Part 1

David Hart lay on his bed reading a sci-fi comic and relaxing, it was only the first week, of his summer holiday from college. And he was already board.
June Hart was in her bedroom stripping off the dirty sheets from her bed. It was wash day.
She walked onto the landing carrying her dirty sheets, which she tossed down to the bottom of the stairs.
She then went into her son's bedroom.

David's mother walked into his bedroom.
He looked up at her as she entered his room.
His mother gave him a disapproving look.
David just sighed to himself; he now looked at her and said.
"Okay what have I done now?"

June was silent for a few moments; she was looking all around his room. She then looked at her son and said to him.
"Your room is a complete pigsty."

David did not say anything; he just gave his mother a little pathetic smile, which made her get even angrier.
June now said to her son in an angry voice.
"I want you to pick up all your dirty clothes off the floor and tidy this room. Also strip your bed and bring down you're dirty clothes and dirty bed sheets to the laundry room, so I can wash them.
You can also make your bed yourself.
You are old enough to do it."

David was going to argue with his mother and refused to do it, but he could tell she was in a bad mood. David knew why his mother was in a bad mood it was the second week of his father’s business trip and his mother was getting horny.
Which meant she was getting very moody and irritable?
She was like this every time his father had to go away on a business trip.
David knew his mother liked sex; he would listen outside his parents' bedroom door, when they screwed.

David was halfway through stripping off his dirty bed sheets when he heard the front door bell go.
June was in the laundry room next to the kitchen when she heard the front door bell go.
She walked to the front door and opened it.
Standing outside were two of David's friends.
David was now on top of the landing listening.
He could hear the voices of a couple of his friends.

June was now looking at two of his friends; they smiled friendly at her and asked.
"If David could come out to play."
June told them.
"That he was tidying up his room and could not go out until it was finished."
David listened to his mom talking to his two friends, he then quickly went downstairs.
June turned to look at her son, before she could say anything.
David said to her.
"Can my friends come up and help tidy my room?
Then I will be finished earlier and you will have a nice clean bedroom."
Before June could reply.
David went back upstairs followed by his two friends; June was just about to tell them to come back down.
Then she decided it was not worth the trouble, she went back into the kitchen to finish putting the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

June was busy in the kitchen doing the washing for the next hour; she did occasionally hear voices coming from her son's room as well as the vacuum cleaner going on and off.
She was now ready for David's dirty clothes and bedding, she was just about to go upstairs when one of his friends walked into the kitchen carrying her son's dirty bedding and clothes.

June smiled at the boy and told him to just drop the clothes in front of the washing machine.
The boy did as she instructed him to do.
June then smiled once again at the boy and said to him.
"Forgive me, but I can't remember what your name is."

The boy returned her smile and said "his name was Danny Wild."
June now knelt down and started to put the dirty clothes and bedding into the washing machine.
Danny from where he was standing could see down her blouse to her bra covered tits.
Her bra was a low cut one that showed a lot of her breast flesh.
He could feel his prick start to get aroused in his trousers.
He quickly turned around and darted back upstairs, June was completely oblivious to any of this.

When Danny got back into Dave's bedroom he was a little flushed.
Mark looked at him then said to him.
"Why do you have a hardon?"
David also turned to look at his friend.

Danny quickly explained about looking at David's mother's big tits.
Mark told him.
"He was a lucky bastard."
David said to him.
"That he was sick for looking at his mom's tits."

Mark turned to David and said to him.
"Your mom does have a great pair of tits."
Danny quickly agreed with him.
David had no idea that his friend thought his mom was hot.
David had never thought about his mom in that way before, she was just mom to him.
The three boys’ then had a long discussion about whose mom was hot, and what they liked about them.

June was just about finished with the washing, when her telephone started to ring.
She went into the living room to answer the phone.
It was her husband telling her that he would be back tonight just after six.
June was pleased that he was coming home a couple of days early, she felt so frustrated.
She really needed to be fucked good and hard.

June decided to go and see how her son was getting on.
She knocked on the door then entered.
She was surprise to find his room clean and tidy; the window was also open letting in some much needed fresh air.
June was so pleased that she told him.
"That he could go out, she also told him that his father would be home tonight."

20 minutes later David and his friends were walking into the large park not far from his house.
June was at home soaking in a hot bath getting ready for her husband's arrival home.
She had given David some money so he and his friends could go to the cinema tonight.
June told him not to be home until after 11pm.

She wanted some private time with her husband.
David just smiled at his mother, when she'd told him this.
David knew what his mother wanted.
So he just took the money and left with his mates.

David and his mates were sat on some swings talking.
Danny then said to David.
"Why was your mother so determined to get you out of the house tonight."

David quickly explained to his friends what would happen when his father got home tonight.
Danny and Mark both found it a big turn on, to know that David's mother would be getting a good fucking tonight.
They wished they could watch her getting fucked.

David was silent for a few moments; he then turned to both his friends and said to them.
"I think I know how we can watch, but we will need to use the money my mom has given us to make it work."

David quickly explained to his friends what his plan was, both of them readily agreed with it.
David told them what to get from their houses, both went to get what David had told them to bring. David went to buy the cable he would need to make his plan work.
He also had to put £20 of his own money to it.
But he would get that back from both of his mates later on that night.
They all had agreed to pay half towards whatever the cost of this little plan was.

David now very quietly let himself into the back way of his house.
He quietly went through the kitchen and very quietly went up the stairs; he could hear his mother singing in the bath to the radio that was playing.
David made his way to his bedroom; he got his laptop then very quietly slipped back out of the house.

Within the hour Mark and Danny returned both bringing with them there webcams.
David's plan was to put a web cam in the living room and the other in his mother's bedroom and wire them both to his laptop which he had in the shed.
They then could watch from the shed.

David now once again slipped back inside his house and set up the webcam in the living room.
He ran the cable around the furniture so it could not be seen.
He then pushed the end of the cable out through the window were Danny ran the rest of it to the shed.

David and Mark now ran the other cable from the shed up to David's mother's bedroom window.
Mark stayed on the ladder why David once again set up the webcam in his mom’s bedroom.
David opened the window and Mark passed him the cable.
Soon all was ready.
Luckily David's back garden was surrounded by high trees, so nobody could look into his back garden.
David just got out of his moms bedroom a few minutes before she got out of the bath.

As there were still a few hours to wait, they decided to go to the park.
They did not want to spend the next few hours waiting in the small shed.
They returned from the park, just after half five, they had some drinks and a little fast food with them.
Danny had brought a webcam splitter with him, so they could view both webcams at the same time.

June was in her bedroom getting ready for her husband's arrival home.
She was wearing a black cuppless bra that let her big tits hang free, she was also wearing a pair of black crotchless panties.
She also wore a black suspender belt and black fishnet stockings.
She was just fastening her black 6 inch high heels when she heard the front door go.

David and his mates were going ballistic in the shed, just as David's mother started to get undressed in her bedroom, the webcam cut out.
David was promptly trying to get it working again.

June had quickly pulled on her sexy thin black negligee over her almost naked body.
She then ran down stairs and into the living room her big tits bouncing up and down as she ran.
She ran into the living room then just stopped completely dead in her tracks.
Her husband was in the living room, but he was not alone.
Sitting on the sofa and looking at her with lust filled eyes were two of the biggest and darkest black men she had ever seen in her life.
Both wore suits and both looked like gangsters.

David finally got the webcams to work again.
They were now looking full screen at the living room webcam, there was his mother stood with one arm trying to cover her big tits and the other her shaved cunt.
His dad sat in a chair looking very sheepish. While two big black men were sat on the sofa and looking at her with lust filled eyes.
The boys never took their eyes from the webcam.
Danny quickly told David to make sure he was recording everything they saw.
David started to record the living room webcam.

June was just about to turn and flee out of the living room, when one of the big black men quickly got off the sofa and closed the living room door and stood against it.
She was now trapped in the living room.

June still trying to cover her naked body as best she could looked at her husband and said in a very frightened voice.
"What the fuck is going on Tom."
The black man who was still sitting on the sofa smiled at June making her shiver with fear.
He then turned to her husband and said to him.
"I think you need to explain things to your wife."
June noticed that he spoke with a very prominently Jamaican accent.

June still trying to cover herself was looking at her husband waiting for him to explain to her.
The boys in the shed were also waiting for him to explain.
Finally Tom started to speak but he did not look at his wife he kept his head down.

Tom quickly explained that both men who were called Lennox and Omar were loan sharks and he had lost a little money playing poker.
Her heart suddenly sank, she was sure her husband had finally stopped gambling.
He had promised her that he had stopped.
And she totally believed him.
Tom now continued to speak telling her that he owed them a little money.

June was a little afraid to ask them but she did how much he owed them.
The black man who was stood against the door and was called Omar suddenly started to laugh.
Omar then told her that he was in the hole for £15000.
June couldn't believe he had been so foolish.

Omar then walked up behind her and put his hands around her waist.
June was too afraid to struggle; he quickly moved his hands up pushing her arms away until he had both of her big breasts in his hands.
He now started to fondle her breasts and tweaked her nipples.
He then whispered into her ear.
"Do you have any idea how your husband can pay his debts or should we just take your house or your son?"

June was totally confused and she was very frightened, but the feel of his hands on her breasts did feel good.
She tried not to let herself enjoy his hands, but he played with her breasts so skilfully.
She said in a hoarse voice.
"Why would you want my son?"

Lennox, who was still sat on the sofa, now pulled down his zipper and pulled out his huge prick.
June had never seen anything so big in her entire life.
He slowly started to play with it.
Omar gently pushed her towards the sofa.

June was now directly in front of Lennox who was still stroking his huge shaft.
June softly and never taking her eyes off his prick repeated her question.
"Why did he want her son?"

Lennox smiled at her showing his full set of bright white teeth.
He then said to her.
"There is nothing better than a little white boy sucking on my big black prick, unless you can prove otherwise?"
Omar gently pushed her down onto her knees, Tom her husband had watched everything and never said a word or tried to stop them.

The boys in the shed couldn't believe what they were seeing.
David wanted to run into the house to help his mother, but Danny and Mark both told him that would be stupid.
He would just get himself and his mother hurt.

Omar now started to push her head towards Lennox prick, but he did not push her all the way onto it. This was a game that they both liked to play with mothers.
They liked to see if the mother's really loved their sons.
It could be very useful to learn this little fact about the moms and it was a great way to control them too.

Lennox was getting a little impatient that she had not started to suck his prick yet.
He then said to Omar.
"I think its best you go find the boy and bring him to me; let's see if he can suck better than his mother.”
Instantly June took his large cockhead into her mouth and closing her eyes gave him the best blowjob he had ever experienced in his life.
She took nearly his full shaft down her throat.

The boys in the shed as well as Tom couldn't believe that June had nearly took his entire big prick into her mouth.
She continued to suck up and down on his big black prick.
Now she had his entire shaft in her mouth.
Lennox had never found a woman capable of taking his full shaft.
He was both pleased and amazed that this woman could take him all.

June was starting to enjoy sucking on this big black prick, she had always wanted to try a big black prick, but was always too shy to try one.
June was now licking his cockhead like it was a lollipop; she was lapping up his Pre-cum that was now leaking out of his piss hole.
It tasted nice.
She had always liked the taste of cum.

Tom couldn't believe how good his wife was sucking on this big black bastards prick.
Tom felt very jealous, but he did not dare try anything these two men were very dangerous.
Lennox could see the anger in Tom's face as his wife eagerly sucked his big black prick.

He decided to tease him a little.
Lennox now said to Tom.
"Once a white whore tastes black meat she will not want your little white pecker again."
Omar laughed it this.

June just completely put everything out of her mind and just continued to suck on his big black prick. She suddenly felt something very big entering her pussy.
She turned around to look, she still had Lennox's prick in her mouth.
Omar was smiling at her as he pushed his big hard prick into her pussy.
Junes eyes watered his prick was even bigger than Lennox's prick.

June couldn't help it she let Lennox's prick out of her mouth, as Omar now started to really pound in and out of her pussy.
She was screaming and moaning like a common whore now.
Omar just smiled at Lennox who just winked over at Tom.
June finally got accustomed to Omar's big prick pounding in and out of her neglected cunt.
She took hold of Lennox prick and started to suck him again.
This time with more passion and more lust than before.
Tom just hung his head and started to cry as both big black men just used and abused his pretty wife who seemed to be enjoying it now

David and his friends, who were still watching everything on his laptop, also couldn't believe how willing his mother was being now.
Lennox could not take any more; he grunted out loud and suddenly shouted out.
"Take it you fucking white whore, eat my spunk."
He was now shooting huge loads of his spunk into her mouth.
June was trying to swallow his spunk but there was so much; it was now pouring out of the corners of her mouth and dripping onto her big tits.

Omar now grunted that he was also coming.
He started to shoot his huge loads of spunk into her cunt.
June felt his first three huge loads of spunk enter her pussy, but she also wanted to taste him too.
June now turned around to face Omar, she begged him to shoot in her face and mouth.
Omar quickly pulled his prick from her pussy, his spunk now poured out of her cunt.
His last two loads hit her full in her face.

