My First Encounter With A Vampire

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I still remember how it all happened. It was one of the moments I will always remember for the rest of my life, nothing could take this memory away. I still remember every single detail as if it was still fresh in my mind.
I was a local writer for a paper in a small city town in southern Washington. Nothing big ever really happened, so there was never really anything to write about. So needless to say my boss sent me to some small southern town all the way out in Georgia. Yes, you heard me right, Georgia. There were a string of murders that had happened and strange things I guess had been going on. My boss figured if I got a really good story that maybe we could start selling our papers to bigger cities.
I had just arrived in Mystic Falls, a small town in Georgia. The kind of town where everybody knows everyone. There was a nice cool breeze and you could hear the leaves scraping against the pavement as the wind brushed them against the ground. The leaves had already started changing colors. It seemed like this town was built back in the 1800’s. You could still see all the old buildings still standing. It really was a beautiful town. But there was just something about this town, I just couldn’t figure out what yet.
I went to go check in to the local hotel. I was walking down the street looking at all of the tiny shops, I could smell pie as I was walking and taking in all of the scenery, I didn’t see what was in front of me. “Oh, my gosh I am so sorry!” I accidentally ran right into a young man. He looked about twenty-five. He had dark black hair that was somewhat shaggy that laid lazily on his head. His dark eyes could pierce through anything. He was in a black leather jacket with a matching black top underneath. Dark blue jeans with a pair of sleek black shoes. “Oh it’s quite all right. I wasn’t paying attention either, do forgive me.” His voice was almost hypnotizing. Dark and low, it made me want to know him. I couldn’t stop staring into his eyes. “You aren’t from around here,” he said with a quizzical look on his face. “Oh I uhm, I.. I oh I am from Washington. I am here to write an article.” I could barely talk, I was so taken by him. What was it about him that made him seem so powerful? “An article? On our town? What is so intriguing about our town that they would send you all this way?” His face was smooth as he talked. “Oh just, well the recent murders. My boss wants me to cover that story, he seems to think we can expand our customers with this story.” His face changed as I said this. “Oh yes, quite tragic. Did you hear what actually happened to them though? What the cause of death was?” My chest was beating fast, I could hardly think. “Well tomorrow I am supposed to go and talk to the coroner.” He simply looked at me and nodded. He opened his mouth to speak again. “Well do forgive me but I must be on my way. Perhaps I will see you again sometime soon.” I looked away because I could feel my face was all flustered. “Yes perhaps..” As I turned around I realized that he was gone. I sighed and kept walking towards my destination. I checked into my hotel and retired for the day. Tomorrow was going to be quite a long day for me and I needed my rest.
Today was the day. I was going to head to the coroner’s office and then go talk to the police. I needed to get this article finished. I had a dream about that guy last night. I wish I could have gotten his name. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In my dream, I was walking along a beach and he just kept following me from behind. All I could see was his eyes though. I shook the thoughts out of my head and continued along my way. I needed to concentrate. I saw the office out of the corner of my eye.. I walked into the building and looked around. It was a dim lit and looked very sulky. A plump little man popped out from around the corner. “Yes may I help you?” He looked really tired and sounded like it too. “Yes, I am Jessica. I was sent down here from Washington.” “Oh yes, you are here to do the article, all right follow me.” He turned the corner and I hurried to keep up with him. “I hope you have a strong stomach.” He opened the doors into the morgue and I followed. There were bodies all lined up on the tables. My stomach started to knot up. “Okay well biggest details are that there are wounds in the neck and the body is drained of blood.” I gave him a weird look. “What do you mean drained of blood?” “Well there is no more blood in the body and the only open wounds on the body are the two holes in the neck.” I looked at the bodies and I could see the holes he was talking about.
