this happen?” I asked, grinning down at her, “What did you do?”

She laughed, brushing her braided hair over her ear. “I wish I could take the credit.”

“Tim the troll then? He’s a smart fucker.”

“With the charisma of a dead fish.” Certiok said, “Trenok, Adrianna did all this.”


Certiok nodded. “She’s… not the same. I mean, she’s the same person, but… goddamn it, Trenok, I don’t know how to explain it!”

I gawked at her. “You fucked her.”

Certiok rolled her eyes, “Of course I fucked her. Her, and all the other hybrids, in every-which-way, every chance I got. And there were… ample opportunities.”

I snorted. I didn’t know why it surprised me. I gazed around the courtyard before the drawbridge, where the finished towers loomed overhead in resplendent magnificence, the statues of orcs looking down upon me. Statues of orcs. Nowhere in Tenvalia would you see my people so celebrated, but here we were, shown in all our glory atop towers that rivaled those in Ardeni Dreus. And it had been Thomas fucking Adarian who had set it all in motion.

“Trenok,” Certiok said, her voice cautious, “there’s something you need to know.”

“If it’s important, tell it to me after the ceremony.” I said, looking back at the impatient matriarchs, “The sooner I dump this baggage, the better.”

We walked across the drawbridge, and through a procession of guards. I recognized a few Terdini among them, but they would not meet my gaze. They stared straight ahead in stoic soldiery. Dad sure as shit hadn’t taught them that. We strolled through a gate I had personally built a fortnight ago, and into the castle. I stopped in my tracks.

Upon the steps leading to the Black Throne, were eight angels. I’d forgotten how beautiful Elena had been, and some of these hybrids surpassed even her. They all wore white ceremonial robes, the modesty of the garments tainted by slit necklines that plunged past their waists, exposing the inner swell of their breasts, their toned bellies, and barely concealing their crotches. Yavara had told me their names, but I couldn’t discern which one was which. They were all uniquely beautiful, but their identical white hair and bronze complexions didn’t allow for categorial de***********ion, and there was only the slight difference in their blue eye color. But I recognized Adrianna right away, and her eyes stayed on mine, unfaltering, unwavering.

“All hail Adrianna Alkandra, governess of Alkandra!” Came the voice of the crier. For a moment, all was still, not a sound but the echo of the crier’s voice in the cavernous chamber.

“Trenok,” Certiok whispered, “you must kneel now.”

“The fuck I will!” I snarled.

“You are the son of the Froktora, not the Froktora himself! She is above you, and you must kneel in ceremony!”

“Certiok, she killed my—”

“Brock killed my father, and now I suck his son’s cock!” Certiok snarled, “And if he ever wants me to suck it again, he will kneel! There are bigger things at play now than your petty need for vengeance!”

“Petty need for vengeance?!” I narrowed my eyes at Certiok.

Certiok grabbed my arm. “If you do no kneel, then the matriarchs will not, and Adrianna will be forced to have us all arrested to save face!”

“No Ardeni shit will put his hands on me.”

“Those are eight rangers up there! What do you think they have beneath those cloaks?” She squeezed my arm hard, “What do you gain from crossing blades with Adrianna? If you lose, you’re humiliated or killed. If you kill her, Alkandra is thrown into anarchy, and Yavara will make an example of you, Brock be damned!”

I turned my eyes up to Adrianna once more, and without bowing my head, I dropped to one knee. I could hear the orcs dropping behind me, the matriarchs, their daughters, and all the tribespeople of importance who were allowed into the castle, all bowing to the woman who had killed my mother. The crier read out Yavara’s decree of Adrianna’s rule, then Adrianna bid us to stand. She took her eyes off me then, and dawned a radiant smile, one that I would never have imagined could come from Thomas Adarian.

“Welcome, great matriarchs of the Ten, to your home.” She said, extending her arms generously, “I am Governess Adrianna Alkandra. This is Watch Commander Faltia Dafian, Outreach Director Eva Alecia, First Scribe Soraya Poneria, Lead Engineer Alexa Jenania, Agricultural Liaison Kiera Lestria, Population Director Brianna Dedaclia, and Head Magistrate Furia Augustinia. We are here to serve you.”

Leanok Balktar stepped from the pack. “If you’re here to serve us, then why are we down here, and you up there, imperial?”

“Imperial?” She asked, “Leanok Balktar, do I look like a high-elf to you?” I was surprised she knew her name, but of course Thomas Adarian probably had a dossier on the matriarchs thicker than a dictionary.

“Just one with a nice tan.” Nerok Kraklari sneered.

Adrianna laughed musically, and began to descend the steps. “Nerok Kraklari,” she let the name drip from her lush lips, “how have your dogs been? Last time I was up north they were quite ill.” She stepped right before matriarch, and tilted her head up to meet her gaze, “Must’ve been some bad food, huh?”

“We got a good look at your bitch before we left.” Biatrik Fertorki spat, “Our husbands made sure she had plenty to eat.”

Adrianna laughed again, not a hint of anger flashing her face. “Good. I wouldn’t want dearest April to starve. Not like what happened with your people after your crops mysteriously burned.”

“What kind of man are you?!” Uniok Silktari snarled.

“Not a man at all, dearest Uniok.” Adrianna flashed her a dazzling smile.

“Just a whore.” Vulnar Hektaki hissed.

“A whore? I never ask for money.” Adrianna licked her lips, and drew her eyes across the women. They’d gone silent after that last comment, realizing in that moment that this was not Thomas Adarian transgendered; this was something else. Adrianna seized the opportunity, and drew a long thin ranger sword she’d kept between her shoulders, and planted it in the ground before her. “By rule of Tundra law, any chieftain who thinks themselves my better may challenge me on the first day of my rule. I show you this gesture to prove that I am no imperial in disguise, and that Tundra traditions will be respected in Alkandra. Since there are no chieftains here, I offer this bout to any orc present who thinks themselves my better. My compatriots will not interfere. If I fall, then you will take my mantle.”

It was a smart gesture, and one she knew she wouldn’t have to back up. The name ‘Thomas Adarian’ might’ve been synonymous with ‘hatred’ in the Tundra, but that hatred was born from respect, and that respect was born from fear. None of the matriarchs were battle queens, not like my mother had been. And it was with her name in my mind, that I reached back, and grabbed my axe.

“I will accept your challenge, Governess.”

“Trenok, no!” Certiok cried, grabbing for me. But the words had been said, and all had heard them. The future was set in stone. I shook my wife off me like she was a fly, and took three steps toward Adrianna. She assessed me with a perplexed expression –not fear—but confusion, like I was an actor who’d missed his lines her production. There was a shuffle on the steps, and I saw all seven hybrids reaching into their cloaks. Adrianna held up a hand, and they stopped.

