Incestuous Harem's Passion 13:

Incestuous Harem's Passion

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Thirteen: Interrupted Incestuous Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

April 10th, 2027 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston II

I woke up early.

We were having guests over for dinner so I wanted to get some more work done on my prep for court in a few days. A lawyer's work was never done. And then there was more research to begin challenging the bigamy laws in California. I planned on using all the same techniques the gay rights attorneys had.

I left Melody and Pam sleeping and stumbled out naked. Just down the hall was a special room where four of our women slept together: Lee, my mother, Aunt Vicky, and Mrs. Hiragawa. Our four sex slaves. There were four remotes hanging on the door outside of them, each one labeled with a name.

I blinked, bleary-eyed. I swayed for a moment, my toes flexing into the carpet as I struggled to gather my mind. My bladder was full, pushing on me. I had to pee badly. I grabbed the one labeled Clint's Mother from between the ones labeled Pam's Mother and Melody's Mother. The forth was labeled merely Filth. Lee had written that herself.

I hit the button on the remote I chose.

In the room, I heard a groan. The bed creaked. More murmurs. Stumbling footsteps. The door opened to reveal my mother's sleepy face, her bleached-blonde hair matted and tousled. She was naked, her large breasts swaying. She focused on me. From between her thighs, a vibrator hummed away, activated by the remote in her hand.

“Good morning, Master,” she moaned. She pressed against me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, her boobs soft on my chest. “Do you need your Mommy-slave's attendance.”

I grinned at her. “Don't I always?”

She smiled at me, her brown eyes coming more and more awake. “Then you just let your Mommy-slave love you and take care of you.”

She sank to her knees, her large breasts dragging down my chest and stomach. She knelt before me and grabbed my cock. She seized it in a tight grip. She pumped up and down my girth, stroking me with a hungry look growing in her eyes.

She kissed the tip. Her tongue played with the slit for a moment. I groaned at the incestuous thrill that raced through me. In a few days, I'd be on one of the shows on Fox News. I was going anywhere I could get my message out. It was a shame I couldn't talk about this delight.

Her lips slid over my cock. She sealed it, staring up at me as she lightly nursed. I ran my hand through her bleached-blonde hair. I gripped a fistful. The vibrator hummed away, stirring up her pussy. I sighed and relaxed my bladder.

My piss streamed out of me. A powerful rush. That almost sexual delight of pissing ran through me. I groaned out my exhilaration as my mother's cheeks bulged for a moment, then she gulped down the bitter liquid. Submissive love shone in her eyes as she drank down my urine.

“God, yes,” I groaned, the pee flowing out of me.

I loved pissing in a woman's mouth. A sex slaves willing mouth. My mother drank my piss, moaning around my cock. The stimulation added to the delight of urinating. It was over far, far too fast. The last urine was flooding into her. A shiver ran through me as the stream petered out in a few spurts.

She sucked hard, drawing out the last of it. She moaned, her hands gripping my thighs. Her tongue prodded at my slit like she was trying to work out the last of the urine trapped in my urethra. Then she just groaned.

And blew me.

Her head bobbed up and down, working her lips along my shaft. Her blonde hair rustled about her face. My Mommy-slut sucked me with hunger. Her fingernails bit into my hip. She sucked and slurped and loved me with all the hunger she could muster. Her head twisted from side to side. Her lips slid up and down my cock. The suction was incredible.

“Damn, Mommy-slave,” I groaned. “Just hungry for my cum.”

She nodded, moaning.

“Yeah, you want to guzzle your son's jizz after you drank down all my piss, don't you?”

“Of course she does,” Melody murmured.

My sister-wife padded down the hall, naked. Her sandy-blonde hair was a wild mess. Her round breasts bounced. In her late-twenties, she was as sexy now as she had been that first day over a decade ago when we made love in my stuffy, attic bedroom.

“She loves drinking your cum like the filthy slut she is.” Melody stopped beside us. Her hand joined mine on my mother's head. “Isn't that right, Aunt Cheryl?”

My mom moaned, nodding her head. She sucked harder, nursing with hunger on my cock. She worshiped it. I groaned, my balls eager to unloaded their first blasts of cum for the day. Melody leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips, her tongue darting around inside of my mouth for a wonderful moment.

She broke it and studied the remotes. Then she picked up her younger sister's, Filth. She pressed the button and a, “Yes!” hissed from the bedroom. An energetic scramble and then Lee appeared. My half-sister fell to her knees, such joy on her face while her vibrator buzzed away. “Good morning, Sister-Mistress!”

“Get that nasty mouth on my cunt right now, you piece of filth!” Melody hissed. “I want to drown you in piss and cunt cream.”

