Birds of a Feather, Chapter 15

Birds of a Feather, Chapter 15 ( What did you say Doc.)

Nancy has agreed to stay with Frank and Kathy and they have adopted her as their Mother and she has adopted them as her children, (not legally, of course) but in their hearts and minds The meeting with Cindy’s and Beth’s kids went much better than expected, thanks to Kathy‘ insistence to come clean and tell everything. There is less sex in this chapter than in some of the others. Part of the chapter is about some of the other changes in our life but the sex is very intense and explicit
This is a work of fiction and may include incest, group sex, bi sexual actives and more. If these things offend you, you may not care to read this story. I try to improve, on not only my writing but also my story line. I hope you, the readers have enjoyed my efforts and I would appreciate your input and votes.

As I drove through the city streets and onto the highway that led to our house, Kathy and I were both very quite. I’m sure we were both deep in thought about all the things that had gone on in our lives in such a short period.

She was still hold onto my very rigid cock and I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum as it leaked out onto my leg.

My hand was still on her belly, over her womb and though I knew, it was only in my mind it seemed I could feel our child growing inside of her. It seemed to give me a feeling of immortality, just know there was a part of us growing there that would live on after us.

We were about half way home when Kathy broke the silence, “Frank, do you think of Nancy as your Mother now?”

I thought about the question before I answered because I knew Kathy wanted the truth and that’s what I wanted to give her.

“Yes I do, there have been times when I though I might have some memories of my mother but I was so young and I have never been sure if it was a real memory or just my mind wanting to remember.”

Kathy set quietly for a few seconds then asked, “If someone say’s mother to you now, do you think of Nancy?”

“Yes” I replied. “So do I and it make me feel good?” she said as she looked over at me and smiled.

She was quit again, and then asked, “Honey, do you remember Walter’s little talk with us after we were adopted into their extended family? We could only share this secret with other family members and we agreed with that. Now Nancy is part of our family and I think we should treat her as such and tell her every thing.”

“What do you mean, everything? Everything about Walter, Maggie, Al, Helga or do you mean EVERYTHING?”

“I’m thinking. EVERYTHING. Not only is she part of our family but part of our sex lives as well and I feel like she should know about everyone and everything since that first time we were together. She would never betray us and if she is going to be part of our lives, including sex, we should trust her enough to share it all with her.”

I was pulling in our drive by now, so I never responded to Kathy’s comments. We just walked up, unlocked the front door and walked in the house.

We heard Mom’s sweet voice, “I hope that’s my sweet children coming in or I’m in somewhat of a bind.”

We were both laughing as Kathy said, “Yes Mon, it’s only us”

She meets us half way to the kitchen, wearing only a big grin on her face. “I have some homemade hot chocolate on the stove, thought you might like some before bed.”

I walked up to her, took her in my arms and gave her a very passionate, tongue swapping kiss as I pulled her naked body into me.

I felt Kathy’s hand on my back, so I moved aside and as Mom was attempting to speak, Kathy stepped up and repeated the same thing. I heard Mom let out a long, low moan just before Kathy broke the kiss.

“Damn it you two, I was only a little damp before you started. Now I have pussy juice running down both my thighs.

Kathy and I both laughed as we stepped up, Kathy run her hand up Mom’s left thigh to her hot pussy, and I did the same with the right side.

When we pulled back, both our hands were coated with the fresh juice from Mom’s hot pussy.

We both raised our hands to our lips and started licking and sucking the sweet nectar from our hands. I was still amazed at just how wet this older woman could get.

Mom was watching and licking her lips, so when Kathy and I had licked away about half of the juice we held our hands out and offered the remaining wetness to her and watched as she hungrily licked both hands clean. She was still letting out the long, low moans and I was sure her juices were still flowing.

As Mom was finishing up, Kathy and I led her back to the kitchen. “Mom, have a seat and Kathy will pour us a cop of chocolate while I get you a towel. We have some things we need to share with you and it may take a little time,” I said as I headed to the linen closet for a towel
When I got back to the table Kathy and Mom was setting one side of the table, so I set on the other side and took a sip of my hot chocolate.

