by bumboy


Steve and his son Jack liked to get to the training ground early as they knew Errol would be there then. Steve had been a pro-footballer in his younger days and his son Jack, now 19, was showing great potential too with a couple of professional clubs already interested in signing him.

As they parked the car, they saw Errol practising his ball kicking skills up against a wall. The tall 22 years old ethnic footballer had his back to them and Steve and Jack were not slow to take in the visual delights of Errol's arse, tightly enclosed in the confines of his skimpy blue shorts.

"Looks like we're in luck, son," said Steve.

"Sure fucking does, dad," replied Jack who, as well as taking after his father with his footballing prowess, had also taken after him in other ways too.

As they stepped out the car and slammed the doors, kitbags in hands, Errol turned and smiled at Jack and Steve as they made their way towards the locker room. Errol liked to get here early too, ever since that first time he and Steve and Jack had got to know each other better before anybody else turned up for training.

"'morning, Errol," said Steve, eyeing up the bulge in Errol's shorts. "Looks like you're ready for some extra erm training." The last word was muttered lasciviously by the older man.

"Sure fucking am," replied Errol, "why don't you two go and get changed and then get your butts out here?"

"We'll be back in a few tics," said Jack, "but I gotta have a piss first."

"Me too," said Steve. "Come on, son, let's go and get changed."

In the locker room, Steve and his son stripped off their normal clothes and fumbled in their kitbags for their football gear. Despite the blood tie between the two, neither felt embarrassed to be naked in front of each other, their dicks were already semi-aroused and Steve was drooling as he watched his son pull on his shorts and which immediately enveloped Jack's bum, accentuating the globes of his arse cheeks, the seam in the material corresponding with the long narrow slit of Jack's arse crack.

Steve was changed as well and then both men made their way to the loo. At the urinals, they both reached inside their shorts and took out their pricks and began to let flow with two streams of hot steaming piss. The streams splashed loudly against the side of the urinal and Steve smiled at Jack as his son shook his dick when he was finished and inserted it back inside his shorts.

Steve did the same and then patted Jack's arse. "That tight arse of yours looks great in those skimpy shorts, son."

"Thanks, dad," replied Jack, "so does yours. And your dick is looking pretty spectacular as always. Let's not keep Errol waiting."

With that Jack made for the door, his father following behind him, enjoying the visual delights of his son's arse cheeks accentuated by his tight blue shorts and rubbing together as he walked along.


Errol had been waiting outside and getting impatient. "Oh, at last," he said but there was a note of jollity in his voice. "How long does it take the two of you to get changed and take a piss?"

"About five minutes," said Steve, glancing at his watch. "Now, let's get on with some training. My son has to keep his skills up."

With that, Errol kicked the ball to Jack who passed it expertly to Steve. The three men began a kickabout which lasted about twenty minutes. When they paused for breath, Errol said: "you're improving Jack, you'll be signed up by one of the big teams before long."

"Yes," said Steve, "but he has other skills he needs to work on," he continued, smiling at Errol and Jack. "What I really need to see is how much he has improved when it comes to sucking cock. Errol, do you want to help him out there?"

There was nothing more Errol wanted and both Jack and Steve had not failed to notice the now rising bulge inside Errol's shorts.

"Thought you'd never ask," said Errol as he reached up the right leg of his shorts and took out his now fully aroused prick. The long dark membrane stuck out like a ramrod as Jack, with no need for further encouragement, dropped to his knees and quickly took Errol's member into his mouth. Errol had peeled back his foreskin and he sighed softly as his cock slid across Jack's tongue until his knobhead came to rest at the back of Jack's hot wet throat.

Steve was watching intently as his son sucked on Errol's rigid pole. He reached into his shorts and took out his equally aroused penis and began to masturbate as Jack continued blow-jobbing Errol, proving that his cocksucking skills were on a par with those of his footballing ones.

"That felt great," said Errol after Jack had been sucking him for some ten minutes, Jack's hands reaching round and kneading Errol's arse through his shorts at the same time. "But what I want to see now is you sucking your dad's dick."

Jack didn't say a word as Steve moved into position next to Errol and immediately transferred Errol's dick for Steve's in his mouth. Steve sighed happily as Jack began the incestuous blowjob while Errol watched and as Jack continued to suck like a thing possessed, Steve felt Errol's hands start to caress his shorts-clad bum. Steve and Errol turned their faces to each other and moved in to kiss, sliding their tongues into each others' mouths. A few feet south, Jack was still sucking hard on the dick that had made him, with the help of his mother, nineteen years earlier.