June greedily used her hands to get all his spunk into her mouth.
She then looked up at the big black man, who was smiling at her.
She then said to him.
"Delicious better then my husband's pathetic white spunk any day."
Both big black men just laughed.
June also started to laugh.

June then took both black men by their hands and led them up to her bedroom.
Tom was told to stay where he was.
David and his friends quickly changed to the webcam in his mother’s bedroom.
Lennox and Omar spent the next 2 hours fucking her in every one of her holes, and she loved every second of it.

Tom was still sat on the chair when they all came back down stairs.
June was now dressed in her dressing gown; she kissed both men passionately at the front door.
Lennox turned to Tom and said to him.
"That's £1000 off your debt; we will be in touch about how to pay off the rest of it."
Lennox then kissed her once more forcing his tongue into her mouth for Tom's benefit.
They both then left.

June now turned to look at her husband before this incident she loved him with all her heart.
Now she completely despised him.
June now said to Tom.
"I am going to have a hot bath you move all your stuff out of hower bedroom and into the spare room that's where you sleep from now on."
Tom could only nod his head he did not have anything left inside of him.

David's friends wanted a DVD of all the action, but he refused them.
Mark was going to force David to make them a copy.
But David picked up a spade and threatened to hit him over the head with it.
Mark reluctantly back down.
David then told his friends.
“To go home and not to say anything to anybody or he would kick their heads in.”
Mark and Danny were a little pissed off with David, but they could see, he was really angry.
And they did not want to get hit with the spade.
Reluctantly they agreed and left to go home.

Part 2.

David tried his best to avoid his mother for the next couple of days, he would get up early and leave her a note saying that he had gone to play football or gone fishing or gone for a bike ride.
David couldn't get the image of his mother having sex with the two big black men out of his head.
Most nights he sat in his room watching his mother sucking and fucking those two big black guys on his laptop as he jacked himself off.

David also noticed that his father when he was at home, spend most of his time reading or watching television in the spare bedroom.
He also noticed that his father and mother did not speak to each other anymore.
And when he was in for dinner, his mother only prepared dinner for herself and him.
His father had to sort out his own meals.

This carried on for a few days, until his father went on another business trip.
David was a little puzzled by the amount of luggage his father took with him.
Sometimes when David came home at night his mother was out.
She would always leave him a note.

One day David planned on going for a bike ride, he was only a few miles away from home when he got a puncture.
David pushed his bike back to his house and let himself into his back garden.
David looked in the shed, but he could not find the puncture repair kit.
He decided to go to the bike shop and buy a new one.
He then went and let himself into the kitchen and then went up to his bedroom to get some money.
David noticed that his mother’s bedroom door was closed; he could also hear soft moans coming from inside and the noise of the bed squeaking.

David quietly went into his bedroom, and quickly gathered up his laptop and charger.
He then very quietly made his way back down stairs and into the shed.
Once in the Shed he quickly booted up his laptop computer.
Once the laptop was up and running he connected the bedroom Webcam to the computer.

They're on his laptop screen was his mother on all fours on her bed completely naked apart from her fishnet stockings.
A fat Asian youth roughly about 17 to 18 years old, who was also completely naked, was pounding his prick in and out of his mother's pussy.
They were both covered in sweat and by the sounds they were making; David realized that they had been fucking for a long time.
David continued to watch as this fat Asian lad fucked his mother sweet pussy.
His fat belly hit her buttocks everytime he thrust into her pussy.
But she seemed to be enjoying it, she kept telling him to go faster and deeper.
She even reached behind herself and pulled her ass cheeks wide open allowing him better access to her sweet pussy.
The lad continued to fuck her sweet pussy for the next few minutes, before he grunted out loud and shot his load into her cunt.
He then pulled his prick from her pussy and collapsed onto the bed.
David could see some of his spunk starting to run out of her pussy.
David's mother put her hand over her cunt and allowed some of his spunk to run into the palm of her hand.
She then brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her hand clean.

She then smiled at the lad and said to him.
"Delicious I have always loved Asian food."
The lad was completely exhausted, but he managed to laugh at this little joke.

The lad slowly got up off the bed and started to get dressed, June rolled over onto her back and parted her legs wide open, she then put her hands under her cunt and let his spunk run into them.
Once her hands were nice and full of his spunk, she rubbed them all over her big tits.
She then smiled at him and said to him.
"Spunk is good for the skin especially black and Asian spunk."
The lad just laughed and she just smiled at him and continued to rub his spunk into her skin.

Once the lad was fully dressed he took out his wallet and handed her some money.
He then counted out a little more money and then said to her.
"That's a little extra for that little bit of a special thing you did for me."

He then said to her.
"That he had really enjoyed himself and he would ring her really soon."
He then opened her bedroom door and left.
June waited until she heard the front door close.

She then got off her bed and got down onto the floor.
She now pulled out two metal cash boxes from under her bed.
She opened up both boxes; she then split the money into two and put the same amount into each box.
She then said to herself.
"A little money for Omar and Lennox and a little money for me."
She then closed and locked both boxes; she then put the boxes back under her bed.

June then started to whistle to herself and went to get a nice hot shower followed by a long soak in the bath with a chilled glass of wine.
David watched the video of his mom and the Asian lad one more time.

David wondered how much he had been missing when he was not in the house.
He needed to record everything that happened when he was not home.
He quickly took out his mobile phone and called his friend Pete.

When his friend answered the phone David told him.
“What he needed.”
Pete was silent for a few minutes, and then he said to David.
"He thinks he has a piece of software, which should do what he needed."
He told David to bring his laptop over to his house and he would install it for him.

David quickly set off to Pete's house.
David knocked on Pete's front door a few minutes later Kerry Willis, Pete's mom opened the door.
She had a towel to her face and was sweating: she was also dressed in a very tight leotard.
Her leotard only just kept her big tits from falling out of it.

She smiled at David and asked him.
“To follow her into the living room.”
David followed her into the living room; he could not take his eyes off her nice big ass as she walked in her tight leotard, her ass cheeks wobbled as she walked.

Once they were in her living room she explained to.
“David that Pete had just popped to the shops and he should be back in the next 10 to 20 minutes.”
She then turned back on her music and started to go through her exercises once more.
David sat down on the sofa and watched her intently as she went through her exercise routine.

David loved watching her do her exercises her big boobs would bounce up and down as she jumped and ran around the room.
And her ass would wobbled in her tight leotard.
She went through different stretches and kicks too.
She was now facing him when she started to do some jumping jacks.

David just watched her mesmerised as she did her exercises, everytime she did a high jumping Jack her big knockers nearly fell out of her leotard.
She was sweating so much now that her leotard was nearly transparent and he could clearly see her big nipples and her areolas through the material of her leotard.

She now did a really high jump and both her big tits came flying out of her tight leotard, but she did not stop.
She just continued to do her exercises.
David just watched as her big naked tits bounced up and down as she jumped back up into the air and came back down again.
Just then the front door opened, and Pete came into the hallway.
She turned a little so her son could only see her back.
Pete then started up the stairs without even looking at his mother.

Mrs. Willis still continued to do her jumps, she still had her big naked tits bouncing up and down for David to see and drool over.
She then stopped jumping, but she did not put her tits away, she then called up to her son.
"Telling him that David was down here waiting for him."
Pete quickly replied to his mother.
"For her to send him up to his room."

Mrs. Willis had stopped doing her exercises completely now, her big naked tits were still hanging free from her leotard.
She smiled at David then said to him. "You can go up now if you want too."
Just as David was about to go up to Pete's room. Mrs. Willis turned her back on him.
She then turned her head and said to him over her shoulder and looking sweetly at him.
"Could you pick up that towel and help me wipe down a little bit before you go up, please start with my back."

With trembling hands David picked up the towel and gently started to wiped the sweat from her back.
Mrs. Willis suddenly giggled and said to him.
"Silly me I still have this leotard on."
And before David knew what was happening, she quickly stripped off her leotard and stood before him naked.
David was now looking at her naked back and bottom; he could also see the sides of her huge breasts too.

David with still trembling hands carefully wiped down her back, bottom and her legs.
He was just about to say all finished, when she turned around and asked him.
"To do her front too."

David was now looking at her massive tits; he also glanced down at her pussy.
She had a nice trimmed pussy and her big pussy lips could clearly be seen sticking out of her pubic hair.
David started to wipe her belly.
She giggled at him and then told him.
"To start at her neck and for him to work his way down to her feet."

David finished wiping the sweat from her neck and he now moved the towel down onto her big breasts.
She let out a little moan when he started to rub the towel up and down her breasts.
David brought the towel on purpose across her nipples a few times, everytime he did this she closed her eyes and smiled and let out a soft little moan of pleasure.

David was rubbing her right breast with the towel; he was roughly rubbing the towel up and down across her nipple.
She moaned everytime he did this, David could not help himself he took her left breast in his hand and before he could stop himself he started to suck on her nipple and gently bite it too.
She moaned gently but did not stop him.
He continued to rub one breast with the towel while he sucked and nibbled at the other for a few more minutes.
Pete was now calling down to him again.

Reluctantly she pulled him from both her breasts, she then pulled his lips onto hers and they kissed with passion for a few seconds.
She then said into his ear in a very husky voice.
"You better go up or he will come down."

She then broke off her kiss and started to walk upstairs naked.
David just stood and watched her walk up the stairs.
He then followed her up the stairs; he started to rub her bottom as he followed close behind her.
When they got to Pete's bedroom door she gently kissed him one more time on his lips.
She then broke off the kiss and walked into the bathroom.
He just stood outside his friend’s bedroom door, until he heard the shower go on.
He then opened Pete's bedroom door and went inside.

Pete was sat at his computer chatting with some of his computer nerd friends.
David went in and sat down on his bed.
A few minutes later Pete finished his online conversation and turned to look at David, he then asked David.
"What did he want?"

David quickly reminded his friend about their telephone conversation of earlier.
Pete suddenly smiled and said to David.
"Yes I completely forgot about that, did you bring your laptop with you."

David quickly got his laptop out and turns it on.
Pete took a zip drive out of a draw and plugged it into his own computer.
He then transferred the software that David wanted onto the zip drive.
He now pulled the zip drive from his computer and plugged it into David's Computer and transferred the software onto David's laptop.

Once the software had been transferred across, Pete ran the program and then set it up for David.
Pete now said to David.
"That the cams would now work on movement, every time somebody went pass one of the cams his laptop would start to record it."

He now asks David.
"Why he wanted that kind of programme?"
David lied to his friend and said to him.
"There had been a lot of break Ins down his street in the last couple of weeks and he wanted to set up some kind of cam system."

He then said to David.
"Well this program is very good for that kind of thing, you can add as many as six cameras to the program and they can record all at once or individually.
But you're going to need a bigger hard drive; I have a 4TG external hard drive you can borrow until you can get one of your own."
David readily agreed to borrow the drive.

David also borrowed three webcams off his friend.
When David got home his mother was out, he used the time to move the webcam in her bedroom to a better hiding place.
He also added a second webcam to his mother’s bedroom to get a different angle of any action.
He also set up a webcam in the bathroom and the last one in the hallway.
Luckily for him he had to buy a real of cable so he had plenty of cable left to wire up the extra cameras.
All the cameras were powered by powerful long life batteries.
David also kept the shed key in his pocket, so his mother and Father could not go into the shed and find his setup.

The next day David was at the park alone, when Danny and Mark came over to him.
David tried to walk away from them but Mark grabbed his shoulder and stopped him.
David turned around angrily and looked at his friend.
David then asked them both.
"What they wanted."

Mark now took David completely by surprise, by hitting him hard in his stomach. At the same time Danny also hit him in the side of his kidneys.
David crashed down onto the floor; Mark now kicked him in his balls too.
Danny also kicked him a few more times in his back.

David was trying his best to get up and protect himself at the same time, just as he was about to get back up.
Danny kicked him full in his face knocking out one of his teeth and busting his nose.
Luckily for him two men were just walking passed and saw what was going on, and came racing over to his aid.
Mark and Danny quickly ran before the men could catch them.

One of the man tried to help David while the other man went racing after the two boys, but the boys quickly losed him.

He returned to help his friend; both men now helped him to a nearby seat.
One of the men now asked him.
"Did he know his attackers?"

David looked at the man and just shook his head and said to him.
"That he did not know why, or who they were."

The men now cleaned him up the best they could.
After a short time.
David told them both.
“That he was feeling a lot better and he was off home.”
He now refused any further help.
But he did thank them for helping him.
He now started to walk home.

20 minutes later David was back home.
When he got home the house was empty.
He went up to his room to rest.

David was awoken by giggling on the stairs, he opened his eyes and looked at his bedside clock it was 2pm.
David quietly got off his bed and went to his bedroom door and put his ear against the door.
He could definitely hear the sound of three different voices one of them was his mothers.