Lee looked like she was in heaven. She loved drowning in both. Literally. When she was rewarded, it was often to just have everyone in the family take turns pissing on her. She couldn't wait for our daughter, Amber, to turn eighteen just so Lee could experience the depravity from her own flesh and blood.

Amber was nearly nine, so that was still some years off.

Lee pressed her face between Melody's thighs. I watched them while enjoying my mother's hungry, sucking mouth. She bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my cock. She sucked with passion on me. With such wonderful hunger. My balls twitched and throbbed. The pressure was building and building in them. The delight swelled and swelled. It wouldn't be long before I was cumming down my mother's mouth.

Melody let out a long groan. The sound of her piss splashing into our sister's slave mouth had the pressure building in my balls. I placed my hand on my sister-wife's ass, giving her a squeeze. Melody smiled at me, her round breasts jiggling as she shuddered.

“That's it, you nasty piece of filth,” hissed Melody. “Mmm, being a living toilet is all your good for. Yes, yes, drink up all that piss. You love it because you're a depraved and disgusting whore. I should stake you out on the compost pile and just let you rot there. Damn, yes, drink it!”

Melody shuddered and ground her hips. Lee moaned, joy shining in her eyes. The more you humiliated her, the more she got off on it. I smiled at the delight in my sister-slave's eyes as much as the passion in Melody's groans. I loved all the women in my family in different ways.

I squeezed and kneaded Melody's rump, my other hand gripping my mother's hair. I thrust my cock forward, fucking to the back of her throat. She sucked the entire time. Her lips sealed tight about the base. She nursed with hunger as I drew back, my balls swaying.

“Fuck her mouth hard, stud,” Melody moaned. Her hand fell on my ass. She gave my meaty cheek a hard squeeze. “Just dump your cum down her throat. Drown your Mommy-slut in jizz while my sister-whore feasts on my cunt.” Melody gasped. “Ooh, just like that, you disgusting worm. Wiggle that tongue inside of me. Yeah, you know all about wiggling. I should make you mow the lawn today with your teeth. Just squirming on your belly and nibbling on it.”

Lee moaned and I swear she licked with more enthusiasm.

Melody groaned. Her head lolled back. A shudder ran through her body, jiggling her round breasts. Her hips worked from side to side, grinding her cunt on Lee's face. I loved the sight as I fucked my mother's mouth.

I thrust forward the hardest yet and rammed my cock down my mother's mouth. She groaned as I buried down her gullet. She didn't resist. She took me with ease. A trained whore. My father had broken her in. Made her and Aunt Vicky into sex slave whores.

They loved it. Loved him.

“Shit, yes!” I groaned, my balls resting on my mother's chin. Every inch of my cock was buried to the hilt in her throat. “You like that, don't you? Just like a big cock buried to the hilt in your gullet. Mmm, yes, that's what you crave. You're a fucking whore slut who just needs my big cock fucking into you over and over again, don't you?”

My mother whimpered and sucked hard on my dick, loving my cock. She swallowed, massaging my shaft.

I gripped her tight and drew back. I slammed forward again. My balls smacked into her chin. The pressure grew in my nuts. They cracked over and over into her. I drove to the hilt in her mouth, loving the way she moaned about my dick.

The way she worshiped my cock. It was intense. Amazing. I savored every moment of it. I pumped away hard and fast at her. I pounded her mouth with my dick. I slammed into her with powerful strokes again and again.

She whimpered. Moaned. She sucked with hunger on my cock as it rammed into her. My hard strokes hammered her mouth. She whimpered and shuddered, sucking with hunger on me. Her tongue danced around my cock. She sucked and slurped on it. She nursed with all the hunger of a whore on my dick.

I loved it.

My hands slid through her hair. I gripped her. Held her tight. I pumped away with all the ferocity I could muster. I buried my dick to the hilt in her again and again. I loved every moment of feeling her hungry mouth around my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, you fucking Mommy-slut!” I growled. My balls approached their boil as I rammed down her mouth, my hand squeezing her ass.

“Cum down her throat,” moaned Melody. Her undulating hip rubbed her thigh against mine. Her delicious breasts jiggled. She held a fistful of her sister's hair, gripping Lee's black hair in a tight grip. My sister-wife's head arched back. “And I'm going to drown this fucking nasty sow with all my cum. Just a little pig greedy for my pussy.”

“So fucking greedy, Sister-Mistress!” moaned Lee. “See!”

Melody bucked. “You fucking whore! Do that! Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Shit!” I groaned, Melody's hand kneading my butt-cheek as I slammed down my mother's gullet.