It seemed like hours before I finally got out of there. I decided that I would talk to the police tomorrow. I was tired and worn out. I just, I can’t believe what I had heard about those bodies. Drained? Of all their blood? What had happened to all the blood? Who could do such a thing? My mind was racing. I needed to calm down and relax. I decided to hit up the town bar. I debated whether or not I should go back to the hotel and change, but then I decided what I was wearing was just fine. I was in tight blue jeans with a brown top and a light white coat. I walked into the bar a little tiny place called the mystic grill. I could use a drink. I sat on a stool right up front. “Can I get you something?” The bartender asked me. “Rum on the rocks please.” I took a look around the bar while waiting for my drink. “It’s good to see you again.” I turned around. It was him. The mystery man I dreamt about. He was wearing the same striking outfit that he pulled off yesterday, but a different colored shirt. It was white and matched his dark colored pants. “Hey, I was hoping to run into you again!” I said it before I could think and I could feel my face turn red. I didn’t want him to know that I had been thinking about him. He let out a tiny laugh, “Oh don’t worry I was hoping to run into you too.” He sat down next to me and ordered a drink. “How about a toast?” He said looking right into my eyes. “Sure, a toast to what?” I said, my chest started pounding again. “Hmm, how about a toast to, you.” He took a sip of his drink. I followed and took a gulp of mine. I let out a tiny giggle. “Why a toast to me?” He smiled, “Well we don’t get many visitors in our town, especially beautiful ones like you.” I could feel my face blushing even more. “How about we get out of here and go for a walk?” I smiled and replied, “I would love to.” He held out his hand and I reached out to meet my hand with his. “By the way, my name is Damon.” Damon, what a name. “I’m..” “Jessica right?” Before I could even finish he answered for me. “Yes, how did you know that though?” I was curious how he knew my name. “Well when you live in such a small town news travels fast.” He let out a laugh and continued laughing. I held onto his hand and followed him out into the dark night.
“So how is your article coming along?” He turned to look at me as we walked against the pavement along the lit up streets hand in hand. “Well I have started gathering information but I haven’t really started writing anything yet. Kind of creepy though about what happened. I have no idea how this article is going to come out.” He turned to look away. “Well, they are drained of blood and have puncture wounds in their neck, what do you think happened?” He asked me with a curious tone in his voice. “I really have no idea.” He all of a sudden darted into another direction. “Follow me, I want to show you something.” Up ahead I could see a forest, a path leading into the dark woods. “We aren’t going in there are we?” I asked nervously. “No worries, I will keep you safe.” He held onto me tighter and we entered into the forest. We followed the path to a clearing. The field was lit up by the stars above. It was completely beautiful and romantic. “It’s so beautiful,” I said as I looked up at the stars. “Yes, I love coming here. It helps me take my mind off of things.” I turned to look at him, “So, what do you think happened to those bodies?” He gave me a weird look. “That is quite the change of subject. I don’t think you want to know what I am thinking.” He poured out a small smile from his lips. “Well of course I do!” I looked at him waiting for his answer. His lips opened. “Vampires.” I laughed and put on a smile. “No, I am serious.” I kept laughing. He turned his head towards me and his eyes glowed dark. I felt a sense of fear start to posses me. His lips pursed open and I could see fangs glistening in the moonlight. Dark veins etched against his soft white face. I let out a scream and made a run for it. I didn’t know where I was going I just knew that I had to get out of there. “Where are you going?” His voice was teasing. He appeared right in front of me. I turned and ran the other way, running as fast as I could, trying to keep my feet moving. “You aren’t going to be able to get away.” He jumped right in front of me and grabbed me by my arms. I struggled to get away. I could feel his power glowing from him. He was like no other man I had ever seen before. He was a beautiful mystical creature possessing me in the night. His eyes were so dark, I felt myself being lost in his gaze. I let my body loose and fell into his opening arms. He held me close and looked into my eyes. Speaking to me. I don’t know what he was saying. It was as if he was speaking in a completely different language. I could see his fangs just behind his lips. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, shivers running down my spine. He put his hand on the back of my neck as if to calm me. He looked into my eyes, he leaned in for a kiss. I let my head lean in and I laid my lips upon his. I felt a fire roar within my chest. I was floating, I couldn’t feel my feet on the ground. I was completely taken by his kiss. I could feel his tongue teasing my lips. I stood there both of my hands down by my hips. His body was against mine as he kissed me. He placed one of his hands against my face as his tongue slid in and out of my mouth. His other hand moved from the back of my neck to the side of my neck. His fingers traced the vein in the side of my neck. I could feel my body pulsing with each one of his touches. His fangs would catch my bottom lip as he kissed me. I could feel my pussy start to throb a little. He stopped kissing me and just looked into my eyes. “This is going to hurt just a little bit.” He gave a devilish smile and sank his fangs into the side of my neck. I could feel my body weakening. My knees gave way and I collapsed to the ground, but I was caught in the arms of Damon. His arms were muscular; I could feel them under his clothes. I lay there in his arms as he continued to drink from my neck. I felt every part of me draining. It was getting colder, I was losing sight. I had no Idea what was going on. It almost felt as if I was about to black out. My body was getting weaker and I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head. Everything started…to go… black.