David waited until he heard the sound of his mother's bedroom door closing; he then quickly put on his shoes and quietly slipped out of his room and went down stairs.
Within a few minutes he was safely in the shed with the shed door locked behind him.
He had forgot to put on his laptop before he went to school.
David was very inpatient the few minutes it took for his computer to boot up seemed like hours to him. Eventually his laptop was booted up; he quickly ran the webcam programme.

David quickly clicked on the two Webcams that were hidden in his mother’s bedroom.
However David was surprised to find that his mother’s bedroom was empty.
David quickly clicked from Webcam to Webcam eventually he found his mother and two black men in the bathroom, his mother was naked and both men had removed their pants and boxer shorts.
David quickly started to record what the bathroom Webcam was seeing.

June had just gotten into the empty bath and was kneeling in it cupping both her big tits together and smiling at both men.
Both Black men were jacking on their huge black pricks as they looked at June.
June then said to both black men. "What are you waiting for?"

The two black men now started to Jack on their pricks faster and faster. June sat in the bath with her mouth wide open, and she teased them by rubbing her tongue up and down and over her teeth as she waited for them to spunk.

All David could hear on the laptop was the sounds of the two black men as they jerked their pricks faster and faster.
June decided to give them some encouragement, she started to lick her nipples working from one breast to the other and smiling wickedly at both black men as they continued to Jack on their huge pricks.

The huge black man with the dreadlockeds was the first to moan and cried out loud, as he started to shoot his spunk.
He aimed his spunk directly at her face.
June tried to catch as much of his cum in her open mouth as possible.
Now the second black man started to shoot.
He also aimed for her face.
Soon her face and tits were completely covered in their cum.

June was greedily eating up all their spunk; she was also rubbing the thick creamy spunk into her big tits. David loved watching his mother do this.
June now laughed at both black men and said to them.
"I best get a quick shower now and washed away some of this delicious spunk, I need to get ready for my next client."

One of the black men now smiled at the other, he then turned and looked at June and said to her.
"I think we can help you with that."
June turned and looked at him.
He then took her by surprise and started to piss all over her face.
The other black man also started to piss on her.
June screamed and begged them to stop.

One of the black men grabbed her by her hair and pushed his prick into her open mouth and pissed directly down her throat.
June had no choice but to swallow to prevent herself from choking.
June suddenly found that she did not mind the taste of his piss and stopped struggling and allowed him to continue to piss down her throat.

When he finally pulled his prick from her throat, she took his friends prick who was still pissing eagerly into her mouth and drank everything he could give her.
She then grabbed both pricks and alternately licked and sucked them until they were both nice and clean.
She had cum twice while the men were pissing on her.
She found this depraved sex act very erotic and a complete turn on.

Once she had finished cleaning them up they helped her out of the bath, she put on a bathrobe and they all went back into her bedroom.
The black men now put back on their pants.
June then got one of the cash box's from under the bed and opened it., she then handed the men the money from the box.

One of the Blackmen said to her.
"She must be working her poor white ass off to get £5000 so quickly."
June smiled at the men and said to them.
"She wanted to pay off her husband's debt as quickly as possible."
Both men just smiled at her.
June then showed them quickly to the door, once they had departed she went and took a shower so she would be nice and clean for her next client.
The two Blackmen had been sent by Lennox and Omar to pick up her weekly payment.
With this payment she had paid off £6000 of the £15000 her husband owed.

David sat in the shed he was now watching his mother takes her shower, he then watched her go into her bedroom still naked with just a towel wrapped around her body and a towel wrapped around her hair.
Suddenly the telephone in her bedroom started to ring.
David could only hear one side of the telephone conversation his mother looked a little flushed but then he heard her agree with who was on the telephone with her.
She put down the telephone, and then she walked to her wardrobe and started to pull out some clothes. She then pulled out some underwear and started to get dressed.
He watched as she put on a sexy black bra and panties.
She then put on a suspender belt and black stockings.
She then put on a very smart blue business like suit on over her sexy undies.
Finally she spent around 35 minutes doing her hair and makeup, she then put on her shoes picked up her bag and left her bedroom.
David followed her on the webcams until she left the house.

David quickly burned a DVD of today's activities, he made two copies just encase. He then deleted the footage from the external hard drive.
He had all his mother's adventures burned onto DVDS and they were all hidden in a safe place in water proof bags.
David wondered where his mother was going he quickly got his bike out of the shed and went around to the front of the house.
As he got to the front of the house, he saw his mother just getting into a black cab.

The cab then set off up the street, luckily for him there was quite a lot of traffic, so David could easily keep up with the cab.
The Cab was now speeding up as it headed into town; David was now having trouble keeping up with the cab.
Luckily for him the cab hit a set of double red lights giving him time to catch back up with it.
But he was nearly out of breath by now.

Just as David was about to give up chasing the cab it turned off the main road and headed down a small side street then stopped outside a small shop.
David quickly stopped behind a parked van and looked around the van to see his mother getting out of the cab and paying the driver.
The cab then set off back up the street, his mother looked at the small shop before she opened the shop door and walked inside.

David quickly locked his bike to some iron railings then he walked to the front of the shop and looked at the shop sign.
It red.
Phillip Jones professional photographer for all occasions.
David wondered why his mother had come to a photographers.

June walked into the photographer's studio and rang a small bell which she found on the counter.
June waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened so she rang the bell again.
June was just about to ring the bell for the third time when she heard a voice in the back of the shop say I will be with you in just 1 minute.

June was very nervous she knew Mr. Jones he was a client of hers and she had seen him twice before.
She also knew that he was a professional photographer, and he had asked her to pose for him, on a number of occasions,
However June had always refused him.
He was supposed to come to her house today, but he asked her to come to his shop because he had a client to see.
June was about to refuse his request, but he promised to make it worth her while and he always paid her very well.

David walked around the shop, but he could not see anything. He then went to the back of the shop and when nobody was looking climbed over the back wall into a small yard.
Once in their yard he climbed onto a small out building and saw a small barred window he quickly got up to the window and looked inside.
He was now looking into a photographic studio; he could see lights and cameras.
He could also see two lads who looked the same age as him.
They were wearing swimming trunks and stood against a back drop which looked like a beach setting.

Mr. Jones walked to the front of his shop and saw June waiting for him.
She gave him a nervous smile, he quickly returned her smile and apologised for keeping her waiting. He then locked the shop door and asked her.
“To follow him into the back studio.”

June was a little nervous but she did follow him into the back studio.
David who was still looking into the window saw a man enter the studio followed by his mother.
He continued to watch through the window, he also got his mobile phone out just encase there was anything worth recording with his phone.

When June saw the two boys she wondered what was going on, she turned to Mr. Jones and asked him.
"What was happening here?”

Mr. Jones gave her a little reassuring smile and said to her.
"That he was doing a swimwear shoot for a catalogue, but the female model who was supposed to act like the boy's mother had not shown up.
So he could not really finished the shoot.
That's why he wanted her to come; he wondered if she could stand in for the missing model, it was just a few bikini shots."

June did not know what to say a few bikini pictures could not really do any harm she thought to herself and he always paid her good money.
June finally agreed to help him out.

Mr. Jones was really grateful that she would help him out.
"He told her to go into the dressing room where there was a selection of different swim wear.
He told her to put on the black bikini first then come back out."

Once inside the dressing room June quickly stripped off all her clothes, she then found the black bikini and quickly put it on.
She then looked at herself in the full length mirror.
The black bikini was strapless and quite tight and it was also very small. It only kept her large full breasts in check.
And the bikini bottoms were so tight that her pussy crack could be clearly seen through them.
June nervously came out of the dressing room with her arms folded across her big breasts.
When David saw his mother in that small sexy black bikini, he quickly started to take snap after snap with his camera on his phone.
He got a few good shots of her big tits and her pussy in her tight bikini bottoms.

Mr. Jones got June to stand in-between both boys and they stood close to her with their arms wrapped around her waist.
He then told her.
"To put an arm around each of their shoulders."
He then quickly started to take picture after picture.

June felt a little nervous especially when the boys started to run their hands up and down her legs.
Mr. Jones just kept taking picture after picture.
David who was still on the roof was also taking plenty of pictures of his mother with his camera phone, he was glad he had a large memory card inside his phone and it was fully charged.
June wondered why Mr. Jones did not tell the boys to stop rubbing her legs and bottom; she also wondered why he continued to take more photographs.

June finally said to the boy's.
"I don't think your hands on my bottom are an appropriate please stops it."
Mr. Jones then said to June.
"If you want paying for this photo shoot led the boys put their hands where they want."
He then gave her a menacing look. June felt a little afraid by his odd look; Mr. Jones then gave her a little wicked smile and went back to taking more photographs.

June then said to Mr. Jones.
"What kind of catalogue pictures are you shooting? I don't understand what's happening here."
Mr. Jones stopped taking photographs and said to June.
"Well it's not exactly a catalogue shoot, more a photo story shoot.
You are supposed to be at the beach with both your sons and decide to have a little fun with them."
June looked at him not understanding what he was telling her.

Mr. Jones smiled at June, he then said to both boys.
"I think we will need to show her what happens next, both boys just smiled and nodded their heads to him.

Mr. Jones then said to both boys.
"Tim you go high, Paul you go low."
Both boys just nodded to him.
June got a shock when one of the boys went behind her and pulled up her small bikini top letting her big boobs fall out of it.
He then grabbed her big boobs in his hands and started to fondle them and tweak her nipples, as he started to kiss her on her neck at the same time.

June was about to protest, but the other boy was now kneeling in front of her.
He took hold of her small panties and quickly pulled them down, before she knew what was happening he was thrusting two of his fingers roughly into her pussy.
David on the roof couldn't believe what he was watching; he quickly changed his phone to video mode and started to film all the action.
Philip Jones the photographer was telling the boys.
"To keep doing what they were doing."

June now tried to break free, but her body betrayed her.
She was enjoying what the boys were doing to her.
She was feebly asking them to stop, but her body did not want them to stop.
She was trying very hard not to moan in pleasure.
But the hands on her tits and the fingers deep in her cunt had her on the verge of an almighty orgasm.

Paul the boy who was kneeling in front of her with his fingers deep in her cunt, really started to brutally thrust them in and out of her pussy.
June's cries of joy got louder and louder and her cunt got wetter and wetter.
She was even thrusting her pussy down onto his fingers when he pushed them back into her wet cunt. Tin continued to play with her nipples, and he was also passionately biting her neck as well.
June could feel herself about to cum she grabbed the shoulders of the boy kneeling in front of her to steady herself as her body was hit by a powerful climaxed.

June's climax was so powerful that she would have collapsed, if not for Paul's hand still deep in her pussy. And Tim still brutally fondling her big breasts.
Paul's hand was now completely covered with her pussy juices.

Paul now pulled his hand from her pussy and started to lick her juices off it.
June nearly fell but Tim quickly grabbed her and steadied her.
Tim gently lowered her down onto her knees, where she remained for a few minutes trying to recover from her powerful orgasm.
Both boys were now stood on each side of her; each took one of her hands and put it on the bulge in their swimming trunks.
June did not even know that she was gently rubbing the bulges with her hands.
Both Mr. Jones and her son David continued to take pictures and film her as she continued to fondle the two young boys.

June was now in some kind of dream state, she did not really know what was happening to her.
Nobody was speaking now.
But both boys were softly moaning as she continued to rub their pricks through their small trunks.
David who was continuing to film his mother could see she had a dreamy look on her flushed face.
The silence and her dream like state were broken by Mr. Jones saying to both boys.
"Why don't you show her what you have for her?"
June looked at the boys and Mr. Jones with a puzzled expression on her face.

Both boys now smirked at Mr. Jones they quickly pulled down their trunks exposing their young pricks which were now fully hard.
June just looked at Mr. Jones then at each boy's prick in turn.
She then without really knowing what she was doing gently took hold of each boy's prick.
She then slowly started to Jack them both off.
Both boys now moaned with pleasure as her hands got faster and faster on their hard cocks.

June's hands were now getting wet with the boys pre-cum, a little drop of the pre-cum hit her on her lips.
June turned her head to see Tim's prick start to shoot a little pre-cum out of his pisshole.
She watched his prick shoot two more little spurts, she then opened her mouth and took him into her hot warm mouth and started to suck on his young prick.

Mr. Jones continued to take more pictures; David continued to film his mother sucking off the young lad.
It was really turning him on and he had a massive hard on in his pants too.
Paul not wanting to be left out he position himself behind her and gently pushed her forward so he could put his cock into her very wet cunt.
June did not resist as he pushed her forward.
Infact she sucked even harder on Tim's prick when she felt Paul's prick entering her wet cunt.

Mr. Jones was now moving all around getting different shots of all the action.
He got plenty of close up pictures of her sucking on Tim's prick and some really good shots of Paul's prick going in and out of her pussy that was literally dripping wet with her cunt juice now.
David on the roof could not help himself, he quickly freed his prick from his trousers and he started to Jack off as he continued to film his mother.
His hand went a little wobbly as he jacked himself off as he tried to film his mother at the same time.