I took a minute to get my thoughts in order then said, “Mom, you’re part of our family now. Kathy and I feel there are some things we need to share with you but you’ll have to be careful and keep it very private.”

“Son, you don’t have to do this, my love for you both will be there whither you share your private things with me or not. However, if you do share whatever this secret is, I can assure you I’ll never betray your confidence.

I started with the day I was taking Kathy to get her car and the turn of events that brought about our relationship right up until tonight and our meeting with the kids.

Mom stopped me a few times to ask questions and Kathy helped fill in a few facts.

When I was through talking, Mom smiled, reached out and took each of us by the hand. ’My new children, thanking you for sharing all this with me. Sexually, I have experienced most of the things you talked about, the others I would look forward to the experience if the opportunity presented itself. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that I will always love you both, with or without the sex”

She stood up, smiled a little wicked smile, stuck three fingers in her mouth, pulled them out and pointed to her mouth, “This mouth is yours to use as you please, for cock, pussy cum piss or whatever you wish.”

She moved to the middle of the kitchen, where we both had a full view of her. She turned her back to us, bent over at the waist, exposing her ass and pussy.

She used one hand to part her pussy lips, then pushed two fingers deep into her vaginal passage and pulled them apart so we could see up into her pussy, and we could see the wetness on both of her thighs. “This old pussy hasn’t been used much in the past few years but it is you’re to use, any time, any way you please.

She then used one hand to pull on one ass cheek and the two wet fingers from her pussy to rub over her puckered little rosebud, and then pushed on finger up into her anal passage. She let out moan of pure pleasure, and then said. “This old ass is cleaned and ready for you both to use as you please. I’ll keep everything clean and ready for either or both of you to use any way, any time it pleases you and I’ll love every second of it.”

My cock was so hard it was throbbing. I stood, took her and Kathy by the hand and headed toward the master bath. I walked behind them, enjoying the view.

Kathy and I started removing our clothes as we walked down the hall. Once in the bathroom it only took a second for Kathy and me to finish stripping.

Mom went over and set on the toilet. Kathy asked if she was going to piss. Mom nodded that she was.

Kathy, now naked, walked over, straddled Mom, and set down. She slipped her hand between Mom’s legs and softly told her, “Let it go Mom and we’ll share it.

As Mom started pissing Kathy caught a hand fully, then switched hands to get a second hand full. Kathy then told Mom to cover her pussy and she would give her a hand full,

Mom quickly slipped her hand between Kathy’s legs just as she started to piss. I walked over by my two women just as Mom was pulling her hand full of piss from between their legs.

Kathy lifted her left hand to her mouth, took a small sip of the piss, and swallowed. Then she lifted her right hand to Mom’s mouth, allowing her to take a slip.

Next, Kathy leaned over toward Mom’s hand and took a sip of her piss. She then turned to me and I leaned down and covered her lips with mine as she spit the small of piss into my mouth, then I swallowed.

We continued variations of this until all the piss was consumed and we had licked the hands clean.

Kathy and I took a good shower, quickly dried off then headed to the bedroom.

Kathy walked up behind Mom, put her arms around her as started pulling and pinching on her erect nipples while she was licking and sucking her lightly on her neck.

Kathy pushed her pubic bone against Mom’s ass. When Mom pushed back Kathy asked, “You like it in the ass don’t you Mom?”

Mom pushed back even harder and giggled, “Uh-huh, sure do.”

“Your poor son has been on the verge of Cumming for several hours now. How would you like for the two of us to eat each other’s pussy while our man fucks you in the ass?’

“Oh hell yes, my sweet Daughter, you’re so good to me.”

I started toward the bedside table, “I’ll get the lube and get us nice and slick.”

Mom stopped me saying, “You’re not going to need that, I’ll give you all the lube you need. I don’t want to be too slick, I like it a little rough in my ass.

