Teaching Takumi

Hana Nakamura made a sound of disgust and scornfully tossed aside her nephew’s sex education pamphlet.

What a joke, she thought. No wonder his teachers are too embarrassed to discuss the material in class.

She began playing with the loose ends of her kimono belt as she thought about what to do. Her sister Tori had asked her to have “the talk” with her nephew Takumi. His father had died several years ago and Tori hadn’t felt qualified to discuss male sexuality with him. Since Hana was a nurse and the only other adult who had Taku’s complete love and trust, she’d readily agreed to help educate the nearly 12-year-old boy.

Takumi had come to stay with her for the weekend, just as he’d done many times before. He enjoyed all of the fun things to do in the city and his mom appreciated having some time for herself. Hana’s busy schedule at the hospital left her little time to date. Although she had many girlfriends and made enough money to have a luxury flat and all the latest fashions, she got lonely at times and looked forward to his visits. They’d formed a close bond over the years and she wanted nothing but the best for him.

Well, the best way to learn about sex is by doing it, she decided as she took a last sip of warm sake and stood up. She’d showered and wrapped a short crimson kimono around her naked body just before sitting down to read the pamphlet, so she felt as relaxed as she was ever going to get.

Takumi had gone into the shower after her and was still in there, so she put her plan into action by going to her closet and finding another small kimono that wasn’t too girlish. Then she snuck into the bathroom and left it on a hook, taking his pajamas and shed clothing with her.

Takumi always washed himself carefully, especially when he was staying with his beloved oba-chan. He made sure to use both shampoo and conditioner in his glossy black hair, then carefully scrubbed his armpits until he could only smell soap when he sniffed them. After lathering his body, he carefully washed his bottom until the crack felt smooth and clean. Then he carefully washed his feet, making sure to scrub between every toe. Finally, he gently pulled back his foreskin and washed his penis thoroughly.

He was proud of how much his penis and balls had grown in the past few months and expected to find his first hair down there any day now. Unfortunately, it wasn’t today.

As usual, inspecting his still-hairless penis made him start thinking about sexy stuff. Oba-chan had been wearing a very sexy dress that day, showing off her nice legs and breasts. He’d felt very honored to walk with her on the street and see all the men looking at her, then at him, wondering how she could possibly have an 11-year-old son. His young penis began to harden as he remembered all of his secret glances into her cleavage today. His eyes were at the same height as her small but well-formed breasts and he’d taken every opportunity to admire the view.

Just as his boy cock came to full hardness, the shower water began to cool. He barely had time to rinse the soap from his smooth little body before it went completely cold. His little love wand was completely soft by the time he turned off the water.

Takumi carefully dried himself with a big, fluffy towel, then looked for his pajamas. He was surprised to find that all of his clothing had been replaced by a black kimono. It was a nice surprise, though.

“Mmmm,” he murmured as he rubbed the silky fabric with his soft, small hands. He took the kimono off its hook and caressed his velvety cheek with it, purring like a kitten. Then he put it on and twirled around, enjoying the smooth, glossy feel against his hairless body.

He left the bathroom and found his oba-chan propped up with cushions on her bed, watching TV. Her face lit up when she saw him wearing the kimono. Grinning hugely, he walked over to stand proudly in front of her.

“I just love this!” he told her.

“You look very handsome in it, Taku-kun,” she replied with genuine appreciation. “From now on, you can wear it whenever you come over.”

“Thank you, Oba-chan,” he said and hugged himself, rubbing the supple material against his hairless chest.

“Come sit next to me, Taku-kun,” she said, patting a spot on the bed beside her. He immediately hopped on and snuggled up to her.

Hana wrapped her arms around the soft, warm boy and hugged him tight. She sniffed his clean hair, enjoying the smell of the shampoo mixed with his light musk. She felt his warm breath between her breasts and realized that she’d practically buried his face in them. He seemed very content with that so she just nestled her cheek in his hair and hugged him tighter, rubbing a hand along his warm back.

Takumi sighed happily as he gazed into his beautiful aunt’s soft cleavage. She was wearing a crimson kimono like his. The bright color cast a rosy glow onto her light olive skin as the small, gentle swells of her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. The points of her nipples were prominent underneath the soft fabric. His heartbeat quickened and his mouth watered as he admired them. They made him wish he could remember suckling on his mother’s breasts when he was a baby.

