Accidents Happen Part 2

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After the incident with the NuvaRing, things more or less went back to normal for Sam and I. She had started her period the next day. I got wrapped up in work and she was pretty wrapped up with finals before summer vacation. It was easy to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary happened, and we got back into our old routine. The only thing that gave me pause was her occasionally laying by the pool topless. We have a very private back yard, so she went topless whenever she didn’t have friends over. In the past, I never thought anything of it. In fact, I would be out there with her working on my laptop. Now, however, when she was at the pool topless, I would excuse myself and get my work done in the office. I found it hard not to stare at her perky tits, like some lecherous old man. After all, she has perfectly shaped tits just like her mom did. The areolas are about the size of a quarter, and her nipples seem to be perpetually erect. I knew from buying her bras that she was a 34 C cup. They stand out almost as if they were being held up by some magical force.

After her summer vacation started we decided to head up to the mountains for a few days to go camping and to hike to our favorite water hole. Sam asked me if she could bring along her friend Melinda, or Mindy for short. I told her that would be fine. Where Sam was petite with light brown hair that turned blonde in the summer sun, Melinda was taller, probably 5’9” with raven black hair and the most unique pair of blue eyes. Of Sam’s friends, she was my favorite. She was always very respectful to me and she treated Sam very well. She also was a great conversationalist and was very intelligent. I probably should mention that she was very blessed in the cleavage area. She must have been 38 D and as a young healthy woman they didn’t seem to sag much even with their size. I’d never seen her topless as she seemed a little shy and Sam always kept her top on when the two of them swam at home.

The Saturday we were leaving for the mountains, Mindy showed up at the front door. I answered the door with a grin, but I was surprised when she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. In all the years I had known Mindy, she never did more than shake my hand.

She said, “Thanks, for letting me go camping with you Mr. C.”

I said, “Hey, it’s my pleasure, but you know you can call me George.”

With a beaming smile she said, “Well then, Thanks, George for letting me go with you and Sam.”

About that time, I realized that even though she had stopped hugging me, she was standing so close that her right breast was brushing up against my left arm.

I said, “C’mon then let’s get your stuff packed in the Jeep.”

I led her out to the garage, where Sam was putting her bag in the Jeep. They both squealed, dropped their stuff and gave each other a big hug.

I thought, “Oh boy, no quiet times on this trip,” as I watched the two girls high-five each other.

I said, “Alright you two love birds let’s get going. We have about a three hour drive ahead of us.”

They got the rest of the stuff packed and piled in my Jeep Rubicon. The drive went quickly with those two laughing, telling jokes (some were a little on the racy side) and singing along to various songs. We got to the campground around 2:30 in the afternoon. I started to set up the camp site while the girls explored a little. To make sure there wouldn’t be any complaints about the hard ground I set up an inflatable queen mattress for the girls and just a single roll up pad for myself. About four they came wandering back and so we started dinner. Dinner was great and consisted of steak, baked sweet potatoes and grilled veggies. We were about the only ones in the campground, so I knew it would be a quiet night. After dinner I announced I was going to head to the showers. This campground had restrooms and a heated shower. I had just got under the warm flow of water when I heard them enter the women’s side of the restroom. I heard them laughing and talking, but suddenly Mindy screamed and then Sam started shrieking something about a snake. With soap still all over me, I tore out of the stall and burst into the women’s room. They were both standing there naked with their arms wrapped around them staring at a large rattle snake in the corner of the stall. The water had apparently really pissed it off and was in full rattle. They quickly jumped behind me. I grabbed a janitor’s broom that was leaning against the wall and used it to push the rattlers head down onto the shower floor. I was able to grab the varmint just behind its head and walked it outside. I tossed it out in the woods and watched it slither away. When I turned around both girls were just staring at me and I suddenly realized that I naked as a jay bird. They were naked as well, and trying to cover themselves with their hands…and mostly failing.

I mumbled something about, “It should be safe to shower now,” as I headed back to finish my shower, acting as nonchalantly as possible.

The situation wasn’t very erotic, but those two beautiful teen girls standing naked in front of me was a sight I couldn’t seem to get out of my head, and I started to grow hard. I decided to get a quick release and started stroking myself.

About that time from behind me I hear, “Dad? Can we shower in here? That really freaked us out.”

I turned around and saw the girls standing there with towels wrapped around them. Both sets of eyes drifted down to my throbbing 8” erection, which was pointing right at them. I quickly grabbed my towel off the hook and tried to cover up even though the towel was comically tented out in front of me. First Mindy started to giggle uncontrollably, then Sam started giggling too. It was contagious. Before I knew it all three of us were laughing until tears were streaming down our faces. After we got it under control, I told them I’d wait outside until they were done showering and we’d walk back together. On the walk back I heard Mindy and Sam whispering about something. I hoped that the snake hadn’t completely freaked out Mindy and she was talking about going home early. Although I was'nt sure which snake bothered her more.

In the Arizona high country it was pretty dry so they had fire restrictions in place. We cooked some s’mores over the grill while I downed a cold Four Peaks Summer Ale. Sam asked if they could share one. After thinking about it I agreed since the campground was almost empty. By the time they finished the beer, they were both acting a little silly and they were laughing at all my lame jokes. About 9 P.M. we headed to bed after I put our food in the “bear box”. The girls seemed to fall right asleep, but I just couldn’t get the sight of their naked bodies out of my head. This was going to be a long trip. I snuck out of the tent and at the edge of the campsite I pulled out my cock and started stroking it hoping that would help me sleep.