Tim continued to thrust his prick in and out of her mouth, while Paul continued to thrust his prick in and out of her pussy.
He also had hold of her big tits and was roughly fondling them as he thrust his prick in and out of her wet cunt.

Tim was the first to cum he moaned out loud and started to fill her hot mouth with his young spunk. June greedily drank everything he shot into her mouth, but some did escape out of the corners of her mouth and ran onto her big tits.
Mr. Jones quickly zoomed in on her face and took half dozen shots of Tim's cum escaping out of her mouth. David on the roof also zoomed in on his mother sucking and swallowing the boy spunk.

Tim now pulled his prick from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face; she kept trying to lick it every time it got near her mouth.
Tim then rubbed his prick in her hair, which made her laugh out loud.

Paul now was on the verge of shooting his spunk into her pussy.
June was also on the verge of a second orgasm, when she felt his spunk shooting into her pussy.
She also came soaking the boys cock with her pussy juices, as he soaked her pussy with his young spunk.

Paul and June now collapsed onto the floor.
Mr. Jones quickly told Paul to pull his prick out of her cunt.
He then ordered Tim to open her ass cheeks, Tim quickly did as he was told.
Mr. Jones then took more shots of Paul's spunk leaking out of her well fucked cunt.

David on the roof shot his own cum all over himself when he saw Pauls cum pouring out of his mother's well fucked pussy.
He also felt very jealous at that moment, he quickly got off the roof and retrieved his bike and headed off back home.

Mr. Jones allowed them 15 minutes to rest, then he started to shoot some more pictures this time Tim fucked her while she sucked Pauls cock.
Then she took them both one up her tight ass and the other in her wet cunt.
Finally they both tossed themselves off all over her face and into her eager mouth.
Mr. Jones captured everything on film.

When she left his photographic studio, she was £500 better off.
Mr. Jones also promised her a copy of next month's magazine which would feature her photo shoot he would post it out to her once it was ready.
He also persuaded her to do a few more photo shoots.
June at first acted reluctant to do any more modelling, but in truth she was very willing.

Part 3

It was a Monday morning and David was sat at the breakfast table in the kitchen with his mother having some breakfast.
David still found it really hard to look her in the eye.
Suddenly his mother put down her coffee cup and looked at him.
She then told him that she had something very important to tell him, David feared she had found his webcams.
And he braced himself for the worst.

David had now stopped eating his cereal and just looked at his mother waiting for the worst to happen.
June now gave her son a little reassuring smile, she could see by the look on his face that he was very worried.
June now said to David.
"That his father would not be coming back from his business trip, that's why he had taken so many things with him when he left.
They had decided to divorce."

June also told her son.
"That the house was really too big for just the two of them now, and she was going to give up the lease when it expired at the end of the month.
She was already looking at some flats."
David finished his breakfast in silence, and then he left to go for a bike ride.
He didn't really take everything in; he knew that his mother and father would get a divorce.
But he did not really want to move, he liked his house very much.

June worked very hard for the rest of that week; she didn't want David to find out about her new career. Now that she was determined to make a career out of it, so she met her clients at their homes or met them in their cars.
She also went to Mr. Jones photo studio one more time to do some modelling.
This time it really was a catalogue shoot, she just modelled some underwear and other ladies items. Not really very exciting, but she earned £275 for doing it.

June had allowed her clients to perform some really degrading and kinky stuff with her that week. She wanted to raise as much money as possible, she was going to give it to Omar and Lennox as a final payment any money that was still owed to them they would have to go after her husband for it.
She was determined not to give them any more money after this week.
Every day David checked his webcams setup in the shed, and every day he was disappointed that there was nothing to be seen.
He wondered why his mother had stopped bringing her clients back to the house, like she used to do.

It was a Friday morning June looked in on her son; he was still fast asleep on his bed.
As it had been a very hot night, David had slept on top of his bed in just a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts.
June now looked at her son's body and could not help getting wet in her panties, ever since she had done the beach photo shoot with the two young boys she had been looking at her son a lot differently.
Finally she forced herself to move away from his bedroom door and go take a long hot shower.
After her shower she put on her best sexy underwear and got dressed in a smart blouse and skirt with matching black high heeled shoes.
she then looked back in on her son.
He was still fast asleep.
June then went into her bedroom and got the cash box which held the money she saved to pay back Omar and Lennox she then counted out the money, it was just short of £4000.
She took some money out of her other cash box to make it up to £4000.

June quickly left her son a note explaining that she was popping out for a couple of hours; she then called for a taxi.
When the taxi stopped at the address she had given him.
The taxi driver looked at her a little unsure.
He then said to her.
"Are you sure this is the address, and are you sure that you really want to get out here?"
June gave the taxi driver a little sweet smile and thanked him for his concern; she then paid him giving him a big tip.
She then got out of the taxi.

The taxi driver looked at her one last time; he then shook his shoulders and drove away.
June took a deep breath and started to walk towards an old disused looking building.
Two big black men wearing big leather jackets and smoking cigarettes stood near the front door of the building.
They looked at her with menacing eyes as she walked towards the door.

As June approached the door, one of the big Blackmen moved in front of it blocking her entry.
He then looked at her and took a deep drag on his cigarette.
He then blew the smoke into her face which caused June to cough and the other Blackman to start to laugh loudly.
He then asked her.
"What was she doing here?"

Lennox and Omar sat in their office watching a CCTV monitor they could see everything that was happening outside.
June finally stopped coughing and tried to give the Blackmen a little smile.
She nervously said to them.
"That she wanted to see Lennox or Omar or possibly both if they were available."
The two Blackmen then started to laugh loudly.

Lennox in his office picked up his mobile phone and made the call.
June waited and wondered if they were going to let her in, just then one of their phones started to ring.
One of the big Blackmen pulled out his mobile phone and answered it; his face suddenly went a little pale.
He quickly said.
"Yes boss straight away boss."
And put his phone back away.

He then looked directly at June and said to her.
"The boss says you are to go straight up."
June did not say anything she just walked through the open doorway and along the corridor, at the end of the corridor there was a flight of stairs heading up.
The Blackman shouted from the doorway it's the first door on the first floor.
June just kept walking up the stairs, in a few seconds she was stood outside of the door.

June was now looking at the door it had a sign on it which read office private and confidential.
She was just about to knock when the door opened.
June took a deep breath and walked inside the office, Lennox was sat behind a big desk smoking a big cigar.
Omar was stood against the far wall drinking a can of beer; he also had a cigarette in his other hand.
Out of all four Blackmen Omar was the biggest and most powerful built?
Lennox gestured for her to take a seat; June slowly sat down on the other side of his big desk.
June was just about to say something to him, when Lennox put a finger to his lips.
June instantly fell silent.

June was once again about to say something to him, when Lennox gestured towards the monitor.
June turned her eyes towards the monitor, Lennox then nodded to Omar.
Omar smiled at Lennox then he left the office and went down stairs.
June saw Omar appear outside on the monitor.
He then stood next to the man who had blown the smoke into her face.
June watched in horror as Omar knock the man out with just one punch.

He then returned back to the office.
June continued to watch as the other man went to his friend’s aid.
Omar now came back into the office closing the office door behind him.
He was now stood against the closed door.
He had a big smile on his face now.

Lennox now turned his attention to June he then said to her.
"I hope you except mind and Omar's apology for the rude behaviour of one of my staff."
June just nodded to him; she was a little frightened now.

Lennox now picked up his mobile phone and made a quick call, June heard him order a pot of coffee for three people.
Lennox now made a little small talk with June, a couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door.
Omar quickly opened the door.
The big Blackman who had blown the smoke into her face now entered the office carrying a tray with a pot of coffee on it and three cups and some chocolate biscuits, he quickly put the tray down on the big desk.
June noticed that he had a big black eye now, and his face looked a little swollen, as he turned to leave, he stopped and looked at June he then quickly apologised for his behaviour before he left the office.
Omar closed the door behind him.

After they had drank the coffee and eating a few of the chocolate biscuits, Lennox now turned his full attention to June and politely asked her.
"What she wanted."
June quickly opened her bag and took out an envelope which contained the money, she then handed it over to Lennox.
Lennox was counting the money June took a deep breath and explained that it was the last money she was going to pay them.
Any monies that were still owed on her husband's debt must come from him.
She had paid her share and more and did not feel it was her duty to pay any more money.
She quickly explained that she was divorcing her husband and moving out of the house and she needed all the money she could earn from now on.
They both listened in total silence, their faces never changed ones.
She found it very hard to judge their reaction to her statement.

Lennox then put the money in one of the drawers of his desk, he then said to her.
"OK I think that is quite reasonable, I will accept this money."
You don't have to pay me any more money, as far as you are concerned the debt is now paid.
He lied to her; She would be working for him on her back very soon.
Lennox was quite looking forward to having a little more fun with her but he had a very important business meeting in less than an hour.
He politely asked June. "To excuse him."

But just as she was leaving his office, he said to her.
"I will be in touch very soon."
He then gave her an wicked hard smile, which caused her blood to go cold.
June then left the office with a worried look on her face.

Just under an hour later June's husband Tom walked into Lennox office and handed over an envelope containing all the money he owed them.
Tom was unaware that June had also just paid them.
Lennox asked him.
"How he had managed to find the funds so quickly."
Tom just said to him.
"That it was his business and nobody else's."
Lennox was going to get Omar to rough him up a little, but he had a more important business meeting coming up very shortly.

Once Tom had left the office, he hung around outside in the shadows.
He saw a car pull up and a couple more Blackmen carrying two large suitcases go into the building.
Tom knew that Omar and Lennox where the city's biggest cocaine and crack suppliers, but nobody dared cross them.

An hour later Tom put down the receiver of the pay phone and then made his way to the boarding platform of the ferry to France.
He walked into one of the bars on the ferry and sat down next to an attractive red head woman.
The woman turned and looked at him, then smiled at him.
Tom returned her smile then said to her.
"Let's go to the cabin and order a bottle of champagne and celebrate our new life together."
Tom was leaving the country with his boss's Secretary and just under £750,000 in company funds which he had been embezzling in small amounts over the last few years.

June while in the taxi had called her son and asked if he could come home, she wanted to spend the evening with him.
She was going to order his favourite take away meal and they could watch a movie or something together.
She wanted to spend a little time with her son.
June had not really spent a lot of time with her son over the last few weeks and she wanted to made it up to him.

David got home just before 7pm he quickly went to get a shower and get changed into his pyjamas and dressing gown.
June ask him to listen out for the takeaway while she went and had a shower also.

June was enjoying the hot water washing over her body, when David called up to her to tell her.
"That the takeaway had arrived."
June reluctantly turned off the hot water and got out of the shower; she then wrapped a towel around her body then called down to her son.
"Telling him to serve the food and she would be down in a few minutes."

June was now in her bedroom she opened her underwear drawer and took out a clean pair of panties she was just about to put them on, when she decided not to bother.
She then selected a silk black very thin negligee that showed off her ample cleavage and only just covered her pussy and bottom, she quickly slipped this on.
She then put on her black silk robe with the Chinese dragon on the back; she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked very hot in this lingerie.
June then put her hair up and tied it with a red ribbon
She then went downstairs to have her meal and spent the night with her son.

David's eyes nearly fell out of his head, when his mother walked into the living room.
She gave him a big smile then she walked up to him and gave his head a playful slap.
She then walked into the kitchen and took out a bottle of wine from the fridge; she then poured herself a large glass of wine.
She then returned to the living room now sipping the wine.
June now put her wine glass down on the coffee table next to the sofa; on the coffee table was a tray with her dinner on it.
She picked up the tray and sat down on the sofa next to her son and started to eat her meal.

David was also eating his meal, he was also giving his mom sly little glances when he thought she was not looking.
Her robe had opened a little bit and he could see one of her big breasts in her thin nightie. It was only just staying inside of her nightie.

June then picked up the TV remote and looked for a film for them to watch, she found an action romance film and started to watch it.
David's attention was now split between eating his meal and looking at his mother's cleavage.
He had not looked at the film once.
June could see her son out of the corner of her eye looking at her, it made her smile a little bit and for some unknown reason she felt some moisture starting to build up in her pussy and her nipples also became hard.

When they had both finished their meals, David took both trays into the kitchen and put the empty food cartons into the outside dustbin so they would not smell up the kitchen.
He then washed up their knives and forks then put them away.
When he returned to the living room his mother was now laying on the sofa and her cleavage was even more exposed in her thin robe and nightie.
David could feel himself start to get hard in his pyjama bottoms; he quickly sat in a chair on the other side of the sofa, and tried his best to concentrate on the film on the TV.

June had noticed that David had a hardon in his pyjamas, she smiled to herself.
She knew that she was getting him turned on with what she was wearing. She decided that she would have a little fun with her son now.
June slowly stretched and got up off the sofa, David watched her all the time out of the corner of his eyes. She then went over to him and slowly bent down at the waist in front of him.
David now got a very good look at her big tits in her sexy nightie.