"Why don't we go inside and get undressed?" said Errol, when Jack had had to come up for air. "The others will be here soon and I want to lick both your arseholes and fuck the pair of you too."

The three men almost ran back into the changing room and quickly removed their football shirts and shorts. They stood naked together with their aroused pricks pointing upwards to the ceiling, all three dripping pre-cum.

"Fucking hell, Errol," said Steve, "if I ever get lost in the desert, I hope its with you. I could use your dick as a compass to find the way north."

They all laughed at that as Jack and Steve turned their backs on Errol for him to deliver the promised rimmings. Jack leaned forward as Steve began to stroke Jack's now bare arse with his firm paternal hands. Jack's cheeks felt nice and soft in his father's hands and Steve oozed some more pre-cum as his excitement increased.

"Lick my son's arse," he said to Errol and the non-relative needed no further encouragement. As Steve released his hands from Jack's bum, Errol was on his knees behind the naked father and son, his eyes fixed on the two bare and intensely masculine bottoms so beautifully displayed in front of him. He stroked Steve's bum with his left hand and Jack's with his right before transferring his left hand to Jack as well and spreading the young man's cheeks until Jack's ruby red arsehole came into view.

"Oh yeah!" breathed Errol, "such a sweet hole."

Steve licked his lips at the sight of his son's firm curvaceous bum cheeks and exquisite pink arsehole, now gaping open, as Jack used his hands to grip his buttocks and spread them as wide as was humanly possible.

"Its all yours," said Steve to Errol, Steve's eyes fixed on Jack as the young man winked his hole with the consummate ease of a professional porn star, preparatory to receiving the long hard rimming and later an equally hard fucking that Errol's experienced tongue and raging hard-on were both capable of bestowing. "I wanna see you lick my son's hot hole."

Without wasting another second, Errol stuck out his hot tongue and placed the tip at the entrance to Jack's anus. Jack shuddered with delight as Errol's tongue and Jack's hole connected with each other. Errol savoured the taste for a few seconds and then began to lick up each side of the walls of Jack's arsehole where thin erotic lines had formed as Jack gripped his cheeks and spread them wide, the better for Errol's tongue to explore his inner sanctum to the maximum. With his gaping arsehole on show and being licked like there was no tomorrow, Jack began to groan with pleasure and Steve, watching his son being rimmed and hearing his obvious delight, wanked his prick a little harder.

"You're enjoying that son, ain't you?" said Steve, a note of fatherly pride in his voice.

"Sure am, dad," Jack managed to reply inbetween gasps and grunts and groans, "he's a great arse-licker."

"One of my specialities," said Errol as he withdrew his tongue from Jack's hole and transferred it to Steve's. The older man gasped as Jack had done as Errol's tongue made contact with his bumhole. There was no doubt about it, Errol truly was one of the world's greatest gay rimmers.

Jack now stood in front of his father, masturbating while Errol continued to rim Steve. Jack didn't need to be asked, the look in Steve's eyes said everything and he moved in closer to have his dick sucked; Steve was in paradise as Errol licked his arse and Jack allowed his cock to be incestuously sucked while the locker room began to reverberate to the sound of hot taboo gay sex.


Steve's arsehole had now been fully lubricated by Errol's expert tongue. Horny as fuck now, Errol stood up and Jack gasped at the size of Errol's dick which seemed to have gained an extra inch in length since he had first pulled it out of his shorts after the kickabout forty minutes or so earlier.

"I wanna fuck you," Errol said to Steve and without waiting for a reply, he slid his thick cock into Steve's arsehole in one quick thrust. Steve lifted his head off Jack's dick, his face a mixture of pain and pleasure, and then swallowed Jack's dick again as Errol began the fucking in earnest. With a cock in both his holes and one of them the cock of his own flesh and blood, Steve felt as if he had died and gone to heaven, he loved nothing better than a long good hard spit-roasting.

"Fuck my dad's arse," said Jack whose dick was still embedded deeply in Steve's mouth. Errol's face was covered in sweat as he exerted all his energy into ploughing Steve to the rafters, making sure it would be a fuck neither of them would forget. And as Errol continued to pump in and out, swording his dick between Steve's smooth bare arse cheeks, his own arse cheeks quivering as he rocked back and forth on his muscular footballing legs, Errol's excitement was increased tenfold in the knowledge that Jack was going to get exactly the same treatment before another half an hour was out.