Kathy was laughing as she climbed on the bed, “Sounds like you better bang that ass hard and fast my love.”

Mom was giggling like a young schoolgirl as she positioned herself over Kathy.

Kathy was looking up at me between Mom‘s legs as I moved into place. She run her hand up one side of Mom‘s thigh, collecting the pussy juice as she went. She reached up and covered Mom‘s ass with the slick juice. When she had her asshole well covered she pushed one finger into her tight little shit hole.

Mom let out a soft moan as Kathy slid her finger in and out.

When Kathy removed her fingers, I pushed two, then three fingers into Mom‘s pussy. I could feel her muscles tightening down on my finger.

I pulled them out and coated my cock with her juice and my pre-sum.
Kathy mover her hand up the other side of Mom’s thigh, thoroughly coating her fingers as she went She then moved her hand back up and roughly shoved three fingers into Mom’s hole.

This brought a loud grown from Mom and I was afraid Kathy had been too rough on her. Then I her Mom say, “OOOHHH YES, my sweet Daughter, you’re so good to me. Here, let me return the favor.”


I watched as Kathy jerked her fingers out of Mom’s ass and buried her face in Mom’s pussy so hard she pushed her hips up a little.

That put my cock head directly in line with Mom’s slick shit hole. I pushed forward, burying my cock to the hilt in Mom’s tight asshole.

I heard Kathy sucking and licking, “Yes baby, fuck her ass hard, she loves it, her pussy is flowing like a river.

I knew I couldn’t last very long banging away in this tight ass but I couldn’t stop myself. I was pulling almost all the way out then shove my cock back to the hilt.

Mom wasn’t moving much on my end, with me in her asshole and Kathy locked onto her pussy, there wasn’t much room for movement.

However, she was working on the other end. She started doing whatever it was that turned Kathy on so much and Kathy was reacting, “AAAAHHHH FUCK, SHE’S DOING AAAAAHHHH, AGAIN, OOOOOHHHHHH, IIIIIMMM CCCUUUMMMIIINNNGG, DAMN, DAMN I LOVE IT. FUCK ME MAMMA, FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER GOOD, SQUIRTING, SQUIRTING.”

All this pushed Mom over the edge and she started screaming, “HARD, HARD, FUCK ME HARD, BIT ME, DAME IT BITE MY PUSSY.

That was it for me also, I was soaking wet with sweat, I couldn’t hardly breath and I was shooting wad after wad of cum in Mom’s asshole. I had filled her so full of cum every time I pushed my cock in cum would push out around the edge and run down my balls.

I started getting dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. I leaned over against Mom’s back as she and Kathy both went limp, Kathy’s arms and legs just flopping on the bed and Mom dropping down on top of Kathy.

We didn’t move for several minutes, and then Kathy asked, Mom, can you rise up just enough to let me slide out from under you.”

I pushed back to a kneeling position behind Mom pulled up on her hips to help her rise up a little.

Kathy scooted out and moved around beside me. Her entire face was wet with Mom’s cum and drops of my cum on her forehead and in the edge of her hair. She told me,” Pull your cock out of Mom’s ass and go feed her dessert.”

I slowly pulled my cock out and Kathy quickly covered Mom’s asshole with her mouth. When I moved around in front, Mom was waiting with her mouth wide open, her face was as wet as Kathy’s and her eyes looked glazed over with passion.

I held her face in my hands and she continued to hold her wide mouth open, as I started pushing my cum soaked cock into her mouth she moved her tongue until it touched the bottom of my shaft. I was still slightly hard but I didn’t stop until my pubic hair was pushed tight against her lips.

She slowly closed her mouth and started sucking gently as she continued to move her tongue along the bottom of my shaft.

I could tell she had one hand reaching back toward her pussy but I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do. Then I felt her slick hand go up between the cheeks of my ass and massage around my little pucker. Then I felt a single finger push past my sphincter and into my anal cavity.