Suddenly behind me I hear, “Mr. C, whatcha doin’?”

I thought, “Oh shit,” and I quickly stuffed the offending member back into my sweats before I turned to face Mindy. Before I could think of what to say, she said, “You know, I could help you with that,” as she reached out and put her hand on my erection.

I said, “Mindy, I don’t think that would be a good idea. You’re only 15 and I could get in very serious trouble.”

“I’m not going to tell anybody. Besides, Sam told me you haven’t dated in years. You know you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. Sam told me you shaved down there, but now that I’ve seen it for myself, it looks even better than I imagined”

Teri always liked me shaved down there, and once you start, it really is more comfortable to just keep shaving. My head was spinning. Sam told her…what? And how did she know I shaved my pubes. Unless…she HAD been there watching me masturbate that day in the shower. While I was trying to process all of this new information Mindy had got down on her knees pulled out my cock and sucked it into her mouth. Oh. My. God. My resolve evaporated as those beautiful, warm lips wrapped around my cock. Mindy most definitely was an experienced cock sucker. It had been two years since I was with a woman and three since I got a decent blowjob.

I said, “Mindy, you better back off or you’re going to get a mouthful of cum.”

She looked up at me, smiled and said, “Please cum in my mouth, Mr. C. I’ve wanted it for years.”

With that she went back to sucking like her life depended on it. Within seconds I was shooting a large load in her mouth as a huge orgasm shuddered through me. She swallowed every drop. I had to sit at the picnic table to get my head together. And then the regret hit me…hard. This was my daughter’s best friend, a good family friend, and most of all a minor.

I said, “Oh shit, Mindy I’m so sorry about that. I don’t know why I didn’t stop you.”

She smiled and said, “I didn’t want you to stop me. Anyhow, like I told you, I’ve wanted you for a long time. You are the hottest dad around. I mean you are way better built than my boyfriend. And your cock is so damn big! Will you please fuck me now?”

Now, I know I had already crossed the line with Mindy, but fucking her would shred any lines that ever existed. Before I could say another word, Mindy pulled her night shirt over her head. In the light of the full moon I saw her two full round breasts with large dark nipples and I saw that she had a neatly trimmed black landing strip above her pussy. She was completely nude and so damn sexy and beautiful!

I said, “Really, Mindy, that would be a bad idea. I could go to jail for what we’ve already done.”

Smiling, she said, “He doesn’t agree,” as she pointed at my cock that was fully erect again.
“Please fuck me,” she said in a pleading whisper.

At those words, I lost it and pushed her back onto the picnic table while I stood next to the table. I ran my hard cock up and down her wet slit and then I slowly eased it into her soaking pussy. I hadn’t had my cock inside a teenage vagina since…well…I was a teenager. It was so damn tight and hot and wet. Mindy grunted a little as it slid all the way into her little pussy and bottomed out against her cervix. God, it felt like heaven! I started fucking my cock in and out of her slow, while I massaged her swollen clit with my thumb. I increased the tempo as her breathing got heavier. Soon I was pounding into her and I felt my balls boiling and getting ready for the second big load of the night.

She panted, “Oh God, I’m going to cum,” and I felt her pussy clamp down over my aching cock as the orgasm took her away. That was too much and I felt the release as I pumped her pussy full of my cum. As the last of my juices flowed into her she looked at me and said, “Oh wow! I’m so glad I waited for you to take my virginity.”

As I pulled out of her, our combined juices spilled out of her pussy. I looked at her and asked, “What do you mean you waited for me to lose your virginity? Shit, you’re a virgin?”

She grinned at me and said, “Well, not anymore. And don’t worry I won’t tell anybody beside Sam.”

I about choked, “Oh God, please don’t tell Sam. She’ll never forgive me.”

She said, “You don’t know, do you?”

I said, “Know what?”

“Sam wants you to fuck her so bad. She saw you cumming in the shower after you pulled out her NuvaRing, and that’s all she talks about! I don’t blame her. I’ve been fantasizing about fucking you for years. I always hoped to lose my virginity to you, you know. I’ve never gone all the way with my boyfriend, because I wanted you to be my first. I mean I do give him a lot of blowjobs, but that’s it. Besides, my mom won’t let me get on birth control and I don’t want to get pregnant. Sam told me you had a vasectomy.”

I said, “Hmm, I’d like to know how she knows that? And also I didn’t seem to hurt you…uh…just now.”

“I know.” She said, “I’ve been using a dildo for a few years so I could enjoy my first time with you without any pain.”

So, this little vixen had been planning this since she was…what…11 years old or so. I’d never seen that coming, since she always seemed shy around me. But here she was, standing in front of me, so damned sexy with my semen running down her leg, glistening in the moonlight.

I knew we had a long day and I was still feeling awkward for fucking my daughter’s best friend, so I said, “Mindy, we should get some sleep so we can get up. Uh…please don’t tell Sam what happened just yet, OK?”

“Ok, Mr. C. I won’t”

We both got back in the tent as quietly as possible…and there was Sam sitting up grinning at me.

She said, “Daddy, how did you like fucking my best friend?”

To Be Continued…

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