The Dancer's Parents

"Stop fussing. You look good." Jacob said to Chris ad they stood outside the door of Jacobs house.
It was a couple of months after the wood work room event and the boys were steadily becoming serious.
" I'm gay. I'm allowed to fuss over how I look." Chris said huffing.
" My parents will love you." Jacob said.
" But I'm the guy that turned their star son gay. There must be a little resentment. Plus I probably dressed up to much." Chris said babbling.
" There is no time to change now. We have to go inside." Jacob said.
Chris' heart started to beat faster and harder.
He was shocked when he felt Jacobs hand slide into his.
Chris looked at Jacob and Jacob said " Calm down. Tonight will be perfect and I will even let you fuck me tonight."
Chris looked shocked. " But I haven't you never" Chris stuttered in surprise.
In all the time they had been together it had always been the other way around. Chris liked it the other way but he was always intrigued at what it must be like.
" I can tell you want to try it sometimes and well tonight’s a special night." Jacob whispered in Chris' ear.
" Oh fuck." Chris said as he felt himself get hard. " Your not helping."
" Yes but I took your mind off impressing my parents." Jacob said laughing.
" This is worse." Chris said adjusting his pants so it was less obvious.
Jacob kissed him briefly and Chris was lost in the kiss. He relaxed but his mind quickly turned to Jacobs’s ass. He could tell Jacob was getting horny as well because his mouth made it to Chris' neck and bit down softly.
Chris moaned and put his hand against Jacob crotch, feeling him grow.
Jacob started to thrust into Chris' hand while biting harder an Chris felt like moaning loud but stopped himself just in time.
" Jacob" Chris gasped.
Jacob let go of Chris' neck and took a step back to calm down.
After a couple of minutes the boys had calmed down and Gris knew he was as ready as he would ever be.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if Jacob was there with him.

Jacob opened the door and Chris was greeted by the familiar sight of Jacobs house.
Just because he hadn't met the parents didn't mean he hadn't been over. Jacob's house was close to the school, which had proved useful during free periods or nights when Jacob's parents were out.
A skinny middle aged woman with rather large breasts an a short dress approached the boys with a smile.
" You must be Chris! I have heard so much about you." Jacobs mum said.
" It's nice to meet you Ms Neal." Chris said.
" Oh please call me sue,” she said giving Chris a hug.
The more Chris looked at her, the more he wanted to look. ' She might be one of those milf women.' Chris thought.
" Well come in, dinner is just ready." Sue said leading them to the kitchen.
Chris blushed when he saw the kitchen table and tape around one of the legs, recalling the time Jacob fucked him so hard on the table the leg started to snap.
Jacob had said he tripped and landed on it hard.
" Hello Chris. It's finally nice to meet the person able to turn Jacobs grades around." Jacobs dad said.
" It's nice to meet you too sir. I really only helped him focus a bit more." Chris said.
" How did you do that? We have been trying for years!" Jacobs dad exclaimed with a little laugh, patting Jacob on the back a bit hard.
" Well now he doesn't lose focus by trying to impress girls. Plus I quiz him every time before we make out." Chris said.
Jacobs’s dad stiffened and Chris immediately regretted the words.
Even if his dad had accepted Jacob it might take a while to accept him making out with other boys.
" We now, everyone take their seats. I'll bring dinner out." Sue said disappearing into the kitchen.
Chris chose a seat as far away from Jacobs’s dad as he could.
Jacob sat between Chris and his dad and patted Chris' knee, letting him know it was all right.

They ate dinner with small amounts of polite conversation, asking about Chris and his parents. Sue even asked how long he had been gay for and how he knew for sure.
Jacob kept teasing Chris under the table by brushing his hand against Chris' cock every now and then and squeezing his thighs when his parents weren't looking.
Jacobs’s dad didn't say much but tried to keep a smile on his face to stay polite.