The stimulation of her hot mouth and tight throat around my cock, especially the sensitive tip, surged over me. I groaned and erupted. My jizz fired out of me. Hot blasts of cum that pumped my spunk right down the slut's fucking mouth.

I flooded her belly. I pumped her full of my jizz and loved every moment of it. I shuddered as my balls unloaded blast after blast of my spunk. The pleasure hit such powerful peaks in me. My chest rose and fell. Stars burst out of my eyes.

“Mommy-slut!” I snarled as I pumped it straight into her belly.

Her fingers dug into my hips. Her brown eyes stared up at me with depraved, motherly love. The incestuous delight of using my mother as a cum-dumpster surged through me. I panted and groaned. The rapture danced through my mind.

My balls fired out the last of the cum into her belly while she moaned about my dick. Trembling. The last spurt of jizz flooded down her throat. I groaned, panting. The pleasure burned across my mind. That euphoric buzz settled into my flesh.

“That's what I needed, Mommy-slut. You can go back to bed.” I turned off the vibrator with another click of the remote. “No cumming.”

She slid her mouth off my cock while I turned to Melody. My sister-wife's face twisted and twitched with her pleasure. I kissed her on the mouth, thrusting my tongue into her while my mother stood up and padded back into the bedroom's darkness.

Melody groaned into my kiss. Her fingers dug hard into my butt-cheeks. I knew the signs. She came on Lee's face, drowning our little sister-slave in pussy cream. Lee sounded like she was in heaven as she licked up the juices gushing out of my wife.

I savored this moment and then broke my kiss.

“Yes, yes, you little pig!” gasped Melody. “Fucking drink that cream. Ooh, you're nasty tongue's licking it all up. You're just feasting on it, you nasty sow. Yes, yes, get that dirty tongue in me. Oh, god.”

“Sounds like a good one,” said Pam. My second wife stumbled up, rubbing the sleep out of her almond-shaped eyes.

“Morning,” I told her, slipping away from Melody. I cupped Pam's face and kissed her. “Did we wake you.”

“Yes, but it's okay. I have to prep for a new patient. Rachel's getting jealous of the attention her husband's giving her daughter.” Pam grinned. “Well, we'll just see about fixing that little problem and getting her to accept that sharing her husband with her daughter will be even more satisfying.”

“You're a wicked woman,” I said and headed back to our bedroom to get dressed.

“I am,” she purred. “Let's see. I think I'll go with my mother.”

She grabbed the remote and summoned Mrs. Hiragawa to drink her piss and provide the first orgasm of the day. It was a routine. The best way to start your day. It was invigorating and relaxing all at the same time.

I especially loved it when I had court.

I hummed as I dressed, eager for the dinner with our new neighbors. Brother and sister living together. I could watch Pam work her magic and bring the pair of them into incestuous sex.


January 19th, 2026 – Elmer Bennett

I groaned as I worked my nineteen-year-old daughter's panties around my cock. I moaned, addicted to the rush of using Candy's panties as a masturbatory aid ever since I caught her pleasuring herself.

Maybe before I first learned about Clint Elliston and his mad ideas about free-love and incest, I wouldn't have done this, but the man had awakened something inside of me. Something fed by my daughter's nubile form. It drove me wild how she pranced around in next to nothing, suddenly so concerned with flaunting her body.

She had no idea what she did to me when she came downstairs wearing a pair of boy short panties and a tank top, her little nipples poking away. My wife didn't have a problem with it, and it wasn't like I could admit that I wanted to fuck my daughter.

I did.

God, I did.

I pumped those silken delights up and down my cock. I groaned. It wasn't like I needed this. My wife, Rachel, wasn't cold. We still had sex right before and after my tours. I was a fireman. I would spend two days living at the firehouse before getting two days off. I found myself bringing a pair of my daughter's panties to the station in case I needed to jerk one off.

“Shit,” I groaned, pumping faster. These were fresh. Still warm when I pulled them out of the hamper. “You want to love your Daddy, don't you?”

“Oh, Daddy, I do!” Candy moaned in my imagination. Her body was so young and nubile. A lolita temptress luring her poor father into the sin of her incestuous, nubile flesh. She sat on the counter before me in my mind, legs spread wide, her pussy on display.

A juicy slit surrounded by her black bush, her clit hard. Her juices gleaming on the silken strands. She would grab my cock and pull me towards her. She would press me right against her snatch and smile at me.

“Yes, yes, just right there, Daddy!” she moaned. “That's what I need. You got to love me. I'm your daughter. I need it. I need my Daddy to love me!”

“Shit, yes!”