She then placed an long lingering wet kiss on his forehead.
She then stood back up and said to him.
"Thank you for sorting out the dinner and doing the washing up."
She then returned back to her sofa and laid back down on it.
David was now flushed bright red in his face, and his hard on was now clearly visible in his pyjama bottoms.
It was sticking up and making a tent in his pyjama bottoms now.

June went back to watching the film, but every now and then she would move a little giving her son another little glimpse of her big breasts.
The film finally finished and David quickly excused himself and dashed up to his room.
June wondered if he was going to Jack off in his room.
She was just about to turn off the television when the news came on; it featured a news article about her home town.
June decided to stay up and watch it.

June watched in silence as a TV reporter was standing outside the very building she had been too that day.
There was police tape all over the place, and police officers were walking in and out of the building.
It also showed police forensic officers in their white suits going in and out of the building.

The TV reporter said.
"That armed police responding to an anonymous tip off raided the building behind him.
After a short exchange of fire which left three Blackmen who were inside the building dead.
Police recovered 6kgs of pure heroin and several weapons including two assault rifles."
The reporter continued that.
"The dead men had not been named yet, but a police officer was also shot in the gun battle. He was rushed to hospital, but his condition was later confirmed as stable."

Suddenly June did not want to continue teasing her son any more tonight. She felt a little upset.
June wondered who the dead men were; she had grown a little fond of Omar and Lennox.
And she prayed that they were ok.

June turned off the television then checked both front and back doors were locked.
She then went to bed as she was passing her son's bedroom; she could hear the sounds of him jacking off inside his room.
She was going to go in and surprise him, but she still felt very upset and decided to leave him alone and go to her own room.
June spent a very restless night and slept very little, she dreamed of both Omar and Lennox most of the night.

The next morning when June heard the morning paper being pushed through the letterbox, she quickly got up and ran down stairs to retrieve the paper.
She took the paper back to her room to read it.

June looked at the front page of the local paper and burst into tears, it showed the pictures of both Lennox and Omar and the Blackmen who had blown the smoke into her face.
They were the three Blackmen shot dead by the police.
The paper also said that the dead Blackmen were loan sharks and drug dealers.
June did not know about the drug dealing part of their business.
She did not like drug dealers, but she still felt sad that they were dead.
The paper also showed a picture of the police officer who had been shot by them.

David got up he was still half asleep he stumbled into the bathroom to have his morning piss.
He was just going back to his room, when he heard his mother crying from inside her bedroom. He opened her door and quietly went inside.

David first noticed the morning paper on the bedroom floor, his mother was lying face down on her bed crying softly to herself.
David quietly got onto her bed; he then gently put a hand on her back.
June suddenly stopped crying and turned to look at her son, her eyes were red from crying.
She then suddenly threw her arms around his neck and hugged him close.
David instantly put his arm around her back and returned his mother's hug. He gently said into her ear.
“What the matter was?”
He was also gently rubbing her back as he held her close.

June suddenly started to cry again, and she held him more closely.
David wrapped his arms more tightly around his mother's body.
June suddenly felt safe for the first time in a long time.
She then suddenly started to tell him everything that had happened to her over the last few weeks.
She told him.
"All about how his father had losed £15000 to the loan sharks and how she had been forced to work as a prostitute to pay it back.
She even told him all about the photo shoot with the two lads."

David suddenly loved his mother very much, he also felt very ashamed for spying on her.
She now rested her head on his shoulders, as he continued to rub her back.
Now it was David's turn to start crying.
He told his mother "that he knew all about her working as a prostitute, he told her all about how he had videoed her with her clients, and how he had followed her to the photo shoot and how he had filmed it through the window."

June now stopped crying, but David was still crying softly.
June now lifted her head off her son's shoulders she was now looking at him with her eyes full of love for him.
She then gave him a little smile.
David stopped crying and tried to return her smile.
June brought her hand up to his face and brushed some hair away from his eyes.
June now said to her son in a low soft voice.
"What really do you think, when you see me with other men. I want the truth."
David now had completely stopped crying he rubbed a couple of tears from his eyes and looked directly at his mother.
He then took a very deep breath and said to her.
"At first it turned me on.
Then I got angry and finally I got very jealous."

June now said to her son. "Why did it turn you on?"
David replied to his mother. "Because she was a very beautiful woman, with a very hot body."
David now placed both his hands on his mother's waist just under her big breasts as he said this to her.

June shivered a little bit at her son's hands on her waist, but she liked it.
She then said to her son. "Why did you get angry?"
David looked at his mother then replied to her. "I was very mad that you had to sell your body to strangers."
He now moved both his hands onto her breasts and squeezed them gently.

June's breathing was now coming fast as David massaged her big breasts through the thin material of her nightie.
June now said to him through her soft moans of pleasure. "Why were you jealous?"

David now gave his mother a big lust filled smile and said to her.
"Because I wanted to be the one who was fucking you and licking you and getting you to do everything that I wanted."
As he said this he took hold of the small straps of her nightie, and quickly pulled them down revealing her big naked tits.
He then took hold of her big tits and started to play with them, using his thumps' to rub and tweak and stimulate her nipples.
June now closed her eyes as her son continued to fondle her breasts, she could feel her pussy juice's leaking out of her wet cunt and onto her bed.
His hands felt wonderful on her nipples and her breathing was now coming very fast and hard.

David now said to her, never wants stopping playing with her breasts.
"You will now tell me the truth dear mother, do you like being a whore?
Do you like fucking and sucking strangers?
And are you going to stop being a whore?
And do you like your son watching you being a whore?"

June now put her own hands over the top of her son's hands, but she did not stop him playing with her breasts.
She then opened her eyes and said to him.
"Yes I like being a Whore.
Yes I like fucking and sucking.
No I am not going to stop."

June now squeezed his hands more tightly and said to him.
"I don't know about you watching me fuck; we will have to see whether I get turned on knowing you are watching me, when I fuck my next client."
She then gave him a wicked little smile.
David now took a long deep breath; he was still playing with her breasts.
He then said to her. "Mummy can I come all over your big tits please."

June smiled lovingly at her son and replied to him.
"You can spunk all over my tits, if you let me piss all over your sweet little face."
David was silent for a few minutes; he then quickly nodded his head to her.
He now quickly pulled his rock hard prick free from his pyjama bottoms.

David took hold of his young hard prick and started to Jack himself off at a furious pace.
June held both her big tits together and smiled at her young son.
David was so excited that it only took him one minute before he started to shoot his spunk all over his mother's big beautiful tits.
June giggled when the first of his spunk hit her tits.

June just continued to giggle as his spunk hit her tits; she couldn't believe how much spunk her son was shooting out of his young prick.
Onces he had finished coming he collapsed back onto the bed.
June now started to rub his spunk into her big tits; once she had his spunk nicely rubbed into her tits she put them back in her little nightie.

June now smiled at her son and said to him.
"A deal is a deal."
She now took his hand and pulled him off the bed and headed to the bathroom.
Once in the bathroom, she told him.
"To get into the bath and kneeled down in it."
David was a little hesitant at first but he did what she wanted.

June looked down at her son kneeling in the bath and looking up at her.
He was still fully dressed in his pyjamas, but his prick now soft was still hanging out of his pyjama bottoms.
June positioned herself so her thighs were over his face.
She then pulled open her pussy lips and started to piss into her son's face, she laughed and giggled as her golden stream of piss poured all over his face.

David now had his mouth firmly closed as his mother's piss poured all over his face.
June wanted him to drink her piss.
She took him by his ears and pulled his face into her pussy, she then told him to drink it or else. When he did not open his mouth.
She pulled hard on his ears, until he opened his mouth and started to drink her piss.
June kept his face tight into her cunt until she had stopped pissing into his mouth.
David swallowed every last drop of her piss, by the last drop he had started to enjoy the funny taste of his mother's piss.

When she finally released him, she was pleased that he put his face back into her cunt and licked up the last drop of piss that was just about to fall off her cunt lips.
He then ran his tongue up and down his mother's pussy lips cleaning her cunt for her.

June was still very turned on, she took her son's hand and pulled him out of the bath and led him back into her bedroom.
Onces in her bedroom she quickly stripped off his pyjamas, until he was completely naked.
Then they both climbed up onto her bed.
Mother and son just laid next to each other on the bed and gave each other funny little looks.
June then put her arm behind her son's neck and pulled his lips on to hers.
They kissed softly at first each giving the other a gentle little peck on their lips.
June also took one of her son's hands and placed it on her left breast.

David now encouraged by his mother putting his hand on her breast, started to take the initiative.
He now started to kiss her a little more forcefully.
He also started to gently fondle her breast as he kissed her.
When she moaned in pleasure he took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into his mother's mouth.

June was pleased her son had become a little more forceful and she quickly slipped her tongue into his mouth, they were soon French kissing each other.
Their tongues were now playing with each other's tongues.
June let her hand wander down to his now quickly hardening prick; she gently took him in her hand and started to softly Jack on his prick.
She wanted him nice and hard once more.

Once his prick felt nice and hard in her hand, she rolled over onto her back and opened her legs wide.
She then took him by his hands and pulled him up her body.
Then she took hold of his prick which was now directly opposite her pussy, which was now leaking pussy juice onto the bed sheets.

Mother and son now looked into each other's eyes; June could see the love and lust in her son's eyes. She gently kissed him on his lips and then said to him in a voice full of love.
"Make love to me baby."

David put his lips to hers and kissed her deeply sending his tongue back into her mouth at the same time he thrust his groin forward burying himself balls deep into his mother's sweet pussy.
June moaned into his mouth with pleasure when she felt his prick enter her pussy for the first but not the last time.

June and David spent all afternoon and most of that night making love to each other.
They did not fuck each other they made love to each other.
Tenderly and with a lot of touching and kissing and caressing.
June had never been made love to with so much love and passion in her entire life before.
They finally fell asleep wrapped up in each other's arms.

Part 4

The next few days were busy for David and his mother, now that David knew all about his mother's new choice of career.
She started to entertain her clients once again at the house.
David had also persuaded her not to move, so she had renewed her least for a further 12 months.

Both June and David also got a really big a turn on knowing that when June was in her bedroom with one of her clients, David was in the shed watching and recording all the action. Which they would both watched together later in her bedroom.
Then they too would have wild lustful sex.

David had also finally told his mother how he had lost his tooth;
And why his friends were so mad with him.
One day June and David were walking down one of the streets in the town centre when they bumped into Danny and Mark the two lads who had knocked out his tooth.
June saw her son tensed up and make fists with his hands.
She quickly placed a hand on his arm and gave him a little reassuring smile.
David reluctantly calmed down a little bit,
But he was still really angry and hurt by this friends actions in the park.

Mark and Danny tried to pass them without saying a word, but June quickly moved and blocked their path. The two lads just stood and looked at her.
June looked at both boys then said to them.
"I know why you did what you did, and I am very angry and disappointed with you both.
But I really do think, that you both need to apologise to David.
This silly thing needs to stop now before somebody really does get hurt."
Reluctantly both Danny and Mark did apologised to David, June made all three of them shake hands with each other.
June then surprised David by inviting both boys to come for tea at 6pm that night.
David and his mother then went about their business, so did Mark and Danny.
When David and his mother had walked away from the two lads, David said to her.
"Why did you invite than for tea?"

June took hold of her son's hand and squeezed it very tightly, she then gave him a loving smile and when nobody was looking a quick kiss on his lips.
She then said to him.
"I know them two lads are your best friends and I know that you do miss having them a round, don't you think it's time that you try and sort things out with them."
David now squeezed her hand a little tighter and just nodded to her.

David and June spent the rest of the afternoon shopping.
She then sent David home in a taxi with the shopping while she went to the supermarket to get something for their tea.
June also called the client that she was supposed to see that night and rearranged to see him Saturday afternoon at his place.

When June finally got home she was very tired, David took the bags from her and put them away in the kitchen.
June then asked him to go run her a hot bath, while she prepared the dinner and put it in the oven to cook.
15 minutes later the dinner was in the oven and cooking nicely.
June then went to have a nice hot relaxing bath.
June was just relaxing in her bath when David came into the bathroom and handed her a chilled glass of white wine.
He then gave her a sweet lingering kiss on her red lips.
He then smiled at her and left her to enjoy her bath.

When David kissed her it took all her will power not to pull him into the bath and kiss him passionately.
But she controlled herself; there would be enough of that later on this evening she hoped.
She got herself once more relaxed in the hot water and closed her eyes as she just drifted away into a little peaceful sleep.

She was awoken by David calling up to her.
"He was telling her that the buzzer on the cooker was going off."
June took a deep breath then called down to him.
"To turn off the cooker."

June reluctantly got out of the nice hot bath; she then quickly dried herself then walked naked into her bedroom.
She quickly put on a bathrobe and tied it loosely around her body. She then went down stairs and into the kitchen to check on the dinner.
As she walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen, David was sat on the sofa watching the television.
He gave her a loud a wolf whistle as she passed him.

Just as June was walking into the kitchen she turned and smiled at her son.
She then pulled out her tongue to him.
She also took hold of her bath robe and pulled it open and flashed her big tits at him.
She then gave him a little smile and put her tits away and went into the kitchen.