A few wonderful minutes later, he felt his aunt reach under a pillow next to her and pull something out. He recognized the sex education pamphlet as soon as she brought it into his view. With a groan, he fell back onto her encircling arm and put his hands over his blushing face in embarrassment.

“Did Kaa-chan ask you to talk to me about this, Oba-chan?” he mumbled through his hands.

Hana stroked the boy’s chest comfortingly, noticing as she did so that his kimono had opened to the point where she had a side view of his semi-firm penis and scrotum. The skin was several shades darker than his stomach and thighs, a sure sign of puberty. The young penis looked to be about the length of her index finger and twice as thick in its current state. She was sure it would be even larger at full hardness, too. His scrotum was hanging fairly loosely, bulging at the bottom with a plump testicle about the size of a large grape. There wasn’t a hair in sight to obscure the wonderful view, either.

She hugged him close and pulled his hands from his red face. He rested his head on her shoulder and looked up at her with his big, dark, almond-shaped eyes as he waited for her answer.

“Yes, she did, but I was happy to do it because I love you and I know we can have a good discussion about it. Was I right?

He met her eyes and smiled.

“Yes, Oba-chan. I love you, too.” Then he put an arm across her tummy and gave her a squeeze, snuggling closer.

Hana felt a strange sense of disappointment when his kimono closed as he shifted back toward her. His sweet little boyhood was just too adorable. The virgin skin had looked so soft and delicate that she could have admired it forever.

“So can you tell me what you learned from this,” she asked him with an encouraging squeeze.

“Hmm. Well, when a girl is 10 to 12, she starts getting an egg in her tummy every month.” he said thoughtfully.

“OK, what else?” she asked, giving him another gentle squeeze.

“When a boy is 11 to 13, he starts making sperm.” he offered.

“Good,” she said approvingly.

“If a boy puts his penis into her tummy and squirts his sperm in there, it will swim to her egg and fertilize it. Then a baby will grow inside her tummy. Nine months later, the baby will come out of the hole where he put his penis.”

Hana gave the boy a big hug and a kiss.

“That’s very good, Taku-kun! You got everything right.” At least as far as the book went, she qualified to herself.

“Oba-chan, I have some questions,” he said tentatively.

“Ask me anything, Taku-kun,” she said.

“If I can’t make sperm yet, will I pee instead?”

“Not at all,” she assured him. “When a boy is intimate with a girl, his penis gets hard. It’s called an erection. When he has an erection, only sperm can come out.”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Sometimes I wake up in the morning with, um, an… erection. When I do, I can’t pee until it goes down a little.”

“See, there’s your proof. Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally peeing in a girl.” She said with a giggle.

He giggled along with her and gave her a squeeze.



“How does a boy make his sperm go into a girl’s tummy?”

“Well, he just rubs it in and out of her until he gets so excited that it just comes out all by itself.”

“Oh. Does it feel good?”

“Oh yes, Taku-kun. I’ve been told that it feels very good.”

They snuggled quietly for awhile, listening contentedly to each other’s breathing.



“Does it hurt to have a boy put his penis in your tummy?”

“Oh, no, Taku. It feels wonderful. It only hurts a girl if it’s her first time. Then you have to be very gentle when you put it in. In fact, you should always put it in gently.”

“I will, Oba-chan. I promise.”

She smiled fondly down at him. “I know you will, Taku-kun.”

He cuddled still closer against her shoulder. She caressed his upper arm for awhile, then his side. It wasn’t long before she found herself feeling his pelvic bone and the soft, warm buttock behind it. His bottom was round and firm, but not yet muscular. It felt very good against her soft hand. She felt his own hand wandering up and down her side, causing his arm to swing between her breasts and abdomen. Her vagina began to swell and tingle as it lubricated. A glance at his kimono showed a prominent bulge just above his waist. Things were going well.



“It says that some 11-year-old boys can make sperm. I’m almost 12. Do you think I can yet?”

“It depends on how far into puberty you are. I can help you find out if you like.”

“Really? How?” he asked eagerly.

