Checking out Dad's Presents after Christmas

Checking out Dad's Presents after Christmas

Written by Stifflittlepoints

It started out innocently enough. Tammy was looking under the tree at what everyone had received the day before . . . for Christmas. Her Dad was reading the paper in his robe, having just taken a shower . . . minus his underwear but was curious why she was spending so much time looking at a Hanes wrapper, around 5 new pair of undershirts.

"I'm off to the mall honey," said Tammy's mom.

"Did you remember the stuff to return and all of the receipts you will need?" asked her husband.

"Yup. I've got my sweater, your CD, Tammy's bra's . . ."

"MOM! You don't need to shout out to everyone about my underwear," whined Tammy, embarrassed having her Dad in the room.

"Sorry, my sprouting little girl," said mom, with a wink at her husband. Tammy had begun high school in the fall.

"I'm going to meet Mary at the mall, and we will probably be there most of the afternoon. You two should find something to do and Tammy, you need to get dressed . . . and so do you Mike." With that the front door closed and Mike and his daughter were now alone for the rest of the day.

"I've noticed you looking at my undershirts for a long time honey. Are you curious about something?" he asked, putting down his paper. Tammy turned scarlet, after hearing his question and tossed the packet aside.

"I was just looking at the . . . uh man . . . in the picture," she said trying to blow off her Dad.

"Why . . . is he handsome . . . like ME?" he laughed but curious about the real reason as he walked over to his developing. Lately he had tried to peer down her top whenever he could, because her breasts were beginning to sprout out much more on her teen chest. He looked down and because of the position she was leaning, he was fortunate to see both small pink nipples on top of small apple-like breasts . . . the perfect size in his opinion. The question was . . . how long he could keep those buds in view before she realized what he was doing.

"Not as handsome as YOU Daddy," she said with a smile looking up at the man.

"Show me the package honey," he suggested. She was worried now that he might realize what she was looking at, but elected to follow his request and leaned over under the tree. Mike moved slightly to view both bare titties even more, and immediately began to get an erection. With nothing to hold it back, the front of his robe began to poke forward.

Tammy grabbed the package and gave it to him . . . and for the first time that she could remember, looked directly at the bulge that was growing underneath and how the terry cloth was poking out almost 3 or 4 inches. Her Dad examined the package and realized that the man in the photo had on a white Hanes undershirt, but also a pair of close fitting briefs, that did little to contain his hidden equipment underneath.

"I don't know Tammy, this man is pretty handsome. Interesting how the picture pretty much shows what he's got underneath his underwear too, huh?" He was testing her to see if she would admit what he thought was the case.

"Uh, huh. And it looks like he's got a BIG . . . I mean . . . bunch of organs and stuff underneath doesn't he?" she said. Mike knew he had her at this point.

"Yeah, as you know boys and girls are different on that part of their body, aren't they?" Pointing at her white cotton panties that were now in view, he said, "You girls are kinda lucky in that way. It's all smooth down there, except for a couple of bumps." Her pussy lips were stretched right up against the thin fabric of her panties, as he got further aroused staring at her crotch. "Daddy!" she said, once again turning red and getting on her knees in front of him to hide her once visible panties. He elected to take a chance and circled his hand briefly around his now fully erect cock and pointed it at the young girl,

"Well, it's true. LOOK. Our stuff is all long and round and sometimes gets in the way," finally dropping his hand to his side . . . loving the look of wonder AND excitement on his daughter's face.

"This is kinda embarrassing . . . cuz I don't know much about boy's things . . . and I was kind curious . . . or is it too weird to ask some questions?" she inquired, still looking at her Dad's robe that was now out almost a half a foot from his body.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about Tammy. What sort of questions do you have? And boys don't call them things . . . they call them COCKS, so why don't you call them that too, ok?" he asked secretly hoping she wanted him to expose himself to her.

"Alright. The girls at school say, you can tell when a boy is . . . excited or likes you, because his . . . uh cock . . . as you call it . . . gets big. Is that true?"

"Uh, huh . . . and really a boy or MAN's cock gets big when they get sexually aroused, or sometimes even think about a girl. Would you like to see me in pair of briefs and an undershirt like the guy in the picture . . . so you can compare?" he asked hopefully. Tammy looked up at her Dad with a mischievous grin on her face.

