Daddy's Little Bitch_(0)

One night I came home from school and I hadn't done the dishes from the night before. My father was already mad at me for various other screw ups, and the dishes just pissed him off. I am a boy, young, in my teens, I'm of a very light, almost feminine body type. My father is a very big, very powerful man, and making him angry isn't wise.

I did just that. We were standing up in the kitchen when I yelled They're not even my fucking dishes! He took one step foward and shoved me into the refrigerator so hard it cracked my back multiple times, and knocked the wind out of me. Unable to inhale, or exhale I crumpled to the floor, gasping for air. He grabbed my long brown hair and dragged me down the hall to his bedroom. He boomed I'll teach you to respect me! As he threw me onto his bed he said You little shit.

He closed and locked the door and then grabbed my ankles. He ripped my pants off and then tore my underwear off. I whimpered and he slapped me and dragged me to the edge of the bed. He dropped his pants and underwear and stroked his cock. The way he was pressing me down I couldn't see how big his dick was. He pulled me over the edge and let my knees hang. He moved into position and with barely enough spit he forced his cock into my ass. I screamed in agony as my father sank his cock deeper and deeper into me. Tears streamed from my betrayed eyes, as I cried out in pain as my father continued pushing.

He was now about 7 inches inside me. My teenage asshole was stretched 2 1/2 inches across and it felt like it was tearing. My father's cock got even thicker at the base..By the time he forced the last 2 3/4 inches up my virgin hole, my asshole was stretched agonizingly wide and at 3 inches thick it was way too big for a young boy my age. My father said Mmmm I'm gonna teach you to respect me you little bitch. He pulled 7 inches back and rammed it back into me balls deep making me cry out in pain. My father shoved my head into the pillows and began raping my virgin asshole. I cried so hard for so long I ran out of tears. But my father continued to pound my teenage asshole.

He pulled me up to my knees with my shoulders on the bed. He grabbed my hips and shoved his 9 3/4 inch cock balls deep in me, and then started plowing my ass. I was still in pain but had become hoarse from crying. He raped my little asshole for a long time, and he wasn't trying to make it easy on me. I felt everything stretching around my father's intolerably enormous cock. After about twenty minutes my father resumed pounding my ass, and he did it deep, hard, and much faster than before. I felt the pronounced veins in my father's penis, I felt his thick shaft, and his firm head slid into my ass until his balls were pressed against my ass. He destroyed my ass for a while longer making sure to force his massive dick straight into me, making it incredibly painful.

He groaned Ooh! Ahh fuck! As he orgasmed. His already agonizing cock grew even more making me scream, my asshole stretched just beyond 3 inches. His dick erupted and I felt my father's hot thick sperm filling my ass. He groaned Oh yeah bitch! Respect that. He finished cumming and pulled his huge, throbbing, cum covered cock out of my aching teenage ass. I just sank to the bed and lay their whimpering.

My father said Shut up. Or I'll give you something to cry about! He pulled my head around to the edge of the bed and rolled me over on my back. He opened my mouth and stuck his cock in. His dick was so thick it forced my small, young mouth all the way open. My father slid 3 1/2 inches in before I gagged. Of course I coughed, cause I was choking on his cock, which made me lift my head up causing my dad's dick to sink deeper into my throat. He groaned in pleasure as his huge dick entered my virgin throat. I tried to cry but couldn't. I could barely breath around his enormous cock, and it was really starting to freak me out. My father noticed too, as I tried to move my head down away from the massive cock assaulting my mouth. He said Oh no you little bitch. He continued choking me with his cock.

Before long I had gotten to the point when you're gasping trying to breath, I tried desperately to push my father away, gagging and gasping for air. He held my head back and started forcing me to deepthroat his enormous cock. His cock hurt as he pushed deeper into my throat with each insertion. Now 5 inches into my young thoat his cock began to stretch my throat making it bulge. If you think choking on a piece of food hurts, or is scary, try swallowing a 91/2 inch long, 3 inch thick cock as a young teen, against your will.

My father pushed deeper and deeper until his balls were sitting on my face. He fucked my throat with a few inches, watching me begin to fade. I heaved really hard arching my back and trying to cry past my dad's cock. He kept fucking my mouth until he started to orgasm. He shoved his cock balls deep down my throat and came again. I could feel the wads of sperm flowing through his cock inside my throat. He poured cum into my throat and continued to gag me, even as I began to lose conciousness. By this point I had lost all my strength and soon after I blacked out.

When I woke up I was still in my father's bed, naked and alone. I was so exhausted I could hardly move. I managed to reach around to feel my asshole. It was still gaping wide, and leaking sperm. My ass was so sore I wanted to cry again. It wasn't just my asshole either, my insides hurt too, they ached. I coughed and it hurt so bad I tried to whimper but no sounds came out. I swallowed and it felt like my father's huge cock was being forced down my throat again.

I lay there naked, betrayed by my father, filled with his sperm, sore, and scared. I stirred and attempted to get to my hands and knees. The second my stomach was upright, I became nauseous, and my mouth started to water the way it does when you're about to be sick. I heaved a couple of times and threw up a lot of cum. I was so miserable I just collapsed into the pool of cum and puke.

About five minutes later I had to take a shit. I dragged my cum filled, throw up covered body up and into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and tried to shit. My father had rammed his cock so deep inside me that my shit was packed so tight I couldn't shit, even with my asshole still loose, and dripping cum. It was terrible having to shit so bad it almost hurt, having just gotten sick, being covered in my own throw up, and feeling nauseous again. I started the shower and got it to the right temperature. I climbed in and stood against the wall. The warm water seemed to feel like liquid love on my skin.

Tears welled in my young, betrayed eyes. I sank to the shower floor sobbing. I hadn't the strength to stand and so I just washed my legs slowly. I moved up and washed every inch of my lower half. I reached behind me to wash my butt. I was still so sore and stretched that when I ran the bar of soap over my gaping asshole it slipped right in. I easily slipped it out and whimpered about how loose my little asshole was. I sat slumped in the corner oozing sperm, and crying. The weirdest part was that the tears were from the agonizing rape I had just endured, but the feeling I had was no longer betrayal. I felt empty. I wanted my father's cock back inside me. I cried even harder, not able to understand what had happened or why it had been done to me, or why I felt the way I did.

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