I groaned and erupted into the silk, so turned on by my fantasy. The pink silk soaked up my seed. My white jizz bled through as my cock spurted over and over. I groaned, the rush of pleasure surging over me. Stars danced before my eyes.

“Daddy! Daddy! I love it when you cum in my panties!”

“Me, too!” I groaned.

“When are you going to cum in my pussy, though? I need you, Daddy. I want you. Can't you tell by how I prance around nearly naked? How I flash my cute rump at you. I'm so horny for you, Daddy. I need your cock to slide into me.”

I groaned at that idea. My balls tightened. The idea of my daughter needing me to do that sent such a wild surge of lust through me. My last spurt of cum was powerful. I panted, aching for it. I loved my wife, I did, but Candy

“Fuck,” I muttered and shoved her panties beneath the sink. I turned on the faucet, washing my seed off. “Why did that fucker Clint have to get on the goddamn television and make me think it was even remotely okay to lust for my daughter?”

I dropped the wet panties into the hamper and strode out of the bathroom, feeling guilty and elated all at the same time. I wished I had the courage to do as Clint suggested: to love who I wanted. But my wife would kill me. My daughter would freak out. I'd be fired from my job. Probably go to jail.

Too much to lose.

Better to try and forget it.

Rachel padded by and rubbed my belly as she passed. “You're looking happy.”

“Oh, well, in a good mood,” I said. I should be lusting after her. Rachel wasn't bad looking. She wasn't as tight and toned as our daughter, but she had the same round face as Candy. “Going to get that barbecue put in today.”

“Right,” she said rolling her eyes. “You'll get halfway through it and then I'll spend the next two months complaining about it.”

“Which means it'll still be ready before summer.”

She rolled eyes and shook her head. Candy stepped out of her bedroom holding a pile of clothes in her hand, a pair of blue panties peeking out. She headed for the bathroom. I swallowed. Was she going to be changing her panties again?

“Hi, Daddy,” she said, smiling at me. “Glad you're finally out of the bathroom. Got to shower and get over to Susan's.”

“Uh-huh,” I said, trying not to track my daughter's ass. Rachel was nearby. My cock was getting hard. If Candy was changing her panties again there would be another fresh pair in there.

I swallowed as she vanished inside the bathroom. She'd be changing into those light-blue ones when she came out. What was in there right now? I groaned and forced myself to head down the stairs. I had to stop jerking off in her panties.

I knew when I broke for lunch, I'd find an excuse to enjoy them. I was addicted to the rush of sliding them up and down my cock. It was as close as I could get to the real thing.


March 23rd, 2026 – Jaiden Walsh

“Finally,” I groaned as Mom headed off to work. “I thought she wasn't ever going to leave.”

My sister, Alysha, was lying on her stomach on the couch playing on her phone. She wore a pair of boy shorts that hugged her cute rump, the plaid fabric looking great on her dark body. She smiled at me and wiggled it in invitation.

“Let's get spring break started off right!” she moaned.

It had been a year since we'd finally hooked up. Last spring break, our attraction for each other had finally exploded. We were enjoying each other. Loving each other. Getting it on with each other. Who cared that she was my little sister. That it was incest.

That crazy White guy, Clint Elliston, said this shit was okay, and I knew I fucking loved it. No girl ever turned me on like my little sister. I had more than my share at high school and now college, but then along came Alysha and I was lost to the joys of her pussy.

I pounced on my sister. I pressed into her back. I ground my cock into her, loving the feel of her rump beneath me. She groaned and squirmed beneath me. She thrust her phone on the counter as I nuzzled into her ear. I kissed and nibbled, loving the feel of her wiggling beneath me.

Teasing me.

Exciting me.

“Mmm, Jaiden,” she moaned. “God, I'm so wet. Spring break is the best. Shame Mom can't go out of town for a week.”

“Or that we could if we had the money,” I said. “I'd take you anywhere. Call you my girlfriend and fuck you hard. No one would know we were committing incest.”

“Ooh, I like how you think,” she moaned and then she squealed. “God, I'm so wet. And you're hard.”

I pressed my cock into her ass. “How did you know?”

She burst into laughter. “Oh, I don't know, there was a little sign.”

“Little?” I humped my hard cock into her rump. “You call this little?”

“Well” She giggled. “I've never done it with other guys. Maybe you're actually little.”

“Then your pussy couldn't handle any other cock 'cause I stretch yo to the limits, sis, and you know it.”

“Fo' sure I do,” she moaned. “God, I need my pussy licked.”

“What you gonna do for me?”

“Suck that big, thick, long monster you're rubbing on my ass!”