“By rubbing it in my hand until it tries to squirt sperm. If you’re making it, some will squirt onto your tummy. If not, it won’t. But it’ll feel very good either way.” She explained, trying to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“It’ll feel good?” he asked uncertainly.

“Very good,” she assured him.

“OK. What do I have to do?”

She sat up and moved down the bed.

“Just move to the middle of the bed and sit back on the pillows so you can watch… good, now spread your legs so I can sit between them… perfect! Now I’m going to open your kimono. Are you ready?”

He giggled and nodded, biting his lower lip. As she untied his belt, a mischievous grin spread across his face. Spreading the kimono, she was treated to the sight of a fully erect boy cock throbbing hungrily in front of her eyes. It looked to be about 8 centimeters long and over 2 centimeters thick at full hardness. The skin was darker along his urethra, gradually lightening as it curved around his penis. His scrotum was roughly the size of a billiard ball, but more pear-shaped. His plump little boy nuggets were prominently outlined at the bottom of his sack, each over 2 centimeters long and about half as wide. The skin of his scrotum was similarly colored, darker near the thin seam that bisected his sack and gradually lightening from there.

Not a hair anywhere, she thought, but his testicles look like they might be big enough to produce some sperm.

“Wow!” She said in mock surprise, “You had a big surprise for me, didn’t you?”

He giggled and nodded. “I have an erection!”

“You sure do. You need to have one for any sperm to come out so you’re doing your part very well. Now I have to do mine. I’m going to touch it, OK?”

He nodded quickly, a big grin on his face.

“OK,” she said, lightly rubbing the base of his scrotum. “These things you call balls are your testicles. This is where your sperm is produced. The sack around them is called your scrotum. The reason your testicles hang outside your body is because they operate at a cooler temperature than the rest of your body. When they get too cold, they draw up tight to your body. When they’re warm, they hang loosely.”

He nodded, eyes bright with interest but also shining with eagerness for her to try to make his sperm come out.

Continuing to heft his plump little scrotum in one hand, she placed her other hand on his abdomen. “In here are some glands that produce the fluid that carries your sperm. When you get ready to squirt your sperm – it’s called ‘ejaculate’ – your testicles will draw up close to your body and fill that fluid with sperm. The fluid is called semen.

“OK,” he said, urging her to continue.

She ran her finger along his penis. “As you know, this is your penis. As you start to ejaculate, it’ll feel like you’re peeing, except it’ll be semen coming through your penis. Just relax and let it happen. Your body will know what to do.”

“OK,” he said in a voice squeaky with excitement.

She peeled the snug foreskin back from the head of his penis, revealing the slimy pink mushroom underneath. “This is your glans, the most sensitive part of your penis. The skin that covers it is called your foreskin. I’m going to rub the foreskin back and forth over your glans to make it feel good. The feeling will get better and better until you just can’t take it anymore. Then you’ll have what’s called an orgasm and you’ll start ejaculating any semen that you have.”

“OK, OK,” he said, growing impatient for her to begin.

“Alright, Taku, here we go.” Still holding his scrotum in one soft palm, she gently gripped the stalk of his penis in her other fist and began to pump it slowly.

Takumi gasped as he felt his aunt’s hand grasp his penis and begin to rub it. Her hands felt warm and soft, seeming to cover every part of his sensitive little cock and balls. His foreskin began to make small smacking noises as it moved back and forth over the mucus on his cock head. After only a few strokes, the tip of his penis began to feel warm. Pleasure washed through him in waves and his head fell back. By the sixth stroke, the head of his penis felt red-hot and he felt another area of warmth growing at the base of his young rod. Sweat broke out all over his body and the muscles in his arms and legs went taught.

“Obaaaaaaaaa,” he whimpered.

“Hold on as long as you can, then just let it happen,” Hana instructed him calmly, her eyes glued to the head of his cock as she jerked him with a slow, steady rhythm. She gently massaged his tightening balls, knowing that he was already about to come. She didn’t try to help him delay it, though. She wanted him to experience his first orgasm with her as naturally as possible.

