Nip Slip

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Fbailey story number 413

Nip Slip

I was simply amazed when my secretary leaned over my desk and showed me one of her nipples. I loved it and that top was perfect for just that sort of thing. It was an off the shoulder silky peasant blouse with an elastic neckline that just falls open with the weight of her breasts. At her age her breasts seemed awfully soft and floppy. Normally she keeps them pretty tightly secured in her designer bras but today she quite obviously wasn’t wearing one. I could see some stretch marks all along her sagging breast right from her dark areola to her sternum and for some strange reason it excited me. Pamela took an incredible long time bent over my desk with her tits dangling in my face as we discussed the more stupid of things, the color of my pants. I didn’t care what color of dark green they were, hunter green was just as good as evergreen or emerald to me. However, we both knew exactly where my eyes were looking and she was not doing anything to stop me.

Finally I just said, “Your breast is quite nice. I like the way that it hangs.”

Pamela asked, “Would you like to see the other one?”

Of course I said, “Yes, please.”

Pamela stood up and then lifted her peasant blouse up over her head and draped it over the back of a chair. She stood there topless for a full minute while I stared at her tits then she leaned over so that both of them dangled. They stretched out further than they should have. I reached out with both hands and wrapped my fingers around them. Surprisingly my fingers almost reached all the way around. They were a good eight to ten inches long from her nipple to her sternum. They were simply amazing. I started stroking them sort of like how I jerk myself off or how a farmer might milk his cow.

I just had to ask, “How did they get like this?”

Pamela said, “My soon to be ex-husband is responsible. He was into bondage and light torture mostly involving my tits and pussy.”

Then I had to ask, “What did he do to your pussy?”

Pamela just smiled, unzipped her short miniskirt, and then dropped it to the floor. I waited with baited breath as she slipped her panties down her legs to her knees before letting them drop to the floor.

My moth fell open and my eyes bugged out as I saw her pussy. It was absolutely bare and her outer pussy lips were big and puffy. Her inner pussy lips were very long and hanging well beyond her crotch. Even her clit protruded like a small hard cock at the top of her opening.

As I looked she explained that her husband used to hang weights from her pussy lips, suck on them with a vacuum cleaner, and he had her pubic hair laser removed. Apparently she went through some painful surgery to create what her husband decided was the best pussy in the whole world. I must admit that I thought he was right. I loved her pussy and I loved her breasts. Pamela was a woman that I could love forever.

Standing there in my office totally nude she asked me, “Would you like to fuck me?”

She didn’t have to ask me twice, “Yes. Lock the door while I get undressed.”

Pamela said, “It’s already locked. Do you think that I’d be standing here like this if it weren’t?”

I replied, “I don’t know.”

Pamela smiled and said, “Look I’m fucking pissed at my husband right now and you have been on my radar for quite sometime. I practically threw myself at you. Fuck that, I did throw myself at you. I didn’t wear a bra in today and I put my tit right in your face. I certainly didn’t hesitate to tell you and show you my pussy now, did I?”

Sheepishly I replied, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I have wanted you since your interview. Once I saw you I cancelled the rest of my interviews and hired you. Little did I know what you looked like under your clothes.”

Pamela asked, “Are you disappointed?”

Quickly I said, “Hell no! I love it. Your body is everything that I had ever dreamed of.”

Pamela said, “You can have it under two conditions.”

I said, “Name them.”

Pamela said, “First I need to keep my husband away from me and get a divorce from him. Second you promise me that you and only you will be fucking me in the future.”

I quickly replied, “Okay, is there anything else?”

Pamela said, “Not right now but I’ll think about it. Now fuck me please, I really need it.”

I could not believe how tight she was. She had the pussy of a thirteen-year-old, as if I had ever had a thirteen-year-old. The friction was absolutely intense and cumming was not an option it was mandatory. After a while I actually had to pull my limp dick out of her tight opening because she was not about to release it on her own.

As we sat and recovered she told me all about her husband. He had forced her to have several operations to restore her hymen so that he could bust her cherry again and again. He had her clit enlarged to the point that walking to her desk gives her an orgasm and walking up a flight of stairs causes multiple orgasms that almost make her pass out. Her pussy flows so much that she usually keeps a tampon in there just in case. He had the nerve endings around her nipples amplified. If she goes braless like today they drive her absolutely crazy. Normally she puts Band-Aids over them and protects them with a good padded bra, not that she needs the padding. He had her vagina opening decreased in size to make for a much tighter fit. Apparently the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ was when he started inviting his friends to fuck the hell out of her for forty-eight hours once a month. He had turned her into a cheap whore. She had to collect one-dollar from each man to fuck her as much as they could for the weekend. The first month there were only six of them, the second month there were nine of them, and the third month a full dozen. They did indeed fuck her to death. She was not able to get any sleep and every orifice was sore before the weekend ended. Then of course her husband had to fuck her raw hole too.

Finally she ended her story with, “Tomorrow after work starts the forth marathon fuck session and I don’t know how many he invited. I just want out.”

That night I took Pamela home with me and fucked each of her holes. She was the best fuck ever, what some would call the fuck of a lifetime. How could I possibly tell her that her husband had invited me over this weekend to participate in her forth gangbang? There were going to be fifteen of us.

That Friday morning as I pulled my limp cock out of her tight little pussy I smiled at her and said, “Everything will be okay. I’ll take care of you. I promise.”

The End
Nip Slip

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