“Oh, now you're trying to flatter me after you belittled my dick.”

“I could never belittle it. I love it too much.” She groaned. “I want your dick in my mouth, big bro. Can you handle that?”

“Can you?”

Alysha giggled. “Let's find out.”

I stood up and shoved down my shorts and boxers. My cock sprang out. It bobbed before me, swaying and twitching. Precum bubbled from the tip of my dick. She stared at me, still lying on her belly. I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder.

“Oh, yes, yes, carry me off!” she moaned.

“Your ass is mine now!” I said, striding down the hallway with her nubile form on me. She was nearly nineteen now, her breasts pressing into my back.

Her hands grabbed my butt. “Ooh, and your ass is mine.”

I kicked in the door to my room—which was neater than hers, she had her clothes everywhere—and threw her down on my bed. She bounced, her straight weave of hair swaying about her. She and my mom both spent a fortune going to get their hair done every week.

But she was gorgeous with it.

My sister sat up and popped off her tank top, bearing her delicious, dark breasts. Her nipples, a deeper shade of brown than the rest of her, thrust hard, begging to be played with. Then she wiggled out of her boy short panties, those plaid delights unveiling her shaved pussy gleaming with juices.

“Mmm, one year of loving you,” she moaned, staring up at me with hunger in her eyes. “It's been the best.”

“Yes, it has,” I said and mounted the bed. v

“Oh, you're on top?” she gasped as my cock nudged against her right cheek.

“You just got to nurse,” I said as I lowered my head to between her thighs. Her tangy passion filled my nose. I groaned at that delight. My mouth salivated. I buried my face into her snatch.

Licked her.

She gasped as my tongue dove through her folds. I caressed her. Teased her. I licked and lapped up and down her twat. She groaned, squirming on the bed beneath me. Then her head turned. Her lips kissed at the side of my cock's tip rubbing into her cheek. She flicked her tongue out.

“Mmm, all those White girls want your big, Black dick, but I get it,” she moaned between licks.”

“Any time you want it,” I growled and dove my tongue into her snatch.

She shuddered and then she sucked on the end of it. She nursed on my cock. She sucked hard on it. My balls tightened. I groaned into her twat. I rubbed my face into her hairless pussy while she danced her tongue around my dick.

My balls swayed, heavy with my load of cum. I would fire so much into her. Not her mouth. I wanted my first load to go into her pussy. To flood her bareback. I was glad she was on the pill. She would give me such bliss. The pleasure would be incredible. Intoxicating.

She nursed on my cock as I feasted on her. I devoured her cunt. I loved the taste of her. the feel of her against my mouth. Her hot pussy lips rubbed against me as she squirmed. She moaned around my cock the pleasure buzzing up it.

“Damn, sis!” I groaned. “You taste amazing.”

She nursed with hunger.

We were going to have an amazing week. Just fucking and sucking and loving each other between eight AM and six PM. While Mom was at work, we would play. No squeezing in quickies before she got home from work, no hooking up in unisex bathrooms at the mall. No fast BJ's while Mom was in the shower or cooking dinner.

No risk at all of being caught. Our mother would kill us if she did.

I thrust my tongue into my sister's cunt. She liked that, moaning as she sucked on me. My cock throbbed. My balls swayed, full of a load of cum just begging to slide into her. I would give her such a wicked delight. I would make her explode.

She whimpered. Groaned.

Alysha loved it.

Her hands grabbed my rump. Her fingernails dug into my meaty flesh. She sucked and slurped on my cock, dancing her tongue around it. The pleasure felt incredible. She brought me to the edge of cumming, but I held off.

I concentrated on pleasing her. Licking her. feasting on her. I loved every moment of it. The pleasure of devouring her cunt. Of swirling my tongue around inside of her and driving her wild. The sounds she made were intoxicating.


“Yes, yes, yes,” I growled. And licked up her pink slit to her clit. I fluttered against it.

She moaned, fingernails biting into my rump.

I bathed her clit. I flicked and fluttered my tongue against her. I savored striking her with my tongue and making her squirm. She would cum so hard. I wanted to drown in her cream. I loved making my sister orgasm.

“Yeah, you're going to explode for me, little sis! Just a firecracker waiting to detonate for your big brother.”

She moaned a “yes” around my cock.

I sucked on her clit. Nibbled on it. played with it.

She whispered around my cock, an amazing delight to experience. It was hard not to bust my load in her mouth. I danced my tongue around her bud. She clutched at my ass. The bed creaked. Her legs thrashed before me.