Takumi felt his legs tighten against his aunt’s body. His feet stretched straight out and his toes curled. By the tenth stroke, the warmth at the base of his penis had risen to fill his whole throbbing hardness. Now his whole rod felt like it was on fire. He’d never felt anything so good in all of his young life. He wanted it to last forever, but the wonderful new feelings were already too much for his inexperienced little body to handle. His young mind exploded as blinding flashes went off behind his eyes.

“Obaaaaaaaaa!” he yelled as his body went limp and his young cock lurched in her hand.

Hana had felt the boy’s penis swell in her palm just before he yelled out in orgasm. Now it jerked hard, then jerked again. A large, viscous glob of white fluid flew out of his cock to land on his tummy. Another spasm sent a stream of thinner, cloudy fluid into the air. It broke up in mid flight and speckled his stomach and chest with tiny droplets. The next squirt was smaller, barely clearing her fist.

“Oba, oba, oba,” Takumi babbled as his very first orgasm coursed through him. He felt the warm liquid land all over his chest and stomach but couldn’t control his eyes long enough to watch. All he could do was roll his head from side to side as his pelvis jerked and his penis spasmed with waves of pleasure that he’d never even dreamed was possible.

Hana continued to slowly milk the boy throughout is long and obviously satisfying orgasm. She smiled as she watched his face contort with grimaces of exquisite pleasure. A constant stream of warm, clear fluid dribbled down her knuckles and onto his scrotum. It must have been a big relief for his body to rid itself of so much semen. For all she knew, the stuff had probably been accumulating inside him from the moment he was first able to produce it.

She gently fondled his penis as it softened, finally letting go after it had gone completely limp and his scrotum had fully loosened. Then she just sat there and admired the shiny young cock and balls along with the precocious splatters of boy cum they had produced.

“Wow, I did it!” he finally managed to gasp.

“Yes, you sure did.” Hana agreed, looking up into his wondering eyes. “I guess we answered that question, huh?”

Takumi nodded, giggling with pride and delight.

“I’m going to get something to clean you off,” Hana said.

“OK,” he answered languidly, enjoying the warm post-orgasmic tingles coursing through his soft little boy cock.

Hana quickly went to the bathroom and made a warm washcloth for him. Returning to the bed, she took one last look at the spermy little puddle in the middle of his tummy. It was about the size of a 10-yen coin. All around it were smaller, less spermy puddles ranging from clear to cloudy white. The whiter droplets tended to be larger. On a whim, she grabbed her keitai off the nightstand and snapped a quick picture of his first ejaculation, making sure to get his slimy little cock and balls into the scene.

She carefully cleaned his young penis and scrotum first, making sure to wipe away the trapped fluids beneath his foreskin. She smiled with delight when she felt it begin to swell with renewed life. Then she quickly wiped his chest and tummy until he was completely clean. He seemed to enjoy the entire process, sitting back against the pillows with his eyes closed. His only movement was a quick shiver brought on by the cooling dampness on his skin.

“Now that we know you’re a man, do you feel ready to learn about a woman’s body, Taku-kun?” she asked playfully.

His beautiful almond-shaped eyes popped open, bright with eagerness.

“Oh, yes! Please, Oba-chan.” he said, clearly ready for more sexual excitement.

“OK. Trade places with me, then.”

He quickly got onto his knees beside her. She smiled warmly at him as she gently pulled the open kimono from his shoulders and set it neatly aside. His penis was once again fully erect and bobbing in front of him in time with his excited heartbeat. She leaned back on the pillows and spread her legs, being careful to keep the material of her kimono over her crotch. Then she instructed him to kneel in front of her and place a knee on either side of her bottom. Finally, she had him sit back on his haunches so that his proud young penis waved enticingly over her spread crotch. The foreskin had pulled back from the tip just enough for her to watch as a new bead of clear fluid emerged from the swollen-open little meatus at the end.

“I’ve seen you looking at my breasts, Taku-kun. Would you like me to show them to you? It’s only fair, after all.” she said, smiling as she gazed lovingly at his aroused, bobbing boyhood.

“Oh yes, Oba-chan. Please!” he begged, eyes fastened on the hard points her nipples made in the crimson kimono fabric.

With a shy smile, she parted the material over her breasts to reveal the pert, supple mounds beneath.

