The girls next door - chapter 3

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I awoke the next morning to find myself naked in my mother’s bed, facing her with my hand or her ass. She was already awake and gave me a kiss, then she informed me that my cock was pushing against her pussy and turning her on, I could feel something warm touching my cock, and I looked down to see that it was infact my mothers pussy as she had said,
I looked at her and offered its service to her, to which she immediately sprung from beside me and positioned herself over the top of my boner.
“I’ve been waiting half an hour for you to wake, I’ve even lubed my asshole up for you”. She said as she guided the head of my cock to her ass, it slipped in much easier as she sat down, she must have lubed right the way in.
There was no better feeling than my mother’s ass wrapped around my cock, and no better sight. I put my hands on her silky ass cheeks and pulled them open as I sunk every inch of my dick up her, watching her tits bounce up and down as she continued her rhythm. I continued to pump my mother’s ass for about 15 minutes, eventually pounding my cock up her ass like a bullet before slowing then pulling out.
She lay next to me with her legs open, panting for breath, I rolled on top of her and placed my cock up her tender wet pussy, it was warm and tight and I began pumping away like a mad man whilst keeping our lips locked in a kiss, my mother raised her legs up and locked then around my back, which made it easier for me to ram every inch of my cock up her,
As I hammered my prick up her pussy I could feel I was going to orgasm so I took long hard pushes until I shot glob after glob of my cum up my mothers cunt,
I lay there, on top of my horny, sexy mother, my dick still up her cunt, wrestling her tongue as we shared a long kiss, then I eventually got up and waited in my room for my mother to finish in the shower so I could go in, we didn’t take a shower together this time because we knew we would end up fucking again and my mother had to go to work.

After dinner, I went into the front room and switched on the TV, it was boring when my mother was at work,
I stood up and went to answer the door, it was Claire from next door, she was standing there wearing a yellow bikini and her whole body was dripping wet.
“Do you want to come in my pool, daddy bought it yesterday” putting a kind of sad, sexy, please face on. And it was kind of hot so I said I would be there in a minute after I turned everything off, I got changed into my swimming shorts and jumped over the small fence to next door. Stacey, Claire and their mum Holly, were all in their bikini’s in the pool and Ray, the father, was in his swimming shorts, cooking food on the BBQ.
I was in the corner of the pool and Claire swam over to me,
“I hope your still coming round tonight, my cousin Anna is coming whilst her parents are away” she whispered “she has the sweetest 14 year old pussy” “oh and could you bring a friend, it gets a bit boring waiting with no cock in you” she continued whilst grabbing my now stiff cock.
“Oh don’t worry I will be there” I said. “and I’ll bring a mate”

The day went pretty slow, at 8:00 I left the company of next door and returned home to freshen up, my mother was already home and told me she was going out with Mr and Mrs. Ryan from next door, at 8:30, I kissed my mother goodbye and phoned my friend David, to see if he wanted to come over and sort out some girls. He said he would be at mine at about 10 minutes to 9.

At 8:55 the doorbell rang and David walked in, he was tall, skinny, and I wouldn’t say he was good looking, but he was a funny guy and I trusted him, after all we had both fucked my mother at the same time.