“Adrianna!” One of them yelled.

“Silence, Furia.” Adrianna said calmly, not looking at her, only keeping her gaze locked with mine. “Did Certiok tell you?” She asked.

I rolled my head, cracking my neck, “Whatever it was she had to say, it doesn’t matter much now.”

Adrianna nodded solemnly. “I guess it doesn’t.” She grabbed her sword.

The matriarchs and their escorts hustled back, forming a wide perimeter in the castle atrium. The room was silent. I had seen dozens of duels for succession, and not one of them had been anything but uproarious. Somewhere in my mind, it occurred to me that this would be the last one in our history.

The floor was still dirt, nothing changed since Titus and the rest had left it. Traction would be poor, which would work against me, and favor the nimble swordplay Adrianna had been trained in, but the confines favored the opponent with longer reach. I watched Adrianna’s footwork, but it was impossible to discern the movements beneath her cloak. She seemed to glide slowly about the perimeter, gauging my every move, studying me. No doubt she’d never faced a warrior like me in all her life, but then again, I’d never face a warrior like her. I was nearly thrice her weight and almost three feet taller than she, but I wasn’t foolish enough to underestimate her. I was confident though, and my cold hatred only made me surer. Whatever came after this did not matter. Only death. Only vengeance.

I stepped purposefully toward her, not a run, but not quite a walk, just fast enough that she couldn’t flee without scrambling. She didn’t move. My grip tightened on my axe, my muscles readied themselves. I closed the distance between us, my footfalls sounding like drums in the chamber, the light from a window casting my massive silhouette in a golden aura, my shadow looming over her. Her sword was unshaking in her hands, the tip glinting before me, pointed at my neck. When I was ten paces away, I let out a roar that could burst eardrums, and charged with my axe overhead. She stayed there, unmoving, seeming to look through me. Five pace, four pace, three paces. I was in killing range. She didn’t have a chance. Two paces, swing. My axe arced through the air so fast that the motion was but a blur of obsidian. It came down on Adrianna’s head, and split her in half. Or, that’s what should’ve happened. Up until the moment she dove between my legs, I was certain I had killed her. There was a sting in my right calf, and a sting in my left, I wheeled around, sweeping my axe. She flipped backwards and landed in a crouch, tossing her white hair from her face. She was grinning.

“Trenok, if your mother saw you do that, she’d be very disappointed.”

I snorted, ignoring the blood running down my legs. “When I kill you, I’m going to rape every one of your friends up there, starting with Furia.”

“Oh, you won’t have to rape them. They’ll give it up easily for someone like you!” And she came at me in flurry of blade and cloak, too much motion for my eyes to capture. I put up my axe and felt her blade ring across the handle, then I spun with my elbow out and finished the move with a sweeping kick. She ducked the elbow, leapt over the leg, and scored two quick slices on my forearms. She tumbled away just as my axe came down, the edge of the blade barely missing her trailing foot. When she turned around, her bronze face was flushed, and she was panting through her smiling lips.

“That wasn’t very gentlemanly of you.”

“You think you’re a lady?”

“No.” She laughed, and came at me again. This time, my eyes locked onto her elbows, watching the micro-twitches that would betray her next move. Her right elbow dropped slightly, and I brought my axe down in a sudden sweep to the left. She didn’t have time to stop her attack, nor a chance of parrying a blow of such force. She would be cut in half by her own momentum. At the last second, I saw her hips shift, and I turned my left sweep into a diagonal arc that would catch her desperate jump. She dropped to her back, her knees leading the way, and she slid under my axe. I felt a sharp pain in my groin, then a slice across my back. Where was she? I whipped around, my blade held close to catch her, my elbows flared to collide with her chin. I felt cold metal and hot pain in my hip, another in my shoulder. It was like she was a specter that I couldn’t see but as a flash of white in my periphery, poking and jabbing into my back. I jump forward, caught myself on my heel, and threw everything in sudden reversal of direction, hoping to catch her shadowing me. But she’d already bounded backwards, and she was giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Trenok, it is poor form to bring two weapons to duel.”

I looked down, and realized she’d cut my loincloth off.

She smirked at was dangling. “I don’t know why you use an axe. You’re clearly a natural with the hammer.” She drew her eyes up to me, and licked her lips, “It would be a shame to disarm you. I don’t think Certiok would ever forgive me.”

This time, I came at her, splitting my lungs with my roar, my axe raised overhead. She recovered from my sudden ferocity in an instant, and adopted a defensive stance. But there was no defending this attack. It was a suicide move, a full commitment to killing the opponent at all cost. My only prayer was that Adrianna’s small blade would miss all the important stuff when it stabbed me. I threw the axe end-over-end, and dove after it. She rolled out of the way of the axe, and into my arms. I had her. Just one squeeze, and she’d shit her guts out—she was gone. What? I was holding a white robe with a stiff ranger breastplate beneath it. She’d slipped right out. I felt a blade under my chin. I looked up.

“Do you yield, Trenok?” She asked. She wasn’t smiling now.


“You know I’ll do it.”

I laughed. “Haven’t you always, imperial?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“A Terdini always smiles in the face of death.” I chuckled, “Very few get to smile into a face so beautiful.”

Then she did crack a smile, but it was a deadly one. I angled my chin for her, took a final breath, and… and her lips were on mine, her tongue invading my mouth. Before I even knew what was happening, her little fingers were wrapped gently around my cock, stroking me, guiding me to rise with each caress until I was curved backward with arousal. She smiled against my lips, licking my tusks, exploring my gums and tongue, curious and experienced, inviting me to spar with her once more. Then her body was against mine, the soft warm flesh molding into my hard muscle, her breasts pillowing against my chest, her belly forming against my abdomen. I could feel the heat of her womanhood burning against me, her desire so great it was like wet flame. She slid her hand down my shaft and cradled my balls, sensually massaging them with unfeigned tenderness, moaning with need into my mouth. My faculties came back to me, and I seized her, my hands coming together around her head, ready to crush it like a melon.

She left my lips burning with her kiss, and smiled down at me, her eyes brimming with desire, no fear in them. “You fought well, Trenok, but you lost. Your life belongs to me now. If you kill me, even your father will disown you.”

“What do you want?!” I snarled. Oh, but her fingers were heaven, rolling my balls in her palm, so cool against my hot flesh.

“Isn’t obvious?” She grinned, her thumb caressing my nuts, “I want what’s in here.”

Certiok appeared behind Adrianna, and placed her hands on the elf’s shoulders. “I tried to tell you, Trenok.” She said, “We had an arrangement.”