Takumi’s eyes became huge and he gasped with awe and wonder. Her breasts were about the size and shape of small grapefruits, slightly flattened in her reclining position. Each was capped by a large round saucer the color of milk chocolate. Atop each saucer was a swollen, cherry-sized nipple waiting to be tasted. The sight made his mouth water so much that he had to swallow twice to keep from drooling.

“You can touch them if you want,” she invited softly.

Takumi leaned forward to place one of his small palms over each breast. In the process, his erection came to rest on a fleshy mound below her tummy. He felt the silky soft fabric against the sensitive underside of his penis, but there were soft bristles just beneath the material. It was a wonderful sensation and he began to gently rub his penis across it as he fondled the firm but supple breasts in his hands. Her nipples were hard as rocks under his soft little hands.

“Pinch my nipples, Taku-kun,” she instructed as she closed her eyes and began to rub her hands along the outside of the boy’s smooth, hairless thighs.

Takumi began to gently pinch and pull at her nipples. They were firm but very stretchy, almost as if they were made of rubber. His excitement increased as he did so and he began to rock his pelvis harder against her to increase the friction against his rock-hard young penis. As he did so, the thin fabric fell away and he felt his penis fall atop a puffy mound of flesh covered by a thin mat of soft hair. He gasped as his next thrust through her pubic hair brought his sweet little balls up hard against something soft, hot, and very wet.

Hana writhed beneath him, breathing hard.

“Suck them, Taku-kun,” she gasped dreamily.

Takumi wasted no time in falling fully forward to take one of her succulent-looking nipples between his soft, boyish lips. He instinctively bit down gently and lapped greedily at it with his tongue. It was rough and tasted salty-sweet against his sensitive taste buds. Once he had a firm grip on it, he began to suck enthusiastically.

Hana cried out in ecstasy, her body writhing beneath him. This boy was so small and soft and gentle that she couldn’t imagine ever wanting a man again. She hooked her legs over his thighs to place her feet on the bed just behind his soft rump. She let her thighs fall open as far as she could and moved her pelvis upward until she felt the soft underside of his throbbing cock just over her wildly swollen clitoris. Then she grabbed the small of his back and pulled him down.

Takumi felt his penis fall onto a large fleshy lump. Soft hairs tickled the edges of his penis and he groaned around a mouthful of her tit flesh. He felt her slide her pelvis against him and responded by moving his own. The soft fleshy thing under his penis was warm and throbbing. As he moved, he felt the hot juices begin to moisten the underside of his cock. That caused the soft button beneath him to get wet, too. Soon, the two of them were making wet smacking noises as they lustfully ground their aroused organs against each other. Warm moisture continued to pour out onto Takumi’s smooth young nut sack and drip onto the bed. He knew it wasn’t pee because it was thick and slippery. It felt really good.

Hana couldn’t believe how good this little boy was making her feel. Waves of pleasure shot between the nipple he was tearing into with his sucking mouth and her swollen, oozing vagina. He was grinding his penis against her burning clitoris at the perfect speed and pressure. The sparks of ecstasy he was kindling in her vagina had lit her fuse and an explosion was imminent. She felt her body tense with the effort of holding it back for just a few more moments.

The two sweating bodies on the bed were strangely silent as they rutted against each other. The only sounds for several long, delirious minutes were panting breaths, high pitched gasps of pleasure, and the lewd, juicy noises emanating from their thrusting, humping, over-stimulated loins.

Their smooth, wet bodies had fallen so in tune with each other that their orgasms were nearly simultaneous. Takumi was the first to fall over the abyss into ecstasy. First, he felt his balls become very tight. A few seconds later, the burning pleasure rose rapidly through his throbbing, thrusting young cock to inflame his flushed and dripping glans. The tit fell from his gasping mouth, completely forgotten as he looked desperately into the face of his beloved aunt. In that last moment, he was suddenly uncertain if he should squirt his young sperm onto her.

“Oba…?” he yelped, looking into her eyes with intent desperation.

“Yes, Taku! Do it! Do it now. Ohhhhh yesssssss!” Hana gasped.