David now had a huge hard on; he waited until his mother was bent over taking something out of the cooker.
He then went up behind her and lifted up her bathrobe and inserted two fingers into her pussy.
He then started to roughly finger fuck her.
June tried to stand up, but David put a hand on her back and kept her in place while he continued to finger fuck her cunt with his two fingers.

June was telling him that he was a very bad boy and for him to stop at once.
But it also felt wonderful, and she could not help but to start to moan.
David took this as a sign to, start to really finger fuck her a lot faster.
He then noticed on the kitchen table a bowl of fruit, he quickly grabbed a banana out of the bowl and in one swift motion he pulled out his fingers from her cunt.
He then inserted the banana fully into her pussy, and started to fuck her with it.
June was now holding onto the cooker for support and moaning loudly.
Her pussy was now drenched with her pussy juice.
David continued to pound her cunt with the banana.

June was now begging him to stop then begging him to go faster and deeper.
David continued to fuck her with the big banana.
June suddenly cried out, that she could not take it anymore and she was about to come.

David quickly knelt down beside his mother's naked bottom; he quickly pulled the banana from her wet cunt.
He then quickly grabbed her ass cheeks and roughly pulled them apart, so he could get a better view of her wet pussy opening.
He then clamped his mouth down over her cunt hole.
He then grabbed her tits and roughly tweaked her nipples through her bathrobe.

Tweaking her nipples was enough to send her over the edge, her pussy now started to squirt pussy juice out of her cunt.
David pushed his mouth tighter over her cunt hole so not a drop would escape him.
He swallowed every spurt that she shot out of her pussy.
When she finally stopped squirting her cunt juice he used his tongue to lap up the last drops of her cunt juice from her pussy lips.
He then put his tongue deep into her cunt which caused her to moan and cum again.
Sending more delicious cunt juice into his mouth.

When he finally pulled his tongue from her pussy, June collapsed onto the kitchen floor breathing heavily.
David used the back of his hand to wipe up the last bit of juice off his face; he then thanked his mother for a very tasty and refreshing drink.
He then went back to watching the television.

June remained sitting on the kitchen floor for a few minutes, she felt completely exhausted.
She found the whole experience absolutely beautiful.
Finally she made herself get up and continue to get the dinner ready.
When she looked at the clock on the wall in the kitchen, it was 10 to 6.
She quickly ran upstairs to get dressed.
David gave her a little wink as she rushed past him.
She called out to him, as she rushed past him, that he was still a very naughty little boy.
David just laughed at this.

June was getting dressed, when she heard the front door bell go.
David got up off the sofa and walked to the front door.
He quickly opened the door and their standing outside was his two ex-friends Danny and Mark.

David showed them both into the living room; both Danny and Mark sat down on the sofa.
He sat down in a chair across from them.
Finally David looked at his two friends then said to them.
"I really can't believe you guys knocked my tooth out."
He then gave them a big smile showing the gap where he's tooth used to be.

Mark smiled at his friend then said to him.
"I wouldn't complain so much it makes you look better."
All three boys now started to laugh, they were soon laughing and joking like they used too.

June was stood on the landing upstairs listening to the boy's laughing and joking, she smiled to herself part one of her plan was working.
She wanted David and his friends to make it up with each other.

June waited a few more minutes to make sure that everybody was getting on before she came back down stairs.
All three boys turned to look at her when she walked into the living room, all three boys were quite disappointed in what she was wearing.
She was wearing an old polo-neck jumper and a pair of loose fitting jeans with her old slippers.

June gave all three boys a big smile, she then said to them.
"That she was very happy that they were all friends once again."
She then went into the kitchen to sort out the food.

June had prepared a sort of buffer with mini sausage rolls and hot dogs.
There were also plenty of crisps and fizzy drinks as well.
She had laid it all out on the kitchen table.
Once it was ready she called the boys into the kitchen and told them to help themselves to the food.
She also put a couple of pizzas in the oven as well.

She smiled as she watched the boys eat the food; they were like a swarm of locusts the way the plates quickly emptied.
She had to put out more crisps and put a couple more Pizzas in the oven as well.
Finally the boys were stuffed and went back into the living room.
June stayed in the kitchen to clean up the mess they had made.

The boys were now sat on the floor in the living room playing on David's PlayStation.
They were laughing and having fun.
June quietly slipped back upstairs to her room.

June now started to look through her lingerie for something suitable; she was going to give the boys a real treat.
She picked out a sexy black Basque with red ribbons lacing up the front of it.
She also put on a pair of black fishnet stockings.
June then put on a pair of black high heels shoes to finish off her sexy outfit.

June now walked across to her bedroom cabinet and took out her digital camera; she then walked to her full length mirror and started to take some pictures of herself in the mirror.
she then walked downstairs taking the digital camera with her.

When June walked into the living room the boys were all sat on the floor playing on the PlayStation they had their backs to her.
June watched the boys for a few seconds; she then made a coughing sound.
All the boys instantly turned their heads to look at her, all three boys eyes nearly fell from their heads when they saw what she was wearing.

June was now stood staring at the boys; she had a wicked smile on her face.
One of her hands was resting on her waist, while the other hand held the digital camera.
June now said in a very sexy voice.
"Does one of you young men want to be my friend and help me by taking some pictures of me?
One of my clients wants some glamour shots of me."

Mark was first to get up, he quickly went across to her and eagerly took the camera from her.
She gave him a big smile and thanked him.
She then turned to the other two boys and told them.
"To sit on the sofa and out of the way."
Reluctantly they both got up and sat on the sofa.

June now turned her attention back to Mark, she told him that she was going to do some different poses and for him to keep taking shot after shot of her.
She would tell him when she wanted him to zoom in on her and what to zoom in on.
He just happily nodded his head.

June now walked across to the music centre in the corner of the room and look through her CD collection until she found a suitable CD.
She then put it on and turned up the volume.
She then put her hands on her head and she started to move her body to the music.
Mark took picture after picture as she danced.

June now called out to Mark over the loud music for him to get some good close up shots of her breasts and panties.
Mark just nodded his head and did as she told him.

June was now basically shaking her large breasts and fondling them in her Basque right in front of Mark's eyes.
She was then Bending over and giving him a really good look at her ass in her sexy panties.
She then pulled her panties tight revealing both her beautiful ass cheeks.
She also turned around and pulled her panties up only just concealing her beautiful pussy slit from him.
Mark continued to take picture after picture as she did this.

June now had hold of the red ribbons that held her Basque top tightly together, keeping her large breasts inside it.
She was teasing them by playing with them as Mark continued to take his photographs.
June now smiled at her son and his friend who were sat on the sofa.
She moved in front of them and continued to dance.
Mark quickly ran around to the back of the sofa so he still could get a clear view of her dancing and get some good shots of her.

June now was looking directly at her son, and giving him a really big sexy smile.
She then very slowly started to pull on one of the red ribbons; she then pulled on the other ribbon.
Her top gave way under the pressure of her big breasts that were suddenly released and they both popped out.
All three boys were staring at her big tits.
The three boys all gave a little moan at the same time, as this happened their young pricks also instantly got rock hard in their pants.

June now cupped both her big tits in her hands and started to fondle them. Mark without being told zoom in on her tits and started to take more pictures.
June then started to alternately lick from one nipple to the other.
She then gave them a wicked smile and turned her back on them and continued with her sexy little dance.

June now turned back to face them, she now started to gyrate her body in time to the music.
As she danced faster her big tits were bouncing up and down and from side to side as she continued to move her body to the music.

Both David and Danny who were sat on the sofa watching her, both and without really knowing it started to rub their own pricks in their trousers as they watched her dance.
Mark too had a painful hardon in his trousers, but he still continued to take more pictures.

June now had her back to them again, but she was now dancing only a couple of feet from them.
She was now wiggling her ass from side to side now.
June now bent forward and at the same time she quickly pulled her panties down to her feet.
She then placed her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them wide open revealing her beautiful shaved pussy hole to all three boys.

David and Danny on the sofa could not take it any longer they quickly pulled down their zippers and roughly pulled out their own pricks from their trousers and quickly started to Jack themselves off. Mark also couldn't stand it any longer; he quickly came in his trousers leaving a big wet mark on his pants.
But still he continued to take more pictures of her; he was getting plenty of good close up shots of her shaved cunt now.

June now kicked off her panties and continued her dance; she now turned to look at her son and his friend.
She smiled at them when she saw them jacking on their own pricks, Mark had now moved to the side of the sofa and she could now see the big wet mark on his pants.

June sexually moved up to Mark and took the camera from his hands and handed it to Danny.
She told Danny. "To continue taking pictures."
She then took Mark by his hands and pulled him into the middle of the living room.
She now started to dance with him grinding her body up against his.

June now took both of Mark's hands and placed them on her naked butt cheeks, she now started to grind her pussy into his wet groin, and she was also running a hand through his hair at the same time.
June now broke out of Mark's embrace and got in front of him, she then started to grind her naked bottom into his groin.
He held her by her waist as she rubbed her ass into his groin making him hard once again.

June now danced away from Mark and up to Danny; once again she took the camera from Danny and handed it to her son who was sat on the sofa slowly jacking on his prick.
She then went back to Danny and took him by his hand and pulled him back into the middle of the living room.

June now started to dance with both boys, one was rubbing his hands all over her big tits and pussy and the other was groping her bottom and slipping a finger into her wet pussy as they danced.
Danny still had a massive hardon and his prick was still out of his trousers.
June now pulled down Marks zipper and pulled out his prick as they danced.
She now started to passionately kiss Mark which took him by surprise, but soon he was kissing her back each forcing their tongues into the other's mouths.
June also had a hand on Marks slippery wet prick and she slowly jacked on it as they kissed.
Danny was now rubbing his prick up and down her ass cheeks as they all danced together.

David who was still sat on the sofa was amazed that he was not jealous about his two friends making out with his mother right in front of him; he found it a really big turn on and was now getting some really good pictures of all three of them.

David now called out to his friends.
"Danny ram your prick up the whore’s cunt."
"Mark really squeezes and tweaks her nipples; make the fucking whore cried out in pain."

June now turned to look at her son, she pretended to give him a shock and hurt look.
But Infact this was what, she was hoping would happen.
She wanted David to get over his jealousy and be part of her new life; she needed him not to get moody or jealous when she was with other men or in this case his friends.
And doing them in front of him was a very big turn on for her.

June now told both boys to strip off all their clothes, which the two boys quickly did.
She now knelt down on the floor with a boy on either side of her.
June now gave her son a really big smile; she then took hold of each boy's cocks and slowly started to Jack on them.
Both boys now let out soft moans of pleasure as she did this.

June now turned her head and took Mark's prick into her mouth and started to suck on it, She then did the same to Danny's prick.
She kept doing this for a few minutes working from one cock to the other.
Both boys were now moaning loudly.
David was still taking more pictures of his whore of a mother sucking off his two best friends.
Everytime she would swap over pricks, she would give her son a wicked looking smile. Before she took his friends prick back into her hot wet mouth.

June was now expertly sucking on the boy's pricks; she would use her tongue to tickle their cockheads before she took the shaft into her mouth and deep into her throat.
She was also massaging both boys’ balls at the same time.
June could tell by the grunts and moans coming from both boys that it wouldn't be long before they both came.
Hopefully they would both come at the same time and fill her mouth with their young delicious tasting cum.

While David was continuing to take pictures of his mother, he noticed that the battery on the digital camera was nearly flat.
He quickly ran to his room and came down with his old video camera and started to film everything that was going on.
June now really started to put on a good show for the camera,
She was putting on a really erotic display as she continued to suck on both boys pricks as David continued to film her.
David now wished he had got the video camera a lot sooner.
He had totally forgot that his laptop and the webcams would automatically be recording everything as well.

June now completely surprised David and the two boys by taking both their young pricks into her mouth at the same time and sucking on them very hard.
This was too much for both boys and they quickly moaned out loud and started to fill her mouth with their young spunk.
David continued to film as June quickly started to swallow everything that both boys were now shooting into her hot mouth.
When both boys finally pulled their pricks from her mouth, June let some of their now combined spunk run out of her mouth and run down onto her big tits.
She then rubbed the spunk into her tits making them glisten.

Both boys now collapsed onto the sofa, they were smiling happily and patting each other on the arms. They had never enjoyed themselves so much in their young lives.
June was now sitting on the living room floor and giving her son a wanton look.
She then gestured for her son to come to her.
June then laid down on her back and opened her legs wide; she then took hold of her pussy lips and pulled them open as well.

David quickly handed the video camera to Danny and within a couple of seconds, he too was completely naked. He then went over to his mother.
June smiled at her son as he approached her.
She then lifted her legs higher into the air and pulled her pussy lips more open for him.
David with one hand on his prick quickly found her pussy opening and in one swift motion he thrust his full prick into her wet cunt.
June moaned with pleasure as her son entered her, she then wrapped her legs and arms around her son and held him tight to her body.
Danny was now filming everything.
Mark sat on the sofa still recovering and just watched.