It was her hope to see him with NOTHING on so that she could inspect his naked cock and balls. Almost answering her fantasy, he waited and then said, "Or do you want to open up my robe and just see my COCK for yourself?" He tried to think of something sad or not arousing, on the spur of the moment . . . in hopes his erection would somewhat subside and not scare her.

"BUT DADDY! WHAT WOULD MOM SAY?" she shrieked . . . suddenly getting aroused at the thought of having her wish come true.

"Well, honey . . . if you open up my robe . . . that must be our secret or she would get REALLY mad. And can you KEEP that kind of secret?" he asked.

"I'm gonna have to," she said reaching up for the sash that was holding the robe closed . . . not to mention his fully aroused organ.

"Wait a minute!" he warned. "I want YOU to see a MAN'S fully erect cock. In order for me to get it REAL long . . . I need a bit more of a reason to be excited."

"Like what?" she asked . . . suddenly wondering whether she wanted to go along or not. Words like "hand job" and "blow job" that her friends joked about at school were coming to mind . . . even though she didn't know what they meant.

"Well . . . in a second, Daddy is going to be completely NAKED in front of you . . . and to get him really excited . . . I think you should take off your top . . . but leave on your panties. If you do that . . . I guarantee you will see a HUGE boner right in front of your face. How does that sound?" Tammy thought for a moment. "Boner" was another one of those words she heard at school. But being topless in front of her Dad sounded kinda humiliating . . . but at the same time exciting. She didn't want him to make fun of her budding breasts. But on second thought at least he wouldn't see her pussy with her panties on.

"Alright," she said and reached down and grasped the base of the large t-shirt she slept in and slowly pulled it up, showing first her bare stomach above her panties and then suddenly two picture perfect breasts came into view as she whisked the garment over her shoulder length blonde hair and tossed it aside. For the first time since she was a little girl several years ago, Mike was inspecting her nearly nude body. The remaining white panties actually added to her nakedness.

"Very sexy body, pumpkin," he said.

"But my tits are too small," she said self-consciously pointing at her developing breasts.

"Just pinch them honey. Pull on your nipples. You will get a neat feeling inside your body and they will pop up." Experimenting with his suggestion, the horny girl gently grasped both buds in between her thumb and finger and began to twist them and then pull them out. A flush of blood rushed to her breasts and her buds spiked outwards.

"Like this?" she asked . . . but before she heard his answer she was now looking directly across at his hidden bulging cock that was dying to break loose from the terry fabric of the robe. Tammy could not actually see his erect cock yet, but she sure as hell could tell it was there. She adjusted her kneeling position, scooting down a little so her head was now at the same level as his crotch, until her head was only about a foot away.

She was breathing a little heavier now, and her Dad actually watched her licking her lips. And still his cock grew larger and harder. It began to rise . . . pressing against the opening, the head now completely outside for her to watch. The purple thick acorn-shaped head was decorated by his pre-cum as he looked downwards at it. The blood engorged tissues inside were quickly filling up, causing it to stiffen as it slowly began to rise.

"It's getting SO hard," said Tammy mesmerized as she watched with astonishment while his cock stiffened to its fully erect state.

"Pull back the sides of my robe so that you can see my COCK and balls better, honey," he said. The girl carefully undid the sash that was knotted at his waist and his entire organ leaped towards her.

"WOW . . .What do I do with it now?" Tammy asked with an expression of amazement on her face.

"Touch it, Tammy," her Daddy said, urging her on. He pulled back the top of the robe and let the garment fall to the floor, making him totally naked in front of his kneeling and topless daughter for the first time. The discovering girl tentatively grasped his swollen shaft with her forefinger and thumb, and gave it a firm squeeze.

"God, it's so hard!" she exclaimed as she began to examine his stiff organ more closely using her thumb and forefinger to explore the bulbous head in more detail. Her pink tongue came out of her mouth as she continued her examination as Mike wanted so badly for it to move a few inches closer where she could lick it.