She gasped and moaned as she bathed my face in her pussy juices. Her cream spilled tangy out of her. I groaned and acted. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, letting her cry out in orgasmic delight. I moved down the bed, grabbed her hips, and flipped her over on her belly.

“Oh, god, Jaiden,” she whimpered. “The fuck you doin' to me?”

“This,” I growled, hauling my sister up by the hips. Her tight, perky booty faced me. Pussy juices spilled down her thighs.

I aimed my big cock at her hairless slit. Her dark-brown flesh surrounded that pink gash that spasmed and clenched with her orgasm. I rammed forward into her. She groaned into the pillow, hugging it to her face, moaning into it.

Her pussy convulsed around my cock. That wonderful, wild, spasming heaven of my little sister's cunt. Her orgasm still rippled through her. Still consumed her. I fucked her hard. I pounded Alysha's spasming twat and loved every moment of it.

“Oh, my god!” she moaned into her pillow. “Oh, fuck, Jaiden! I love your cock! We're the same! Same flesh! Same blood! We're loving who we want!”

“That's fucking right!” I growled. That White dude had it right. You had to have the courage to love who you wanted.

And I loved my little sister.

Not just because I was fucking her in my favorite position, face down and ass up, but because she was exciting. Exhilarating. We were one flesh and blood. We came from the same womb two years apart. We had the same father. Mother.

My strokes pounded her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. She squealed into her pillow, howling her head off. Her multiple orgasms surged through her body. Her hips wiggled from side to side as I gave her the rapture she deserved.

“Don't fucking hold back!” I grunted, gripping her hips. Her perky booty jiggled with every impact of my crotch into her. “Just scream that pretty, fucking head off! Don't you see, sis, this is how things are supposed to be! Mom's gone, so you can have all the pleasure you want.”

I held off cumming into her convulsing snatch. I wanted to just explode right now. To baste her twat with my cum. But I wanted her to enjoy this. Not since President's Day had I got to fuck her this hard, without holding back, and that was last month.

Too fucking long. She needed this every day.

Her pussy's spasming rippled around my cock, massaging me. It was heaven to plunge into her incestuous depths over and over. My hands caressed down her sides while she groaned into the pillow. She rubbed her face into it, whimpering, groaning. She squirmed, her snatch writhing around my cock.

It was heaven to feel that naughty sheath convulsing around me. Pure fucking heaven to enjoy. I loved every minute of it. Every last second of fucking my sister hard and fast. Her hips rocked back into me while her pussy sucked at me.

“Yes yes, cum in me, Jaiden!” she moaned.

“Going to fucking erupt in you!” I snarled, pumping into her hard and deep. “Just flood that twat with all my seed. How does that sound!”

“Like the best thing in the fucking world!” she gasped, her hips rotating. She stirred her spasming cunt around on my cock. “Oh, yes, yes, just like that. Oh, fuck, that's incredible. Jaiden! Yes!”

Her pussy spasmed harder. Wilder. Her flesh sucked at me. It was getting so hard to hold off on spurting my jizz in her. In giving her what she wanted. That wild blasts of spunk that would have her gasping and moaning and crying her fucking head off in rapture. I buried into her depths, loving every moment of it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Fucking cum in me!”

“God fucking damn, yes!” I growled.

I savored all that wild passion of burying into her cunt. I pumped hard and fast at her. I rammed to the hilt in her. My cock erupted.

My cum fired into my sister's cunt.

“Holy fucking shit, take my jizz, Alysha!” I growled.

It was heaven. My cock erupted into her hot pussy. Her flesh convulsed around me, milking me. The pleasure surged through me. This amazing rapture consumed me. Spurt after spurt of my cum flooded into my sister's pussy. I never wanted this to end.

It was the best fucking moment of my—

“What in Jesus Christ are you two animals doing!” snarled our mother.

I threw a look at my door to see her standing there. A stout Black woman in her office clothes. She held a big, black purse in her hand that she stuffed full of her “thangs.” Fury burned across her face as she marched into the room.

“Jaiden Christopher Walsh!” she snarled and swung her purse at me, striking me in the chest. “You filthy animal! What are you doing to your sister!”

“Momma! I—”

“Don't Momma me, boy!” she snarled and smacked me in the head with the purse. I raised my arms toward myself as she battered me away from my sister. I popped out of Alysha's pussy.

“Momma!” Alysha gasped, grabbing my pillow to cover her breasts as she rolled over. “Wait, wait!”

“You filthy animal!” The purse fell as she snarled at me, smacking hard into my arms. I raised them to shelter me. “Didn't I raise you to be a man, not a filthy beast? Huh?”

“Momma, it's not—”

“You weren't raping my little girl!” she snarled. “You filthy boy! Where did I go wrong with you?”

