Love is comlicated. Set up_(1)

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It was a normal morning in my daily life. The beeping from my phone echoed through my ears as I woke up at 7 am on Monday. The light that leaked in to my room through my window went across the gray carpet to my door. I slowly sat up as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I sat on my full size bed in only boxers as my morning wood was poking up from my lap. I got up and slouched as I tiredly walked to my own personal bathroom. I turned on the water and let it warm as I took some mouth wash to rid the morning breath taste from my mouth. I dropped my boxers and stepped in to the shower. The warm water hit my body and ran down my body taking the soap as it fell. As suds filled around my feet I finished washing my hair and took care of my morning wood. Usually I would think of my girlfriend Ashley as I jacked off, but lately my sister Jessica filled my mind and seeing her smooth, naked body was all I could think of. When I was done I shut off the shower and stepped out. After I dried off I wrapped the towel around my waist and looked at myself in the mirror. I am not the most gorgeous person in the world. I am about 150 and 6 foot nothing and an 8 inch dick. I have short black hair that I cut almost once a month so it doesn’t get too long. I have a light six pack and I don’t care too much to work hard on getting ripped, but I wish I would get a little more muscle.

I walk out to find Jessica sitting on my bed. She is about 5 foot 7 inches and has some of the smoothest skin I have ever seen. She sits with her legs crossed hands on her knees in short shorts and a t shirt that isn’t exposing the cleavage of her C breasts, but is tight enough you can see their shape perfectly. Her blonde hair sets upon her shoulders and shines in the light from the window and she ever so slightly smiles up at me, her red lipstick making her lips contrast with her eye shadow and bringing out her beauty, though I don’t feel she needs help to do that.

I catch myself staring so I shake my head and ask, “What are you doing here?”

“Mom sent me up to get you. Breakfast is ready and she didn’t want it to get cold,” she replied with a slight smile, almost like she was trying not to laugh.

“Ok. Well I’m on my way down, just let me get dressed.” I told her.

“All righty then.” She said as she jumped up and left closing my door behind her.

I let out a sigh and drop my towel. As I do I notice I am starting to get a hard on and start to wonder if that’s why she was suppressing a laugh. Could she see it? Did it weird her out? Oh, I hope not I tell myself. I slide on a new pair of boxers and some jeans for school. I grab a black shirt from my drawer and head down.

“About time you get down here,” my mother says as I walk down the stairs and take my seat at the table. My mom was a beautiful woman. She had the same hair as my sister, but just a tad darker. Her breasts are about one size larger than Jessica’s and it was easy to tell where my sister got her beauty. I never thought of my mom the way I do my sister or Ashley, but you could tell that once before she looked like my sister in her younger years.

“Eat up Mark you need to leave in about 15 min,” my mom (whose name is Martha) said with a slight scowl.

“I don’t want another call about you getting detention for being late to many times.”

“Yes mom,” I said trying not sound to sarcastic. I ate my eggs and some sausage from my plate. I stood and went up to get my bag from my room.
As I walked past the kitchen my mom said, “You guys are on your own for dinner tonight. I am working some overtime, and then grabbing drinks with the girls.”

“Got it mom.” I said as I kept walking to the front door. She tended to go to the bar after work and most of the time she would get drunk and meet some random guy who would bring her home. I would usually be in my room, but she is not a quiet talker, so I would hear everything they said. They usually ended up having sex, and I mean loud sex, then he would leave because he was finished and she was passed out.
As I walked to my car I saw that Jessica was in the front seat. I went around to the driver’s side and opened the door. As I got in my small 2000 Honda Accord I asked “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Sitting in your car, duh,” she replied in a sarcastic tone.

“I know that, but you need to go to the back seat.” I replied just as sarcastically. “You know I pick up Ashley on my way to school.”

“Why can’t she sit in the back?” Jessica asked trying to win me over with her puppy dog eyes.

“Because she is my girlfriend and gets special privileges in My Car,” I said trying to emphasize that it was my car.

“Fine,” she said as she rolled her eyes and opened the door. After she got seated, arms crossed pretending to be really mad, I drove off down the road. Ashley was only about a 2 min drive from my house and a 5 min drive to the school. When I made it to Ashley’s house she was standing at the curd as she normally does. She had long brown hair that went a good 3 inches past her shoulders. She wore skinny jeans and a pink, short sleeve shirt that clung tightly to her skin and showed the shape of her body amazingly. Being October she would soon start to sport one of my older sweat shirts that were just a little too big on her, but she didn’t care. Her back pack was slung over one shoulder and as she climbed in she set it at her feet.

“Hey, sweetie,” she said as she leaned and kissed me on the lips. I could taste the raspberry lip balm she was wearing. She wore make up, but never lipstick. As her smooth lips touched mine I heard “Ech,” from the back. I shot an evil look at my sister as she shrugged her shoulders. I turned back to the road and drove to school. Nothing happened that day, so it went by pretty slow. I got to see Ashley at two classes and Jessica at lunch. Since I was a senior and she was a sophomore we just see each other in passing and ate lunch together since none of our friends shared the same lunch as us.
After school I kissed Ashley good bye as she went to cheer practice. “Want to come over tonight, my mom’s hitting the bar with some friends?” I asked as our lips parted.

“Sure,” she said as she gave me a little smile and walked away.
As I reached the car Jessica asked me “So, I guess she is coming over tonight since moms going to the bar?”

“Yeah she is, but it’s none of your business,” I said a tad irritated.

“Fine just don’t be too loud, I want to sleep,” she said with smile.

“We will do our best,” I said with a smirk, and that was the end of it.
That night around 7pm my sister and I had finished eating dinner I heard the doorbell ring. I went to the door and opened it to find Ashley standing there.

“Come on in,” I said as I gestured my hand towards the stairs.

“Actually,” she said with a hint of sadness in her voice. “I’m here to break up with you,”

“What?” I said as my jaw hit the floor. “Why?”

“I just don’t feel anything anymore, and truth is…” She heisted, “There is someone else,”

“Who,” I said astonished, but before the word left my lips she ran off. I sat on the couch and Jessica came to join me.
As she hugged me I heard her say “I am so sorry bro,”

“It’s fine, I just don’t know what to think,” I said, still shocked at what just happened.

“ Neither do I,” Jessica said. “I mean who wouldn’t want you. Your nice, sweet, cute, sexy…”

“What?” I said as she stopped realizing what she had said. “You think I am cute and sexy?”

“Well yeah?” she said starting to blush a little. “I think you are really cute and sexy.”

“Well I don’t know what to…” I began, but was cut off by her lips touching mine.

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