Mom probed around until she found the spot she wanted, and then she increased her attention to my cock. I think I cum again but she had me in such a frenzy it was all I could do to keep from backing out.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned to look, I saw Kathy with a mouth full of cum, waiting for me to move out of the way,

As soon as I moved aside my cock slipped out of her mouth and her finger out of my ass. Mom moved to a kneeling position. She wrapped her arms around Kathy and their lips met in a passionate kiss. I could see small lines of cum dripping down the sides of their mouths as their tongues darted back and forth between each other’s mouth.

Once they broke the kiss, Kathy turned to me and we embraced in a tongue-sharing kiss. As soon as she broke the kiss, Mom was there to take her place. I could still taste my cum on both their tongues.

We had Mom lay on her back and Kathy and I cuddled on either side with her arms wrapped around us. I remember reaching across Mom and placed my hand on Kathy’s tummy before I fell asleep.

When I open my eyes again, Mom was gone and Kathy was lying next to me, looking in my eyes and smiling.

The alarm hadn’t gone off yet, so we were a little early again. I could smell something cooking but couldn’t quite detect what it was.

As we started to the shower Kathy laughed, “I have so much dried cum on my face I feel like it has been starched.” When I took a close look, I could see dried patches of cum all over her face. Her eyelashes were even matted and there were small, crusty patches in the edge of her hair.

I lead her to the shower and washing her from the top of her head down to the bottom of her feet. Then she returns the favor.

While we were in the shower, we were talking about Mom (Nancy) and the amazing things she knew sexually. We both agreed on how pleased we were to have her with us.

“Do I hear someone talking about me” we heard Mom ask with a little giggle.

When we stepped out of the shower, she was there waiting, stark naked, with two bath towels. I dried Kathy’s back while Mom dried her front. On her way down Mom gave Kathy’s nipples a little love bite. Kathy spread her legs to give us better access to dry her ass and pubic area.

While I dried her ass and down the back of her legs, Mom was drying her pubic area. Kathy used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart as Mom licked up through her lips and a little suck in her clip

They both giggled at their little mischievous behavior. Then they walked hand and hand to the kitchen.

Mom had breakfast sausage and hot cakes topped with two over-easy eggs. She told us it was one of her favorite dishes and hoped we liked it.

As hungry people usually do, we wolfed down the good food then went to dress for work. I gave Mom the address and directions to Dr. Hutchens office and ask him to meet us there a little after 5 PM. She walked us to the door, give us our morning kiss and we were on our way to work.

When we got to work, Cindy and Beth were waiting in the parking lot. Their faces so bright with their smiles I surprised we couldn’t see it a block away.

I parked and Kathy and I met the two women at the back of our car. They both gave both of us a big huge and Cindy said, “Thank you, thank you, you two are the very best ever, we love you and thank you again”

I asked her, “Why all the gratitude?” “Our kids, what you did helping us with our kids, we can’t believe how well it’s working our.”

“Cindy, could you be a little more specific?” I asked.

“No, not now we don’t have enough time now. You have the doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I have to fill you in on a couple of things about her after hour patients. During office hours the entire office is very professional but us after hour patients are more like friends and family.”

I ask Cindy if we should be concerned about the doctor taking care of Kathy and the baby.

“Mushroom, you’ll be with the best and you’re going to just fall in love with her. It’s just that as a “Special Patients”, you may not hear works like vagina, penis, breast and such. You would more likely hear, cock, pussy, ass, tits and such.

Kathy laughed, “In other words, she will use words we understand. Not to worry, I think we will be fine with the doctor”

We all laughed as we entered the plant, I got my hug and kiss from Kathy and we all headed to our work areas.

The morning went well and it was time of our lunch break. Kathy and I meet then went through the line, got our food and joined Cindy and Beth at their table.