Mother and son were now just looking at each other.
June then gave him a little wink and at the same time she unwrapped her legs from his body.
She then whispered into his ear.
"Fuck me baby."

David now smiled at his mother; he then kissed her on her red lips passionately.
He then started to slowly moved his now rock hard prick in and out of her now wet cunt.
Mark called out from where he was still sat on the sofa.
"I told you Danny, he is a fucking mother fucker."
Both boys now started to laugh.
David did not hear or care he was too busy fucking his whore of a mother to care what his friends thought anyway.

Mark was now calling out from the sofa encouraging his friend on.
Danny was moving around with the video camera capturing all the action from different angles.
He would zoom in and out and continued to move around the room as he filmed the mother and son fucking each other.
David was now really pounding his cock in and out of his mother's drenched cunt.
Her moans and screams now filled the room; she was also scratching her long nails up and down his back. She even sank her teeth into his shoulder as he continued to pound into her with pure animal lust. David continued to pound in and out of his mother's pussy without mercy for well over 15 minutes giving her three powerful orgasms before he finally came in her well fucked cunt.
David now collapsed on top of his mother; his and her body were covered in sweat.
She protectively wrapped her arms and legs around his body and held him close to her, she then started to give him little butterfly kisses all over his face.
June was now telling her son.
"How much she loved him."

As soon as David finally got off his mother and pulled his prick from her body with a loud pop and his cum came freely running out of her pussy.
Mark quickly took his place in-between her legs and started to really fuck her.
June was a little surprised at first but soon she was moaning and groaning and thrusting her hips back to meet the young boy’s thrusts.

June knew that it was the boy's first time and she was trying to tell him to slow down and enjoy it.
But he was so excited that, he just kept thrusting and thrusting into her cunt.
Finally June gave up trying to slow him down and just let herself enjoy the pleasure of his rough love making.
She also came hard too.
Once she came squirting her pussy juice onto his prick and balls.
He grunted loudly and started to fill her cunt with his spunk.
He came so hard and for so long, that he completely filled her pussy with his young spunk.
When he pulled his prick from her cunt, his young spunk came pouring out of her cunt and started to made a pool of cum on her expensive carpet.

June was now completely exhausted sweat was pouring off her hair and into her eyes.
She then noticed the pool of spunk on her expensive carpet, she quickly looked around for something to wipe up the mess with, but there was nothing and she did not want the spunk to get into the fibres of her expensive carpet.

David was the one with the video camera now, he was still filming her.
June didn't really have a choice; she didn't want the boy’s spunk to stain her expensive carpet.
So she quickly put her face down into the carpet and started to lap up the pool of cum with her tongue.
All three boys were amazed at this.
David zoomed in on her face as she lapped up the spunk like a cat lapping up milk from a bowl.
He then quickly went around to where she had her ass up in the air and his friend’s spunk still leaking out of her cunt.

June could see her son filming her as she cleaned the carpet with her tongue; she just gave a wink at the camera and continued to clean her expensive carpet with her tongue.
When she had finished cleaning her carpet, she saw Danny looking at her with an expected look in his young eyes; he was also holding his prick and jacking on it.
Danny was the only boy who had not fucked her yet.

June was very tired and her pussy was very sore, but she did not have the heart to refuse him.
She got down on all fours and stuck her pretty ass up in the air and told him to come and have some fun. Within a few seconds Danny had his prick deep in her pussy.
June expected him to thrust a few times and come, and it to be all over.

However it was Danny's first time too and he was not going to rush it.
He held her firmly by her hips and slowly started to work his prick in and out of her pussy.
June moaned with pleasure she was not expecting this, she turned her head to look at him and then said to him.
"That's the way to do it nice and slow then pick up speed."
She also told him to.
"Grab her breasts and play with them."

Danny now had a good rhythm going as he pounded in and out of her pussy.
He was also rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples.
June moaned softly and was enjoying the feel of both the boy's hands on her tits and his prick in her cunt.
She was now begging him to go faster and deeper.

Danny his young body covered with sweat now really went for it.
The sound of his prick pounding in and out of her cunt could be clearly heard in the room now and her tits were wobbling up and down as he powered in and out of her.
June moaned loudly with ecstasy as her young lover fucked her sweet cunt.
She could feel the strongest orgasm of the night building up inside her pussy; she was literally begging him to go faster.
She wanted to cum all over his magnificent prick as he fucked her.

Danny now had his fingers dug into her hips as he pounded in and out of her pussy.
Mark who was now sat on the sofa watching them, felt a little disappointed that his friend was performing better than him.
David had the video camera and was filming everything.
Danny grunted loudly and slammed his prick into her cunt time after time.
June could not take it any longer; she screamed out in pleasure and shot the biggest load of her pussy juice out of her well fucked cunt completely drenching his lower body.
Danny finally allowed himself to cum and he shot load after load of his cum into her cunt.
They both then collapsed onto the carpet.
Spunk was once again pouring out of her cunt onto the carpet.

Danny was now laid on his back on the carpet his cock now soft.
It was covered with his and her combined cum and looked a disgusting sticky mess.
June now crawled over to him and took it into her mouth and started to kiss and lick it clean.
Both Mark and David pulled funny faces as June licked up the sticky mess.
Danny just moaned as she used her tongue on his prick.
David had noticed more spunk was once again leaking out of her cunt and onto the carpet.
David now said to his mother who was still licking at Danny's prick.
"That she was leaking spunk all over the carpet."
June let Danny's prick out of her mouth only long enough to say.
"Fuck the carpet."
She then went back to greedily sucking on his prick.

June finally stopped sucking on Danny's prick; she then helped the young boy to stand.
She then took him by the hand and started towards the stairs.
Just as they got to the stairs she turned to look at them both and said to them.
"I don't want to be disturbed."
She then physically pulled the naked boy up the stairs to her bedroom.

Mark was now quite depressed; he quickly got dressed and left the house.
David waited about 15 minutes and still having the video camera he went upstairs to his mother’s bedroom and listened outside the door.
All he could hear was moans and groans and the sound of the bed squeaking.

David quickly checked the video camera to make sure it had plenty of tape left and the battery still had some power in it.
He then put his hand on the door handle and turned it, shit the door was locked.

David then knocked on the door and then shouted through it.
"Mom the door is locked open it so I can film some more."
His mother called back to him.
"For him to go away and leave them alone."
He then heard the sound of giggling and the moans and screams as they once again started to fuck each other.

David was now really pissed off; he went into the bathroom and took a quick shower.
He then went to his room and put on some clean clothes as he passed his mother's door he could still hear the sound of his mother and his best friend fucking inside her room.
His mother was moaning loudly and begging his friend to fuck her in her asshole.
He was now very angry and stormed out of the house.

Part 5.

David was still really pissed off, with his mother. He decided to go see his friend Pete and hopefully his randy mother would be at home as well.
When David got to Pete's house he knocked on the door, but there was no answer.
He tried the door and it was unlocked, so he let himself into the house.
David walked into the living room but it was empty, he then checked the kitchen it was also empty.

David then thought he heard a noise coming from upstairs, so he went to the stairs and slowly went up them.
David stopped directly outside Pete's mother's bedroom door. There was giggling and moaning coming from inside the bedroom.
David pressed his ear closer to the door so he could hear a little bit better.
He could clearly hear the sounds of moans and groans and the sound of the bed squeaking coming from inside the bedroom.

David was now desperate to see what was going on inside the bedroom; the bedroom door had a glass panel in the frame just above the door.
David quickly found an old stool in Pete's bedroom and soon he was stood on the stool looking through the glass panel into Pete's mom's bedroom.
There on the bed was Pete's mother on all fours completely naked with her son pounding into her from the rear.
David quickly got out his mobile phone and started to video all the action.
Pete's mother was begging him to go deeper and faster.
David liked the way Pete's mom's big tits bounced up and down everytime he powered back into her cunt.
She suddenly cried out as Pete thrust deep into her pussy, she then came all over her son's prick. Pete also came filling his mother's pussy with his spunk, they both then collapsed onto the bed giggling.
Pete then rolled off her and lay beside her, resting his head on her ample bosom. He then took one of her nipples into his mouth and started to suck on it.
She just moaned softly as he sucked her nipple.
She then started to gently run her hand through his hair.

She now opened her legs wide giving David a good view of Pete's spunk that was now running out of her well fucked cunt and onto the bed sheets.
She then said to Pete.
"You have made a mess of my pussy; I really think you need to clean me up.
Before all the bed sheets are soaked with your spunk."

Pete looked up at his mother he still had her nipple in his mouth; he reluctantly let it slip from his lips. He then moved down her body towards her pussy. She just lay back on the bed and opened her legs wider for him.
David, who was still filming everything, was shocked at what Pete did next.
Pete was now in-between his mother's legs.
He pulled her pussy lips open as far as they would go. He then stuck his tongue into her pussy and started to lap up all his own spunk and her cunt juice.
She was now moaning softly as her son greedily ate all his own spunk and her cunt juices.
He never stopped until he had licked up every last drop of their combined juices.
When he did finally pull his face from her cunt, it was covered in spunk and pussy juice.
She just smiled at her son.

She was now smiling at her son and looking at the bed.
Pete had licked up nearly all their juices but the sheets were still a mess and would need changing. She sighed to herself then said to Pete.
"Open up."

Pete looked up at his mother and as he did so he was hit in the face by his mother's piss.
She had decided as the bed sheets needed changing and she needed to go to the bathroom, she was just going to piss all over her son and save herself the walk.
Pete was trying his best not to get hit in his face, but she kept moving her hips so her golden stream of piss kept hitting his face.
Finally Pete said to her.
"Well if that's your game two can play at that."

Pete quickly got up onto his knees and grabbed his prick; he then tried his best to aim at his mother’s face.
He then started to piss at her face.
She had been laughing about pissing on him so her mouth was open and soon it was full of his piss.
She was forced to swallow it all.
She tried to complain to him.
But he moved so he was only a couple of inches from her face.
He now completely soaked her face with his piss; he then rammed his prick down her throat and made her drink the last of his piss.
She was so surprised and shocked by his actions that she actually had a further orgasm.
She was now happily drinking his piss.

Now mother and son collapsed back into each other's arms and started to kiss each other once more and playing with each other's tongues and tasting each other's piss in their mouths.
They did this for a few more minutes.

Finally they both broke off their kissing, their hands were still fondling each other's bodies.
She then looked at him and said with a wink.
"Let's go take a shower together."
David took this for his queue to quickly leave; he quickly put the stool back into Pete's room and quietly got down the stairs before they came out of the bedroom.
He then slipped out of the house gently closing the front door behind him.

David was now very horny and he had a good idea how to teach his mother a lesson. He now headed off to Marks house.
David arrived at his friend's house and quickly explained to him what he wanted him to do.
Mark readily agreed to David's plan, he was still very upset about how David’s mother had treated him earlier.

When David arrived back home he found his mother sat on the sofa watching TV.
David casually asked.
"Where Danny was?"

She then looked at him with a big smile on her face and then said to him with a little laugh.
"He went home about 40 minutes ago; I think I wore out the poor lad. But he's coming to see me sometime tonight."
She then looked directly at her son and said to him.
"Do we have a problem with that?"
David just smiled at his mother and shook his head.
She then looked closely at him and said to him.
"Good, because I just love his big boy cock."

She then gave him a little smile and said to him.
"You can still eat out my cunt some time, if you have been a good boy.
But he fucks better than you.
So you can just watch and jack yourself off from now on. No more mommy pussy for you from now on."

David just looked at his mother and smiled at her.
He thought to himself what a fucking bitch and it made what he had planned for her easier to do now.

June noticed that her son was still stood next to the sofa and looking at her.
She grew rather annoyed with him.
She then said to him.
"Why are you just standing there like a fucking moron?"

It was now time for David to put his plan into action.
He looked down at his feet and said in a very low mumbling voice.
"That he had lost his phone while playing in the park and wondered if she would come and help him find it."
He lied to her.

David knew all too well what her reaction would be and he was not disappointed.
She went absolutely ballistic with him.
After a few minutes of her swearing at him, they both set off for the park to try and find his lost phone.

Mark was now following David's instructions so he called for four more of their friends.
Now all five set off for the park first stopping at a hardware store to pick up a few things David had told him to bring.
David had given him £20 to buy what they needed.

All the way to the park, June was giving her son a hard time about losing his expensive phone.
David listened in silence and occasionally said he was sorry to her.
Once they were inside the park June asked her son whereabouts he had been playing.
David pointed over to a thickly wooded part of the park were some old oak trees stood next to some bushes.
There was a little dirt track leading into the trees.
David now headed into the trees.
June watched him disappear into the trees before she too followed him into the trees.

David was now sat on a fallen tree stump in a clearing in the wood. They were surrounded on all sides by the trees and the only way out was the way they had come in.
June now stood and stared at her son, she then said to him.
"What the fuck are you doing, why are you not looking for your fucking lost phone you silly little cocksucker."
June's face was now red with anger, she was absolutely furious with her son.