“The world is changing, and I wanted to stay ahead of the curve. Adrianna agreed to be our surrogate. She will give us a daughter of dark blood.”

“Can you imagine?” Adrianna whispered on my lips, “With your Terdini strength in her muscles, and my speed in her reflexes; she’ll be a champion of champions, the brightest star in our new kingdom.”

“You think I would give you my blood?!”

“Not me.” Adrianna said, “She will only be mine in name and flesh, but Certiok will be her mother.” Adrianna brought her other hand between my legs, and ran it sensually back and forth along my taint, “I stole your mother from you, Trenok. Let me give you a daughter.”

“We’ll name her ‘Sherok.’” Certiok said, and took my face in her hands. I kissed her over Adrianna’s shoulder, and my hands left the elf’s head to run through Certiok’s braids, bringing her deeper into my mouth. Certiok trailed her fingers down my neck, then drew her index up my chin, and ended the kiss with a grin, leaving me balanced on the tip of her finger. She reached down behind Adrianna, and grasped something. “Are you ready, Governess?” She asked.

“Is he?” Adrianna sneered.

Certiok chuckled knowingly, then ripped her hand back. There was sudden flood of wet warmth on my legs, and Adrianna’s belly decompressed. Certiok stepped back, indulgently sucking upon an anal plug, watching us with a rapt gaze. Adrianna was shaking against me. Her fingers quivered as they traversed the length of my cock, the controlled sensuality gone from her, a hunger -no, a starvation- of desire teeming from her. Her breaths were shallow, her skin was suddenly hot, and when she lifted her head to look at me, her eyes were pure violet. Never in all my life had I seen such a look of sexual desperation. She didn’t just want me, she needed me, she loved me like a priest loves god. And despite what I had said, I could not deny what I knew; Adrianna was more than worthy of my child. If anything, I was unworthy of giving her one.

“P-p-p-please!” She rasped with shuddering breath, “F-f-f-fuck m-m-m-m-me!”

And I wrenched her around by the hips, bent her over, and pushed her face into the puddle of spunk that had gushed from her anus. She lapped it up like a dehydrated mutt, splashing it uncaringly across her beautiful complexion, ruining herself before everyone. Her anus was hot and open before me, dribbling white nectar from its source. Her pussy was nearly red with desire, her tender lips swollen, her petals unfurled to reveal the dripping ovule between them, so tight, so small. I stuck my thumbs in her ass, and pried it apart, and her entire back wrenched into an arch, her mouth ceasing its meal so that she could bellow desperately into the puddle.

“Please! Please! Please!” She begged, clawing at the earth like a beast, smearing her face into the filth that had been marinating in her rectum. She had seemed the posterchild of elven dignity and nobility when she stood atop the steps in her robes, but now she showed her true colors, this whore, this wretched animal who would beg for a cock without shame. I pulled my thumbs apart until I thought she would tear, exposing her smooth ruby channel, her rim gaping wide enough to fit my pinched hand in it. I pulled even more, and her rectal sheath coiled and bunched, then crowned from her anus and birthed like a rose. She wept with pleasure, her entire body shaking, her back bowed in such an arch that her breasts were flush with her planted face.

I was amazed. And when I looked around at the audience, I saw that they were as captivated as I was. And why would they not be? For no matter what I did to her, no matter how I tried to humiliate her, or hurt her, I could not bring her down. She took everything with inhuman grace, a beast in her natural state, and everyone watching only felt privileged to bear witness.

I pulled her up by the hips until she dangled upside-down, planted my face between the supple swell of cheeks, and tasted the delicacy between them. My tongue ran through the squishing bud, and she moaned in delight, then wrapped her legs around my neck, and brought me deeper into her. I licked her anal flower, pushing my tongue deep into its ovule until it was sucked back into her rectum and her rim closed greedily about me. I indulged in the tartness of her sinful hole for a minute, then slid my tongue down her taint, and entered her sanctity. Her moan turned into a cry, and I felt her hands on me once more, pulling on my member to bring her swaying body to it. Wet heat surrounded me, her soft tongue molding pliantly to my shaft, sliding as she took me deeper and deeper. There was a gasp from the crowd when she hit the resistance of her throat, then engulfed me into her gullet without so much as a gag. Her throat constricted around every inch she took, and then I felt her nose poking between my quaking balls. She swallowed around me, a low hum rising from her chest, accompanying the vulgar slurps of her lips when she rotated around my base, sucking so hard that the flesh she drew upon turned white with pressure. It dropped me to my knees, my thighs quivering uncontrollably. I kneaded my fingers into her asscheeks, and tasted her with all the sensuality a brute like me could, trying in earnest to match her. But it was fruitless.

My tongue learned the texture of her delicate insides, and my palate learned her taste. My tongue was wide enough that it stretched her inner-lips, making her twitch every time I changed my angle, and it was long enough to explore her deeply, the point dexterously finding her secret places, making her thighs squeeze my head in sudden contractions. But even though she saturated my muzzle with orgasms, even though she cried out muffled tones around the meat lodged in her neck, she did not cease her feeding for an instant, so gluttonous was she for my cock, and so skilled she was that I could not contain myself. I splayed one large hand over her tailbone, the middle finger penetrating and stirring her ass, and with the other hand, I reached down, grabbed the back of her head, and fucked her face. I was ferocious, bucking and heaving, pulling myself all the way to the crease before plunging once more into the tender tube of throat, but she took me with ease, relishing my violence, reaching between my legs with languorous fingers to tease my taint. She pushed a finger into my ass, gently probed inside, then pressed and rubbed that spot within. The strength began to leave me. I swayed precariously on my knees, and with a groan, I fell backward, the earth shaking with my collapse. My cock was pulled out of her mouth, and I roared as I came, my seed bursting from my throbbing head to splatter across her face. She stretched down to take my head into her lips, and she sucked about my crease as I emptied load after load onto her tongue, her finger still invading me, pressing my convulsing organ, rubbing it hard to milk me of every drop.

She rose languorously, her back keeping its arch so that her glutes bulged before my face. Every motion from her was seeped in sex, and when she turned over her shoulder to look at me, her violet eyes were half-mast and expectant. I pulled my tongue slowly from her tight depths, curling it one last time before my exit to rub along her spot. A spasm shot up her spine, and ended with her tilting her head skyward, and purring with a smile. She wordlessly repositioned herself, now straddling me just below the hips, my cock standing against her abdomen. The ergonomics seemed impossible, but she wasn’t scared at all of my size. She watched it rapturously as she pressed her pubis down on the base, and grinded her pussy-lips down my shaft. They deformed along their path, smooshing and flattening, excreting her lust all along me, preparing me. When she got to the head, any hardness that had left me after the orgasm had returned, and precum bubbled from my tip. She eased herself down atop me, reached back, and with eyes staring into mine, she guided my head inside her.