" That was horrible." Chris said dramatically falling onto Jacobs’s bed with a sigh.
They had finished dinner and helped clean the dishes but quickly retreated to the safety of Jacob room.
" It wasn't that bad. My mum loves you." Jacob said reassuringly sitting next to Chris and patting his back.
" It's not your mum I'm worried about." Chris said." I can't believe I mentioned us making out!"
" It has always taken dad a while to adjust to things. Give him time. He will come around." Jacob said rolling Chris over and holding Chris' head in his hands.
Slowly he leaned down and pressed his lips to Chris'.
Chris moaned, still loving the taste and feel of Jacobs’s lips.
Jacob lay down next to Chris and tangled their legs together.
Their kisses grew more passionate and heated and soon both boys were lying there shirtless, shoeless and were making for each other’s pants.
They had done this many times before. Kissing, undressing jacking off then Chris getting fucked.
Chris paused; suddenly realising tonight would be different. Tonight he would finally get to fuck Jacobs firm and perfect ass.
" What's wrong?" Jacob asked curious about Chris stopping."
" I'm nervous." Chris said then he laughed. It was probably theist nervous he had been.
" Don't be. Tonight will be perfect, just let your instincts take over." Jacob said.
" My instincts want me to lube up my ass and get on all fours." Chris commented.
" Then let my instincts take over." Jacob said laughing.
Chris nodded and started to kiss Jacob again.
Soon enough the pants were off and Chris could see the large cock he loved so much.
He grabbed it and jerked Jacob off. Jacob handed Chris a small bottle of lubricant.
Chris took it and poured a small amount on his fingers.
" How do you want me?" Jacob asked.
" I Uh Hadn't thought about it." Chris said honestly.
" Like this." Jacob told him laying on his back but thrusting his hips into the air.
Chris nodded, his mouth drying up.
He put some more lube on his fingers and slowly rubbed Jacobs penis, to his balls, along the skin, between his hairless ass crack an finally to his tight asshole.
He tried to spread the lube around a little and Jacob almost laughed at the serious look on his face.
Chris put more lube on Jacobs ass hole and slowly inserted a finger.
Jacob closed his eyes and moaned.
Chris squeezed out some more lube and inserted another finger.
He was surprised at how much pleasure he was getting just from pleasuring Jacob.
He quickened up the pace of his fingers and was rewarded with Jacob gasping.
All of a sudden Chris remove his fingers, because he hated when Jacob did it, and put some lube onto his penis.
He put the lube to the side and lined himself up. He pressed the head of his penis against Jacobs’s tight ass and kept applying pressure until the head squeezed in. Jacob was gasping trying to keep quiet so his parents didn't hear him.
Chris slowly gained the courage and pushed further and further into Jacobs trembling ass until he bottomed out.
The pleasure he was feeling was immense. He could feel Jacobs’s ass tight all the way around his cock and he started to grind against Jacobs hips. Chris was panting as well and it took all he had not to moan.
Slowly he pulled out until only the head was in, and then slowly thrusted all the way back in, revelling in the feeling.
With each thrust his pace picked up until he had a steady rhythm going.
Jacob had resorted to biting a pillow to keep quiet and was thrusting his hips in time with Chris' thrusts.
Chris look at the pillow in envy, wishing it was him Jacob was biting.
He began to think about all the times and places Jacob had bit him. The heat and sting of his teeth sinking into Chris' skin, mixed with the pleasure of whatever else they were doing.
Chris grabbed hold of Jacobs penis and jerked him off fast and hard as he quicken the pace of his thrusts.
" I'm Close" Chris gasped out.
Jacob only moaned in response but Chris knew he must have been as well.
Chris thrust hard into Jacob and came with great force.
Jacob felt Chris start to cum and fill him up from the inside and came as well.
Chris was gasping and sweating and slowly pulled out of Jacob, lying next to him.
Jacob put his hand down to his ass an felt some of the cum leak out.
He laid down as well not caring about getting cum on the blankets.
Since he started dating cherish always had spare sheets and blankets in his cupboard.
Chris cuddled into him. " Was it okay for you?" Chris asked.
" It was perfect Chris." Jacob said kissing his forehead.
" Good. As much as I love being you’re cum bucket, the change was nice. I didn't hurt you did I?" Chris asked.
" It was my first time, it's supposed to huts a bit but the slow pace at the start really helped me adjust." Jacob said.
" I was just enjoying the moment." Chris said honestly.
" It doesn't matter. Do you want to know why?" Jacob asked.
" Why?" Chris asked amused.
" Because I have the most beautiful, most wonderful, most awesome boyfriend in the world." Jacob said looking into Chris eyes with his signature half smile. " I love you my little cum bucket." Jacob said making Chris want to laugh and cry at the same time.
He was overflowing with happy emotions.
" I love you too. Your the sweetest, most thoughtful, most sexiest boyfriend ever and I'm so lucky to have you." Chris said.
Jacob smiled fully and pulled Chris into a deep kiss.
Slowly they got under the blankets and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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