Cindy started talking by the time we set down. She was all excited as she told us about both their families having a long, very open conversation. The kids told them what they had been doing sexually and what they would like to try to make happen with both families, which included Kathy and me. They all agreed they would not keep secrets and would discuss anything and anybody that didn’t jeopardize anyone outside the family. She said their kids slept together, naked in Marks bed and PJ and Liz did the same at Beth’s After our wedding on Saturday, they’re all going back to Shawn’s and Cindy’s and have a nude indoor picnic and sleep over.

Beth told us they were taking it slow and easy but they were having some great conversations and everyone was getting a little more comfortable with the idea of family sex.

Kathy asks if the kids knew for sure that the six of us were sexually involved. Cindy said they did but no one told them, they figured it out on their own.

Beth asked about Nancy and how things were working out.

I smiled and told them we needed to talk with all of them about Mom.

Cindy and Beth just looked at for a second then smiled, “Mom, you did say Mom didn’t you.” I nodded and smiled back at her.

“Oh Shit, you don’t mean to tell us…Mom, who would ever have thought. Does she know about us?”

Kathy answered, “Yes, she knows everything there is to know and we will share anything you want to know about her and us.”

Beth said, “one question, are you happy with the way things are.”

“Yes, none of this was planed and I know it’s a strange arrangement but we are very happy.”

Cindy asked, “If we do all get together, kids, adults and all, would she want to be included?”

Just a simple, yep, she would.” Cindy and Beth laughed, “That will be nice but it will sure be a big surprise for the men and kids.”

About 10 minutes after I got back to the office, Lorie called from Hanks office and told me to shut down everything and do maintenance on the line and I needed to come to the conference room in the main office building as soon as possible.

When I got to the room I found several others employee’s already there and others still coming. There was a table at the front of the room with a TV and several other items setting on it. Lorie walked in and placed a couple more items on the table; them moved to the end of the table and set down.

A couple of seconds lather Hank walked in followed by several other men and women. They all set down at the table except Hank.

Hank first introduced himself for the benefit of those who may not have met him yet. Then he introduced the representatives of the different state, county and city agencies, and then the representatives of the power, cable and telephone companies, plus three others that represented other small business in our town of Leesville.

He told us, one of the reasons for the meeting was to stop some of the rumors going around about people loosing their jobs because of all the modernizing of ours and some of the other smaller businesses.

He explained that time had passed us by and we were living at least 20 years in the past but things was about to change. The four lane highway that run through the edge of our town was about to be connected to a major interstate highway on each end and would be a main cross-link between the two interstates.

Mr. Horton and Hank’s Dad, Mr. Lewis had been working together to recruit the resources to modernize, not only the company but also the community as a whole.

He assured us the changes they were making wouldn’t cost jobs but would create jobs.

He went into detail, explaining many of the changes that would be taking place and many of the people in the room would have a lot to do with the company moving forward.

Then, he started explaining about the items on the table. With Cable TV, cordless phones and a new type of mobile phones on the way, our company, in cooperation with the service company’s and some local small business, would offer several variations of personal packages for the employees.. Hank explained the different packages, which included cable, ready TV’s, home computers, cordless phones and mobile phone. All off theses packages will be offered at reduced rates and our company would finance them and set up payments through payroll deduction. He told us information sheets would be passed out to all the employees with pictures, descriptions, prices and phone numbers to call if we needed more information.

He answered a few questions from some of the people in the room. Then he pointed toward Kathy and me. Everyone in the room turned and looked as us as Hank told them he hoped everyone had seen the invitations to our wedding on Saturday and looked forward to seeing everyone there. He said some people had asked why the Horton’s were hosting our wedding. It’s because Frank and Kathy wedding will be the first one where both the bride and groom work for the company and yes the tradition will continue.

Lorie came over and told us Hank needed to talk with us before we went back to work. As she turned to leave, she told us her and her husband would see us Saturday.

We met hank in the hallway. Before he could say anything Kathy asked, “Can you tell my why I was at this meeting. I can understand Frank being here but you know I’m pregnant and I’m going to be out on maternal leave before long.”