When we knocked on Claire’s door, a small, redheaded girl answered, she was wearing jeans with tears down the thighs, and a black T-shirt which hugged her small, 38C looking breasts, then Claire appeared behind her, still wearing her bikini and beckoned the girl back in the house.
“That’s my cousin Anna, she doesn’t know about me and my sister being bi-sexual, or what’s happening tonight, so keep it quiet until the right time” she whispered, “and you must be Rob’s friend” she said looking at David. “Yeah, I’m David, and you are?” David replied, not taking his eyes from Claire’s tits.
“Really hot” Claire replied with a wink and walked into the house.
We followed her in went to the living room, it was dark and the lights were dimmed low so the main source of light was the TV. There were blankets over both the couches, Claire was on one by her self and Stacey and Anna were on the other. Claire looked at me and nodded to the other couch, meaning she wanted me to sit there and start on her cousin when the time came. Me and David climbed under the blankets of each couch, me with Anna to my left and Stacey to my right, him next to Claire.
The movie was a romantic comedy, with quite a bit of sex in it, when the first love scene came on, I could feel Stacey shifting about, then her hand started groping my cock, making it go hard, I looked at her and she smiled back, then making sure Anna hadn’t realized what was happening, I put my right hand flat on Stacey’s stomach and slid it down her pants, her pussy was wet and warm, I slid two of my fingers down over her clit and pushed them past her wet pussy lips and up her cunt, she took a quiet, sharp intake of breath, then put her hand down my shorts and pulled out my cock, I didn’t bother with underwear because I knew I was going to fuck tonight so it was easier not to wear any, and it was less restricting as my shorts were really stretchy. Stacey slowly began to slide her hand up and down the shaft of my dick, trying hard not to make too much movement, unfortunately Claire had seen what was going on and cleared her throat loudly, shaking her head when we looked at her, I removed my fingers from her cunt and pretended to rub my nose, when Anna’s attention was back on the movie I looked over to Claire and sucked the juices from my fingers, teasing her, this clearly turned her on as she gave me the nod to get ready for Anna.
Claire got up and went to the TV and turned off the movie we were watching.
“We’ll watch this one its loads better, but you will have to go to bed Anna, you’re too young. Claire said.
To which Anna replied “please let me watch the rude film, I’ve seen plenty before”
“Where have you seen them” Stacey asked
“When I stay here, there’s a load in your bottom drawer, and I’ve seen you and Claire have sex before, I was going to come into your room but I thought you’d shout at me. Can we all have sex now?”
Well I guess there wasn’t going to be any persuading Anna, she was up for it already.
Whilst the porn movie was playing we started to strip off, all except Anna who was standing in her jeans and T-shirt still, looking all nervous. We noticed this and asked what was wrong, then she told us she had never done anything like this before except rub her clit over her cousins having sex.
She eventually striped down to her bra and panties after she was told everything would be ok.

I took Stacey from behind and bent her over the couch, exposing her wet pussy, I grabbed my rock solid cock and slowly pushed it up her cunt until every inch had disappeared, I slowly began to pump away whilst leaning over and fondling her tits. Meanwhile Claire was kneeling on the floor with David’s cock positioned at her mouth, she told her cousin to get behind and start licking her cunt as she began to deep throat David, Anna lay down underneath Claire’s pussy and began to lick it, her finger pushing up Claire’s asshole. I continued to fuck Stacey for about 10 minutes then we decided to go and join the others. Stacey took Anna’s position under Claire and I told Anna to kneel down and lick Stacey’s clit, she dove down like a hungry dog, licking and sucking and fingering Stacey’s pussy and ass.
I knelt behind Anna and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy lips, they were firm and swollen, I began to push my cock up her pussy, it was really tight then I realized she was still a virgin. I pulled her down away from Stacey’s pussy and told her I was going to fuck her and it might hurt a bit, and that she should tell me to stop if it hurts really badly, she nodded at me and returned to Stacey’s wet pussy. I pushed the head of my cock into her cunt and pushed more and more in slowly as she began to squirm a little, then her hymen tore, she squeezed her pussy a little then relaxed again, I began to push my cock up her again, managing to get all 8” up, she stopped squirming now so I started to pump my cock in and out of her, pushing harder as I stretched her pussy wide open, soon I was fucking her as hard as I could, her screams of pleasure filled the house as she licked her cousins pussy, I humped and fucked her cunt for all I was worth then shot my cum deep into her, filling her with ob after glob as my cock ripped up and down the walls of her tight cum filled pussy.