The purse smacked into my arms again and again. I couldn't do anything but retreat back before her onslaught. She swung it hard, her face furious. The leather material smacked into me again and again.

“Lord, what is wrong with you! Raping your sister! Your little sister! You're supposed to protect her!”

“He didn't rape me, Momma!” Alysha sobbed.

“You get to your room right now! I'll deal with you in a moment! As for you!”


“You filthy, disgusting rapist! I should call the police and have you arrested!”


“Police, Momma!” Terror rippled through me.

“You're twenty-one! A man!” Her lip sneered.


“A man! You're just like that father of yours! Only he never raped my little girl, did he? Never took advantage of her!”

“Momma, that's not—”


She hit my stomach this time and then swung lower. I thrust my hands down to cover my cock and balls. She crashed into my hands shielding them. Her face wild. Then her other hand joined it. She slapped my face and swung her purse.

“Momma, please,” Alysha said. “This is—”

“Child, you get your butt in your room right now!” she roared as she slapped and hit me.

Alysha fled, giving me a guilty look before she was gone.

“And YOU!” Such fury brimmed in my mothers' words. “I want you out of my house! You are NEVER to set foot in it again! If you do—if you come near my little girl again—I'll have the police arrest your ass. You can be another Black man rotting in jail for all I care! Rape my little girl!”

“But, Momma—”

“NO!” her voice rang. “I don't want to hear another damn word from your mouth. No son of mine would rape his sister! So you're not my son! You hear me! You can go live with that dead-beat father of yours! I don't care! Go die in a gutter! And I swear, the Lord is my witness, that if you come sniffing around my daughter again, the police better get to you first! I'll cut your balls off!”

I nodded, trembling. She would do it. I could see it in her eyes. It was incest. I was a guy. Black. The police would nail me to the wall in a heartbeat.

“Good! You have ten minutes to pack!”

She smacked her purse into me one last time and then marched out.

Trembling, my chest heaving, I gathered up my clothes. I threw them in a duffel bag, not even thinking. Terror filled me. I loved Alysha, but what good would it do if our mother sent me to jail. The woman had no mercy. She whupped me when I was a boy for the slightest thing. She'd have no trouble punishing me worse now.

I dressed and fled the house, not sure where to go. What to do.


Alysha Walsh

I glared at my mother when she entered. I wore a t-shirt and a pair of shorts I pulled on, Jaiden still leaking out of me.

“He wasn't raping me!” I declared, trying to sound forceful. Not to flinch before her faze. “We love each other.”

“Is that what your rapist said to take advantage of you?” she demanded. She marched in. “Huh? Did I raise you to be a little trollop that gave it up to any guy who said those three words? Men lie when they say them. And your brother's the worse for taking advantage of you.” Her expression softened. She moved in to hug me.

I pushed her away. “Don't try and pretend to be my momma. You just called your son a rapist. I love him.”

“You'll grow out of that,” she said. “I'll stick you in therapy. Get you to understand how he tricked you.”

“He's not Dad,” I muttered.

“No, he's worse.” She gave me a hard look. “Now, you get in the bathroom, get cleaned up, and then we're going to the pharmacy.”


“I'm getting you Plan B. No way my daughter's having an incest rape baby, you hear me.”

“I'm on the pill,” I muttered, anger seething in me. “You don't have to do that.”

“Don't have to do that?” she hissed. “You think I want to do this? I'm supposed to be at work. Thank the Lord I forgot my papers. I was in time to save you from your brother.”

“I didn't need saving!” I shouted, almost screeching.

“Girl, you shout at me one more time, I will get a switch and whup your ass! Now get in there, get cleaned up, and if you say one peep!” She shook her finger before me, her body trembling with fury. “I will get you back on the straight and narrow. Your brother ain't ruining you.”

I clamped my jaw shut, fear rippling through the anger.

My brother left the house while I was getting cleaned up. I wanted to cry. When would I ever see him again? Mother wouldn't let me. That was clear. She'd put a leash around my neck to keep me from being “raped” by him.

Like Jaiden could even rape me. He'd only loved me. How could such a beautiful day go bad so fast? It wasn't fair. I cried the entire way to the pharmacy, my mother shaking her head while she spoke on the phone to her boss.

“Family emergency. With my daughter. Yes, yes, I'll be in tomorrow. Might bring my daughter in with me. Got to keep her out of trouble. She's on spring break.” She paused. “Well, maybe I can get her to my mother.”

I groaned. Grandma was even worse. She'd make me cut the switch before she whupped my ass with it.