“Oh…” she groaned as I stretched her. Her groan turned into a moan, then a whine as she eased herself backward, consuming more and more of me. Her whine became a cry, and her cry became a whimper, and then there was no sound, for her lips only mouthed without breath as she took the last inch of me. Her brows knitted together, her mouth gaped in wonder. She pushed herself upright on shaking arms, and showed everyone what she’d done. With her hands on my abdomen to brace herself, she got into a squat, and slowly raised herself, revealing inch after inch of nectar-sheened cock, so thick that it stretched her inner-lips from her pelvis as she pulled. She got to the head, braced herself, then dropped. She squeaked, her voice cutting out once more, her breath leaving her chest. I stared in disbelief, but my awe was being slowly drowned by the sensations in my loins. Her tight heat enveloped me, the moist flesh within gripping me from base to tip, the feminine muscles clenching to squeeze me. She rose once more, then impaled herself again, and this time, her head flung back, and sounded out a scream of delight.

“Oh god, Trenok!” She bellowed, “Fuck me!”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I sat upright, grabbed her by the ass, and pulled her hard against me. She whimpered, her little hands grasping my chest, her head resting on my heart, waiting for me to ruin her. I pulled her up by her ass, reared back my hips, then brought us together, her pubis pounding into my crotch, the impact vibrating in our loins. She yelped and clenched, quivering from head to toe.

“Yes.” She whispered on my chest, “Yes!”

I impaled her again, and again, bringing her up by her ass and plunging her back down, splitting her in two from the inside and holding her down, making her feel the full extent of her violation. She grinded on my crotch, blubbering incoherently, rolling those lewd muscles up my length. Her mouth found my nipple, and she kissed it, drawing it between her lips as she looked up at me with those pleading violet eyes, her hips rolling behind her, her ass bulging in twin domes that indented pliantly around my fingers. I pushed two digits from each hand into her shithole, and felt my cock from the other side. She sputtered against me, bubbles of spit leaking from her mouth, her eyes lolling in their sockets. I dug my fingers deep, and picked her up from the inside before dropping her again, and again, and again. Her mouth lost its function, and simply gaped open to sound cry after cry, her fingers raking against my chest, helpless to do anything but take it. I began accelerating, no longer stopping at the drop, but bouncing her off me, and her soprano note fluctuated in cadence with our joining bodies, her ass clapping behind her, wafting the scent of our sex into their air.

“You’re making me come!” She screamed in my ear, convulsing in the throes of yet another orgasm. Her voice was pleading, almost like she wanted me to stop, but I knew better.

I kept one hand splayed across her ass with the finger buried to the knuckle, and gripped her hair with the other. I wrenched back, and her spine arched to accommodate the pull, presenting her jiggling bronze breasts. I greedily took a nipple into my mouth, my tusks crazing her sensitive areola, my lips pulling roughly on the swollen node. She held onto my head for dear life, her entire body lurching with the impact of our joining thrusts, and she still fucked herself through it all, squatting and dropping, stretching her little pussy gaping. I molested her anus with two fingers, then three, then four. I held her against me like she was a handle, and she squealed, her rectum fluttering and squirming with the clenches of her muscles, my cock forcing its walls to squish into my fingers.

“You like that you fucking slut?!” I snarled.

“I’m your little anal whore!” She whined, “Come inside me! Please! Please! Please! Get me pregnant! Use me as a fucking cum dumpster! I’m nothing but your breeding bitch!”

I wrenched on her hair, forcing her chin to jut to the ceiling, her neck striating with tension. I licked her from nipple to ear, then plunged my tongue into her mouth. She was competitive even in her defeated state, her tongue dancing in a slithering contest, her mouth devouring still. I kneaded her anal flesh against my cock, rubbing back and forth along her division. Her pussy clamped down on me, her netherlips sucking me in, her moist grip pumping with my cock. She screamed in my mouth and her legs splayed out wide, her glutes squeezing my molesting hand, but her loins opening up, allowing me the last few inches of depth. I hit her bottom, punching her final sphincter with each ferocious thrust. Her tongue went limp in my mouth. Her violet eyes rolled back. Her face flushed with color, and she droned stupidly from her parted lips, strings of my saliva leaving them.

“Oh my god.” She gasped, seeming to look right through me. All tension within her melted, her limbs succumbing to the lassitude of ecstasy, her resistances opening all the way to the bottom. Every thrust I delivered shot a mindless squeak from her lips, and they became louder and higher, more joyous, more desperate. She undulated against me like a dancer, her belly rolling in sinuous grace, her hips rocking, stirring her taut womanhood around me, stretching her already ruined channel. I could feel her pulse accelerating from the inside, accompanying her panting breaths, her high notes of euphoria coming louder and louder, and mine were joining! The roil in my balls had become a boil, then a churning that built through my taint and clogged in my cock, the pressure mounting, the pleasure growing, growing, compelling me to thrust into her like animal, rolling atop her, holding her down by her throat, smashing into her like I wanted to drive her into the earth. She screamed around her constricting throat, still oscillating in her possessed wave, the end of each motion bringing my cock all the way inside, hitting the entrance to her womb, dilating it. I could barely hold myself upright. The rage of my lust was quelled by the ecstasy, the orgasm that stayed inside me, building past the point where I could contain it any longer, and yet, there was no release! I dropped to my elbow, brought to prostrate atop my woman, this Adrianna, this whore, this goddess. All I could do was thrust and thrust, desecrating her convulsing insides, growling and yelling for mercy as she screamed for it, but we could not give it to each other, trapped in a torture of ecstasy, losing our minds! With the last of my strength I buried myself to the hilt inside her, and exploded.

“Fuck!” Adrianna screamed, her teeth gritted, tears cornering her eyes. She thrashed her head back and forth, her body writhing to expel the ecstasy surging through her. I was there with her, growling and heaving, my entire essence emptying from my cock and draining into her open womb. She clawed at my back, her spine arching from the ground, her chin tilting so that she could howl mindlessly to the rafters above. Then the feeling diminished, and my thrusts eased, and when the last of my cum had been taken, I rolled off her, my cock slipping out to smack exhaustedly upon my thigh. Adrianna’s breaths decelerated, and became steady pants, her breasts heaving gently with her inflating diaphragm. Certiok knelt beside her, and with an adoring grin, she guided Adrianna to grasp her knees, then reached beneath her, and tilted her pelvis toward the ceiling to ensure that every bit of me drained into her womb.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Adrianna croaked. Her eyes were blue again.