Hank smiled, “Patients my dear sister, remember what I said about a lot of changes. You were here for a good reason but we can discuss that later. For now, I just need to tell you that Maggie and Walter will be at your house when you get home from work tomorrow. You will be going with them and Frank will stay at home. You know what a take-charge person Maggie is and she is trying to plan everything to your satisfaction, including the bride and groom not seeing each other after midnight.”

He handed us each a piece of paper and told us to look it over and if we wanted to make changes we could but he though we would be well pleased with everything.

Hank then asked how much we knew about personal computers. We both told him we only knew how to use the computers at work.

He told us he was going to set us up with a complete package, computer, phones and TV’s. He said it would be part work related and part because we were now family. He suggested installing and setting everything up the week after we return from our honeymoon, that someone would need to be home when the workers were there..

Kathy and I looked at each other and smiled. She said, “Hank, there’ll be someone home next week if you would like to set things up for then.”

Hank looked a little puzzled, so I quickly told him about Nancy becoming a part of our family and that we had shared everything with her, including our relationship with the other family members.

When I was through telling him, he asked, “Do both of you love and trust this woman that much?”

Before I could answer Kathy said, “Yes we do Hank, she is the Mother we never had and a lot more.”

“Very good, I’ll tell Walter and Dad. They can pass the word on from there. Maggie will make sure your Mother is seated in the proper place and I look forward to meeting my new Aunt.

As we were walking back to our work area we both looked at the sheep of paper Hank had given us. We both started laughing as we read it. Maggie had worked her magic. The paper was a copy of the program with a few personal notes added from Maggie.

The note read, “Frank and Kathy, as Head Mother of the family I have taken some liberties with the planning of your wedding. I knew you didn’t have a lot of time and we wanted this to be a great time for you both. Please read over the program and if there is anything you can’t live with let me know when we see you Friday.

The program started by announcing that this was not a traditional wedding but a casual gathering of family and friends to witness the joining of Frank and Kathy in marriage to continue on through life as one.

Maggie had listed the minister and instead of brides maids and ushers or groomsmen she had Cindy and Beth assisting Kathy at the alter and Shawn and Paul assisting me.

The thing that aroused our curiosity the most was the ring bearer was listed as a Special Friend and two songs would be song by a Special Friend.

When we walked back in the plant Cindy was waiting just inside the door. She had a big smile on her face and that sneaky gleam in her eyes.

Kathy gave her an evil look, “You fucking bitch, how long have you and Beth known about these plans?”
“Since Monday and we didn’t spill the beans, we kept a secret but Honey, we are all so honored to be a part of this, even the kids are excited about it.”

Kathy started laughing as she and Cindy hugged. Then we all headed to our work areas. It was almost the end of the shift and I still had several things to do.

Kathy was waiting in the parking lot. We were quickly out and on our way to the doctor’s office. Mom was waiting for us when we arrived.

A lady met us at the door, showed us to a waiting room. She said Dr. “M” was still in one of the delivery rooms in the other wing but her nurse Jenney would be with us shortly. She told us she was going to be leaving but she would lock the door behind her.

When we were settled in Mom told us she had received a phone call form Maggie Horton just before she left home. She was calling to tell her she and Walter would be by tomorrow to pick her up. They were going to the formal ware shop and pick out a dress for her to wear to the wedding and we could pick up our things while we were there.

I gave Mom a copy of the page Hank had given us and was bringing her up-todate on everything we knew so far when the nurse entered the room.

“Hi, I’m Jenny, Dr. M’s nurse.You would be Kathy, Frank and you are?” she said as she pointed to Mom”

“This is our Mom, Nancy,” Kathy said as she put her arm around Mom’s waist.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you and let me be the first to welcome you to our After Hours Patients Club. Please follow me and we’ll get started.

We walked a few doors down to an examination room. As soon as we entered Jenny pointed to two chairs for Mom and me then told Kathy, “There’ a gown there on the shelf if you feel you need it but it would be a lot easier to do all this if you just strip.”