"I'm gonna cum, dad," said Jack, "where d'you want it?"

"In my mouth, son," replied Steve, "show me how much you love your dad. Give it all to me."

Jack stood back and gave a few more pumps on his pulsating prick. Steve watched fascinated as his own naked son masturbated wildly in front of him, Jack's cum-filled balls contracting as the young man approached the zenith of his exertions. As the sperm travelled up the length of his thick shaft, signifying his approaching orgasm, Jack threw back his head and let out a scream loud enough to waken the dead.

"Oh fuck, dad, here it comes!"

Steve opened his mouth just in time as Jack let fly into his father's mouth. Ream after ream of hot incestuous spunk gushed from Jack's piss slit and Steve didn't stop swallowing until he had every last drop. By the time Jack finished, a few stray ribbons of his spunk were escaping from the sides of Steve's mouth and he smiled happily at his son.

"Good boy," he said, "I always knew you'd be a man one day."

Before Jack could say anything, there came a loud "aaaaaaaaaaaaggghhh!" from Errol as he pulled his dick out of Steve's fuckhole and shot his load over Jack's dad's arse cheeks. Steve shuddered as he felt the tsunami of Errol's spunk plop and fall over his cheeks while a river of sperm ran down his arse crack. With cum on his arse and in his mouth, Steve was now ready to let fly himself.

With his arsehole still feeling delightfully sore from the fastidious fucking Errol had given him and the taste of his son in his mouth, Steve stood up as Errol and Jack knelt down before the altar of his prick. Steve didn't ask where the others wanted it, he could tell they didn't care where his cum landed and he too began to rock back and forth on his legs, his face screwed into an expression of sheer delight as he felt the magnitude of his approaching orgasm. Then, a second or so later, Jack and Errol's faces and chests were covered in Steve's outpourings, so plentiful was his supply of freshly-produced cum.

Jack and Errol rose from their feet, still smeared in Steve's cum and they joined together for a hot threeway kiss. Jack could taste his own spunk in his father's mouth and Errol tasted it as well as the three men kissed and licked each other's mouths with their tongues.

Then it was the turn for Jack to get the same treatment from Errol that Steve had just enjoyed.


Jack lay on his back on the physio table and spread his legs, lifting them into the air. Errol moved in and repeated the fucking skills he had just bestowed on Steve to Steve's son. Although he had only cum a short while ago, Steve was masturbating again as he watched Errol fuck Jack.

"There you go, son," said Steve, "take that big cock right up to the hilt."

"Feels fucking great, dad," said Jack who was loving every minute as he took Errol's big ethnic cock effortlessly up his tight white arse. Steve's eyes darted from Jack's bare arse to Errol's and back again; there was no doubt about it, Steve mused to himself, Errol has a pair of the most beautiful silky smooth masculine buttocks he had ever seen while everything about Jack was spectacularly divine now that he had blossomed into a sex mad horny adult. Steve couldn't be more proud of his son if he tried, especially after that tremendous cum load Jack had just given him.

"Oh yeah!" breathed Errol deeply, who was feeling immensely proud of himself at having fucked not just the father but also the son in one hot scintillating session of man sex. Jack's arsehole was as slick and compliant as Steve's and Errol's pole had slid in easily to do the business and both he and Steve were thrilled to hear Jack's grunts and groans, telling them how much he was enjoying it too.

After ten minutes, they changed position, Jack getting on his hands and knees with his arse cheeks in the air.

"Spread your cheeks, son," said Steve. "Gape that hole for Errol's big prick."

Jack did as his father instructed and Steve's heart skipped a beat at the horny porn-star style exposure of his son's arsehole as Jack once again spread his cheeks as wide as he could. "I think it needs a bit more lubricant," said Steve who had plenty of his own saliva to give. He knelt down behind his son's gaping arsehole and administered the lubricant with several flips of his paternal rimming tongue.

"He's all yours now," said Steve to Errol, "but you'd best be quick about it. The other players will be arriving for training soon."

Errol smiled at Steve and Jack as Jack remained in the doggy position, waiting with eager anticipation to be gay fucked again in front of his father while Steve resumed masturbating as he watched. Then without further ado, Errol slid his torpedo deep into Jack's waiting greasy arsehole .

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