Takumi’s orgasm began before she even finished saying his name. The inexperienced little boy just had no way to hold himself back for even another instant. He thrust against her one final time, feeling his penis scrape deliciously across her hard-soft button and through the tickling little hairs to either side. Then he froze and crushed himself hard against her. The head of his penis emerged from its sheath one final time to press itself against his warm abdomen. A strong spasm immediately gripped his young penis and his meatus flared wide open. A wave of pleasure and relief crashed through him, immediately followed by another wracking spasm and feeling of blissful release. The third spasm brought forth the only fruit that his depleted loins had left to offer her. A thin stream of clear boy juice crashed against his smooth pubic skin and splattered the fuzzy mound just below.

Hana saw the boy’s eyes suddenly glaze over and lose focus just as she started speaking. Then she felt him stiffen and press himself against her. His thrusting penis came to rest just above her Venus mons. It swelled and began to jerk strongly. His tight, cool balls pressed desperately against her dripping inner pussy lips. A few seconds later, she felt his thin young boy juice splash into her neatly trimmed pubic hair. It set her off like a stick of dynamite. She arched her back and groaned loudly. Her over-stimulated clitoris disappeared inside its sheath. Her vagina began to spasm, releasing several globs of thick, slippery fluid onto his smooth little boy balls. Her pelvis began to jerk and shake in mid-air, easily lifting the still-orgasming little boy in the process. She heard him whimpering against her breasts while his pelvis trembled and his little cock continued to dribble its boy seed into her fuzzy triangle.

Finally, Hana felt the tension leave her body and she flopped back down onto the bed with her whimpering, gasping nephew on top of her. She gently caressed his sweaty back and buttocks as he lay limply on top of her, his head resting on one of her soft breasts and his slimy, spent penis softening between them. Her face and chest were flushed with a warm glow. Her vulva tingled warmly as its swelling subsided. She listened to her nephew’s breathing slowly even out, then quickly fall into the slow, staccato rhythm of a sleeping child. She hugged him tight as she closed her eyes.

* * *

Hana woke up a few hours later needing to pee. The naked boy had rolled onto the bed at her side and was still sleeping soundly. After taking care of business, she washed herself thoroughly. She had to smile at the mess she and Takumi had made together. She made another warm washcloth and quickly cleaned the sleeping boy, including under his foreskin. His penis firmed up during her ministrations and she couldn’t help placing the tender young morsel into her mouth for a just a minute. It quickly became hard as a rock so she took his soft ball sack in one hand and the base of his boyish rod in two fingers of the other. Placing her mouth over the small but swollen glans, she began to suck gently while expertly pulling the foreskin up and down with her fingers.

When the head was bared as she pulled downward, her tongue flicked out and tickled the sensitive nerve bundle just under his meatus. She also rubbed the roof of her mouth along the upper curve and corona. When she pulled upward, she suckled on the fleshy nipple formed by his foreskin. The mucous covering his glans tasted salty on one part of her tongue and bitter on another. It was a wonderful combination.

With the triple stimulation from his own foreskin, her warm sucking mouth, and her darting tongue, it was less than 30 seconds before she felt him preparing to ejaculate. His balls writhed in her hand, then pulled tightly to the base of his penis. His legs and abdomen grew tense as his pelvis began to tremble. Finally, his penis swelled and began to spasm in her mouth. Moments later, she got her reward as thin, watery boy semen began to dribble onto her tongue. She held his foreskin back and remained completely still to avoid over-stimulating the sensitive glans. The warm fluid had a similar salty-bitter taste that made her hum around his penis in delight.

The precious flow stopped all too soon. His penis stilled, then began to soften. She let the foreskin reclaim her delicious lollipop and lifted her mouth away, savoring the wonderful aftertaste of her own nephew’s immature seed.

She reached up to turn off the light, then wrapped the boy in her arms.

“I love you, Oba-chan,” he said dreamily, but she wasn’t sure if he had ever truly woken up.

* * *

Hana drifted back to consciousness with one of her nipples engulfed in warm wetness. A small hand was on her shoulder and curious little fingers were between her legs, playing with the fleshy ridge of skin that housed her clitoris. Her vagina was wet and swollen with arousal.

The mouth suddenly left her nipple.

“Are you awake, Oba-chan,” a high-pitched voice asked brightly.

“Mmm hmm,” she replied dreamily. Opening her eyes, she saw that morning had come. He was still gloriously naked and on his knees beside her. His erect penis throbbed energetically against his tummy.