Kathy started removing her cloths and handing them to me. She told Jenny we had just got off work and if she had time and there was a place, she would really like to take a quick shower.

Jenny opened the bathroom door, “Soap and towels are on the shelf and I’ll leave the door open so I can be asking you questions and start filling out these forms.”

As soon as Kathy come out of the shower, Jenny had her step on the scales, had her set on the exam table and was taking her blood pressure when to the door open Dr. “M” walks in.

She looked to be mid to late fifty’s, black hair with just a touch of gray, rather tall, at about 5’9” and had that elegant, professional look about her.

“Hello, I’m Myra, you would be Frank and you would be Momma and this is the mother-to-be, Kathy. I talked with Cindy just before I come in here and she told me about Nancy. I want to welcome all of you to our little groupe. Cindy asked me to tell you she and Beth are bringing the girls in tomorrow.”

After hugs all round she told Kathy, since it was her first visit, she would be doing a complete exam.She started with her height, then her bust, waist, hips and thighes.

After she made the rounds with the stethoscope, Myra had Kathy lay back on the table. She started with a breast exam.

Without looking back at us Myra said, “Just to let you know, I like for my mom’s to breast feed when it’s possible. That means you two can’t be suck on these lovely nipples after the baby is born.”

I heard Kathy giggle and saw Mom’s face turn a bright red and I’m sure mine was doing the same.

Myra had Kathy put her feet in the stirrups as she set on a stool and moved up between Kathy’s legs. Jenny brought over a tray of different insterments and held for Myra to select the ones she need.

Myra laughed, “What do you think Jenny?”

Jenny glanced over at us then said, she has a beautiful pussy, I’ll bet it’s nice and juicy.”

Myra laughed again as she told us, “Jenny is bi-sexual and she loves to look but she will never touch. She has an ideal home life and she would never do anything to jeopardize that. She has a great husband, two great kids and their nanny is her long time soul mate. She has love, cock and pussy all under one roof.”

Mom and I looked at each other then back at Myra, I think we were both shocked to hear a doctor saying something like that.

Myra told Kathy she was going to do a pap smear and it might be a little unconfortable. Kathy grunted a couple of times, and then Myra told her it was over.

She put Kathy’s legs back down, then using the stethoscope, started checking Kathy’s stomach area. She held out her hand and Jenny handed her a black marker. Myra put a little dot on Kathy’s stomach, moved the stethoscope around a little then put another dot.

She moved back and handed the stethoscope to Jenny who listened for a few seconds, smiled and nodded her head.

Jenny raised Kathy’s head up a little and Myra put the ear peaces in her ears then told her to listen.

Myra moved the scope around one of the dots and ask Kathy, “Do you hear that Manna”

Kathy smiled and nodded. Myra moved the scope to the other dot, “Now, do you hear that”

Kathy looked a little confused but nodded.

Myra motioned for Mom and me. She hooked me up first and I could hear a soft swishing like sound in both places. Next Mom listened, and then she turned and gave me a big kiss on the lips. She turned and did the same to Kathy then raised her hands in the air and shouted, “TWINS, WE’RE GONNA HAVE TWINS MY SWEET CHILDREN.”

Myra and Jenny both congratulated us as they each hug and kiss us both softly on the lips.

Myra told Kathy she could dress any time now but she had several things she needed to discuss with the three of us.

Kathy set up on the edge of the table but didn’t attempted to start dressing. I moved to one side of her and Mom moved to the other. We both kissed the dots of Kathy’s stomach and while Myra covered the entire do’s and don’t, the three of us was constantly rubbing our hands over the dots.

Myra gave Kathy a shot, prescription and a booklet decribing exercises she needed to do daily.

Kathy started putting her clothes on. When she was dressed, Myra told us she needed to talk with the three of us.