I felt something wet against my lips. What was it? What is going on? Where am I? I tried opening my eyes, everything was very blurry. But someone else was there with me. “Damon.” A small whisper left my mouth. I remembered what was going on. I had encountered a vampire and he was draining blood from my neck. Everything started to make sense. He was the one killing all those people and now he is going to kill me. “I am not going to kill you so you can stop worrying.” I gave him a look of confusion. “I’m a vampire; I can read your thoughts.” I felt a sense of power entering my body; I realized why my lips felt wet. Damon had cut open his wrist and held it up to my mouth. I couldn’t stop drinking, I felt so powerful. “Don’t worry. You aren’t a vampire. You just feel a rush because you have vampire blood in you.” I could feel blood trickling down my chin. It seemed so sinister and yet at the same time I couldn’t help but look at Damon and feel a sense of appreciation being where I was right at that moment. I want to be with him, I didn’t care if he killed me. I just wanted him. It was as if he was reading my thoughts again. He took his wrist away from my mouth and leaned in once again to kiss me. His tongue moving over my lips, licking the excess blood off of my mouth. He started to kiss me passionately. I kissed him back taking his face into my hands. Running my fingers through his hair as I kissed him. Damon stopped kissing me and stared into my eyes. It was as if I could feel my heart about to explode. Something about his eyes seemed so familiar. Damon sat up and ripped his shirt off. It came off without any struggle what-so-ever. I could see his naked skin in the moonlight. He was tan; his chest was chiseled just as much as his wash board abs. It was as if his body was made perfectly. I could feel a sense of hunger enter my body. I started to crave him. I had never wanted a man so much in my life. I sat up without thought and took off my coat then gently took my top off. It slid right off of my body. Damon leaned in and in one quick move had my bra off. The moonlight lit up my hard nipples, my smooth silky skin glistening. Damon glanced at me, the same look I had when I felt the hunger sweep through my body. He leaned in towards me and laid my body to the ground. He laid over me so I could feel his chest lying against my naked skin. I could feel myself breathing with him. He started to kiss me again. The sudden burst entered into my chest again. I didn’t want to stop kissing him; it was too good to stop. My hands reaching up behind his back to hold onto him as we kissed. Damon’s hand reached up to my chest to cup one of my breasts in his hands. He pressed down with his palm and squeezed with his fingers. His fingers slid towards my nipple and he grabbed. He pulled at my nipple as he kissed me; I could feel his body moving with mine. He kissed my neck, started to kiss my collar done, kissing to the middle of my chest. I could feel my body surging with power. I could feel my pussy tingle with excitement. He kissed all around my breast and his lips finally met with my nipple. I felt a blast of pleasure burst through me. He softly bit my nipple; I could feel one of his fangs teasing my nipple. He sucked on my hard nipple making it harder. After he was done he turned his attention back to kissing me, down my body to my stomach. Damon sat up and unbuttoned my pants; he pulled them off of my body. I just laid there in my black thong, the moonlight shining off of my body. His hands went from the top of my shoulders, down my chest and down my legs, sending chills through my body. He bent down to continue kissing my stomach, his hands reaching up to caress my breasts. Damon kissed lower and one of his fangs caught onto the top of the thong. As he moved his head down the thong moved with him, reveling my smooth pussy. His hands slid off my breasts down the sides of my body, running his hands down my legs to meet with the thong to remove it completely. I laid there naked under the dark sky. Power filling up my body, I could feel a rush pumping through me. Damon lifted my legs and placed each one over his shoulders, his tongue slipping out of his mouth to taste my thighs. His hands were resting on my chest when his lips met with mine. He kissed my pussy lips really soft and gently. Small soft kisses on my clit, all the way down my pussy. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter on the inside, my hips started to move as he continued to kiss me soft pussy. I felt his wet tongue on the base of my lips and he licked all the way up to my clit. My hips jerked a little at the feeling of his teasing tongue. Damon’s tongue was resting on my clit as his lips closed around it to suck on my throbbing clit. I could feel one of his fingers tracing the inside of my right thigh. He continued to suck on my clit, his finger now making small circles on my pussy lips. My hips were moving even more, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to feel his tongue deep inside of me; I wanted to feel his fingers inside my tight wet hole. His finger started to explore the inside of my lips, feeling the inside of my pussy walls. Damon’s tongue slid down off my clit and rested on his finger. Both his tongue and finger now wanted to explore the inside of my pussy. I let out a soft moan, the pleasure I could feel building inside my pussy. While his finger explored the inside of my warm pink pussy his tongue moved in and out. My hips moved even more. “Oh… yes.” My pussy felt so good. I moved my hips back and forth to meet with his tongue so I could feel it wiggle deeper inside of me. His finger started moving with his tongue, I had to grab the back of his head to pull him closer into my pussy, I needed it deeper, I needed his tongue so bad! “Oh god, I need you to go deeper,” I told him while panting a little. His hands reached at my hips and he pulled me into him, I could feel his tongue reach deep inside of me, “Ooo ohh, mmm, yes, right there Oh my god yes, uh uh uh.” My hips kept moving to keep up with his tongue; his tongue was hitting my g-spot over and over again. I could feel my body building up with pleasure, My body was tingling, my legs were wobbly, oh god I am going to cum. I moved my hips even faster, just as I was about to cum he pulled his tongue out of me. “Oh god, don’t stop! I was about to cum!” My pussy was throbbing with so much pleasure, I felt like I could scream! I needed to cum so bad, he was teasing me. “You don’t get to cum yet.” I had heard that tone before, his teasing more sinister voice. I was lying on the ground panting. My pussy must have been making puddles below me, it was so wet. Damon stood up, his huge muscular form standing in front of me. His hands moved to his pants as he slowly started to unbutton his pants. He slid his pants off down his legs. Quickly kicking his shoes off and making his pants follow. He stood in only boxers. They were tight around his legs muscles. I could felt my pussy become wetter. I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts, his cock was big, I could tell. I couldn’t stop staring at it. “Well if you want it so bad why don’t you come get it?” He looked at me as he said this. I sat up and while on my knees I reached towards his cock with my hand. My hand met his cock, I could feel it throbbing. I ran my hand over his cock; I wanted to feel it all. Damon leaned his head back and let out a huge breath as his cock started to grow. It was like watching his penis transform. I could see it growing in his boxers and I wanted it. I reached up and started to slide his boxers off of him. As his boxers slid off of his cock, it bounced up once they were removed. I stared at his powerful cock. It had to be at least nine inches and two inches thick. My pussy was pounding, It was as if it wanted to eat his cock whole. I reached my right hand up to grip his cock. I held it. It was so big and warm in my hand. I placed his cock against my face. I rubbed it up and down my face, I wanted to feel it. He was trimmed and very clean, his cock smelled very good.
My lips met with the tip of his cock. I kissed his tip gently as I let it slide in my mouth. Moving the tip in and out of my mouth slowly, Damon’s hands met at the back of my head as he slid his cock deeper into my mouth. “Uhh” He let out a sort of pleasurable grunt. In and out of my mouth his cock was sliding. I could feel the tip of his cock and the back of my throat. I used one of my hands to run up and down his shaft. I had a tight grip on him and moved up and down his cock as the rest of him went in and out of my mouth. His cock started to get deeper into my throat and I know he wanted to go all the way in. I had never deep throated before but I wanted his cock so bad I decided I would try for him. I wanted to please him; I wanted to please his powerful cock. I relaxed the muscles in the back of my throat and awaited his throbbing member to enter deeper. Slowly his cock wandered down my throat. I started to choke on his cock. I could feel my eyes start to water. His cock went deeper into my throat; I could feel spit coming out of my mouth as his cock was gagging me. He kept sliding it in deeper until I could feel his warm balls resting against my covered in spit chin. He slid out till it was just his tip in my mouth and I gasped for air. “You want more?” He asked. I nodded. It was hard to take but I needed his dick so bad. He smiled and put his cock back down my throat. “Oh yes…” He leaned his head back once again and his huge bulge moved in and out of my throat. I made sure to keep my throat open for him; I could feel my muscles contracting all over his cock. He kept moaning each time my throat would spasm. His hips moved faster as his hands made my head go deeper over his cock. I reached down to rub my clit, it was throbbing as his cock inched its way down my throat. “Uh uh uh uh.” He gave his cock one final push down my throat and pulled out. He looked at me and let out a small laugh, “I’m not allowed to cum yet either.”