I then moved beside her and lay on my back, lifting her on top of my stomach, Claire knelt low with her pussy on my mouth waiting for me to pleasure her, Anna sat up so she was now crouching over my dick, she grabbed it and guided it to her ass hole, I was surprised that a 14 year old girl who had just lost her virginity would want fucking up the ass, but I wasn’t going to complain. She slowly sat down, pushing my cock up her tight little virgin asshole, after about 3 inches were in she began to relax and let her self slide all the way down on my cock. She looked like she was having the best orgasm of her life, just sliding down my cock all limp with pleasure. Just diagonally from me and Anna, Stacey was already getting fucked up the ass, facing her back to David and lying down so Claire could get a good mouthful of her cunt.
I lay back, licking Claire’s sweet juicy cunt, on hand was on Anna’s tits whilst the other had 2 fingers up Claire’s ass, pushing them in and out so she wasn’t missing out on any anal action.
Anna began bouncing on my cock as if it were a bouncy castle, letting out cries of pleasure as she dropped down and stuffed every inch deep inside her.
We were in this position for about an hour, a slow pace had taken over and the room was hot and damp from our sweat, I re-inserted 2 of my fingers in Claire’s ass and pushed them in and out whilst I pushed my tongue as far in her pussy as it could go, I then pushed Anna up and down with my cock still in her ass. I could feel Claire grinding her pussy into my mouth which was a good sign she was going to cum, Anna had also began to rub her clit as I fucked her ass so I figured she was going to cum too.
Claire came first; her warm, pussy juice flooded my mouth and ran down my neck to the floor. Anna lunged forward and began to kiss me, mixing her saliva with Claire’s cum and tasting it for the first time, I could tell she liked it because she came back for more, unfortunately for her I liked the taste too, so she had to lick it from my neck.
I told her she should try her own cum and when she realized she had never tasted it before she began to pounce on my cock even harder, driving it in her ass until she came in my stomach, I caught some in my hand what I was fingering her pussy with and offered it to her, she slurped it up, even sucking it from my fingers, then she leaned forward and shared it with me, it was nice an sweet but it didn’t beat Claire’s, not even my mothers was nicer then Claire’s.

Anna got up and sat on the couch and Claire followed, leaving her sisters wet pussy in plain view whilst her ass was being fucked by David. I knelt down in front of them, pulled Stacey’s legs wide open and stuffed my cock up her cunt, we both pumped away in each end of Stacey for ten minutes until she came, gushing her pussy juices past my cock, I pulled it out and licked all the juice off her pussy, she pulled herself from David’s cock and sat on the couch with Anna and Claire.
Claire got up and said it was her turn, so I lay on my back and she sat on my cock, then David opened her legs and stuffed his cock up her cunt, we fucked her hard and fast for 20 minutes, I came in her ass and David came in her pussy before she came, she got up and kneeled in front of me, sucking the taste of her ass and my cum from my cock whilst David cleaned her pussy with his tongue.
Claire returned to the couch and Anna got up, she sat on David’s cock and opened her legs wide for me as I slid my cock deep into her tight pussy, I then whispered to David, telling him to go as hard and long as he can. I figured as she just had her first fuck a few hours ago we should give her some fun, and loosen her tight ass and pussy.
After about 50 minutes of hard, non-stop fucking, Anna cuming twice, me cuming in Anna’s mouth, making Claire, Stacey and her 3-way kiss before Claire and Stacey started fingering each other, and David cuming in Anna’s ass, we decided that she had had enough, satisfied that her ass and pussy were not as tight as they were before we started, we all piled onto one sofa and watched the TV.
At about 2am we realized that Claire’s parents would be home soon so we set about cleaning the place up before they did,

For some unknown reason we ended up upstairs in Claire’s and Stacey’s room, there was a bunk bed with a double sized bed at the bottom and a single at the top, we were all exhausted so decided we would go to sleep now. (completely forgetting about the return of the parents) we all climbed into the larger bottom bed and lay there, the occasional finger slipping up one of the girls pussy’s, or one of their hands giving me or David a quick tug,
Claire climbed out and up to the top bunk, tapping me on the shoulder and waving me up. I climbed up and got into bed with her. She climbed onto my cock and slowly began to slide up and down, we rolled over so I was on top and slowly kept up the rhythm until we fell asleep, lying naked beside each other.

In the morning we were woken by a knock at the bedroom door. Realizing that we were all naked and some of us shouldn’t be in the room we hid under the covers, I heard the door open and a woman’s voice say “have fun girls……and you too boys”
I slowly poked my head from under the blanket to see there were 3 people standing in the doorway……

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