“It was magnificent.” Certiok crinkled her nose in a smile, and kissed Adrianna deeply.


Only a few months ago, the matriarchs wouldn’t have even known my name. The Protaki were so inconsequential that we might’ve as well have been one of the Maple tribes for all they cared. When the Terdini coopted us, the matriarchs saw me as nothing but the prize whore for Brock’s son. When Brock was named Froktora, their opinion of me was only worsened, for I was still a Protaki whore in their eyes, only I’d suddenly become a threat. They saw me differently now.

The matriarchs had come to Castle Alkandra with the intent of owning the place. They had never seen a hybrid before, and so to them, hybrids were simply half-breed mongrels, and this one bore the hated name of ‘Thomas Adarian.’ When they first laid eyes on the hybrids, I could see the inklings of uncertainty. Something about the half-dark-elves touched a very old instinct in them, and they had not been prepared for their beauty. When Trenok kneeled, they kneeled with him, for they were not used to such ceremony, and the uncertainty guided their legs to bend. And when they traded words with Adrianna, she gave them enough of her wit for them to know they didn’t have a chance of matching her. But it is sex and violence that has always compelled orc-kind, and Adrianna bested the horde’s brightest star with ease, then fucked him like a whore-goddess. They had never seen a woman move like that. They had not known Alkandra like I had; not the nation, nor the city, but the flesh of Alkandi herself. And as they watched with slack jaws and wet crotches, the realization dawned in their eyes. They were not the masters of this land. They were obsolete. And when Adrianna had proclaimed that the child Trenok put into her womb would be my daughter, the matriarchs realized that I had stepped over them all. My little Sherok would rule them all.

“It’s serendipitous, I guess.” Adrianna chuckled, “That your scheme would be the solution to Yavara’s.”

I laughed with her as we watched the table being set. The head of the table was reserved for Adrianna, and the other hybrids filled in their side of it, while the other side was filled with the matriarchs, only the foot of the table had been left empty. I was to be their leader, and speak on behalf of their interests. Only, I wasn’t very interested in their interests, and truth be told, the only reason I wasn’t arguing for having them all murdered was because it would be much more satisfying to have them grovel.

“How do you want to do it?” I asked.

Adrianna tilted her head in thought, a smile creasing her lips. “They’re aware now that things are going to be different, and they’re afraid of losing their power. If we try to implement policy that strips their control, they will leave the table and entrench themselves with their clans. So, we promise them more power, and in so doing, they freely give everything.”


“It’s a trick King Tiadoa used to use in the Noble Court,” she explained. “If you have a baron who is working against your interests, and you want to get rid of him, what do you do? Kill him? No, that would cause terrible upheaval and put assassins in your bedroom. Strip his lands? That could cause a rebellion. No, what you do, is make him a count. See, a count is one step above a baron, and the life goal of any noble is to climb the ladder. The aspiring baron will jump at the chance to be named a count, and so you make him the count of some northern mining province where the mine has run dry. Now the only power he has is his precious title, and he’s grateful that you gave it to him.”

I snorted. “There’s still a little imperial in you yet, Adrianna.”

“Remember, both Alkandi and Yavara were high-elves once. When Alkandi died, it was her pure-blood daughters who raised arms with war chieftains and tore Alkandra to pieces.” She patted her belly, “Let’s hope Sherok takes after me, huh?”


Certiok and I charmed and flattered the matriarchs, though I didn’t think we needed to. They were so intimidated by me that they leapt at my every word. Still, it was good to make them think they were important. We gave them each titles and power that would (on paper) grant them all-encompassing authority over the entire populace. Only, each of their positions reported directly to one of the hybrids, making the new noble ladies of Alkandra nothing more than glorified administrators. But they would get nice seats at the new stadium, and could walk around town and bully members of rival clans with impunity, and in the end, that was all they really wanted. They ceded their power to us with big smiles on their faces, and signed the dotted line.

From there, I handed the reigns to our Population Director. Brianna collected census information from each of the matriarchs, and began assigning quarters to the populace. No tower would have a majority of one clan in it, and each floor would have a mix of all clans. The justification to the matriarchs was a glib explanation of making sure things were “fair.” We could only house a tenth of the population as it was, so an equal amount from each tribe would do. The rest would make camp in the forest until all the towers were done.

Faltia then requested that each matriarch contribute four-hundred tribespeople to the city watch. Before the meeting, Faltia had told me she would want to draft them herself, but I explained the importance of optics. The matriarchs would think they were exerting their control by drafting their own people, but in reality, all anyone would see was the matriarchs willingly giving their citizens over to the watch. The same tactic was used with Alexa when she said she needed six-hundred from each clan for her construction crews and two-hundred each for maintenance, as well for Kiera when she said she needed three-hundred from each for crop distribution. Eva needed fifty each for her outreach projects, Soraya needed any literate orc they had, and Brianna needed one-hundred each for monitoring population behaviors. The matriarchs agreed easily to all of this, up until the point that Furia made her request.

“No,” Nerok Kraklari said, shaking her head, “I will not have one of my citizens stand trial and be sentenced by a magistrate from the Silktari clan.”

“Nor I from the Kraklair clan!” Uniok snarled back. There was a chorus of growling agreements.

Furia held out her hands amicably, “A panel then? One magistrate from each clan to vote on the cases.”

“Just so that the Balktar, Waldaki and Hetaki can vote against one of mine?” Lopi Huftraki exclaimed, “I won’t have it!”

Furia shrugged. “Then you’ll all be judged by Ardeni orcs.”

Even Certiok hated that idea. Furia waited out the yelling storm with crossed arms, then put her hand on the table. The simple action silenced the quarreling matriarchs. She paused for a moment, then said, “A panel of the Ten will be present at each court. If one of the magistrates is suspected of corruption or unfairness, then I will be notified of it. If upon reviewing the notice, I find that there is evidence of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then that magistrate will be drawn and quartered in the stadium the following day. Does anyone object to these terms?”

There was no objection. Furia smiled sweetly, and sat back down.

“There is one thing,” Certiok said. “What laws will the magistrate be basing their ruling off of? There is no formal law in Alkandra.”

