Good Girl- Part 3

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“I’m prickly with beautiful flowers, what am I?” “I’m a rose, Mistress”. Crack the paddle came down hard on my ass. “Wrong.” She gave me another clue “ I live in the desert. “ A cactus, Mistress.” “Good girl.” She said caressing my right ass cheek with her hand giving it a slight squeeze. “I come from a comb.” “I’m hair, Mistress.” The paddle came down on my left cheek hard. “Aaahhh” I panted out. “I am made by small insects.” “I am honey, Mistress.” “Very good. Now get this last one on the first try or you will be punished.” “Yes, Mistress.” She caressed both my left then right cheek, making me wait for the question with growing anticipation. “I am long, round and used in a sports game.” “I am a bat, Mistress.” Mistress was silent for a moment and then purred out “Wrong, I am a golf club. Your punishment is ten spankings.” She laid the paddle on the table next to and kneaded my ass cheeks. I knew that she was as excited to punish me as I was to be punished. “You have been a bad girl, now are you going to take your punishment like a good girl?” “Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry I’ve been bad, please punish me Mistress.” Mistress made eye contact with me in the mirror spread my ass cheeks and pressed on my plug and flicked it until I whimpered. “You’re not sorry yet, but you will be.”

She removed her hands from my ass and then her right hand came down hard on my right cheek. “One Mistress.” She gave me four more while I counted them out. Each one shook my ass causing my plug to vibrate. She paused rubbing her hands over my smarting cheeks and asked “Would you like to give her the last five?” “With pleasure.” Master said. He walked over taking the place that Mistress just vacated. She walked up beside me, I felt her hand dip into the neck line of my costume and reaching in she grabbed my right breast. She squeezed as Master brought his hand down on my ass hard enough to push me into the table. I shrieked before saying “Six Master.” I got four more severe blows from Master, each one hard enough to push me into the table, my ass tingled from the movement of my plug and my breast smarted. Every time Master spanked me Mistress would pinch my nipple.

“You took your punishment very well.” Mistress crooned as she undid the restraints on my wrists. Master undid the restraints on my ankles and put his hand in my hair pulling me off the table. I stood there waiting for instructions. “Step back” Mistress commanded. I did so as Master gave my hair a jerk. She stepped between me and the table. She started to unzip the maid outfit and caressed my body as she did. She lowered her head to the top of my breast and bit down. “Aaahhh” I cried out. “You have such creamy skin that turns such a nice pink and red. I love it.” Mistress purred as she licked the space she just bit. She pushed the outfit the rest of the way down and then turned away and walked to the chaise lounge and laid down. “Come please your Mistress” she commanded. I started to step toward her and was jerked back by Master. “On your knees and crawl” he said. I dropped quickly to my knees, he let go of my hair and I got onto all fours and crawled to her. I got on the lounge and buried my face in her pussy. I licked from her lips to her clit. I sucked and swirled my tongue around her clit. I lifted my head and asked “May I use my fingers to please you, Mistress?” “Yes you may, but next time do not lift your head to ask or you will be punished.” She said pushing my face back to her cleanly shaven pussy. I put two of my fingers in her hot wet pussy and fucked her with my fingers while I sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue. As I dragged my fingers against her inner walls she jerked against me and groaned. She held my head, wrapped her legs Indian style around the back of my head and said “Suck my clit as hard as you can, you little whore.” I did and after a minute of hard continuous sucking I was rewarded by Mistress cumming on my fingers. Her muscles contracted hard and she bucked under me and held my head still as she ground her hips against my mouth. Master came up behind me and put two fingers in my pussy while using his thumb to move the plug making me groan into Mistress’ pulsing cunt. She let her legs fall open lying back with her hands above her head. Looking at Master she said, “Damn our little whore is very good with her mouth.” Master slapped my ass, “Yes she is. Her mouth is almost as good as her dirty little ass.”

“Are you done with the whore’s mouth or are you going to use it again?” Master asked Mistress. “I’m done for now.” “Good, will you get the blind fold?” While Mistress rolled off the lounge Master pulled me up with my hair. He walked me over to the carabineer that was suspended from the ceiling by a length of rope. “Arms out” I complied and he put on the cuffs before reaching up and grabbing the carabineer. He attached them and then walked over to pull the rope up so my hands were stretched above my head. He placed a leg spreader between my legs and fastened it to my ankles, effectively making me completely immobile. When he was done fastening them he looked up at me while kneeling in front of me. He smiled, spread my lips and nipped my clit with his teeth. I groaned causing him to chuckle. Mistress came over with the blind fold and secured it over my eyes. I heard a tinkling noise but I couldn’t make out what it was. Then I felt Master parting my lips again, and then he was pressing something very cold to my clit. I shrieked and rocked back. Mistress stopped me with a hand on my back and then slapped my ass. “You know better, be a good girl or you’ll be punished.”

Master continued his ministrations with the ice moving it over my labia and then my clit. He even brought a piece all the way back to my ass and held between my plug and my ass hole as it melted. I squirmed and squealed as he continued his ministrations. My pussy was hot melting the ice quickly and the contrast in temperatures was so erotic. Master stopped holding ice to my pussy and then licked me. “God you are so wet” he growled against me. I felt his cold fingers push into me and he groaned, “Your pussy feels so hot against my fingers.” As he finger fucked me Mistress started to play with my plug. I knew she was doing it so that we could put the black one in soon and I moaned in excitement. Master removed his fingers and then massaged my clit. His fingers were slick with the juices my excited pussy was making. Mistress started to distract me by kneading my ass and playing with my plug. While I was groaning in response a very long, thick and cold object was thrust into my aching pussy. I cried out “AAHHHHH” twisting my wrists. Master started to lick my clit soothing me. “Good girl, take the iced dildo.” He commanded. Mistress stopped kneading my ass and gave me a spank. “You should be thanking Master for spending so much time with your pussy.” She slapped me again hard. “Thank you Master, thank you for spending so much time with my pussy” I panted out. Even though the dildo in my pussy was ice cold it was not cooling my excitement. “Master, may I come.” I felt on the edge and didn’t know if I could hold off with the sensation overload. “No.” Master said and then stood up. They left me there blind folded with an ice dildo in my pussy, a plug in my ass wearing a blindfold and completely immobile. Master groaned “Our whore looks so hot right now.” “I know but I think I know what will make her even hotter.” I heard a drawer open with some rustling. Then I felt mistress unclip the front of my bra and place cold metal on my hard nipples. She tightened the clamps, stepped away “Now our whore looks down right fuckable.” Master chuckled in agreement.

"Be a good girl and stay still." They left me like that for what seemed like hours, yet was really only a few minutes. They stayed in the room and watched me, they would talk in hushed tones occasionally. Then I felt my arms being lowered and my wrists were released. Mistress took off my bra and led me to the table. She leaned me over it and slapped my ass to begin the next part of our fun.

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