“What is this thing?” he asked curiously, giving her love bud a gentle tweak.

“It called a clitoris and it’s where a girl feels the most pleasure, like the head of your penis.” she answered.

“Oh. Am I doing it right?”

“Mmm hmm. There’s really no wrong way to do it, Taku-kun, as long as you’re gentle.”


She stretched and spread her legs to give him better access. He leaned over her pussy to get a better look now that she had opened herself for him.

It felt nice, but his movements were jerky and awkward.

“Rub it in a circular motion,” she suggested.

He eagerly began to move his soft palm in circles.

“What’s that little pink bead?” he asked.

“That’s the actual clitoris. The skin around it is called the prepuce. It protects the clitoris like your foreskin protects the head of your penis.” She explained.


Takumi continued to pleasure his aunt for several more minutes while she gasped and moaned beneath him. Her sounds of pleasure delighted him. His eyes were glued to the area just below his hand, where two large, dark petals of skin flared out to either side of a wet, pink slit. Moisture was bubbling out from there and running down her bottom. It took him a few minutes to gather the courage, but he finally curled his fingers so that they reached down the slit of her vagina and rubbed the slimy, delicate petals each time his hand circled downward. She jumped slightly the first time he touched them, but then gave him an encouraging murmur.

Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him and he stopped his circular motion to glide his hand up and down her warm, wet slit. He let his middle finger run deeply along the wet opening, enjoying the creamy heat of it. After a few minutes of that, he worked up the courage to bend the finger and slip it inside. Her pelvis jerked.

“Gently, Taku-kun, gently,” she said, watching him with a slightly amused look on her face.

Takumi slowly slid his finger in to the first knuckle, then the second. Suddenly he had it all the way in. His finger was completely engulfed in a tight sheath of soft, hot wetness. He gulped and fought the urge to ejaculate as the feeling somehow transferred itself to his throbbing cock. He slowly moved his finger in and out a few times. Finally, he could no longer stand it. He had to get his penis in there even if it was just for a second.

“Oba-chan?” he asked shakily.

“Yes, Taku-kun?” she said in a slightly amused tone that surprised him.

“If I promise not to… ejaculate, can I, um, put my penis in there? Just for a minute? Please? I really, really want to see what it feels like,” he begged.

Hana smiled warmly and sat up to hug him fiercely. She’d been expecting that request for several minutes, but he hadn’t asked the way she’d expected. The way he had said it was so sweet, but so wrong.

“Oh, Taku-kun. Of course you can. But you should never make a promise like that to a girl. Always assume that you’ll ejaculate. If there’s even the slightest chance that she can get pregnant, you must wear a condom if you don’t want to make a baby. I’ll teach you all about condoms later. For now, just remember to never make that promise.” She told him softly but sternly.

“I’ll remember, Oba-chan,” he said contritely.

“OK, now I take birth control pills so I won’t have a baby even if you do ejaculate inside me. You can stay inside me for as long as you want and even ejaculate in there if you’d like. The only thing I want you to promise me is that you’ll ask me if you have any questions about what to do.” She hugged him tight and gently kissed his hair.

“I promise,” he said quietly.

She released him and removed the kimono that was still hanging loosely from her shoulders. Then she propped up her pillows so that she could lean back in a slightly reclining position. Spreading her legs, she smiled warmly at him and patted the bed near her crotch. Grinning widely with excitement, he got on his knees in front of her with his eyes glued to the welcoming sight of a swollen, wet vagina that was spread and waiting just for him. His heart was pounding wildly and he was already panting heavily with desire.

Hooking her legs over his thighs, she helped him position his knees alongside her pelvis so that his eager erection was bouncing excitedly over her tummy. She took one of his small hands in each of her own and looked into his burning eyes.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

He gulped and nodded, too nervous and excited to talk.

He’s too worked up, she thought. He’s going to come fast, but it’s probably for the best. He doesn’t know how long it’s supposed to last and he deserves to experience his first time with all of his sensitivity. I’ll just have to make it as nice for him as I possibly can.

