Bim Bam Pt 1

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My wife Deena and I live pretty quiet lives out in the woods near a large park. We are in our early thirties and both in great shape from all the outdoor activities available at the park. I'm 5' 7" and about 150 lbs. Deena is 5' 6" and around 130 lbs. We have a black cat & a big dog in the house with us and various critters outside to keep us company.

Now and then we have friends over for an evening of cards and drinking. Sometimes we go to one of their houses. Since we all live out in the woods, we don't have to worry about the law when we drive home a little tipsy. One of these couples were Bim and Mick. Bim was the one that started this story, or maybe it was all my doing.

Mick was a short Irish guy who could drink straight liquor all day and not look the slightest bit drunk. Bim, on the other hand, was sturdy Polish girl with a decent body but couldn't hold her booze at all. She would do ok for a while and then you could see that she had crossed the threshold and was drunk out of her mind and very obnoxious. I helped drag her drunken ass out to their car many nights. I always managed to get a handful of tit on the way. She never remembered anything after she crossed the threshold. From what Mick said, they fucked about once a month if he was lucky, and she had to be drunk if he was going to have a chance at all.

After Bim would reach that point we couldn't play cards any more so we would just sit around and watch TV or talk. She couldn't be left alone for long when she was like that because she didn't watch what she was doing. Mick would just ignore the fact that she was sloppy drunk and avoid being around her. This left me with the job of following her around to make sure she didn't burn the place down. This caused some resentment towards both of them over the years.

Most of our entertaining happens in our basement. I have it fixed up into a great entertainment area with a bar where we can watch TV, play cards or other things. It is nice and cool down there. There is a small bathroom so we don't have to go upstairs to piss while we drink. I also happen to keep all my video recording equipment and computer there. Our 72" HDTV is upstairs where we watch movies.

I was surfing the net one night and ran across a video showing a woman having sex with a large dog. The dog in the video snuck up on an unsuspecting naked woman bent over brushing her hair and mounted her. The woman frantically tried to shake off the dog but eventually fell to her knees to be taken by the dog. The dog fucked the woman at an unbelievable speed. The woman cried and screamed at first but eventually gave in to the feelings she was having and started fucking back against the dog. The woman was loving the fucking she was getting.

The video zoomed in on the dog's knot going in and out of the woman's pussy before going in and staying. At this point the dog pulled up tight and stayed there obviously dumping his load. The woman was cumming with the dog while rubbing her clit with one hand. The dog turned around and was knotted with the woman. She seemed panicked at first but relaxed, kept rubbing her clit and waited. When the dog pulled the knot out of her the cum poured out onto the floor. The dog laid down and started cleaning himself.

The woman stared at the large dog cock that the dog was cleaning and crawled over for a closer look. She reached out and touched his cock. Then she held it in her hand and slowly started stroking it. The dog let his head fall back and just enjoyed it. The woman slowly moved her face closer and closer until she gave it a tentative taste. She seemed ok with the taste and started licking it all over. As the dog's cock started to regain some of its size, the woman opened her mouth and started sucking the tip at first, then all of it. As she sucked harder and harder the dog started to respond by humping her mouth. She was stroking the rest of the dog's cock when the knot started growing larger. You could see the woman's eyes watching the knot grow more and more. The bigger it got the harder she sucked. Eventually the knot was larger than a handful for her. The dog was trying to get it in her mouth but she wasn't taking it. She was holding it with both hands sucking like she was possessed. Then the dog let out a howl and must have let loose with his cum. You could see the woman swallowing as fast as she could. She kept sucking until you could see the knot had shrunk down. She didn't seem to want to stop. The dog had to get up and walk away before she would let go.

I was rock hard and so damn horny after watching that. I went to bed and gave Deena a good hard fucking. She enjoyed every bit of it and asked where that came from. I just told her I was backed up and needed a good one.

I had a dream for several nights after that about my dog Butch fucking Bim. In the dream Bim was drunk and Butch jumped up on her knocking her to her knees and fucked her. After thinking about it, I thought I just might be able to make it happen. I knew it would have to be a perfect setup to make it happen but I thought I could pull it off. I started right away to formulate a plan. My wife couldn't be part of the plan as Bim was her life long friend from high school and she would never ever go along with it. She would probably never forgive me either if she knew I did it on purpose.

The plan I came up with was centered on the fact that Bim spent time many nights throwing up in the bathroom downstairs while we were upstairs to avoid the sounds. I planned for us to arrange to have them over for some cards and a movie that Mick and Deena wanted to see real bad. The movie would be watched upstairs in the den on the big screen TV and surround sound system. I planned for Bim to get too loaded to watch the movie so she could stay in the basement. With this movie running, Mick and my wife both wouldn't want to miss a minute of the action. I saw this movie already so hopefully I could be attending to some other kind of action.