It took five hours to hash out the laws for Alkandra, which was strange, since there weren’t very many. In the Highlands, the lawbook was volumes thick, but the Alkandran doctrine was three sheets of paper. All drugs were legal, prostitution was legal (though pimping was not), gambling was legal, even murder was legal if done in a duel. Theft was illegal and punished by varying degrees of beating, extortion was illegal and punished by hand removal, rape was illegal and punished by castration. I found that last law odd, considering how much of Alkandra had been built on rape. None of the hybrids had willingly accepted their fate, even if they hadn’t been forced as I had, and every orc village had a rape pit. Hell, Yavara herself wouldn’t be the Dark Queen if she hadn’t landed in Brock’s merciless grasp that fateful night. I postulated that this law would’ve been different if the chieftains themselves were at the negotiating table.

What had caused five hours of contentious debate was the subject of slavery. In Ardeni Dreus, the orc workers had been subjected to indentured servitude, which was slavery in all but name, and they were staunch opponents of any form of forced labor. Conversely, the tribespeople thought slavery was just a fact of life. Tribes fought each other, and the losers became slaves. In their minds, it was fair. I was only able to convince Certiok and the others to drop slavery by getting Soraya to explain the economic ramifications of it. If the skilled Ardeni workers occupied the majority of the important construction jobs, and the nymphs tended the fields, and the slaves took all the manual labor jobs, then where would that leave the tribespeople? Destitute and unemployed, soon to become the lowest class of a nation they’d founded. After that, they agreed.

When we were done, the sun had set, and everyone was rubbing their eyes. Certiok escorted the matriarchs out of the castle, and we all stood in ceremonial respect and waved after them. Soraya collected the documents she’d scribbled on, and went to her office in the back of the castle to make copies.

“Need help?” Eva asked her.

Soraya turned over her shoulder, and eyed us all. “I could use a few extra hands.” She assessed the hybrids at the table, “Pick an interesting combination.” Then she strolled off.

Eva grinned, then sung “eeny-meeny-miny-moe,” and picked Alexa and Brianna. The three of them giggled as they made their way to the back of the castle, Alexa getting on her knees halfway through so that Brianna could ride her like a mule. Kiera looked at Faltia with an inviting smile, and Furia came up behind Kiera and planted a kiss atop her head.

“Has anyone made a proper woman out of you yet, Kiera?” She asked.

Kiera bit her lip on a smile, “No, but I’m not sure you’re the dick for the job. I need to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Oh, I can be very gentle,” Furia whispered, and reached into Kiera’s neckline to grasp one breast, her fingers pinching and rolling the nipple. That was all the persuasion Kiera needed. Faltia grinned excitedly, and took her hermaphrodite partners by their hands.

Furia turned as they were walking away, “Adrianna, are you coming?”

“Get started without me.” I said, “I’ve got to see someone off.”


The sky was mauve over the Great Forest, the last twinkle of the sun burning an arc on the horizon. The woodlands surrounding the fields were lit with thousands of campfires, and the torches were like fireflies between the campsites. The towers looked like jack-o-lanterns with their windows spewing light out onto the street, where revelers frolicked, fought and fucked in equal abundance. It was organized anarchy, and there had been no attempt to make it anything else. While chaos roamed in the street, the watchmen sat idly, only interfering if someone had become an unwilling participant in it. Adrianna understood Alkandra for what it was.

“You would’ve beaten me if I was still Thomas Adarian.” She said beside me. She’d stood there for a while, neither of us speaking. “I was stronger then, but not nearly as quick or agile, and my strength would’ve counted for little against you.”

“I still lost.”

“Does it matter anymore?”

I looked down at the mother of my child. “Since the first day I could walk, I’ve been training to become the chieftain of the Terdini. It was preordained by my ancestors. I was to be the continuation of a line that extended long before the first Alkandra. When Dad became Froktora, it seemed like the culmination of that destiny. I would beat him in a duel, inherit his mantle, and the Terdini would finally take our places where we belonged.” I put my hand on her belly, my fingers spanning her entire torso, “I thought I would raise a son like myself, and one day he would challenge and defeat me, and the great cycle would continue. But it will not be so. I will have a daughter who bares none of my likeness, who will not even be of my race, and no matter what son I put into Certiok, this elf of my blood will be his better.”

“Yes.” She said, putting her small hand over mine.

“We thought we had brought the tribes to their pinnacle when Dad became Froktora. Castle Thorum had been taken, Thomas Adarian had been captured, and the full might of the Great Forest and the Tundra had been united under the Dark Queen. It felt like destiny that night when we passed around your kitsune and saw the horror in your imperial eyes. How could we know that it was but the beginning of the end for us? That at our precipice, and at your lowest, the things had already passed that would reverse our fates?”


“Zander indeed.” I chuckled, “I guess when you live as long as he has, it’s very easy to see the patterns of people, and set them like chess pieces upon a board. Even Yavara is but the queen to his king.”

“He chose me to be the Head-ranger ten years ago.”

“And he befriended my father when he was still a boy.”

“Do you think he anticipated this very conversation?”

I mused upon the idea with a smile. “Perhaps. I think it’s more likely that he plays a thousand games on a thousand boards, and in each one, he is one step ahead.”

“You’re very eloquent for a Terdini brute. I wonder if our daughter will be a poet?”

I looked into her blue eyes, and sighed. “I wish I could hate you.”

She smiled coyly. “I get that a lot.”

I snorted, and slid my hand up her breast, along her neck, and cupped her cheek. She rested her head easily into my palm, staring up at me with unfettered admiration. She was like Yavara, a woman who could love without shackles. If I wasn’t careful, I’d be ensnared in that love. It was dangerous for someone like me, whose heart could only belong to one. I pulled my hand away, and she smiled ruefully.

“We could’ve tried.” She said.

“It would have ended in blood.”

“I am ageless now. My life is destined to end in blood. If your horde is defeated in the Tundra, it will be all our destinies.”

I regarded her for a moment, studying her face. Her features relaxed into a frown, and her eyes set in worry. “Trenok, I can tell you’re deciding not to say something.” She stepped forward, and put her hand on my forearm, “Trenok, is the Highland army walking to its doom?”

I nodded. “Titus has already killed their high command and delayed their advance for a week at least, and by that time, they will be forced to fight on a battlefield of our choosing. The new generals will follow a predictable battle pattern, and we will bait him with an all-out attack. Much like our duel today, we will throw them the axe, then smash into them. Only, they will not have the foresight to wear unstrapped armor beneath their cloaks. They will grab the axe thinking us disarmed, and never see us coming until it’s too late. With their backs to the marshlands, it will be a slaughter.”

“And then what?” She whispered.