"This part's not too hard . . . it's kinda spongy. Daddy . . .Uh . . .Can I take a picture of it with my new phone?" Tammy asked realizing that her new iPhone was within arm's reach under the tree. She clandestinely wanted to show her best friend Jami what her Daddy's cock looked like under his clothes.

"Uh . . . I guess so honey. But we can't show it to Mom."

"I know silly. I just can't believe it's so LONG. Maybe I could measure it with your new tape measurer. How long do you think it is? "

"Don't know honey. I have never measured it. Go ahead and grab your phone and it looks like my tape is right next to it under the tree." Mike wanted to get his daughter to give his aching organ much more attention, but was also aroused at the possibilities the camera might bring to what they were doing. He watched Tammy's naked body as she reached under the tree and retrieved both items. His cock began to bob in excitement.

"Give me the phone pumpkin and I'll take a picture of you measuring it, but be careful not to touch it with the metal tip." Tammy passed off the phone and began to pull out the yellow tape. At the same time Mike clicked the picture). It had an automatic focus and he elected to zoom in so that he could see her place the tape through the forest of pubic hair to his pubic bone and then all along the shaft and finally move it out to the end of the purple tip. He clicked and then waited for her to look up and then zoomed out so that he could see her face and hands and clicked it again. Then without her realizing it, he clicked on the video option.

"It's almost 8 inches long Daddy! Is that normal or are you kinda big."

"I guess you could say my COCK is bigger than most guys. Why don't we take a couple of comic pictures? Why don't you pretend to kiss the end of my COCK for me?" The freshman girl looked up and smiled and then moved her head within a few inches of his organ. He continued shooting his mini movie and then heard his daughter say . . .

"Wait a minute . . . I'm not ready yet," and then without any hesitation puckered her lips and kissed the swollen head. He continued to pan in her actions, knowing he would love looking at it later.

"That was a perfect picture honey. I can't wait for us to look at that one."

"Let's try one more Daddy," and Tammy unexpectedly opened her mouth and let the head of his cock enter into her moist lips about an inch. He was anxious about the tip encountering her teeth, but the young girl curled her lips over them almost naturally. Mike almost shot his load as he captured her in action.

"Oh baby . . . that felt extra special. Let's try one more. This time wrap your hand around the base of it pumpkin. And THEN put it in your mouth. It would make Daddy feel REALLY GREAT." Not wanting to disappoint her father, Tammy wrapped her whole hand around his cock, although it was so thick her fingers did not touch and then looking up at the camera stuck out her tongue and then slurped the head inside her mouth.

The horny man had no control over his actions as he began to slowly buck his hips, driving his cock even more into her mouth. She moaned in surprise but made no attempt to pull it out. Barely able to stay on his feet, Mike continued to film this lewd video of his daughter giving her first blow job. But after a few heaven-like thrusts, he pulled it out, knowing full well he would cum any second and didn't want to surprise her with a mouthful of his hot juices. He stopped the video and placed it on a nearby table.

"Did I do it wrong Daddy?" she asked pulling a hair off her lips.

"No honey. I just didn't want to shoot my load just yet."

"Shoot your load? You mean your spermy stuff like we read about in Sex Ed? Hey, did I just give you a blowjob?" she asked.

"Uh, huh or the beginning of one . . . and you did an awesome job. But don't forget . . . this is our super-secret. You made Daddy feel great! And let me do something for you too." Because she was still kneeling, when he dropped his hands in front of him, he impatiently let them gently explore each bare breast. He fondled each titbit of flesh that would one day excite other guys.

"Ohhhhhh . . . Daddy that feels sooooooo good." She moaned again as he began to tweak her nipples with his thumb and fingers. No one had ever touched her body before and she sighed with arousal as her Daddy manipulated them to a state of high peak arousal. "Daddy . . . I feel all tingly all over. I love having my titties pinched like that. How about a picture of you touching my tits?"

"Let's move over that chair and put the phone on it and let it film us. I have a surprise honey . . . I switched it on movie before and I have been filming everything for the last couple of minutes." Mike reached close by and placed the card table chair next to them, perched the phone up slightly and turned on the automatic feature. This energized Mike even more, knowing that his actions would now be on tape. Satisfied their actions would be within the range of the camera feature, his hands went back to fondling Tammy's bare breasts. As his fingers and thumbs pinched her excited nipples, he also moved his cock back and forth across her face.