She was very blunt and to the point, “I want you to listen and do as I tell you. Kathy, you’re past the preferred age for having children and now you’re preganet with twins. You’re a strong, healthy woman and you’re going to be fine. Now here is the timetable you’ll be working with. I’ll see you again in two weeks, all of your appointments will be after regular office hours unless there is a problem. Do your exercises every day, any type of oral sex is fine but if you do a 69, you should be on top. Fucking is fine for now but there again, it would be better if you were on top. If you like DP, I would reather you hold off on that. Swallowing cum, male or female will not hurt you or the babies. There’s a store over on Spencer Avenue, The Grown-Up Shop. I want you to go by there and tell the young lady, Amie that you want my Ben Wa ball kit. Follow the instuctions in the booklet I gave you. If you have any problems or questions, my office and home phone numbers are in the back of the booklet. Next visit my husband Ken will be here and we‘ll talk more about things to come. Have a great time on your honeymoon. We‘ll be there Saturday and hope to get a chance to say hello.

I stopped in the lobby and called Amie at the store. I was surprised when I heard a male voice answer. I ask if Amie was there. He told me to hold on and I heard him call out to Amie.

When she answered, I quickly filled her in on everything and when I told her it was twins, she gave out a big shout. She asked if Kathy needed Dr. Myer’s kit. I told her that was what I was call about; we were hoping we could swing by on our way out of town and pick it up.

She told me she had an even better deal. She explained the young man who answered the phone was Morgan’s boyfriend. He was going to stay at the store while she and Morgan joined her Mom and Dad for pizza. She asked us to meet them there, she would have the kit with her and we could have dinner with the family. I told her that would be fine and we would see her in a few minutes

Then she asked if Aunt Nancy would be with us? I told her she was and looked forward to meeting them all.

When we entered Nino’s I saw Amie waving to us from the large table near the back. I interduced Mom and we all shared hugs and kisses all around. Al told her he and Greta was pleased to have her as their new sister and the girls Aunt Nancy. Morgan told her, “I hope we get to see more of you soon”

Everyone laughed except Mom, she looked a little confused. I explained, SEE MORE OF HER, as in naked. Then she laughed, “Please forgive me, this is all new to me but very exciting to me and I’m still learning but I can assure you, I look forward to seeing more of all you also.”

Everyonr congratulated us on the twins and told us they would be there for us if we needed anything.

Nino brought the pizzas, a large blowl of salad and a bottle of good red wind.

As soon as Nino left the table Amie handed Kathy a small box, “This is the ben wa kit the doctor wanted you to use. Everything you need is in there including an instruction sheed. You can reead over it but you should follow the instructions in the booklet the doctor gave you. If you need any help with them, just call me,” Amie said with a big smile.

There were no other customers near by so our convacation was very open and lighthearted. Mom was a little nervious to begin with but she soon got over it and was chattering away as though she was anoung life long friends.

Morgan had to go back to help close the srore so we all dicided to call it a night. We exchanged hugs and kisses and Greta told Mom she would be inviting her to dinner one evening while we were on our honeymoon.

Mom followed us home and as soon as we were seated in the den Mom looked at us and said, “You know that sweet girl’s in love with you?”

Kathy and I looked at each other then back and Mom, “Amie, she is in love with both of you. I thought it was just Frank at first but Kathy, she looks at you the same way.”

“Yes Mom, we thought the same thing. We just don’t know what to do about if,” Kathy said sadily.

“Just love her back, beyond the sex, from the heart, you know, the way you do me. I think that is all she would ever want from either of you.”

“That’ll be easy Mom. We told you about our first sexual encounter with Anie, Kathy and me. It was special then and it is special now. We both love her too.”

Kathy took us by the hand and started down the hall toward the bedroom, “Now, can I get my wish?” I want us to take a shower together and I would like to sleep between the two of you tonight.”

No one spoke a word, we just showered, Mom lay on the bed, and Kathy spooned up behind her and gently cupped her left tit. I moved in behind Kathy and placed my hand over our little babies. We were soon asleep, cuddle together in a world none of us could have even imagined just a a few mothes ago.

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