“We’ve placed the Ten and their sons at the vanguard of suicide formations. With them dead, and a decisive victory under his belt, the horde will belong to the Froktora in totality, and Dad would never disobey Yavara. From there, it’s up to her.” I looked out at the narrow urban strip, and sighed. “Whatever she chooses, it will matter little for this place. For a thousand years since the fall of Alkandra, the orcs have been masters of the Midlands, and what have we achieved? Nothing. Now we have been conquered as assuredly as if the imperials had done it themselves, and our time is done. Now, it is the age of dark-elves and hybrids; your age, may daughter’s age. Long after my bones are dust, and the Terdini name has been forgotten, you and she will still walk the earth.” I watched Certiok appear from the street, and ascend the steps. I smiled to her, and she smiled back. I turned to Adrianna, “You will know our destiny, Adrianna. As for me, I have no destiny anymore.” I grinned at her, “I am free.”

And I rushed down the steps, and took Certiok into my arms.


The air smelled of sex. The orcs in the forest and those in the towers were raucous with their lovemaking. The women outnumbered the men nearly three to one, and I guessed by the morning there would be no virgin males of age. I could look into the past for ten thousand years, but I could not see the future. Even so, it was easy to foresee the trouble that would occur in nine-months’ time. The women would give birth, and their warrior husbands would unwittingly embrace a babe that was not theirs. It was an unspoken casualty of war, but it was perhaps the most impactful. Warrior males were bred through the generations to be the peak of orc physicality, and when a great tribal war happened, and all the warrior males were gone, their wives were left with only those deemed too weak or too old to fight. And so, those birthmothers of great warriors would eventually succumb to the opportunists of the tribes, and the next generation would be feeble and unhealthy. It was not a concern I would ever have to deal with, for my children were by my design only.

I walked through the dark fields, and listened to the sweet sound of my sons and daughters making love. The female nymphs were the dominant partners of the pairing, as was natural in my opinion, and guided their brothers through their individual perverse tastes. Some of my daughters enjoyed being on top, some enjoyed being on their backs, some enjoyed sensual love making, and others enjoyed rigorous coupling. There were some who wanted to draw out the experience, and performed with their mouths and hands, while others were eager to be penetrated as soon as they could be. Some even enjoyed it more in their anus, which was an odd quirk. I certainly enjoyed it there, but my body was half succubus, and I enjoyed every flavor of lust. Why it was that the Good Mother above decided that we should garner pleasure from our waste hole was a mystery to me. Ah, but the design of life was best left a mystery. I had dabbled in design, and the results had been disastrous. Across the sea where my distant cousin Passion tended her forest, the nymphs procreated without guidance, and the corruption had never tainted their bodies.

My train of thought was interrupted. I heard weeping. I unfurled my wings, beat the air, and flew across the field. Rose was sitting by herself at the riverbank. She was covered in her brothers’ nectar, and her holes were yawning and abused. She’d taken so many. She had her hand in the earth, and was trying to sing to the seed, but the seed would not hear her, and every passing note from her song only made her voice hoarser with grief.

“Rose?” I said, stepping behind her.

She screamed, threw the seed into the river, and folded on herself, her back heaving with sobs. “What’s wrong with me?!”

“Hush, Rose.” I whispered, collecting her in my arms, “There’s nothing wrong with you, child. You just have an illness, but it will pass.”

“I can’t stop!” She blubbered, curling into my embrace, “I need more and more, but it’s never enough! I can’t even hear the trees anymore! I should’ve left with Crystal!”

“No, no, no!” I pleaded with her, “Do not say such things! I cannot lose both of you!”

“I’m already lost!”

“No,” I whispered into her blonde hair, folding my wings over the both of us, closing us off from the world. I pulled her to my breast, fumbling to fit my nipple into her mouth. She sucked from me desperately, her muzzle working in fervor to pull my milk into her, and I cooed comforting words into her ears, singing songs of sunlit trees, of dandelions in the clearings, of mushrooms blooming in the hollows. She calmed in my arms, but the teeming of her flesh did no cease. Oh, how many of her brothers had she lain with? And none could satisfy her?

“Mother,” she said, parting from my breast, “fuck me.”

She brought her lips to mine, her mouth white with my milk, and we came together in a kiss. She did not kiss me with the tender love a daughter should express, but with a rapaciousness, a starvation of sexuality that put me in a trance. Yes, it was wonderful to feel such delights, but not from her! Her little hands squeezed my breasts, secreting milk from my nodes, and her slender thighs opened around my robust legs, laying limb over limb until our slits pressed, and our pearls rubbed together. I groaned into her mouth as our clits engorged with blood and sensation, our petals leaking to lubricate the sensuality of our motions. I could feel her thoughts in my mind, such confusion, such desire, such fear. I knew what she wanted. Holding her supple glutes in my hand, I spread her, and snaked my tail through her crack.

Tease me. Her thoughts beckoned, and so I did, running my thin tail back and forth between her cheeks, slowly building the tension within her. When she was whimpering in my mouth, the tip of my tail divided in two, and one slithered down her taint as the other snaked around her anus. I penetrated both her holes at once, and she plastered against me, her nubile form conforming curve-to-curve, her toned abdomen molding into my puffy belly, her modest breasts squishing into my large bust. My invasion was gradual and deep, stretching her slowly so that she only felt the pleasure. My tails tenderly squeezed the thin membrane that divided her, and she mewled whorishly for me, beckoning me to venture deeper. And so deeper I went, entering her colon, tickling her cervix, slowly teasing the aperture until it was ready to be violated, and then I invaded her womb.

I stopped. Rose was too entranced with her invasion that she did not notice that my breath had caught. My daughters’ wombs were supposed to be infertile and stale, for I was the only mother in the colony, yet here in Rose’s sanctum, I found them; eggs. Just two, yet there would be more with her cycle, and with each passing cycle, her need would become greater! But no… no, I could stem the progress. It was not too late for her! She needed to drink of my nectar, lay with my sons, and stay away from outsiders, and she would be my Rose again with time! I made love to her desperately, moving as I’d never moved before, letting her do all that she desired to me. Her pleasures had become dark. She bit and scratched and laughed when I cried out. She held me down as I violated her, and rode me like I was a mule. She made me bend over, and while I held my cheeks open with trembling fingers, she pushed her fists inside me, traversing my soft channels, her knuckles squishing into my pliant insides until she was near to her elbows, and then she thrusted into me again, and again, and again! And Good Mother help me, I begged for her by the end, blubbering in the throes of masochistic splendor, uttering such words as should never be spoken. We came over and over, and though my body was exhausted, and hers was as well, her need still compelled her, and I could not rest; she needed me. And so I endured the vilest of her pleasures that night, letting her urinate on me, then urinating on myself, cleaning the puddles of filth with my tongue, and oh, the worst it got, the harder I came, for our minds were so entwined that her perversion became mine, and I reveled in the darkness with her until it was dawn.