Hana gently pushed the boy’s pelvis back until he was in a crouch with his bottom against his heals. Then she placed a nice thick cushion under her bottom so that the entrance to her vagina was perfectly aligned with his erection. Taking the little sweet meat in her fingers as gently as she could, she guided the tip to her wet and gaping vaginal entrance. She carefully pulled his foreskin back and gently felt his soft scrotum with her other hand. It was already very tight. Finally, she pulled him forward so that he could look down past her breasts and watch his penis enter a vagina for the very first time. He hugged her tightly, panting heavily.

“Push,” she instructed softly, and he did.

Takumi pushed his bottom forward slowly. His penis and Oba-chan’s vagina were positioned at an upward slant. He felt his penis slide easily past the delicate petals of her greasy inner lips. Then he felt a slight resistance coming from either side of her entrance. She was well-lubricated, though, and he only had to press slightly harder to get the head of his penis past that point. Then the inner and outer lips of her vagina collapsed inward around his invading little rod and he felt the soft hairs along her outer lips tickle the sides of his penis as it pushed past.

Suddenly, his glans began to penetrate that wonderful sheath of hot wetness. It was tight, but oh so wet and he entered it easily. He whimpered softly as the wonderful sensations began to overwhelm him, but continued to push. The rest of his penis followed easily and he was soon watching and feeling his tight little ball sack lightly kiss the wet inner lips of her steaming entrance. He realized with delight that he was no longer a virgin and that he was really, really fucking a girl.

He let his penis soak deep inside his oba-chan, thoroughly enjoying his first experience of a hot, wet pussy tightly gripping his young cock. Then he felt the bumpy, rubbery walls of her vagina close in around his throbbing erection and gently massage it, lathering it in their hot, slippery oil. His little body pressed tightly against his aunt, trembling and shaking with the amazing sensations she was giving him. He felt his penis fill with his seed. It burned for release but he gritted his teeth and refused to let it happen. Not yet. He had to feel himself push through her vagina one more time, first.

He pulled back his bottom and began to withdraw his penis. He felt the twin muscles near her entrance close snugly against him and force his foreskin back over his glans. Now protected from the strongest sensations, he was able to slide himself back out to the end of her slippery tunnel without bringing his ejaculation too much closer. He tried to hold himself there for just a moment, but the urge to return to that wonderful place was far too strong.

With a grunt, he pushed himself quickly back into her. His glans was once again exposed as those twin muscles caused his foreskin to retract. The hairs of her outer lips tickled his wet penis and then his balls. The soft, wet walls of her vagina caressed him with their tight heat as he pushed between them once again. His fully lubricated penis slid easily through her welcoming vagina. Then he was buried deep once again and her vagina came to life around him, this time squeezing and pulling at him as if it were trying to milk the semen right out of him.

The exposed head of his penis began to burn and tickle at the same time. The heat inside his penis suddenly burst forth in strong spurts, melting into the unbelievable hotness surrounding it. His pelvis began to move in quick spasms, each one causing his penis to recoil a couple of centimeters and then thrust quickly back into her. Every time he reached his full depth, another hot bullet of boy cum would shoot forth to spend itself against the bumpy walls of her vagina. After the first several spurts, his thin, cloudy semen began to flow back down and ooze against the head of his straining young penis. Her frothy juices joined and mixed with them until his straining, sensitive glans was completely submerged in their hot sex fluids.

Takumi loved the feeling of ejaculating into her vagina so much that he refused to let it end even when his orgasm subsided and his pelvis stopped its spasmodic jerking. He thrust his still-hard penis as deeply into her as it would go, then urged her to come off her cushion and let her vagina fall fully onto his still-dribbling little cock. Now as far into her as he could possibly get, he continued to squeeze out his boy juice as she gently milked him with her vagina. When his cum muscle finally got so tired that he couldn’t force another contraction, his wonderful oba-chan took over until she’d milked every last droplet out of him. Then she just perched lightly over his pelvis so that he could enjoy his warm tingles while he let his sweet little boy cock bathe in their combined joy juices.

Finally, Takumi let out a long, satisfied sigh.

“I sure am glad I didn’t have to keep that promise, Oba-chan!”

“I can’t wait for you to not keep it again, my fertile little Taku-kun.”

Nobody saw either of them for the rest of the weekend.

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