We reached Hiragawa Pharmacy, a local one in our neighborhood. It was run by this friendly, Japanese woman. There was a stack of fliers when I walked in with Clint Elliston's face on them. It was about bigamy. Loving who you wanted.

I cried more. I just wanted that. I wanted to love my brother. What was so wrong with that? Why did the world have to be so stubborn and pigheaded?


December 12th, 2026 – Cruzita Martínez

This was so naughty. My daughter had come to my work to surprise me. She'd brought me lunch and then slipped beneath my desk. Ever since she realized I'd been eating her out while she was blindfolded at The Lady's Touch Massage Parlor, our relationship had become even more intense.

She still dated guys at college, but she found time to love her mother. We were addicted to each other. When we went to the massage parlor, sometimes we didn't even need Juana or Carmelita with us. We just massaged each other, rubbing oils on the other's body and loving each other.

Just like she loved me right now.

She had her tongue buried deep into my pussy. She fluttered it up and down while I squirmed in my chair. It was such a risk to do it here. This was the heart of the justice system in Yolo County, California. The Superior Courthouse in Sacramento where I worked. It was my job to prosecute criminals.

And here I was breaking one of the oldest laws humanity ever had.

It was incredible to feel my daughter licking me. Loving me. It was such a rush. I whimpered, my eyes closed. My hands grabbed my armrest. Laurita's naughty tongue fluttered up to my clit, swirling around on it.

“Oh, that's—”

A hard knock banged on my door. I gasped as a moment later, Ed Thomas, a senior prosecutor, entered. I gasped, straightening, my hand almost knocking over the sushi my daughter had dropped off for me. He had a stack of file folders in his hand which he dumped on my desk.

My daughter went still between my thighs.

My heart pounded. Fear squeezed out all the lust and bliss that had been surging through me. I struggled to gather myself as Ed spread out the files. He looked at me, a serious expression on his face. Then his brow furrowed.

“You okay?”

“You just burst in,” I managed to say, straightening up. Laurita needed to stay quiet.

“Sorry, sorry,” Ed said, waving his hand. “This is important. We got a big case, but we have to keep it hush-hush. Right now, it's me, you, and the detectives working on it. We can't let it spread beyond us.”

“Okay,” I said, my heart pounding. I had to get him out of here. “I'll look over the files. Let you know what I think.”

“Good,” he said. “This is going to be a big one. The guy we're going after is seriously connected. This could potentially spin into major corruption charges. Politicians, businessmen, pillars of the communities could be going down if we get this guy. But if word gets out, we're going to have a fire lit under our asses.”

“Then it won't leak out,” I said, smiling. I could see the eagerness in his eyes. Jorge Valdez, the current DA, was retiring in a few years, and Ed wanted that job. Coming down hard on corrupt politicians was something voters loved. “Who is it?”

“Clint Elliston,” he said.

My stomach dropped out from beneath me.v

“You've probably heard about him. For the last few years, he's been promoting bigamy and claims that even incest should be decriminalized. Consensual incest, anyways. He's a proponent of love who you must and all that. He's preparing to sue California and try to get our statues on bigamy overturned.”

“Okay,” I said, my heart racing now. Panic fluttered through me. Real terror. And more than just from my daughter hiding naked beneath my desk.

“It seems like he's not just an advocate for incest, but an eager participant in the sordid act. We're working on the theory that he's had children with both his sisters, his mother, and his aunt. It's possible that his two cousins are actually his half-sisters, too, and he's had children with both of them. Detectives Tucker and Savage are on this one. We're going to make sure they build a solid case before we go to the grand jury.”

I nodded, stunned. Terrified. Clint Elliston's sister, one of the women he was being investigated for having a child with, was one of the four owners of the Lady's Touch Massage Parlor. If they brought him down, would there be records of my visits there?

I had to be careful. I couldn't be caught warning the Ellistons, but I had to do everything to steer the investigation away from prosecuting them. I wasn't going to lose everything for this guy. I swallowed.

“Let's get to work.”

Ed grinned. “We're going to nail his ass.”

Not if I had any say in it. I had to be so fucking careful, or I would be pulled down with Clint. Fuck.


April 10th, 2027 – Clinton “Clint” Elliston III

I squeezed my mother's ass as she cooked. “Smells great.”

“Thank you, Master,” she said, smiling at me. “It'll be ready soon.”

I opened my mouth to speak when the doorbell rang. Our guests were here. It was time to feel out our new neighbors and show them the delights that brother-sister incest had to offer. My dick twitched and throbbed, eager for the fun to begin.

Pam had us prepped on how to act. I smiled, loving to watch her work.

To be continued

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