And there we lay, panting on the river bank, defiled and filthy. I was satisfied beyond content, but Rose still paced by the water. I watched her do it until she stumbled in exhaustion, and then I took her in my arms, and finally laid her to rest.

“I will save you, my little rose.” I whispered to her, “I will find a way.”


The portal in the back of the throne room flashed, and Trenok was gone.

“He said they were going to massacre the Highland army.” Adrianna said quietly from behind me.

“Every warrior says they will massacre their enemy.”

“I know the difference between bravado and assuredness.”

“I pray that they do. Then the war will be ended swiftly, and he will return to me sooner.”

“And if they invade?”

“Then the imperials will know the horror they have inflicted upon us, Head-ranger.” I hissed.

Her footsteps echoed in the dark chamber until she was standing beside me. “If Yavara crushes the Highland army, and decides to invade, there will be no stopping her. But the Highlands will exact their tole. The Rift will cost ten-thousand to assail even if it’s only guarded by a regiment, and Bentius’s walls stand over a hundred feet high. By the time Yavara holds her sister’s head in the palace, half her army will have been wiped out.”

“And untold numbers will have been saved from future elven oppression. There is no cost too great for that.”

She was silent for a moment, and I wondered if she’d slipped away without my noticing. When I looked at her, there were tears in her blue eyes. “I never thought I was doing evil.” She said softly, “Every time I went on a raid, I thought I was doing good. Not just for the Highlands, but for your people as well. Keeping the tribes in balance kept the peace between them. That was I how I rationalized it anyway, when I cut down children in their villages.”

“It’s very easy to rationalize evil when you don’t even see those that you’re killing as your enemy; just a herd that need culling.” I reached up, and wiped away a tear from her cheek, “Is that why you couldn’t kill the matriarchs? You saw them as people instead of animals?”

“Believe it or not, I always saw orcs as people. But I’ve killed far more people than animals.” She took my fingers in her hand, “You’re cunning and ruthless, Certiok, but you’re no killer. Killing someone seems like a hell of a thing to do if you’ve never done it before, but once you’ve done it, you realize how easy it is. And once a killer puts their mind to killing, it’s hard to stop. I’m a killer. Trenok’s a killer. When that battle’s over, there will be a whole horde of killers.”

“Yavara will be merciful.”

“Yavara’s the greatest killer of them all.” She whispered, caressing my hand with her thumb, “Certiok, if Yavara assails the Rift, I will abdicate my governorship to you.”


“I won’t be a part of my homeland’s genocide, and neither will the others. I don’t know what they will do, but whatever it will be, it will be treason.”

“And you think I’ll be merciful to traitors?!”

“Will you be merciful to your friends?” She asked, and held my hand against her belly.

I stared hard into her blue eyes for a long time, then broke into a laugh. “You are a devious cunt, Adrianna.” My hand drifted lower, and I grinned, “And you’ll have to earn my mercy, birthmother.”


Kiera’s eyes were rolled back as she rode my hips. I tangled my hands in her platinum dreadlocks, and pulled back, savoring the sight of her long neck displaying its curve, her large breasts jiggling, her soft abdomen flexing, her fat cock leaking. Her new virginity had broken beautifully around me, and the blood was still wet between our bodies, but there was no pain in her expression when she took all nine inches of me deep inside her. Now she groaned splendidly to the ceiling, her hot tight insides enveloping me in their moist embrace, beckoning my movements with the rolling squeeze of her feminine muscles. I could feel Faltia’s hand on the other side of Kiera’s membrane, our former-captain’s little digits indenting the fleshy division, massaging the underside of my cock, pressing against Kiera’s prostate.

“Oh, fuck…” She moaned splendidly to the vaulted ceiling.

Brianna watched her beloved with intense interest. She straddled Soraya’s face as Soraya was fucked by Alexa, who was in turn, being viciously sodomized by Eva. Even around the gag-ball in Alexa’s mouth, I could hear her desperate cries, nearly as masochistic as Soraya’s muffled pleas. Faltia watched her beloved being humiliated and abused by Eva, and I saw upon her face, such arousal and love. As she tenderly pushed her fist into Kierra’s tight rectum, she squatted over my foot, taking me into her pussy near to the ankle. It was an interesting sensation, her pliant wet heat encasing me like a debauched sock, but it wasn’t unpleasant for either of us; certainly not for her, whose tattooed slit was splayed wide and leaking.

“Fuck her good, Furia.” Brianna hissed to me, “Put a baby in her.”

“Put a baby in me…” Kierra echoed, intoxicated by my lust, and the excess of drugs that were in her system. She grabbed her cock and began to stroke in time with my thrusts, her body heaving each time our pelvises connected. Faltia took her by the chin and kissed her rapaciously over the shoulder, their tongues slipping from the seal of their mouths. Brianna was moaning louder, Alexa was screaming higher, Soraya was writhing in her chains as Eva drove their lust with powerful thrusts, her black-sheened lips peeled back in a grimace. They came in a succession of moans and cries, their bronze glistening bodies decelerating and collapsing.

Kierra’s cock began to pulse before me, her pussy began to seize around me, her rectum began to clench on Faltia. Her exerted grunts and groans could be heard from her occupied lips, and her eyes opened wide in astonishment. I dug my fingers into the delicious fat of her ass, and delivered three piercing thrusts before I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I unloaded everything into her. She broke her kiss with a cry, and she came from all her parts at once, her pussy saturating my crotch, and her cock exploding across my body, splashing my belly, breasts, and face. Faltia pulled her fist out, and all the strength seemed to be sapped from Kiera. She fell atop me, her cock still spurting between our bellies, her larger breasts pillowing against my bosom.

“Thank you.” She whispered, and we kissed with love on our lips.

An hour later, I was awoken from my sleep.

“Where were you?” I groaned to Adrianna as she got into bed beside me.

“I had to see off Trenok, and talk with Certiok.”

“You missed all the fun.”

“I had some fun of my own.”

I rolled over, and smiled sleepily at the silhouette of her face. In the darkness, I could see the sapphire glint of her eyes staring back. All around the room, I could hear the snores and whistles of the other hybrids sleeping, the occasional groan and shuffle of bodies. The royal bedroom had become our dormitory, and we’d moved all the beds in and pushed them side-by-side. An errant hand rested on my left buttock, and I knew that Faltia had rolled over in her sleep. I scooched away from her, and into the arms of my beloved. She wrapped her thigh over mine, and I grew hard enough to penetrate her. She slid me into her, and mewled contentedly against my lips.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

And with my cock buried comfortably inside her, I held her soft body against mine, and drifted into a wonderful sleep.

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