I would have my high resolution video camera set up to record straight to my hard drive on my computer. The camera would be hidden but positioned so that it was aimed into the bathroom where I hoped she would be and pre zoomed for the right view. I also had another camera on hand in case I had a chance to get some close up action. (I was hoping she would be passed out) This was going to be great if it worked and just embarrassing if it didn't.

Our dog Butch was going to be a star in this project so I had to give him some special training which I knew would take some time. First I had to get him trained to mount and fuck a woman. That would be the tricky part. Luckily my wife worked part time in the afternoons which left me a lot of time to work with Butch.

Butch was trained to leave people alone when we had visitors so I had to undo part of that. Training him to mount people was going to be challenging since I didn't have a willing female. I could have looked for someone on the internet to help train Butch but that might be risky. I decided that I would have to play that part for the training.

I wanted this to work so bad that I dressed up in Deena's old dress and used thong panties that I had rubbed her off into the night before so they had a good fresh pussy smell in them. I wore a wig that sort of resembled Bim's hair. I went to the basement with Butch following me. I went and started the video equipment to make sure everything was going to tape just right. I planned to erase it all later.

I went into the bathroom and bent over by the toilet to simulate someone being sick and throwing up. I called Butch over and stroked his furry shaft and he seemed to like it. I jacked him for a while before he started humping my hand and his slimy red cock came sliding out. I sat up and let him smell the crotch of the dirty panties that I had on and he started licking them. He must have liked the taste because he was licking vigorously. This felt pretty good for me because I got hard real quick. I kept stroking his shaft while he licked the panties. Then I bent over the toilet again and tried to get him to mount me. We fumbled around for a while before I could get him on my back.

It was a weird situation, me wearing a dress and panties trying to get a dog to hump me. I was trying to reach under me and let him fuck my hand but Butch was a large mixed breed and pretty strong. When he mounted me and started humping he knocked me off balance. I had to steady myself with both hands. While I did this Butch was humping hard trying to find a hole. I thought the underwear would protect me from penetration but I was wearing a thong. This thong only had a thin string running down the butt crack and his pointy cock was poking all around. I hadn't counted on Butch really fucking me. I just wanted to simulate it.

Well, when Butch jumped on my back he meant business. His cock was sliding right past the little string of fabric and perilously close to my asshole. I decided to get out from under him but he had other plans. He gripped me with his front legs tight enough to squeeze the air out of me and tried harder to fuck me. He had me pinned up against the toilet nearly bent in half and in this little bathroom there wasn't anywhere to go to get away. I was panicked but couldn't see a way out. I could only hope he would give up before he got me.

Well, my luck ran out first because before I knew it he found my ass hole and drove his cock in as deep as it would go. I screamed out in pain as he started to fuck me fast. He drove his cock in and out of me faster than I thought was possible. It hurt like hell for a long while but then eventually, as I relaxed, it started feeling better.

About then I realized that my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I was looking right at it down under me. It was sticking out the top of the panties and looked ready to pop. I could see Butch's balls slapping under me and an ominous looking knot on his cock shaft.

When tried to see better he decided to try to ram that knot into me. He jammed me harder against the toilet and about bent me in two. My cock was just about an inch from my face because of the bend I was in. Butch succeeded in jamming the knot into my ass and in the process I cried out and came at the same time.

In the position I was in most of the cum blasted into my open mouth. I was cumming more than I ever did before. I swallowed what was in my mouth instinctively and opened again to breathe and caught more cum. Butch was cumming in my ass at the same time. I could feel the cum shooting up my ass at the same time it was shooting out of my cock into my mouth. It was like he was cumming in my mouth. I was about out of my mind in bliss and pain at the same time. The knot was killing me and thrilling me at the same time.

Finally I stopped cumming and pushed away from the toilet to relieve my back. Butch was still cumming in my ass but let up on his grip enough for me to get straightened out. What a relief that was. I had been bent over double for what felt like a half hour but was probably 5 minutes. It took another 15 minutes for the knot to come out of my sore ass. I held his legs so he couldn't turn around. I didn't want him to tear my ass apart any more than he already did.

I couldn't believe the miscalculation that I had made. My ass was going to be sore for a while. But, on the other hand I did cum better than I ever had before, even though most of it went in my mouth and the rest on my face. I sort of did enjoy it and I had to admit it didn't taste bad. Then I remembered that it was all on video. After Butch pulled out of my ass, I stopped the recording and saved the file somewhere secure then went to clean up the mess, change clothes and shower.

Butch and I repeated this several times until when he saw me bent over the toilet he would jump right on and start humping. We did it the same every time with me shooting my mouth full of cum. Every time we did it, Butch pushed me closer to my cock. The last time I could just get my lips on the head of my cock and came right on my tongue. It was great and I had it all captured on video. I tried to suck myself without Butch but couldn't get close to licking my cock. I needed to be bent up with Butch pushing me to do it.

Now that I had Butch trained I had to arrange for Bim's introduction to dog cock.

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