David just looked at his mother, he then slowly unbutton his jeans and pulled down his zipper.
June watched him in total silence as he removed his jeans and boxer shorts.
He then slowly started to play with his prick until it was rock hard and dripping a little pre-cum.

David now smiled at his mother and said to her in a mocking tone.
"Now come over here and get on your knees and suck this prick. Remember you're the only cock sucker in the family.
Now get sucking you fucking bitch."

June now instantly snapped back to reality and her anger boiled over.
She walked towards her son her hand up high ready to slap him hard across his face.
But before she could deliver the decisive blow, strong hands grabbed her and pinned both her arms behind her back.
She felt her hands being roughly tied together with what felt like some kind of rope.
June was now aware that she was completely surrounded by some boys, who had appeared out of nowhere.

David's friends had been watching in the trees and waiting for the right moment to act.
June was now completely helpless and at the mercy of the boys.
She now realized the danger she was in and started to panic.
She tried to get her hands free, but the rope was too tight.
She was just about to scream for help, when some sticking tape was placed over her mouth.
Now she was completely helpless.

June once again tried to break free of the hands that were holding her, but two boys were holding her quite securely.
David said to his friends that were holding her.
"Push her down onto her knees."
June found herself being forced down onto her knees and there was nothing she could do about it.

David now advanced on his mother one hand holding his prick.
He then said to his mother.
"I think it's time you suck my cock and eat my spunk for being a right bitch with Danny.
After that Mark is going to give you a good fucking, and when he has finished with you.
My friends will also take turns with you."
June now tried to struggle even harder but it was no use.
Her son's prick was now level with her mouth; David brutally ripped the tape from her mouth.
June screamed out in pain which caused everyone to laugh.
She then looked at her son, with hate in her eyes. She also kept her mouth firmly closed.

David looked down at his mother and told her to open her mouth and suck his prick.
June continued to look at him with hate; she also kept her mouth firmly closed.
David was starting to lose patience with his mother he quickly put one hand over her nose and pinched it shut.

June had no choice, she could not breathe, and so she opened her mouth and sucked in some air.
David allowed his mother to fill her lungs with some fresh air; he then took hold of his prick and forced it into her open mouth and down her throat.

David didn't give her any time to recover, he took hold of her head then he started to drive his prick in and out of her mouth.
June was forced to swallow his prick everytime he thrust it back into her mouth.
She tried to struggle, but the two boys were still holding her tightly.
The rest of the boys were encouraging her son on and making crude comments on what they were going to do to her when it was their turn to fuck her.

June just closed her eyes and hoped that her son would come quickly and her ordeal would be over soon. David was brutally fucking his mother's mouth with all his energy.
But he was very turned on and the comments that his friends wear making soon had him cuming.
He was now shooting load after load of his incestuous spunk down his mother's throat.
June had no choice but to quickly swallow all of her son's spunk.

Finally David pulled his spent prick from his mother’s mouth. June looked at him with disgust in her eyes and in a little display of defiance she spat the last of his spunk out of her mouth and onto the floor.
David and the rest of the boys just laughed at this, David now sat down on the fallen tree stump and turned to his friend Mark and said to him.
"Your turn mate."

Mark gave David a big smile, he then approached David's mother and took hold of her white blouse and ripped it open.
He and the rest of the boys just stared at her big tits in her little white bra.
He then took hold of her bra straps and pulled them down her arms her big tits popped out of her bra cups as he roughly pulled her bra down to her waist.

Mark now greedily took hold of her big tits and roughly started to fondle them. He then sucked from one nipple to the other.
June closed her eyes tightly and tried her best not to moan out, but his tongue and teeth on her nipples soon had her letting out a little whimper and she could feel her panties getting wetter.

Mark was now slobbering over her tits. He then positioned himself directly in front of her mouth. June decided that it was hopeless to fight, all she could do was to give in to the boy's sexual demands and hopefully it would be over sooner.
Mark was surprise when he felt her tongue willingly trying to lick at his cockhead.
He allowed her to lick her tongue over his cockhead a few times, before he put it into her mouth. Once it was in her mouth, she willingly started to suck on it.

Mark just stood there with his hands on his hips and a fucking stupid silly grin on his face as June expertly and one could say lovingly massaged his prick with her expert tongue.
She even somehow managed to get his balls into her mouth as well.
Mark was looking down at her as she continued to suck his prick; she had her eyes open as she sucked on his prick. She even gave him a little wink as she started to deep throat his prick down her throat.

June did not want to admit it to herself, but being dominated like this was starting to turn her on.
She felt Mark's prick twitch in her mouth and she knew that the boy would be soon shooting his spunk into her mouth.
She now willingly started to suck faster and harder on his prick; her mouth was like a vacuum on his prick.

Mark now cried out loud in pleasure and he too started to shoot his spunk into her now willing mouth, just like her son had done a few minutes before.
June never stopped sucking on his prick until the last of his spunk was in her stomach.
She then used her tongue to lick his prick completely clean.

Mark smiled at his friends and all the boys cheered them including David, who also winked at his mother.
June quickly looked away from her son; her face was flushed with emotion and lust now.
And drops of cum were dripping from her lips.
One of the boys on David's instructions had brought along a video camera and had recorded everything that had happened up to now.

Mark had joined David sitting on the fallen tree stump; all the boys just stared at June for a few more minutes.
Finally June looked directly at her son then smiled at him.
She then said to him.
"Well if you boys are going to give me a good fucking would one of you little dirty bastards untie my hands please."

David gave the order and soon her hands were free, June rubbed her hands to get the feeling back into them.
All the boys were just watching her and wondering what she was going to do next.
When June finally recovered her breath, she unclipped her bra from around her waist and tossed it to the ground her skirt and panties soon followed the bra.
Now she stood in front of the boys in just her high heel shoes.

David and Mark were still sat on the fallen tree stump, just grinning at each other as they watched their four friends drooling at David's mother's beautiful naked body.
June gave each of the four boys a big smile; she then told them all too quickly stripped off their clothes.
It only took a few seconds for all four boys to strip off all their clothes and stand next to June completely naked.
The boy with the video camera handed it to David then he went back to stand next to his friends.
June now made all four boys line up in front of her, she then walked down the line inspecting them like they were soldiers on parade.
David was now off the tree stump and filming everything.
Mark had also recovered and he quickly joined the end of the line, much to June's amusement.
She gave him a little smile as he eagerly stood with the others in line.

June was now back up at the beginning of the line, she was looking directly at the boy in front of her. He was flushing and held his hands over his cock, this made June smile at him.
She ruffled the boy's hair with her left hand and her right hand started to massage his young chest.

June was continuing to rub his chest, she gave the boy a nice big friendly smile and asked "him his name."
The boy was now looking directly at her big breasts that were only a few inches from him.
He mumbled that his name was "Neil."
June put her hand under his chin and raised his face so that they were both looking at each other.
June then very tenderly kissed him on his lips; the boy went bright red in his face.
She now worked her way down the line of boys, asking them their names and giving them a quick fondle and kiss.
When she got to Mark she just gave his prick a quick pull.
They both just laughed at this.

June now got down on the ground on all fours; she then got two of the boys to stand in front of her and the other two boys to stand behind her.
Mark she ordered to go sit back down on the tree stump, because he had already had a turn with her. Mark reluctantly walked over and sat down on the tree stump.

David was still video tapeing everything that was happening.
He saw Mark sat on the tree stump so he zoomed in on him.
Mark when he saw David filming him just gave him the finger.
David laughed and went back to filming his mother and his other friends.

June now had the two black twin brothers ready for action, one at her face and the other standing behind her.
June could tell that both boys were nervous, so she opened her mouth and took the big black prick into her hot mouth and greedily started to suck on it.
She then moaned with the big prick in her mouth, when she felt the other big black prick being shoved roughly and clumsily into her hot pussy.

Both boys now found their pace and both really started to double team her.
June loved having two black pricks in her body at the same time.
The one in her mouth tasted delicious and the one in her now very wet cunt felt huge.
She loved the way their pricks were pounding in and out of her.
She could hear the other boys encouraging them on as they continued to roughly fuck her.

June never ones let the prick in her mouth escape her.
She had his entire shaft down her throat now; she could also lick his balls with her tongue.
She could feel his brother's balls slapping against her pussy lips as he continued to pound his prick in and out of her cunt.
She could also feel her own pussy juices leaking out of her cunt.
June also could feel her own orgasm starting to build up in her pussy now.

Both of the black brothers were moaning and groaning out loud now.
She knew that they were both close to coming; she couldn't wait to get a cunt full and mouth full of their hot black spunk.

June was right a few seconds later she felt hot black spunk shooting into her pussy which caused her to have a powerful orgasm.
She also wanted a mouth full of black spunk, so she stuck one of her fingers up his ass. Which caused him to shoot a large load of spunk into her mouth which she greedily swallowed?
He then continued to fill her mouth with his spunk; she swallowed everything he shot into her mouth.

Both boys now pulled their pricks from her body, June kneeled down on the ground and indicated to them to come and stand next to her.
Now she had one of the boys on each side of her, she took hold of their pricks one in each of her hands and she slowly started to Jack on them.
Once she had them nice and hard again, she alternately started to suck on their pricks.
She then truly amazed everybody, when she took both their big black pricks into her mouth at the same time.
She closed her lips hard around both pricks and started to deep throat both pricks at the same time.

Both boys were now moaning loudly as she continued to suck on their pricks; it only took a few minutes of her expert sucking before both boys simultaneously came in her mouth.
There was so much spunk shooting into her mouth that some of the boy’s spunk started to come out of her nose.

All the rest of the boys had watched this sex act in total silence, it was so erotic.
David had zoomed the camera in on his mother's face as her mouth got flooded with his friend’s spunk. And his own prick was now rock hard and hurting him.

June now had a mouthful of their spunk, but she did not swallowed it.
She opened her mouth to show the boy's that her mouth was full of spunk and so her son could get a good shot of her mouth full of black boy’s spunk.
She then spit two big wads of spunk onto each of her big tits. She then swallowed the spunk left in her mouth.
She now started to rub the spunk into her big tits.
Her tits glistened with the spunk as she rubbed it all over her tits.
She even put her hand in her pussy and got some spunk and pussy juice out of her cunt and rubbed that onto her big tits too.

Suddenly a mobile phone started to ring; it belonged to one of the black brothers. He quickly went over to his pile of clothes and retrieved his phone and answered it.
He talked on the phone for a couple of minutes; he then turned to his brother and June and said to them both.
"Its hower mom she wants us home, will have to go."

The two brothers quickly got dressed and before they went June gave them both a big hug, which gave them the opportunity to give her big tits and pussy a quick fondle.
Both brothers went off sniffing their fingers that they had been ramming in and out of her pussy while she had been hugging them.
The two brothers were now smiling at each other as they walked off home.
June was getting a little tired now, but she wanted to give the remaining two boys a little love too.
She walked over to them and took them in her arms and pulled them both close to her.
She then kissed them both passionately; they both were a little shy to kiss her back at first.
They did not want to taste their friends cum in her mouth.
She continued to kiss them in turn driving her tongue into their mouths, both boys soon responded to her and was kissing her back with the same amount of passion as she was kissing them with.
All the time June was kissing the boys she had her hands on each of their young pricks and was jacking them off.

When she knew that they were about to come, she got down on her knees and took both pricks into her mouth at the same time.
She now repeated her little trick she had done with the two Black Brothers she sucked hard on both young pricks at the same time, until both boys filled her hot mouth with their hot young spunk.
June then licked their pricks clean for them.
Both boys nearly collapsed onto the wet ground when she finally released their pricks from her mouth.
They were smiling like idiots at her.
She just gave them both a little wink and went to start getting dressed, the boys also got dressed.
David and Mark were a little disappointed that they would not get any more pussy, but June just winked at them both.
Junes ripped blouse only just kept her big tits in.
She did not put back on her bra and panties.

Once outside the park the other two boys who were called Carl and Neil headed off home.
June walked home with David and Mark.
She had a fun packed night planned for them, she was also going to call Danny and get him to come over too.
She was also going to get the two black brothers telephone number off her son.
She wanted to have a little more fun with them sometime.

The End.

Hope you have enjoyed my little twisted tale.
Bye for now.

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You really need to read Dan’s Story posted on 2 Nov 12 first. Dan, Sharon, Ann and Tia set off late that day, as Dan wanted to carry on searching for more people and, if possible a reason why everyone else had disappeared
My car was broken, but it wasn’t all bad because my mechanic is an old family friend of mine. He was like an uncle and what’s even better is that he lived five minutes from work if I walked. Equally as awesome is that I was friend with everyone at the house
PHASE 1 - BY THE NUMBERS Fate hung in the balance of a pair of lacy panties. Megan found herself pressed against the office window, my breath hot on the back of her neck. “Someone will see us!” she hissed in protest
I have retrived this story from google cache so that everyone can know Cousins our story is a stolen story, Actually was written by 6ftthree. The Proof is in given below link. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.sexstories
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