"You're being kinda piggy aren't you Daddy," she said as the thick shaft rolled across her forehead, and then her cheeks and briefly into her hair, which felt incredible.

"I think it was more fun with this big guy in my MOUTH," said the horny girl as she reached up, placed her hand on his cock shaft and began to feed herself almost a third of his organ. He reacted by pinching her titties a bit harder and the girl moaned loudly, causing further stimulation on his cock head. But that wasn't all that was getting excited. It started earlier, but the girl’s body was beginning to shiver with pleasure. She had played with herself a bit before, but what her Daddy was doing to her breasts caused her tight little pussy to glisten with raw stimulation.

Her nipples were taut like never before and with her spare hand she shamelessly moved her hand down past her stomach and into the elastic band of her panties. As she caressed his Daddy's cock head with wiggling tongue she had located her swollen clit and began to play it like a fiddle. Lifting her mouth and lips off of his cock she whispered . . .

"Daddy . . . what's happening to me? I'm shaking and all excited. It's like I'm going to blow up or something," she moaned.

"You're going to cum my big girl . . . and Daddy is going to make it even better for you," he said kneeling down in front of her, but still crimping and twisting her aroused nipples all the same. He noticed her hand stuffed inside her panties and wanted to take it one step further as he tilted his head and then slowly moved his mouth to the closest tittie and quickly captured the aroused breast into his mouth, immediately sucking on her bud and wildly licking back and forth across her nipple.

Letting go of the other breast he provided the same treatment on that side and then moved back and forth . . . from one orb to the other. Tammy’s breathing had increased 10 fold as she reacted to her father's affection. Faster and faster she wiggled her middle finger across her moist clit.

"Stand up pumpkin . . . let me take you . . .where you want to go," he said placing his hands under her moist arm pits and lifting the panting girl to her feet. Tammy elected to keep her hand inside her panties as she got closer and closer to climax, as she looked down at her father, kneeling in front of her.

"These are in your way," he said softly as he slipped his fingers inside the sides of her white panties and slowly pulled them continually down. Soon the girls hand became visible as it wiggled more desperately back and forth across her clit. He knew her pussy was hiding underneath and he longed to catch a glimpse.

Now almost out of control Tammy thrashed her hand rubbing her swollen bud and then with her other hand wildly cupped her titties, pinching and pulling on the already elongated nipples. It was time he thought . . . and he placed his hand over what was covering her bare pussy and pulled it off, placing her hand on his head as he dove with his tongue into her dripping virgin opening.

"No Daddy! “she objected, not wanting to stop her already erupting orgasm and within seconds screaming YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, ohhhhhh your tongue . . . inside my PUSSY . . . feels greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" Now with both hands she was pulling her Daddy's head into her crotch, as she felt his tongue literally fucking her love tunnel. In and out . . . in and out he drove his tongue, wishing it were his stiff cock. His hands were now on her tight little sweaty ass, and her entire body was now shaking with her climax. For the next several minutes the love makers continued with her screaming and him doing everything he could to make her cum even more. Her body twitched one final time and then it was over. Mike lifted his head and for the first time inspected his daughter's naked pussy. It was literally dripping from his spit and her juices.

Tammy slumped down and laid flat on her back under the tree. Mike looked up and noticed the camera feature was still running and shut it down. After several minutes, the young girl opened her eyes and smiled up at her dad.

"That was AWESOME Daddy! I have never felt anything like that before."

Mike smiled and of course was still looking for relief from his still semi-erect cock. Suddenly Tammy's cell phone, sang out her favorite song, signaling a call from Jami. She looked at the display and saw her best friend's picture.

"Go ahead honey. See what she wants," said Mike. Tammy smiled and pressed the button.

"Hey you . . . what's up?" Mike could hear bits and pieces of the conversation but was intent on finishing round one of their time together.

"I'll ask. Daddy . . . can Jami come over in a half hour or so?"

