Corbin 'Duece' James Chapter 3

Waking up on Saturday, I got up. But a bit to quick as I was light head almost falling over. I walked over to the computer provided in my room an checked the school website. It turned out I had a week off next week for mid-winter break. As if it was winter, never snows over here anyways.

I hopped in the shower standing there for about five minutes before washing. Before leaving I finished my daily hygiene, then slipped on my usual type apparel then exited the bathroom. I walked into the main room of the clubhouse, were I found some cake. I ate some then walked outside, were it was deserted all except the usual mechanics. I found a seat outside and sat there, turning on my iPhone and started listening to music. I heard the door open an saw that the Chapter was walking out. "Get a bag together were heading up to Washington." Eagle told me. "Ok gimme a minute." I responded. I walked over to m car and grabbed a bag I hadn't yet unpacked. I walked over to my bike and bungie corded the bag to my big. I started my bike, grabbed my helmet and sat down in my bike. Eagle and the rest of the chapter talked for a little bit, then started their bikes and pulled up to the exit. I followed in behind them and stopped. We stopped at a gas station down the road topping off and grabbing some snacks for the road before heading off. I hopped off my bike an entered the gas station, grabbed some gum and beef jerky. Paid for it, then exited. After I got out of the store the local Police decided to pay a visit. He harassed us for a minute about were we were going, then left. I got on my bike again and waited for the rest of the chapter to do the same.

As we were riding down I-5 north towards Washington a few more Patch-Holders pulled in, when they did I slowed down letting them get in front of me. We pulled off somewhere in southern Oregon to rest for the night.

At the 4 way intersection, when we stopped at the red light, I noticed another group of bikes going across the stopped at a red light getting ready to turn onto to I-5. Some of the other must've seen it because the had their pistols drawn. I proceeded to do the same. The other group saw us to because they were looking and pointing at us. After the light turned green we turned to the right were our hotel was. The other group of bike made a U-Turn to follow. Once we reached our hotel there were several other bikes waiting outside, with member of the Oregon chapter waiting for us, guns drawn.

We pulled in and pulled our guns out to waiting for the other group of bikes to come in. They pulled in slowly and stopped, we proceeded forward cautiously. They withdrew their side arms aiming at us while we returned the favor. "This isn't your town, Eagle." said the one that looked like the president. "No but we can make it that way if you would like." Replied Eagle. The other club whispered something then hopped on their bikes and speed out of their. When they turned their backs their patch read Originals MC in orange and black.

The patch holders went inside leaving me and two prospects from Oregon. "I'm Duece." I said, "I'm Goblin, and this is Gas." one of the replied. "Why gas?" I asked. "Well you see, I have a bad case of it." replied the other one ripping ass so to say. "I see." I said chuckling lightly.

The patch-holders relived us to go to sleep. I jumped on the opportunity and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up it was about 8 AM. I walked to the lobby, got some coffee and pancakes then went outside. There were about 10 more bikes outside. There were about 4 more guys from California, probably another chapter in the state. The other 6 were from Oregon. We started our bikes after Eagle told us the road plan, and waited for the patch holders to get in front of us. Then we rolled out.

We pulled over about 100 miles later at a rest stop over by eastern Oregon. There were a couple more patch holders and prospects from Idaho. I walked up to one of them and asked, "You know why were doing this?" "No idea they don't tell me nothing." replied the prospect from Idaho.

We proceeded to Seattle stopping for nothing but gas and lunch. When we arrived it was at the clubhouse downtown. We parked our bikes in a line apart from the Patch holders, with the rest of the prospects.

When I walked in I noticed people crying, and people looking like shit. After about 5 minutes everyone was kicked out but Patch holders for a meeting. I walked up to a cute blonde, "What happened?" she looked at me with tear-filled eyes. "A Washington Patch holder was shot to death, we think it's the Hell Riders." she replied. "Ok if you need anything I'm here." and I slipped her my number.

The patch holders came about after about 20 minutes. They rounded up us prospects and had us do a grocery run, one of the guys from Washington was put in charge of the list and getting us there. I mounted my bike and formed up on him, with Gas and Goblin behind me. We pulled out and Started riding towards the wal-mart.

When we arrived we slip up looking for certain items. I was responsible for coffee. As I was walking towards the isle a good looking brunette grabbed ahold of me and pulled me towards the bathroom. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, did the same for herself. She jumped up on me forcing me against the wall. She slid down my hardened shaft, slowly making sure she could accommodate my member, by the time she was all the way down she was soaking wet, warm and tight. She forced herself up and down and my cock, flexing her pussy muscles at the same time. As she was doing this I was making out with her, then abruptly broke it off. I latched on to her nipple sucking and licking on it like a starving baby. My balls tightened, I felt the urge, and I release my seed into her. I almost collapsed my legs were shaking so bad.

She got off and grabbed some paper towels cleaning her off, then she sucked me off. "I'm Britney." she said with a smile, then grabbed my phone and put her number into my contacts. She pulled up her pants and pulled down her shirt. Then left, I followed her and went back to the coffee isle. I grabbed a armful of cans then hurriedly walked towards the Washington prospect. Put the cans in the cart, then went through the line normally. I put the cans in one of the prospects bigger bikes saddle bags, then started up and followed the rest back to the club house.

When we got back there was a hearse in the parking lot. All the bikes were started. We ran the supply's inside then got back outside and got on our bikes and continued to the funeral.

When the funeral was done the other prospects and I proceeded to a hotel. When I arrived I was being called by a unknown number. "Hello?" I spoke into the phone. "Hey this is Kate, i was wondering if I could come talk to you, in person." she replied. "Sure, umm I'm at the Red lion outside of Seattle, room 44B." I said. "Ok I'll be over In a bit." then she hung up.

After about 15 minutes she finally showed up, wearing skinny jeans and a tank-top, her hair a mess and make-up running down her cheeks. She ran and gave me a hug, knocking me on the bed. She cried in my arms for about 5 minutes before whispering, "Thank you." I moaned a kind-off welcome while being aware of this growing urge in my pants. She must've felt it to cause she maneuvered her hand down towards my crotch. She slowly un-buttoned my pants. Before I know it she had me sheathed within her. She started aggressively humping my dick, screaming while she did. I was groaning knowing I was probably gonna last longer than I did earlier. She slide smoothly up an down my pole. Finally I felt my time approaching. I had just started to cum when she did. She was screaming while I was moaning in approval. I feel asleep with my dick in her.

Chapter 4? I appreciate feedback.Thanks OuttLaw.

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