Damon grabbed me by my arms as he laid himself down on the ground. He picked me up by my hips and placed me on top of him. His dick was lying against his stomach and my pussy was on top of the shaft just resting there. His cock was throbbing and my pussy could feel it. I started to slide my hips back and forth, up and down the shaft. My lips were surrounding his cock as I went up and down and my clit met with the tip of his cock and we both let out a small moan. We gazed into each other’s eyes. I knew I had to have him. I lifted my hips up and grabbed his cock to straighten it up. I sat down on his cock. My pussy slid gently down his cock because it was saturated with my juices. His whole cock was inside of me. I was sitting on him, my ass resting on his balls. It felt so amazing to have him inside of me. We just sat like that for a few minutes. Feeling how perfectly his cock fit inside of me. Our bodies connected, my hips started to move. Damon started moving his hips up and down to meet my pussy. “Uhh, oh yes Damon.” It felt so amazing. There is no way to describe the feeling my pussy had when his cock was moving in me. My eyes would close, my nipples hardened, my body tingled all over me and my pussy pounded. Damon was moaning each time his tip hit the back walls of my pussy. In and out his cock went. I placed my hands on his chest so I could get more leverage. Up and down my hips went. Damon’s hips left the ground to meet me, I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I sat up and leaned back while placing my hands on the ground. I spread my legs wide and moved up and down, my body was leaning back so when I moved up and down his cock rubbed against the front part of my pussy walls. “Oh god Damon, I love your cock so much. I need your cock so bad!” I wanted him to know how much I loved his cock. I wanted him to know I would do anything for it. “Yeah? You love my vampire cock?” He slammed his dick deeper into me as he talked. “Oh god yes, I love your cock so much.” I almost couldn’t talk. I was letting out tiny shrieks. I sat back up and laid my body against Damons. I held onto him really tight, he gripped onto me and continued to fuck my pussy with his huge cock. I slammed my pussy down on his cock. I was breathing heavily; he was sweating and staring into my eyes. “Oh god it feels so good Damon!” I just wanted to scream!
Damon picked me up off of his cock and placed me on my hands and knees. He came up behind my pussy; he had one leg up next to mine and the other on the ground so his cock was level with my pussy. He grabbed his cock and put the tip of it against my pussy lips, rubbing the tip up and down my pussy lips. I let out a moan, it felt so good. I could never get tired of his cock. He placed his hands on my shoulders and his cock slid into my pussy. It seemed to go even deeper than before. “Oh your pussy feels so good on my cock.” He said this as his cock was all the way inside of me. In and out his cock went, we both let out moans of pure pleasure, my wet pussy cradling his cock. “You like being fucked by a vampire?” I spread my legs open wider and replied, “Oh yes, I want your vampire cock deep inside of me.” He started to pound my pussy with his throbbing cock. In and out he went pumping the powerful cock into my wet tight pussy. “God Damon I need to cum!” Right as I said this Damon took his cock out of me. “You don’t get to cum yet.” I gave him a mean look. “What do you mean I don’t get to cum yet? I need to fucking cum! I am so wet and so turned on, I need to have my fucking pussy pounded by that cock, so you are going to fuck my pussy and keep fucking it till I cum!” I yelled this at him really loud. He got a huge smile on his face. “You really do love fucking a vampire don’t you? You want this cock so bad you would do anything for it wouldn’t you?” I nodded, my eyes closed… I needed to cum so bad I didn’t know what to do. My body was freaking out. He took his hand and slapped my pussy to tease my throbbing lips. “You ready to cum then?” I smiled, “Yes I need to cum really fucking bad!”
Damon stood up and gestured me to follow, I obeyed and stood up next to him. I could feel his cock resting against my leg, it was wet and warm from my pussy juices. He picked me up and placed his cock in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms as well. He held onto me and started to bounce up and down. He had lifted me up so easily. You could tell he was very strong and did everything with ease. Damon grasped onto me and pounded my pussy; gravity held me down and made my pussy pound his cock. “Oh god Damon, you feel so good, I want you so bad!” Damon moaned louder and pounded harder and harder. His fangs met with my neck and I felt that piercing pain in my neck again. He had bit me; I could feel my warm blood trickling down my neck. Damon started to kiss me and I could taste my blood on my lips. I kissed him back passionately as I was being pumped by his cock. My body was building up with that power again, that pleasure. “Oh god Damon I am going to cum please let me cum this time, please!” Damon was moaning too, his eyes were closed, I could see my blood on his lips. “Uh, I want to cum in your pussy, I am going to cum!” Damon started to pump harder and I followed moving my hips against him humping harder and hard. Humping harder and faster, fucking each other really fast. “Oh god yes!” I started to scream as I was cumming. Damon started to grunt and moan really loud. “Uhh I’m going to cum!” I let go and felt all of my juices start to pour over his cock, at the same time I felt a huge load of warm cum shoot deep inside of my pussy, it kept coming. It was the biggest load I had ever felt. I felt Damon’s body shudder against mine as mine started to shudder against his. Damon held onto me as he went to sit down. He laid back and I laid against his chest. I could feel his load sliding down my pussy walls. His cock was resting inside of me as I was resting my pussy on his cock. “Oh Damon, that was the best sex I have ever had.” Damon smiled; I could still feel his cock throbbing in my pussy. We laid under the stars, holding each other. “Like I said, you love fucking vampires.”

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