"I don't see why not," he said, somewhat disappointed. At this point the girl put her hand over the phone. "Do you think you could handle babysitting the two of us . . . maybe NAKED for a few hours?" she asked with a big smile on her face. Mike had always been attracted to her girlfriend for the last few years ever since middle school.

"I'd love to try," he mused fantasizing at warp speed.

"He said yes! So bring over your new outfits and we can play "dress up" for him," she suggested. "See you in a few." She put down the phone and looked up at her Dad, still naked, but now with a semi-hard cock.

"We got to finish quickly Daddy. I want to see you shoot your stuff out of this COCK. What can we do to make that happen?" she asked with a grin on her face.

"I am going to re-aim the camera at you lying on your back and you and I are going to talk dirty while I shoot my load all over your body."

"REALLY? That would be awesome! But what can I do to get your COCK all big and long again?" Before answering, he moved the chair and placed it on a box just above her head and then turned back on the digital camera. Next he moved in between her legs gently moving them outwards with his own.

"I'm going to get my cock all wet by smearing it all over your moist little pussy," he said kneeling down while holding his cock and aiming it towards her still drenched love lips , "But don't worry . . . I won't put it in too DEEP . . . just YET!" He demonstrated his words, and partially laid over her as he guided his shaft onto the outer part of her pussy lips, so that he could lewdly rub back and forth making sure to touch her aroused clit. He knew this would also excite her once again and it allowed him to look down at his daughter at the same time. Soon he was moving his hips back and forth, lapping up her juices onto the underside of his shaft. Just once he backed up slightly and briefly entered her aching pussy.

"Daddy . . . wait," she said, even though his purple tip felt amazing an inch or two inside her love shaft. He continued to move it in and out and over her lips as he talked.

"So . . . my naughty school girl . . . what will we do with Jami when she comes over?" The girl laughed but had begun to truly enjoy the feeling of her Daddy's 8" long shaft rubbing in between her lips.

"I think we can get her to model her new clothes for you."

"I like that idea . . . and then what?"

"Well, maybe we can get her OUT of her clothes," she joked.

"Uh, huh. And then what can you two do . . . to get Daddy all hard and ready to shoot . . . like he is right now?"

"Maybe I can show her how to rub your COCK, like we did before."

"Would you like to see your friend rub Daddy's hard cock . . . and maybe SUCK it too?" he teased, still stroking his rod, but now moving to one side of her body, very close to her little titties.

"Uh, huh," she said beginning to caress and fondle her young breasts but also looking directly at the man's' growing cock. It was glistening with her juices and it looked erotic watching him yank on his shaft with his fingers.

"I like that . . . what else could BOTH of you do to get Daddy all excited?" She thought for a moment.

"How about we strip all NAKED for you . . . and rub our tits together in front of your face."

"VERY good idea. And what else?" he asked now realizing that his cock was entirely coated with her slippery juices and wanting badly to rub it all over her tits. Waiting for her answer . . . he leaned forward, grasping his cock at the base and beginning to rub it back and forth over the erect nipples. Tammy looked straight down her body at his organ touching her buds and it was as if an electric spark had ignited them both.

"What if we put our fingers down here on each other’s bodies," she said moving her hand down below and began to wiggle her clit, "AND rubbed each other off, like you did me."

"Sounds good. And then both of you could kneel in front of Daddy and together SUCK MY COCK. Wouldn't you like to do that?" Tammy was now dipping her moist finger inside her pussy and staring at his shaft, still diddling with her erect buds as her excitement increased.

"Yes . . . Daddy."

"And then you could both lay down on your bed upstairs, on the edge with your legs wide open so that I can see your bare pussy's!"

"Yes . . . Daddy!"

"And I could hold onto my BIG COCK like this," he said as he watched her open her eyes.


"And then you could both BEG me to FUCK YOU and get a feel what it is like to have one these up inside you." And with that . . . Mike began to shoot his load . . . first all over her tits, moving his cock all around both little orbs and then straddling her chest and aiming his cock at her face as rope after rope of hot cum sprayed across her lips and cheeks. He edged forward and soon his belching cock was emptying the last few shots right into her waiting mouth. Part II to follow shortly.

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